Selena Gomez - Rare

About Rare by Selena Gomez Album

Rare is the third solo studio album by American singer Selena Gomez. It was released on January 10, 2020, through Interscope Records. It was followed by a deluxe version, released April 9th, 2020. As the executive producer, Gomez worked with a variety of producers, including Ian Kirkpatrick, Mike Dean, Jason Evigan, Finneas, Mattman & Robin, Sir Nolan, The Monsters and the Strangerz and David Pramik. Gomez stated that this album is her "diary from the past few years". Musically, it is a pop and dance record, with influences from R&B, Latin pop and electronic music. The standard edition of the album features collaborations with 6lack and Kid Cudi. Rare was preceded by two singles: "Lose You to Love Me" was released as the lead single on October 23, 2019, and topped the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Gomez's first number-one single in the US to do so. "Look at Her Now" was released as the second single the following day, which peaked at number 27 on the Hot 100. The album received generally positive reviews from music critics, many of whom labelled it Gomez's "best album to date", whilst complimenting its production, but describing the songwriting "easy". The deluxe edition of Rare includes five of Gomez's standalone singles released prior to the album: "Bad Liar", "Fetish" featuring Gucci Mane, "It Ain't Me" with Kygo, "Back to You" and "Wolves" with Marshmello. Gomez announced the deluxe version of the album on April 6th, 2020. She announced it would feature 3 new songs, "Boyfriend," "Souvenir" and "She" along with a brand new cover. Proceeds from the deluxe versions would go towards COVID-19 relief funds. Rare debuted atop the US Billboard 200 chart, becoming Gomez's third consecutive number-one album in the US. Rare also debuted at number one in many countries, including Australia, Canada, Norway, Mexico, Belgium, Portugal and Scotland; while peaking in the top 3 of many other countries, including the UK, Germany, New Zealand, Spain and Poland.

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Rare (Selena Gomez) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:40
2. 2:50
3. 2:42
4. 3:26
5. 2:28
6. 3:12
7. 3:14
8. 3:09
9. 3:06
10. 3:32
11. 3:09
12. 3:02
13. 4:23

Selena Gomez - Rare Album Comments

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Rare [Selena Gomez] Album Reviews

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- Album of the Year5 star

I can relate to most of the songs in the album. It definitely save my life since I always listen to it daily. It’s a beautiful message that I need when listening to it. Selena Gomez has done it much better than ever! It was worth waiting 4 years!

- Horrible album and can’t even sing1 star

She’s probably the worst artist of this generation. She should become a model instead. girlie can’t hit a note

- Rare5 star

She sounds so good and her songs have diversity and all sound so fresh love it

- Will spend $1.295 star

Nothing to add

- I love her vocals5 star

She so uplifting and amazing hearted and she put out something real inside of her and most artist can’t do that, She unique and deserve more recognition

- Love Love Love5 star

Couldn’t skip any songs in this album

- ✨5 star

That tired criticism that “Selena can’t sing” needs to be retired, IMO. She can sing (just as well as she can act) and has this soothing, sultry tone to her voice that is entirely perfect for the type of music she makes. She doesn’t need to be a powerhouse vocalist to leave a mark in the music industry! She clearly knows what she’s doing and I love it so much.

- I love it5 star

I see people saying “she can’t sing”. You know what, haters are gonna hate no matter what. I loved this album. Whenever I’m sad, I listen to it and it makes me feel SO much better about myself.

- It’s amazing5 star

Her best album next to revival

- ily sel5 star

i love her sm

- This is the Sweetener Era in Her Life3 star

I’m going to admit, I was disappointed with half the songs that came out with this album. There isn’t much emotion from her past like I thought there would be. 4 years on working on this album and half the songs feel like filler songs. It’s like, Revival had so many emotions and amazing vocals. Don’t get me wrong, there are great messages with the songs on this album and I love that, but what happened to the production of half these songs? What is it with the must-have-auto-tune? She CAN sing, so why is there so much auto tune? She sounds like a robot in “A Sweeter Place” and others. Her singing style in Revival was so much better. I’m a huge fan of Selena and I’m not bashing her, but I honestly was disappointed after waiting four years to hear her story with everything that happened to her and get this... Love these songs: “Lose You to Love Me”, “Dance Again”, “Vulnerable”, “Let Me Get Me”, and maybe “Kinda Crazy”. That’s it. Not pleased with this album, but I love her attitude where she needs it to be her story and not the story we want. This album makes sense to her and thats all I need to be happy;)

- The whole album is amazing5 star

Every single song is meaningful and so touching.i love the whole album.

