Taylor Swift - Folklore

About Folklore by Taylor Swift Album

folklore is the eighth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was a surprise album, released on July 24, 2020, through Republic Records. Swift conceived Folklore in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic as "a collection of songs and stories that flowed like a stream of consciousness" out of her imagination, and collaborated with producers Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff virtually. At the 63rd annual Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift made history with her third album of the year win for folklore.

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Folklore (Taylor Swift) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.The 1 3:30
2.Cardigan 3:59
3.The Last Great American Dynasty 3:50
4.Exile (feat. Bon Iver) 4:45
5.My Tears Ricochet 4:15
6.Mirrorball 3:28
7.Seven 3:28
8.August 4:21
9.This Is Me Trying 3:15
10.Illicit Affairs 3:10
11.Invisible String 4:12
12.Mad Woman 3:57
13.Epiphany 4:49
14.Betty 4:54
15.Peace 3:54
16.Hoax 3:40

Taylor Swift - Folklore Album Comments

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Folklore [Taylor Swift] Album Reviews

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- The best

2020 best album

- Masterpiece

I’m very impressed by this album all of the songs are very well written, and have such deep meanings. This is a very great album and I highly recommend it 💙

- Love it

Exile is SO pretty

- The sound of silence

The lyrics.

- 👁_👁

Nah her old stuff was better and her new stuff (except for u gotta calm down) is pretty crappy

- So Good

Every song is so good august cardigan Betty and the lakes and exile are all 10/10 songs love folklore

- YAWN same old stuff from the poor little girl with no vocal talent

Once again, can’t sing, fricken whiny, annoying, lyrics are trash not hard to connect the dots

- happy two year anniversary to the best album of all time

folklore >>>>any other album

- Best album I’ve ever heard

This is simply the best album I’ve ever heard and each song could be a single.

- really good


- Terrible

I want the old Taylor that was country and funny. Now almost all of her songs are explicit and her songs are starting to sound like Billie eilash She was a billion times better when she sang country Hollywood has ruined her[:(]

- Best album of 2020

If you have a different opinion argue with the wall

- Great combination of talents

Wow, all 3 talents, just thanks. Be Wise Be Happy


I DON'T KNOW WHAT these other people are saying about how “It sounds the same.” And how “Lady Gaga IS SO MUCH BETTER.” And “It is boring” Well, news flash... IT ISN'T!!! Taylor Swift IS the BEST ARTIST OF ALL TIME!! Every album is amazing!! All of her re-recorded albums are legendary!!

- this is me trying

would be a 5/5 if it didn’t remind me of my own trauma

- Absolutely GORGEOUS

The lyrics, the production, her voice ahhhhhh it’s so so good.

- Taylor taylor taylor

This album is just not that great. I like cardigan, but nothing else. We want the old country taylor and country music!!!! Explicit is not you taylor!!! We need the old country taylor!!! Come on!!!! I wish it were still 2008 right now

- She is the moment

I love Taylor and when she surprised us with this and it was such a good calm album I was and still am just shocked

- Huh?

There’s a review states “this is garbage and I have 2 girls and won’t buy”. First off, if you are not a musician you have no idea what it takes to create art. Such mean and hateful words from a common person. How about “I just don’t like it”. Is that too complex for you ? Likely you don’t have the capacity to understand the words I’m typing and that’s either your gene pool or intellectual laziness. Last, I’m extremely confused why (in your review ) you state you have two girls. Again- I will reference you to my earlier sentence that explains everything. Taylor states she still loves you back as you put in your review that you still love her, even though your review is garbage. There’s nothing funnier than a review of an entire album where you listen to two songs and decide you hate it. My two girls don’t love every song but they love the entirety of the work. By the way, did I mention I have two girls? That’s clearly very important to address, since my own opinion has to be reinforced by others to satisfy my own self importance. My opinion is that the two albums are brilliant. My opinion is that there’s too many people with a platform to share their “opinion” like we are supposed to value or care about it. Feel free to copy and paste any part of this so you can share your opinion with the world as if it cares.

