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About Chromatica by Lady Gaga Album

Chromatica is the sixth studio album by American singer Lady Gaga. It was released May 29th, 2020, through Interscope Records. It is her first full studio album since the release of Joanne in 2016, and her first dance-pop record since ARTPOP in 2013. Gaga collaborated with several producers on the album, including BloodPop, Boys Noize and SOPHIE. With the direction of the album, Gaga stated in an interview with Zane Lowe that she wants 'people to dance and feel happy.' The title "Chromatica" has two definitions, one relating to colour and the other relating to music notes not belonging to the diatonic scale. The lead single, Stupid Love, was released February 28th, 2020. It was accompanied by the music video on the same day which features Gaga and several other people dressed up in a variety of colours, fitting with the album title, Chromatica. On March 24th, Gaga announced that the album will be delayed due to global pandemic COVID-19. The second single, "Rain On Me", a collaboration with American singer/song-writer Ariana Grande, was released on May 22, 2020. "Sour Candy", a collaboration with Korean group Blackpink, was released as a promo single the day before Chromatica's release.

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Chromatica (Lady Gaga) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 1:00
2. 2:57
3. 3:13
4. 3:02
5. 3:11
6. 2:53
7. 0:41
8. 2:52
9. 3:41
10. 2:37
11. 2:59
12. 3:06
13. 0:27
14. 4:04
15. 3:35
16. 2:41

Lady Gaga - Chromatica Album Comments

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Chromatica [Lady Gaga] Album Reviews

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- straight bop😌5 star

don’t care what no one says this is a straight bop! black pinks vocals mixed with lady gaga’s tone and voice *chefs kiss* perfect

- Lady Gaga+Ariana Grande= MAGIC5 star

This whole album is amazing, but "Rain on me" with Ariana was MAGICAL!

- 😙5 star

absolute queen and angell! love u! buy chromatica now!🖤 rain on me ☔️ love u babiesssaa

- Amazing5 star

Lady Gaga is love, lady Gaga is life. This album is so good. None of these songs are skips. Some of Gaga’s best work.

- Perfect pop album5 star

Lady Gaga has done it again.

- Queen Gaga5 star

💖🖤💖🖤 she saved 2020

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star


- GAGAPINK! 🖤💗5 star

I was sooo happy when I listen to blackpink again Lisa is singing for once I love the beat in sour candy it made me wanna dance for ages. I love this collaboration I’m glad as a blink they chose the right person which is lady Gaga.I love her music. if you don’t know blackpink they’re a South Korean girl group 4 member group Lisa is one of them!! And when I said blink that’s they’re fans name! I love you guys!

- Only like 4 songs3 star

Love the songs ‘Alice’, ‘Stupid love’ ‘Rain on me’ (feat. Ariana g.) And ‘Sour candy’ (feat. Blackpink) and though I like ‘Rain on me’ and ‘Sour candy’ I am not a fan of the songs featured artist. I never heard of blackpink tell this so I went to find their music and I listen to it and found out that it was very awful music so with that said I’m not a fan and as for ariana I was never a fan (music,acting or product wise). On another note I love the makeup pallet colors for ‘stupid love’ 👍

- She’s back!5 star

Amazing album!

- No /:1 star

Her music is the same and just needs to retire tbh

- Little Monster yassss5 star

She’s a superstar, never disappoint me. I want more MV

- Amazing album!5 star

Finally Gaga is back!

- Album of the year period5 star

This album blew expectations out of the water, this is literally the most cohesive album I’ve ever heard, every song is a bop and they all have a very fitting place in the album, this really takes u on a sonic journey thru space all the way to Chromatica

- Best ever5 star

This is by far my favorite album by Gaga. It’s been a long time since I bought music and liked every song. My favs are 1000 Doves, 911, and Plastic Doll

- BlackPink in Your Area!!!!5 star

I just love BlackPink so much and together they made such a good song: Sour Candy!!! Love U BlackPink!! Jisoo!! Jennie!! Rosé!! Lisa!!

- Iconic5 star

I love this album and truly think it’s an icon!

- CHROMATICA ll5 star


- Worst album so far1 star

I’m a huge fan and I’ve heard everything and this is the worst album I’ve heard so far at least once a week I try to listen to it but it’s just not good, sorry not sorry

- Loved the Album!!!!5 star

Album was amazing!!!!! We love you both Gaga and Ariana! Such a great collaboration!!! Loved the Music Video too!! 🔥🤟🏻🔥

- Excellent5 star

So so so good

- No1 star

I can’t she needs ta stop already

- The Gaga we’ve been missing!!5 star

Pure pop perfection from beginning to end! This is the old school Gaga with new vibes that we’ve needed!

- Fantastic5 star

If you have the record player, be ready for a treat. This lady is a perfectionist. Gorgeous sounds.

- PERFECT5 star

The whole body of work is great. From beginning to end.

- this album made me cry 14 times5 star

thanks queen luv u 💜💜💜💜💕💕✨😎💋

- 🖤💜5 star

Love. *bows* Thank you

- I am suing5 star

I’m need it at full price

- AMAZING5 star


- In Love 💞5 star

This is the first album I’ve bought on iTunes and i knew I had to have it in my collection right away. I don’t know what it is about this album from the lyrics to the beats but 911 will always be one of my favorites from this particular set. Lady Gaga is only getting better and better with time.

- 👑5 star

I love u❤️

- Wetfart1 star

Sounds what a wetfart smells like!

- MY NAME ISN’T ALICE.🔥🔥5 star

✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ this album is absolutely pure amazing. I just can’t put in words of how beautiful this is. Such a glorious record. 🥵 🙌🏽

- ❤️5 star

Gaga’s best!

