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Restoration (Lecrae) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 1:16
2. 2:57
3. 4:03
4. 3:11
5. 2:27
6. 2:40
7. 3:20
8. 2:07
9. 4:01
10. 2:31
11. 2:27
12. 2:55
13. 3:48
14. 3:36

Lecrae - Restoration Album Comments

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Restoration [Lecrae] Album Reviews

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- Good4 star

Do not understand the song Zombie but the rest are amazing! Cannot wait for the rest of the album!

- Why John Legend?1 star

John legend and his wife did horrible things and the way his pedo wife talked about children sexually I have no idea why he would do a song with this man?! Very disappointed

- Awesome 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Lecrae has done it again!! Can’t wait til full album is released! Keep em comin 🔥

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Restoration is coming🔥🔥🔥For all the people criticizing Lecrae, I highly and respectfully suggest you put your ignorance to the side. This music is soooo relevant to today’s culture. Y’all wanna get on him for working with secular artists he can work with who he wants. The message he’s getting across in his music is the same so y’all leave him alone😤😤😤 Y’all keep bringing it up that he works with a secular artist everytime but last time I checked Lecrae isn’t looking to serve man he’s serving God. Everything he’s doing he’s doing for the Kingdom. Other than that I’m excited for Restoration👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Zombie is amazing and I can’t wait for the full release alone with the book and documentary🤝🤝🤝


I’m so pumped for this!! This flow brings me back to his rebel album days!! Lecrae keep doing what you doing.

- I understand what Lecrae is tryin’ to do but..3 star

I would be very careful on who to choose songs to be rapping with. I’ve realized that most of the songs that Lecrae has been with singing has been people with a lot of explicit albums, like what happened with being with the actual Christian Rappers? Andy Mineo? 1K Phew? Or even Trip Lee. It don’t matter who, but whatever artist you choose to be with is how you might start to act like also because that’s what their doin’ also, like you said in the song Drown that you’ve been starting drinking to get your problems out of the way. I’m happy that your calling Restoration from God, but be mindful on who you be with, especially the Hip-Hop/Rap artists.

- Better5 star

It’s better than the previous albums, wish you would do songs that sound like lil baby without the cursing with more bass

- New changes are not always good ones2 star

I feel he kinda feel off the path from where he started from up lifting spiritual messages and ways he helped me with life and problems his new direction is cool but I wouldn’t rock with it like that

- ✊🏾5 star

Preordered and ready. My thoughts, I love Set Me Free, beats fire and it’s summer ready. ‘Deep End’, Lecrae really went off on this one and it will be a standout on the album. ‘Drown’ is a skip. It’s typical formulaic John Legend record that’s aimed towards radio. I believe the album will be Lecrae sharing the truth, his truth, all while having fun on the occasional record. That’s all I really could ask for.

- Love it5 star

I love how he brings in hot artists to show his light to them

- Bruh5 star

How can y’all hate before it’s even released🙄 it’s good music, don’t be haters just because it’s got John Legend in it

- Absolutely Fantastic5 star

These first three songs are incredible! I am so glad he chose to collaborate with artists who may not be Christ Followers. This is the true example of Christ. I’m shocked that there are people who think this is wrong. Clearly, they need to read the actual Word of God.

- This is 🔥!5 star

I love Lecrae’s call for justice in “Deep End,” and all of the current tracks. I’m so excited for Restoration!

- 🔥🔥5 star

too hype rn

- Restoration5 star


- Can’t wait3 star

I hate that people are being so negative about you doing a song with John Legend. Y’all....we cannot judge another man! Jesus is a friend of sinners! I for one cannot wait to hear the whole album.