- Surprise!!

You pulled me out and I said this album is my favorite!!

- the music industry 😁

taylor swift is the music industry

- A masterpiece

I never was a big fan of Taylor Swift but this album is a masterpiece. I can’t stop listening to it.

- R I


- Beautiful

None of the other pop stars have the talent to make an alternative folk rock masterpiece

- she’s done it again

not many people can make an alternative album without any promotion and a surprise album and still have it be successful. open with 850k+ units! insane right? just goes to show that taylor swift is the music industry!

- Best Taylor Swift Album

This is the best Taylor Swift album

- crying

miss taylor swift is a lyrical genius. her lyrics are so aesthetic and poetic and sounds like she took stuff from my mind and made it into songs that are beautiful. this is literally my comfort album ly taylor <3

- New smiles

I actually didn't know when the album came out. And then found songs by accident. The 1, Cardigan, exile, and august. After i found those then looked into the rest of the album. I saw the Studio Sessions. And it has been such a beautiful experience to hear these songs, and then to see her singing them so intimately. It shares Very warm and heart felt happiness.💜 I simply play these over and over again all the time.

- amazing

amazing songs, amazing album, LOVE IT TAYLOR🤍🤍🤍🤍

- Very Good

Excellent Work of Taylor!

- best album of 2020

i love Taylor and folklore made me feel so much, this album means the entire world. best album of 2020

- Masterpiece

It’s so good

- What

The people giving this one star saying it’s not good and mediocre just don’t understand the lyrics. She won aoty for a reason, and these lyrics are insanely good.


Amazing songs, I could never come up with these types of things and those lyrics. Very call and peaceful 😌😌😌

- Lovely harmony and amazing lyricsm

Taylor is the best song writer and she did this all during a 3 month quarantine is impressive!

- Art

Literally art.

- Album of the year for a reason

This album is BRILLIANT. The lyrics are so well written and the storytelling is incredible. Taylor’s talent really shines through with folklore and I am obsessed with this album.

- Amazing!

Made me cry for no reason 🥲

- Best album on time

Is best album on time

- Great Album

My fiancé and I keep playing this album every where. There is no song we do not sing along to. ❤️

- Go back to pop!!!!!!!!!!!

Please? Your pop music is better!

- Hate the haters but love Taylor

This is such a good one I love invisible string and the 1 she is so good at writing music and this is to the haterz: I LOVE TAYLOR, now if Taylor reads this I want to say, I love midnights so much and if I could in all of your stuff I would give you as many stars as I could so I could leave 1 star left in the sky

- Girl yes

Girl yes

- a quarantine triumph

after the turbulent ride that was lover, swift took control of the plane, resulting in some of her best, most focused writing since red and hands down the best album of 2020. cohesive, devastating, lush, & multilayered thanks to aaron dessner and jack antonoff’s production, this album will stand the test of time and endure.

- She just keeps getter better and better! 💜

I absolutely love folklore and this is a no skip album and I love it!! ❤️❤️❤️

- Phenomenal

I have no other ways to describe it. It is definitely one of my favorite albums. I love Taylor Swifts how she writes her own music and portrays many sides. I normally don’t like folk, but this is just great!


A therapy session for everyone ❤️‍🔥

- this album makes me cry

and I love it dearly


She is such an amazing artist and so full of talent . I truly believe she is capable of doing anything she sets her mind to . I have ben a fan of her music ever since 1989 and although country is not my favorite genre in music i still like Taylor's old popular country music just because of her potential . The best part is that now Taylor swift has done country , pop and alternative music now and she is still able to be successful and show really good potential in all. I have not listen to every track on this album yet but I can by just buying her most popular songs in the album that this was a work of art. Excellent work !.🙏👍👍🙌🏾😄❤️☑️🤩😩 After listening to album Now that I have listened to this abulm I almost have no words to say this work is so amazing and she is such a talented songwriter and all these songs are so heartfelt well done Taylor !!👍😎❤️😁😀🤩



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- Beautiful. Stunning. Shocking.

