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The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition] (Beyoncé) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:46
2. 2:42
3. 2:36
4. 3:10
5. 1:47
6. 4:32
7. 2:33
8. 4:08
9. 3:19
10. 3:43
11. 3:40
12. 4:20
13. 3:07
14. 4:37
15. 5:16
16. 3:36
17. 4:41

Beyoncé - The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition] Album Comments

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The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition] [Beyoncé] Album Reviews

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- Wow5 star

She is fire

- Queen B5 star


- Well...MASTERPIECE5 star


- Masterpiece A+++5 star

An icon never fails!!!

- No1 star

Hives can’t accept she’s not that great.. She’s called queen because she’s older than most pop girls and she’s been in this industry for a long time.. Not because she’s talented

- Amazing5 star


- Inspiring5 star

Glad to be black. Yes Beyoncé



- Next level ish!!5 star

Who ever gives below a 4 is a hater. This album a 10+. Go to sleep!

- Ray S.5 star

+Visually, this is on another level. BLACK IS KING! BLACK IS KING! BLACK IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE....KING.

- Stellar5 star

She did it again. She never disappoints! The last of her kind.

- Generic trash1 star

Nothing special about any of these awful songs.

- BLACK IS KING 👑5 star

I love everything about it! She is sending a message in her songs. If you clearly listen to it, you will hear what she is saying!! Love it love it love it!!!!! Go head Beyoncé!!! 🎉💃🏽🎉💃🏽🎉💃🏽🎉💞💖💞

- Queen of trash1 star

In order to be called a queen you should do something important and be classy not trashy .. Never has this women even made a song worth 2cents Zero talent zero skill which should result in zero influence.. Aretha and Gladys QUEENS

- Meh1 star

Not well done imo. Seemed like the leftover songs in her fridge that she finally decided to use.

- Rips of a childhood classic1 star

There was so much potential but that’s what happens when big businesses throws money at remakes

- Garbage as usual1 star

Just stop making music already.

- No1 star


- Took me awhile5 star

After watching Black is King the cd came to “life” for me. Been listening to this everyday.


i didn’t like this album much last year but after relistening with the visual album, im hooked!!! beyoncé truly doesn’t fail

- As5 star


- BEY IS KING5 star

This album is a beautiful soundscape that takes you into the story and message of The Lion King. The powerful messages in this album empower so many that have been long taught to undervalue their blackness. In every song, you hear the versatility of Beyonce, the intricacy of her melodies and harmonies, perfectly mixed with the style of her collaborators. Well done again. Decades from now, this record will withstand the test of time as a modern classic.

- Queen Beyoncé does it again5 star

Beyoncé... just wow... she does it again. Gives us life, art, music, talent, all in one. Better than the bundle deals I get on amazon or Costco/Bj’s. A power house. Thank you for delivering to us once again. With we stand! 🙌😍

- 👑👑👑👑5 star

A beautiful retelling of the lion king and a beautiful visual album. It was for the culture and if people can’t understand that then 😁😅. As she said it’s not about spreading negativity or to make money off of it or any other BS people will try to say to discredit this masterpiece. The purpose of this visual album was to spin the narrative on the meaning of the word black: black is beautiful, black is smart, black is art; BLACK IS KING👑! Also there are limitless examples of her using her vocals as an instrument and blowing any performer out of the water with this album.

- Give us a break!!1 star

Beyoncé is totally the worst! She thinks too much of herself!

- Garbage1 star

This album is garbage and it’s only overhyped because it’s Beyoncé.

- Yuk 🤮1 star


- what is this1 star


- A masterpiece5 star

I’ve learned a lot about African Culture since I’ve been reading all the references! Beyoncé once again has done it and raised the bar.

- Great Ablum5 star

This Album has great energy and amazing beats! Love the entire project.

- BS1 star

You know if a white person came out with a “movie” for an album and called it White Is King they would be considered racist. But since she is a Black pop star, it’s not considered racist. Today’s society it’s messed up.


I love this!!!!!

