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B7 (Brandy) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Saving All My Love 4:42
2.Unconditional Oceans 3:52
3.Rather Be 2:50
4.All My Life, Pt. 1 0:40
5.Lucid Dreams 3:41
6.Borderline 5:12
7.No Tomorrow 3:01
8.Say Something 3:04
9.All My Life, Pt. 2 0:40
10.I Am More 3:15
11.High Heels 2:38
12.Baby Mama (feat. Chance The Rapper) 3:14
13.All My Life, Pt. 3 0:39
14.Love Again 3:34
15.Bye Bipolar 4:46

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B7 [Brandy] Album Reviews

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- Wow🥲

I remember my parents getting Brandy’s first ( CD @ the time ) in 1994 when I was 16, not sure if my sisters’ & I hipped them, but when Brandy hit, she was played @ home quite frequently along w/ othr heavy hitters. Needless to say I’m a HUGE fan & this album didn’t disappoint me😄it’s 🔥

- R&B is here to stay!

Amazing Album Brandy! Thank you!

- Best R&B Album of 2020

Brandy definitely delivered another classic and whoever disagrees, they need hearing aids. Brandy continues to create new sounds and never following trends. I’m so happy she finally decide to drop a new album after 8 years. Brandy is a living legend as well as the VOCAL BIBLE!

- B-7

This is by far one of Brandys best albums. The songs on this album is everything that I look for in an album, including songs about love, heartache and resilience.

- Always Brandy

I'm always in a different world listening to Brandy songs. It doesn't matter the genre. It's her voice for me. It's a warm & haunting, mystical feeling. But I feel safe & cared for. I made my rounds by listening to all her albums except for her 1st one before I let myself indulge in B7. Because at first I was lost but then it made sense (came full circle). I still stand on it being abstract compared to her other albums. I would love for her to do more songs like "Rather Be" & "I Am More" & "Say Something". I like hearing her sing straight up, no chaser. That's how marvelous & angelic her voice is. It doesn't need all the ra-ra & fixings. "Never Say Never" "Full Moon" & "B7" are her best hands down, with the exception of a few songs from 2/11. Anyone who dislikes this album I notice they are stuck in the 90s lol It's like grow up & refresh your listening palette please! That time is never coming back & I know it hurts. I get swept off into nostalgia cocoons myself, which trigger intense emotions of yearning. But with B7 I can respect the present & see into the future ;)

- Grammy for B7

This album is E V E R Y T H I N G!!!!! All the feels. I love it so much. You have to listen with headphones it’s so different. Give my girl her 🌹 🌹🌹🌹🌹

- B7

OMG!!!!!!!! I loovveee iittt!!!! Rather be stays on repeat!!!!!

- All Songs

Thank you Brandy for helping me through my struggles but this Album helps me each and every day thank you so much for all you do Brandy congratulations and I wish you great success with your new album

- Disappointed

I'm a huge Brandy fan and I feel like the quality on this album is just not there. I don't think DJ Camper has the chops to executive produce a full album, and his inadequacies show throughout. The sound quality is grainy and filtered, and Brandy's voice (the greatest asset here) is unnecessarily compressed to negative effect. Compounding the quality issues is the questionable depiction of mental illness in several of the songs. "Borderline" (in the video she's in a straight jacket in what is presumably an insane asylum) and "Bye Bipolar" use the disorders as metaphors for failed relationships (which is highly regressive) and she repeatedly uses terms like "schizo" and even "retarded." It's very tone deaf and not the representation needed for the already underserved community of people suffering with mental illness. I still wish her all the best but I hope she links up with new writers and producers for her next project and drops these archaic representations of mental illness.

- The Vocal Bible

Brandy is the best singer since 1994

- Obsessed with B7

I am obsessed with this new music from Brandy. Her voice is so good. You can play this from top to bottom without any skips. No one makes albums like that any more! But Brandy does! 🤍

- B7 💕

GRAMMYs Worthy💕🏆🏆🏆💕

- ❤️❤️

Love it

- Vocal Bible

Vocals unmatched

- I can’t get enough of listening #B7 everything about this album!!!! The growth and its entirety 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾. I truly needed this album in 2020!! Love you sis, and thank you ❤️ #B7


Bran’ does it, AGAIN!!!

- Lovvvee It!!!

Brandy has always had an angelic voice! Love her and the album!! ❤️

- B7!!!

This album has grown on me.

- Yass!!

Love this!! Brandy NEVER disappoints ya!!

