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Birds of Prey: The Album (Various Artists) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 2:14
2. 2:11
3. 3:19
4. 2:48
5. 3:04
6. 2:37
7. 2:37
8. 3:34
9. 2:27
10. 2:54
11. 3:02
12. 3:20
13. 2:56
14. 2:53
15. 2:50

Various Artists - Birds of Prey: The Album Album Comments

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Birds of Prey: The Album [Various Artists] Album Reviews

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- Savege5 star

Yo dojo cat rap with the b word boss I’m like savege and next part Course the was freaking fireeeeeeeeee

- Meh3 star

It was OK

- OMG 😱 this is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Queen Doja 👑🐱 Hot girl Meg 🔥🥵 Normani 💖👑 U know it’s a masterpiece when u have this artists on your album 🔥

- Hit Me With Your Best Shot4 star

It good album but I like Pat Benater version of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" better then Adona version is little bite slow.

- Doja cat5 star

Yasss she awesome

- Hmmmm5 star

I’m only here for Boss B***h

- Trash1 star


- Nope1 star

I hate it all. Burn her

- garbage1 star

terrible album all around 🤮

- Ringtone3 star

Trying to make this my ring tone I can’t figure it out

- Came out of no where!!5 star

Such a good assortment of artist! Plus, just good music, and that’s on period

- Meep 🐣and Sweets 🍭🍫🍭!5 star

I got my mom’s blessing 🙏, she knows how much I love the movie 🎥 Suicide Squad 😍😎😘❤️💗❤️, she let me watch it yes 😅... I know... It’s Rated and I Parentally quote “R” but hey 👋 if you show that your genuinely Matured for older adult movies and are not easily influenced to something just because you hear 👂 it , see it, nor do it. My point is BIRDS OF PREY IS THE BEST Movie 🍿 of this year 2020💜🌈💜! Long story short I Watched the tonight and it was 😜😍😜 THE BEST💚🎆🎇🎆! Good night 😘.

- Wow5 star

Doja Cat and Halsey killed it

- Pretty good5 star

After watching this movie the album became my workout go to. Can play and not skip. Just like the movie this is better than I expected. I hope this franchise continues with these characters and vibe

- Pretty good 👍5 star

Haven’t seen the movie yet but I’m in love with this music 😁

- Worst sound track ever1 star


- The whole album is so good!!!5 star

I rarely buy a full album but after seeing the film and watching the music videos for these songs it felt right to do so. Props to Margot for choosing these amazing artists they really compliment each other and the film.

- Awesome!5 star

Great soundtrack.


AMAZING, FANTABULOUS, & CRAZY FUN!! this soundtrack is unique and so creatively put together w/ each single. Each song shows a side of Harley and the Birds of Prey. my personal favorite is SMILE.

- Jokes on you is da best 😭❤️5 star

Yep, that’s all I have to say, I .LOVE .THIS .SONG

- Fantastic5 star

Best soundtrack of all time I think yup!

- Love5 star

Amazing album and amazing movie

- Fem nazi1 star


- Songs5 star

Hi 🥺🤗.They are so good 😊 everyone will love them 🐶🐼🐨🐺🦄

- So much yes here5 star

My favorite soundtrack. So good

- Diversive and In Tone5 star

The music compiled in this album works to create a diverse environment for the film and they fit perfectly! Such a great accompanying accessory to the movie.

- Zoey5 star

It’s so so good love your music

- Upset1 star

I’m highly offended that they didn’t think to do the birds of prey song from the cartoon.

- Girl power!5 star

Every song on here is a hit! Slay girls! Pu$$y runs the world!

- Amazing soundtrack5 star

Lauren Jauregui killed it! Such a talented human being

- Girl power5 star

The amount of girl power on this album is un matched loving every power house song 💕

- Great Music! 🔥5 star

I listen to this while I work out! Great beats!

- Awesome5 star

Straight fire

- THIS is how you make a soundtrack5 star

everything in here works. great singers, great production, and a lot of fun. introduced me to a bunch of new artists as well

- No, just no1 star

Pls no. Never. Seriously, I can see why this movie is not doing as well as they had hoped. And really, even the movie was awful.

- Awesome5 star

This album is perfect with this movie!!

