The Smashing Pumpkins - Cyr

About Cyr by The Smashing Pumpkins Album

Cyr is the eleventh studio album by The Smashing Pumpkins, released on November 27, 2020.

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Cyr (The Smashing Pumpkins) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.The Colour Of Love 4:23
2.Confessions Of A Dopamine Addict 3:13
3.Cyr 4:03
4.Dulcet In E 3:21
5.Wrath 3:45
6.Ramona 3:48
7.Anno Satana 3:49
8.Birch Grove 3:16
9.Wyttch 3:43
10.Starrcraft 4:10
11.Purple Blood 3:19
12.Save Your Tears 3:31
13.Telegenix 3:23
14.Black Forest, Black Hills 4:42
15.Adrennalynne 3:42
16.Haunted 3:11
17.The Hidden Sun 3:24
18.Schaudenfreud 3:02
19.Tyger, Tyger 2:49
20.Minerva 3:32

The Smashing Pumpkins - Cyr Album Comments

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Cyr [The Smashing Pumpkins] Album Reviews

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- Sounds like B-sides from Adore and TheFutureEmbrace

I’ve seen SP over 20 times between 1995 and 2010, including shows at the Moore Theater in Seattle in 2005 (Mellon Collie), the Billy Graham in San Francsico in 1998 Universal Ampatheater (adore), BC Place, Vancouver BC in 2000 (machine), two Zwan shows, a TheFutureEmbrace show, concord pavilion in 2005, the residency in SF in 2007, Bill Graham, SF again in 2007, the Warfield, SF in 2014, the Masonic, SF, in 2016. I was a runner up in the Machina essay contest. The good news I have loved each and every live show. Even when the albums didn’t seem that great, most live performances included tracks from other eras in new ways and were great. The bad news in since 2007, Billy and co have run out of track and run out of things to say, musically and lyrically. The supposed new sound may be seen as an attempt for new energy, but there is very little new sound when you compare it to last material overall., and even less to say in the lyrics as time has gone on. More obscure and obtuse than poetic or meaningful. Billy Corgan is prolific, but there is something to be said for holding back or being more selective. On some level there is something to respect about an artist jumping off a cliff. He did this with Adore and many people never forgave him. I happen to love that album. It brought new fans. I’m not going to lament the loss of old music sound. I’m glad he didn’t rehash the 90s. I think the last few almums since 2009 have missed the mark. Maybe others will love this and that’s great, but he’s losing this fan from the venture into obscurity.

- 2020 don't forget music !

Another great album getting overlooked in this crazy year ! I love this , all smiles from our family !

- DR

It's not that bad, give it a try.

- Lame

And, i am an original fan. It barely sounds like them.

- One Long Boring Song

I like Smashing Pumpkins, but this is just boring. Every song sounds the same. The lyrics are okay, but the music is kindergarten standard.

- Gonna be good live!

People that gave this album a poor rating are the same ones who voted for Sleepy Joe Biden. Some of these songs will be intense live, Especially at a place like the Ryman.

- Peppers they are not

I get the feeling Billy wishes he had the ability to change organically with the times like the Red HOt Chili Peppers do so well. Unfortunaltey with the line up changes and sound changing attemps it just keeps missing the mark. And there is something to be said for a band that can still fill some nice sized venues playing there hits. So I urge Billy to lot look down on that prospect as they do have a lot of killer tunes and hits from their past. There is nothing wrong with excepting your era of greatness simply was. It's something most bands never had.

- Waiting for the next album...

Surely the next one will be good as I’ve said the last few years...

- sad

Every time a Smashing Pumpkins album gets released the little kid in me is so hopeful and yet, for so many years, has been disappointed, as I am now. It’s like the smashing pumpkins forgot how to write good songs a long long long time ago. It’s just so sad. There was only one song I purchased: “Save Your Tears” (swoooon)

- Ummmm. What the...

I love when bands evolve. This is no evolution. I guess if Billy is happy with it, good for him, but this is not a good album period. Smashing Pumpkins or not.

- Moving forward

SP keep trying to find their sound . For the most part is a very interesting offering.

- Crap

Just pure crap!!!

- Synth/goth/prop/pop/rock

Great chapter in the story that is Smashing Pumpkins. 20 songs and all are unique and special. Stand outs for me, Wyytch, Purple Blood, The Colour of your love, CYR, Wrath and Save your tears.

- Corgan is on a streak. Another great album!

WPC is on a roll. First Ogilala, then Shiny and oh so bright, then Cotillions, now Cyr. Corgan proving he still has the touch. Some of the most exciting music released by The Smashing Pumpkins since the Machina years. Don’t listen to the nay sayers. This album is well worth your time. And rewards with multiple listens.

- Want my SP back

This has no trace of what made their sound so special. This all sounds like a Future Islands ripoff. Guess they didn't want to conform to expectations that they'd be good again after reuniting.