- Masterpiece5 star

The album Rare by Selena Gomez is the Most REAL album I have ever heard. It portraits REAL life experiences, REAL emotions, and REAL life topics/ events. This album is self-empowering, and healing to the soul all at once. I’m 24; and this album has helped me realize that I AM RARE and gain a sense of self-worth. It has also taught me to accept emotions and encouraged me to find peace and find happiness within me. I love songs/ albums that have MEANING and makes you really THINK about life in general, your past, your emotions, and about yourself; while making it fun all at the same time! THIS ALBUM DOES JUST THAT! This album will forever live in my heart. THANK YOU, Selena, and the team.

- Really rare. ✨❤️5 star

Album already of the year! On Repeat all time. 😍😍 This album's really RARE. Love you so much Selena. ❤️

- selena5 star

One of the most authentic, relatable and different album! Love u Selena❤️

- I love it!5 star

Selena Gomez has become a pop sensation and this new album is a pop masterpiece, her best work to date❤️

- love selena but...1 star

i love selena but i miss her old music now this is just mostly whispering and it’s not my taste of music sorry

- noice4 star

better than her other songs. and she can sing for the record. and y’all need to check ur attitude

- Love love love5 star

In love with this. And how much she’s grown in her music. She is being so open and I love it and music I can dance to. She’s so open and strong and I admire that she shows that in her music.

- Could do better.1 star

Didn’t really show anything new. Bland and boring.

- Love5 star

I love it

- Master peace5 star

From ballads to dance songs, Selena gives it all in this album.


Selena always putting out jams that make car rides fun. Album is so relatable and she is so talented.

- Selena did that5 star

She has found her voice, this album is very artistically

- I love this album5 star

I love this album she sounds great and the lyrics are so emotional. Best album of 2020

- Carloshdhehd5 star

It’s her best album

- Where’s the human voice?1 star

I’ll admit I never not purchased the album but I have heard all of the songs on YouTube. Honestly there is way to much auto tune for my liking, and a lot of the songs sound the same. Basically they are all auto tuned to death.

- Iamiman_selena5 star

Omg i think this is gonna be my favorite thing in the world

- LYTLM her best song, Rare her worst solo album2 star

Does not compare to Revival and with being given 4 years, it’s frustrating. Lose You To Love Me saved the album.

- Flop1 star

Forgettable album

- Garbage1 star

Horrible singer

- her worst album1 star

she can’t sing at all

- Best work yet5 star

I really prefer this over much material produced by the majority of young singers. I don’t think every song is the same and even if it was, usually when I find a song that I like, I really like to hear similar songs too. I think it’s a thoughtful album and even if she is not the most skilled singer, she is a skilled musician; not every very skilled singer has the ability to make good music.

- LOVE5 star

The music is amazing

- She did it again!5 star

Love me some Gomez! She gives life and it’s RARE nowadays!!!

- Best Album Yet5 star

I love this her voice is beautiful I can’t get enough of this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Favorite album of hers! <35 star

I love this album! It’s so inspiring and beautiful. The message of loving yourself is amazing and these songs really helped me with my breakup and confidence. The lyrics were awesome and its great to see how much she has grown as a singer, love you Selena!

- Lady of rare5 star

She is the ultimate lady to get your party going our unwound keep her close and you will never be let down.!’ She is a continual success in this moment and the next and next and ...!??!?).,

- Perfection5 star

Love it.

- Amazing5 star

I really love this era and how she gave us a taste of EVERYTHING.

- 😪1 star

Every song sounds practically the same


Selena constantly is raising the bar for the other girlies. All these negative reviews are from haters who don’t have a life

- The best album5 star

The best album I’ve ever heard Thank you Selena ❤️❤️

- Amazing5 star

I love Selena so much and my favorite song is rare. She is so talented and these songs say what’s on Selena’s mind and that’s SO SO amazing she is a very talented singer I love every single one of her songs. She is SO BEAUTIFUL inside and out. ❤️❤️❤️

- Never disappointed with your songs!!!5 star

You have an amazing voice! I’ve been a fan of your songs the past 5 years, you have grown to be an inspiration for people around the world, so please do not acknowledge the hate that people give you, please make more songs!!! #wowlookathernow

- Really good5 star

My favorite song is rare she has the right pitch to every song she makes

- RARE5 star

She is RARE! Very hard to find, extremely, I never want to listen to any other song either than Selena Gomez's, she is AMAZING!!!!!!! I love her

- Amazing5 star

I love this so much! I can’t stop listening to it! I can’t say I’m disappointed and actually thrilled

- AMAZING5 star

each song tells a story and you can tell she’s been through so much. She never disappoints!!!! STREAM IT


I love it and listen to it 24/7


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manaduhbanana - Her best5 star

Her best album to date. Speechless.

