Taylor Swift - Folklore

About Folklore by Taylor Swift Album

folklore is the 8th studio album by Taylor Swift, released on 24 July 2020 through Republic Records. It was released 11 months after her 7th studio album Lover (2019) and conceived in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Swift announced the surprise album on social media less than 24 hours before its release. Much of the album was produced and co-written by Aaron Dessner of The National, with past collaborator Jack Antonoff also contributing to multiple tracks.

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Folklore (Taylor Swift) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:30
2. 3:59
3. 3:50
4. 4:45
5. 4:15
6. 3:28
7. 3:28
8. 4:21
9. 3:15
10. 3:10
11. 4:12
12. 3:57
13. 4:49
14. 4:54
15. 3:54
16. 3:40

Taylor Swift - Folklore Album Comments

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Folklore [Taylor Swift] Album Reviews

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- Very impressed5 star

I never really had an opinion of her but I knew the words to the songs that were overplayed on pop radio. But this album, I've devoured it forward and backwards a few times. I absolutly love it. It's soft and deep. Soulful and real. Honestly, this album is right up there with Fiona Apple. It tugs at your emotions while also gently petting your heart like you would pet a cozy cat.

- Amazing5 star

I love this album! I listen to it all the time and it makes me really happy. I really like anger songs and songs that tell story kind of like her reputation album but this is incredible. The one thing I would change is that I am 12 and I am not allowed to listen to her songs that have bad words in them so I would change it in being a clean album. But I love it. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

- Love all songs, but 1!4 star

I love all the songs, but 1. If you didn’t team up with Bon Iver I would have given this a 5 star rating. The next time you do a song with an artist from the alternative group do one with Twenty One Pilots, Halsey, Imagine Dragons, Walk The Moon, Neon Trees etc!

- Beat album yet!5 star

The alt genre does her well, allowing her lyrics to shine through. I’ve loved all of her albums, but this is definitely the best one yet!

- Terrible1 star

Get this trash off of here

- Yes!5 star

Taylor outdoing herself yet again! She’s amazing!

- Masterpiece5 star

I love u

- Terrible1 star

I don't care what anyone thinks, this was bad. Same boring tune in all the songs, meaningless unrelatable lyrics, and nothing innovative. Taylor should focus on what she does best and do it well.

- Lyrical artwork5 star

THIS ALBUM CHANGED EVERYTHING!! This has a fall feeling and I really like it. This is her best album next to red and speak now, She is amazing!

- Beautiful. My favorite album from her in a long time5 star

At first listen I didn’t like this album. I must have been in a funk. Also i listened to the album out of order so maybe that has something to do with it. But it has so many beautiful songs. As always, TS has beautiful intricate lyrics but also beautiful sounds to this one. I can listen over and over again. It is soothing. And I REALLY appreciate that she let us have the option of a clean album. Love that!

- Best album of 20205 star

Folklore is such a perfect album for right now,every song is so unique and its really fun to try and figure out what the lyrics mean.

- Bruh1 star

0/5 if possible she’s such a try hard, she’s worse than dying, I would die 100,000,000 TIMES THAN LISTEN TO THIS TRASH

- Hateful1 star


- Depressing.1 star

Depressing album.

- Yes.5 star


- Never before...5 star

Never before have I listened to an album for the first time and loved every single track. Well I have now! Brilliant. Moving. Sultry. Deep. Loving. Inspiring. Wishful... Simply a roller coaster of emotions. Thank you, thank you and thank you...

- I saw you in kanas city!!5 star

Me and niece ivy and my mom and best sister Alyssa love your music!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ehhh5 star

First of all this isn’t, in any way, lo-fi. Secondly yes it’s different from her pop but it just sounds like her country. It isn’t bad. But it definitely isn’t as “different and unique” as everyone is saying. Feels like going backwards. BUT if she is happy with it than good for her. Be yourself, always.

- I like it, sort of3 star

I like this album but think it is kind of slow. I still like this one, but think lover was a little better because it had some faster songs.

- New direction4 star

Finally. Not cutesy. Not whiney. About others ....well mostly. Refreshingly adult. I love the biographical semi autobiographical “Holiday House. “

- Bored of this sound1 star

This sounds like all the songs are exactly the same except different lyrics and slight shift in instruments changing chords. Sounds almost like she reverted back to her early country song days which to me all sounded the same too. I’m a fan of her last three albums but not this. Sorry I can’t get behind slow sounding music. Not my jam.

