Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall

About Tickets To My Downfall by Machine Gun Kelly Album

Tickets To My Downfall is the fifth studio album by American musician Machine Gun Kelly. A departure from his established rap sound, the album is a more guitar-driven pop punk album. It was released through Bad Boy and Interscope Records on September 25, 2020. Machine Gun Kelly, birth name Colson Baker, had released four studio albums through the 2010's. While his first four studio album had been hip hop/rap styled, by the end of the decade, Baker started moving into a rock music direction. In 2019, Baker appeared in the film The Dirt, a biographic film about the band Mötley Crüe where he played drummer Tommy Lee. The same year, Baker released his fourth studio album, Hotel Diablo, which ended with the track "I Think I'm Okay", a more rock-leaning song collaboration with Yungblud and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. It was released as a single and became very popular, hitting number 8 on the year-end Billboard US Hot Rock Songs and ended up being certified platinum in the US. Baker, wishing to explore the sound further, booked a day in recording studio to work with Barker, to record what would become the song "Bloody Valentine". The session was so powerful to Baker that he asked Barker to set aside two months aside for them to collaborate on an entire studio album, to which Barker obliged. For much of the rest of the year, Baker would refer to be working on the album informally referred to as "the untitled pop punk project". Along with Baker on vocals and guitar, the entire album would feature Barker on drums and as a producer. Other collaborations in the studio include Bert McCracken of The Used, Blackbear on the track "My Ex's Best Friend", Goody Grace, Mod Sun, Trippie Redd, Young Thug, and another collaboration with Yungblud. Baker later revealed that the collaborations with McCracken and Yungblud were left off the album, to be released on a separate project. Baker also noted that the albums originally concluded with a track titled "Times of My Life", but that he couldn’t get authorization to publish the song from Tom Petty's estate, who felt the hook was too similar to a song of Petty's.

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Tickets To My Downfall (Machine Gun Kelly) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Title Track 2:45
2.Kiss Kiss 2:18
3.Drunk Face 2:23
4.Bloody Valentine 3:25
5.Forget Me Too 2:51
6.All I Know (feat. Trippie Redd) 2:09
7.Lonely 3:10
8.WWIII 0:59
9.Kevin And Barracuda (interlude) 1:23
10.Concert For Aliens 2:40
11.My Ex's Best Friend 2:19
12.Jawbreaker 1:57
13.Nothing Inside (feat. Iann Dior) 2:52
14.Banyan Tree (interlude) 1:31
15.Play This When I'm Gone 3:22

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Tickets To My Downfall [Machine Gun Kelly] Album Reviews

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- TrAsH


- Trash


- Love this album

Didn’t like him as a rapper. But I’m loving this album.

- Xx on my neck, add one more and we’re having sex!

Great album🤘🤙👍🙏🥚🥜🥧🏠🥰🥵🤬🤡

- Tickets to my downfall

Great album and really expresses real life problems, it isn’t just a pop punk stereotype album

- Trash!

🤢🤮 He says you have to wear certain kind of shoes to be a rock star or else your fake. 😂 So now he’s the gatekeeper of rock music. He knows all about being fake. Once he starts rapping again he’ll start with the Wannabe Gangster Persona.

- When different works

The switch and adaption from MGK shows his true talents as an artist.

- Honesty review

I read an interview about mgk expressing his true self on this album, keep flying! Check out Sipeo - I’m Dead! On all platforms worldwide!

- Best album released since Blink first broke up

The bad reviews are from sad Eminem fans that can’t take a diss, especially because MGK owned him in Rap God. Eminem is a has been, let it go and enjoy MGK.

- Tickets to my downfall review

I love the whole album and I can relate to it.

