Harry Styles - Fine Line

About Fine Line by Harry Styles Album

"Fine Line" is the second studio album by Harry Styles, scheduled to be released on 13 December 2019. "Lights Up" was released on 11 October 2019 as the lead single of the album. Styles officially announced the release on his social media on 4 November 2019. He promoted the album on the 16 November 2019 episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live as both a presenter and a musical guest. He preformed "Lights Up" and "Watermelon Sugar," which was released as the second single after the preformance. The album will be promoted with "Love On Tour" in 2020.

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Fine Line (Harry Styles) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:28
2. 2:53
3. 3:27
4. 2:52
5. 4:19
6. 4:00
7. 3:12
8. 6:02
9. 3:41
10. 3:09
11. 3:17
12. 6:17

Harry Styles - Fine Line Album Comments

What do you think Fine Line album? Can you share your thoughts and listen experiences with other peoples?

Fine Line [Harry Styles] Album Reviews

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My new favorite album to listen to 10/10 no doubt!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Over rated1 star

Over rated

- Phenomenal5 star

I love it

- Fine Line5 star

Amazing, music for everyone:,)))) Loveeeee Stream Watermelon Sugar 🍉🍉🍉🍉

- I love this album 💗5 star

This album is so different from anything you hear in 2020. I love it so much and I could listen to the entire album forever!!!!

- nicki minaj3 star


- God this is self indulgent1 star

Boring, repetitive. This is not a rock star.. maybe the blandest singer I’ve heard trying to pass as something special. People really need to reference older singer to hear the energy and spark of a rock star. Hard hard pass

- AMAZING!!!💕💙5 star

This is the BEST album hands down. His music has so much emotion to it and really tells a story that is just so beautiful. He really did something with this. The songs Cherry and Fine Line are some of my favorites.

- a work of art5 star

legit one of the best albums i’ve ever listened to. harry styles is such an amazing and talented artist and deserves all the recognition in the world. he is art

- <35 star

it’s such an amazing album by such an amazing man :) <3

- amazing5 star

Fav song off the album

- Immaculate5 star

He is KING! It is so good stream it👍🏼

- one of my favorites5 star

i absolutely adore this album. harry’s ability to bring influences of the 60s and 70s and turn them into something more modern is incredible. whilst some songs aren’t ones you’d hear on the radio, you can’t deny that they all are catchy. my personal favorites are cherry & twpk. i love this album; he definitely deserves a grammy for this extremely well executed album.

- Nope1 star

Sounds like he has snot in his nostrils

- Fun and Personal5 star

Just what everyone wants in an album every song has such a deep personal connection to the singer but also to the audience. There's so many amazing songs in this album along with songs you can cry to and dance around the house. This album did not disappoint once so ever and will forever be one of my favorites. This album is full of hits and I am so impressed with Harry and his team. Love them all❣️❣️-C

- very much so5 star


- Amazing5 star


- Trash1 star


- ON REPEAT5 star

FABULOUIS writing. FABULOUIS everything!!

- Love everything about this album5 star

Every song is incredible and I could listen to harry for probably the rest of my life

- perfection5 star

greatest album i’ve ever heard😻😻

- Golden5 star

A phenomenal artist with an album to match it.

- Amazing5 star

I’ve listened to this album at least once a day since it came out. Harry is truly beyond talented

- harry is bae5 star

best album. periodttt luv 🙆🏽‍♀️💞 as he should 🙈 iconic

- This is a family show5 star

or is it???

- Love5 star

Best album so good

- AMAZING5 star

This is one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to. I love this. I listen to these songs everyday. STREAM FINE LINE

- tpwk5 star

I love him


Never heard an album that has made me felt so much. Out of this world.

- There’s just something about Harry!👏🌈5 star

Talented 👍, style-ish 😉, Cool 😎, writes ✍️terrific music 🎶, and a great soulful voice. 🎤 Harry was born in another era. An era that had exceptional taste and good music. He’s definitely an old soul. 😊 This is your masterpiece Harry, Bravo 👏 It will surely be nominated for album of the year at Grammys 2021 for sure 🍾🥂🌈 WATERMELON SUGAR HIGH 🍉 LIGHTS UP💡

- Yes5 star

Love it

- The Album that Saved 2020 Before 2020 Happened5 star

This is such a fun album and gives me a ton of summer vibes. Every song on this album feels different, and no matter what mood you are in this album has a song for you. During quarantine this album has filled my with a lot of optimism. Overall, it is a beautiful masterpiece of music!