We have this album on record. It’s the dreamy kind of air you get while sleeping. Haters gonna hate on it, but that probably means they watch too much YouTube. “Oh it’s so boring I like pop better waaaah I’m angry now” Like, COME ON. The songwriting, the sound, the style. Everything. I only met Taylor’s music last year, and I am in love. This album turned my dad into a Swiftie, “Fearless” turned my sister, “Lover”, “Reputation”, and “Red” turned my mom. Me? Every single fracking song turned me. #Swiftieforever #Youneedtocalmdownhaters

- Unbelievable lyrics and vocals

I’m really glad and proud of taylor that she is trying out other styles of music, whether other people like it or not. This whole album has beautiful lyrics, and has a calming quality to it. It’s heart wrenching, but relatable on a number of scales. I absolutely adore almost every song on this album, especially “my tears ricochet” and “this is me trying”. 10/10 tay tay, keep up the amazing work!

- Boring

She’s lost her touch

- One of the few masterpieces

This album is just on of them few masterpieces that came out alive from 2020. What an incredible lyrics !

- 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

Oh gosh it’s so pretty I can’t believe it. The bridges are just the best thing in this world. But I think there’s one slight problem in the songs and actually in the whole album… did Taylor expect us swifties to have a heart at the end? Cuz like GIRL this thing wretched mine. It’s like a crumpled up piece of paper lying here cuz I love this freaking album. Taylor swift does it again. I was kinda taken aback at first, and then I liked it. But i mean; story of my life, am I right? Anyways, great album Taylor!!!!! Olivia Rodrigo doesn’t deserve your attention. You truly are the best artist of the world. Love you so much it hurts. Taylor, please call me your baby too!!! 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

- tay

literally the best song ever written. taylor swift is the best artist of the century

- Her best album

Everyone who think this is boring is doesn’t appreciate true art. I know people can have different taste but the lyricism, the story telling, it’s all so rich in this album. This isn’t an album you just passively take in, you have to listen to it with your full attention to actually appreciate the true genius of Swift. It’s been out for almost a year and I still find hidden details that surprise me in this album, despite having it on repeat 24/7. I highly recommend to those who appreciate lyrics and songwriting. This doesn’t have her usual pop sound but it’s magical, whimsical and so well done!

- beautiful.

she’s created beautiful melodies and storytelling lyrics for this album. every song is a masterpiece. gone from country to pop and now to alternative, she always raises the bar. thank you Taylor for this wonderful album!!

- Awesome

I never liked the mainstream sound of TS, but now I like how she’s exploring and trying to do different. Taylor should stay in the Alternative for another album

- mm


- Perfect Album.

I’ve never seen an album like this

- Amazing !

Incredible album.

- Garbage



i cry to this album so much it’s unhealthy

- A Different Album And Sound For Sure

I love Taylor Swift from country music she made cause honestly that’s the only country music I’ll listen to is hers and then when she turned to pop and hip hop in Reputation. Those were Good Albums. I wasn’t expecting Taylor to turn to Alternative so it’s a little different approach she’s taking but Taylor likes to Suprise us when she does this I do love alternative music to. I don’t think she did bad with it even though I was hoping her recent Albums would be catchy and upbeat have that good sound that makes you want to dance. She’ll I say but then again I gave the album some though and it’s not bad the album is beautifully written she puts a lot of work into her songs that’s for sure. I just hope she will go back to Pop /Hip hop cause I really love the Reputation album so much and also 1989 Every album that Taylor makes is a masterpiece.

- The album I’ve been waiting for Taylor to make!!

Taylor’s mind works in extraordinary ways and this kind of music is what she was mean to deliver. There is not a single fluff pop song on this album. This is by far her best album from start to finish! This one is for all the fans that have grown up and matured with Taylor. Thank you 🙏

- ✨

The lyricism in this album is amazing. Every song is connected and everything is perfect

- I expected so much better from Taylor

I know this is an unpopular opinion but I was so underwhelmed with this album to the point that it made me angry. I don’t get excited or intrigued by a single song.

