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1. 3:23
2. 3:12
3. 3:44
4. 3:38
5. 5:26
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7. 4:18
8. 3:02
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The Chicks - Gaslighter Album Comments

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Gaslighter [The Chicks] Album Reviews

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- Love it 💕5 star

It’s definitely different from the previous albums but LOVE IT!!!!

- The Chicks are back5 star

I still consider them the best country out there. Great musicians with an edge. If your toes don’t tap, you need a hearing aid. By the way, the entire album is great. Thanks for not quitting.

- They did it again!5 star

Underrated album.

- Painful1 star

I love the Dixie Chicks. I was so excited for this album and I only like two songs on the album. I really wanted to like this, yet I was being drawn into this repetitive break up melodrama. painful and so not entertaining. Sorry DIXIE chicks. Not loving this one at all.

- Gaslighter1 star

Miss their old music.

- Unremarkable1 star

I truly wanted to like this album. But unfortunately it is just a extremely watered down version of their former selves. Nothing very entertaining here, unless you enjoy being lectured to.

- Glad they’re back!5 star

Love happy to have their new music!

- Late but joyful review...5 star

Every night at 8pm since it was released I’ve listened to this album, particularly Sleep At Night. Resonating. Familiar. Entire entity is a deep sigh of a gut scream. Thanx ladies... so far you are the best part of 2020!

- Pablo5 star

Most of the review here that are not balanced and are negative are focused on one single. This album is a journey. A story. set free...

- Ordinary1 star

Along with Luke Bryan, the death of country.

- Favorite album this year!5 star

After playing their early releases over and over for months, the full album was the icing on the cake! It’s a journey of loss and love that everyone can relate to, with hope and bright spots too. Natalie’s voice is so strong and pure, it literally brings you to your knees. There is humor and strength, and beautiful harmonies and arrangements. Well worth the wait! They are BACK!! Thank you for “Young Man”- played for my son xxxoooo

- Garbage1 star

I’m really shocked they get this many positive reviews. First album was good, after that, nope!

- Not impressed1 star

Not impressed

- EPIC! 😍5 star

This is epic! And lol at those saying not to get political. If they pay taxes, they can get political all they want. This is brilliant. In so many ways! 😂🤣

- Meh1 star

big fan of natalies voice . 2 song’s are decent not worth buying the album disappointment.

- One of the all time best groups5 star

Not “female” groups, groups period. Natalie has the best voice in country, even if you complain that they are a little more pop than they used to be, well styles change. I’m sure as artists they would get pretty bored singing the exact same style for 20 years. This music has so much heart and is so clearly personal. Great songs, great singing, great instruments, great music.

- Trash1 star


- Gaslighter?1 star

Does this album mean them lighting has on fire?

- One of the Best if 20205 star

This is easily one of the best albums of 2020. The Chicks were groundbreaking in the 90s, pulling around people’s hearts while being a kick ass trio in a male dominated Country world. And now, in 2020, they are still kicking dirt with their boots and creating stories that keep us pulled in. This is a album one should listen to from beginning to end. A story of abuse and redemption.

- I don't buy music, but I had to have this!5 star

I can't remember the last time I bought music, nevermind a whole CD, but I had to have this! I was hooked after "Boy you know exactly what you did on my boat/ and boy you know that's exactly why you ain't coming home." Then to hear "My husbands girlfriend's husband just called me up/how messed up is that?" I know alot of people are complaining about how this album is "all Natalie" but anyone who has listened to Taking the Long Way heard a lot about the sisters. Most of that album was about children and their struggles with marriage and infertility. There was some Natalie, and some fun upbeat songs, on that album but Martie and Emily definitely took center stage. Now that Natalie has experienced a long and complicated divorce from actor Adrian Pasdar she had a story to tell. I can't say enough about how this was accomplished. Catchy tunes AND a trail through Natalie's broken marriage. To hear her take a journey from bitter, angry, vicious betrayed wife (hint, we find out what happened on the boat from Gaslighter in "Tights on the Boat.) to forgiveness and just wanting to be done fighting (Set Me Free.). It's heart wrenching. On top of all that they remind us in several songs, it's not just about the relationship between the adults as they have 2 boys together. To hear her talking to her sons in several songs, at first about how their father's infidelity could affect them (Sleep at Night) to talking directly to them about how to deal with the loss of an idol and father figure (Young Man) is a reminder that divorce is about the entire family unit and not just the adults involved. Then you add in March March, which many critics have bashed as destroying the entire storytelling by breaking up the middle of the album, but I think was a perfect song! It encapsulates the times we live in and sets them even further apart from the conservative base they were rejected by in 2003. Then to watch the music video for it on YouTube (I literally cried through the entire song, something about the music, melody, and imagery just struck me) just blew me away. Great music, Great singing! I have played this album on repeat for the past week and I can't get enough.