Eshan Sobti - pop perfection5 star


Tabassom15 - Masterpiece5 star

She inspires me as a young woman to be powerful 🌸🌻💜

Ineedabetternamee - Ugh1 star

Selena when are you going to let Justin go? You’ll be 30 soon and it’ll be sad to still sing about Justin “breaking” your heart even though you were the one that left him in the first place? You never took him seriously and he couldn’t put up with your crap anymore. Time to grow up, you’re not a teenager anymore.

masewashere - 💖💖💖5 star


melol99 - great5 star


polar2020 - Polarmare5 star

Great music

samantha yordel - stick to stalking justin1 star

this “new” style of music she’s doing just ain’t it. i feel like she only put this album out to feed her physco fans but didn’t actually put time into it. her live singing is SOMETHING ELSE. flop

Selenator_4life - Wayyy too much hate5 star

I love this album and she made it so honest and relatable. She is so amazing and very talented. She works very hard on all of her songs and I think she deserves less hate. 😊

American_Sunshine - The most graceful, strong and beautiful singer in the world!5 star

I love Selena’s music she comforts me when times are rough and inspires me to pull through! Selena you save my life so many times thanks babe!!!

Lost Mundane - Rare5 star

Obsessed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ABPalijah - Bland1 star

Literally the same sound she’s been doing for years.... still so plain, and lyrically lacking

audrayotter - ❤️SO AMAZING❤️5 star

An amazing album with meaningful songs as well as fun loving songs eeeek

Awogirl - Rare5 star

The songs are good...tho it’s getting super annoying that their all about bieber...he moved on and is happily married now! So I think selena needs to move on too

Sharpshep - Best album ever!!5 star

This is the best album to come out in a long time, every single song is a banger! Totally worth every penny

CatheLuvHim_06 - Basic1 star

This is plain boring. Whispering like alaways. The songs just sucks tbh

TheKaiDee - Meh1 star

Used to love Selena but, now it seems that the act of picking demos and rejects from other artists that will fit her narrative is more important to her than making genuine music. Her voice is weak and you can tell within each song that there is no real connection to what she is creating. Sad.

Selenaisgoodforyou - So PURE5 star

this is unreal😍😍😍 it’s beautiful how she can make an experience so positive I love it ❤️❤️❤️

K_Selena - ❤️5 star


yanny-galore - Rare is amazing5 star

It is one of her best works. I love how the beats of the album progress through out. It makes it very easy to flow through the entire project. Fun was one of the songs I didn’t like initially but it grew on me after a few listens. But overall it’s an awesome album with tons of chill pop beats. Keep up the great work. 🦋💁🏽‍♂️♥️🥳

AsheyHilton - Awesome album5 star

This Album Didnt Sucks Im So Proud Of Selena Gomez This Awesome Rocks 👍💖

redbuttongirl - over rated1 star

Wow this album sucks, all her songs sound exactly the same and has the same beat/vibe. Really should stick to acting because this isn’t it. Idk people still listen to her or buy her music. She has some dedicated fans fr. Worst album yet. Get over singing about Justin and find something else to sing about

!!Jaco!! - Don’t know how this made it1 star

Pretty generic pop we’ve all heard before, let’s see something new

chloesyl - Rare5 star

This album is so “rare”. Love ya Sel!❣️

NourSelena 16 - Amazing5 star

Love it so much

#heartbites - Lose you to 💖 me5 star

🎵🔥 All songs Spark 🔥🎶

𝒎𝒊𝒍𝒂𝒉 🥰 - best album to date !!5 star

i love all the songs on this album it’s amazing i’m so proud of her

hahabrooklyn - expected more2 star

was expecting more raw songs, more ballads, more confessionals. what i heard was a bunch of dance songs with lyrics i’ve heard before. i thought the album would have more “Lose You to Love Me”-type songs, the way she hyped up the album. disappointed. just not my taste at all.