- 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Kids pop

- decent but feels inauthentic

i always knew mgk as a rapper. didnt care for his rapping but ive heard of him and heard a couple of his songs. i love blink and 90s/00s pop punk and alt rock, thats like my childhood and teenage years right there. idk if its bc he made such a huge genre switch, but this feels kinda inauthentic. like hes just chasing the sound thatll make him stand out, not making the music that he wants. the album isnt bad, it just kinda feels like using a sound that isnt his. feels like hes capitalizing on all the people like me, who grew up on alt rock and are moving into their late 20s/early 30s and would enjoy hearing something that reminds them of the music they listened to when they were younger.

- 3 awesome songs🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Concert for aliens Bloody valentine My exes best friend Colson ❤️

- Huh

This is crap

- Breakthrough album for MGK, well done

This versatile guy takes a lot of artistic risks and he nailed it on this album. It's far more than an attitude or playing rap games with Eminem. He found a solid groove with Travis and his other collaborators, the production and songwriting are tight, and Travis is still absolutely ripping on drums. Although Travis is clearly a catalyst on TTMD, MGK also brought the secret sauce and made something great happen. All the 1-star reviews are from ignorant bitter fools.

- Nah


- Naw bruh

This ain’t it go back to rappin. I honestly think it sounds like trash

- John Feldman strikes again.

That man needs to be cut down. Over saturation of this garbage they claim is pop punk.

- Horrible

This is horrible this album was not good in any sense of the imagination it’s sounded like mom took my Xbox rock from 2008 go back to rap MGK

- Great album

I love it

- Garbage

Can’t believe this is even selling....

- Wow

Absolutely disappointed in this waste of an album..

- 4.5

Good album brings back my emo teen years, but a lot of talking for interludes. Only negative thing but album is great

- Save your money

I found this album for sale at Target, Uncensored for a $1. That’s how bad this album is.

- ✔️

Best thing he’s put out since lace up

- Best Rapper Album of 2020

Never wrote a review before, but this is hands down the best rapper/punk album produced in 2020. This has made 2020 better with the Travis Barker/Blink-182 vibe yo 🤙🏼 f*#% the haters 🥶

- Not for me go back to rap pop boi

This is Meh what are you doing? Go back to rap...or did EMINEM scare you off mgk? 😂

- An unexpected surprise

Honestly I never really cared for MGK’s rap career. However a friend told me he had made a pop punk album. Bought it. Can honestly say I’m an MGK fan now. This was a really fun one.

- Okay but he did good tho

Everyone is complaining about him changing genres except he did it well and it fits tbh

- TBH I love it

I was never a huge fan of his rap, but I absolutely love this album and his new sound.

- Not for me

Totally unexpected album vibe but in the worst way. I was a fan before but there’s not one song on the album I liked. Big disappointment.

- Amazing

The one thing I like about him is that he makes hip hop song, punk, and alternative

- Wack

Still no hit, diddy won’t admit that he got pac killed hahahahahahahhaa

- Amazing

Never been a fan of his. Like at all. Until this. Wow

- Great

It’s great.

- Eminem made him change genressssu

Eminem hurt his feelings so much that he changed genres 😭😭

- Really good album

Love the album, he can do whatever genre he wants

- Pop Punk revival

One of the best pop punk albums of the last 10 years. MGK showing everyone how it’s done

- Pink is punk

This entire album shows how talented he is and how he can do just about any genre he sets his mind to. He’s an amazing artist and it doesn’t matter what genre he does he’s always gonna be better than Eminem because his lyrics have so much meaning in them and all of EST can relate, new or old members. We will be here till the end even in the haters disagree 🤘🏼🤘🏼😈❌❌

- Yesss!!!!!