- NEEDED THIS!!!5 star

Lady Gaga you are truly amazing, and I am so pleased that you came out with such an amazing, and original album in these hard and crazy times that we are living in, it was MUCH NEEDED, and you always go above and beyond, I love you, not to mention at such an amazing price, you are the perfect example of humility and grace, as well as being beautiful on the inside and out 🥰and just thank you thank you thank you, well done!!!! ENCORE!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

- Gaga’s Confessions On The Club Floor! <33 star

Gaga always delivers but this album is just awesome. There isn’t one empty track on here. It is full of personality and feels so real and honest. The beats, vocals, lyrics are all on point. The whole message and theme of the album is awesome too. Chromatica has come to save pop!

- Wow5 star

This whole album is like a psychedelic lazer light show!! So many good beats and amazing messages. When she makes it out to be like another place “ the land of Chromatica” it is really like that. Its an escape. Buy the album. You won’t regret it.

- Lady Gaga is the queen5 star

And y’all gotta accept that Chromatica is 188/10 and y’all are blind/deaf if you don’t agree ❤️

- Peachy love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍5 star

So ari I’m a huge fan sirisly 😍😍😍👌🏻👍👍💕💕❤️❤️😍😍✌️✌️😛😝😅😅😀😀😄😆😆☺️😊🤣🤣😂😇🙂🙃😉😌🥳🤩😎

- Epic flop1 star

I’ve heard the entire album it’s a train wreck. Worst MTV VMA ratings of all time - nobody wants to see Gaga. Scary face

- GAGA FAN5 star

I love this album. This is the way pop should be. It sounds like going back to the 80's when Madonna first came out. Get it!!

- Bad1 star


- ICONIC5 star

this is one of her best albums yet❤️

- Instant Classic5 star

Hit after hit after hit. This techno house edm rave pop SMASH album served.

- Amazing5 star

Literally amazing literally game changing literally show stopping literally period literally on god literally otherworldly literally great literally good literally talent literally wiggory literally PERIOD AHWNWJQISHQJMSSJ

- I LOVE IT!5 star

It’s my favorite album of the year. It’s the best. Such great pop music. It gives such a great homage to 80s and 90s dance music. I love that Lady Gaga is making pop Music again!!!!

- Top teir god level5 star

Gaga single handedly recreated herself And gave us a new era.

- Ok1 star

It’s ok not great all the song sound like there from 1209!!

- gaga is back!!!5 star

at first listen i thought the songs were meh, but as soon as i heard it the next day it all clicked and i was teleported to chromatica 🥰

- sooo gooooood5 star

rain on me and 911 slappp. honestly tho, they allllll dooo


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Evelyne2904 - En boucle, en continue!!5 star

Depuis que je l’ai, je l’écoute en boucle, sur repeat!! Un de ses meilleurs albums!

Candy banana1234555 - :o1 star

The only one I like is sour candy

Jason.S1984 - Awful1 star

Thank god i didn’t purchase this crap. Every song sounds basically the same and there was no need for Ariana Grande on rain on me. The only some what decent song on the whole album.

SimonLaberge - An Essential5 star

This album is the best emotional support I’ve received in a long time. Even months after its release, the power of those lyrics and Gaga’s voice combined never gets old.

Scottymills12 - Much Needed5 star

After sitting on this album for months and revisiting her past work, I can confidently say this is her best piece of work. Hearing this with good quality headphones and hearing the crisp sounds and high quality vocals is healing. Thanks Gaga!

JordynMorris - Chromatica Era5 star


gilles5434567 - 🥰5 star

This album just save 2020. THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING! I love rain on me, sour candy, babylon, fun tonight, I just love all the song haha! Btw, congrats to lady gaga for her 5 awards at the vmas. This performance was incredible💗💗💗💗

Jilly142002M - Boring1 star

every song sounds like the last and the whole album is just rejects from born this way and her first album.

@guillaumeanaira - wow-5 star


SKMom75 - Not impressed2 star

Not impressed with this song and Ariana ruins it imo


Read my title

Rlkipper - Nothing special.2 star

There’s really nothing special about this album. It seems rushed, lyrically and sonically. All the songs have the same beat and sound. I expected way more form this album, especially hearing it was supposed to be produced by SOPHIE, but that never happened for some reason.

mimi unicorn(Fan de Lenni-Kim) - yark 🤢🤢1 star

Yark met plus de voix et plus de vie dans t’es chanson🤢🤮🤢🤮😐😕

Knee Grows Sideways - Gaga reigns supreme4 star

Look.. Gaga is an undeniable dominant force in today’s music. One of the absolute most talented artists out there with a KILLER voice. She is a phenomenon.. This album is what it is, a killer dance album. Nothing more or less. The overall feel is ethereal and simply awesome. Great job, never stop

MonsterMachu - Born This Way + ARTPOP’s love child5 star

There are NO skips. A flawlessly executed, dance-house-pop, BOP, album. Pride 2020 is saved. YASSS GAGA! 💗


I read a statement by Gaga before this album was going to be released where she stated she's going back to her dance roots. This is NOTHING like the stuff she started with. After giving her a few chances with one disappointing album after the next, I am convinced The Fame Monster Gaga was a one-time fluke. Nothing about this album is fresh, progressive or even good dance music. Stupid Love is probably the freshest "new" sound on the album, and even that's a tired cousin of Born This Way. Mix that with boring, uninteresting sounds and a ton of auto-tune, this is one album you should throw down the rabbit hole with Alice and the rest of these crappy tracks.