- One of her best album ever

Queen delivering it yet again! Do yourself a favour and buy this album. You won’t regret it, TRUST ME!

- Folkore

Amazing I love it can’t stop listening to this album


Phenomenal body of work Taylor!

- Thank-You Taylor

I am the same age as TS, and really started listening to her when I was about 27 with Reputation. I relate a lot to her lyrics, and I feel like I’ve grown right along with her through my own issues and traumas. This album really hit me, the growth and maturity, lyrically ... it means a lot to me. We are now 30, and it really does feel like when you hit this age ... well, there is just much more clarity about life, about what is important, and the “bigger picture” (I’m referencing her activism that has come up more and more that I respect and love from her), I guess these are all feelings that are evoked in me from listening to this album. I love writing also, so it is very special for such a big artist to be so good at it- and only get better as she grows. I think in another life her and I would be friends, but for now, I am appreciative of her art she shares— especially Folklore. 💛

- Mellifluous, beautiful storytelling.

Her storytelling is poetic in all senses. Her lyrics show a mature side. The album really showcases her talent in telling a story and putting it into words. This album is captivating and there are no skips. The mellow simplicity showcases her vocal strengths through and through.

- By Lilianna

I dot normally listen to this kind of music but this is different.the fact that she wrote it is amazing and I love this album

- Amazing album

Love ❤️

- Perfect timing

I sincerely hope that Taylor Swift reads reviews on her music... because the timing that this album came out was perfect for me. So many of the songs have captured moments that just needed music for me. From the first listen, it was just perfect. There were songs I didn’t care for at first, but as I listened more I realized how much meaning they had and how relevant they were to some of my current situations. So I really just would love to say to Taylor, thank you so much for this album. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I really needed this. And you delivered something far greater than I expected. This is probably my favourite album of yours. It’s just perfect. -Laawaa

- Her best album.

Never been much of a Taylor fan but this might be my favorite album of the year.

- Great change

Normally I don’t listen to Taylor Swift, however her direction with this album was exciting to experience. She has a soft, beautiful voice that hauntingly transcends throughout the songs. Loved the range of music genre she has experimented with through her career. This album is great to relax to, it’s mellow and slower paced than her previous pop albums. Perfect for the summer!

- Not a fan

I’m not a fan of Taylor but I honestly think this is best work. “EXILE” is one of my fav’s and not just on Album

- Amazing!!

Haven’t stopped listening to this album and won’t stop any time soon. Love LOVE Taylor and love her new album - full of so many emotions....just what 2020 needs, a chance to let out all their feelings and emotions. 🙌🏽 I don’t think many can listen to this without having a good cry. 💞

- Beautiful

I lost interest in Taylor Swift after her Red album but she has found my heart again with this album. ❤️🥰


Great album to listen FIVESTAR 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

- amazing

taylor is so so talented and works so hard i adore her ! and her song writing skills are absolutely amazing :)

- Best album!!!

This is one of her best albums to date! ❤️

- 11/10

She’s done it again folks. Another killer album!!!

- Amazing

Love the new sound

- great

i loved them all

- Yes

Beautiful I think it’s her best album ever...

- Stunning Album

"Invisible String" is a highlight; evokative and powerful. "Exile", "August" and "Mad Woman" are all standouts, but this is a true album meant to be experienced as a whole, it unfolds like a dreamy summer narrative (but one with substance). The more you listen, the better it gets.

- 🥰🥰🥰

The songs I danced to at my wedding were the National I Need My Girl and Taylor Swift The Best Day. When I heard this was dropping I was ecstatic! And when it did drop, I was not disappointed. 😍😍😍

- Bad


- one of her best albums

If you're looking for a happy and pop album, this is definitely not for you. This album is mellow and care-free. It's the type of album you'd want to listen to while you walk your dog in the park or watch the sunset with your loved ones. Ms Swift, you've done it again. Stream folklore 🥰

- Truly a gift

This album is exceptional. Taylor has a unique talent to convey such real and relatable emotions through each song. This surprise album is truly a gift! This album manages to feel fresh while still feeling like Taylor. It is an album that you will like the more you listen to, and the more you let the lyrics sink in. Your favourite song will change each day, and every single song will be your favourite at some point. She does it again!!

