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[This is most probably a Spotify tag for the Cat Stevens album "Tea For The Tillerman"] Tea for the Tillerman is the fourth studio album by singer-songwriter Cat Stevens, released in November 1970. Stevens' second album released during the year 1970, Tea for the Tillerman includes many of his best-known songs such as "Where Do the Children Play?", "Hard Headed Woman", "Wild World", "Sad Lisa", "Into White", and "Father and Son". Four of the tracks ("Where Do the Children Play?", "On the Road to Find Out", "Tea for the Tillerman", and "Miles from Nowhere") were featured in the Hal Ashby and Colin Higgins's black comedy film Harold and Maude, in 1971. Stevens, a former art student, created the artwork featured on the record's cover. With "Wild World" as an advance single, this was the album that brought Stevens worldwide fame.[citation needed] The album itself charted into the top 10 in the United States. In November 2008, a "Deluxe Edition" was released featuring a second disc of demos and live recordings. In January 2012, a hi-res 24/192 kHz version was remastered using an Ampex ATR100 and a MSB Technology Studio ADC and released on HDtracks.com. Critical reception In a contemporary review for The Village Voice, music critic Robert Christgau gave the album a "B–" and found the music monotonous and lacking the "dry delicacy" Stevens exhibited on Mona Bone Jakon (1970). Rolling Stone magazine's Ben Gerson said that Stevens' songs effortlessly resonate beyond their artfully simple lyrics and hooks, despite his occasional overuse of dynamics "for dramatic effect." In a retrospective five-star review, AllMusic's William Ruhlmann praised Stevens' themes of spirituality and transcendence, and felt that he had continued to show his ability as a pop melodicist: "As a result, Tea for the Tillerman became a big seller and, for the second time in four years, its creator became a pop star." On 18 November 2003, Rolling Stone included this album in its 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list at number 206. In 2006, the album was included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. In 2007, the album was included in the list of "The Definitive 200 Albums of All Time", released by The National Association of Recording Merchandisers and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Tea for the Tillerman² (Yusuf) Album Songs

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1. 4:09
2. 3:31
3. 3:46
4. 3:57
5. 4:01
6. 3:12
7. 2:29
8. 3:42
9. 5:48
10. 3:49
11. 0:59

Yusuf - Tea for the Tillerman² Album Comments

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Tea for the Tillerman² [Yusuf] Album Reviews

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- A Mess1 star

I don't see (or hear) the point in this. It's an absolute mess. My advice is: skip it.

- To all the haters5 star

Just move along .. those of use who enjoy Yusef enjoy the new release . The ones who don’t, just move along we don’t need your negativity

- Grateful5 star

His voice is as beautiful as ever. I’m so grateful for this record that echoed through my childhood and so glad he’s singing again. Welcome, Yusuf.

- Blah Blah Blah...... Nope1 star

What a joke. complete waste of time and money. my one star is really no star.

- Great to hear from Yusuf Cat!5 star

The original abum was part of the soundtrack of my life. To hear him revisit this album after 50 years is an absolute delight! Thanks Yusuf.

- Yusuf owns this.5 star

I find it refreshing to hear Yusuf reinterpret what is one of my favorite albums of all time. Chances are, if you’re not familiar with the original, and you like this kind of music, you will likely love this. I suspect he might also get more money from this reinterpretation. He and his old record label only know what kind of deal is in place regarding ownership of the original recording. In summary, buy the original because it’s awesome, but buy this one too because it too is awesome and the originator probably gets paid more for it and that is just.

- Pointless2 star

I’m adding a star for the sake of the source material, but this is really just a pointless rehash of a great album. The new arrangements are rather bland, overall, and carry none of the magic of the originals. A vain attempt to line the pockets of the former Mr Stevens.

- So Much Hate5 star

Unlike the hateful commenters on here, Yusuf is an artist, and he can do as he pleases with his own creations. The newly re-recorded versions 50 years have a poignancy compared to the originals, particularly “Father and Son.” Joni Mitchell did the same on her 2002 album “Travelogue,” and there were no complaints then. Islamophobia?

- I get it2 star

I understand why you would want to relive you're past, getting old is difficult and writing new songs almost impossible for someone over forty other than Dylan and Bowie. This is especially difficult as a new man, but the truth is that the songs aren't any better, mostly worse. Some are ruined. The best songs on here are the ones that sound nearest to the originals. Nothing in here enhances the songs from fifty years ago or modernizes them. No one will ever say, 'did you hear that new Wild World?' It's just not that interesting. So disappointed. Also, everythign negative said about someone is not racist, give it a rest.