Idknamehere - thrilling dance pop5 star

replay, stupid love, sour candy, 911, and babylon >>>

Woofbear - It keeps getting better5 star

with each listen, the album keeps getting better i keep picking up new sounds in the songs....sounds which i missed the previous times lots of heart and soul have gone into the production of Chromatica Alice, Stupid Love, Free Woman, Plastic Dollard, Sour Candy, 1000 Doves are my faves It was worth the download and buying the deluxe version on CD

JoMdJoseph - Perfect5 star

I mean it’s lady Gaga.

Al106 - for the gays 😩5 star

this album is for the GAYS, straight people are stinky, wig ! 💅🏼😌💫🌈✨

Mack!e - BEST GAGA ALBUM5 star

Easily her best since The Fame Monster and The Fame.

Michel199046 - What an incredible album5 star

Lady Gaga takes you on a magical journey through Chromatica. It’s worth the trip, trust me.

Muppetlise - Expected better2 star

I loved the soundtrack, A Star Is Born. Thought she would sing more ballads. Not crazy about her loud and fast music. Literally gave me a headache listening to them on iTunes. I definitely won't be buying this. There isn't one slow song on this album. Big mistake.

Aleks 👍 - Best album ever5 star

I love this album so much. Can’t stop listening to it

Piper&Chevy - Can’t stop streaming Chromatica!!5 star

Lady Gaga gave us an album that we need right now. I love it!!!!!

the_real_deal - Nothing new1 star

I’ve always felt that Lady Gaga is an extremely talented artist. It’s a shame that she continues to make bland generic gay club music. Maybe she’s not as talented as i thought.

Sazafrass - LG65 star

Keep the songs coming!

U896 - Like any good album, this one takes time to realize it's worth3 star

I previously wrote that this album was merely passable. I thought it lacked the immediate gratification that Gaga's albums usually provide, with her instantly catchy hooks and obvious Gaga sound. I initially felt let down because of it. After listening to the album many times, I realize that skin deep is not enough. You really need to listen to what's some pretty simple, but great introspective writing to appreciate these pieces. I recall listening to Madonna's "Ray of Light" the first few times and being utterly put off by it. With repeated listening, I came to view that as one of her best albums. While I can't see this being as good, it is certainly one of Gaga's best. When the writing is as good as the melodies they're paired with, it deserves that patience to get to know and appreciate it. Give this album time & I believe the rewards will follow.

meep's - .1 star


Fckck - Love Lady Gaga 💃🏻🥳dance everyone.5 star

Love❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️ This is lady Gaga at her best. 2020 best year so far in music a new decade.😍😍😍😍😍 I’m glad that Lady Gaga is back with her COSTUMES in her videos. Love her COSTUMES. lady Gaga is back with her costumes in her video’s❣️💕❣️ love it.

shann766 - Everything and more5 star

I listen to this album everyday when I wake up start to finish no skipping it honestly puts me in the best mood and tells a great story

Tyj1995 - Amazing5 star

Love it

Nico Tulabut - Ew1 star


pkmn666 - Beautiful5 star

A great written and produced album. I love it so much ♥️

nsjckdbksnxkwifoekbd - Chromatica⚔️5 star

Very unique and very well done, I really like how the songs run into each other. Very good job Gaga💕

kbigelow126 - Yes!5 star

Love it!

Bwynne94 - Fantastic5 star

This record is the greatest dance album she did. Great job gaga ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍.

joruzu - Save your money and only buy Sour Candy😃5 star

Is the album really good? I don’t know, but Sour Candy is fantastic!😃

Cece Musique ! - Cece Music!5 star

WoW super Lady Gaga ! I love this new CD ! Congratulations!!! We can dance at our home now!! Thank you very much to give us this new album full of sunshine!!

Wuwu052 - She never left, she just evolved5 star

Literally the ONLY best thing in 2020

Keena1232002 - Yuck1 star

Madonna wannabe

Ale mike! - Surprised abit3 star

The singles stupid love and rain on me are a disappointment, but the chromatica 1,2 and 3 were my favourites along with the songs that transition with them, but not a huge fan of disco house beats, sounds like remixes which gives the songs a certain level of quality, usually low... but there are a lot of highlights in this album, and the cover art is very nice. Half the album is good

Song 18 - So Disappointed5 star

So Disappointed.......... in the people that don’t appreciate how beautiful this album is. The woman clearly has put her heart and soul into pop music and it shows. 2020 needed a burst of energy and that’s exactly what she brought to the table. My top three: 911 has an awesome beat and Plastic Doll and Enigma have her belting out her incredible vocals. Put your headphones on blast and you’ll see why. This album brings one back to her initial fame (no pun intended). Her transparency in her written description is everything. Thank you Gaga, I definitely needed some amazing dance music during these months of quarantine. You are a true star and inspiration.

Kieren5678 - Pop Perfection!5 star

The sound makes you wanna dance but the lyrics are so personal and vulnerable! One of her best works to date!

helejdkfhc - Yessss!5 star

Rain On Me is amazing!! I’m definitely going to check out the other songs

Jesus yellow - It’s gooooood5 star

I love her work, I always hate to see bad comments on any album of any artists, I love how she did the album, some say it is not good but holy mother of god little yellow penguins of jesus, fuuuuck ! All artists puts their heart and soul in a creation of something yes to be judged, but giving good criticism is key. Rain on me is awesome, stupid love is awesome, alice is awesome, 911 is pretty awesome, all the songs are awesome. I cant believe people give bad reviews... to someone that might give a one star, dear person whoever you are, I hope you can sing. I cant, I make people bleed from their ears when I open my mouth, honey goes blind and def because of my voice. At least, I hope I can make people laugh. Anyways, love the work gaga continue putting your all emotionally, physically and spiritually in your work. Good night yall ! Awesome album ❤️

hausofbrandon - she is BACK5 star

she is BACK and i can’t wait to get back to a dance floor. all i want to say is....thank you lady gaga

GiaFenty - Umm?1 star

What The Heck Is This???