- Folklore


- Incredible Album

This is an amazing album. Those reviewers who gave this album less than 5 stars really don’t know anything about music. They are pop lovers who like the beat of the song which Taylor had great melodies especially with 1989 and Lover. However this album is stripped down so that you are forced to listen to the lyrics. I was a bigger fan of her country releases with “Taylor Swift”, “Fearless”, “Red” and “Speak Now”. This album goes back to her roots. This not exactly country but more indie folk which is a sub genre of country. It is reminiscent of her older material. “Betty” is the standout track that is my favourite that is very similar to her song “Fifteen” from the “Fearless” album. This is my favourite album of all of her 8 albums other than very debut album. Give this album a listen. If you are not used to her sound give it one, two or three more listens and it will grow on you. I am a country fanatic so I loved this album right away. It has touches of country which I missed most about Taylor’s music. Taylor always goes into making album trying to make it sound different than her previous albums and she succeeded. This is a new genre for Taylor and it suits her.



- Album of the DECADE

This is the album I’ve been waiting for since Red....I just didn’t expect it to be this perfect

- Five stars

With ever album Taylor Swift writes she outdoes her previous work. Folklore is no exception.

- Soul-wrenching, beautiful album

It’s taken 3 days to process this album and truly appreciate its depth and lyrical impact. Each time I listen to this album I love it more and more. Some songs (ephphany, exile) make me cry, others (August, seven) provide such vivid imagery I feel like it’s my own memory. The lyrics are amazing; they take you out of your own place and transport you somewhere else. Folklore is the best album she’s done to date and I would put it as one of my favourites of all time. I bought it even tho I have Apple Music.

- Taylor changed


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- Amazing!!

I’ve listened to it on repeat for days and I love every single song in the album <3

- Epic Triumph

This album is quality and a fresh sound from swift that works well. While the album is not all consistent it has some very enjoyable sounds. My personal favourites are the 1 and exile.

- beauty in a album

this is just so beautiful

- Repeated tune

I read someone elses review about all the songs sounded the same and now that I have listened to them again, they do have the same tune and style of singing. The songs sounds good though and I still like listening to them.

- Absolutely Great

I love this album- although I think 1989 is better

- Her best album yet.

I understand why some fans aren’t digging this as it’s not pop bangers but I think it’s her best album. Grown up songs that work together as a whole album rather than just a collection of songs.



- Cherry Pie

Great album

- Lockdown

Clearly an album written during corona-lockdown when you’re bored as hell.

- A masterpiece

Love everything about this album, well deserved AoTY 💖

- Boring

she did it way better before...this is so boring and lame!!!

- artist of the decade

album of the year 2020 so calming and beautiful

- Who Knew?

Never been a fan of Taylor Swift mainly because its chart pop music and not my thing. She's always been very talented and a good song writer. I have to tip my hat to her on this album. Very mellow and more mature. This album is actually extremely good. With all the stress and uncertainty in the world, its a pleasure to just chill and listen to this to unwind. Sounds a bit Avril Lavigne in parts (just my opinion) but overall a great listen.

- Amazing

Love this album! A different sound from the other albums/songs, but its a fantabulous album regardless and i even purchased my own Taylor ‘Cardigan’ off her site🤣😁. Hope to see Taylor live again soon!! 🤞😍

- Just buy it

It's a masterpiece, nothing more to say, every track will grow & grow on you until you find yourself thinking about this album at times when it's not playing in the background, best album I've bought in many a year (I'm 49!)

- The album of 2020

Beautiful, immersive, emotional, I just love this album and have listened to it on repeat

- 10/10

Absolutely moving, perfect, marvellous folklore is the 1!!!!!

- a freakin masterpiece

taylor swift- the music industry. this albums has saved me time & time again, we don’t deserve you taylor…. 😭

- Masterpiece

With all the overproduction in today’s music this is fresh to here from the music industry.