- Where’s the hook?1 star

Can I return this download? I’m not into sad depressing music.

- Beautiful lyricism5 star

Such an amazing album, something I never knew I needed

- Amazing job Taylor5 star

Even though this is not my favorite album of her’s who can say anything she creates is not good. Amazing job as always

- Boring - Expected more!!2 star

Most of these songs put me to sleep 😴 they’re so boring! The only good ones that actually have a beat are August and The 1. Expected more from Taylor Swift!

- Amandadelolmo5 star

Taylor Swift songs

- Can’t stop listening5 star

I can’t even pick a favorite with this album. Loving this style/sound from her.

- This is a great album5 star

Oh my god I love this album the I is my favorite song in it it’s such a good song and the album is great my family loves it to no complaints 👍🏻👍🏻❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

- Sad1 star

This is terrible, she’s trying to fall in place with Lana de ray and others.

- almost perfect5 star

i like it

- The healing we need during a pandemic5 star

I bought several of her CDs from her website (all 8 editions) plus I bought some single songs here on iTunes for loved ones. (Thank you for the gift a song/abum option). I also got the clean version for my 10 yr old niece. This is the music we needed to heal our souls during the pandemic. It's The 1 good thing to come out of this mess. Soothing instrumentals with magical vocals. It's like listening to the Fae singing their songs of folklore through the ages. Thank you, Taylor Swift! Now I'm off to find a misty cool forest to dance in. I love you to the Moon and to Saturn. ~Lisa

- LOVE!!!5 star

I was never much a TSwift fan, except for occasionally liking her catchy songs like “Trouble”. But THEN!!! My sister told me to check out Miss Americana on Netflix, and I nonchalantly agreed to, not knowing what it’d be about at all!!! I’ve fallen in LOVE with all things Taylor Swift ever since!!!!!!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰 Lol, fr fr- I actually feel sorry for anyone who rated this 1 or 2 (or even 3 or 4! 😂) out of 5 honestly bc they don’t appreciate good music and don’t have much an understanding of the music-making process!!!

- Oh.my.god5 star

You literally HAVE to download this album I CANT EXPLAIN IT it is so touching and you can see how talented this girl is by how many genres she can do!!!!!!! So much love

- gooooood5 star

we love this

- Miss country Taylor1 star

I like 2 songs on here like this is me trying and euphoria. But I don’t like how she’s trying to rebel and shed the good girl image with explicit. Even if she is 30 it’s too weird compared to when she started out. It’s more mature to leave those words out in my opinion. This album put me to sleep. I miss her upbeat country music!!

- One of her bests5 star

Honestly, this album is wonderful. Every time I listen to it, I love it more. Her lyrics are magical and the production is so cool. Every song is so different from each other yet there is a cohesion to the album that is incredible. "folklore" is definitely bringing a new kind of maturity to her sound. And her vocals have never sounded better.

- This is me trying5 star

I really love the sound of this album! Her last two albums were not really my favorites compared to her older albums, but this album feels more like her true sound. This is me trying is really incredible. Good job, Taylor!

- Album 8 excellence5 star

Amazing lyrics. Amazing production. Amazing vocals. Amazing transition in Taylor’s career.

- Best Album Ever5 star

This is just like a story telling and I’m just in love with it

- lyrical genius5 star

she is really showing off her genius writing with the lyrics to these songs!!

- GEEATNN5 star


- Awesome5 star

Taylor Swift work really hard in this album and I really do like it I like how it relates to her and probably other people in the world

- Nobody’s doing it like her5 star

miss swift never fails to amaze me

- One of her best albums!5 star

Sure, it’s a new sound, but it’s part of why I love her so much! She’s not an artist that stays in a bubble. She’s brilliant and her work is AMAZING! I have a few favorites on this album. Definitely worth the purchase!

- masterpice of work5 star

this is probably the best taylor album and one of the best in our generation, she really show how a artist is, keep making art no matter how many criticises shot got 10 out of 10

- Her Best5 star

I didn’t think she could outdo Red. She did.



- Wonderful5 star

Absolutely the best. As always.


Taylor Swift is amazing and this is one of my favorite albums from her!!!!! Love her!!!!! 😍😍😍

- More depth, less hype2 star

Why does anguish need to sound smooth and so squeaky clean? Where are the ‘real’ rough edges that make up life? There is nothing to say really regarding the standard forms and harmonies of these songs and texts, except that their uniqueness has been neutered by an over-produced slickness. Maybe a live recording, alone, would reveal the true character of this music.