DruckerGirl - ☔️ 🌧4 star

I love Rain on Me and Free Woman!!!

Mag4123 - Best album so far!!5 star

Best album from lady gaga ! Even better than Born This way and the Fame/The fame Monster

adamboi - Cool album5 star

I dont mind this her latest album catchy and something new beats and pieces of tunes and i understand why some people find it a bit trashy well its lady gaga everything she sings are unpredictable so surprise me 🤗😍😋 love this album ❤️ 10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫💫🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Makeely - Unfortunately NO1 star

She’s lost her touch I think. Nothing that reaches the creative works of her previous album

kkisqueen - ❤️5 star


simon.b.... - ALBUM OF THE DECADE YES BISH5 star

so good I actually can’t stop listening to it just try it out u will not regret I promise you , I love lady gaga with all my heart and she is truly my religion!

Chart tragic 72 - Free Woman5 star

Every so often GaGa hits the spot and with this album she does it with Free Woman the best handbag song since....well, Kylie's Hand On Your Heart. Play it and be free!

Craigy1976 - Low1 star

This is terrible. Talk about catering to the lowest common denomination. Boring. Those lyrics sound like they were written by a 10 year old. Not Good. Stupid Love says it ALL Stupid! This album has lasted 3 weeks and its practically Gone. Nobody seems to be into it and the lead single was only a hit because it was a duet. She is being outsold by the wiggles album and thats been out for 15 years.

Music*Is*Art - Wonderfully addictive5 star

This collaboration if everything. Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK together in a song is seriously addictive!

neuroslag - Back to Gaga5 star

What a masterpeice! Such beautiful lyrics. With beautiful vocals. What more could you want!!

Boomkat79 - BEST WORK YET!!!!!5 star

Im not sure what it is about this woman and her songwriting but she’s really touched my heart. There hasn’t been anyone like her and there will never be anyone else that would come close to this amazing woman, we call GAGA!!!!!

Pekin' - Weak Pop2 star

Love that Gaga is always changing up her sound. Never stop, Gaga. But this time, she missed the mark wildly for me. After coming off brilliant records like Joanne, A Star is Born and Cheek to Cheek, this album seems a misstep in comparison, with the biggest blunders being in the lyrics and production. My first run through it was dismal, but a few more listens, some gems started to pop up, but they were few and far between. The clear highlights from the get-go were the trio of Chromatica interludes—absolutely killer stuff—and 911. 911 felt the funnest and was the most musically interesting of all vocal tracks, really highlighting her sub-human self with cyborg-esque harmonies. Later came Babylon (that Tasmanian tiger dodo pegasus whinny tho 😂) and Alice, which were two more bangers I sometimes had the urge to replay, no pun intended. The rest of the album was average to flat. Sine From Above was thematically interesting but one of the least pleasant to listen to. So disappointing given her epic collabs with Sir Elton. He didn’t sound good here. Plastic Doll, Sour Candy, Free Woman and Fun Tonight I just couldn’t care for. Coming from a lifelong fan of Gaga’s usually strong pop style, this album is filled with what I call weak pop moments, which are just musically uninteresting and uninspiring dins. I mean just look at Born This Way, ARTPOP, or any other Gaga album. Very strong pop. Chromatica doesn’t hold a candle, except maybe to The Fame if you’re stretching. I don’t think I will ever lose faith in Gaga, because even in this defeat, you can see she is still a most special and cerebral musician and artist. Never stop, Gaga

KORECE💜💜❤️❤️ - beautiful5 star

literally amazing no one can tell me otherwise this deserves more than just five stars

RowanTC - Derivative3 star

Do these songs sound catchy? Yes. Do these songs translate to a good time on the dance floor? Yes. Do they all sound like songs that people made 20 years ago? Also yes.

Mursenary - Bangers galore! Love this album.5 star

Best of GaGa since Born this way.

brettystarr - Pop perfection5 star

A great pure pop album which is dying to be born on a pulsating dance floor near you.

ab08bcb942 - Down1 star

This woman has gone downhill so fast. This new album is absolute trash and has ruined the pop music industry. Go back to 2010 Gaga. You have had your time.

Ceo commonwealth - GAGA IS BACK5 star


Mary1350 - Retrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr5 star


Gino Romeo - Babylon sounds like Vogue1 star


koalalife - I-5 star

I usually don’t like Gaga but wow. Rain on me is just amazing

ショーダン - Amazing5 star

Absolutely loved the album

snsksisjbruhhsidjsj - <35 star

those who wrote badly about this album simply don’t have taste... it’s flawless and expected nothing less from the queen herself.. all these collabs were perfect and i loved every single bit of it

MENIO2005 - One Wild Dance Party5 star

This album is one wild dance party from beginning to end. The songs are not only catchy, but with great lyrics to boot, which is really rare in dance music. But not for Gaga, of course. She proved long ago that she can do anything. This is a delight to listen to. Just what we need in times like these. Pure joy! Thank you Lady!

scottb87 - Average2 star

Lots of filler songs and recycled musical formulas. The album doesn’t feel as authentic as her previous works. In fact, Gaga sounds bored and unenthused. I was expecting an album influenced by 90s dance, not songs that sound like they’ve been pulled from the actual 90s! Where’s the modern edge? I could forgive Stupid Love for sounding like Born This Way But I draw the line with Babylon. It’s so reminiscent of Vogue by Madonna that I’m sure it’s going to trend on Twitter for that very reason. Even Sour Candy sounds like an attempt at recreating Swish Swish by Katy Perry. The only standouts worth buying include Replay, Alice, and 911. This is the first album from Gaga I haven’t loved entirely. A solid 2 stars.