- Absolute Masterpiece5 star

The visual aspect was amazing, but each one of these songs stand alone as absolute beautiful works of art. Such a positive, empowering, and genius record. Hopefully I get play brown skinned girl one day to my daughter.

- Black Is Beautiful5 star

Beautiful visual and beautiful album.

- Strong Black women stick together3 star

This album is different, and while I prefer groovy jams to bop and dance to, I realize that points need to be made so I purchased it before listening. May we all unite to save our world.

- A Bit of a Mess3 star

I haven’t heard an album this all over the place since JC Chasez’s Schizophrenic album in 2004. Pick a lane. Has she heard of a place called World Market? You can find tons of albums of music cultivated from all over the world that have more cohesiveness than this album. And the title of the album is clearly some cheap marketing ploy since it has zero to do with the film. Other than My Power and Scar, no real bangers in the batch. Frankly, I get the feeling she never heard world music until she decided to make this album. It did not sound richly diverse and instead sounded like it was going back and forth between Beyoncé pop songs and rap with the same African traditional drum beats you can find on a lot of keyboards. And where’s Sojaboy on this album? He get banned ‘cause of baby love Lisa? Beyoncé should do Beyoncé and not this Jay-Z colab stuff ‘cause it always sounds like a Jay-Z album that she’s hired to do vocal tracks on. I understand she’s gotta let him be the man to keep a happy marriage but she’s gotta shine too.

- This not about “Bey” it’s an African love fest5 star

African artists: musicians, dancers, actors all the way through the visual album. Loved it all! This is Beyonce’s tribute to The Lion King to African people to Black Americans. This album is for Africa and her descendants. If Black people don’t like the visual album and album, colonialism has done a number on us, made us hate the very wording Black Is King and that is sad. This album is uplifting in a time where Black people need to be seen as more than the impoverished and oppressed the less than. We are so much more better than what our opressors say we are.

- Forever My Queen5 star

Yesterday. Today. Always and forever. Thank you Beyoncé for always coming through and blessing us. 💕🖤

- Sounds Similar.3 star

Makes me want to dance but some songs sound over done and Beyonce doesn’t seem to want to sing much anymore. Just a lot of heavy talking harmonies ☹️

- A cultural reset5 star

Beyoncé made an album with real impact; a album with the power to make all Black people feel connected whether they’re from the Motherland, Brazil, or America.

- The Queen did again5 star

Queen Beyoncé Never disappoints me. 🥰🥰👑👑👑

- beautiful5 star

i could listen to this album on repeat all day. my power has a sound that i’ve never heard from a pop artist. great job !

- Amazing5 star

I wish the movie was available to purchase

- Truth1 star

Not music . Just shucking and jiving. To much studio magic.

- Self indulgent1 star

#overrated I appreciate her desire to create and craft her art; her recent work seems over calculating and preachy.

- Why does Buncy get so much credit1 star


- Trash1 star

Pure trash

- Love this5 star

Love this album

- MAD!5 star

People are so MAD that she’s the best. What other artist is giving us visuals like this? Better yet can actually preform like she does? Nobody. It’s racist white people in the comments as well as Bible banging Christians calling it “satanic”. Y’all need to shut y’all mad behinds up because BLACK IS KING!!

- Horrible1 star

Please start making good music again and not this crap. Big disappointment. I have been to all of your concerts so far but if this music played it will be the last time...


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forme - Boring and uninspiring1 star

This is the final nail in the career of bey, kween or what ever people say. Extremely boring music. Not any good.

protato123 - Ok3 star

cool it with the caps

Milyjolie1 - Wow...just wow!5 star

This album is amazing till the last drop. The perfect summer album for everyone! Beyoncé did it, this album is a milestone in history.

lawsonet719 - Thank you!5 star

Tonight i fell in love with Beyonce's Black is KING. It is a visual masterpiece. She is so necessary and a gift to US.

Kenny Thelusma - Amazing album, good work B!5 star

Thank you for this MASTERPIECE!

