Taylor Swift - Folklore

About Folklore by Taylor Swift Album

folklore is the 8th studio album by Taylor Swift, released on 24 July 2020 through Republic Records. It was released 11 months after her 7th studio album Lover (2019) and conceived in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Swift announced the surprise album on social media less than 24 hours before its release. Much of the album was produced and co-written by Aaron Dessner of The National, with past collaborator Jack Antonoff also contributing to multiple tracks.

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Folklore (Taylor Swift) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:30
2. 3:59
3. 3:50
4. 4:45
5. 4:15
6. 3:28
7. 3:28
8. 4:21
9. 3:15
10. 3:10
11. 4:12
12. 3:57
13. 4:49
14. 4:54
15. 3:54
16. 3:40

Taylor Swift - Folklore Album Comments

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Folklore [Taylor Swift] Album Reviews

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- Love it5 star

Great album! Taylor is so very talented.

- Perfection5 star

She makes the best music, gets better very single time

- Beautiful5 star

This is Taylor Swifts best album to date.

- Amazing5 star

i find this album in my every mood.one of the best.🌹♥️♥️♥️

- 🧠OBSESSED🧠5 star

I’ve waited for something like this for so long!

- Amazing5 star

Your last album helped during a hard time when my mom died. I ran to your music everyday. This album is amazing. During a time being home (I have 3 little boys) I find I put you on and just run. You are so talented and so amazing. I’m 37 and love your music, you really help me during hard times, thankyou!

- Incredible!5 star

10/10 would recommend to my alternative genre loving friends

- Mystical / storytelling5 star

Swift has lyrically proven herself (again) as a true artist. Folklore is a must listen and all around timeless masterpiece.

- the 15 star

Pain is real no matter the 1! 🔥🙀

- Pure Calm!5 star

Many people keep saying that every song on this album sounds the same. It absolutely does not! Keep listening to it and you’ll understand that it’s exactly the tone that’s needed right now. I have played this album a thousand times and it never gets old. Much like 1989, this will always be a timeless album to play for years to come. I love every album she’s ever created but the way 2020 has been, this is such a calming escape from reality and I love every bit of it! ❤️

- Not my type2 star

The whole album sounds the same to me. I use to be a huge fan of Taylor before, but after Reputation, everything sounds the same to me. Idk, just my opinion.

- Reflective, relaxing, calm5 star

A great album reflective of our current, tumultuous time. I really like that nature is a major theme. The work she has created during isolation has inspired me to be more creative--to use this long pause to make something worthwhile.

- best album ever5 star

Taylor Swift is lyrical genius. She has such a gift. Can’t stop listing to this album

- LOVED5 star

I’m not much of a Taylor Swift fan, but this album brought back memories I didn’t think I had. 10/10 would recommend this album.

- A complete and admirable DIY effort.4 star

Take this album for what it is: Taylor was stuck in quarantine during this pandemic and decided to write an album. This album is entirely hers. It was made without a label, produced my just her and few of her friends, released out of nowhere without any kind of promotion, marketing, or single. Hell, the album cover just looks like a picture she took of herself in her backyard. This seems to be the first Taylor Swift album that allowed Swift to be herself, in that it doesn’t seem like an act. She’s not trying to spread or create drama or try to be some Queen of Pop. I’ll admit: It’s kinda boring and slow-ish at times; I feel older fans of hers might be disappointed. But it’s most timeless Taylor, and it’s the realest Taylor.

- So calming. Well done.5 star

I really like this album. It’s not at all a manufactured sounding pop album. Amazing job

- No!3 star

I wish Taylor Swift can go back to Country Music again. I hope Taylor Swift sees my review.

- Different for TS, but a GOOD different.5 star

Taylor can apparently nail every genre she tries. Nicely-written, intricate collection of songs that reach back to her country roots, but add a nice, fresh folk sound; however, still staying true to the narratively-focused songwriting that makes us all love Taylor. Well done, Tay! Thank you for another masterpiece. 🙏🏼🤗🤩


This is easily her best album to date. You can tell she put her whole heart and soul into it and that sense of emotion really comes through in every one of the songs. The mellowness makes it so relaxing but also SOOO raw and you can feel the pain and soul of Taylor and the other characters she has written from the perspective of. The hidden love triangle of cardigan, august, and betty: genius. I love everything about this album and CANNOT stop listening to it!!!! 11/10

- Love the album!❤️❤️❤️👍4 star

It would have gotten a 5 star rating if Bon Iver wasn’t featured in one of the songs.

- her best work and it’s HER work5 star

she’s constantly an inspiration and this album alone continues to prove how skillful she is. to excel and dive deep into something as complex and intricate as emotions, she truly captivated her empathy and storytelling capabilities through this folklore of an album😍 I mean it when I say it, folklore is Taylor Swift, it’s her and it’s all owned by her.

- I love her again!5 star

The best she has done since Red.

- I miss the old Taylor1 star

Every single album since 1989 has been a major let down. I miss her old stuff. I liked her upbeat danceable songs, not these slow songs that put me to bed crap.

- Elegant5 star

Masterful song writing. Great sound switch. Timeless. Thanks, Taylor!

- Best work yet!5 star

Switching to the alt genre and focusing on her lyrics vs pop hits has done her well. This is her most adult work to date and definitely my favorite album. It shows she is growing with her fans who have been listening to her music for nearly 15 years. Anyone complaining about the cuss words needs to get over it and just buy the clean version or nothing at all. No need to give a bad review because you’re offended. News flash, a lot of adults swear and Taylor is an adult.