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Jake728277 - Amazing5 star

Great new album, realllllly love listening to it!!💕💕

HeatherLassell - Best album yet!!5 star

I love every single song!

relapsemulti - i love taylor1 star

but i just didn’t like this album :(((

abbysus - yup 👍🏽5 star

yeah she made a masterpiece ... and what about it🤨🤨

betty the 13th - Best album to data5 star

Loved every second of it and i can’t stop playing it!!!

gsghjbcsfgg1989 - I love that there’s a kid friendly version5 star

Thank you making a child friendly version!!!!!! I’d give this album 10000000 stars if I could

Clairexoxo - This deserves a Grammy!5 star

All of the songs were beautifully written 😭🥺

Rkf33 - ❤️5 star


melvin the god - ....1 star


Nicholas72can - Love it!!5 star

Another amazing album and funny that she surprisingly released it the day Kanye was supposed to released his - oops!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Buttcoop countryside - Amazing!5 star

I love it! And happy there is a clean version, but it’s too bad it’s a dollar more. Seems unnecessary

Sw87j - Lovely5 star

A soul simply sharing her experiences inside and out, how lovely. Thank you, Taylor

morgangehringLoveDisney - love it5 star

I love it and you too Taylor Swift

salsendingareview - Taylor Swift - Always Something New and Amazing5 star

I love this album so far, so impressed and know the more I listen the more I will love, even though I thought I hit the limit each time. Clever lyrics. Love the black and white cover too!

Angela1212001 - 10/105 star

Wound recommend

SKMom75 - Disappointed! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻1 star

Definitely her worst album and won’t listen to it again!

mellow.reviewer - Perfect5 star

Here she goes again making an amazing album! She has been my favourite artist for a decade and I don’t think that’s going to change and time soon. I love you Taylor!

Sw0788 - She’s back!5 star

It’s reminds me of Taylor’s roots. So good bought the album ❤️

Angel1422 - Love it5 star

Love it

Iamanavocado.lit - So good5 star

I can't stop listening, it's 3 am now I cant sleep arghhhhhh xD Love you Taylor :3

Comindra - Yes5 star

She wrote it in such a short amount of time, and it was damn impressive!

hakdhjskdbfbbsj - Dying over here Taylor 💖💖5 star

I- this is just amazing.. I can’t- #Redvibes The album so good and well written!!

juliane20042019 - Back to her roots5 star

Okay, I admit I'm a total Swiftie, but TaylorSwift's new album Folklore is fabulous. I can relax to it, listen in the background. Feels like she’s back to her roots. Love.

cearad - Exile is a banger5 star

Exile- is a banger

Pejix Music Review - Enjoyable ....more mature quality songs4 star

Her music is definitely maturing in a very listenable way for older audiences.....her younger teenage fans may not be forgiving because this may mark a shift in maturity but this is a solid quality album from her

pruferguson - I needed this album.......5 star

Amazingly beautiful perspective...... Taylor has grown up and it shows in this album. Love love love all the songs but Exile is my favourite, hit such a raw note with me.

Acey007 - Moody and whimsical5 star

What a gem in his surprise album is! It is chill, and moody and whimsical and so easy to listen to! It’s a lovely space to escape to! ❤️

kaitlynyeeheeyoohoo - absolutely beautiful5 star

on repeat for days now

bbg mum aus - Lyrically So Beautiful5 star

Wonderful album, lyrically and vocally beautiful 💫

Jonnie_v - Taylor Swift can do anything5 star

The depth, precision and lyricism to this album is Taylor at her best. Have had it on repeat since it was released.

Jess WYX 2020 - The best thing happened in 20205 star

Taylor is so brilliant I loved all the songs in this album.

Britneyfan92 - Her best album lyrically5 star

To the person who said it sounded like mills in boon, the deep lyrics and hidden meaning clearly went over your head. It’s emotionally deeper and more poetic than any album she has done so far. Love it

Bibin BG - Bibdog5 star

Beautiful. So young, so talented. Kanye, sorry your much publicised nonsense release got delayed because of Swift action! 😂

JQ371 - Wake me when it’s over1 star

I thought I’d give this a listen. What a snoozefest. Nothing there to grab my attention.

ruby123457884 - Amazing5 star

Her best work yet. To be able to write so vividly about characters you make up and for when you listen to the songs to feel like you are in a movie is what the greatest of the greats do. The limited use of production really lets the lyrics speak to you. To be able to conquer Country, pop and now alternative is an amazing achievement. Very few can transition to multiple different genres and make it seem like they’ve mastered it already is very much adequate. One of, if not Taylors best work. Give’s off the vibe of you driving in a car with the windows down on a cloudy/rainy day. Album of 2020

Makeely - Oh Dear Not So Good1 star

I’m shocked that there is no pulse on this album. Lyrics are like reading from a mills and boom love novel. It’s really hard to by into this design. All the songs sound similar as well. Oh well sometimes things just dont appeal as much. Best of luck to her.