CrisGord - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star


Arun Luckyrajah - HER BEST ALBUM TO DATE5 star

She really went through a lot and finally came back healthy and released her best project to date!! The vocals, production, lyrics, beats are all amazing!! Every song is so unique and good!! One of the best pop albums in ages!! So proud of her💖

araregemz - love5 star

love it so much

FunFood101 - :)5 star

everything about this album is beautiful 🥺 she mentioned that this was like her personal diary to her and she really went off. there’s no skips and each song is beautiful and the vocals are amazing! 💗

PiperR73 - Speechless5 star

Words cannot describe the adoration I have for this album!! It's raw, vulnerable and heartfelt... I could not have asked for anything more!!! ThankYou Selena💕

jo.jv - Amazing!5 star

Thank you Selena for another great album! ❤️

Hunterxs147 - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

I love this album


honestly I think this album is so amazing. every song has a different story with a different meaning. So many people can relate to her album like people you know has such a deep meaning, and I think it’s happened before to all of us and rare is just such an inspirational song. love this album

aapdhebdnbvccc - Ily5 star

Love Selena

Bubbly Jay - Album blew me away🦋5 star

Honestly this album strikes personally, and truly relate to it. It’s literally about everything whether it’s about relationships, friendships and being real & rare🤍 You’re amazing Selena, I love you. Hope we meet some day🦋💙

kiss_me_please - Yasss Selena1 star

Her sound is just incredible and I am so glad she is bringing new vocals to this album. I can’t believe she finally put this album out but it was worth the wait because it’s just such a bop💖 - i mean4 star

i love some of the songs, some of the songs i just cant seem to like but other then that, this album is fire 🔥

kosmackn - Great Album5 star

I absolutely love this album, I can’t stop listening to it! Well done Selena!

lilywerthington - Inspiring5 star

Truly an inspiration to us all, Selena deserves everything coming her way. She is a woman who has been through hell and still came back stronger than ever 💘💖❤️

canada1972 - Same ole1 star

Not sure what’s different music wise in this album . Sounds exactly the same as all her other songs . I do wish her well but I won’t be purchasing any songs .

Raj. S - It’s okay3 star

There are some good songs (like LYTLM and A Sweeter Place) but the rest are all lacking something. Revival is way better.

Heyheyheyhermania - Fantastique5 star

L’album est très très bon

aabbbcccffgjjukhjdh - Queen5 star

The one and only Selena I love her so much!

jaehyunsdimple - she snapped;o5 star

luv u always n so proud of u 💓💓💓💓

acs1624 - she should’ve sticked to acting1 star


Vinny mill - Perfection5 star

Amazing writing, one of the best pop albums ever made

hsiaosg - boooooring1 star

every song in the album sounds the same and all the beats are so similar. feels like i’m listening to one 40 minute song and i don’t like it. probably her worst album yet. this girl needs to let justin go holyyy clearly he’s moved on.

dipsydoll23 - Best feel5 star

Love love this album

shaina brook. - Unreal!!5 star

Shows how far she’s come personally and as an artist! Great to hear something completely hers! Could have been some little improvements but let’s face it she’s killed it with this comeback!

Ratu🥰🥰 - Selenator💖💫5 star


abbyyhge - Boring1 star

Album full of rejected songs

Keringrant - Selma can’t sing1 star

I don’t know why Selena keeps releasing music. SHE. CANNOT. SING. Without auto tune!! Stick to acting!

jungkookthegoldenmaknae - Absolutely Amazing!5 star

Love this album!

Mlehm3 - cry baby1 star

yo she cried because this album isn’t number one because mac and em took it omegalul dude make better music then you might be number one

Mowerrr - Generic.1 star

All of the songs lack any memorability. A distinct drop in quality from her second album.

koalalife - YOU GO GIRLIE5 star

I am sooooo proud of her. She should be really proud because this album is BOMB. I like how she’s put in the effort to make these songs about her being amazing and just showing girls that their worthy of everything

dalli-kayee - Not the best2 star

I do enjoy few songs on this album however for me to actually eat the track I have to turn everything up to full volume as for some reason the master track clearly wasn’t done on more than a few of these songs. Lyrically this album is lovely, but I just wanted a bit more.

