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Wild World (Kip Moore) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 4:01
2. 4:04
3. 4:44
4. 3:40
5. 3:00
6. 3:49
7. 2:59
8. 3:07
9. 3:20
10. 4:32
11. 4:17
12. 3:47
13. 2:48

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Wild World [Kip Moore] Album Reviews

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- Great album5 star

All of the songs were great.

- So talented! Deserves an award for this album.5 star

I have been a huge fan of Kip Moore for many years now and have seen him in concert multiple times. I love this album and cannot believe some of the country songs in the top 10. It's embarassing that a song about drinking margaritas and taking shots beats out songs about life, love and loss like the songs on this album. Playing the following songs on repeat: Hey Old Lover, More Than Enough, Southpaw and Payin Hard. I hope Kip gets the recognition he deserves for this album

- Amazing5 star

He’s created another solid beautiful album.

- AMAZING!5 star

Kip Moore at his best. Amazing album. You will not be disappointed.

- Worth the wait!5 star

Loving every minute of this album. Hard to pick a favorite song when you love them all. Kip has passion and his talent deserves some recognition! He is truly one of the best artists out there and honestly I can listen to this album, and majority of his songs for days & days. Down to earth, humble and there is magic in his music that wraps you up with inspiration, memories of youth, and fun. Kip puts the rock n roll in country. Forever a fan!!

- FAN-tastic5 star

Even bought the CD. Don't remember the last time bought one. Great Southern-Rock sound. For once, every song doesn't sound the same! Only question - why isn't THIS on the dang radio. KEEP THE GREAT SOUNDS COMING KIP. New FAN here!

- Can’t stop playing👌🏻5 star

Every song is fire🔥 Great album👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- 10/105 star

The best yet

- Keeps getting better!5 star

Love Kip and his new music!

- Amazing5 star

This album is awesome!!!! Sweet Virginia and South are my Favs

- This. Album. Is. 🔥5 star

Great from the 1st note to the last.

- Kip Moore Is just the best!! Love him5 star

LOVE HIS MUSIC!!! 🌊🌴❤️✨🌟✨🤗


This man does no wrong; I’ve been listening to his music for years! I’ve seen him live multiple times, and met him a few. He is the most down to earth and most passionate guy you’ll ever meet. Absolutely loves what he does and cares about his fans!! Every song on this album has an incredible story to tell with phenomenal sounds and vocals!

- 10 stars out of 55 star

The more I listen to this album the more I fall in love with it and relate to it on a personal level. This guy is such an underrated talent in the country music world. I’m kind of glad because he doesn’t give in to the mainstream country scene. He is who he is. Real and raw. In my eyes, he’s the Bruce Springsteen of the country music industry.

- Best Album Yet5 star

I have been a longtime fan of kip Moore since his first album dropped in 2012. I’ve seen him in concert 9 times and I have loved every single album but Slowheart and Wild Ones were my faves until this. Every song is incredible! The songs are beautifully written, meaningful and soulful. I feel like Kip really put himself on the line writing this one. You almost feel like you know him as a friend after listening. THANK YOU KIP for sharing your voice, talent, heartache, trials, and victories with us. ❤️ María Klaassen

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!5 star

Simply the best. This is true song writing!! Deep. Powerful. True grit. I love when music actually means something. Every song from this project is meaningful. South is my favorite. Thank you Kip!

- Best Artist Out There5 star

Kip isnt only the most underrated artist out there, but he’s arguably putting out the best music in any genre. The emotion, detail, and thought behind every Kip song and every Kip record is incomparable. His live shows put any other live show to shame. It’s an experience you cannot forget and want to see over and over which is why his fan base has become so strong and so dedicated and has grown organically from the ground up. He has one of the strongest fan bases out there that know every word to every song. I know that because Im part of that crowd. This album is the best to date and we cannot wait to see him back on the road! Thanks for continuing to be real and put out genuine, great music!

- Wild World5 star

This album is outstanding!!!!

- Best Yet5 star

The most complete, emotional, wide-ranging album by Kip Moore yet. It’s an instant hit with his true fans!

- Underrated5 star

Amazing album. Most underrated artist out there.

- chile1 star

who even is this man, his album wasn’t good at all.