5555556657&51 - best album ever5 star

i love it so much

cargi09 - Boring1 star

This is honestly terrible! All the songs sound the same! Almost fell asleep after track 5

Vic & Pugs - Best artist ever!5 star

I absolutely love love LOVE the songs!

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zoe_grxce - Old Taylor is back!5 star

Love this!!! More like the old Taylor probably my favourite album of hers!! Wayyyy better then lover!

loser202 - Amazing5 star

Her best work.

BinuBeanieBaby - Clean version1 star

Very irritated to have paid £8.99 for an album with loads of expletives poorly edited out. iTunes should make it possible to switch version or at least have the original as the default. Otherwise a lovely album but those five songs are unlistenable with these weird jerks in the middle.

sirous n - Ok not great3 star

It’s a beautiful album and the lyrics are stunning but the second half of the album was just not amazing, it was too American, the love triangle theme that ran through the album just wasn’t appealing or interesting. Swift seams to be giving me “high school boring vibes” like not all of us are American and live that American suburban life I really don’t like a lot of the tracts and it’s not a patch on reputation too suburban American for me and a lot of the songs sound the same. Not her best 1989 was a,six game and this seams like a wannabe red, red btw is stunning and is her best album or rep

Edmund.P - Amazing album5 star

She’s always changing, can’t believe she’s gone from Max Martin to Aaron Desser but she shines with each one

Laur81629 - So gorgeous5 star

This is such a gorgeous album

ksosososo - stunning5 star

her best yet

ueewdu itxtusurdtodd - folklore5 star


kirsten giles - Her best work yet!5 star

Can’t get over how amazing this album is, 100 times better than any artist I’ve ever heard.

ryan_1999 - album of the year5 star


_r_y_a_n_ - her best album to date5 star

i love this.

jxms16 - Taylor Swift’s Best Work5 star


pariemarie - ethereal5 star

taylor has done it again, these beautifully haunting melodies paired with genius lyrics make a magical hour and 3 minutes ❤️

OlliePNo1 - Haunting5 star

I found this on iTunes earlier and I was a bit sceptical at first as the album cover did not look typical Taylor joyful style. I listened to a few songs and this is a beautiful new side of her. The tune is haunting and beautiful and something I have not heard from her before. I would definitely recommend it even though I was unsure at first.

Lmfaosick1 - Amazing5 star

I love this I feel like it has a mixture of all Taylor’s - Betty felt like I was transported back to the fearless era. Absolutely love love this album feels like a matured Taylor and I’m here for it! Been listening to her since I was 15, 23 now and she still amazes me.

🦋💖 - Taylor always serves!!!5 star

Ive loved Taylor for years. No matter what genre her album is she always delivers. An incredible album💜


the production and lyrical content is so magical that it gives you nostalgia and peace at the same time , but when you dig deeper to the lyrics every track gives you a story. Let us also recognize the mixing of the layers of sound used in this album . A MASTERPIECE.

Jheysee - Taylor Swift lang Malakas5 star


cianna mercadejas - album of the year ✊5 star


jppahimnayan - Best Album so far5 star

Lyrically her best ooof

Reynald❤️ - Folklore5 star

It very touching

Aingell28 - Beautiful album5 star

This is one of the best albums of Taylor Swift and this just is one of the many proofs that she can make music whatever the genre (and that what other artists should do, explore). XOXO

gwdzn - AOTY WORTHY5 star

The AOTD never disappoints!!!

tala022 - I love it!!5 star

Best purchased eveeeerrrr🥰

vinxera - Super Nostalgic 😍😍5 star

Here to support folklore❤️💕

09122423248Azi - folklore5 star

best thing happened in 2020. stay stay! 💟

Shadowlord07 - SURPRISE ALBUM5 star


Imannabela - folklore5 star

This is another breakthrough for Taylor! I swear! Every lyric is well written and tunes are so dramatically composed. I'm so proud of her! Alwayssss! ❤️