- Should change name to Cuddling Pumpkins

I’ll keep listening to their old angry gritty stuff. These songs all sound the same.

- Perfectly Ironic.

So, you bring back the original guitarist and drummer, and you produce a record with no guitars and no drums? That was my first thought. I've been a fan since 1993, and Smashing Pumpkins, this isn't. However, if you close your eyes and tell yourself this isn't Smashing Pumpkins, you'll find that this is actually quite good. The synth sound gives an 80s goth meets modern-day pop vibe. If you don't like it on your first listen, give it 3 full listens before you discard this as a disappointing departure from the fuzz guitars and rocking beats. It took me as many listens before I realized how good this is.

- Best 'Pumpkins' Project in Years

It's not the music you remember from the 90's. And it's largely not even good ole rock'n'roll. That's okay. While not every song is a home run, several of these tracks ("Purple Blood," Anno Satana," "Save Your Tears") are easily some of the best work the band has released in years. If you can get rid of expectations and go into this album with an open mind, any Pumpkins fan will find something to like.

- Love it

So far I love it but I won’t buy it until it’s cheaper. $18.99 is pretty high for a album on iTunes but especially during a pandemic. I did buy Color Of My Love single. Too bad I can’t get the whole album at the moment.

- Absolute crap

THIS IS THE WORST THING EVER. "Evolving" into synth garbage to be a dance band and claim you are still relevant because of it? Take the best drummer of his generation and replace him with drum loops? Horrible. 2 of the better guitar players and layer it under synth trash? disaster.

- Bloated

Bloated masterpiece of trash

- I’m loving it

I’ve only listened to some old smashing pumpkins singles before this album but I love the whole thing, very relaxing

- What happened

This is as bad as the new foo fighters

- Keep an open mid

I really am loving this album. This is a band that always takes sonic turns, and I am all the more happier for going along for the ride :)

- Grandpa

Talk to me about the economics of your success, Billy.

- I'd buy it if he wasn't a trump supporter

not a pumpkins record...has some touches...but can't support a neocon.

- Always the Best

A lot of hard work went into this album. Well done 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Sound of an evolving band...

This is the Pumpkins as they have always been... embracing a new direction & sound. I expect nothing less and love the current vibe.

- Make it stop.

This one is gonna be a “no” for me, dawg.

- This is Art

It’s sad that people don’t like for an artist to expand and explore new territory. This album is amazing and ranks as one of my favorite SP albums.

- Ok

He just seems to have a back up singer on every word or his voice sounds different cause I don’t hear sp when I listen to this

- Nope

I wanted to like it

- Too much already

The bland 80’s synth pop sound is incapable of holding up for 20 songs. This is another Billy solo album marketed as a pumpkins effort for profit. I bought the 1st two songs but will not waste another penny on this band which was done years ago.

- not relating to this... ho humm....

Not what I wanted from Them.... where is the edge, the bite... I feel like this is drentched in middle age fumbling...

- Best Album Yet!

I love this album. I love their new sound. Best album yet. I listen to it all the time.

- Give it up.

The Rotting Pumpkins.


This softcore indy pop stuff is disappointing. Its so far removed from what drew a lot of people to the Pumpkins.

- it’s the smashing POP Rock pumpkins now I guess

I was really looking forward to this release But unfortunately I was severely let down yes the songs are composed well but at the end of the day it sounds like a different band with billy Corgan’s voice, way to pop rock like spacey I want to Smashing Pumpkins from (Machina - the Machines of god) or the smashing pumpkins greatest hits album But this unfortunately is nowhere close to that Ps- bring the Girl band member back Dammit!

- Who is this

Doesn’t sound like the pumpkins to me,what they lose there guitars

- Love it!

Love the new music and can’t wait to hear the remaining 10 tracks!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 and the remaining songs are good! Great album!!!!


I am enjoying this awesome album!

- Love letter to future embrace

This is why I love Billy. He brings back Iha and Jimmy then benches them and does whatever the hell he wants. He’s going to do whatever he feels and that’s what makes him a great artist. Dig it or not, he’s doing what makes him happy despite what I or anybody think.

- brilliant record on a brilliant label

The roll out Sumerian has done is nothing short of spectacular. Haven’t seen SP get this kind of setup in years and the songs are excellent! It’s much more than synth like these silly haters are writing. The singles are killer as are most of the deep cuts I’ve heard. Bravo!!!

- Groundbreaking

Every song so far has been incredible. The Smashing Pumpkins are moving forward. As a longtime Pumpkins fan, Cyr is another refreshing evolution of the band that adds to their expansive catalog. Looking forward to the album release and to be able to hear them all back to back!