- absolute banger5 star

start to finish a masterpiece through and through

- Just so so good5 star

So good.love him

- harry is king5 star

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never-the-same, totally unique, completely-not-ever-been-done-before! This album is truly amazing and so so beautiful.


I swear this album will completely change your life for the better!! Harry is a complete angel who gifted us with this amazing album. “Golden” and “Fine Line” are top tier songs but don’t let that make you forget about Mitch Rowland’s life-changing guitar solo on “She”. Although I highly recommend Fine Line, take it with caution because after the first listen you would be 100% invested in trying to become the number one Harrie or like me, trying to become Anne Twist’s future daughter-in-law. I’m so proud of Harry (or should I say “my future husband”) and I wish him nothing but the same happiness, love, and kindness he has given to all of us for more than a decade long. Thank you for everything <33

- LOVE IT5 star

This is hands down the best album i’ve listened to. i love it so much. It has such amazing songs each one is so good. Highly recommend. 10000/10

- It’s Harry styles obviously it’s amazing5 star

All I have to say is stream fine line. You won’t regret it

- Best song5 star

A door is the best !!!

- Yes5 star


- best artist. changed my life.5 star

i would like to thank harry for changing my life and giving me the best music i’ve ever heard.

- a masterpiece5 star

this album is beautiful.

- Incredible5 star

This album is perfect

- we love to see it5 star

harry is top tier thank u harry

- The king5 star


- Proud.5 star

I’m so proud of him. It’s hard to explain the feeling. I’m just proud and excited for him.

- So Great5 star

All good songs no misses!!

- it’s rly good5 star


- amazing5 star


- AMAZING5 star

No words can describe how Incredible and amazing and show stopping this man is!❤️


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Minecraftlover❤️ - absolutely amazing5 star

harry is genuinely so talented and this album is truly a work of art. - soph

Bribri12:) - mmmm5 star

mmmmmmmmmmm yeah❤️

.....😁reviwer - Harryyy5 star

I love harold



:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(67 - Amazing5 star

Go off harry

relapsemulti - sorry1 star

did not enjoy it :(

EmmyElizabeth666 - Awesome5 star

Awesome album start to finish.

plumelabananejaune - Amazing!5 star

There’s not a day passing without listening to it ❣️

sophia!!:) - BEST ALBUM EVER5 star

so angelic

sgw555 - Great album - if you’re allowed to listen to it4 star

Just completed my album purchase because I wanted Sunflower and a couple of other songs. Now it’s telling me that Sunflower and Canyon aren’t available in my region (Canada)!? Not cool to let someone pay for something you know they won’t actually get.

Sstrech - Harry Rocks!!5 star

My fave song is “Falling” but I can listen to it all. Going to his concert, unfortunately postponed until next August. It’s so weird though. I lost “Adore You” when I purchased the album. Song 3 is showing purchased while the rest say play. Very disappointing as it’s one of my favourites and I love the video on YouTube!!!

dndbnebsbejej - Amazing5 star

I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH! All the songs are amazing

cloudyyboy - Deadly like my uncle5 star


Sexy guy 101 - Just not for me1 star

I don’t mind the songs this album, it’s just not for me

Lonly_Person;-; - ;-;3 star

He has a great voice but is he gay? I swear his position for the his songs looks weird.

dreaddyfresh - love5 star


myla_rose!¿ - Perfectionnnn5 star

This album is amazing 😍definitely one of my favourite albums

Aunu J - .1 star


emerson_mcg - AMAZING.5 star


Liser101 - GOLDEN!!5 star

Such a great tune! As well as others...

laurie_bourgeois - THE BEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME5 star

Hey king Harry you have done it again Constantly raising the bar for us all And doing it flawlessly I’d say I’m surprise but I know who you are I’ve seen it up close and personal BOY YOU MAKE ME SO PROUD AND I LOVE YOU

jcaipirasxo - HARRY STYLES!5 star

I’ve never been a person to ever sit down and listen to an entire album. With Fine alone however, I do. I find myself doing it continuously. From putting the CD in and driving in the car to putting it on YouTube on my TV to my phone at night to go to bed. I listen to it just play and enjoy what a beautiful album it is. Harry is truly a beautiful composer. (Kiwi from his first self titled album is my ring tone, and or of my two year old daughters favourite song)

Please!!!!!!!!! Read!!!!!!!!!! - Amazing Songs5 star

Harry Styles is an amazing singer and this album has like the best songs ever!!!!

solédane - S5 star

Parfait ❤️❤️

👑 Aly - 💡up 🥰you and Golden are my favorite songs.3 star

Sounds like Christina Aguilera back in the 90’s. So good 😊😍. ❤️ from 🇨🇦. Btw my name is Alyssa.