- Transcends genres5 star

Vocals and production kill...I would recommend checking the performances they have been doing from home for talk shows on YouTube...they are so on point... This album is not just one thing and I love that about it...I think the chicks have always pushed boundaries with music...I’d say this is pop, country, and alternative...but it really doesn’t matter honestly...just good music.

- Love it!5 star

The Chicks are still cranking out hits!

- They’re back!!2 star

Wish I like the whole album as much as past ones. Their voices are still strong.

- Jim S.1 star

The Chicks have gotten away from what used to make them really good. Plenty of fiddle, mandolin, etc. COUNTRY!! It's really hard to find any real country anymore. Just Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, and George Strait. By the way, isn't the name "CHICKS" sexist??

- Not what I was waiting for2 star

I loved the Chicks since I saw them perform at the Mesquite Balloon fest however many years ago. Have every album including Courtyard Hounds. Waited years for this album and am so disapointed. Over indulgent bs, utilizing every cliche out there. They can sing, they can play, they can write. Let's use those talents next time.

- The more I listen, the more I love it!4 star

This isn’t my favorite Chicks album, but it’s towards the top of my list. It was great to hear the instruments, harmonies, and the emotion in Natalie’s voice. Lots of great songs!

- Load of crap from a bunch of has beens1 star

Tried. I really did. Nope

- Rock on Chicks!5 star

Loved it. Such gifted women. Thankful for their raw, heartfelt, powerful music👏

- Atrocious1 star

They should’ve stopped 14 years ago

- Mm5 star

Absolutely fantastic! So worth the wait❤️

- One of the best album in 20205 star

They were ahead of time 14 years ago. Most importantly, they grow even more during and after these 14 years. Fierce. Unapologetic. Meets the moment.

- Worth the wait!5 star

This might just be the best music they have ever done!

- 💙5 star

So glad the chicks are back! I am loving the new album. Thank you ladies!

- Story telling at its finest!5 star

The ladies are back! This album is a great listen from beginning to end. Takes the listener on a journey of heartbreak and hope for the days ahead.

- Love it5 star

The more I listen the more I love it

- Powerful.5 star

This album sparks change and community conversation about the prejudices that exist in our world today. The Chicks our did themselves - this album is a must to buy!

- Love it!5 star

These talented kickass women are BACK! love tights on my boat and all the rest!

- Bad Ass Chicks5 star

I have loved them since the late 90s I love this album it’s amazing I love all the songs. I could listen to Natalie sing all day her voice is just mesmerizing.

- Very disappointed1 star

I heard it and was very disappointed. Very low quality compared to their previous albums, the themes of this album are their pathetic attempts at staying relevant. Time to retire Dixie Chicks!

- Molly1 star

This is a terrible record. Should have said Natalie Not Chicks cause it all her. My least favorite of the 3.

- What happened?1 star

Disappointing..What happened to my beloved Chicks?!

- Incredible5 star

Such a great album that is catchy and immediately a winner. The harmony from The Chicks is amazing! Instant awards if I was handing them out.

- Love Them!5 star

Awesome album. You ladies have been gone for far too long. Chair dancing all day long. Just what I needed to help me get through working from home during this pandemic. THANK YOU!

- Disappointed2 star

Was hoping it would be classic Dixie Chicks music. Very disappointed. Wish I could get my money back. Listened while driving and kept skipping to next song, hoping it would get better. Nope!!