lloislane - no1aussieselenafan5 star

her best album yet!! more honest and personal, the sound is still her signature pop but more mature sounding at the same time. it's amazing if you're a fan of her then it's her BEST ONE. if you're not a fan you might be after hearing this one! (people you know & fun really grow on you)

graceduden - Definitely Rare5 star

Yes yes yes yes Tracks One, Two, eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen are one in a billion, She changes her style with every song and it feels you with so much hope and happiness, I love the album definitely a Rare one that’s for sure 🥰

RACH23020 - AMAZING5 star

Love it sm 😍🥺

Odilon123 - best of album of time5 star

truly has everything u need / want

MreEloc - Amazing5 star

Love this song so much

Ihatepizza111not - Rare is beautiful and rare5 star

This album is so great, in digging ring and vulnerable right now -love every song tho🌟✨💫✨☮️ In my head all day long each and eve try song goes through my head ; just like a ring, ring, ring!!

Leish2413 - Love it!5 star

Best album of hers. Loving the song “A sweeter place” my favourite song! A must listen.

Fritzy890 - Bad1 star

Really not good at all!

Dhvdh xumcri g - Perfect5 star


insta2006 - Wow5 star

What a come back. All songs are amazing 🥳🤩

JorjieKim - Straight up bops5 star

The Album brings a total new feel, really highlighting her growth as an artist. Introducing a new sound that I have become well ADDICTED to.

Kirra Lily - such a beautiful sound 💗5 star

i love the bass and rhythm of every song on this album. selena’s voice is just heavenly!! a true masterpiece.

1ProudBelieber!! - trash1 star

every song sounds the same and she can’t sing

LolsyB - She grew up4 star

I find that this is not like her other albums and that is okay. I was hoping for a couple of more poppy songs. This album is definitely Selena getting things off of her chest. Ingore the more than obvious Beliebers. I think because the world and time moves so fast, that people forget what Selena has actually been through the past fours years. This album is all of it. I am fan of "to love love". I think we can all relate to it.

Lmc733 - Love every track5 star

Love it- she’s back and leaving the past behind.

Cheekytamv - Best She’s done5 star

Crowded room is the best song on this album. Give it a listen!

Norsien - Princess Of Pop5 star


subaz08 - it’s wack1 star

it feels like i’m listening to same song again and again.

Amaztreb - Selena redefining pop5 star

Selena is honestly the queen of pop and I think with rare she has brought so many more cultured music into her songs and made them so unique and amazing her vocals are stunning and the lyrics hit you hard and are catchy Selena is queen and u can’t change my mind. Screw u Justin Bieber fam who gave her one star - #1 selenator

Alyssa Macey - SELENATORS WIN5 star


aeid24 - Selena is Back5 star

Such a beautiful raw album about self love and discovery that leads to acceptance very proud and way to start the new Era

Bmeliss - Amazingggg5 star

Her sound has grown

Yaslatin - Rare5 star

I love it!! Best one ever

Mario131989 - Iconic masterpice5 star

Love love love it

Rileyjordan - My fave5 star


FetishSelena🔥🔥🔥 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star


apbc - 1st SG album5 star

Got to say it's my first Selena album nnd it's pretty amazing. Cool sound, great vibes.

ruckasilva - She didn’t come to play5 star

yaasss it’s incredible!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩

F.Farooz - Love it5 star

Love it

Sovady - Best album ever5 star

Every songs has different feel into it, and when you listen to each songs it feel like she talking to you and you can relate to it.. love it so much

LexieQuality - NOT ONE SKIP5 star

I didn’t know what to expect 😭😭😭😭 the whole album is so amazing and there’s not one skip.. every song just gets better and better

Kacie Gilbertson - best album yet5 star

i’ve been listening to selena since i was 9 years old, i’m now 19 and can easily say this is her best album yet. the lyrics, sound, rhythm, everything is so consistent and flows so smoothly. all i can say is that it’s amazing

Dr_mattyo - ❤️5 star


Aspen W - SELENA GOMEZ!!5 star

Ok but I’m speechless. The best work she’s ever done. I’m so proud of her! 😭😍😍

SenthuranV - went off5 star


Bec1970 - Great!5 star


StephySwift - Her best body of work5 star

This album will be the best she has ever done. Her most authentic, raw piece of work she's ever put out, four years of highs and lows but we are finally here.