- Innovative5 star

This is a great update to and already great album. Both have their own time and place and both are worth owning and listening to time and time again.

- Wonderful5 star

The original has always been one of my favorites. The new version is impossibly even better than the original! His voice has matured, and there is a totally different vibe in the new edition. It’s not a matter of the name change, his approach to this album speaks volumes in the experiences he has had in the intervening years. Insh’allah, Yusuf Islam has blessed us with this reflection of his life and his new approach to his world of music

- Sad Lisa make me sad....1 star

The vocals just sound tired. I just don’t think these beloved songs needed to be re-done. New music might be an idea, Yusuf.

- Nostalgia?3 star

Artists often redo their songs on live albums, so nothing new there, but to redo the exact same album with same artwork and songs in same order 50 years later is a bit bizarre.... it forces a comparison that shouldn’t be. I really liked Cat S, great stuff and if it’s now Yusuf that’s fine, but would like to hear some new songs or a best of versus a remake of the exact same album. The songs are still good and the voice is unmistakable, but an exact rehash of the album just feels a bit lazy or is it just a commercial move? Not sure sales will match the original success...

- Tea for the Tillerman5 star

The remake of excellent instrumentation and rare impeccable quality "story telling" that brings happiness to the sole. Enjoy like a good book. Thank you Yusuf for bringing back the "Cat Stevens" of before with a modern gift of sound.

- It’s a Sad Sad Lesson1 star

Oh I got it. This is Yusef’s way of warning us “you get MUCH WORSE when you get older; don’t redo your stuff. It’ll just be awful. “ And like beautiful dove, so his warning flew away to warn us all, and then burst into flames to become “helldove”, come to give us messages of fear, anger, and pain! That’s what he’s doing! I get it. 😐

- Would listen to anything Cat-Yusuf records5 star

Very different from the original album, but reflects a different man in a different time. He’s a beautiful artist, and a beautiful soul.

- The flip side of 'Father & Son"5 star

Here is a set of songs written during a man's youth. By now, that man has known the wrenching of fifty years' experience, and the songs are so filtered through that. I enjoyed Cat Stevens fifty years ago, and today I'm enjoying Yusuf Islam. The songs were great then, and they're even better today.

- Politically re-packabe garbage1 star

Again 1000: politically repackage garbage. Wonder where all the $'s going to?

- Not as good2 star

Someone commented that they believe the people who gave bad reviews must be biggots b/c of the Islamic name. How stupid! I'm sure there are some, but how about a lot of people just don't like it as well as the original?!! Like me?! I can't listen to the songs without trying to "hear" the originals in my mind so it didn't work for me. I come from the late 60-70s era and it was the best album ever. I still listen to it today.......my 40-year-old daughter loves it!! Asif Yusuf...........

- WIsh I had known better !1 star

Straight to DELETE. Cat /Yusuf....THis was a foolish release. I honestly hate every song- redone. Awful.

- Love!5 star

I love the new album!

- Who are you to judge?5 star

The great thing about being an artist? Doing what you want! Why are people complaining it’s not new music? It is new, these aren’t the songs we know. Sometimes we like to go back and change what we’ve done, no one here would go back and change something from the past? Get real, everyone would! I’m cool with it, there’s a great saying in America “ if you don’t like it, don’t buy it!” But don’t recycle the same old complains, because your criticism of this album makes you a hypocrite!

- I love it5 star

I personally think it’s brilliant to re-record one of his most iconic albums. Father and Son is a masterpiece with Yusuf singing as the father and young cat as the son. Whoever thought of that kudos. I can’t wait to hear Miles From Nowhere. Perfect timing for a modern twist on this album.

- Seconds on Tea, Anyone??5 star

The new version, Tea For the Tillerman 2, finds Yusuf reimaging every beloved song, including Where Do The Children Play (the first iTines release), Father and Son and Sad Lisa sound very similar to their original version. While some versions, like; Wild World and Miles From Nowhere, are very different. But Hey! Cat's Yusuf now and change is good... it happens on our journeys... if we take in the view and grow with what we go through... Appreciate you Yusuf. & ...Tillerman's always been one of our favorites. Looking forward to adding Tea 2 to our ears... Cheers

- Stan the music man unusual1 star

He once asked 📻 radio stations to quit playing his music 🎵 & fans to throw away all his music & now he is rereleasing it. Give me a break Must be hurting & who cares! Just Saying

- Bad Idea1 star

Re-Recording your most iconic album...what’s the point? I already have the original. He should have done this with an audience and called it Tea for the Tillerman Live. Now it just begs for comparison with the original. This isn’t going to go over well.