Why didn’t he do this genre at the beginning!! Fits him really great and brings back those pop punk 2000s memories!! Yess MGK stick to this and you will succeed 😉

- Love it

Love it even more

- 🥺❤️

Best album ever I love it and him

- Redundant

15 songs where you say the same thing over the same beat isn’t a concept album it’s lazy writing. It sounds like something out of the early 2000s was which offers some throwback but it takes the worst parts of it and doesn’t build on it. At first it sounds like he has potential but then it falls into the cliches of every other MGK album, drugs partying, and he says the exact phrase “I’m crazy” 2-3 times in every song as if the listener didn’t understand the first time. In short TRASH 🗑 🗑🗑🗑🗑

- Keep doing you MGK

Everyone keeps trying to hate when an artist tries to expand and grow/ experiment with what their music is. People have many sides and grow and change with life album was solid keep doing you man!

- Decent content but not enough

First of all I like pop punk, and never liked MGKs music before. That being said most of the songs are embarrassingly short. I have trouble even calling them songs because there is not enough content there. As a pop punk fan most of the content on this album is extremely generic sounding. It’s good generic but it’s definitely for people who are new to pop punk. The best song by far is forget me too although even that is generic and is barely long enough. It needs 1 more verse.

- Rock is making a return

Mark my words there will be a shift in music after trippie redd drops his deluxe for pegaus

- Killed it

Is it me? Or does MGK get autocorrected to ‘Mom’ all the time? 6-7 killer tracks here, nice job. Post-punk-rock = starter drug for Ramones, Oasis, NIN and other greats.

- ggf


- Why does everyone judge him off of the Eminem beef?

Amazing album mgk is so great it’s so stupid I’m reading some of these comments and people are still talking about the Eminem crap who cares he makes very good music!

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- Freaking awesome!!

I admire the fact that Machine Gun Kelly wasn’t afraid to switch genres. I totally agree when he said, an artist is an artist. I love his new sound in Tickets to my Downfall! Keep em coming MGK! Luv your newest huge fan from Canada. ❤️

- Crazy Growth, gray album overall

It’s honestly all I’ve listened to in the last 2 months

- Awesome!!!

Machine Gun Kelly please keep making music like this if you can... so well done! I’m patiently waiting for your next album so get to work!

- I love this pop-punk style!

I love this pop-punk style!

- 🚮


- i love this album

great music and very nice drums

- Awful

If I could give this 0 stars I wouldn’t even do that because this album deserves so much worse than that. Only reason it’s getting one star is because it’s not one track longer then it could’ve been (and because it’s the lowest score I can give)

- Amazing!

Bringing back pop punk to bring some joy to 2020.

- So damn good

This change of style is doing it, totally! Live this album, hope to hear him rap again but this album is a hello to my childhood with this emo/pubk/rock kinda vibes!! Loooooove it ♥️🔥

- So good!

Love the switch. The guy can do any type of music.

- Trash

He belongs in the garbage. Without Eminem he would be nowhere.

- So good

Needed this album so bad. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars.

- Best album so far!!!

Love his style

- Garbage


- yikes



Thank you MGK

- So sick

This is good

- Great Mgk album!!

Loving it, very different for him and very awesome, I want him to Rap again but this is still killer👏👏

- PaidGang

Not for me

- Full of hits!

Total blink vibes from this, soo well done and not one skippable track!

- Classic Garbage Album

I found this in the dumpster and it is Pure Hot Trash!!! Like his life.

- Garbage

I didn’t get the album, I just wanted to say MGK is trash lol

- 🔥🔥🔥


- Pop Punk 🔥

Lovin' It

- Don’t waste your money.

This is pure trash. I miss the good old days of MGK. This kid can’t even define who the hell he is anymore.

- Kill shot

When you get hit so hArd you switch genres and it’s so much better then his rap career

- Thank you


- Yuck

This dude can’t sing or rap.

- Good album bro Kelly

You did a good job

- Good

A good album

- Trash

Absolutele garbage this is not music

- Amazing Album

Solid album, Travis Barker on the drums makes it even better - glad MGK went punk; it’s time for the genre to comeback to mainstream music.

- Not one skippable song!!!

Played the entire album 15+ times now, it’s amazing and makes my heart full

- Long Time Coming

This album is a VIBE. Proud of what Kells has done. EST4LIFE

- Reminds me of peep

Albums mid, only song I like is with black bear, and trippie, actually a little above mid I guess.