_PicklePig_ - i cant even describe5 star

canyon moon doesn’t deserve the hate it gets, it’s so vibey and it makes me happy :)

Tara Mills - YES SIR5 star

Harry has done it again! All these songs hit me in the feels with this masterpiece. If you don’t think that this is an amazing and emotional album, listen to it on repeat until you do.

alyson5sos - fine line slapppppssss5 star

This album has NO SKIPS! It is packed full of beautiful bops and it is Harry’s best album hands down! Fine Line era is PEAK thank you for coming to my Ted Talk!

yeet this soccer ball - Yess5 star

These songs hit different

Olive Jameson - Brilliant5 star

Amazing lyrics, fantastic songs

KittyCuddlesMeow🐱 - :)5 star

how could u possibly rate this one star. This album be fresh. I love it. ❤️❤️❤️

AllyHS - Amazing🥺5 star

It’s really hard for me to pick a favourite song on this album and that’s what I really like about it. So far I’m pretty sure my favourite songs are, golden, adore you, watermelon sugar, to be so lonely, falling, sunflower vol 6, fine line... hold on, I’m about to name the whole album. Okay so my point is I really love this album and I’m not even being biased about this just because I love Harry, even when I show my friends his music that don’t really know him they always really like it! Anyways, I really recommend this album, you won’t regret it

harryyesharry - Yessir5 star


@guillaumeanaira - His best yet ;)5 star

didnt rlly listen to Harry before but after listening im now a huge fan! great body of work!!!!

Thatpatsgirl - Great album!4 star

Harry has a great voice!

ava 🥺♥️🥝🍒🍉🍓🍋 - MY BABY IS AMAZING5 star

this is by far the best album ever. the vocals are more than amazing. every song has a different emotional feel to it and i love the mixed genres of the album. harry styles you are incredible ♥️♥️♥️😭🥺

Evelyn🙈 - GODLY🙌5 star


Rae🧡 - 🧡5 star

Amazing, beautiful and my everything🧡💛 he did good

:)9:)9:)9:)9:) - Love the vibeeee✨5 star

This album is giving me real QUEEN vibes and I love it💙✨✨✨. ur the next 2020 legenddd love the music💙✨💙✨💙

mel and son - Vidange2 star

L’ex one direction continue dans la même musique que son groupe,il pogne surtout avec les filles ,les gars aussi mais il pogne surtout à cause de son nom Harry styles le mot styles veut tout dire Par mel and son

🧟‍♀️🧞‍♂️🧛‍♀️ - I’m in love ❤️5 star

Great album, left a legend came back an even bigger one

HUSSYOUF - Wow5 star

wow just so amazing we are all so proud of you thank you for making music

gigi_covi - it’s beautiful5 star

like seriously the sound, they way u can hear he genuinely had fun making this, he did great

Monjarazz - Best album of 20205 star

Harry will never seize to amaze me with his various sounds and his amazing vocals. This album is hands down the best album of 2020. As much ad it is a heartbreaking record, it also shows the growth of Harry as an artist and as a person. Fine Line is a masterpiece.

seezy123 - yes.5 star


starjens - Love harry4 star

Love it!💗😊

hsiaosg - amazing5 star

only album by harry i’ve heard but i absolutely love it. every song is so unique and the lyrics are beautiful.

littled24 - So good!5 star

I just love this album. It’s well-written and the songs are beautiful and have depth. Such a breath of fresh air from the usual stuff we hear as of late. Harry is so wonderful and completely adorable to boot!

the zinions - boring overrated white zionist pedo1 star

Boring, predictable, unimpressive vocals and uninspired lyrics....... wouldn’t recommend and y’all are clowns for stanning a queerbaiter