- One of a kind5 star

Every album is different but they are all extraordinary. Amazing man with amazing talent.

- No1 star


- Bruce5 star

Reminds me a little of Springsteen album.

- Lefty!5 star

Ya did it again, GA Boy! Great Truckin’ album. Thank you!

- Best Kip album yet.5 star

This is a masterpiece.

- Best album ever!!5 star

Finally!!! Love it all!! The lyrics are so good. Kips voice gets better and better!!

- Incredible artist, incredible album5 star

I’ve always loved Kip, but this may be his best album yet

- Absolutely the best ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

If I could give this album 10 stars, I would. The lyrics are insightful and beautiful. Each song is different but somehow as a whole, they blend so well and come together as one of Kip’s best albums. His voice is so strong and raspy and keeps getting better with ever record. He is a delight to listen to as his uniqueness well than stands out amongst cookie cutter performers. Kip has always been the real deal. One of the most underrated artists in country music. I can not stop listening to every song. They are brilliant as always. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Jaw dropping5 star

Just simply incredible from start to finish. This is what music should be.

- Kip, You Da Man!!!5 star

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how you make a record!! Kip Moore, you reignited the fire in my soul that had been doused by the current state of this world we call home. I so desperately needed something that spoke to my heart and got it singing out loud while swinging my hips and dancing in my bare feet. This album came out at just the perfect time because we all need to feel alive again, to feel that spark inside of us. This music actually has made home a fun place to be even if it is just for those 3 or 4 glorious minutes of a song. The album is nicely balanced with the sound of true country, rock and soul. You cannot help but love it!! So, I highly recommend that you do as I do, kick yo’ shoes off, swing those hips in your most comfy faded cut off jeans and dance “yo’ bootay” off!!🤠👡👡🗣💃🏻🔥🎸🎵🎶

- Continues to be the best5 star

Kip is the most under-rated, authentic artist in “country” music. Great new album that I’ll have on repeat!

- Incredible5 star

This man can do no wrong. What an album!!

- ❤️🎶5 star

Kip is the best of modern country 🎶

- Once again Kip releases an album of hits!!5 star

I love that Kip’s music evolves, but he stays true to his roots! There is no other artist that comes close to his sound!!

- Kip never disappoints5 star

WOW - Kip continues to give his all and this album is 🔥

- Kip Moore5 star

Hands down the best written album so far! Absolutely love love love it!!!!

- He’s Done It Again5 star

Another phenomenal record, so genuine, unique, and authentic. And that voice, dang!

- Amazing5 star

He doesn't miss

- Amazing5 star

Seeing this artist preform 3 times live over the last 5 years his voice is identical In Person to his albums, heavily underrated. Music allowed me to get away from it all during my Afghanistan deployment

- Good5 star

After listening to the entire album, it’s not my favorite Moore album, but She’s Mine is my favorite song yet. So 5 stars since overall it’s still good. More rock than country however.

- Nothing5 star

Nothing on the radio is this good Listen to the lyrics and you will get it

- In love5 star

Love what has been released so far. Kip NEVER disappoints. You believe what he sings and know that what you see is what you get.

- 👍🎶❤️5 star

Can’t wait for some NEW Kip Moore music!

- Maybe not so Country But Great5 star

I love this. It's so refreshing compared to so much easy lazy stuff coming out of Nashville major labels. Lyrically it well thought out with some tasty production and delivered believably by Kip. Nice work. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

- Just amazing!!!!5 star

By far.... Kip is totally the most amazing artist that always stays true to himself and his music just makes you dance and sing ... pure joy listening to him... and he is only getting better through the years, if that is even possible!!!!

- His own style5 star

SouthPaw is a great Jam. Big hopes on this

- Solid5 star

True to his roots, like the country rock feel. It’s uniquely him but a familiar enough sound that feels good. Summer anthems

- Kip Moore5 star

Just an all stud of an artist! 🤟🏻🤟🏻

- CraigJones19905 star

Glad to have a modern day Springsteen from my hometown. Even though i never knew you that well, your dad was one of the biggest influences in my life from spring hill. I’m sure Stan couldn’t be more proud! Also, I can remember getting a burnt cd from your sister my freshman year of college knowing you would make it big! Your music is pure! Keep up the good work!