Cherri19917 - SG ON 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Excited 😆 to see what is coming with Selena Gomez Rare album so happy 😁 to see singing 🎤 she is fantastic.

giusesalad - #RareIsComing5 star

This is going to be Selena’s best album yet. There is no other artist who has grown so much and has shown such great progress in her music. This album is going to be her most honest yet, so proud of you Sel! 🦋✨☁️

MissT4 - Better and Better5 star

Girl you just keep expanding. It’s amazing!

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fjjfvnk - Buy the box by roddy ricch1 star

Selenas fans are retarded

javeria03 - amazing project5 star

an amazing project that tells a story which is so clear, about selena’s life these pst few years. so deep and so personal. wow. recommend !

sprinklesBFF love you xxx - Sun5 star

It reminds me of sunlight when I lost her FOREVER 😢 I never saw her again she said she went to a meeting it was a really emotional 😭 talk I don’t believe the meeting part 🤔 But... my friend SAW HER IN THE PARK!

Superkidskoolkidz - Bad1 star


badtimeinuwu - perfection omg5 star

selena snapped once again leaving the other girlies pressed stream let me get me, dance again and crowded room for clear skin

Charlie_95 - Amazing5 star

Love it 😊

hfshgdjtfbu - Amazing5 star

I love it

whoop000 - 🥵5 star

It’s amazing !!

medicineslouis - Mmm1 star


Ellie_C_15 - 😶1 star

Not her best

Shawty Manes Shawty - no1 star

this album is made of other artists rejects so isn’t anything original or special to this artist

dukugiri - Love5 star

Great album

nxurrr - yuck1 star

buy something nice instead of this piece of trash

😞😦 - Would give 0 stars if I could1 star


CaitlinDack - it’s okay1 star

basic, generic pop songs that selena claimed to have worked so hard on yet most of these songs were made by other artists. most generic artist of this generation.

maciej1991D - It’s not the best or bad but...3 star

Utterly forgettable

sksksksskskssksksksk - Amazing5 star

Absolutely amazing

Ayaaa23 - Wow5 star

I’m obsessed. I cannot stop listening. help🥰

Lukia97 - SIMPLY AMAZING5 star

Amazing beat, truthful lyrics, that many people can relate to. Mystical sounds, assertive voice and positive lyrics than do nothing more but boost your energy and self-love.

nickname is selenator baby - Rare5 star

Skip less album full of bops love all the songs I can’t decide which are my favourites since I love them all! I highly recommend listening to this

H🦋🐘 - Love love5 star

The whole album is just so amazing . I’m obsessed 💙🦋

Gill chug - In love5 star

The visuals and the music is amazing, Selena is doing better than ever!!

kaswasherelol - Amazing5 star

Love this album so much

Taz123rihcwgvg - Trashhhhhhhh1 star

Why is she whispering

faizahxo - Self Love5 star

Transcendent 💗

coinzzx - Thankyou5 star

I’m not sure where the ‘songs all sound the same’ statement is coming from because this is one of the most diverse albums out there. Each song has a completely different vibe and this is coming from someone who is completely unbiased. This album came to me at the best possible time and each and every song truly speaks to me and I’ve never said that and meant it so much when talking about music, it’s really helping me with my healing process.

hira29 - Perfection5 star

Literally an excellent pop album. Selena’s best work till date

sobcfjcicjanc - J5 star


lucym21 - Love this album5 star


Ana cat dog - Great album5 star

Yet again she’s got a great new album with amazing songs. She’s got such a good voice. This album is so worth the money best ever!! 🦶🏻

Corey15ZZ - Best Album EVER!?5 star

I genuinely missed Selena so much and I’m so happy that she is back, this album was fitted correctly and ran smoothly whilst carrying an amazing journey as well, loved every second of it ❤️

Ayesha97! - Rare is different4 star

This album is really good. I’m in love with Dance Again - a song about moving on and feeling like your old self. It’s meaning is similar to Me and The Rhythm. Another one of my favourite is Vulnerable. It’s well written and well sung! The album is completely different to Revival but that’s because she poured her heart out and wrote about her experience with an abusive ex and just moving on. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

gajdkfowjfngnkakdjdjwkskdkfkd - Justin deserves this5 star

I’m sorry but this album is the description of the word INCREDIBLE honestly this really shows how powerful selena is on her own and she doesn’t need a stupid man “Justin Bieber” she is so much better on her own, idk how a man can screw it up with her like honestly Justin pull it together, face it your not as good as selena gomez now stop being such a dick

Mama singalot - Typical Selena Rubbish1 star

Convinced its only her remaining 14 year old fans from Disney that still like her music. Sounds exactly the same to everything else u hear on the radio. Nothing special

squigel - Amazing 💗5 star


arianator4l1fe - Arianators and belibers unite1 star

You know what to do

Heat'er - This album is rare😉5 star

Great feeling album and love listening to it.