European at Heart - Amazing5 star

My favourite albums are the ones where you don’t skip any songs. You just play it the whole way through. This album like his first album do exactly that. Different vibe with this one. I liked the 3 songs he put out before releasing the album so I pre-saved. The rest of the album is amazing. Falling is so raw. Golden I can’t wait to play when I’m on a long drive. The musical composition of Fine Line is truly outstanding. It just builds and builds I haven’t heard anything similar on the radio. Harry you are gaining many older fans with your songs. He’s literally in his own lane with both of his albums. Where others are producing generic songs just to get airplay Harry is doing his own thing and it works. Keep it up.

cassimus prime 🧼 - 10/10 would recommend5 star

Harold. Love your work. Great good haven’t listened to the whole album yet but definitely fine work. Hehe. Get it? Fine. Because the albums fine line. Haha haha. Yes I know. I’m hilarious. Anyways. Peace out ✌️.

1D.onedirection - Amazing5 star

Everything about this album is amazing! I love it.

A dIfFeReNt BrAnD oF bEaNs - HARRYYYYY5 star

Absolute masterpiece I have it on repeat and never get sick of it. Thank youuuuuu

Imfallingforharrystyles - Harry Is amazing5 star

stream stream stream

evagrapsias - harry styles is a king5 star

this whole album is gold. actual gold. he’s so talented and amazing, i’ve loved him since the start on one direction and he’s such a great human being who spreads positivity. this album is INCREDIBLE. 5 stars forever.

minecraftlover99 - masterpiece5 star


larry stylinson 👹 - I LOVE5 star

beautiful amazing show stopping never done before art 19749272/10

party popper263826284 - Lead up to nothing3 star

I liked watermelon sugar, but I kind of lead up to nothingness really

MatinaPlays_ - best album ever5 star

stream it buy it rn nothing else to say

Athena___ - Best album ever😍5 star

This is so good!!!!!

liv1894568 - My fav5 star

This is best album I have heard since 2015

Monkeymia$tarstruck - Fine Line5 star

Absolute perfection.

Taleah_Gaming - Amazing5 star

Harry has had a set back in the 2 years, but this album is amazing!! ❤️

🤩🤪🤣 - best. album5 star

it’s amazing. it’s a masterpiece. it’s personal. it’s raw. it’s poetic. best album ever. periodt. TPWK ❤️

emilyngo - excellent5 star

i was never a big fan of harry but this album was amazing and has lead me to listen to more of his other works that have made me into a massive fan. the album is like a rollercoaster. it starts with golden which is where he sings about being open then leads us to songs like watermelon sugar which is about the initial feeling of when u first start to like them. then falling comes which is the heartbreak of the whole album, the vocals were excellent in this, especially in the BRITS live performance. Cherry is another magnificent song where harry sings about not wanting to let his loved person go (camille rowe). the ending song which is personally his best song and my favourite is fine line. the instrumentals were just perfect to end the album off. the build up was climatic and marvellous. This album deserves a grammy and is hands down AOTY.

Ray Garrison - Amazing5 star

I love it it’s really good even adore you it’s a great as song. Harry’s got my vote

ab08bcb942 - Incredible alt-pop5 star

This album has its own unique sound. It is pop but with a bit of a twist within. I would say that this album has better music compared to his debut solo album.

bellacarm - HARRY EDWARD STYLES5 star


#Lara 😘😜🌺 - harry styles is daddy5 star

no joke though this album is superior. harry is probably one of the most advanced lyricists of our generation, he deserves your purchase, you deserve for you ears to be cleansed and for your soul to be blessed. win win you feel me :) love you harry!!

sadie055 - Love it!!5 star

Love listening to it and never get bored of it!!

Harry Potter :) : - Not a fan2 star

Well it's ok but I think it could be better. Kinda boring really.

insta: softi_editzz - My love5 star

THE best album. I would give this 100 stars

gia kate - Harry Styles5 star

This album is amazing

Kkmmgggg - Wow, amazing5 star

He’s music is beautiful and he is extremely talented. Highly recommend buying this album.

skysyjckycjtsryq - soo gooodd5 star

love him and this album

Chaz=:) - IM SPEECHLESS5 star

i listener and fell in love with the album the day it came out. i love one direction and all but i reckon this break was the best thing that happened to harry ❤️❤️

roadie2468 - Best album of 20295 star

Love all the songs on this album. All songs Sound very Harry and really happy. Each song you can relate to and sing along to. The songs are also a really good vibe

