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Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez (Deluxe) [Gorillaz] Album Reviews

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- Great Album❤️

My fav is The Pink Phantom ft. Elton John 💎💕

- Dreaming about this album

Must have been because I woke up singing Aries. Greatest fake band ever

- Amazing

Absolutely amazing

- Awesome

Song Machine has helped me get through this crappy year.

- What ?

A few good songs, the rest, any monkey with a typewriter can do. C’mon guys , after Plastic Beach it’s just become a musical ramble. For quite a few songs, it’s just like pushing any buttons behind a poet. Not good.

- Spectacular like I expected it

This is in the top 3 albums released this year as I expected it. Amazing album. Light 9/10. If not the best album of 2020 so far.

- one of my favorite albums yet

this is definitely one of my favorite Gorillaz albums. the variety of content really captures the feeling of Gorillaz as a band.

- Timeless Band

This is by far one of top 3 gorillaz albums.

- Great!!!🔥🔥🔥

Their best album since plastic beach, filled with fantastic features and bringing together artists you wouldn't expect to work together, also bringing light to some artist that others might be interested in. Overall it lived up to my expectations and I'm super glad the way it turned out.

- SOOOO EXCITED!! 🎤🎧🎹🥁🎷🎺

Coming from someone who has midterms coming up, I needed this!!

- Keep it up

If the upcoming songs are up to the same standard as the ones already released then we have an album of the year


I’m always blown away by Gorillaz, they know how to deliver music. This is album of the year in my books for sure 🙏🏻 Aries, is beautifully spoken. Momentary Bliss is funny and funky. Chalk Tablet Towers is so relatable! Simplicity is simple and mellow. I’m a huge fan of the collaborations as well. Thank you Gorillaz, you’ve won me once more💗

- Their best album

It’s crazy they have so many collabs with so many different people! I truly recommend this album !

- So Excited!😄😃

This is going to good for the next album and welcome back!

- Album of the year

The songs are amazing not one bad song! This is gonna be album of the year!

- Amazing!

Damon and Jamie never cease to impress with their seventh album

- 2 words

Gorillaz slaps. 10/10

- Hell yeah


- Better live

So this album is fine but when I went to see the show in the big screen it was great there was not a bad song they were all better live

- Love the album.

not much else to say.

- One of Gorillaz Best Project’s

My excitement for this album was so high and it delivered

- Amazing!!! We need this in our life!

Its so hard to find good music these days, thanks for giving the world this.


my second favourite Gorillaz album tied with Demon Days

- best album in 15 years

this was a masterpiece, the features were amazing and the production on point. i may be biased because i’ve been a fan since i was 10 years old but this one thoroughly impressed me.

- So good

One if there best in my opinion

- Good

The songs are cool, but I was expecting some better artwork for the album cover. I mean, you got Jamie Hewlett who makes awesome drawings and you just recycle the same image that was already used for some of the singles? Wasted opportunity.

- Yessss!

This is what I needed! So much genius throughout this album.

- One of there best albums



The Gorillaz made a really solid album and it was worth the wait!!!

- Yep

Some of their best music

- Generic pop

I'll give props to the one other person who's not a robot and gave it a critical review. What's here isn't bad, but it's not what we expect. It doesn't sound like a weird Gorillaz album butm more a playlist of generic, mainstream pop music and many of the songs aren't even structured well or they end abruptly. It's a good, enjoyable listen, but probably among their worst.

- Loving Gorillaz

What I love about Gorillaz there are so many types of to fall in love with and over time the other songs you didn’t like at first becomes your favorite.

- Easily Best Album Since Plastic Beach

And it's not even out yet. Almost skeptical about the song list, but as mentioned, if its the quality of the songs that came out already, easily best album of 2020.

- F**cking A++ Man

Ppl are bugging saying that this album is trash or didnt live up to expectations. Do u even listen to the lyrics?! Pac-Man and Momentary Bliss hit home for me, the lyrics are too real! The rest of the album is just as good if u keep an open mind. Definitely keep it up Gorillaz! Love y’all

- Titillating to the ear!

Can barely contain my excitement for the quality music Gorillaz is bringing out this time around!!

- Awesome!

Almost as good as plastic beach!



- Very good

Very good

- This album doesn't really have its own identity.

Feels like I'm listening to a compilation of random pop songs that have little to no traditional Gorillaz elements or quirks. The Lost Chord and Désolé are the only songs I kind of enjoyed.

- What a time to be a Gorillaz fan

I don’t think there’s much of a debate here. This is unquestionably the next 2nd greatest Gorillaz album of all time (at this point at least). Demon Days is unbeatable, but this album here is spectacular in its own right.

- Amazing


- Remarkable

Love every track. Sensational sound, wonderful guests. I think this is his/their best.