AliPaliWaliDo - Fun, Fresh & god-damn spectacular5 star

I love this album so very much. It is full of positivity, dance hits & emotion! Bop after bop it’s the best album to start this year with a bang! Dance around your kitchen to this album!

rbanks1223 - W O W. LOOK AT HER NOW5 star

I mean.... I knew it was gonna be good but I didn’t think it was gonna be THIS AMAZING! Every. Single. Song. Is. A. Bop! Cannot skip one song at all, I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS ALBUM.

Toby roo - Absolutely stunning cohesive album5 star

Each song is so different yet they all have a place on this album. Selena mastered that pop/edm sound and she’s delved into different types of music like in the song ‘Let me get me.’ If you buy this album, you won’t regret it!

lahadelrey - FRESH5 star

Such a fresh and mature sound!

cj coo - ❤️ love it so so so much5 star

Based on what I’ve listened to I think it’s pretty amazing if you ask me

Gamer 5698427 - An inspirational piece of work.5 star

Selena has delivered , but not with generic pop hits of everything else on the radio. Every song on the album portrays a different period and feeling in her life. The album is beautiful and deserves many awards. Better than revival in my opinion. Well done Selena.

Bardiganguk - Rare5 star

Such an incredible album. Selena deserves this so much. Her voice is incredible. Im glad she’s back because the music industry wasn’t the same without her. STREAM RARE!!!!

AminaYousaf - Stolen songs1 star

Mediocre lyricism with whispers, instead of calling it rare why not Asmr ft stolen songs from other pop rejects. Bleh. If I could give it 0 stars, I would.

lauraann26 - RARE IS HERE5 star

Every single song on the album is absolutely incredible. The cohesiveness of this album is outstanding. From Bad Liar to Wolves to Lose You To Love Me they all have their own story and sound, yet still manage to sound so strong and beautiful together. I’m captivated at the story of this woman, who has lived through a lot of ups and downs in the four years since ‘Revival’ 💕

mouseymoo - Blows you away5 star

Honestly this is so massive !! An album of music for women of our time. Thank you for not being silent and not suffering in silence and allowing women all over the planet to listen to you music and breathe. We are not crazy and what we experience is unique to every one of us. It's open as you can be . It's going thru the roller coaster of a relationship, it's recovery ,its confusion, its optimism and it's reality crashing in. It's a masterpiece and it's part of the jigsaw of one human being. It's stunning Selena simply stunning !

Rachiie Lulu - Rare5 star

Love love love. It’s unique, heart felt and just great catchy fun. Well done Selena! ♥️

Demi slays once again 👌😍☺️ - “Rare”5 star

I mean look at her now.... This album is one of the best pop albums I’ve ever heard. Although Fun doesn’t quite float my boat... I’ll allow it because EVERY other song is relatable and genuinely fantastic. Stand outs include Dance Again and Ring. This album is everything ❤️

haqqer - Awesome!5 star

I rarely buy whole albums but this is great, you can tell Selina has matured and reflected during her time off and this shows in her lyrics.


Happy that she was able to let go of her past and seeing her happy is so precious. You deserve to be loved genuinely.

dreamlesshoe 🦋 - BUY/STREAM RARE5 star

Everything is so good even the production and the lyrics ugh i luv u sel 🦋🥰

iamkrisv - Rare album5 star

A masterpiece ❤️ Great come back selena👏🏻

Sassymascy - Best album5 star

This is literally the only album i bought which I love every single song.

joohanneyy - 10/10 from Philippines5 star

Girl i love this by far the best album I’ve ever heard. The meaning behind each song is so empowering and inspiring. The beat is absolutely unique completely different from the rest. I don’t believe people who says they never liked even one song on this album. This is beautiful definitely not GENERIC! A MASTERPIECE LOVE IT KEEP IT UP SELENA

Mendozacz10 - shes RARE!5 star

I love her

MariellaMJ - MariellaMJ5 star

The best😍

iam22shells - Selena love youuuu 🥰5 star

Love the songs that she make and sings 🥰

iJa9 - Worth the wait5 star

Love you, Sel!!😍😍😍

didisb98 - Great album! Rare!5 star

It's worth the wait! Can't stop listening to all of it now.

ert1245 - 1000/105 star

pretty legendaric if u ask me

Mynicknames are taken - Love😍5 star

I love every songs on this album♥️ The songs are really catchy and relatable.