This album is very different yet still Taylor. I love how she keeps changing her music and it’s still SOOO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING. I can’t express how love I have for Taylor😭💜😭💜

- Meh1 star

Not my favorite but i kinda like it

- No1 star


- Garbage1 star

Don’t listen. Stay away

- MY FAV ALBUM5 star

This is the best Taylor Swift album ever. I love it😇

- Our girl is back5 star

Way better then her last 2 albums. Songs are slow but each has its own tune. Sooo good!! I’ve been waiting for this for years! Ray tats back!

- Boring1 star


- Thank you5 star

Such a gift during these difficult times. Have been listening on repeat!

- ❤️❤️❤️4 star

Love it😍 but most songs 🎶 are slow 🐢. But great!

- This album is gorgeous!5 star

I love this album! It beautiful both lyrically and sound wise. This entire album gives a nostalgic feel. I’m obsessed! My favorites are seven, exile, cardigan, and peace.

- Love it5 star

Although I love her pop/angry get even music this is a slower more singer songwriter vibe and I’m loving it. The lyrics are beautiful written. Another hit for Miss Swift!!

- folklore5 star

amazing, period.

- Taylor’s magnum opus5 star

Folklore is without a doubt Taylor’s masterpiece. The songwriting and storytelling is so intricate and yet so straightforward without coming across as pretentious. It is also her most musically cohesive album sin Fearless. Personal favorites are “my tears ricochet”, “exile”, and “illicit affairs”.

- LOVE5 star

she’s an amazing writer. Obsessed with every song and love the stories they tell. I feel so connected with the lyrics and music just like back in the day listening to FEARLESS in high school. Love you Taylor!

- Wonderstruck!!5 star

First time I listened to it, I said that all songs sound similar, but second time, I really enjoy it more and since then, I haven’t stop listening to it... it’s so good, and so relaxing! Betty is my favorite from the beginning... This album is just marvelous!!!!!

- Dumb!5 star

What a bunch of dumb responses! Probably the Trump cult! Notice how they love to drop their hate everywhere? Taylor outdid herself again and she did it perfectly! No one can touch this woman!

- Worst Taylor Album4 star

Favorite artist. Worst album of hers. Still better than most music being released recently. All slow songs. I like when their is a variety. I need some pump up songs mixed in there

- her best album yet5 star

I’ve been a fan since the beginning when I first heard Teardrops On My Guitar. Her 4th album, Red, was my favorite for so long. The lyrics hit me so personally that I didn’t ever think the album could be topped. Then Folklore came and I haven’t stopped listening. I’ve grown up with Taylor through her music. She never disappoints with her storytelling and her ability to make you feel things. Truly her best work yet.

- WowI If this is quarantine...... Let me stay in forever.5 star

Folklore is something special and different from Tay-Tay........And I love it.......Can't wait for the re-release of the earlier albums........ because if you write it, sing it, and arrange it, you have every right to own it!!!!!!

- Taylor’s new album!4 star

I have listened to the whole album. I think it’s got a unique sound that I like. I’ll be getting this album for sure when it comes out.

- Album Of The Year5 star

I haven’t heard such a beautiful & meaningful album like this before there is definitely no skip track on this album i love every single one of them, I am giving this album 5/5 stars ❤️ because it deserves more than that. Thank you Taylor Swift for blessing our souls with you music again! 😘

- Floaty Vibes5 star

And I’m here for it :)

- Boring1 star

Everything song sounds the same😟

- l o v e l y5 star


- A real queen 👑5 star

Taylor is a real queen! Her music is better than anything plastic beyonce ever put out. Taylor writes her music unlike strong neck bey.


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ash2697 - Beautiful5 star

I lost interest in Taylor Swift after her Red album but she has found my heart again with this album. ❤️🥰

Alvin James P Oogak - FIVESTAR5 star

Great album to listen FIVESTAR 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Ineedabetternamee - Stunning album.5 star

This album is stunning. I’m not a fan of Taylor’s but I can easily say that this is one of her best works yet. I think I love it more than Lover and that’s saying something. I’m going to listen to this on repeat throughout the whole fall.

Minecraftlover❤️ - amazing5 star

taylor is so so talented and works so hard i adore her ! and her song writing skills are absolutely amazing :)

HeatherLassell - Best album!!!5 star

This is one of her best albums to date! ❤️

briarnicolexx - 11/105 star

She’s done it again folks. Another killer album!!!

ang love fried chicken - too1 star


Musiclover💜 - Amazing5 star

Love the new sound

Kate Wearingttin - great5 star

i loved them all

egidio12345678 - Yes5 star

Beautiful I think it’s her best album ever...

musicisart - Stunning Album5 star

"Invisible String" is a highlight; evokative and powerful. "Exile", "August" and "Mad Woman" are all standouts, but this is a true album meant to be experienced as a whole, it unfolds like a dreamy summer narrative (but one with substance). The more you listen, the better it gets.

lianimal1978 - 🥰🥰🥰5 star

The songs I danced to at my wedding were the National I Need My Girl and Taylor Swift The Best Day. When I heard this was dropping I was ecstatic! And when it did drop, I was not disappointed. 😍😍😍

𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙡𝙤𝙤𝙤 ツ - Bad1 star


ARANICOLEEE - one of her best albums5 star

If you're looking for a happy and pop album, this is definitely not for you. This album is mellow and care-free. It's the type of album you'd want to listen to while you walk your dog in the park or watch the sunset with your loved ones. Ms Swift, you've done it again. Stream folklore 🥰

heickega567 - Truly a gift5 star

This album is exceptional. Taylor has a unique talent to convey such real and relatable emotions through each song. This surprise album is truly a gift! This album manages to feel fresh while still feeling like Taylor. It is an album that you will like the more you listen to, and the more you let the lyrics sink in. Your favourite song will change each day, and every single song will be your favourite at some point. She does it again!!