- Horrible

Different band sounds like every other crappy synth pop band

- Depeche Mode

Kinda getting the vibe of Depeche Mode here not smashing pumpkins sorry billy huge let down 😞😞

- Loving the new sound

I love the new sound, the Pumpkins are always evolving. My favorite thing about them!

- Fantastic

So far I’ve enjoyed all of the songs that are up for preorder.

- Diiferent but good.

No teen angst of the old but Billy Corgan always throws down.

- Terrible In Every Way!

Oh no, a good example that when you are out of the loop for too long. Who are earth told them to go to press with this distorted mess. Shameful!

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- Inspired

Best work since adore. Tyger Tyger and Purple Blood are insanely cool. Why isn’t zeitgeist on Apple Music? That was a solid album too.

- One of my 90's fav bands.........not anymore!!

This is pure crap!! Sorry Pumpkins but this isnt you and it isnt good!! I hate when bands completely morph to something they arent! Stick to what made you great and the fans loved that made you great!!

- this is the smashing pumkins?

i miss the grunge days...the great guitar riffs...awesome drums and billys vocals. what the hell is this, and why? i respect the fact of a change in heart but man i miss the great guitar riffs. please go back to the days of rock

- Brilliant new direction for (most) of the original Pumpkins!

Simply put, CYR is the most impressive record that the Pumpkins have released since Mellon Collie. It's beautifully written and arranged, it's ambitious in length, direction, and theme, the production is top notch, and to top it all off, it's a DOUBLE album of all killer, no filler! The Pumpkins are back, and yes, though they may not be the edgy alternative band you remember, they still got it. Pick this one up. You will not be disappointed. Gothic Darkwave/Synthwave music has just found it's new masters.

- Lots here to like

Starrcraft’s a banger! Radio play assured for several others. Fresh.—Can’t believe it’s 30 yrs since I first heard this band! (Thx, Yoon - lol.)

- 10

Je donne 10. Étoiles pour ce disque des pumpkins,un disque pop avec des mélodies accrocheuses ,avec ce disque les pumpkins nous prouvent qu’ils peuvent laisser le rock pour de la bonne pop électro un de leurs meilleurs disque Mel and son

- Trash

Pop garbage. Why are bands going pop

- Not a SP album, a WPC album

This is nothing what I expected. When I heard a double-album from SP, I automatically thought it would be pounding drums, heavy riffs and Billy's amazing vocals. This is a WPC album, with a synth sound. Not a bad thing, but not what I expected.

- Rear view

I actually love this. This is where they come from. Early singles and songs sound a lot like this and I like the fact that Jimmy has sat back and totally changed his approach to playing to fit into this album. Basically a drum machine with some cool fills. Another flashback for me. It won’t be for everyone and that’s fine. I love it!!😊

- The sign of a great band.... one that evolves. Some will view this sound as the Pumpkins selling out, but I think great bands don't repeat themselves, they evolve, and do so successfully. I love this and have no problem buying it and placing the record on my shelf right beside Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness.

- Really enjoy this

With time and music changing , pumpkins always adapt without ever disappointing

- Really good music

Smashing Pumpkins never disappoints!

- No thanks

Pumps go dance. More time on bill’s hands wasn’t good. No thanks

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- An Insult

The term 'Sold Out' has never felt more apt than here. Smashing Pumpkins haven't realeased a decent album since Mellon Collie and it looks like the legacy they cemented in the Grunge Era seems more and more likely that Billy Corgan jumped on the zeitgeist even back then in order to sell records based on this release. Never has it been more obvious with the lame cynical attempt to reach chart success than this monstrosity of an album. If the band had any integrity, they would have left it done when they first split up. But unfortunaetly, the supreme legacy of Siamese Dream is in tatters. Simply Awful. Like when Kiss went Disco and Metallica starting wearing eyeliner, RIP Smashing Pumpkins.

- A 4 Star Single Record Lost in A Double

Tracks 1-12: 4/5 Stars Tracks 13-20: 2/5 stars There is a good record here, it just needs editing down further. The production is the best on a Pumpkins record for years. It is deceptively lush and there is a lot going on, headphones recommended. Corgan sounds energised and has not lost his songwriting ability: the best here would sit very comfortably alongside the best of the Adore/Machina era, but less would definately create a greater whole in the case of CYR.

- Synth pop dross.

A massive departure from the last double Album, Melon Collie. If you’re expecting similar, prepare to be very disappointed. Billy Corgan himself described this as a commercial album and so gone are the heavy grunge guitars and bass, swapped with a repetitive synth beat and dull melody’s. In my opinion, this is a very boring departure from the rock and angst we need in 2020, I don’t want to listen to this watery teenager synth rubbish.

- Intertesting!

Some pretty good tunes here, a lot better than Momuments even with just the 6 songs released up to now. Getting a bit sick of the drip feeding of tracks though - release the album as a whole as its more of a listening event then.

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