- Garbage1 star

So overproduced and the artists you’d expect to slap are underwhelming

- WOW5 star

K Flay, Halsey, Doja Cat AND Saweetie? 💕💕💕💕

- Cringe1 star

Soundtrack is as cringey as the movie. One of the worst flops of the 20s now has a floppier soundtrack to go with it.

- Boring1 star


- 😉5 star

It's Different but I like it

- Garbage1 star

Crappy music

- Empowering5 star

The antidote we need to the cranky-old-white-man-baby energy running the country right now. Thank you!

- this movie is trash1 star

you can;t film a movie based on a terrible character from another terrible movie

- This album is all about Girl Power5 star

There is not one song I do not love. This is an amazing album, and I can not wait to see the movie. I purchased the soundtrack after reading the reviews and I wanted to see if they were lying. All true.

- FIRE 🔥🔥🔥5 star

This soundtrack is absolute fire!! I’ve downloaded nearly every single song, and they now get me so focused and motivated during workouts. The perfect “girls rule” playlist 😋😍

- Just pure awesomeness.5 star

The whole album is very good and deserves more recognition amen

- Really good - favorite is “Invisible Chains”5 star

Well curated soundtrack. I especially liked “Invisible Chains” by Lauren Jauregui. Good production and lyrics, and the artist has an alluring and emotive voice.

- Killed it5 star


- Marvels better than DC1 star

Marvels better than DC🤷‍♂️


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:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(67 - Almost all the songs are good5 star


sonya quinn - Soonya Quinn!5 star

I love this songs so much!!! I already have a cd but my dads truck doesn’t have CD player only Bluetooth so I bought the whole album on my iPad!!! I would literally put more than 5 star on each music! That’s how much I love Harley Quinn!!! and the songs!!!

Philou_n_stuff - SO GOOD5 star

This album is extremely fire!!! All the songs are just crazy good!!

Shy_butterfly - 💕Love this album5 star

Woman power, best album in years

Tanoushka - Love5 star

Love this album ❤️

Miss_Vanjie - So goooood5 star

I just love the songsss

Best Color Ever - Crap1 star


Ineedabetternamee - yeee4 star

Only here for Lauren Jauregui & Halsey.

kinda mad lowkey - ripped off?2 star

i bought and preordered the album but now I can’t play almost over half of my songs unless I want to get Apple Music?

superiorcuban - Invisible chains5 star

This is an absolute BOP love it!

The MC (Music Critic) - Birds of Prey5 star

Every song on here is so different. But, most importantly - EVERY SONG is amazing!

shushshahs - I LOVE DIAMONDS5 star

it’s sooo good normani eats everything

party popper263826284 - Omfg5 star


Nicolegirl😉 - Omg5 star

Amazing I love dis!!!!!!🥰

LolMaster379 - How5 star

How is boss B***h not explicit lol

Sassy kitties - Amazing5 star

I love the all girl album with amazing killer songs

Damien Head - No1 star

More like birds of gay

Wow_i'm strange 0-0 - Noice5 star


kobral jeff - 😍😍5 star

I love the sway with me

Cheneygram - 😍5 star

So Good

El Benji - Terrible5 star

Save your money

fruitloverxxxxx - Love it 😍5 star

Can’t afford it I’m broke!!! 😭😢

SenthuranV - 🥵5 star

everyone went off

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oliver273838382 - amazing5 star

great soundtrack every song bangs

aazali - Doja cat5 star

I love Doja cats song it’s so good I didn’t buy the album tho only bought her song the only other song I like on the album is diamond but it wasn’t all that

Ge 🌸 - Brilliant5 star

this album is honestly one of my all time favourites now, the artists that are on this all fit very well to the genre of the film, plus literally every song on this album is a full on banger. every single song is done brilliantly. but, seriously, if you’re looking for some talented underrated artists and amazing collaborations then this is the album for you.

Glocnsixnchs - Amazing5 star


😴 Nathan 😴 - Bomb as hell5 star

Such a fun album with amazing singers. Definitely worth the 💰. 💗💗 unicorn star girl - Im insane5 star

I listened to sway with me 10 times non stop. The beat is sooo good!!! Other than that amazing jamin songs!!!