BrownieBear16 - GAGA5 star

Stream Chromatica for clear skin

MeliødasAtTheDiscø - Not her best4 star

I don’t mind this album, she’s done HEAPS better than this, but I’ll still give it 4 stars anyway. Really enjoyed her Elton John collab!!!!!

Lubeman95 - Fantastic!5 star

Absolutely loved this! This woman has such talent! Can’t wait for her to bring the Chromatica Tour to Australia. These songs make me wanna dance!

Luke887 - Amazing5 star

A masterpiece

Beck198121 - Phenomenal5 star

The first track Alice is my absolute favourite and the rest of the album follows with upbeat tunes that don’t disappoint. Gaga is back with a vengeance and reign like the queen she is.

Oscar Abrego - Amazing5 star

It’s finally here and is so good!

Adds2000 - The Emancipation and Re-Invention of Lady Gaga5 star

upon first listen i wasn’t feeling it as i suppose it’s something she hasn’t done before. i highly recommend listening to the album in order, do it a few times and believe me it’s a grower! sonically this is probably her best album she’s done and you can really hear the effort put into it. visually, DEFINATELY her best album. parts of the album she goes back into her earlier music style (911, Plastic Doll, Rain on Me, Stupid Love) which i feel will appeal more to the GP, if you were a fan of her “Born This Way”/“ARTPOP” albums. other parts of the album she experiments with new a new style and sounds (Free Woman, 1000 Doves, Sine from Above, Sour Candy). The interlude tracks are there but thankfully don’t take up too much space (unlike the likes of The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey’s albums), they generally bring the story/album of Chromatica together and make it an experience rather than just another album. her choice of collaborations for this album is the smartest she’s done compared to previous albums. people will say it’s “clout chasing”, however this is all purely gaga’s work and these collabs just help the performance of it. they’re not random collaboration either and actually suit the album too. my personal favourites are Alice, Free Woman, 911, Plastic Doll, Rain on Me and 1000 Doves. Despite the whole album being my favourite altogther! let’s cross our fingers that Australia will be on the Chromatica Ball tour list, i feel this album will be her BEST album in concert!💓💓

GagaFrance7 - Amazing song5 star

This is is definitely Lady Gaga’s come back in the game I love the song

jarrodc2001 - Perfect5 star

Exactly what we needed

apbc - Back to Joanne2 star

I'm sorry but after a listen I find this a huge step back, very generic. I'll keep on with the 'it-blew-me-away' sound and lyrics of Joanne.

TrevahB - RAIN ON ME, GAGA!5 star

From the moment I heard The Fame, I knew you would be special and one of the most influential artists of the Century. Fast forward to 2020 and adding Chromatica to the the caliber of; 2008 The Fame Album 2009 The Fame: Monster Album 2010 The Fame: Monster The Remix Album 2011 Born This Way Album 2011 Lady Is A Tramp Collaboration Single 2011 Born This Way: The Remix Album 2013 Artpop Album 2014 Cheek to Cheek Collaboration Album 2015 Til it Happens to You Single 2016 Joanne Album 2017 The Cure Single 2018 A Star Is Born Soundtrack With many phenomenal unreleased singles and demos, Lady Gaga never fails to deliver when she drops something new. I’m so proud to call myself a little monster and to watch her continue to grow. I’m so so proud of you, gaga. You’re talented and beautiful in every way. You taught a teenage boy that it’s okay to be weird and to bend the rules of what it means to be beautiful. Thank you for being there when no one else was. I’ll forever be grateful. Chromatica is here to SLAYYYY! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

deandebz - She’s back5 star

She’s back with the killer pop !!

bectheneck - YES QUEEN5 star


Stiffler72 - You gotta give it her ..5 star

She delivered here!

rexy1775 - Haters5 star

Don’t compare. Others have paved the way, there’s no doubt about it. This is fun, this is new but this is also nostalgic. This is just what we need. This is a great album that has many, many fantastic moments that just makes you feel! Goosebumps on goosebumps Gaga. Thank you.

4006Guy - Bland1 star

Boring generic has all been done before. Disappointed.

aaroncxnt - BOMB AS5 star

So good

jeddyeddy - It’s up there! One of her most and best cohesive album5 star

This album is literally a journey through music and sound. Don’t want to spoil it

R-J  ™ - Amazing5 star

Super Amazing!!!

MamaButtBear - THIS. IS. AMAZING.5 star

We are all very lucky to be able to listen to this.

ARMY/BLINK123 - I love it5 star

I really love lady gaga and I’m a Blink I just love the album

daw manok - Sourcandy with #ladygaga #blackpink5 star

Best song of the year🤩

Whetherabcbca - I feel free.5 star

💗I am whoever I want to be.

Sarah__231 - Sour Candy1 star

This song would’ve been so much better with just Gaga in it. Hun why did u ruin it with these sh**ty vocalists... and rapper? Make a solo version of this pls!

Digginit1234 - What a dance trip5 star

I love it take us back to 90s we deserve it

cas137281818 - FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE5 star

Gaga completely out-does herself in Chromatica, it’s pure pop JOY

Webby 33 - At her best!5 star

So if The Fame and Born this way had a baby together this would be it!!