speeeed deeeemon - Folklore1 star


purple_sky2014 - Incredible Album5 star

This is an amazing album. Those reviewers who gave this album less than 5 stars really don’t know anything about music. They are pop lovers who like the beat of the song which Taylor had great melodies especially with 1989 and Lover. However this album is stripped down so that you are forced to listen to the lyrics. I was a bigger fan of her country releases with “Taylor Swift”, “Fearless”, “Red” and “Speak Now”. This album goes back to her roots. This not exactly country but more indie folk which is a sub genre of country. It is reminiscent of her older material. “Betty” is the standout track that is my favourite that is very similar to her song “Fifteen” from the “Fearless” album. This is my favourite album of all of her 8 albums other than very debut album. Give this album a listen. If you are not used to her sound give it one, two or three more listens and it will grow on you. I am a country fanatic so I loved this album right away. It has touches of country which I missed most about Taylor’s music. Taylor always goes into making album trying to make it sound different than her previous albums and she succeeded. This is a new genre for Taylor and it suits her.

Mr wolf1234 - LOVE!5 star


12krissymariee - Album of the DECADE5 star

This is the album I’ve been waiting for since Red....I just didn’t expect it to be this perfect

Maddiek13 - Five stars5 star

With ever album Taylor Swift writes she outdoes her previous work. Folklore is no exception.

mabelstewart1982 - Soul-wrenching, beautiful album5 star

It’s taken 3 days to process this album and truly appreciate its depth and lyrical impact. Each time I listen to this album I love it more and more. Some songs (ephphany, exile) make me cry, others (August, seven) provide such vivid imagery I feel like it’s my own memory. The lyrics are amazing; they take you out of your own place and transport you somewhere else. Folklore is the best album she’s done to date and I would put it as one of my favourites of all time. I bought it even tho I have Apple Music.

supareader1234 - Taylor changed1 star


protato123 - Cardigan4 star

cardigan backyardigan

top40hub - Overall5 star


reading_ Enthusiast - Amazing!!!!5 star

I absolutely love this album to bits. Taylor amazes me every time.

genevievebellerive - A masterpiece!5 star

Such a wonderful album! Can we talk about the lyrics? She's genius!

rapfarmer22 - Taylor strikes again5 star

I have always thought that Taylor sings a little flat. This album changed my opinion. The songwriting is A+, and the songs are moving and soulful. Not one bad song on the album. I am now proud to call myself a Taylor Swift fan.

Eckerr - Beautifully done5 star

Every single song is playing in my head on repeat. Love every song. Perfect summer album. What a wonderful 2020 surprise

helejdkfhc - Wow5 star

I mean, just wow

Gareth Thornhill - Sorry Taylor1 star

Just sampled the Album. Come On Taylor get back to the 1989 Style. Taylor try Hip-Hop. This album totaly Sucks. Garbage. Gareth Thornhill G-DOGG!!!

eyeroll101 - Harks back to Original TS5 star

Don’t listen to the negative reviews, they obliviously can’t find the depth and complexity of this music. Each song tells a story, whether historically like with “The Last Great American Dynasty” or her personal experiences in quarantine. It harks back to the original Taylor Swift many of us grew up. I’m so happy to see an alternative album from her! She’s such a diverse artist, which is refreshing from tot her artists that stay in their niche. Thank you for this Taylor!

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie - Just pure artistry5 star


Cajmartin123 - Perfection5 star

There’s not one skip song

_zo3.___ - unique and beautiful5 star

I can’t stop listening to this album, it’s very different and unique and has a whole new atmosphere which can take you to its own world and telling you stories , I just love it , love the lyrics , her voice and everything about this album is lovely. I love seven and august and cardigan more than others but all are amazing!! she always inspires me by her intelligence

itsnotneanthony - Amazing5 star

Somehow, she made a better album??? This girl is something else...

palevaaaaa - Best surprise ever5 star

Everyone that says this wasn’t a good album listens to lil pump💀

Nicklefritz - This one’s for the naysayers5 star

I was always on the fence with Taylor Swift. Her public life always made me roll my eyes, making it hard for me to enjoy her music. But if Lover made me come around, folklore has turned me into a complete convert. Always a talented songwriter, Taylor’s skill with words shines like a star in Southern sky. Not entirely pop but not Alternative in the extreme, folklore is a mellow, introspective and shockingly somber effort from a woman who truly deserves her place in the music world. Not only because she’s the best at what she does, but because she doesn’t need the promotional machine which backs so many of her contemporaries to deliver a new classic.

mik0002 - Breathtakingly Beautiful5 star

No, this isn’t like previous albums. In my opinion it’s one of her best. Beautiful lyrics will whisk you into a lovely daydream. It’s not energetic or dancing music but it captures the emotion that a lot of mainstream music is missing. It may not be what you’re used to but give it a chance.

carlastyles19 - a lyrical fantasy5 star

The songwriting and storytelling is immaculate; beautifully complemented with her soothing vocals. A perfect sweater-weather, autumny (while in lockdown) album. game changer for her!!

selena+gomez=best ever - Beautiful5 star

Wow speechless

metalllik - Well....4 star

Typical Taylor, no one can stop her

CS Cookie Lover - fall vibes🍂5 star

I love this album with my whole heart! The lyrics are some of her best !!!

LNMK7 - amazing!!5 star

this album is so beautiful, and I love how it focuses on her voice. it’s so angelic and peaceful!!