Vladijaimes - Amazing Album5 star

This album spreads and shares so much culture to anyone once you listen to it. It is a big representation of the black community and it makes a big impact for them as well. I’ve listen to this album and the original one everyone since it has been release. I would recommend 100%

bazerks - Amazing!5 star

Such a powerful feeling hearing awesome afro beat songs by someone with her platform. Every purchase gives money to all the african artists involved and it feels like this was suppose to happen :)

Colloid1991 - The bar has been raised!5 star

Just inspirational. The impact. The vision. The excellence. Thank you beyonce for sharing your gift. ❤️

Fablyly - Amazing album5 star

This album is amazing! So many emotions! From sadness, to joy, to festive, to PRIDE! Every single song holds a powerful message and provides exposure to these talented african artists! She’s definitely outdoing herself once again....

thgthgyy - Just beautiful!5 star

Beyoncé!! This album is just as amazing as it was the first time! To tell you the truth, I was half expecting the new vocals we heard on Disney+. But that remix is just horrible! Beyoncé, have you heard it?? Is it a strategy to make us listen to the other one again? The original is one of best instrumentals I’ve ever heard.

Sarri82 - Epic5 star

This is GOLD!

Mr wolf1234 - LOVE!5 star


mothegirl - Most cohesive and life changing album5 star

No words can describe how wonderfully fulfilling this album is. It comes highly recommended and honestly Beyoncé continues to amaze me in her bodies of work .

jaybae329 - Amazing Album5 star

She outdone herself once again! Queen behaviour!

Mfrbfkjrbjkbfjk - Great piece of work!5 star

Beyoncé is always very talented with the art that she puts out!! She never fails to impress me

Madboy11 - She’s still here?1 star

Everything she does is boring and uninspired

46893 - Sorry B but it’s terrible!! 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽1 star

Gone are the days of heartfelt uplifting Beyoncé power music! What happened to you? If you want Tribal African music than here it is on a golden platter. Each track is just as bad as the other..her film on this started beautiful than it got dark.. like real dark and almost felt satanic with lots of devil horns shown on numerous occasions. Also noticed the “white” servants almost purposefully put there.. tsk tsk The only props I’ll give is the amount of work she put in this no one can take that away from her. Sorry but it’s a no from me.. guess I gotta wait another 4 years for the next album Eeek!!

Awili_ - All hits, no misses5 star

I really wanted something fun, something for the summertime something for the girls to get ready and party to.

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JesuisNeFlum - Another well thought out project.5 star

I fall in love with everything she creates. She puts all her effort into what she does because she’s held to a higher standard because of her race, her gender, her husband 😅 yet she still creates immense things like this... she’s inspirational.

ooh638 - What ever happened to beyonce1 star

Ever since she got with jay z her music went way downhill, its like she stopped making wicked pop/dance songs and went all political and did all these naff urban/rap/rnb songs or whatever theyre called

kikilouz - Irrelevante1 star

You and jay z are so fake and we can see right through you. 😘🇪🇸🇮🇹🇬🇧🇲🇽

Prince Eric 2009 - Awful.1 star

Bland. Emotionless. How dare you Beyoncé tarnish the good name of the lion king with this lifeless noise.

Jnr888 - Let down1 star

That’s all

&meadows - Excellent5 star

Retelling the story of the Lion King a smart and inventive way. Respect to Beyoncé for using her platform to give African artists a chance to shine on a global scale.

jay877789 - She keeps getting better and better5 star

The videos in the film have just made each track on the album sound even better than what they did last year. Only negative comment - the swimming pool/chessboard part in mood 4 eva video isnt included in the album version and the beat is amazing, release a full track with that beat!

Jgrr1 - Rubbish1 star

Just another vulture.