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126948);:?£ - Fun album4 star

This album by lady Gaga is produced well and has a lot of great songs but I don’t know if this can compare with some of her other work like the fame or even Joanne

jessunicornz - Love it!!!!!5 star

I love lady gaga and I love Ariana grande so it’s very amazingly good so good job guys!!!! Btw Ariana I love Sam And Cat and Victorious xxxxxx 😘😘😘- biggest fan, Jessica hay amazingly

Dollhousemayhem - Mother monster5 star

She’s done it again 911 , stupid love , Babylon and Rain on me are such masterpieces

RKFoley - Worst album of 20201 star

Her worst album to date

madonmadonna - Lady who?1 star


Luke_Johns - ICONIC!5 star

this album is iconic. PeriodT

twxntysxvxn - Masterpiece5 star

Every song is amazing and i Love this album so much

macey.braund - honestly one of her best albums5 star

gaga has crafted this album perfectly, it has a happy upbeat sound to it with amazing duets and meaningful lyrics, her best album since ARTPOP!!!!

JayGlover158 - Perfectiò5 star

Need I say more? Buy it and find out!

sphiscbrt - Rain on me5 star

Good and funny x

joeenglandd - GAGA IS BACK!!5 star

Chromatica is a journey and a half, into the mind of Lady Gaga and back. The album is a dance-pop bop, and includes singles such as ‘Stupid Love’ and ‘Rain on Me’. I constantly find myself recommending this album to friends and family, and I cannot stop talking about it. Five stars!!

caolank - Incredible5 star

She’s beautiful and her music rocks!

vinceirish - Crap1 star

Usual crap from Blah Blah

emm 🐶😘 - Ok2 star

Dont really like it

Monalounisa - .5 star

. amazing omg

freddoface - 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕1 star


Lauren3436 - Absolutely love Rain on me!!!5 star

Love the collab between Ari and Gaga

blurayx - Amazing!!!5 star

I have always been an admirer of Lady Gaga but never a fan. This is the direction of music I’ve been waiting for Lady gaga to release. I like every track on the album. Unlike her previous albums, I've only liked one or two tracks. Now I’m a admirer and fan.

ratonyeet - Loved this5 star

My Wig is gone. It’s Snached.

ljukjj - Lady Gaga Go away5 star

If Ariana grande wasn’t on this it would be trash but good song

GazzaGRG - Love5 star


Mattystuart - Rain on me5 star

Rain ☔️ on me is my song of the year so far. “I’d rather be dry but at least I’m alive” pretty much sums up 2020 for a lot of us.

HarryWalkerx - BEST ALBUM OF 20205 star

Gaga is the biggest pop star in the world!!

GagaBrookes - Gaga is Back!!!5 star

Gaga returns to her pop roots while continuing to push the boundaries of the pop world with experimental sounds and killer collabs. Replay is the best on the album. Other pop girls, take note: this is 2020’s best album

meatgrater - Not her best3 star

I have all Lady Gaga’s previous albums and love her dance music however I must be in the minority as I don’t think she is at her best on this album.

emzooboogaloo - Amazing Album!5 star

Absolutely love this album. yes it's different and very reminiscent of 70's/80's disco, but theres no mistaking Gaga still has an immense talent. For someone suffering with fibromyalgia, mental health struggles and all the things shes gone through in her past, Gaga is an undeniable force. She's a Queen.

Suziesuec - Lady gags5 star

Love rain on me

lexibutterfly🦋 - Amazing5 star

No words to perfect

1andrew23 - Trash1 star

Eww not even Ariana could save this mess of an album her worst album by far. Stream daises by Katy Perry much better than this trash 🥰

crxmin - Brilliant5 star


omegaparticle - Amazing5 star

Took me a number of album listens to really get into this, but now I have I can't stop listening. Every song is good, some are great. Those needing instant/disposable gratification will likely leave low reviews and move on soon enough, but the key with this is to give it a few listens and let it sink in. It's worth it.

kizzerxu - 😍5 star

This is one of her best albums yet, along with Joanne and ARTPOP

Greenoooo - Love it5 star

One her best albums

mojolondon - Powerful, intelligent, fun ANTHEMS. YASSSS!5 star

This album is electric and full of positive inspirational vibes. Great to see another electronic dance album from the QUEEN of Pop, and different to her earlier stuff but with some Gaga ID woven in. TOP NOTCH production on this record. This will be HUGE in clubs (when they open!) SUMMARY Anthems of summer 2020. Could not come at a better time. We need this now more than ever. Thanks Gaga you SMASHED IT. 😍💕🤩

itsbrandonomg- - FUCKING AMAZING5 star

so i’m listening to this at 11:50 PM and it has given me such an energy/ mental health boost. The songs are so inspirational but energetic and fun at the same time! I think everyone would love this album (apart from the chavs and the roadmen of course!)

Glitterstars1977 - SINE FROM ABOVE IS PERFECTiON!4 star

This is a really good album each song tells some type of story but there’s one thing I don’t understand the instrumentals? Instrumentals aren’t really my type but apart from that a BOP this album is especially sine from above Stan aged 8 xxx

TheFemaleBossIsBack💗 - QUEEN5 star


Jake Gurr - True to form5 star

A dance record celebrating all of us. What more could we possibly want?

KKaur95? - Amazing album5 star

This album is an masterpiece.

Kevin Blanco - Fun album5 star

Fun album to take you away from the doom & gloom. All the haters talking saying Gaga is trash 😂 ok well tell me another singer that can belt a song out live like her? Not many at the moment, Joss Stone & Beyoncé maybe the only exception. Most music these days is sounds like a computer singing not a person. Though she uses auto tune slightly in a few songs it’s not over done. Quite a cheerful upbeat album. I love it.