- THE Vocal Bible

This album was a breath of fresh air. We needed it. This album was worth the wait. So therapeutic. So therapeutic (I had to say it twice). So Raw. So authentic. So emotional. So unapologetic. So Angelic. So truthful. Queen of stacked vocals. Queen of harmony’s. Another great body of work from start to finish. I pray the music never stops. Her transitions through the years as an artist is beautiful and it was like she wasn’t even gone for 8 years. Keep creating, don't ever stop. We need it.

- Something to Marinate On

If you listened to this album only once, you missed it. The first time I wasn’t that big on it. I continued to listen and I started to hear things I didn’t hear before, feel things I didn’t feel before and there’s so much to appreciate. I do agree, lyrically I wanted Brandy to go deeper. I wanted to hear some of those “money notes” and some catchy hooks like on her first 3 albums, but Brandy voice is so rich. It’s a really good album. I’m looking for a deluxe in our future.

- Angelic Voice

I can’t stop listening!Her voice is so beautiful it almost feels like there’s voodoo inside of this songs that makes you addicted to listening❤️ She will always be my favorite 🥰

- She is truly the vocal bible!!!

She killed it!!! This album is like vocal therapy!!!!!! Straight tranquility! God given voice!!!!! Brandy you are blessings the world with your gifts love!!!!!

- Crazy Vocals

Brandy outdid herself with another classic R&B album where she poured her all into. I really enjoyed this album.

- Brandy’s Back!

A beautiful record from front to back. It only gets better with every play. 💛

- purrr

haven’t even listened to it i just know it’s good

- Yooooooo

Shoutout to you and your team for the creativity. This is exactly what we need right now. This album is a musical space ship. If you ain’t ready to fly you never will be.

- So far so Great

First 3 cuts are on point. Looking forward to the release of this one. Welcome back Brandy. Update: The first released songs were fantastic. the album as a whole not so much

- Love her

I’ll been loving brandy since I been a little girl she so cool

- She did it

She freaking did it. Something I been waiting for. I love it

- She never disappoints!

Love this album !!

- #VocalBible


- Beautiful

Absolutely beautiful

- Keep Brandy in your prayers

She’s truly going thru something or she too is caping on Mental Illness, what ever the case she seem dark and deep in her feelings or just hearing voices in her head because we as listeners can hear as well and they aren’t too nice on majority of the album. I say no more but let everyone else listen for themselves.

- Brandy👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Brandy just got that thing. That’s it! She makes music like she has always made music, being original. Not trying to sound like nobody but herself. She has always liked those exotic instruments in her music. I just love how she stays true to who she is. This is my new album. I love it! She went in and made it seem effortless. It sounds like old Brandy to me but with better vocals. If you listen you can hear she definitely influenced Beyoncé .. Beyoncé got some of those same riffs and deep voice parts like her. This girls voice is immaculate! Like a Whitney (not the high parts of Whitney) mixed with something I can’t explain. It’s the hoarse sound that’s gotten even better, the raspy sound that she always had but it’s gotten better as she got older.

- Wonderful album 🔥

This is definitely the best album of 2020!

- The Vocal Bible! 🙏🏾🗣📖

This album just touches my soul, Brandy is truly an amazing talent.

- Beautiful Voice

I’m a huge Brandy fan and honestly I have been waiting since Never Say Never and this comes close to that Brandy sound I have been waiting to hear. Not all the songs are fantastic but the ones that are, is amazing! 🥰

- RnB Vibes

Unmatched Talent!

- Love it!!

Absolutely amazing !! I can talk about this album all day ... literally !! This album has already gotten me through so much 💕

- Best Album

Love it!!! Every song!!!!

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥Anyone who don’t like this album knows nothing about music

I can tell by every negative review of the album that there are non-music lovers commenting. To truly grasp and understand why this album is a novel and instant classic, you have to listen for more than just beats and tone. You have to hear the adlibs, the layers, the detail, the phrasing, the intonation..... You can’t give art like this a fly by night listen. This takes patience and full attention to truly receive and enjoy. It’s gotta be savored, it’s that good. Kudos Brandy, I can’t wait to hear what’s next.



- Thank You Verzuz

If it weren’t for Verzuz I wouldn’t be here. I was a mya Stan and my bff was a brandy Stan. I enjoyed her music but wouldn’t rush to buy it. Verzuz changed that for me and made me appreciate the legend that is Brandy. This album is incredible.

- Verzus brought me here.

I am enjoying Brandy. I actually bought this and not streaming it.