- The right direction

He found a new sound and followed it and I’m so glad he did! Looking forward to more of this kind of work!!

- Great Album!

Was really surprised by the quality of these Tracks. You can tell M-G-K has a few Blink-182 Albums in his collection.


I never write reviews, however this is my favourite album that’s come out in years. What a fresh take on pop punk music🔥

- 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Remember Killshot???!!!

- I like machine gun kelly new alternative sound.

Good album 2020. Machine Gun Kelly is so sexy. I like this type of music is now into. ❤️♥️💗😘

- OMG 🤩

Tu bon vieux punk rock comme on aime 😜

- album of the god damn year

this is a masterpiece, every song is amazing

- 🔥🔥🔥


- Great 2000 feels

I really enjoyed the album. Can’t wait for his next album, heard it’s gonna be rap. Either way I don’t care. This guys so talented I’ll listen regardless!

- Been a MGK Fan for a long time 🤘

And Must say it’s freakin amazing🔥

- Absolutely amazing

MGK is one of this first rappers that I have been able to enjoy. Now with this album, I can jam in my car with more music!!!

- Trash 🤢🤮

What a bad album.

- Mannnnn

Blink 182 called, they want the drum line back that MGK used in every single song in this album. switch it up man

- I hate this kid ...

I hate this kid ... but this is the type of music he should have been doing the whole time.

- Hey

I pre orderd this album when will it download ???? On my iTunes will it down load automatically??

- Love love love

An awesome album. Such a better rocker than rapper. Love every song on it.

- Best ever

All 90s kids and teens would be loving this! Throws back to the blink days and just has that pump up vibe MGK is so good at, TB kills it as usual the guy has the golden touch I swear...

- Not bad, well needed change.

Pain and failure are great for an artist. I think mgk was on easy street for a while, then eminem ruined his career for a while. Honestly im surprised, this music isnt so bad. Its definitely not for everybody, but i know lots of people that love that simple punk blink 182 style. Maybe mgk has finally become his own person.

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love pretty much every song so much

- revealed to be the talentless hack we always knew he was

listen if you enjoy the sweet sound of baboons making love

- Love it!!!

Absolutely Amazing Lyrics and an even better sound to match! Love MGK xo

- Mgk is my daddy <3

Mgk is absolutely killing it, y’all. Boo, myself and Uncle Tom are super keen for his album to drop x

- Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!

I think this is the best album he’svput out since, Bloom💯 like there’s some really deep motion songs on the album then there’s absolute hard-core songs in the album, which is what people have always wanted!! 🎸 can’t stop listening to it on my Bluetooth speaker, guarantee he’ll get a #N1 album!! 🥇

- Best album!

Everyone needs to listen to this album! ❤️🔥🔥🔥 I love this genre and hope MGK does another album like this.

- Nah.. This ain't it..

Im an MGK fan but, this is repetitive music with some irrelevant trash in between. the best of this was released pre the album. I grew up with Blink182, this is a cheap knock off at best.

- Soy boy

Soy boy


MGK is single handedly bring punk back

- Awesome!

Such a great album! Love every song!!

- incredible

It’s on repeat

- MGK providing us the bops once again

This rock phase NEEDS to stay 🔥

- King of 2020

Amazing already wanting more

- On repeat

Not a big fan of his rap but love MGK ability to switch genres. Big fan of pop punk & love this throwback to the 90-00s. 💚☠️

- The best yet from MGK

This album is killer! Every song is a banger. Already can’t wait for the next album

- Love the sound

Bringing Pop Punk back to mainstream

- King

Album of the decade

- So far, so good!

This gives me soooooo many 90’s American Pie feels. I’m so excited for the whole album. 😩 MGK can do no wrong.