- Good3 star

A solid album

- Awful1 star

Couldn’t care less if they are Chicks, Ducks or Rabbits...but if you are going to make a dramatic statement, have good music to back it up...this isn’t it...

- Brave 💕🗽5 star

My type of music. Thanks Chicks!

- So glad you’re back5 star

Always been a fan. Chicks are super talented and this doesn’t disappoint. If an album has a song or two I want to play over and over again I’m happy. This album has four. It starts and finishes on incredible high notes. Hope there is a tour... someday.

- Keep on Standing Up for What is Right5 star

Thank you ladies for the wonderful album!

- Mangled Release1 star

Pre-ordered the whole album. When it became avalable, downloaded it. Almost every song jumps into the next without finishing--and not in a way that seems planned or clever. Whoever quality controlled this before it's release should be fired. This is unlistenable as released. From what I can hear of the music, it's certainly written by artists that have lived some life. Sophisticated lyrics, subtle word play. Looking forward to listening when the tracks have been fixed.


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guywiththemosttunes - CountryGurue1 star

Gaslighter great one hit return - the rest of the album - ??? Yah !

inknown58642 - The chicks? Come on1 star

Music sucks and the name does too. Should have never come back. Your old music was actually country this is just a bunch of pop crap.

Jaxoncub36 - Love5 star

I’ve missed and love The Dixie Chicks! Terrible they had to change their name because of some stupid snowflakes!

jacer b - Great review5 star


Jroc96 - Worst of the Chicks collection2 star

I listen to this album front and back. Gaslighter is a terrible song!! Terrible!! Album is bland, the song Young Man is really good. Was gonna give one star. But that young man song is making me give it 2.

Mrs Glufy - Hurray!5 star

Glad to have a new album by The Chicks! Julianna Calm Down needed several repeat listens right from the get go. While it is certainly a single theme with less of their traditional instrumentation, they are still definitely The Chicks.

lyfle - What Even Is This?1 star

What happened to the sound that they started out with that everyone loved? It sounds more like pop now than country. This kind of music is not utilizing their amazing talent. This album has minimal harmony and real instruments which they used to have and were known for. All of these songs are also pretty similar in that they’re all about Natalie’s divorce and her ex. It gets a little old. I also can’t see how Dixie is offensive and I think that their name change was just for the advertisement of their new album so I’m still calling them the Dixie chicks because that’s what they’ve always been to me. I’ll still listen to their old music but this was disappointing. 😢

Galli2 - Finally5 star

Their musical abilities are just as amazing as ever, and Natalie's voice portrays such emotion its hard not to tear up sometimes. This album was worth the wait!

Solzapalooza - Toxic Country4 star

Even though the lyric content for the most part is one dimensional and is also something different and empowering,that you don't normal see in country.There are standouts like March March and Set Me Free and Nathalie Maines voice is as powerful as ever, but I do miss the intrumentation of the sisters(fiddle and banjo) that gave their music a more organic raw feel.

Daylenyak - Amazing5 star

The Chicks are here to salvage 20202

GOMupnorth - Hot trash1 star

Doo doo 💩

MelW003 - Love love love!5 star

So glad The Chicks are back!

raphael trassard - Top du top5 star

It’s amaizing

kerwoodite - Excellent! ♥️5 star

Their songwriting & music has been missing from the world for too long. Such and emotional raw album, tells the story from beginning to end!

EricJ1104 - Perfection5 star

14 years was well worth the wait but please don’t make us wait that long again! It’s such a raw and beautiful composed album. My favourite might be Young Man.

kenziecurler - Gaslighter is HEREEEE5 star

Been waiting patiently for this album! Definitely did not disappoint!

Jenelle G-H - Phenomenal5 star

We’ve missed you ladies. This album is raw, real with beautiful melodies. It’s triumphant and heartbreaking all at the same time. Welcome back 💕

HeatherLassell - Awesome!!!5 star

Have missed you guys so much!