- B7 is awesome

Been waiting a long time for new music and Brandy delivers a perfect album 100%! Flawless vocals 💕

- Different sound, but still a vibe

Different sound, but still a vibe

- Amazing !!!

Album is so dope! I love it

- 🔥🔥🔥

Voice layering. Intricate riffs. Distinct capability to manipulate her timbre is uncanny in addition to her mid and lower range. Not that this makes her a “vocal bible” in comparison to many other artist who can do the same but she does always find a new color of her voice to explore but still true to her core sound. Her usage of various time signatures that many still can’t decipher is also very intriguing. her vocal arrangements as well as harmonies last night I’m sure u saw how she was able to harmonize in places where most singers wouldn’t do so . If u go to YouTube type in brandy acapella u will see why they call her such . Her ear is unique

- B7 is Magically and Hits Differently With Every Listen

B7 is undeniably magical! I’ve listened to it almost everyday with headphones and speakers high and low and it’s a new experience every time! Brandy shines so bright and let’s us in to some of the most darkest times of her life. It’s been 8 years and it was worth the wait. #divinetiming

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- Rich and complexity

I really love Brandy ! At first I wasn’t sure about the songs but my ears got used to it very quickly! The album B7 is very complex on the vocal arrangement for sure you can definitely see the Brandy signature. This is going to be another blueprint for future R&B singers. It is indeed an album that needs to be studied a lot. I listen to this album at least every day and my favourite song is going to be «Bordeline» for sure on repeat 10000time !

- Pure Talent

I’ve always loved Brandy’s smooth soulful voice . It’s as though she never left the music scene. More artists should take musical breaks to make us miss them like how I’ve missed Brandy. It’s rich and this sound is new to my ears so it will take a minute to get used to, but I can appreciate music when it doesn’t sound like everything else on the market. Brandy is true soul.

- B Rocka!

Hands down best R &B soul album for 2020! Sonically refreshing. Vocally captivating. Brandy does not disappoint with her vocal execution on every track.

- B7: Glory Be

The album is everything I need right now and Brandy’s vocals are like honey. Play start to finish and then Say Something on repeat. Hands up, Glory Be! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🍓

- A True Vocal Album

Brandy is back after 8 years and she did not disappoint with her most sonically rich album to date! The sound of B7 is like no other, not past work and no else in the game now. But it’s still true to her heavenly harmonies, runs, and rifts. There are some deep topics of mental health and heart break here to sink into also being a proud single mother and up lifting her daughter tracks to bop to. And as always Brandy and weaved a compleat body of work that flows from one track to the next without any disconnect. Some of my favourite tracks on the album are: Saving All My Love, Rather Be, Borderline, No Tomorrow, Say Something, Love Agin, and Bye Bipolar. (ps I love EVERY track!) Altogether a great cohesive therapy for your ears, mind, and soul.

- Wow

Brandy has perfected her niche with this one

- Vocal Bible’s back

But she never left IMO 😍😍😍

- KittyKatt


- Heavenly Bliss

Lucid Dreams is my favourite song. It's like being in heaven if you think it exists and having an angel called Brandy singing it to you whilst you find eternal's a spiritual journey with the vocal bible.


This album was WORTH THE WAIT. Love it. She sounds amazing her vocals are phenomenal 🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎

- B7

Brandy is the most underrated vocalist in the history of music. Her ability with her instrument and vocal layering is unmatched. This album is her most personal work and the melodies are in sync with her vocal ability , is just out of this world!.

- Music?

I’ve always been a big fan but it’s a no from me. This just sounds like a bunch of sounds thrown together with no melody or rhythm. What a shame.

- Brandy season is here!

Brandy is the underrated GOAT of R&B, and this album cements her position of being at the forefront of vocal riffs, production and harmonies. A legend returns!

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- Well i just love this

I think this is one of her best. Love the production, he signitiure style she found on the Full Moon album is present with the fusion of this new digital RNB sound. Its gorgeous

- On replay!!

On replay. I appreciate the vocal layering and the emotion behind every word. Deep lyrics with a airy vibe. Love Brandy!

- Love it

Love her music, it’s definitely not boring it’s stimulates the mind.


Second single BORDERLINE is brilliant. Best single since 2008's Right Here. Download the video too!

- Really boring

I like Brandy but this album is soo boring, I had to return it. There is only 2 listenable tracks on here and even that ain't enough, this album is a mess. Hopefully for her next release it won't sound like this :(

- Most Personal Brandy to date

It’s Good cohesive LP. It took me while to get used to this sound , singing and new writing style, as it’s completely different from her other albums. You have to really listen and understand the lyrics to realise what she saying. Stand out tracks are : Lucid dreams , No tomorrow, Unconditional Oceans , Say Something and high heels. The worst track has got to be Baby mamma . So overall a unique different style that we haven’t heard before and her most personal honest album. I think this will be regarding in future as a classic and one of her best.