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- Disappointed after previous albums

After listening to the Hotel Diablo I hoped for something similar and equally fresh. I can’t listen to one of these tracks all the way through this is so far away in terms of style from the last 2 albums.

- Love this album

Really great album , his best music to date so far . Love the heavier direction he’s going in !

- Wow 🤯👌💯

I’m wasn’t even a fan of this genre of music until now. I rate nearly every song on this album.

- To my surprise...

Well I only discovered MGK through his song on Tony Hawks pro skater remastered. His track “bloody valentine”. And thought, this is pretty good. Wonder what other songs this guys got. Honestly, his older albums not great/not my taste. The album before this was good though. Then I heard this album. Completely awesome! I needed some punk music! I’v been listening too much of “simple creatures”. The only thing I’d say is the songs are quite short. Being roughly under 3mins. Anyway, I hope this guy makes another album like this, as it suits him more than the ‘rap game’. And hope the songs will be longer on the next album 🤞🏻


instant classic, best pop punk album for a while

- Pop punk at some of its best

Each song is catchy and energetic, exactly what pop punk should be. The only real problem here is a couple of the songs are relatively repetitive and maybe some of the lyrics. Other than that, still a fun ride and definitely worth a listen 🤟🏻

- Amazing

100000% recommend, love the album !!

- Great sound for MGK

This album has so many songs that slam, could do with longer tracks, but still nevertheless can listen from start to finish and not skip 100 per cent!

- Brilliant


- TTMD = Amazing/Legendary

This album has a song for every mood and takes you to a better place! 10/10

- Maybe in the 90’s, awful!!

An album just for teeny-boppers into blink182 style pop-rock. What absolute rubbish, maybe in the 90’s this crap would fly.

- It’s insane

Forget me too with Halsey is so good and of course Colson killed it

- An excellent flashback to early 2000’s

This album is pure fire. 🔥Kel really went for it with this album and it shows. I feel like I’m back to early 2000’s pop rock /punk era and I love the vibe. This is true (rare) quality music. Totally worth it 💯



- Great album

Massive fan of the album, the pop punk sound he’s brought in to this really suits him ans his overall look! Plus anything Travis Barker is involved with is usually fire! And this doesn’t disappoint!! 100000% recommend!

- Living legend


- His best work yet

This album is a masterpiece every song is great, it’s really cool that he’s experimenting with different sounds aswell.

- Wow

If you’re looking for pop punk with heart this is the album for you. Stand out songs are Lonely, Title Track and Forget Me Too!

- Outside the box

Always doing something different, the musician/artist we always needed, someone who can do variety!


I bought this as soon as I woke up, and rocked out to it as I got ready for school. You can never tire of this music, especially nothing inside and forget me, those are the best❤️🖤❤️🖤

- Mgk

So good ❤️

- Great work

Thoroughly enjoyed the album

- Amazing


- amazing!

every single song on this album is fire it’s honestly so good it’s on repeat all the time!! 💗

- Punk rock badass

Love it man

- Tickets To My Downfall

Sit back, light up a J and play this through speakers, extra loud. You’ll thank me later, I promise you!

- Tickets for my downfall

Been a fan of MGK since general admission but growing up as a pop punk kid through the 90’s and 2000’s this album puts such a smile on my face. And to all the people moaning he’s being a “blink 182 wannabe”. I believe it holds that sound due to travis’ drumming. There are hundreds of bands still making this kind of music and hopefully from people hearing this album it will encourage many more!

- Songs far too short

Was so excited for this album but it’s actually a disappointment, 15 songs but only 3 of these being 3+ minutes?? 2 interludes and a 1 min song are pointless as well

- Fantastic album

To all the people crying over the Eminem beef giving the album 1 star... grow up, to the people saying he’s a blink 182 wanna be... if you are a true blink fan you will know that Travis barker and him are tight and he helped produce this album and features throughout... he isn’t a blink wanna be, he knows that pop punk was at the peak when blink and green day were on top so he has adapted to she sound of them and got the help of a member of blink... honestly if you like old school blink and green day, he has put a lot of effort into giving it that vibe, and to the one comment saying ‘it’s been done before’ most music these days has been done or sounds similar... enjoy the music and appreciate the lengths this man has gone from to evolve his rap into a solid pop punk album that I’m sure will do extremely well... Well done MGK and Travis.