Josh.steven - variettyyyy5 star

taylor’s discog has such great variety. we love to see it🙈🙈

T-Swifty13 - 10/105 star

She’s so diverse as an artist and challenges herself to new genres and then exceeds expectations. I love the concept behind this album and her song writing is exceptional.

emilie0208 - Speechless5 star

Incredibly mesmerized by this album. It’s been on repeat since it was released. Amazing.

philippeberube - Surprenant!5 star

Une très belle surprise de Taylor!

Fanty 1979 - So Boring1 star

She lost all the life. This album is so boring. Just like everything these days. No one has any idea? I miss the eighties with real fun music.

Natinurdreams - Not the best1 star

I don’t like any of these songs

Mckaseylickman - The One5 star

This is everything I’ve been waiting for since I was a fan at the age of 13. Just brilliant.

alyce.. - 10/10 album - cohesive quarantine masterpiece5 star

Storytelling is at the forefront and this album perfectly shows off her skill

Ally Rasmussen - Vibeing5 star

Grab a bottle of wine and sit in the tub with this album 🍷

Pinkie 28 - Incredible5 star

This album is exactly what the world needs right now. It’s refreshing change of pace suites the isolation with a peaceful mood and joyous lyrics.

courtnuey - magnetic4 star

v nioce. don’t like taylor usually but this is niccee. august is a magical song!

I'm Linda - Grew On Me5 star

At first I didn’t like it much because I prefer pop Taylor. But, after listening to it a few times and focusing on the lyrics, this album proves she is an amazing lyricist. This album isn’t for the the hits, it’s for people who pay attention to the lyrics and can appreciate real talent.

Yukle - A successor to Red5 star

This is right up with 1989 as Tay Tay’s best. It’s a lot like Red, in that it has elements of country and rock to it, with a bigger emphasis on the latter. Invisible string is possibly her best song yet.

hennessy101 - Poor1 star


mantezza - A dive in to the mind of Taylor5 star

Great album. It gives an insight in the mind of Taylor and the journey of who she is.

shaz_lea - Lovely4 star

Took me several listens but it’s now grabbed me. I really like it.

Marissa179371542793927 - Taylor Swift shows her vulnerable side with this raw album5 star

Absolutely brilliant. This album is so much better than I thought it would be. It’s Taylor Swift at her best; raw and vulnerable. Her lyrics and song writing ability is far beyond her years. Exile is hauntingly beautiful and constantly on repeat. The 1 is nostalgically thought provoking. I could go on... This isn’t a Taylor Pop album; but give it a chance. You see a completely different side to her and I just think it’s song writing and performance at her absolute best. Five amazing stars.

Daisybaby010 - Her best work yet5 star

So calming, so inventive, loving this whole album.

cassimus prime 🧼 - 10/10 would recommend5 star

Taylor, I love the album. The aesthetic is top notch. Haven’t listened to yet BUT I know I’ll love it. I hope your having a great week. Love y’all.

kkkkkkkkeeeeeen - Gorgeous masterpiece! 🌟5 star

Deserves every award it’s going to hopefully receive.

Pejix Music Review - Enjoyable4 star

Her music is definitely maturing in a very listenable way for older audiences.....her younger teenage fans may not be forgiving because this may mark a shift in maturity but this is a solid quality album from her

RJ74 - Genius5 star

This L.P helped me on my journey regarding mental illness. THANK YOU. 😘

stay beautiful 😊 - stunning5 star

this album is beautiful and stunning. The lyrics and storytelling are perfect and emotional, if you like music with meaning. unlike what is popular these days - this album is for you.

9619samo - sad2 star

While some of the lyrics are good, and I've got to give taylor credit for doing a whole album, after less than a year realeasing 'Lover' 'Folklore' just makes the listener sad and after so many songs, there is a lack of sonic diversity.

funktronic - Perfect Album5 star

Have had it on repeat since it came out. Simply stunning, the lyrics, story telling and melodies. Album of the year!

Stysoe - Amazing5 star

Can’t stop listening.

Siena Sommadossi - Folkore album5 star

This is the best album ever!!!!!!! I love Taylor swift she is my idol forever By Siena

Sarzzzzzza - Folklore5 star

Her best album yet, this is music she was made to make.

MHA_fan - Mmm4 star

It’s good but I have seen better form her.

Madboy11 - Surprisingly Good5 star

I’m no Taylor Swift fan, in fact I don’t like her music but this album is surprisingly good

Caroline_Mac - Different direction5 star

A gorgeous offering - love it!

aRandomGurl16 - ♡5 star

Absolutely incredible I have been listening to this on repeat, this album is so beautiful and different, I love it so much ♡

Kliese, K - Absolutely FUCKING amazing5 star

I never knew I needed this album. I was up in the middle of the night waiting for one direction reunion news and taylor posted this and I thought I was dreaming from my lack of sleep. #betty is such a good song

dariadotcom - Stunning album5 star

I’ve been listening to this album over and over. It’s so different to her previous work. Beautiful lyrics, soft tunes and a chilled out vibe. Honestly listening to this album is pure escapism, I drift off to another world, caught up in her lyrics... Highly recommend. My favourite album that she’s released so far.

Issy_lou - Isabelle5 star

An amazing masterpiece, made during a global pandemic. This album lives to prove there’s still magic and art in the music industry.

Born to swing - Boring1 star

Not T Swift at all

deltagoodremfan86 - Excellent Album5 star

An excellent album from the beautiful Taylor Swift.