Michael frost - Dull.1 star

Where is Beyoncé. She’s a pop star! It’s all to political and no hits! She does not use her voice on the record and every song sounds the same....

kasha_2 - Beautiful album!!5 star

Such a great piece of work,

A-Rogue - Stunning musical soundscape!5 star

Beyoncé and the talented musicians/artists she collaborated with in this project, have reimagined the Lion King with a fresh and new outlook. The heart of the original story is still present, especially with tracks like “OTHERSIDE” “MY POWER” and “FIND YOUR WAY BACK” Congratulations to all that worked on this album, and congratulations to Beyoncé for your continued vision of greatness for pulling such an astounding project together.

b is awseme - This album is exceptional5 star

This album is so unbelievably underrated. It tells a story. This is a body of work. Black is King elevates this beyond measure. No living artist is doing it like this anymore. Beyoncé is truly the last of her kind an exceptional example of a musical legend, and the fact that at this stage in her career she has chosen to share her platform to promote African artists shows her dedication to the industry and new talent. It shows she is as selfless as she is iconic, and it pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved in music.

Jord0101 - 👑👑5 star


Lycha256 - Incredible!5 star

Incredible album, just watched Black is King on Disney+ and had to buy the whole album, songs are amazing and so uplifting especially Brown Skin Girl. Beyoncé we are so lucky to have you, we adore you! Queen B! 🙌

Verified Apple Purchase - BLACK MAGIC!5 star

Beyoncé and her team have once again shown the beauty, history, complexity and profundity of black people. this is pure art, steeped in tradition and love. what a joy to watch, listen to, and experience! thank you!

Downwithcowell!! - Queen of the rehash1 star

Every time Beyoncé releases a new album, you just know that in 12 months time she will re-release it with added filler that wasn’t good enough to make the cut first time round. This version includes the politically controversial black parade song that has absolutely nothing to do with the lion king and only serves to inflate the already large ego of Mrs Carter, divide people and promote hatred.

MusicFan987887 - Watch the visual5 star

Watch the visual on Disney plus to get the full experience. Just magnificent!

Express Yourself!!! - So extremely dull and boring1 star

This is one of the dullest and most predictable sounding albums of all time. Definitely not what we need during these times of Coronavirus in 2020. There is nothing new or exciting here. Whatever happened to the old queen Bey?!

ConalCassidy - Incredible5 star

An amazing album by the greatest entertainer of our generation.

Mariano baff - Am so in love🔥❤️5 star

This album is just breathtakingly great I love love love all the songs plus the visuals on Disney 🔥❤️🐝👸🏽🤴🏾 #BlackisKing

MatiFabian - 🙄1 star

Flop already! I miss the old Beyoncé 🥺

Levi FÍŃŃÈŶ - b7 upon us5 star

definitely one of her best albums to date and black is king (film) is phenomenal definitely recommend ✨

Music-addict2 - Stunning5 star

This album is one of my favourite of Beyonce's it's so rich and poetic. Draws inspiration from my favourite film. Just perfect. +Black Parade is *chefs' kiss*

truth teller 565 - Released august 3rd 20201 star

How is this out right now. And also why is she bothering with this, talking abt milking it

stephenanthonyjames - BeyonceIsKing5 star

This is one of her best albums to date, not only is it full of afrobeat jams that feature Beyoncé herself but she is really showcasing African talent. I listened to the album a year ago when it was first released, I wasn’t sure at first especially with the lion king interludes, but after a few listens and the added edition this deluxe version which gets rid of those interludes and makes it feels like a true Beyoncé studio album. Let’s give it the credit and recognition it deserved a year ago. Brown Skin Girl Water Find Your Way Back Already Otherside Are must listens!!!

Muki9481 - Phenomenal!5 star

Absolutely breathtaking album. A variety of flavours, emotions, depictions of different experiences and tied in with the story of Lion King. I really enjoyed this and will be for a long time. Thank you Beyoncé.

Vista Venus - This confuses me...1 star

Since when did Beyonce take over the story of The Lion King? Is this a Disney Remake of a Story about a Lion, or is this mean’t to be a Biopic of the Overrated “Queen of RnB”? And as for the “Black is King” garbage... don’t get me going. It’s needlessly Political and divisive. If the point in BLM is Equality why do they try to make everyone else feel like they don’t belong here??