æys - #1 ALBUM!5 star

What a comeback! Every song is a BOP

Sousuke & Rin's - Disappointing.1 star

I was genuinely excited for her to be back! But after listening to the whole album, my initial reaction was “I waited four years for this?” I was expecting something bigger in terms of vocal-wise and lyrics-wise. But her vocals went worse that makes it difficult to listen further to the songs. And the lyrics... no comment.

lynnebondoc - RARE5 star

Every song is gold and that’s on period.

balot29 - Absolutely amazing!!!!!5 star

Im living for this! 😭❤️🎶 So proud of this woman. This is amazing!

andrea siem - I love herrrrrr and her musics❤️🥰5 star

It’s a bop Aaahh❤️❤️❤️

karencindercute - WHAT A MASTERPIECE5 star


katc1995 - Generic1 star

All songs sounds the same and too much autotune, cant even last 15 seconds per song.

loooouiiii - Loooooiooo5 star

Thank youuu selena❣️❣️❣️

reeneo127 - selena’s best album5 star

bop after bop after bop after bop

JizzleQ - WORTH THE WAIT5 star

Been waiting 4 years and definitely worth the wait. Her best album so far yesss QUEEN!!

MAURYPALO - Excited5 star

The 4-year drought from Selena Gomez. She is coming to serve with tracks of extreme quality. This era will be absolutely RARE!

deonaquino - Rare5 star

this album's going to be iconic.

Marnille - Excited!5 star

I still haven’t heard the entire album but I’m sure it’s going to be amazing. ❤️

vielopez - cant wait!!5 star

cant wait for this super hits album...we love you selena!!

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The_K9_team5 star

@Raydowi waaaah a pencil wizard?! I'm blushing so hard AAAA! thank you! I gotta be honest - that's quite a rare pen…

Felipemejiaz5 star

@SGChartUpdate: "Vulnerable" has surpassed 30 MILLION streams on @Spotify, it's the 8th song from "Rare" to do so. …

Galvatrx5 star

@JohnnyLockson: Rare audio of @StormYorha

Nickianawhore5 star

@stepinonecks @chartdata -streamed rare, Queen 185k sales first week and rare? less than 120k😹

Record_thala5 star

@APAG_Off: Rare Pics Of Thala #Ajith 😍 #Valimai #AjithKumar

CianGaia5 star

@cdellamore: This bee has hit the genetic-mutation jackpot—it has male and female traits (gynandromorphy!) AND an unusual eye color. htt…

Castle_zotz5 star

@Nintendork9: Today's #AFOTD #ArcadeFlyeroftheDay #018 is #Nintendo's Killer Instinct developed by Rare and published by Midway it was r…

Liddocait5 star

got released from work early which is very rare and a whole gift and laid down on the tiny dog to chill till dinner…

Priscaaa__5 star

@_Swin1: Finding Someone That’s Genuine Is Rare Asf....

Casonband5 star

@SkinnerPm: I’ve lost rare friends in our stupid war on terror. I’ve lost two close colleagues in our stupid war on crime. So pause befo…

Alcoholikaust5 star

@BRAP_Podcast @SloMoBackSlap Still upset I cannot play my digital OG Xbox and 360 titles on PC. Maybe some day oh and rare replay too 😹

Graeme_stirling5 star

@frameworkfitz: Over the past 7 years, the cast and crew have given us 136 amazing episodes! This season, we are giving back! Now is y…

_Rare_Species5 star

these customers never fail to amaze me

JForbes441406185 star

@BridesBlush: Jayne Mansfield was a Playboy Playmate-turned-actress who made headlines in more than one way. These 20+ rare vintage pho…

VeeraYa967192615 star

@natureslover_s: A rare glimpse of one of the worlds most elusive and spectacular snakes , the Dragon Snake.

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