😊😊😊😆😆😆 - lovely5 star

something I needed that I never knew I would.. genius artistry at work... I adore

Ozisobe - Taylor at the Piano5 star

This album is simply stunning, stripped back musical and lyrical genius ... our girl has grown up

MorgaaanAnne. - A wonderful collection of poems and tunes5 star

This album is for romantic intellectuals, great album! I can’t stop listening, listen with ear phones in and enjoy the soft vibes. It’s exactly what I expected from the album art, and what I needed. Thank you Taylor

Richelle Chantelle Zooooo - exactly what I needed5 star

I don’t know how Taylor does it, but she creates music that coincides with my life. This is exactly what I needed at the moment. Thank you

beccallp - Best one yet5 star

Favourite album yet - not the usual swift vibes we’re use to but I’m loving it!

♥️Janet - Poetic Brillance5 star

Taylor really can’t write a bad song. This is by far her best work. It is so beautiful, whimsical and certainly cements herself as one of the best story tellers and musicians of our time. Thank you Taylor for making 2020 bearable.

Loren1313 - Mind blown5 star

Pure genius. Gets better with every listen. Her best album yet and the album we didn't know we needed.

Suz3995 - It’s a nope from me...1 star

Only song I downloaded was The last great American Dynasty. I like the beat. I like her as a country artist not this style.

I & S - HER BEST ALBUM5 star

so good. i’ve been listening to just this album for the past 4 days. betty, the last great american dynasty and invisible string are amazing

kaitlynyeeheeyoohoo - my favourite album5 star

so beautiful, astonishing lyrical masterpiece. it’s one of my favourites to ever come from Taylor. some people may enjoy her pop or country music more but I am definitely here for her alternative/indie style of music as well. has mentally healed so many people and been such a source of comfort for me. thank you Taylor, thank you for this

Honnie Singh - Always the best T.S5 star

Loved it 💯❤️

Blair.Carey - Best release this year!5 star

Love this new album! Everything about it is 10/10. Swift has done it again!

hhaydogg - AmaZing5 star

And Taylor and yet again do anything. This truely shows how amazing her songwriting is

13Rosie - Just what I needed5 star

This album is so calming. Even though the majority of the subject matter is sad and bittersweet, the peace and acceptance of those times, depicted in Taylor’s lyrics and melodies, allows me to be at peace with the constant worries and sadness I sometimes feel with life.

Jonnie_v - Sensational, marvellous, moving.5 star

Can’t stop listening.

Caitlin._.a - A lyrical Masterpiece5 star

This album is a storytellers fantasy! Lyrically, it is exquisite and there is so much heart and soul in this album! The nuances between the songs is exceptional. This album is certainly a journey I will be taking as many times as I can. Great work Taylor!

beccstar - Brilliant5 star

I hope Taylor Swift gets bored more often - this album is brilliantly different! Loving it, cannot pick a fav song yet

Jecintajess14 - Poetic5 star

This album is such a breath of fresh air. It’s different for Taylor yet keeping the same expectations of change. She is proving how poetic she is. That life isn’t simple and everyone has different dreams 😍

murder2themind - A Light in a Dark Album5 star

This album is the light in the darkness of COVID. And also to those who are saying this album is a snooze-fest or she’s over ... sorry to break this to you, but this album got recognised heavily with widespread acclaim. Why? Because she has done something way more unique and different. Understandable if you don’t like it because you’re used to reputation or 1989 vibes. But that doesn’t give you the right to shame this album, like if you actually gave it a go then you’ll get why so many hardcore fans like myself loves this album. It has meaning, a message. And the instrumentals? Way cleaner. Give it a go, you just need to understand that this is a whole new Taylor Swift. She’s envolving.

wondereyedrive - How?5 star

She just keeps doing it. I don’t know how, but she does. And all I can do is thank her. Thank you Taylor Swift.

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Lucuser - Amazing !!5 star

Beautiful sound!

Srosiee - Amazing!!5 star

I’ve listened to it on repeat for days and I love every single song in the album <3

Rebel 45 - Taylor Swift at her brilliant best - Superb doesn’t do it justice5 star

Taylor Swift has been very talented since she burst onto the Country scene in my opinion, and matured very quickly. She made the deservedly successful transition into Pop music, and has now matured even further in my opinion. I love this album - she has shown again that she could be brilliant in any genre she chooses, and the arrangement in some of these tracks is just sublime. I don’t know how she can follow this, but I’m sure she will, for many years to come. Just superb, and nice to see that she’s willing to burst out of her comfort zones - her best work yet. Well done Taylor Swift - thank you

huntleyyyy - beauty in a album5 star

this is just so beautiful

Caz1516 - Amazing5 star

Love this album! A different sound from the other albums/songs, but its a fantabulous album regardless and i even purchased my own Taylor ‘Cardigan’ off her site🤣😁. Hope to see Taylor live again soon!! 🤞😍

pepples44 - Taylor swift5 star

Love this album a very different Taylor swift. Most music is written about make ups breakups and personal experiences how else would you write good music from The heart ?

BaltimoreRavens1 - Epic Triumph4 star

This album is quality and a fresh sound from swift that works well. While the album is not all consistent it has some very enjoyable sounds. My personal favourites are the 1 and exile.

vpissedoff. - Wow5 star

Didn't love it instantly but once you sit and really listen to the lyrics it gets better with each listen, just brilliant.

Dave 'The Garden' - Sublime Album5 star

Every so often an album comes along with a series of strong tracks and this is true of folklore. This is a quality record with many stand out songs and an album that is on repeat and that hasn’t happened for a long time. Taylor deserves the accolades because this work is superb. Dave The Garden (And I’m a Jam fan for gods sake!).