- Folklore vibes

This is a very good album! Instantly became obsessed! Can't really fault it personally. Well done Taylor. Aced it, again!

- Beautiful !!

It’s album of the year for a reason! 😁

- Simply the best

How wonderful it is that Taylor Swift, who hasn’t made a bad album yet (not even close), should go on to make the best album of the lockdown so far and incidentally found time in that lockdown to write the best album of her career so far. Her strength as a songwriter/storyteller has never been in doubt, but so extraordinarily good are the songs here that it’s possible to be overwhelmed by them during your first continuous play. It’s worth persevering, however. Like all great albums, it is only after repeated listening that the full quality of the songs are revealed. The muted ambience of an Indie-sound will surprise many fans, but this is a grownup album that will only serve to widen her appeal. Excellent.

- Album of the year! Grammys 2021!

Album of the freaking year!

- Classic

Never ever been a Swift follower (I’m 62 for heavens sake!!). But this collection reminds me in place of a young Joni Mitchell. Her storytelling is amazing the music haunting and memorable. This is an unexpected winner that gets better each play. Personal favourites - Seven, August, and Mad Woman.

- Her Best

Lyrically and sonically beautiful

- Amazing!!!

This Album is amazing!! Taylor worked really hard on this album and it shows!! She truly is the artist of the decade💞

- Taylor does Eilish 😒

“Ooh babay, i’m a little girl and i really like boys. They love me in my cardigan and i love to make them want it (it it it) so I do it in my cardigan with betty, we call it folklore... smash mouth call it borelore because it’s childish drivel from an adult woman-child”

- Magical

This album is so beautiful and the lyrics are magical, it fully deserved AOTY!!

- Taylor Swift at her brilliant best - Superb doesn’t do it justice

Taylor Swift has been very talented since she burst onto the Country scene in my opinion, and matured very quickly. She made the deservedly successful transition into Pop music, and has now matured even further in my opinion. I love this album - she has shown again that she could be brilliant in any genre she chooses, and the arrangement in some of these tracks is just sublime. I don’t know how she can follow this, but I’m sure she will, for many years to come. Just superb, and nice to see that she’s willing to burst out of her comfort zones - her best work yet. Well done Taylor Swift - thank you

- Taylor swift

Love this album a very different Taylor swift. Most music is written about make ups breakups and personal experiences how else would you write good music from The heart ?

- Creative.....

Never ever been a Taylor swift fan, but decided to give this album a listen due to all the hype... And I’m so glad I did. An album of creativity and wisdom. Sometimes haunting. True brilliance.

- Crap

Quite frankly the worst album I’ve ever heard

- Great

Another good album off Taylor Swift and it was shock one as well

- Triumph



Album of the year for me

- a beautifully written masterpiece

the most perfectly poetic lyrics over the most beautiful instrumentation on all sixteen songs (17 inc ‘the lakes’), is what makes this her best album. taylor’s storytelling lyricism is just captivating and her vocals are better than ever before. a perfect album.

- therapy

if taylor simply went to therapy this album would be half as long

- Fantastic

This is one of the best albums out there. An album of songs to chill to and really shows that Taylor has a great voice and range.

- Amazing !!

Beautiful sound!

- Amazing

Great Album

- Gorgeous

Completely unexpected and absolutely beautiful.

- Stunning artistry

.. introspective, ethereal, haunting and evocative. A departure from her past albums but still unmistakeably Tayloresque tales. To those saying all the songs sound the same you need to get your hearing checked, or try listening to much more than a 30 second snippet. 🤔🤦🏼‍♂️

- this is the 1

Her best album. Sonically, lyrically etc etc she’s outdone herself yet again. It gave me a sense of purpose and whereabouts during this awful and difficult time and she very cleverly brought it out when the strain and stress of lockdown was at its peak. For those that say that it sounds the same. Listen to it more than once. For those that say it’s slow and boring and needs to be more upbeat. It would be totally inappropriate and unprofessional if she brought out an upbeat album during a global pandemic - where millions of people are dying and it during protests - like BLM etc etc, again where people are dying.


taylor never fails to outdo her earlier album. she’s so fUking amazing this is a greatly written album go stream, buy, support.