Haskkadn - Every song is good!5 star


Harry_niall4life - Perfect5 star

Harry is amazing. I FREAKING LOVE IT

Klyla73458901375920 - Iconic5 star

That’s all

Naledid - AMAZING.5 star


nathuli - masterpiece5 star

such an incredible album, soooo proud of harry 💛

Bella's Tunes - Seriously GREAT!5 star

I have to be honest, I was sceptical. But since hearing this album, I am believing Harry is an old soul indeed. You will play the album from start to finish..... seriously no skipping for me. Granted it sounds like easy listening, but remember this is a 26yr old!! I love listening to it while driving.... Lord knows you need a good distraction on your merry way. Thanks Harry Love your work

((((;;;;; - I’m proud5 star

This album is everything and more than what I expected from Harry. It’s got such raw emotions in the songs and it is truly my favourite album ever recorded

streamm fine line - Fine line is a masterpiece.5 star

enough said.

Catandmouse222 - 🍒🍉 Simply Amazing 🍉🍒5 star

Love it. Have been streaming it non-stop since I downloaded it.

MusicLover🎵❤️ - BEST ALBUM EVER5 star

Absolutely amazing. Every song is so beautiful and unique. There's a song for every mood and I definetly recommend. ❤️

TheStormBolt - Harry Styles Was Always Meant To Be Solo4 star

Who wants One Direction back when Harry can keep bringing music like this? It’s fantastic. I applaud his work.

maddds20 - If I could give it 10 stars I would5 star

love everything about this album! ❤️

Seraena - Experimental music, interesting result4 star

I feel like I should preface this with the truth that I’m not a fan of One Direction or Harry Styles, as most reviews are just supportive comments for the artist and not talking about his music. I feel like this is the best music I’ve heard from any of these guys - together or solo. I really like the storytelling in these songs, and feel like the rhythm and compositions are more his individual style. The artist isn’t trying to distance himself from (or hold onto) his old fanbase. I felt a sense of freedom in this album. Although some songs are too repetitive for my taste like “Adore You” which sounds like it is simply meant to be played on the radio. Some songs are beautiful like “Falling” where the audience can feel his sincerity. Overall I added a star more than I was initially going to give because I like the direction he is heading artistically with this

1ugh - Good4 star

This is a very good song and I hope one direction come back together this year in 2020

Louise Sommer - A REALLY GREAT ALBUM5 star

What a great and refreshing album!

ivyarie - 🤨3 star

3 stars because I only like 3 songs watermelon sugar, lights up & falling ( no hate)

qwvvfgbb - Original and beautiful5 star

Thank you harry!!!

emolyngo - stunning5 star


ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴀ ғᴀᴍʟʏ sʜᴏᴡ - 🥕5 star


girlswholikecarrots - Perfect5 star


unkown26 - Best Album ever5 star

There isn’t a specific genre for this album, it’s so different so you can listen to it depending on your mood. The lyrics reflect deep meaning and the music production is mind blowing.

aliceofannandale - Fine Lines is 5star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟5 star

I’ve had this album playing in high rotation since it’s release. Great tunes great production. Harry is a shining star 🌟

i am annoyed 213 - hmm1 star

if i screamed into a microphone and dressed in my grandfathers clothes could i be famous too?

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joshpatterson1308 - Bit poo1 star


Me.#1 - Rides my emotions5 star

If you are blessed enough to find song that makes you swell with happiness, but want to cry at the same time it’s so precious... but when you find a whole album of songs like that then you’re life is complete 😂 This is honestly the first album where I love every single track; so emotional, but also some really good bops! Whenever I listen to fine line, golden or she I never know how to express my emotions, it’s so powerful. Thank you Harry x

Carly85 - Couldn’t stand 1D but this album is perfection5 star

I heard and loved ‘watermelon sugar’ on the radio, so I decided to take the plunge and download the full album, having never enjoyed or purchased a single 1D song or album. I’m blown away by ‘Fine Line’. It’s got some serious old school vibes with the some of the songs. Like something from the 1960s/1970s but refreshingly modern too. I’m really pleasantly surprised. Well done Harry!

