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No Pressure (Logic) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 2:54
2. 4:25
3. 4:34
4. 3:50
5. 5:03
6. 5:33
7. 1:40
8. 4:29
9. 4:54
10. 3:52
11. 3:15
12. 3:08
13. 3:36
14. 2:26
15. 6:09

Logic - No Pressure Album Comments

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No Pressure [Logic] Album Reviews

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- Okay2 star

So this dude claims he from the street and claims he’s biracial (not to mention he looks like every whites person) and yet he over here crying about joe budden saying things about him and saying he wanted to khs. lol this dude grew up playing call of duty in a white neighborhood and that’s just facts. Plus this album is extremely boring. All the songs are forgettable and will put you to sleep.

- LOGIC5 star

Listened to the first three track samples and bought the album, this dude is the truth kinda reminds me of Pac.

- Thank you Bobby5 star

We will miss you! Better to go out on top!

- Terrific as always5 star

Logic sticking to being fantastic

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Don’t really gotta say anything. Just listen to see my point 🔥

- Amazing5 star

Top 3

- Thank you4 star

This album is everything i wanted I may finally Rest In Peace.

- There’s no reason to not get this album!5 star

Logic always hits hard with the bars he drops and story he crafts with each song he drops, he sticks to the subject. You can even hear how much he grows up from album to album.

- Sigh1 star

Man I wanted to really like this.

- God5 star

Loved it #ratt pack

- Holy shiiiiit5 star

The best gift this year

- Tired1 star


- Lit5 star

This album rocks my socks

- Man i need more of this quality music5 star

Thank you for standing by the truth and for whats real logic. You've helped me out with confidence many times in my life helped me get thru, thanks G.

- Logic in his final form5 star

This is easily his best work

- Big yup5 star

This one hit close to home.

- His best album5 star


- Thank you for the heart, Logic5 star

What a proper retirement album.

- Great!5 star

A wonderful way to “retire”

- Number one!5 star

I hope this album climbs at number one and sits there to show Logic how much his fans love him and how good this album is. I haven’t been around nearly as long as some of these other people but I can say I have played this album start to finish line 6 times already. I wish people didn’t hate and always talk trash on him and really anyone for that matter. This man just wanted to make music he enjoyed making and his fans enjoyed. There was so much negativity every time he put something out and it’s sad we would do this to someone. Either way he’s made it and deserves what he’s got. Album is fire

- Perfect5 star


- Aden5 star

This album is fantastic

- Best Logic album5 star

Thank you Logic

- Old Logic is Back 🔥5 star

This album is the sequel to logic’s “Under Pressure” album. Any critic will tell you that sequels normally pale in comparison to the original, but these songs sound like they came straight from the OG track in 2014. For his final album, Logic has returned to his roots, praise God. 🙌🏻

- For logic5 star


- Insane5 star


- ❤️5 star

Thank You Bobby!

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Thank you for everything

- This album is 🔥5 star

This album has all types of vibes. Bringing some heat 🔥🔥🐐

- Grand finale5 star

he killed it

- MC5 star

Greatness, story telling, real hip hop, this is what you listen to then go out and do something GREAT!

- What a great send off for Bobby5 star

We will miss him and I’m glad he put so much into this great piece of work

- 🔥🚀5 star

With Always support my dawg logic 🚀 #Rattpack

- Yes!!!5 star

Album is a winner!!!!

- 😁🧡🎵5 star

It’s awesome! So sad to see this is his last album...maybe he’ll eventually make a comeback! Also it’s awesome almost all of the songs have pretty good ratings! Good job logic!


Press play and get ready to vibe. Amazing album from start to finish! Definitely going to miss Logic in the rap game.

- Hell yes5 star

Love you bro, I bought every song then bought the album, iTunes was like are you sure you want to buy the album again? I clicked yes, then canceled the 2nd download of each song just so you get bigger numbers my guy, I have you WHOLE album my guy!!

- Amazing5 star

I wasn’t a logic fan before this. But I can appreciate good hip hop or rap in general. And this is a great example


Oh hellz yessssss

- Just corny1 star

It’s great that he’s actually decided to retire.

- Not a big Logic fan5 star

But this is some of his best work. A masterpiece, you’d be deaf if you didn’t agree that this is some top tier hip-hop

- Finishing Strong5 star

Logic sends it off proper with unrivaled wordplay, boombap beats, and a tracklist ripe with his signature artistry we've come to know and love. Heroes come and go, but legends are forever.

- Amazing5 star

Amazing album

- Logic back in full force5 star


- I see no evolution3 star

Sad :( have fun with retirement bruh

- NP5 star


- It’s not really good music1 star

It’s kinda bad

- Always Epic!!!5 star

Never quit making music 👌🏻🔥 Keep killing it! 🖤

- Bobby boy bars!!5 star


- 🔥5 star

Fire until the very end, sad to see you go, but happy to see you begin again


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DJDamien6343 - He.... is the greatest ;)5 star

Best rap album I’ve heard in years. Let’s gooooo.