Plastic boy - Lance5 star

Pure class. The film was ok but this is hot stuff. Buy it now. Well worth the cash 👍

kikilouz - 🤮🤮🤮1 star

Terrible like the movie

BEARLOVE3254 - SO FIERCE!!!5 star

I really want to watch the movie now

babyboibohnson - Fantabulous5 star

SoundtrackVery fitting to the movie Ignore all the mcu fangirls hating on the film without watching it ❤️

Blutoon - Load of crap1 star

That’s not music

nprrispoop - By Sacha loves Harley Quinn5 star

It is cool love it

Rarahbeth - Worst soundtrack ever1 star

Worst music ever just loud god awful noise with no rhythm and waste of space

Colsie - Mostly all chaotic noise and no soul. The better tracks suffer with over singing.1 star

Mostly all chaotic noise and no soul. The better tracks suffer from oversinging and a lack of sublety. Noise for noise sake. Warbling for warbling sake. Where have all the great songs and singers gone?!

It'sMe487 - Amazing5 star

Best soundtrack ever made. Absolutely love it and can’t wait to watch the movie!

libbysaunders125 - Killing it5 star

🔥🔥🔥Lauren and Normani

Jaydeyc - Every song is a hit5 star

Love all of these songs they fit the movie perfectly. Can listen to them over and over

adonalson - Wow5 star


Isgay - It’s a BOP!5 star

“Women” - saoirse ronan

IanKofficial - Best Movie Soundtrack Since Guardians of the Galaxy?5 star

Perhaps! Okay, there's been soundtracks for A Star is Born and also the Elton and Queen biopics but this album just feels so fresh and relevant and... Dare I say it... Exciting! Fun! Full of attitude. Something you can enjoy as part of the movie experience but also away from it, in the summer, on your holidays, travelling, at night, in the morning to wake you up. Very excited to have these song on rotation in 2020!

Youwillneverknow8888 - Meh2 star

hyped for the movie but the songs seem horrible

Eren James - HYPED5 star

HYPED FOR THE MOVIE NOW!!! The 3 songs released so far are all F***ING AMAZING!!!

_JackLeighton - Harley Quinn 😍😍5 star

Can’t wait for this album 😍😍


I say it every day and I’ll say it again... THIS IS NORMANI’S YEAR. Comes out swinging with EVERY SONG. I can’t wait for her album. I love Normani!!

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Metha05195 star

Doja Cat - Boss B*tch (from Birds of Prey: The Album) [Official Music Vi... @YouTubeより

Maki1985maki5 star

@yokotanpeshenko: コスコスこれなのかな?ハーレクインだわ Charlotte Lawrence - Joke's On You (from Birds of Prey: The Album) [Offi... …

Yuzuahoge5 star

@yokotanpeshenko: コスコスこれなのかな?ハーレクインだわ Charlotte Lawrence - Joke's On You (from Birds of Prey: The Album) [Offi... …

Iaurtears5 star

@LaurenJauregui: #InvisibleChains out now💕✨ go stream/buy it if u have taste💕🥰 https:…

_Angel_202_5 star

@_Angel_202_: Megan Thee Stallion & Normani (Birds of Prey: The Album) - Diamonds [Official Music Video]

_Angel_202_5 star

Megan Thee Stallion & Normani (Birds of Prey: The Album) - Diamonds [Official Music Video]

Mamasabbtwt5 star

Swifftcavill5 star

Aqui está um álbum para você… Birds of Prey: The Album de Vários intérpretes

Taka5panda5 star

@yokotanpeshenko: コスコスこれなのかな?ハーレクインだわ Charlotte Lawrence - Joke's On You (from Birds of Prey: The Album) [Offi... …

Raikaira5 star

@yokotanpeshenko: コスコスこれなのかな?ハーレクインだわ Charlotte Lawrence - Joke's On You (from Birds of Prey: The Album) [Offi... …

Puk_G7XOXO5 star

Charlotte Lawrence - Joke's On You (from Birds of Prey: The Album) [Offi... via @YouTube

Orbeetle235 star

Cant believe I forgot how good the Birds of Prey album was

Figure_grandma5 star

YouTube에서 'Charlotte Lawrence - Joke's On You (from Birds of Prey: The Album) [Official Music Video]' 보기…

Yokotanpeshenko5 star

コスコスこれなのかな?ハーレクインだわ Charlotte Lawrence - Joke's On You (from Birds of Prey: The Album) [Offi... @YouTubeより

Liminalnobilis5 star

3. Birds of Prey : The Album

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