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Country Things, Vol. 1 (Granger Smith) Album Songs

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1. 3:37
2. 2:53
3. 3:34
4. 3:39
5. 3:40
6. 3:09
7. 3:34
8. 2:44

Granger Smith - Country Things, Vol. 1 Album Comments

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Country Things, Vol. 1 [Granger Smith] Album Reviews

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- Making Yee Yee Nation Proud5 star

Good variety of songs with some definite hits mixed in! Would like to hear more from Earl Dibbles in Volume 2, but happy with the purchase.. Country things, I Kill Spiders, and Country & Ya Know it are my favorite three however great album from top to bottom

- LOVE5 star

Love the album and can’t wait for Vol. 2!! YEE YEE

- Great Album5 star

Love this album!

- Awesome!5 star

Love this album! Has to be my favorite! Not one bad song, all are great!

- Awesome5 star

Love this album I can't wait for Vol 2. Granger Smith always puts out great music. @lltigger

- Love the Smiths!5 star

Chevys, Hemis, Yotas & Fords! My favorite!!!!

- YEE YEE Nation Gets another great one !5 star

Honestly every song on this album is amazing !!!! If you like country music you will be listening to this one loud. When is part 2 coming out ?

- Best music5 star

Your music is literally the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

- Granger Smith is the HOTTEST man in country music5 star

Granger is awesome! This album is amazing, “Hate You Like I Love You” should be a smash on the country charts! Great songwriting, great voice, great musicians. Earl Dibbles Jr. is cute but Granger is THE MAN. And so gotdam good looking. 😍

- I have it on Apple Music5 star


- harklessguitars185 star

Hey, my Instagram is harklessguitars18 and granger smith and earl dibbles jr are my favorites... definitely buy this album

- Yee Yee5 star

I love every single song!!! Yee Yee

- Country Things is a Hit5 star

Love this whole album

- Amazing5 star

@_jackiecowdrey another AMAZING album but expected nothing less because it’s Granger Smith and Earl Dibbles junior🥰🤩

- Awesome Album from an Awesome Artist5 star

Granger Smith never disappoints. We’d love to see him in Wisconsin again soon! IG: @mitchellg_16

- Fantastic Album!!5 star

No surprise that this is yet another great album by Granger Smith! All of the songs are fantastic and there’s one for every mood. Can’t wait for Volume 2! Yee Yee!!

- Great album Yee Yee HELL YEAH5 star

Great album all the way from South Korea. Yee Yee @trailerparktim

- That roll your windows down music5 star

Waited a long time for this one.. I hardly ever buy albums.. Always stream them.. Never knew what a difference buying albums made until Granger smith explained it in his YouTube videos! $7.99 equals 1500 streams wow!! @john_jay91 Love ear dibbles!!

- Review5 star

Great album big fan since day one insta is thebigman73

- Can this guy not make a bad album!5 star

Every album Granger makes is Amazing! Very underrated Country Star. He makes amazing music and puts on amazing shows. COUNTRY things Vol.1 is awesome!! Definitely what we needed during these times. YeeYee!! @conac16

- Always the best5 star

Granger Smith never disappoints! Yee Yee! @miles4thekids

- Amazing!5 star

Absolutely love this album! rufusjean

- This album is the best so far5 star

Just want to say Great Gob Granger these songs are greater than Agave Gold. I can’t stop listening to them especially Mexico!!!! Instagram:smedick24

- Forever Yee Yee!5 star

Granger Smith again with another great album. Every song has a message you can relate to. This is the type of music you can listen to while working with your hands in the yard, getting you ready for a day of work, or sitting by a fire drinking a cold one with your friends. Thank you again Granger for all you do. @artiewillette #YeeYeeStrong

- Love it!5 star

Favorite song is Country Things. Instagram: @grace_rose22

- Country things vol.15 star

Amazing album!!! @rip_mcgee

- A little of everything.5 star

This album hits all the feels. The song I kill spiders is destined to be the next big thing in father daughter first dance song. That’s why I love dirt roads has been my favorite since it was released as a single. You can’t miss with Granger Smith. Insta apeterson_14

- YEEYEE5 star

I have been a die hard Granger Smith fan since the day I was born and this album represents what the country soul and state of mind is all about!! All I got to say is YEEYEE BROTHA

- Best Album5 star

Down right Country album to just play on the radio goin down a 2 lane road!!! Insta: vancas026

- Can I please get a hat5 star

Let’s go love the album also ya_boi_volps

- YEE YEE5 star

Great Album. Can’t wait to see him play it live.