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Baarrbb53 - My Favorite Album!5 star

I love all his albums but this one is my favorite!

Fergy19 - So good!5 star

Wow, this could be Kip’s best album since I stumbled across his debut which I still listen to regularly today! Hit play on song 1 and enjoy the “wild” ride. Highly recommend this album!

dawilcz - Amazing!5 star

This album is amazing.I think it’s the best of all!

st.pats1967 - His best album yet!5 star

Kip brings the heat once again! Highly recommend..

AtotheJJ - Awesome5 star

Kip does “his” thing all the time, and it comes out in his music. Just awesome authentic, soulful tunes that are great for any occasion. Many thanks sir.

Danimac79 - An amazing album!5 star

I have everyone of Kip’s albums and each one has its own unique flavour. This album is a soulful and heartfelt addition to any playlist! Love it!!!

Kylie Parkinson - Amazing album5 star

Kip’s voice is outstanding on this album

Aussie.Dan - His best work yet5 star

If you expect more feeling from your country than trucks and dirt listen to this.

Tennnnis - Just keeps better5 star

This guy can’t do much wrong these songs showcases his talents as a writer and musician and every song is placed perfectly in order to complete a flawless album 👏👏

AFLC-Fil - Wild world5 star

Wow another amazing album, Kip keeps defying the odds. I don't know how each new album is even more impressive than the last.

rebel rat - just wild5 star

it sounds good so far can,t wait for the rest to be released

@steph__paige - Flawless5 star

Everything Kip touches turns to gold, absolutely love this!

Redstorm84 - Brilliant and worth the wait5 star

Keep doing what you doing because it’s working just brilliant

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Toza23 - NO BULL5 star

Fantastic album once again, can’t wait for the vinyl to be delivered along with the tee shirt, looking forward to seeing you again at your next gig in the UK

Nealo! - Outstanding again5 star

Was so excited to hear kip was releasing a new album but also anxious to hear if he can deliver the same quality as before... And on my first listen it doesn’t disappoint! Keeps the same traditional kip Moore sound so it’s not so different that long standing fans dislike it and also a touch of a new feel to keep the spark like your listening to kip for the first time! 100% recommend to anyone who likes country or any type of rock!

A98£ - Love Love Love5 star

Sooo can’t wait for the rest of this album loving it Kip always gets its right x

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Themonalisha_5 star

@ManishLife_Ty: Man wtf is this world coming to?! Wild af!!

Nonniee_D5 star

@ManishLife_Ty: Man wtf is this world coming to?! Wild af!!

LadyMaji5 star

@AbuJamajem: Deranged:

Tenten6665 star

ホテルで一人飲みしてて、酩酊に落ちていくときにすごく聞きたくなる曲なのです。 > Mr. Big - Wild World (MV) @YouTubeより

Scowwe5 star

@ManishLife_Ty: Man wtf is this world coming to?! Wild af!!

2flyykaay5 star

@ManishLife_Ty: Man wtf is this world coming to?! Wild af!!

Call_mee_dj5 star

@ManishLife_Ty: Man wtf is this world coming to?! Wild af!!

BudThaBuilder5 star

@ManishLife_Ty: Man wtf is this world coming to?! Wild af!!

King_ry985 star

@ManishLife_Ty: Man wtf is this world coming to?! Wild af!!

Calfrmda45 star

@ManishLife_Ty: Man wtf is this world coming to?! Wild af!!

KungFuKvn5 star

@ManishLife_Ty: Man wtf is this world coming to?! Wild af!!

99_markees5 star

@ManishLife_Ty: Man wtf is this world coming to?! Wild af!!

OykuSulukioglu5 star

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Mille_world5 star

“I can’t help it, I’m an aries!” and other wild things your astrology obsessed friends have definitely said to you

KeytotheLexus5 star

@ManishLife_Ty: Man wtf is this world coming to?! Wild af!!

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Wild World may refer to: "Wild World" (song), a 1970 song by Cat Stevens Wild World (album), a 2016 album by Bastille Wild World (Kip Moore album), a 2020 album by Kip Moore Animal Crossing: Wild World, a 2005 life-simulation video game for the Nintendo DS Wild World, a former name for the Six Flags America amusement park in Woodmore, Maryland

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