Seaneeee - Wonderful and inspirational5 star

My 14 year old daughter introduced me to this album. TS not my kind of music before I am an old indie boy but happy that she liked such a strong positive talented female artist. A long car journey and letting her play her new Taylor Swift album and I am now addicted. Reading through the few 1 star reviews there is no doubt they are people who have never listened to the album and with v strange views and just hate fact that a young woman is making such a difference.

CJ loves tattoos - Take my money, US Billboard #1👑5 star

Queen, she’s unstoppable!

Nor Heavin - TS5 star

This LADY is UNREAL, love TAYLOR her interpretation of life and still so young WOW ✌️❤️🎶🇮🇪🇮🇪👍RESPECT. Regards NIALL ❤️. This album is truly brilliant, big up to Aaron from the mighty NATIONAL, the influence can be heard ✌️❤️🇮🇪

Shdhdhhchsjsjaoqosodj - no words5 star

i can't explain how perfect this album is. so without a doubt, 5 stars chile

r908765 - Beautiful5 star

Taylor at her best

Wagwan 69 - Boring1 star

Boring af

tomister1999 - Beautiful5 star

Her best work yet

leuigacng - folklore5 star

Folklore is really good and I like the country side to it, before this I wasn't into country and now I am, thanks Taylor, love it!

xMus3icPilgrimx - One of my new favourite albums5 star

An absolutely stunning album that takes you on such a journey. Its power to make you feel is overwhelming. A wonderful gift in lockdown from Taylor

H&M101 - A Masterpiece!5 star

Taylor has only gone and produced another GREAT album! Taylor has yet again proved why she is this generations greatest song writer. I love you T-Swift! ❤️

Shhooooopshooop - Thanks Hun, August is so good.5 star

Hun. What a album hun. Very good Hun, thanks Hun, made my day Hun.

Ori_lubi - Thank you Taylor!5 star

Amazing! The complete album, every song is better than the last. I love how I could listen to this album for any occasion. The melodies are consistent throughout the songs which I think is fantastic. Her best album ever. Thank you Taylor for wringing this treasure.

fbdgbh - 🤷🏼‍♀️3 star

All the songs are all slow where’s the fast cheerful ones?

Stop Theif - Robbery - Money Grab ..!!1 star

This album was £8.99 on 30/07 - no change in content and it has gone up in price to £10.99 the next day 31/07 !! Apple says they don’t set the pricing so Taylor Swift or her management are making a money grab as the album has become popular ... Nice way to treat your fans and parents of your fans very very underhanded - I am happy to pay an artist for their work but to do this with no change in content is just pure exploitation..!!

Amjslj117 - No!2 star

Bland! As usual!👎

revieweroncé - folkbore?3 star

there is no denying taylor swift is a great storyteller. she has always been so descriptive, emotive and open. however, a lot of this album would fare better in a novella, or a book of poems. as SONGS, they aren’t the most enjoyable to listen to. the production isn’t encapsulating or engaging enough to warrant replay value, and the lyrics are quite a chore to listen to, let alone learn, particularly in the time period we are currently in. i appreciate the stories, but as music - this isnt the easiest album to listen to.

kikilouz - Amazing5 star

Do your thing girl I love this 💜💙🤍

cosmicmoonn - One word..WOW5 star

Fantastic album! Taylor’s absolute best album yet

a_non23 - Wow5 star

Literally wow.

Nina_258 - Her magnum opus5 star



This album is EVERYTHING. It really feels like October in July while listening to this masterpiece of an album we call Folklore. Taylor Swift did it again... but when hasn't she? This is amazing.

RoastyPotat - Absolutely soul capturing and a lyrical wonder5 star

To everyone saying it is boring, you have obviously just listened for a beat or a ‘bop’, if you sit with your headphones in and listen to the music you will find how captivating it is and the story you get drawn into with her lyrics. To everyone saying it sounds the same, you are probably used to pop melodies and now that you’re hearing an album mostly made of piano or guitar you just take that as it sounding the same when really the melody is created through those instruments and her voice makes these songs more interesting than ever. And although the production can be minimal, it adds to her voice, making you focus on the story and the way she sings it, fully bringing you into the emotions. This album is a timeless masterpiece with capturing lyricism, dreamy and interesting production, and a whole cohesiveness which brings you into a world of storytelling and characters. Swift has created characters throughout this album or used people from real life (such as her previous Rhode Island home owner) to create compelling stories and used multiple perspectives shown through different songs to help you piece together what each character is feeling. I cannot praise this album enough. 10/10

Helloandy888 - Best album of the decade5 star

Let me open this up by saying I’m an admirer of Taylor - I’m not a super fan, I like quite a few of her songs....I don’t even own any of her albums, or have her music in my collection. Coldplay and Mumford & Sons are my thing.....but let me say this...... Folklore is the best album of the past 10 years...if not more. There is a lovely wispy, breezy, summery vibe to this. Even if you don’t like Taylor Swift, push your reservations to one side, take an hour and listen. Anyone can enjoy the calm of this album.

masem - Amazing5 star

An album packed with stories. Every song is perfect.

oliver273838382 - Wow4 star

Never been a fan but this is the best she has ever sounded but definitely not indie lol

musiclover🤩 - Masterpiece5 star

This is by far Taylor Swift’s best album yet every song is different every song tells a story and every song is amazing

Nickpjewc - Awful songs and poor melodies1 star

I agree with lots of people here! Very poor songs and melodies. All sounds the same. I’ve tried to listen to a few and switched it off. One of the worst albums she has ever made. Very disappointing

Thxo_1 - Kanye made you1 star

You attempted to release this on Kanyes release dedicated to his mom. Disrespectful, also all your albums have flopped since 1989. Stop singing about your relationships. Thanks mate

Debzy1 - Nothing Catchy2 star

I have every album, love them all...but this is just very slow, chilled, just nothing special or catchy. If you want background music then it’s fine.

loser202 - Amazing - Best album of 20205 star

Her best work. Beautiful album, start to finish.