- Great Album, Great Song5 star

This new album as everything that you can think. All these songs are great and there are a couple that have deep meanings with the lyrics. Love this album and all the songs!! @schaake30

- Yee yee5 star

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this album it’s honestly the best to jam out to! @yourgirl.irl

- Great Album. Haven’t stopped listening5 star

Great albumFrom the legend himself. Love the songs headed on repeat since I bought it. IG. @joshfry8723

- Signed hat!5 star


- Awesome album5 star

Awesome album. Saw your instagram post. I purchased this album. IG-@88_the_mechanic

- Man I love this!5 star

I wanna win the hat badly, so, adam.stocker.27 (Don’t stalk me)

- Great Album5 star

Such great content with your music and your social media platforms! So glad this album came out! Insta: emily.b.32

- Awesome stuff!5 star

Been on repeat! I raise a beer to this album! @brandonevon_32

- Best Album Ever!5 star

I have always loved Granger since day one! Every time I listen to his voice, it seems like he just gets better and better. He really knows how to jam when it’s a boring day. But at the same time. He knows how to be down to earth and romantic. He’s one amazing guy, the person who raised him. They get an A+ from Me. @brittany20_20

- YeeYee5 star

This album is the best one I’ve heard! I really enjoy Heroes. My mom and sister are both nurses and it really hit home. Love all the other songs too!! @saralou127

- Feelin’ Mexico5 star

We love all the songs, but Mexico is my favorite! My Instagram is @haley.hd127

- Amazing album5 star

If you love country music you have to buy this!!! Grangers best album! I love every single song on volume 1. This is my favorite album of 2020! Buy it.. you won’t be disappointed ❤️ IG - lisaanne2621

- Love it!5 star

Had this Pre downloaded on Apple Music! Love every song! Especially “I Kill Spiders” hits home with a little girl on the way! Keep doing your thing Granger. Instagram- Risner_20

- Granger5 star

Must BUY 🔥 @brittayo89

- Loved the song5 star

I loved the songs on the albums they mean alit to me.

- Amazing album !!!5 star

Incredible mix of songs on vol.1 !!!! Definitely a must buy!

- Country things5 star

Audreyottb4me This album is amazing! Everything about this album is country! Brings back memories of the country I listened to as a teen. Love it! Excited to hear vol. 2! Granger Smith and crew are definitely my favorite musicians and artist!

- yrc.dylan_5 star

What an album truly one of the best country albums in awhile and what a great time to release it when we’re all cooped up inside the house unless your a country boy like me who’s constantly workin out on the farm. Overall a amazing album good work Granger. Yee Yee!

- Done yeed1 star

I have been a huge fan for years but I’m sorry, this sounded like you had kids write the lyrics to most of the songs. I was excited when the first two songs were released. I thought they were good... but was seriously let down by the rest. It almost seems that you have ran out of song ideas.


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QCWolvesinthethroneroom - Horrible1 star

I mean I love true country but this kind of ''music'' killed the country industry enough said.

keating47 - 10/10 would recommend buying5 star

Love this whole album cant stop listening to it country must be country wide yeeee yeee @alexkeating47

packalip - Great album5 star

Put a good dip in. YEEYEE @bernardmatheson90

Jadyn_W9 - 10/105 star

Yee Yee!! @jadynwiebe_9

MannyLeduc - Best country singer of 2020!5 star

Love the songs! They are all great songs, admittedly, Country things pulls at my heart strings. Video is incredible and is a story of everything that is wholesome. Manny Leduc 🇨🇦 yeeyee!