- incredible

no words for this album. best album ever written methinks

- back at it again

wow. she did it again. she made an album with 16 freaking beautiful songs that we’ve listened to on repeat every single day since it was released. honestly if you haven’t bought this already then please do. it’s worth it. plus, it’s taylor swift so do you even need to think twice? the 1 - 11/10 cardigan - 10/10 the last great american dynasty - 10/10 exile - 10/10 my tears ricochet 11/10 mirrorball - 11/10 seven - 11/10 august - 10/10 this is me trying - 11/10 illicit affairs - 11/10 invisible string - 10/10 mad woman - 10/10 epiphany - 10/10 betty - 10/10 peace - 11/10 hoax - 11/10 the lakes - 10/10 i literally did that without looking at the track list and i got one mistake. 👁👄👁. 👏. anyway stream, buy, listen, vote, do everything you can for this album. i mean. it’s literally one of her best yet. and if you need reminding- folklore - 11/10 lover - 11/10 reputation 11/10 1989 - 11/10 red - 10/10 speak now - 11/10 fearless - 10/10 taylor swift (debut) - 10/10 taylor swift (the human) - 13/10 thank you and good n1ght3 @tswifts_

- ts


- The album we didn’t know we needed

I didn’t have high hopes when I heard the album title was ‘folklore.’ I KNOW, I’m the worst. Always judging a book by its cover. But that’s why this album is such a surprising delight. There are so many great songs, but my favourite is ‘mad woman,’ which I personally do not believe gets the credit it deserves. This album is amazing. If ‘Lover’ was Taylor Swift bursting out of her cocoon and doing things on her terms, ‘folklore’ is perhaps part fiction, part process of how she’s dealt with loss over the years - in business, friendship, romantically, and how women are portrayed.

- absolutely wonderful

she’s managed to capture heartbreak and sorrow and everything in between. a beautiful and compelling album.

- Beautiful and Etheral

I can sit and listen to this album the whole day - each song takes you away into a new story and it feels very ethereal and beautiful throughout !

- The Taylor Swift Album To Date

I’ve Just finished Listening to #Folklore And I can say it’s one of the best albums I’ve ever heard ...from the concept to the smooth production to the lyrics and how solid it is ...Truly such an AMAZING journey...I’m truly still in shook of how great this album is !

- She just outdoes herself every era 🌿

All songs are bellisimo. Magnifique. Parapapapaw. (shoutout to my heaux, Ajayll) On a serious note, folklore is an album where it can transport you to a peaceful place in nature and just feel the earth vibing through the songs. I love you, Taylor. 🤍


Very chill, meaningful, & magical ✨🤍

- taylor swift best lyricist

folklore is a spiritual journey i said what i said

- A masterpiece.

Taylor does it again 👏🏼




I love you so much Taylor. Thank you for saving me from 2020 💗

- To the world’s greatest icon ever


- Saviour of 2020

This album is a kiss on the forehead and a warm hug in a cold night. Taylor has outdone herself! 🖤

- Deserves the world.

This album will transcend generations to come!


This album proved once again why she is the artist of the decade. She can easily switch genres and kill it. She basically have 3 peak eras in her entire career with different genres 💕




she switched genres flawlessly and her songwriting never fails to amaze me ❤️✨


All the songs are incredible✨✨✨

- Queen of Alternative

I have been waiting for this album. Her voice suits best with the alternative genre. Queen of Country. Queen of Pop. Queen of Alternative. Queen of Lyricism. 𝑓𝑜𝑙𝑘𝑙𝑜𝑟𝑒 is her best album. And no one can take that away form her. 🤍

- each track has a different story

this is her best album to date. the way her lyrics are laid out and the instrumental that captures her message completely help make this one of the best albums i’ve listened to so far. this feels like a walk down memory lane, a bunch of old polaroid photos hung up on the wall and diary pages given a tune. taylor has done it again, and i couldnt be more proud

- So refreshing album

This album is so refreshing amidst pandemic crisis. I forgot my fears and burdens because of this album.