Tangocharlee - So glad the wait is over!5 star

Brilliant! Smart and sassy...the Chicks are back! Music with a message, and still catchy as hell. ♥️

therhinestonecowgirl - New Sound Sucks1 star

Where's the Dixie Chicks country sound that the world fell in love with? Where's the music that actually required talent? So disappointing that musicians as prestigious as this would fall to such a simpleton level on the music scale. Enough pop in country...pick up your instruments and actually play something impressive like you used to be able to. So disappointing. Also, why does it seem like literally every track is about your ex? Seems like you're running out of song ideas, after the first one, it got old.

Vbrazeau - Meh2 star

I miss the real country sound that made me fall in love with them in the first place. 😢

Telenjia T - Ladies, Thank you5 star

We need your voices, now more than ever. Thank you for staying the course. BRING it CHICKS!

Mzmeemes - Love!!!5 star

I love each single released and can not wait for the full album!! I love The Chick’s music!!

bobuss - Super !!5 star

Can’t wait for new Dixie Chicks album :)

forme - D what’s?1 star

Go woke go broke with ideas. Not very good

W.wren - Catchy5 star


Devothehead - Crap1 star

If I could give it negative stars I would.

MissingChapter - So glad they’re back5 star

They’ve been gone too long, but if this is the kind of music we can look forward to, then the wait was worth it. Love the unapologetic lyrics, love the new synth influence, amazing stuff all around. Can’t wait for the rest of the album!

Buckledmosquito - #MarchAsOne5 star

LOVE this!! 💜✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✊🏳️‍🌈

I hate blackberry phones. - Fantastic5 star


jsalkeld - Love love this song5 star

Country music has missed these beauts! Such a catchy tune, the more I listen to it the more I love it!

eire=ireland - I like5 star

They have Irish dancers on their album cover I really like that Irish dancers rock 🇮🇪

Fan oooo - didn't order this song1 star

This song has been charged to my account and I didn't authorize it!!! Apple is not responding to my inquiries or allowing a refund. I need APPLE to do the right thing and refund me

Maritimefly - Nicely done !5 star

Why people think affirmations are examples of anger when it is in support of women is beyond me. I love it so far.

Groovygiraffe - Great5 star

I love the song gaslighter 😜

methezoa - Dixie Chicks you’re missed5 star

Woo hoo

Awogirl - They are BACK!5 star

I’m so excited for the album

Moonshine mama - Gaslighter,5 star

It’s been way too long, welcome back! Great first release, can’t wait for the rest!!!

DocWalt71 - Welcome back Love you5 star

Great song. Can't wait for the new album. Pre-ordered today.

Fckck - Welcome back5 star

Good song! 2020

Jean-Rene A - Welcome back Dixie Chicks, we missed you!5 star

At the level which I expected of the Dixie Chicks. Just preordered the album too, can’t wait!

rickymcpoodle - I am ecstatic you’re back5 star

The first single is great. Can’t wait for the album. #preordered

Sammykins28 - Dixie chicks country music5 star

Welcome back you are terrific!

hillski - Dixie chicks are back5 star

Great song can’t wait for more...

EMKanHai - Thier BAAAAACK!!!!5 star

They could not have come back after 14 years with a better song!!! Have this song on repeat.

Allison1480 - The ladies are back Dixie Chicks5 star

Just listened to the one release and cannot wait for the full album to be released. So happy to hear they are back in the recording studio, hope a tour is next on their plans....Canada is waiting for you...14 years without hearing some great country music is a long time....Missed you ladies...DC fan

@nathanpiasecki - COUNTRY IS SAVED5 star

14 years later the queens have returned

yeet this soccer ball - Yesss5 star

This is so amazing glad there back 😍

Gronk from Oz - Thankyou for thid !5 star

Have been a fan foreve rand am so glad that they are making music again.What happened to them was uncalled for and unfair but theystood their ground and by their beliefs.

K1975JRP.Magic. - Welcome back. Missed you.5 star

A great album. Love it.