Lilykelly10 - Best album so far5 star

To be honest I was there for ari but I listened to the full thing and I TOTALLY fell in love. I ended listening to her while discography and now I’m a little monster lmao :)

Me.#1 - Hmm3 star

Not sure I like it. Sorry

LadyBismuth - Excellent5 star

An excellent addition to the discography! 😍


“I hear house music”

Jadesa11y - Idiot reviews, this album slays!5 star

Anyone saying it’s terrible yall need to slap your t!ts together and throw yourself out the window coz you’re talking mega trash. The intro to each acts is beautifully put together and Gaga has come along way since Joanne it’s nice to go from 0-10 because that’s what we need to stay alive in 2020. I hope we still appreciate this when we’re finally free. True club coachella bangers!

leeb1983 - She’s back5 star

Quint essential Gaga is back and I’m living for this album.

straykids127 - cause blackpink5 star


MuListnersic - Outstanding! Transitions 100%5 star

Lyricism, Vocalisation, Production, Instrumentation. All ingenious what a woman!

CharlieSuth - THE BEST GAGA ALBUM EVER5 star

This has every single amazing part of all her previous work - COMBINED! The hits of The Fame Monster, the counter-culture pop of Born This Way, the synth and beats of Artpop, the rhythms and vocals of Cheek to Cheek - and then the soul of Joane. Oh, and the joy of A Star Is Born. Have you ever HEARD such a GREAT album?! Quintessential Gaga. Cannot recommend enough.

JaneyMcpainy - Amazing album!5 star

Gaga has done it again and I think this might possible be her best album to date. It gives me 90’s dance era vibes which I am living for! There are some great collabs on this album with Ariana, Elton John and Blackpink and some of my favourite songs are ‘Alice, Free woman, Fun tonight, Plastic doll, Sine from above and Babylon. There literally isn’t a a bad song on this album!

josephmontgomery - BEST POP ALBUM EVER!5 star


dennikinssss - Chromatica5 star

This album of lady gaga is the new era of pop rock song ft. with other artist like Ariana Grande which is my favorite artist and Black Pink bitccchhh this is amazing like New Decade, New Era of Pop

Yzabelle Rico - The Best Album Ever❤️❤️❤️5 star

It can make anyone cry, smile and dance ofc, Very highly recommended

thzislemonboy - THIS IS REALY FOR THE GAYS5 star

Lady Gaga did that!!!

rvveluz - ALBUM OF THE YEAR5 star


Mowmow147 - THE BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR5 star

I love it! It’s cohesive, fresh, and breath taking! Every song has a take on Gaga’s mind that is just artistically beautiful! I love this album!

Hate Me!! - F OFF HATERS5 star


poulllorca - ALBUM OF THE YEAR5 star

Authentically beautiful and a whole ass bop.

S00B1N - queen5 star

literally one of the best releases this 2020.

RamOfLamb - Sobbing Right Now5 star

This album is a sign to cope with pains i have right now.

Qwertyuychua - I love it5 star

I am a madonna fan, but i really like this album! The album is very poppy and futuristic

Lllmmmllm - AOTY5 star

Lady Gaga is back in the dance floor that she fought for 💕

Kandesescota - GAGAPINK! 💖🖤5 star

Sour Candy is the best 💝

Art Pop Maven - The queen is back !!!5 star

Lady Gaga is back to reclaim the throne. ❤️

jillredux - ALBUM OF THE YEAR5 star

I'm telling you, this is gonna be the album of the year! Literally ZERO SKIPS. All songs are so damn good, the collabs are very great too. Gaga never disappoints!

ohmygeeee - issa bop5 star

no words can describe how amazing LG and BP’s did on this song

DenzyNeji - ICONIC COMEBACK5 star

Gaga never disappoints, the whole album was cohesive and there’s no skip each song stood out!!! I’m just so proud as little monster for this thanks Gaga!!! 💖⚔️

itsmeaidii - ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!5 star

She deserves all the love and support. Best album she ever created. Welcome to the world of Chromatica!

nikkiinocentes - Gaga5 star


critic b tch - Sounds outdated :(2 star

I was expecting something FUTURISTIC 😰😢😢



My Name Isn't Alice - Welcome to Chromatica5 star


isntalice - AOTD5 star

Queen never fails to release bops!!! In this album she sounds so vulnerable and yet so powerful! ❤️

JWWWW101 - The best album and collaboration of the Year5 star

This is the best album of Lady Gaga I’ve ever heard and collaboration with Ariana and Blackpink was amazing and so 🔥

gegai - Gegai5 star


jahmeess - classic bop5 star

this album is very energetic and uplifting. this would be a timeless bop in the future

Sheri Villaflor - Such a genius! Never dissapoint us. Chromatica album is a masterpiece!5 star

Such a genius! Chromatica album is masterpiece!

Jeff Ortea - My Favorite Album from Gaga so far!5 star

Thank you for this masterpiece Lady! I love you so much! You are an inspiration to me and to many. God bless you!

alyssamarielely - Thank you Lady Gaga5 star

Battle for your life, Babylon!

danalferos - LOVE LOVE LOVE5 star


Manskenofficial - she's back again5 star

the best album of the year. she always give us something new again #chromatica

karlivan08 - TOTAL BOP!5 star

All songs are super great and different. It’s true that in chromatica, “no one thing is greater than another.” ♥️♥️♥️

Demiurje - Grammy5 star

Lady Gaga 2020- Best Pop Vocal Album. Chromatica

𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚢𝚘𝚑 - Lady Gaga in your Area4 star

sour candy is so addictive!