Rhoanna.xx - too good5 star

What do I expect from my husband it’s beautiful

Yasmin Knowles - wow5 star


AMAZING💗🌎 - amazing, so proud of him5 star

stream this pls

ktloux - ✨✨✨5 star

the most incredible, beautiful and heart warming album, in my opinion. not only has harry’s music inspired me and made me feel happy and confident but so has harry himself. couldn’t be any more prouder of him ☺️

LC22304 - .5 star

bro this is just a sick album what can i say

ljukjj - He’s back5 star

He’s back one again doesn’t disappoint

Emily Dowd - MASTERPIECE5 star

Such a good album!

maddie 💖💜 - ...1 star


Tms103947 - incredible5 star

he is amazing

Jess Pope - Harry Styles Is Everything But A One - Hut Wonder!5 star

Fine Line is an amazing album and I do recommend purchasing! Song such as ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and ‘Adore You’ are guaranteed to get stuck in you head! Such an amazing plethora of songs that are great for events from parties to car journeys!

Amelia199021 - Superb5 star

Great album , love his voice , the lyrics , everything thank you for the music 🙌

zoeghyfghhgd - incredible album🦋5 star

Truly one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Harry is not a celeb to be messed with, love you H💞💞.

efjjkxchdoldveSy.ld - Cooool5 star

Love song getting it better !!

marnvioham - brill5 star

love harry styles xox

Koops2012 - No longer a boy band member singer5 star

This shows his talent and voice is much more than just part of 1D. Love Watermelon Sugar, it’s my summer song choice. A good, grown up sounding album (well, it is to me in my late 30’s anyway lol)

Madisonrose_xx - The music of the generation5 star

This album is by far the playlist of the generation. With everything he sings you can relate to in your Own way , you don’t have to have experience of heartbreak to feel how broken he was , you don’t have to had experienced feeling lost to feel how lost he felt and you don’t have to experience love to know feel how much he loved someone . This album is amazing and deserves all the awards and love it could possibly get!

Scottiesimp - Water Mellon sugar high1 star

Water melon sugar high, watermelon sugar high, watermelon sugar high, watermelon sugar hiiiiiighhh ! Watermelon sugar high, watermelon sugar high, watermelon sugar high....... Took me a bit to work out what this song was called , such awesome lyrics! Tripe !

emm❤️💗❤️ - Absolutely beautiful and amazing5 star

Words cannot describe how good his album is. Harry is an amazing artist and his new album just proves this. He has come so far and each time he amazes me with his fabulous music. It is upsetting to see people hating on his album, if you don’t like it, keep it to yourself. Harry you are wonderful, your music is beyond amazing and I can’t wait to see you next year!!!!! ❤️🍉🍓🍒🌻💗💗💗💗

southg8lad - Rubbish1 star

Generic rubbish

r908765 - Amazing5 star

Beautiful album

sirous n - Stop trying to be a rockstar1 star

It’s obvious he wants to be a rock legend yet just the lyrics are so so terrible and his voice is auto tune. Please stuc to what you’re good at. Making girls scream and being a pointless singer

Pudding9923 - Baldski1 star


jennxdohertyy - AMAZING 🙌🙌🙌5 star


anonomusq234567i9 - AMAZINGGG5 star

So amazing

jackie chanzzzz - Jackie chanzzzz3 star

Decent album not as good as dissimulation

shouldn't be paying - ASTRONOMICAL5 star

This album is the best thing from 2019 and going onto 2020. I could listen to these songs all day

GunMetalDEAD - Mindblowing 😵😵4 star

Hope you release more song like this in future and be more successful

hskatie - The Best Album I Ever Bought5 star

This is the best album I’ve ever heard. Harry Styles is the most incredible man and he’s outdone himself. Self titled was beautiful but Fine Line is something else. I’m so proud💘🦋💘🦋 i l o v e y o u

harrystylesvsgshshsvdgs - release medicine5 star


John ✌️ - Amazing!5 star

Brilliantly unique and modern with old-school influences!

george tomlin - Just pure talent5 star

Can’t wait for more.

kieraford:) - beautiful5 star

all the songs are absolute masterpieces, so proud❤️

poppyblu11 - Best Album EVER!!5 star

So proud of Harry. Songs are all amazing. My favourites are Fine Line, Golden, Sunflower and Cherry 🤩🤩

tayla draycotr - Amazing5 star

His music has been so inspiring since one direction and he’s grown so much as a person

SUHJKJJ - 983862t+ stars😂5 star

Omg he’s done a brilliant job, made me cry every time I hear falling too which just shows how emotional and mean full that song is. I love this album it deserved that Brit award:( He’s being himself which just makes this album even better.