💃🏼❤️🧚🏻‍♀️ - Worth the wait5 star

Soooo good 👏

Aussie Ange - Fabulous5 star

Been waiting so long! Welcome back girls. Love the new album👏

tumblrrgirlies - Brilliance5 star

Every word tells the story . Intriguing and smartly written! Love it

Mikeolympics - Wonderful new album5 star

Had this on repeat for 3 days solid since it released. Love it. Feel like it apeals to both old and new Chicks fans.

lanaheverly - AMAZING5 star

This album is just incredible. Most excited in music I’ve been in forever.

KimLK - KimmyKrz2 star

Give me the old stuff please.

Bandi88 - Disappointment1 star

Title track is The Chicks peak and it’s all downhill from there. So excited for this album but the remainder is a let down.

Owen Minogue - BRILLIANT!5 star

The Chicks first album in 14years and it was worth the wait! Drawing inspiration from personal experiences such as domestic violence, divorce and America’s political climate The Chicks certainly deliver! Musically and lyrically unapologetic this album is the therapy we need. The title track GASLIGHTER, JULIANNA CALM DOWN, MARCH MARCH, TIGHTS ON MY BOAT, SET ME FREE and the new single SLEEP AT NIGHT are all stand out tracks! Just give them the Grammy’s already!!

Queena Wands - One word:5 star

Renewed !

cearad - Masterpiece5 star

This is absolute gold.

amanda2777amanda - Always relevant to the current times we live in5 star

I love the beat and the words of this and the sentiment behind it also I’m a fan of the old Dixie chicks and the chicks my loyalty doesn’t change , I march to my own drum !

Christ is Lord 333 - what's with the dropping of the word "dixie"?1 star

can somebody tell me why?

hairybeyondexcess - Finally a new DXC album5 star

Their personal lives have been the focus for a long time and so they are doing this because they want to make new music. Not money, and so we get music motivated by talent and creativity which has always been their trademark.

ohitsJessss - Been a long time gone5 star

So excited for this album. It’s been too long 🤍

country aus - Love love love5 star

I absolutely love this song it’s now one of my fav DCX songs.

MillieDV - Brilliant5 star

First song is so amazing!! So excited for the rest of the album. Rocking the world DXC 🌟🌟🌟👌🏻

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chickenpickerox - Awful1 star

Probably one if the worst albums ever. No outstanding tracks very disappointing compared to their older stuff.

Appstore748388383 - Awful.1 star

Avoid this woke claptrap.

Millypede_uk - A new twist of the normal5 star

They are back to what they do best, after the progression of the last album to this one, they have clearly moved away from the Country and Western scene and sitting happily in-between.

Nor Heavin - Ugh1 star

Ugh F sake 👎

CrimsonEmerald - Yass Chicks!! 🙌💛5 star

Love the songs!

Willy 🦋 - The Chicks5 star

I’ve been waitinggggggggg 😍

Nige southbeach - The Chicks5 star

This Album has been well worth the wait! Their sound has been brought forward to 2020 and they sound better & more modern than ever!... ‘Everybody loves you’ and ‘Sleep at Night’ being two highlights amongst the 12 amazing tracks! Have to say, this is their best album to date 💯

Ta2edjazz - Not Bad/ Not Good2 star

Not the album I was expecting after 14 years, if thats the new “Chicks” hope it’s another 14 years TBO. No classics on this album I’m afraid. Bring back Earl. Get back to true country, bluegrass.

Dunky1986 - The Chicks : An Evolution5 star

The Chicks are back - and it was worth the wait. The sound is mature, well crafted and the songs are meaningful. With this new LP the group display they are still relevant and impactful. Welcome back 🐥

stephparsonsuk - Maturer Sound5 star

If you’re expecting the comedic sounds of “Goodbye Earl” or “Ready to Run”, then you’ll be disappointed. But as The Chicks have grown, so has their sound. The fiddle, banjo, mandolin are definitely still there and it’s wonderful to have new music! This time The Chicks have got things to get off their chest, and they do it with the same attitude we know and love them for. For the most part it’s a really heartfelt record, and I imagine a lot of pain and tears have gone into this, which I imagine many people will be able to relate to in big ways. Great to have new music by them.