KatyEllis1989 - AMAZING ALBUM5 star

WOW!!!!!! This is a must album!!!! Its so so good!!!!!! I love every song! My favourite is August though! :) Highly recommend! Super chilled too!

Monalounisa - :)5 star

:) this album :o

m_stevens426 - a piece of lyrical and musical genius 🖤🌿5 star

an absolutely stunning album, taylor once again blowing us all away with her extraordinary songwriting talent and gorgeous vocals. she better sweep the 2021 grammy awards 🖤🌿🖤🌿

hayley_j - She’s Back5 star

An honest, raw exploration of emotion, love, loss, hope, and despair. Taylor is at her absolute best here.

capwoe - Brilliant storytelling5 star

Some of these songs are the best written songs I ever heard

dazy007 - Oh dear1 star

I love Taylor but this isnot a good album. The songs sound very samey and the production on all is very similar. Lyrics are ok . Such a shame

Tracy Penny - folklore5 star

loving this new side to taylor. album of the year by far, 2020 has been a great year for music but folklore has been the most creative and amazing album to be released. massively recommend this album to everyone, every track a standout.

DjYeo - Enchanting soul soothing5 star

Goose pimples loving folksy soul soothing enchanting Exhile is my fave song.

FearOfTiger - a bit dull and repetitive.1 star

i was used to amazing melodies by Taylor Swift in the past.. this is a bit boring and forgettable not sure i would want to listen to tthis again

Dave1988bad - A masterpiece5 star

Never been a massive fan of Taylor (purchased only few songs before) but this album is everything 🎧😍

Cant believe youve done this - Boring Taylor1 star

Boring songs that just sound the same as her other music

Frederick Bueno - HER BEST ALBUM5 star

One of the best things that happen this quarantine! Love all of the tracks my favorite album of her. #TS8

allen1989** - Folklore is the best5 star

Unexpectedly written masterpiece

CJ Obispo - SAVIOUR5 star

Taylor saved us and continues to do so writing a whole new magical album and putting it out in the world when we needed it the most. My heart is full...


Every track on this album makes you think of something magical, nostalgic, or something that you didn’t even experienced in your life. Excellent production and of course with the touch of Ms. Swift songwriting skills that makes the listener to dig deeper to the song. You could hear so many layers of sound mixed together which is not easy to pull off kudos to the mixer too. PS: THIS IS MY FIRST DIGITAL ALBUM PURCHASED💖

reader028 - I.FUCKING.LOVE.THIS5 star

folklore just calls out to me.

baklang marupok - MASTERPIECE5 star

This album proved once again why she is the artist of the decade. She can easily switch genres and kill it. She basically have 3 peak eras in her entire career with different genres 💕

Shadowlord07 - SOPHISTICATED ALBUM5 star


proprietymeasures - lra5 star

An album I can listen to on a rainy day.

Matthew C Swift - Coming of age album for Swift, sonically and lyrically...5 star

This album is a quiet, yet such a compelling album. Lyrically superior over her past albums.

Maria Nicole 🐍 - Folklore5 star


Andre Macero - Timely5 star

Something you’d want to play on the background while you do nothing at home

Maridel M. - A masterpiece.5 star

Taylor does it again 👏🏼

Jaydee Caluza - Folklore5 star

I love it😍

benjie swift - lyrical masterpiece5 star

i love you

kingg1989 - Folklore5 star

Her best album to date.

mi1993mi - great5 star


jaetams03 - 🐍 reputation = folklore 🧶5 star

When I thought no other album can be on equal realm with #reputation 😊 then come #folklore to prove me wrong 😍

RRRRRetroGuy - She just outdoes herself every era 🌿5 star

All songs are bellisimo. Magnifique. Parapapapaw. (shoutout to my heaux, Ajayll) On a serious note, folklore is an album where it can transport you to a peaceful place in nature and just feel the earth vibing through the songs. I love you, Taylor. 🤍

dUdeS8 - 😍5 star

Best purchased ever

Jezrel Anne - Saviour of 20205 star

This album is a kiss on the forehead and a warm hug in a cold night. Taylor has outdone herself! 🖤


she switched genres flawlessly and her songwriting never fails to amaze me ❤️✨

Colin's Folklore - The Taylor Swift Album To Date5 star

I’ve Just finished Listening to #Folklore And I can say it’s one of the best albums I’ve ever heard ...from the concept to the smooth production to the lyrics and how solid it is ...Truly such an AMAZING journey...I’m truly still in shook of how great this album is !

TheLoveJuju - Her best album5 star

No question this is her best album lyrically. It’s a breath of fresh air.


All the songs are incredible✨✨✨

jeffreyigot - ❤️❤️❤️5 star


TaylorXBTS - Bye Speak Now as my stan album5 star

Because Folklore is here! The Taylor Swift album that I have been asking for! A++ lyricism combined with A++ cohesiveness. A masterpiece. Imagine she did that in just 2 months!

Sy Sunico - Taylor5 star

I Love Taylor Swift Album🖤🇵🇭

Insatiable_clee - To the world’s greatest icon ever5 star


cniquo - BEST ALBUM OF 20205 star


Nerps13 - Queen of Alternative5 star

I have been waiting for this album. Her voice suits best with the alternative genre. Queen of Country. Queen of Pop. Queen of Alternative. Queen of Lyricism. 𝑓𝑜𝑙𝑘𝑙𝑜𝑟𝑒 is her best album. And no one can take that away form her. 🤍

dearMayo13 - 8th Era of Music.5 star

She did it again. Like always. ❤️

reycleo - SHE’S BACK5 star

I’ve been hopeful upon seeing the aesthetics of this album, when I listened to it, my heart soar so high. I knew it. She’s back, the old Taylor came back to the phone! This album is beyond great and more.