- Just not what i expected ...4 star

1st let me address the people of the internet who clearly consider themselves high and mighty not to mention perfect considering all the finger pointing and judging am reading in these reviews, lets not forget what matthew 7:5 says before we point fingers next lets consider the fact that lecrae's walk and calling is his own, we may not understand it and thats ok cuz were not suppose to, clearly you all have forgotten what proverbs 3:5-6 say and i say this becuz in our logical human eyes what lecare has and is doing "just isnt Godly enough or isnt representing God well enough" for must you But who are you to question if it is or isnt, only God can decide if it is or isnt, alright now lets look at the fact that Jesus walked with sinners ( and not just any sinners but the worst of their era) he even made them his disciples, so who are we to question where God sends Lecrae and how he uses him, you all remind me of doubting thomas considering that most of you judge according to what yall see, becuz clearly yall lack faith, what faith u ask, a faith that cannot see yet believes that God is using Lecrae in a powerful way according to God's will, we are to pray for our brothers and sisters not condemn them ....ok well with that said i can get back to the review, at this point its just not the sound am used to from lecrae, hope there is at least one song in this album i can connect with and jam out to, either way keep doing what God has placed in ur heart to do as u know ppl will always point and judge, God Bless ya homie ....

- This is great!5 star

Guys, this is dope, why u guys finna trash all his music? if u dont like it, then dont listen to it! Stop throwing shade. Lecrae isn't racist at all, how could you say that? Stop being so negative and try to look like Jesus. Thats what Im doin, Thats what Crae is doin, and i hope you’ll do it too.

- Masterclass5 star

I don’t understand why people are hating on him for doing songs with secular artist. This man is being a bridge to the Christian and secular community. Keep being the light Lecrae. Can’t wait for the rest of the album.

- 🤑🤑5 star

The songs are very great to listen too and they songs are very hype up too listen

- Cultured5 star

This music is so relevant to whats going on in this world you can’t sleep on this

- You are getting better and better!5 star

I love every project you put out and this one is no different so far!

- Heaven Inspired Gold! A Masterpiece!5 star

Set Me Free, Drown and Deep End are truly remarkable songs. Each with unique sounds and an uplifting message in each that is truly God-breathed. Lecrae has definitely come into a fuller realization of what God’s purpose for him as a “prophetic messenger” is and the song “Drown” is a true example of this. The well defined musical melodies and lyrical content truly speak to the theme of “Restoration” in Jesus Christ. We’re all sinners saved by the baptism of God’s redemptive grace over our souls. It’s nice to hear John Legend’s soaring vocals featured on the single too.

- So excited!5 star

Much needed. Thank you!

- Medicine for my soul5 star

Yes, I need this!

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star

LETS GOOO i’m so pumped. from the singles so far i already know it’s gonna be lit. Keep going lecrae god is with u

- Can’t wait!5 star

Been waiting for dis album forever

- Masterpiece5 star

What has been released of this album is a true masterpiece. Lecrae’s uses his unique flow and speaks from a vulnerable spot to create influential music that hits at a different level and really makes you think. Restoration is no exception.


WE ALL NEED RESTORATION. Whether's that now, it's already happened, or it will happen (perhaps again) some other point in our lives. We need it. We have needed it. We WILL need it...

- Terrible1 star

A new low for Lecrae. John Legend?

- CRAE5 star


- Healing5 star

That’s what this album brings. It’s so good and I can’t wait for the rest of it. Do yourself a massive favor.

- Restoration5 star

It’s so much power in that word restoration, so excited is an understatement. I’ve been waiting on this album for months can’t wait until it officially drops.

- So excited for this album!5 star

Singles are great! Especially Drown! Gonna be a great album! 🙏🏻

- 😯😯😯😁😁😁♥️♥️♥️5 star


- Restoration5 star

Much needed voice and music during this difficult time. Lecrae’s grown leaps and bounds as an artist over the past few years gaining respect from his peers in the Hip Hop community. I believe this music would speak to each one of our soul and bring healing and hope for a better tomorrow.

- ATLast!5 star


- John Legend1 star

it’s weird you are making music with people connected to jeffrey Epstein

- Like Family :)5 star

Ya know, LECRAE has been like a family member to me. He is always around the house, whether it’s a podcast, new music or MERCH I’m wearing, but what makes him family to me is the fact that he doesn’t shy away from his character in Christ. I need a role model like that.

- Gonna be fire5 star

High expectations


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Vision1fm5 star

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