MartyMcFly1176 - so proud5 star

it’s been a few months, but Harry’s album still has 0 skips and I adore it still:)

Taylorluvshaz - I want this album played at my funeral5 star

This album is the most iconic thing I have listen to. I have listened to this everyday since it came out and it never gets old. Harry is a musical genius and I could never be more proud of this little ball of sunshine. 🥰🥰🥰

Isabel5sos - LOML 🥺💞5 star

fine line is the BEST album i’ve ever listened to, would 100% recommend to ANYONE!! if u wanna dance listen to golden, if u wanna cry on ur own at 3am listen to fine line - thank me later ladies xx

poo pooooooppoo - yes5 star

god himself pleaseeeee release medicine and annaaaaaaaaa

§Hackerz§ - Outstanding5 star

His music has evolved so much since the days of One Direction. Harry Styles is definitely one to look out for in 2020.

ig.hannah8 - AMAZING😭😍❤️5 star

Amazing piece of art❤️

Sara_Teece - Falling5 star

What a song. Brilliant record.

Hkerr11 - Best thing ever5 star

It’s the best and there’s nothing left to say

theartsynoor - Adore it5 star

This album should be framed and put up in an art gallery - it’s a masterpiece. Immensely proud of you, Harry

alisum123 - BEST ALBUM EVER5 star

Every song that is on this album just gives me that good vibe and I listen to it every single day!!!!!!!!!!!

TraceyLoveLife - Surprisingly Brilliant5 star

Not a big fan of his to be honest, but this album is one I can’t not listen too. Well done fella. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Under-my-pillow - Really Well Done ,Harry Styles 😁5 star

Really well done on writing and helping produce the most deep and meaningful album in the music industry right now. It’s a perfect blend of acoustic piano to some chilled rock that works so well together that it still amazes me. Really goooddd ✨

lovedontour - MASTERPIECE5 star

Hey queen! Harry, girl, you’ve done it again, constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly. I’d say I’m surprised, but I know who you are, I’ve seen it up close and personal. Girl, you make me so proud, and I love you. STREAM FINE LINE!!!

Jam Styles - Jam Styles5 star

I LOVE YOU!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Alvinkills - longhairslickback5 star

Love you forever Harry.

Mulan 💕 - 11/105 star

Love you harry 🖤

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Finelinextpwk5 star

igual m da cosa q salga el video porque va a significar cel final de la era fine line mv😭

Istancrackhead5 star

The 04’ line is the FINE LINE

Louissugarhigh5 star

@jacobsartorius golden🤩 golden✨golden 🥺💛 as i open 🕖🌠 my eyes👁👁hold it🥑🦄 focus🌼🌷hoping🙏 take me back⬅️to the light🌅…

Louisflowersss5 star

@wallsoficarus: Rtt here if Golden is in your top 3 of your favorite songs from Fine Line.

Shawuanlover5 star

@sweethlarry: treat people with kindness a mais injustiçada do fine line...

_fine_line_285 star

@ImagenRetro: Imagina estar lavando los platos y tener esa vista.

DairyBenitez5 star

Que hiciste en la cuarentena... Me aprendi el álbum completo de @Harry_Styles - Fine Line, cuenta como productivo.... 😅

Dusktillwalls5 star

no entro pero obvio que fine line tmb

AnaSaanz195 star

@wallsoficarus: Rtt here if Golden is in your top 3 of your favorite songs from Fine Line.


@tiffanybaldwin1: My patience with people who think it's fine and dandy that someone who gets in the Greencard queue today should get th…

Naylinfloress5 star

we'll be a fine line💫🤍

Goldenxpayno5 star

@belindafossdahl don’t you dare to say fine line is better than hs1

Medvivit5 star

o engraçado é que watermelon sugar é a música que eu menos gosto do Fine Line e adivinha qual o nome do setor que e…

Alwaysloueis5 star

@wxlls91 amg????????mdsss sunflowe e perfeits e s patroade fine line

Goldensfalls5 star

@tpwkfearless the last time i saw my crush i was listening to fine line so it doesn’t bring me good memories

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