- A brilliant album

Songwriting is the best, and like past releases, it’s a new timeless sound.

- great


- Coming of age album for Swift, sonically and lyrically...

This album is a quiet, yet such a compelling album. Lyrically superior over her past albums.

- Timely

Something you’d want to play on the background while you do nothing at home

- 🐍 reputation = folklore 🧶

When I thought no other album can be on equal realm with #reputation 😊 then come #folklore to prove me wrong 😍

- lyrical masterpiece

i love you

- Best singer-songwriter of our generation!

The lyrics. The melodies. The vocals. This album is hauntingly beautiful.

- Bye Speak Now as my stan album

Because Folklore is here! The Taylor Swift album that I have been asking for! A++ lyricism combined with A++ cohesiveness. A masterpiece. Imagine she did that in just 2 months!

- lra

An album I can listen to on a rainy day.

- ❤️❤️❤️


- ❤️

Just wow



- ❤️🧡💛💚


- Folklore


- Her best album to date



This is genius! I love everything in this album. Perfectly done!

- Folklore is the best

Unexpectedly written masterpiece

- Folklore

Her best album to date.


Taylor saved us and continues to do so writing a whole new magical album and putting it out in the world when we needed it the most. My heart is full...

- Folklore

I love it😍

- No skips!!!

I thought she would never make an alternative album and this fast too!! Still shookt with these songs, it highlights on how's she really is one of the greatest songwriter!

- Her best album

No question this is her best album lyrically. It’s a breath of fresh air.


I LOVE YOU TAYLOR FOREVER!!!! I live for your songs. MORE POWER!!!!

- Intimate, vulnerable, powerful.

Ok, this is not easy to say. But this IS the best Taylor Swift album of all time. And that’s tough to say because her albums are literal masterpieces. She always finds a way to stay interesting. And this album is a testament to her limitless growth as an artist. Superb songwriting. She is meant for this genre.


One of the best things that happen this quarantine! Love all of the tracks my favorite album of her. #TS8

- 8th Era of Music.

She did it again. Like always. ❤️

- Another facet of Taylor Swift

We see another side of Taylor here in this album. A lot more melancholy and contemplative, her songwriting takes centerstage. Another fantastic album.

- 😍

Best purchased ever


The suprise quarantine album of 2020, Taylor Swift has once again proved that she IS in a league of her own. All seventeen songs are of top-notch level, literally zero skips. She outdid herself, once again.


Every track on this album makes you think of something magical, nostalgic, or something that you didn’t even experienced in your life. Excellent production and of course with the touch of Ms. Swift songwriting skills that makes the listener to dig deeper to the song. You could hear so many layers of sound mixed together which is not easy to pull off kudos to the mixer too. PS: THIS IS MY FIRST DIGITAL ALBUM PURCHASED💖


folklore just calls out to me.


I’ve been hopeful upon seeing the aesthetics of this album, when I listened to it, my heart soar so high. I knew it. She’s back, the old Taylor came back to the phone! This album is beyond great and more.

- Taylor

I Love Taylor Swift Album🖤🇵🇭

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Folklore Wiki

Folklore is the whole of oral traditions shared by a particular group of people, culture or subculture. This includes tales, myths, legends, proverbs, poems, jokes, and other oral traditions. They include material culture, such as traditional building styles common to the group. Folklore also includes customary lore, taking actions for folk beliefs, and the forms and rituals of celebrations such as Christmas, weddings, folk dances, and initiation rites. Each one of these, either singly or in combination, is considered a folklore artifact or traditional cultural expression. Just as essential as the form, folklore also encompasses the transmission of these artifacts from one region to another or from one generation to the next. Folklore is not something one can typically gain from a formal school curriculum or study in the fine arts. Instead, these traditions are passed along informally from one individual to another, either through verbal instruction or demonstration. The academic study of folklore is called folklore studies or folkloristics, and it can be explored at the undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. levels.

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