>BritneyLoveGaga< - Trash!1 star

This is by far her worst album to date! It looks like she’s only made this album to stay relevant!

revieweroncé - Bey Is King!5 star

another stunning album from beyoncé and her team, full of well written, well produced songs that tell a modern version of the story in the lion king. The Gift showcases incredible vocals, powerful lyrics, and is the perfect soundtrack to Black Is King - an entire movie based on this body of work, available worldwide on Disney+ this album is worth every penny, and knowing that im supporting black artists and producers from around the world by purchasing/streaming it is a bonus!

Betternet is the best - Pure Excellence.5 star

THE GIFT is a cohesive body of work full of incredible production, stellar vocals, great guest features and powerful lyrics. it reimagines the tale of the lion king through modern black music, and this deluxe version includes the juneteenth anthem Black Parade. the album coincides with the release of the cinematic masterpiece Black Is King - a masterful display of global black creativity, art, history, culture, talent, fashion, music, tradition, and so much more. once again, bey has showcased the breadth of black art on a global scale and given platforms to those who wouldnt have been given the opportunities otherwise. she and her team have again created a body of work to cause a global shift in the perception of blackness and the boundaries of creativity and art. almost 2 years in the making, this album/movie has been worth the wait. she described it as a passion project, and you can really see that. you can hear it. you can FEEL it. even if you arent black, you FEEL the dedication, warmth, professionalism and love poured into this experience. its encapsulating and breathtaking. theres so much to see and hear, you pick up on something different EVERY time! its an experience that is overwhelming in the best way. so much talent and hard work in one project has really paid off! such a beautiful, powerful story that means so much for so many people. a joy to watch, and listen to. thank you, bey. after almost thirty years in this industry you are STILL working tirelessly to grow, evolve, and create quality content. never complacent, never the same, never boring. you and your team somehow always manage to raise the bar, and doing it while being so inclusive, loving, and caring. its so beautiful to watch you continuously thrive beyond imagination! you are the light, and the gift of this world.

Cory Plant - Impeccable5 star

Greatest Artist of All Time

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Monique_nikka5 star

@BeyLegion: .@chloexhalle dancing to Beyoncé, @shattawalegh, and @MAJORLAZER's #Already. 💖 Get the song: | http…

Crispypunani5 star

@beezinthatrapy1 Beyoncé — The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition] album available now! • Apple Music:…

Crispypunani5 star

@Dayonsfuneral @itskeyon Beyoncé — The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition] album available now! • Apple Music:…

Crispypunani5 star

@bbeyvibes Beyoncé — The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition] album available now! • Apple Music:…

Crispypunani5 star

Beyoncé — The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition] album available now! • Apple Music: • i…

Crispypunani5 star

@chartdata @taylorswift13 @sanbenito @Drake @JBALVIN @theweeknd @trvisXX @billieeilish @BTS_twt Beyoncé — The Lion…

Tttoniiilashon5 star

@BeyLegion: Beyoncé, Ms. Tina, Blue Ivy & Rumi Carter. 💙 #BlackIsKing

Dominiquelildc5 star

@BeyLegion: .@Moonsanelly on how she became a part of #TheGift, recording several songs for the album, and what it felt like seeing her…

Ksonowwhat5 star

@BeyLegion: .@chloexhalle dancing to Beyoncé, @shattawalegh, and @MAJORLAZER's #Already. 💖 Get the song: | http…

Ksonowwhat5 star

@BeyLegion: Beyoncé // #BlackIsKing.

Layduhh5 star

@BeyLegion: Beyoncé // #BlackIsKing.

Nadiiiilayy5 star

@future_DrCapell @mafiacarterr Have you listened to the gift😭 y’all can’t be saying this and not listening to this…

Kultkillerkilos5 star

@BeyLegion: Beyoncé // #BlackIsKing behind the scenes. 🖤

Sojxni5 star

@BeyLegion: @kanyewest Beyoncé's #TheGift [Deluxe Edition] album — featured in #BlackIsKing — available now. 👑 • Apple Music: …

Neelah_ahmanie5 star

@BeyLegion: Beyoncé // #BlackIsKing.

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