Lokiswift - Best singer-songwriter of our generation!5 star

The lyrics. The melodies. The vocals. This album is hauntingly beautiful.

Seggy.Swift - So refreshing album5 star

This album is so refreshing amidst pandemic crisis. I forgot my fears and burdens because of this album.

Alunsina F. - taylor swift best lyricist5 star

folklore is a spiritual journey i said what i said

samiesamtam - No skips!!!5 star

I thought she would never make an alternative album and this fast too!! Still shookt with these songs, it highlights on how's she really is one of the greatest songwriter!

DangerMountain - each track has a different story5 star

this is her best album to date. the way her lyrics are laid out and the instrumental that captures her message completely help make this one of the best albums i’ve listened to so far. this feels like a walk down memory lane, a bunch of old polaroid photos hung up on the wall and diary pages given a tune. taylor has done it again, and i couldnt be more proud


This is genius! I love everything in this album. Perfectly done!

urthkey - A brilliant album5 star

Songwriting is the best, and like past releases, it’s a new timeless sound.

adryassnaev - BEST SURPRISE OF 20205 star

I LOVE YOU TAYLOR FOREVER!!!! I live for your songs. MORE POWER!!!!

Jian Santiago - ❤️5 star

Just wow

Kevin424 - Another facet of Taylor Swift5 star

We see another side of Taylor here in this album. A lot more melancholy and contemplative, her songwriting takes centerstage. Another fantastic album.

Nicko Rodriguez - Intimate, vulnerable, powerful.5 star

Ok, this is not easy to say. But this IS the best Taylor Swift album of all time. And that’s tough to say because her albums are literal masterpieces. She always finds a way to stay interesting. And this album is a testament to her limitless growth as an artist. Superb songwriting. She is meant for this genre.

aimswiftly - FOLKLORE5 star

I love you so much Taylor. Thank you for saving me from 2020 💗

@dominaek - ALBUM OF THE YEAR5 star



Very chill, meaningful, & magical ✨🤍

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Folklore_stan5 star

@WEEPINGOVERU @supermormongirl @ftdtmercury who’s gonna tell ha?

LaitoChan5 star

@TChartSwift: Taylor Swift's "#folklore" has now surpassed Lady Gaga's "Chromatica" and is now the longest running #1 female album of th…

Cindertellme5 star

@printstar123: ไม่รู้ว่าแมสมั้ย แต่ฝากอัลบั้มใหม่จาก Taylor Swift ชื่อว่า folklore ค่าาา เพลงเพราะมากๆ อวยไม่ถูกเพราะว่าดีทุกเพลง ช่องท…

Stolenepiphany5 star

everyone say thank you taylor swift for creating the masterpiece that is folklore

Chaeeengggg5 star

I love taylor swift’s folklore album #ExaONCE #ExaBFF @JYPETWICE

07Stanbangtan5 star

@chartdata: Best selling albums of 2020 (US total activity) #1 My Turn #2 After Hours #3 Eternal Atake #4 Please Excuse Me for Being Ant…

Paulibb135 star

@flaviofdzz: exile ❤️ @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 & @boniver #folklore

Therealjh_5 star

@printstar123: ไม่รู้ว่าแมสมั้ย แต่ฝากอัลบั้มใหม่จาก Taylor Swift ชื่อว่า folklore ค่าาา เพลงเพราะมากๆ อวยไม่ถูกเพราะว่าดีทุกเพลง ช่องท…

MissAmericHANA5 star

@folklore_tay gm

__ppannitaa__5 star

@printstar123: ไม่รู้ว่าแมสมั้ย แต่ฝากอัลบั้มใหม่จาก Taylor Swift ชื่อว่า folklore ค่าาา เพลงเพราะมากๆ อวยไม่ถูกเพราะว่าดีทุกเพลง ช่องท…

Alehairy5 star

@UKChartInfo: UK Albums Chart - Midweek: @taylorswift13's #folklore could see a third week at #1; currently 500 copies ahead of the #2 (…

Galegadot5 star

@taylorcote13: whenever i accidentally say forklore instead of folklore

Taylorelio5 star

全然folklore届かない、、 輸入してるものは届くの遅いんかな??


siguro best way to describe folklore is yung mga least favorite tracks ko would be the favorites kung nalagay sa ib…

Scenery_as_5 star

@chartdata: Best selling albums of 2020 (US total activity) #1 My Turn #2 After Hours #3 Eternal Atake #4 Please Excuse Me for Being Ant…

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Folklore Wiki

Folklore is the expressive body of culture shared by a particular group of people; it encompasses the traditions common to that culture, subculture or group. These include oral traditions such as tales, proverbs and jokes. They include material culture, ranging from traditional building styles to handmade toys common to the group. Folklore also includes customary lore, the forms and rituals of celebrations such as Christmas and weddings, folk dances and initiation rites. Each one of these, either singly or in combination, is considered a folklore artifact. Just as essential as the form, folklore also encompasses the transmission of these artifacts from one region to another or from one generation to the next. Folklore is not something one can typically gain in a formal school curriculum or study in the fine arts. Instead, these traditions are passed along informally from one individual to another either through verbal instruction or demonstration. The academic study of folklore is called folklore studies or folkloristics, and it can be explored at undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. levels.

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