swiftyj - Unsure about new sound - but emotive lyrics and songwriting4 star

They do not hold back in this album! The lyrics are cut throat, emotive, yet progressive! In typical The Chicks style! This is what earned the 4th star for me tbh. I’m not completely sold on the new sound, which may somewhat come from the producer of the album (he’s produced Taylor swift and Lorde). I actually enjoy country fusion (e.g. pop) but for me I think this leans a little too far out of the country genre. If it wasn’t for the chicks style of writing and based on sound alone this album would have received a 3 star from me! Top picks: Gaslighter Sleep at night Everybody loves you Hope it’s something good

AmySings10 - Beautiful5 star

Well worth the 14 year wait!! Slightly more poppy than Chicks fans are used to but at its heart there’s still that beautiful country sound. I was worried that after such a king wait it would’ve something of an anti climax, but it’s just perfect. The Chicks are back!!

borefest - Pathetic1 star

So stupid.

Vista Venus - AVOID: This is NOT “Country”!1 star

What a Heap of Shi... When the “Dixie Chicks” announced a new album, there fans got excited; a new Rock-tinged, Country album... NOPE! Gone are the days of Grammy Award winning Music, WELCOME the Apple-made R&B/Hip Hop “The Chicks”! They will RUIN their legacy and their established fanbase if the entire album is Digital Drivel like this. I Hate when old bands/singers decide to completely Change their sound; you have built a Brand, don’t mess with it. I don’t think Gaslighter will be the success these “Chicks” are praying for.

Oldstuff - Love The Dixie Chicks, hate the new sound2 star

The Dixie Chicks wrote and sang some of the best country music for the 90s and 00s but the tunes released off the new album so far are such a disappointment. They seem to have kept their attitude but completely changed their sound and its not for me. I've seen them in concert and own all their other albums but this is a step too far from what I've heard so far.

Ajkh 34 - Sound good5 star

I used to love them so much and glad they doing new album after so long and hope the rest of the album as good as this song. My 16 month old baby like it as she was bouncing around to the one song

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Andreschel_5 star

Up! Tangina di ako magpopost ng kung ano-ano ng walang dahilan. Backstabber, gaslighter, pavictim kang animal ka.

TOWER_Shimoda5 star

@TOWER_Online: 【好評販売中♪】#ザ・チックス|14年ぶりのオリジナル・アルバム『Gaslighter』- #タワレコ洋楽 #TheChicks

Madeleinelily5 star

@rorhor for me it is Gaslighter // Sleep At Night // Texas Man but also The Chicks are the only band I ever listen to

Nerdyflow5 star

@littlechief1982: Wish I could go back and tell my younger self “You're a fighter, you just don't know it yet". First attempt at multip…

Ckillean5 star

@chrislhayes @marcorubio is a world class gaslighter.

Littlechief19825 star

Wish I could go back and tell my younger self “You're a fighter, you just don't know it yet". First attempt at mul…

Mikewhoatv5 star

@UDenovo He’s the master gaslighter. Looking pretty swipe these days.

Tenenbrae5 star

@ewarren is a prime example of what can happens to a career gaslighter of low moral character. Underscores the impo…

Diannasauur5 star

ex mong gaslighter:

Flowery4sara5 star

A gaslighter only has power if you doubt yourself. These people sound like agents of the system to be honest. Do no…

Rosenhaning5 star

@Chris_Q30 BLOCKED for being a manipulative attempted gaslighter and psychopath.

Bebekell205 star

@SpeakerPelosi Liar! He has never attacked pre-existing conditions and in fact says he will protect it. Whenever h…

KeBeMeWas195 star

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Anazuosalihu5 star

Yes, but ghosting is not without its purposes. You cannot have a conversation with someone who pretends a lot. Or i…

OWLSgroup5 star

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Gaslighter Wiki

Gaslighter may refer to: Gaslighter (album), a 2020 album by The Chicks "Gaslighter" (song), a 2020 song by The Chicks Gas lighter, the igniter for a gas stove Gaslighter, someone who engages in gaslighting, or manipulates a person into questioning their sanity

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