- Boring

I feel like I’ve jumped back to the late 90’s

- Hit & miss! 😕

Loved & bought all her previous albums, saw her perform in London ❤️. Love say something, lucid dreams & borderline. Personally I think two eleven was a superior album. Looking forward to her next album. 🤞🏼

- That’s the most for you.

Pretty boring

- Here For Borderline

DOWNLOAD THE NEW SINGLE "BORDERLINE". The video is also really good. A new sound from R&B legend Brandy.

- Experimental and advanced

It has the same vocal harmony sounds of previous albums, which is great, and the songs are original and daring in their complexity, but it lacks hooks and recognisable melodies. It will never be a success in the charts because of this. For mature listeners not for clubs or riding in your car to. Shame on that note. Major shame also that she didn’t hook up with Rodney Jerkins again. The dream team.

- Unconditional oceans ❤️


- Good comeback

Brandy is one of my favourite artists, and one of the best voices of this generation. I waited so long for her new music, eager to see her new sound and direction. The album overall is good. I’m not stunned like I was with her older albums. A couple of the songs have been on repeat, but there weren’t any instant favourites or goosebumps like I was expecting. It’s overall a very mellow album. Brandy is brandy. I’m not in love with the album but it’s still great music.

- Hit and Miss

I love brandy but I’ve been thrown a curve ball on this one, you can’t compare the style to her previous work, the music choice is very confusing and doesn’t sync well with the vocals, Rather be is my fav track, I think this album is a very person project for her, maybe I need to listen to it a few more times for it to grow on me. Once again I love Brandy but this album is clearly a different path for her, saying this her voice and range is second to none

- an amazing body of work

brandy is back after 8 long years. this album is incredibly cohesive and beautiful, and the messages speak to her long term fans and new listeners. you will definitely enjoy this relaxing, yet enticing album!

- The Vocal Bible

The vocal bible using her instrument as only she can do. Riffs, runs, harmonies... (as always) shes delivers...

- Yesssss she’s back

Love this album so glad she’s back with new music




I can’t believe my ears. A beautiful body of work

- Wow

The vocal bible returns!!! Great and fresh sounding album! Welcome back B.

- The best to ever do it!

They don’t call her the vocal bible for no reason!

- Proper R&b

Real R&b is back!

- Was expecting better

Didn’t really like the whole soul child sound from her . I liked “rather be” and baby mama is ok but had higher expectations. I may purchase rather be but the rest of the album I’ll pass.

- Yesss

Yes Bran is back, loving this album!!!!

- Still got it 🔥

She never fails to deliver. Beautiful as always!

- Wow! Emotional

Amazing, experimental album, reminds me of a cross between full moon and aphrodisiac! Her vocals are absolutely otherworldly on this album. Put your headphones on and sit back. Stunning body of work

- Whole album pure magic 🔥

Love Love Love

- The queen

Finally my idol is back come on queen and slay hopefully Uk tour aswell

- B7!


- About damn time

Been way too damn long!!

- Finally!!

It’s been a long 8 years coming but it’s finally here. Can’t believe it. The vocal bible is back to bless our souls and ears. ⭐️

- Can’t wait

I’m too excited 😆!

- About time!

We have been waiting patiently for this album since 2012 and I have to say from what I’ve heard it sounds very much like we’re going back to full moon era Which is good news because I reckon that was one of her better albums can’t wait to have brandy back in my life I love this woman more than any other singer out there she has a voice of an angel

- Excited much

Soooooo excited for this! 🥰

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𝖓𝖆𝖑𝖆 🔮 .

Waiting for CB2, R9, and B7 like ... .

Alexander Benitez

Guardians of the Gucci headass 🤣 LVPD 🤣 .

Alexander Benitez

Two goats. Love watching these two play. .


Nah, I need that B7 deluxe @4everBrandy .

Alexander Benitez

Ronaldo left Madrid after giving us 3 champions leagues back to back to back. That’s why we’ll always love him..


@drizzy_b7 i know 😂.

Alexander Benitez

If you not gonna need that SSN anymore lmk .

Alexander Benitez

@nancheez Lmao you got dudes arguing under your tweet.


It Was Good Until It Wasn’t Ungodly Hour Take Time B7 .

Alecia Stanley

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