Classicrock Man - Encore5 star

I’m not a hip hop kind of guy BUT Logic knows for sure how to get rid of that. The sound, the words, the soul, the jazzy side, it just grabs me and keeps me in a really cool mood. Top feeling. ✌🏼👍🏼

EmBack - Fiya5 star


WinniFromPeg - Godly5 star

It’s Under Pressure and possibly better in every way🙌🏼🔥

DJ Rameranoe - bars5 star

it’s honestly insane

Briansavio - A great way to retire5 star

Fire album 🔥🔥🔥🔥

draedays - No Pressure is a classic5 star

Top 3 album for Logic, he went out with a banger no doubt.

bdbsnsnanan - Fire5 star

Album of the year

ImTheHood - RattPack 4 Ever5 star

Didn’t know what to expect but this album gives those old school Logic vibes

csmith1290 - No pressure ☀️5 star

Best album hands down, lyrics he has wrote are insanely flowy

Yoopguff - Thank you, miss you, be blessed5 star

I dont really write reviews for albums anymore. But as someone who listened to logic since grade 8, someone who followed his discography all the way through the good and bad starting with undeniable, all the way until marriage, he holds a special place in my heart. This album was the fairwell that made me proud, inspired, and thankful not only for logics growth and journey as a man, but as a young man myself. It was the perfect album to say goodbye. The coolest aspect was how it sounded like all of his projects and the projects that inspired him were melting together into beautiful destruction over his verses. Loved it, love you man, goodbye from a kid who became a man alongside you.

Fhrcjiyg - Legend5 star

Peace love and positivity forever, great album

4444444566 - Quick Thoughts No Pressure4 star

Good album. GP4 had a bit too much kendrick sound in it and some of the voice cut start ups and endings were a bit unnecessary but overall a great way for logic to piece up and express his farewell.

Armandhanda96 - 🔥5 star


melvin the god - Perfect5 star


yung $heep - Instant classic!5 star

Bobby just made his top three best project in my opinion!

the rap guy - Ngl it’s pretty good5 star

Doubt he’s really done tho he is pretty young and he probably start to miss rapping but breaks are always good. Stay lit logic.

ChrisssR - Classic5 star

A perfect final project, has real Under Pressure vibes, sick lyrics, just a great album. PLP RATT PACK FOREVER

Anonymus the great - Legend5 star

Wow, I have no words. this album is 🔥🔥🔥 and I’m only half way through it. The 2014 Logic is back 🤩

__xndrew__ - 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Speechless!!! Congrats Bobby and best wishes for you and your family!

xpertgari - Man, what a journey5 star

Prolly Bobby’s best album

superbrett14 - ❤️5 star

😢 we will miss u Bobby

𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙡𝙤𝙤𝙤 ツ - Yes5 star

Just yes

Michael66766 - 🐐5 star

Wow... Just Wow Bobby you truly are the man. Much love ❤️❤️❤️

Paradox Ninjah - 😔5 star

No Pressure & Dark Place are already both my favourite songs

Nico Tulabut - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Too bad he’s retiring 😔

Unsatisfied HSC student - Beautiful way to go out5 star

best album ive lsitened to

xRhin0x - Classic5 star

An absolute classic. Glad to see Bobby retire on a high.

Hba2610 - 10/105 star

Perfect way to finish his career and a banging sequel to under pressure

Borkc - Amazing5 star

Best album of logic

wokdcjncnenekrogovvk - 🐐5 star

Great way to finish the journey

Andoo301 - His best album ever5 star

This is the album he was meant to make

vCrimsoNHD - Trash1 star


Nathanlc99 - Literal Masterpiece5 star

This album is something of perfection and everybody’s ears must hear it

sammmmhm - The best way to go5 star

Gave it his all

jonob21 - The come back5 star

This album is so good

Liam Hantos - Best5 star

This is logics final album. It is also his best. I would strongly recommend listening to “under pressure” before listening to “no pressure”. RATTPACK all day every day for life!

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JayJdragon - Hellll no1 star

Just no

George477 - Brilliant5 star

Gonna miss Logic, I’ll admit.

Geobobham - Best album ever5 star

Best album ever made

aaiaaiaiwpqpwdofkdjdnwbwbquyy - 🔥🔥5 star

Too good

Renny_D - Rakzx5 star

This album ghad damn CRAZY !!