Cthpscl - Gaga is back to her roots!5 star

This record is really meant for people to dance and celebrate. Love the collaborations too! but Free Woman is an ear worm! P.S. Thank you for collaboratin with BLACKPINK, Mother Monster!

remcruze28 - Sine from above5 star

Literally, we have been blessed with this pure gem of an album! Great commanding songs along collabs with amazing artists. Good job Mudra!

buccellato - Song of the Millennium!5 star

Mama Monster took us again to another world named Chromatica! The song takes you back in time with its retro-vibe feel and delivers you to the future with its futuristic music arrangements! It’s a story you can dance with. This is song for the past, present and the future!

angelopisot - ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Lady Gaga’s best album in years!!!!! I can’t wait for more. Skskskakskskka

binkyyyyyyy - Lady Gaga’s back5 star

Not a huge gaga fan but i have to say.. she keeps bringing it. And with this album, she proves that she still has it.

lordwynlor - BOPPPP5 star

so good

Jjjjjjjjjj10220 - 100%!!!!5 star

Loving iiiit!!!

JohnBurks - I love it.5 star

I bought the Rain on me single. So amazing.

Captivating Katkat - This is a MASTERPIECE5 star

Pop Gaga is soooo back!!!

CDM0407 - Chromatica 🙌❤️5 star

it’s sooooo good and i can’t stop dancing and singing along!!! 💃🏻🧚🏼🙌 i am having the best time with this album 💥🎊🎉 I love you, Lady Gaga!!!!❤️😘🥰

oshcarpeeyow - Lit!!5 star

Awesome album

Johnoisy - Battle For Your Life!5 star

Giving all the gays and more everything they need! A dance record made in heaven!

Jolhel Leo - MASTER PIECE!5 star

Not a really fan but—I love everything about this album! The lyrics, the beat and the transition between Chromatica II to 911! #Chromatica

patf_ - BOP 🙌🏼5 star

Love it yaaas!!

karlo_zamo - Solid5 star

Such a solid album overall. Cohesive. Meaningful. Powerful.

Kyle_patrick - Cohesive5 star

Her most cohesive body of work so far!

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Iuvbillie5 star

@sinefromlana: É tão triste ver o álbum com a melhor estética dela ser tão mal aproveitado assim. O Chromatica merecia mais, agora esse…

Jenstachulim5 star

@EnigmaticGaga: doing a huge unfollowing spree to finally get a skinny ratio so reply with “BUY CHROMATICA ON ITUNES” 3 times to stay sa…

Simpforgaga5 star


Mrmccatty5 star

Chromatica for life! Thank you @ladygaga for spending 3,020 minutes with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1.…

LittleARTPOPx5 star

@gagadaily: 🇫🇷 A-Yo, French monsters! The Chromatica deluxe box set ships now from @FNAC ⚔️ Get yours at https:/…

KellyMo681593885 star

@LGTHELOML: 🚨 WE’RE TRENDING! reply with BUY CHROMATICA ON ITUNES at least 3 times! ✨

Jofaille5 star

j'ai du trop saigner chromatica car dans mes tires préférés j'ai QUE ca alors que j'ai aussi saigné l'ere du versea…

Francoibanez195 star

@Govrnmentjudas: the current state of Chromatica

NightMonster865 star

@chartdata: .@ladygaga's 'Chromatica' has now spent six months at #1 on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

LamborghiniGH_5 star

@chartdata: .@ladygaga's 'Chromatica' has now spent six months at #1 on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

Sugary_sweet6665 star

Top 2% of Lady Gaga's listeners??? The year chromatica dropped???

Iamcriscz5 star

@LdyGagaAbusedMe @dojakyle @rbnknight @PopCrave Not a Flop Gaga stan, 2019 album selling more than Chromatica 💀

Nathuoff5 star

@chartdata: .@ladygaga's 'Chromatica' has now spent six months at #1 on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

LittleARTPOPx5 star

@Cristia74502917 Is it safe to say that Chromatica era is over?

Pablomateusss5 star

@enzoocarvalho cadelinha do chromatica

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Chromatica Wiki

Chromatica is the sixth studio album by American singer Lady Gaga. It was released on May 29, 2020, by Streamline and Interscope Records. Originally scheduled for April 10, 2020, the album's release was delayed for seven weeks, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gaga and BloodPop served as the album's executive producers. Chromatica is a dance-pop, synth-pop and electropop project with elements of house, disco and other electronic genres. The album is named after an imaginary, dystopian planet, which the singer described as a place where "equality rules". The album covers themes of mental health, trauma, self-worth, finding love through hardship, which contrasts its positive and uptempo production. It features guest vocals from Blackpink, Ariana Grande and Elton John. Three singles were released to support the album. The lead single, "Stupid Love", was released on February 28, 2020, and peaked inside the top-ten in over fifteen territories, reaching number five in the United Kingdom and United States. Its follow-up, "Rain on Me" with Ariana Grande, arrived on May 22, 2020, and debuted atop the charts in the UK and the US. "Sour Candy" was released as a promotional single a day ahead of the album's launch, followed by a remix version of "Free Woman" at a later date. "911" was released as the third single on September 18, 2020. Upon release, Chromatica received generally positive reviews from music critics. It debuted atop the Billboard 200 chart with 274,000 album-equivalent units, marking Gaga's sixth consecutive number-one album in the US. The album also topped the charts in several other countries, including Australia, France, Mexico, Ireland, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland and the UK. It became the fastest selling album of the year in the UK, as well as the year's fastest selling vinyl record. At the upcoming 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, the album is nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album, whilst "Rain On Me" is nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

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