Karla_Mikaela - 💗5 star


daniel pays - masterpiece5 star

this is a masterpiece

filoswiftie28 - groundbreaking5 star

artist of our generation no doubt

Kate #SaveAngkas - masterpiece5 star


crackerjackermizz - MASTERPICE !!5 star

Put it on the louvre or sumnnn. 🍃🌿🍂𝒇𝒐𝒍𝒌𝒍𝒐𝒓𝒆🍂🌿🍃

pcjamero - Masterpiece5 star


jhamiguel - This is a masterpiece.5 star

Every album that Taylor puts out just gets better and better everytime. That woman is a genius. I'll forever have love and respect for her.

jeophardy - Lyrics are pieces of arts!5 star

I love this album. It brought love and nostalgia and brokenness and moving on and memories and childhood.

its_ravenbparker - Perfect5 star

Taylor saves 2020😌💙

benjie swift - lyrical masterpiece5 star

i love you

Trixtha - taylor at its finest5 star

Taylor made a wonderfully written album with melodies, vocals so strong that will make you just lie in bed with your cardigan wrapped around you and just peacefully vibe with it in this time where we are all in quarantine

Anharte - A Masterpiece5 star

An album where all the songs are connected and her song writing is just pure Genius 👑

Jetson Bantang - BEST LYRICAL CONTENT5 star

One of the best album that was released this year!! Hoping for the bonus track to be as good as the other songs on this album ❤️

allana nicole - taylor’s best5 star

I love my pop but indie folk will forever win in my heart!! OLD TAYLOR IS BACK!!!

nzlrzm - AWESOME!!!!!5 star

This is the first time i purchased Taylor Swift songs!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

mi1993mi - AOTY wbk5 star

great album

jaaameesss - 🤍🤍🤍5 star


JCharcks - Perfect!5 star

It is the best TS album ever.

B-B-V - Folklore5 star

This is the best song that I’ve ever heard. This album is so meaning full and so good to listen many times

justmekencan - Absolute Perfection5 star

ADD TO CART 💕 follow me on Ig @kennycanny

pandaesu - love5 star

this was so good

reymonddgm - MASTERPIECE!5 star

it’s incredible how taylor swift can switch genres and still make great albums. her best album yet!



Joerena Marie - MASTERPIECE ♥️♥️♥️5 star


greatmxsterferm - ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!5 star

No question asked!

MATHTAMPUS - Grammy winner for me!5 star

awesome awesome album!

johncabales13 - New sound5 star


Caseyxnxx - Perfect5 star

Alternative fits her so much. Loving the entire album million times! 😘❤️❤️❤️

raizeleanor - Genius. Overflowing.5 star

I just want to be enveloped in her songs.


this is the most powerful lyrical alternative indie-folk album that’s ever made that took the internet by storm!!!

cniquo - HER BEST ALBUM5 star

Her versatility of her art is proven by this. I am proud for her. I am lucky to witness her greatness, and her legacy that will be written in books. More power 💗

Bsinsiwikwosbdhhwbs - I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MUSIC5 star


karencindercute - A literal MASTERPIECE5 star

Everything is just PERFECTION.

NilsSjöberg:/ - SO UNREAL!!5 star

It’s a perfectly crafted masterpiece❤️❤️❤️

SashiNoda - Amazing5 star

This is so amazing to hear and so new from her. Perfect at this time! ❤️❤️❤️

Lokiswift - Hauntingly Beautiful5 star

This album shows Taylor Swift’s songwriting prowess!

eraisonfire2213 - SAVED 20205 star

Taylor Swift saved 2020 period.

DukePhilotes - PERFECTION5 star

the finest off of quarantine

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Folklore Wiki

Folklore is the expressive body of culture shared by a particular group of people; it encompasses the traditions common to that culture, subculture or group. These include oral traditions such as tales, proverbs and jokes. They include material culture, ranging from traditional building styles to handmade toys common to the group. Folklore also includes customary lore, the forms and rituals of celebrations such as Christmas and weddings, folk dances and initiation rites. Each one of these, either singly or in combination, is considered a folklore artifact. Just as essential as the form, folklore also encompasses the transmission of these artifacts from one region to another or from one generation to the next. Folklore is not something one can typically gain in a formal school curriculum or study in the fine arts. Instead, these traditions are passed along informally from one individual to another either through verbal instruction or demonstration. The academic study of folklore is called folklore studies or folkloristics, and it can be explored at undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. levels.

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