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My Gift (Carrie Underwood) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:55
2. 3:14
3. 3:59
4. 2:56
5. 4:29
6. 4:35
7. 4:41
8. 3:26
9. 3:49
10. 2:41
11. 3:31

Carrie Underwood - My Gift Album Comments

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My Gift [Carrie Underwood] Album Reviews

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- Boring1 star

Nothing original or creative about this album. Super bummed.

- Ok4 star

I would like The Little Drummer Boy with just Carrie Underwood instead or with Daughtry who was on American Idol. That would be really good.

- Meh3 star

I love Carrie and love Christmas. Have been wanting her to do a Christmas album for a while. Sadly as others have said this album has one speed, slow. Each song is led by Carrie’s vocals but there’s not much in the way of accompaniment. The background music doesn’t sound that Christmasy, it might as well be A cappella. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was wanting something more magical or big band sounding.

- review5 star

hallelujah !!!! song by two of the best artist of all time !!!!

- Carrie’s My Gift5 star

This is a beautifully wonderful addition to anyone’s Christmas music collection!! As always, Carrie’s beautiful voice is spectacular!! Please record another one soon, Carrie, and thank you!! 🎄🎄

- Beautiful!!!!!!!5 star

A Pure Christmas album. Touching and heartwarming.

- Unbelievable5 star

Truly a gift from God!

- Clyde Self5 star

This cd brings hope and delivers a soulful peace. This peace come from Carrie's pitch perfect voice. She transforms me back to a place in my heart that soothes my soul. Simply listening to her voice one know she has this gift that can bring harmony and a reflection that few can deliver. Thank you Carrie especially at a time when people are searching for hope Sunkieself1within their lives.

- Queen5 star

Carrie did it again! Saving 2020 with my gift queen of country

- Hallmark movie!5 star

Just heard that Carrie's version of HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS will be a part of new Hallmark Christmas film called A CHRISTMAS TREE GROWS IN COLORADO which premieres in November!

- Beautiful Carrie5 star

This is magical! Thank you for lifting us up with your beautiful music!

- Beautiful5 star

I love this album! Thank you! 🎄❤️

- Beautiful5 star

A beautiful classic already!

- Wonderful Album5 star

This is amazing!!!!! I love little Isaiah duet with Carrie. Thank you for this wonderful Christmas Album!!!

- This album is like a warm hug that we all need right now.5 star

Carrie’s voice beautiful. The songs are a great mix of classic Christmas and new beautifully written songs. I will be gifting this album to many this year.

- Great Christmas cd3 star

I really like it & finally she gave us a Christmas album , I would of given it 5 stars but the fact she has John legend in her album totally turned me off , Carrie should share her talents with other singers & not an un American Mr legend

- It ain’t Christmas1 star

Take it off the charts

- Gorgeous Melodies5 star

LOVED IT! Thanks for a fresh sound to some old classics!

- Carrie’s My Gift Album5 star

YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST 💘 this album is amazing, these songs 🌟 and I’m so happy you finally came out with a Christmas album 🎄 it was much needed this year 🎁 love you Carrie always and forever.

- My Gift review: 🎁5 star

This is the first time that I pre ordered an album of Carrie’s and I’m glad I did. There are many great songs off of this album. Best Christmas album by a female country singer.

- Underwood's Wearing a Santa Hat!5 star

Tired of the same Christmas album over and over? This one is bursting with talent and bowing with reverence, but it's kind of the same thing again from an amazing artist. BUT. The song "Halleluah" is worth the price of admission on this one. It's not the Leonard Cohen one you're thinking of. Underwood and Legend add another classic to the Thanksgiving to New Year's rotation. Nice!

- Tone Death1 star

bb read the room. We’re in the midst of a pandemic, a social justice movement and a political divide. It’s September sweetie...

- Beautiful5 star

I love Carrie for so many reasons! Her voice is effortless and beautiful, she never tries to be someone she’s not, and I love that she is so open with her faith and love for Jesus!! This album is beautiful and I’m so excited to have this playing in my home during the holidays. Awesome job Carrie!!

- Awesome!5 star

I love this album! Carrie Underwood has an amazing voice!

- What's not to love?5 star

The classics are so heartfelt and true. You can feel the word in her songs. Little Drummer Boy, don't get me started. I laughed and teared up when I heard that sweet voice. Sweet Baby Jesus is amazing and so is her song with John Legend. Just amazing. Every song is one to listen to. No skips here! Fast Favorite, for sure.

- I want to love this album but I just like it4 star

I wanted to love this album but it’s a little underwhelming. The whole album is one pace .. slow. I’m giving it 4 stars only because I like Carrie & think she’s extremely talented but this album is just okay in my opinion.

- Best Xmas album5 star

Hopefully this album drowns our the awful Mariah Carey.

- “OUR GIFT” this year has arrived early 🎁5 star

Thank you Carrie 🙏 we need this more than ever at this time. And your voice sounds beautiful, as usual.🎄❤️

- Perfection in this album hehehehhe.5 star

Better than MGK’s tickets to my downfall by miles for sure😐

- Awesome.5 star


- Best Christmas Album5 star

Carrie sounds beautiful on this album. The little drummer boy is amazing with her son. It brings me to tears. I can’t listen to this album enough. It’s Christmas season now thanks to the angelic voice of Carrie.

- AMAZING5 star

The literal BEST Christmas album I’ve ever listened to. Carrie is amazing.