- .....really not a good idea1 star

This version sounds awful. You couldn’t take the original, a classic, and make it any better, it was wonderful just the way it was. This is just a cash grab! This is what artists do when they have nothing worthwhile to give fans regarding new music. Purchase the original version, for those who don’t already have it, you’ll enjoy it much more, it sounded beautiful.

- Why2 star

Would love to here some new material rather than an old man rehash of his best work. The original had better energy and instrumentation based on the first song release

- can't wait5 star

I was around for the first one and so looking forward to the second

- After one song5 star

So many detractors. I’m totally on board. These songs are still beautiful and still his, and he’s giving us a new perspective through the voice of a much older, more experienced, wiser, self aware man. I’m excited to hear him use the instrument he has today to re-interpret these classics.

- Why???3 star

Did "Cat Stevens" re-record his masterpiece just so he could put the name Yusuf on it? A wise person knows that you shouldn't try to improve upon perfection. We all know these things never sound as good as the original. So, I recommend you just purchase the exquisite original recording.

- Not Bad But Why Not Release New Music Instead.3 star

I loved Tea For Tillerman when it was released fifty years ago but for Yusuf er Cat to do it again really makes no sense to me. Why not release new music instead. His voice is much deeper too.

- eh1 star

I don’t know think it should be categorized as pop but the 1st song isn’t my taste

- Re-recorded classic3 star

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Yusef, he was formerly Cat Stevens. Tea for the Tillerman was arguably his most classic album from 40+ years ago. This is a re-recorded version. The music is still great and, yes, the voice has aged, but it is still a great album that actually ages quite well. My only question is why is Yusef, who gave up the Christian life and belongings of Cat Stevens re-recording his abandoned material? Why not new music or is he looking for quick sales?

- 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎1 star



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Hitnisbah - Modern Classic5 star

I wasn't expecting much tbh. I heard the first 3 singles and was well impressed. But I thought maybe they just released the best stuff and the album would have some fillers. But this record is like an old school classic. Sure, the original is an old school classic. But the new reimagining maintains that standard. Fuller sound does the songs good. Sure, the delicate acoustic of the 1970 album is lost here, but that's the original record sound. This has a more rock sound. I'm enjoying it very much. On constant rotation, listening to an album from begining to end like it's meant to be listened to. There's a narrative. Miss those days... but this brings back all the good memories. Fav track... Hard Headed Woman! Great twist in lyrics. Solo is like Albatros from Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac! Thanks Cat! Missed you

Psychospook - Just awful!1 star

Clealry the man is less humble religious monk, and more money making pensioner. Original under the name Cat Stevens was far, far better than this bizarre re-recording. Avoid!

Kayne boy - Wish I hadn’t bothered2 star

Didn’t inspire me much , won’t be listening to much

connejo1978 - Tea for the Tillerman1 star

Frankly disaapointed, its a poor mash up of the original. Its not even growing on me and I wince at the reworking of some tunes 'Wild World' terrible. If you like it as a new listener great, if not try or buy the original.

kitkatman - Excellent but still a bit short5 star

I bought the original album while in my twenties and now again in my seventies I have bought this updated version. The best track is the new version of “wild world “ brilliant. But a couple of extra tracks to make this album a little longer would not have gone amiss.

Donovan Mills-Moore - Why1 star

Is he running out of new material, money maybe... pointless

windmill1395 - Taxi for the Tillerman?4 star

Cat’s songs are some of the best ever written. I just wonder what the point of this album is. Recomposition of Father and son doesn’t inspire. Maybe a grower? Fingers crossed.

SusanElizabeth19 - Tea for the Tillerman25 star

Love love Yusuf(Cat Stevens)one of the best singer songwriters of his time.This takes me straight back to my teens,yes his voice has changed over the years but his wonderful talent had not diminished.Shine a light Yusuf-love the songs I’ve heard!❤️

Bodlod - Pointless exercise!1 star

So Yusuf has decided to re-record a classic album which he recorded originally 50 years ago when he was at the top of his game. Sorry, but this is a shadow of the original album based on hearing the available songs.

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