SkullZ_301 - 10/10 from me!5 star

With the announcement of a retirement from Logic, I couldn’t help but be initially sad that my favourite rapper would be leaving the game. However, a main theme within this absolutely perfect album is that he just was not having fun anymore. Where he used to find joy within writing raps, he now finds sadness as he overthinks every single bar. While he did not intend it, there are a lot of bars within this entire record that are very relevant in todays world. I understand that not everyone enjoys his last couple records, but No Pressure brings back everything that was good with Logic and blows it out of the water. If you liked Under Pressure, this album is an absolute must for you. Hell, if you don’t even like Logic, I’d say this album holds the ability to change your mind on that! While I am sad that he is leaving, he couldn’t have left in a much better way. Thank you Logic. PLP ✌🏻❤️➕

ig-hazzer_lewis_4567 - What a way to go out5 star

I’ve listen to logic since the song he did in suicide squad and since then been into his music but it’s a real shame to call it his finally album but we still waiting for ultra 85 :(

@Joe.urney - G.O.A.T Status5 star

Been a huge logic fan since early 2012 since the first set of mistakes. But this album really brings memories back. Weather you have listened to logic before or not get this album you WILL NOT be disappointed in anyway. It’s a must have. Simple. Pick it up

Aguerooooooooooooo - 🐐5 star


Ferned_17 - Exceptional!5 star

Bobby Hall has outdone himself, I could not ask for more with this album. He has brought back everything that made his debut album Under Pressure so special, using those old school samples while also paying homages to the greats, using Kanye and Outkast nods. There is not a song I would skip. This is hip-hop at its best. It’s lyrical, it’s creative, it’s passionate, and it’s ‘GOD DAMN’ catchy. Well done Logic a 5 star ratings. Happy retirement! #Rattpack

Onk5 - Wow, what an album5 star

Bars on bars 🔥 If you love lyricism, great flow and storytelling, then this is the album! What a way to retire! Bobby did amazing!

logicGoat - Great Send Off5 star

Incredible album to finish an incredible career

Chcjvlbofhxg l - Amazing and chill album4 star

Really good final album, a lot of really nice songs, all the songs on here have the same good rapping from logic. But if you only like fast and hard rapping then this album may not be for you

Slim$hady20 - Great5 star

I loved this album alot of the songs sounded like the old 90s style hip hop and that’s a good thing🔥🔥

Nickjgames - An Amazing Send Off5 star

2nd best album he’s made easily

xFitzyP - Went out with a bang. Back to his best.5 star

Logic got some hate for his last two studio albums but even his haters agree this album is flame

Aami123 - AOTY FOR REAL 🚀🚀🚀5 star

No Pressure #rattpack

Joe199219 - Amazing5 star

Great album for a great rapper. Gave alot over 10years. Also seems like a really decent guy who gets a lot of hate for no reason. Great beats and lyrics as always

hip2thabone - Absolutely dismal!!1 star

What a dismal piece of work for gifted MC! Lyrics were fine, but beats were lame af! Was expecting him to be at the standards when he released Under-pressure! Sad to say this trash album will stick when he could have gone out with a loud bang which he’s very capable of. The album follows the usual cocksucking trend which has never been his style! Give this a miss and just re-listen to his previous works of art.

Ariana Slacke - Bobby boy5 star

One of the greatest to do it

streak22-0 - Best album yet! 🔥5 star

His best album he has ever done he has killed every track! 🔥🔥

jake29120 - masterpiece5 star

a 10/10

yamaisyada - Album of the year5 star

What an album, what a way to bow out, going back to his roots and using classic samples, paying homage to what inspired him to start making music. Thank you Logic

azza5628 - Epic5 star

This is album is beast

TomStubbs - His best5 star

His best album

c j n - Amazing!!5 star

This is fire. What a great album

bfivjjfg - 10/105 star


custardboy - Can’t be without Logic5 star

Makes Logical sense to download #Underrated

Itchy49 - A farewell to a legend5 star


imnotevenjack - One of the greatest albums of all time5 star

This title is not even an over exaggeration. Listen to Obediently Yours if you disagree.

Legal Nutcase - #thankyoulogic5 star

It’s been a great decade Now go be a great dad 👍

music_lad - amazing!!5 star

his recent work has been pretty meh but this is his best album yet 🔥didn’t come in with high hopes, was proven wrong

RattPack_301_ - His greatest work ever.5 star

His greatest work ever.

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AlyannaJanelJoy5 star

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Mrtinkle5 star

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Rachel638951855 star

@advocate_alakh Our case wont appear in the urgent listing anyway. Because we are not 'Sushant Singh Rajput', so…

Thejawnchristy5 star

@Itsashforde: You not no pressure, RELAX.

Wo_gyimii_no5 star

@Sonofamafia: As a professional, he wasn't under any pressure to say something when he knows very well he had no evidence to! The plan…

Lovelytyunwoo5 star

@imawchan haha omg hodi no pressure, its okay they can wait <3

DDT_ZA5 star

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Kimistiredofit5 star

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ChrissB20015 star

@Amma_Nicolex @emilypettite Then you’d also know the pressure that comes with sitting an actual a level exam when y…

TheQueerShipper5 star

I created a birthday wishlist (mainly streaming supplies) no pressure to buy anything from it!

Arbaazkhan0035 star

#NoMoreWaitUGC Tum global pandemic likho, mai exams lena hai samjhunga, this should not be the case as lakhs of fin…

Briannaxx_5 star

everything cool. no pressure, i’m chilling 😎.

DerekWright65 star

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Rmintram895 star

@winterchris2010 @_CFCAdam Knocking a ball to feet when under no pressure?? I've seen Sissoko do that.....point made.

Mahalkotoh20155 star

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