Absolute banger of an Album🔥🔥

- Blown away

I was expecting a punk pop album, and we got it. But I also got the tears and laughs that we have had with previous albums too. He truly makes his work his own with the interludes and comedy pauses. Completely blown away. King of 2020 that’s for sure. I can’t fault it. Yet another no skip album.

- Great album

Some good songs on this a couple aren’t really songs but still a good album love this new music he is doing atm more punk rock love it 👍


BEST ALBUM EVER! LOVE EVERY SINGLE SONG! I laughed, cried and raged! So proud of you Colson, came so far! EST4LIFE


incredible album from start to finish, it flows so well into one another, the hotel diablo references and every interlude and every song is just art. thank you for being so raw. EST4LIFE


MGK is the best to ever do it in rap and pp 🤞🏽🤍🖤

- Go back to 2000s

Definitely MGK is a complete artist. I’m not used to pop-rock/punk music but I can’t say that it’s a bad album if I shake my head on each song. If you like Bloody Valentine and/or My ex’s best friend you should listen this album!

- Absolutely insane !!

Can’t fault this album one bit 🙌🎸🔥

- Buzzing 😁😁

Glad to see mgk bringing punk rock back 🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Amazing

MGK has reinvented himself as a legend


This is exactly what was promised by MGK and Travis!!!!!! Worth the wait for the album release

- Fire

I love Travis Barker and anything he does, if MGK is involved? Even better! Take my money!

- Simon

Don’t like him or his music he shouldn’t of started beef with Eminem

- Such a great album

Machinegunkelly honestly out did himself ! I listen to the album 24/7

- good

all the people saying “this sounds like 2000’s pop punk like blink 182”. that is the point. travis barker is literally drumming on the damn thing

- Interesting new direction

Ignore the fools saying it sounds like (insert punk rock band name) all music sounds like other band from the genre. Refreshing style with the current music trends! Innovation happens when you zig while others zag


BUY IT!!!!!!

- 👟👟👟

Incredibly excited to hear the rest of the album! 🔥


Pretty good.

- All filler, no killer

Sounds dated. Like early 2000s pop punk but nothing original. Lyrics are weak and the sound has been done. Inspired me to listen to Blink 182 and Sum 41 though.

- Omfg

Blink 182 wannabe lol 😆

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@MTV Tickets to my downfall 🥰.


Top 5 albums of 2020 1.chip chrome and the mono-tones by the nbhd 2. noacf by the 1975 3. weird! by yungblud 4. moral panic by nbt 5. the new abnormal by the strokes mention spéciale à fake it flowers de beabadoobee, tickets to my downfall by mgk, post human [...] de bmth + .

ً judit

1. the whole 'tickets to my downfall' album 2. speechless- eddie benjamin 3. CVT3 (whole album) 4. new person same old mistakes 5. 1d's whole discography and their solo career .

I'm Just A Musical Prostitute My Dear.

51. Saint Ivory - Mixed Feelings 52. M.I Abaga - Judah The E.P 53. Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets to My Downfall 54. La Roux - Supervison .

🦇 Sandra 🦇

Tickets to my downfall by @machinegunkelly .

🦇 Sandra 🦇

@MTV The bastards or tickets to my downfall.


@tonyjerry24 tickets to my downfall fr?? 👀.

Kellithrya Konstantine

@MTV Tickets to My Downfall - @machinegunkelly.


Calm, walls, tickets to my downfall .

E's on mars

@MTV Manic - Halsey weird! - yungblud tickets to my downfall - MGK.

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