Jubie_HawtAsianMess - Love it!5 star

My two most favourite songs on this new album are “Country Things” and “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads”. Overall though, it’s a really good album! (My insta: @jubes_taco_tatertot)

wFt2016 - Buy this album !!5 star

100% purchase this album it’s great !!! Yee yee 🤠@tessafleck

Falcon316 - Amazing Album!5 star

Granger, you are fire!! Your music always lifts the soul. Much love from Eastern Ontario Canada. Thanks for all you do.

DEADPOOLISLIFE - I wish I could put more stars!!!5 star

What a freaking album!! Granger you and the team killed this time!!! Best song on the album Country and I know it! Raise a Beer 🍺 Instagram @iannewman99

Caropooh3 - Yee yee !5 star

In love with that country music !

TheAmazingSchmidt - Idol!!!5 star

Every song hits home with me just brings me back down when I need it! insta: @reallyschmidty

outerspacewithallstar - Best album yet!5 star

Worth the wait, excited for volume 2! Granger never fails to disappoint :) - kayley_amber

craewiggins - Songs for everything!5 star

Instagram @carliewiggins. I love this album! One of my favourite to date! A song for everything and makes my heart sing! Can’t wait to jam to country and ya know it live one day!!!

AmyCVDW - Awesome country feelingsand family faith based music rings everyday listening to this album.5 star

I buy albums of Granger Smith! ✌️👏🏼

Steve_5969 - Country Things Vol 15 star

Best Granger Smith album yet - you will not be disapointed!

Crazyfirefighter - Awesome album5 star

Love it @woodyo92

Ridlepop - Love it5 star

I’m not a girl who usually listens to country but Grangers music has me hooked, I kill spiders is just beautiful, Chevys, Hemis Yotas & fords is certainly a repeat mode song. #YeeYee @one_crazy_dog_mum

Dbomb2069 - Love this album5 star

By for the best album he has produced. My favorite song is that’s why I love dirt roads. @damo d-bomb

Losar2142 - Fabulous album5 star

Love the album and can’t wait for part 2. “Hate you like I love you” is amazing!

charmaine14 - Country things5 star

Love the new album from Granger! From beautiful songs like Heroes and I kill spiders to old school break up songs like Hate you like I love you to windows down sing a longs like country things this album has it all do yourself a favour and buy it now

Crash Matilda - I have a sneaking suspicion1 star

That this guy likes dirt roads

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Sgal20189 - Granger Smith Vol. 15 star

Awesome!!! All songs or even One song from this album will connect with any person from across the world whether it’s Hate You Like I Love You to I kill Spiders. This Album will give you mixed emotions throughout the 27+ minutes you play it for Granger Held Nothing Back In His Writing Process Granger Songs Are Pure and you actually feel the emotion he uses in his music! @Sgal20189

n.keeble24 - Loving country things5 star

Loving this album, it’s the best one so far and I can’t wait for part 2. Yee yee @ashdye93

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CMRNashville5 star

Lee talking to Granger Smith about his new album 'Country Things Vol 1', via telephone in Austin, ... via @Audioboom

_steve_davidson5 star

Put on vol 1 of Best Bits of the Late Show (ABC, 1992) and I'm like... WTF We thought this was..funny? And this w…

1firephoenix35 star

@GrangerSDaily: “Country Things, Vol. 2” is now up for pre-order 🙌🏻

ThatBoyWizard5 star

@GrangerSDaily: “Country Things, Vol. 2” is now up for pre-order 🙌🏻

Hicks45J5 star

@GrangerSDaily: “Country Things, Vol. 2” is now up for pre-order 🙌🏻

GrangerSDaily5 star

“Country Things, Vol. 2” is now up for pre-order 🙌🏻

LivMatuszak5 star

Country Things, Vol. 2 is pre-ordered! I can’t wait to hear these songs 🙌🏻 @GrangerSmith

Seanie869143065 star

Just Pre-ordered “Country Things” Vol. 2!!! @GrangerSmith

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