- “Crappy songs “1 star

I’ll give her a “ zero “ star 😂. Her singing was just horrific and boring. She need to stop making an album 😆

- Lackluster1 star

Carrie Underwood has an incredible voice. I really love her music and was so excited when she announced a Christmas album was coming but this album is so boring. All the songs are so slow and just underwhelming. Very disappointed.

- Every depressing Xmas song1 star

Couldn’t you’ve done some more upbeat Christmas songs and mix it in? I just couldn’t imagine listening to this around the holidays.

- Beautiful5 star

So beautiful and perfect!!! Her voice is really the center of each song and the production just swirls around her voice. She sounds like a Christmas angel. My favorite Christmas album top to bottom ever!

- Sadly, NOPE!!!1 star

I was initially excited that Underwood had another album out. However, when I saw that legend is on it, I instantly turned away from it. I will not spend my money on anything from that deceitful, anti-American agitator!

- Carrie is AMAZING5 star

I absolutely love Carrie Underwood, she’s the best artist in my opinion and should be yours too!!

- My Gift5 star

Carrie’s voice is so “heavenly “ blessed and it’s so apparent on this album. Every song so has its own unique flavor and it’s beautiful!!

- Carrie Underwood5 star

Great duet song. We need this in 2020

- CARRIE!!!!5 star

Phenomenal album! Love everything about Carrie Underwood! Perfect! Glory to God!

- Perfection5 star

Absolutely perfect... little drummer boy is AMAZING with her little son... Carrie is one of the best vocalists out folks... highly suggest this album!

- 💯5 star

💯 by my standard.

- ❤️❤️❤️5 star

I love Christmas music, and this recording has all of my favorites! “The Little Drummer Boy” is absolutely precious! ❤️

- WOW!5 star

WOW Carrie U!

- Umm?1 star

Btw it’s September

- Ma’am. It’s September1 star


- Queen of Christmas5 star

This album pulls on your heartstrings! I laughed, cried, smiled, and felt warm inside from song to song! I’ve long waited for a Carrie Christmas and this is the year! Love it! Couldn’t be more proud!

- Patsy. Loretta. Dolly. Reba. Carrie.5 star

Best there is.

- Queen5 star

As with past albums, this one does not disappoint. Carrie does it again only this time with a Christmas album.


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boijoi - A light in this darkness5 star

Thank you Carrie 🙏🏼💕

SuefromNiagararegion - Awesome!5 star

Carrie, you never disappoint! So beautiful! Christmas came early this year with this gift! So meaningful and Christ centred!

CathyBedard - Simply angelic5 star

I have been waiting for Carrie to release a Christmas album forever! One beautiful thing that came out of 2020!

Sydney Prentiss_6 - Woo!5 star


Moushkela - The One I’ve been waiting for.....5 star

I’ve been praying for Carrie to make a Christmas album! And it has SO been worth the wait! The little drummer boy brought a joyful tear to my eye! It’s just Beautiful start to finish!! WELL DONE!! Thank You Carrie!!

MUjoy - Beautiful voice5 star

Beautiful and traditional.

Alex8Music - 1000 out of 105 star

Now this is what I am talking about 😀. Phenomenal Christmas Album 😍. So thankful that My Third Favourite Female Country Singer came out with Her First Christmas Album ❤️

NovaScotia❤️ - Simply Amazing!5 star

Been waiting for years for a Carrie Christmas album!! So excited!!

CLPM2609 - Simply Beautiful and bright light to 20205 star

You WILL NOT be disappointed...You will want to add this piece of the musical master piece to tour library. This is goose bump, hand raising album we have all be waiting for! Amazing 💗🎁💗🎁

AVilone84 - Let there be peace!5 star

Album not out yet but know it will be amazing! Best singer I have ever come across and always so relevent with every aspect of MY life. Would love if you released ‘praying for time’ to Apple Music! Gotta be one of your best! Xoxo

njgonc - Little Drummer Board5 star

Little Isaiah is the star, just so gorgeous 🤩

ArbertArbert - Vocal masterpiece. Music to my ears5 star

The best thing we’ve got in 2020. Its a vocal masterpiece. Peaceful music.

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puro@123 - Disappointing3 star

Thought with her voice I was expecting more

chrisj. - No thanks1 star

Simply done to cash in, also the previews sound so dull.

Clobo1006 - Beautiful.5 star

A wonderful selection of traditional and new Christmas songs. The duet with John Legend is a highlight. Carrie duetting with her son on Little Drummer Boy is very sweet! Festive and lovely. I’ll enjoy playing this at Christmas.

Lordchuffley - What?1 star

Not exactly a gift is it at £10. Looks like a cash grab to me. Some will love it, some will leave it.

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Nataliepicht5 star

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Plugsmut5 star

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1kdoza5 star

Dropped more on my moms birthday present than anything I’ve ever bought for myself , gotta make every gift after this even better

KaiaMarch5 star

I took this photo today as a reaction to a purposefully ignorant comment. Now, as a gift, I pass it on to you. Plea…

Adamprichards5 star

@RepClayHiggins My wife has the gift of not putting stupid shit like this on Twitter

Hyeopzz5 star

Hopefully my album will come before or on my birthday. It’ll be the most precious gift for me

Real_parkyeol615 star

@chivalryhun: Meeting you is a miracle, thank you for the special hello as a gift ♡We love it so much. Till the next time, Chen. Stay sa…

GrimmAIE5 star

A gift from my mom

Tanguskibet5 star

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My Gift Wiki

My Gift is the seventh studio album by American country music singer Carrie Underwood. It was released on September 25, 2020, through Capitol Records Nashville. Produced by Greg Wells, it is her first Christmas album, and features appearances from John Legend and her oldest son Isaiah.

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