- I love Gorillaz… but…

Okay. I love this band with all of my heart. There music has comforted me when I thought I would give up. No hate but I think the problem with their newer music is that they rely a bit too much on other artist, not so much being independent like the old albums (example: demon days) they still have amazing music on this album (I’m looking at you, Aries. Love you 😍) That’s just my thoughts. No hate on Gorillaz because I probably wouldn’t be able to cope with some of my problems without music from them and others.

- Gorilla


- Masterpiece!

One of the best albums to come out of 2020! Gorillaz has done it again!

- Give us the CLEANZ version, please!

PLEASE release a CLEANZ version, Gorillaz!

- Favorite from this year

Yep, they’re back and still amazing

- Not the best from Gorillaz, but still good

The new album by Gorillaz is sure a treat… at certain points. At others it is mediocre at best. But don’t get me wrong it isn’t bad. There are amazing songs on here and the collaborations are perfect. There are some deadbeats such as momentary bliss and opium which is pretty disappointing to me considering the fact that I rest assured that nothing could go wrong with an EARTHGANG feature. I see a lot of talk about the Elton John feature on the pink phantom but the best song and best feature is definitely MLS ft JPEGMAFIA where his autotuned vocals remind me of all my hero are cornballs. But the happy jumpy synth in the instrumental gets old after awhile. Speaking about vocal effects, there are some out in songs like the valley of the pagan. Some other songs I loved were desole in part to the Bossa nova jazz beat on it and because of the unique feature of Fatoumata Diawara. There are some bad collabs on here especially on chalk tablet towers. The cover art itself is pretty uninspired compared to previous ones like Gorillaz, plastic beach, demon days, and even Humanz. As for the title, the whole point of this album is NOT to be an album but a compilation of songs, hence the name song machine. The album finishes off strong with How Far? Ft septa and Tony Allen with a non intrusive beat that perfectly fits the uk drill flow of skepta. Over all this album is really good. Minus a few the features are perfect and fit in well with the alternative sound and lyrics of gorillaz. Honestly I have little to no complaints. Gorillaz is doing what they do best. Making good music. LIKED SONGS: 12 OUT OF 17 SCORE: STRONG 7 TO LIGHT 8

- Disappointing...

Is that an Elton John impersonator? All went down-hill post Plastic Beach.

- Bangers

Pink phantom, Aries, and pac man are my favs so far

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- This is album is fantastic

While the last 3-4 songs aren’t the greatest the first half of this album is amazing Damon is truly a great musician and the music videos and visuals are always fantastic as usual can’t wait for dead butterflies this Friday!

- Four

Based on the snippets I think that the album will be great Except for simplicity and opium

- 🔥🔥🔥

The whole album is an absolute banger

- Best album ever🔥🔥🔥


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- love it!

I think this is some of their best work for a few years now, great features and great songs

- Best collaboration album

Such a great mix of genres and artists. This was my lockdown album. Every month an new track to look forward to. I thought I’ve heard it all but now the album release delivers even more wonderful surprises. Absolutely love it !!!😍😍😍

- amazing!

From the groovy bass lines to the amazing collabs, this is literally an outstanding album. It has so many genres and artists, it’s truly... well- amazing!

- <3


- Who pays £12.99 these days?!

Too expensive, it’s the reason we all gave up on CDs and Apple created a market in the first place! £7.99 or we’ll look elsewhere...

- The Best Album I ever heard




- Matty23

Fantastic album I love all of Gorillaz Albums , this one is Sic I love song machine ( awesome that its come out on my Birthday too ) Well done @Gorillaz another masterpiece can’t wait for Season 2 of song machine🤘🏼.

- Lockdown soundtrack

Gonna be one of Gorillaz best albums mark my words

- Meh!

All these disparate collaborators can't hide the fact, indeed almost under-scores, that essentially, all the songs just sound the same. No standout tracks like their earlier albums.

- Collosal.

Gorillaz aren’t going to stop now. Three albums in almost three years with variation, ingenuity and a host of featured artists but also the ability to make each album better than the last. The strangest of the title demonstrates this best 'Song Machine Season One: Strange Timez’; a concept album that now features the likes of St. Vincent, Slaves, Beck, Skepta and others. Probably the most refreshing collaboration of artists they’ve done yet and riding off the last release’ success. With that in mind, the album itself is rather disjointed, not in a bad way; it’s not got a defined concept or theme. Instead Albarn on making whatever he wants and how he wants to; the songs are variant and standalone, with no real connection to others, which makes it more exciting not expecting to find similar sounding songs and something that actually throws you off guard before the next song plays. Albarn and co. are providing true escapism in the purest sense. It does break the conventions here and there, with the feeling of being guided into the mind of someone whom thinks at a thousand thoughts a second, the meandering journey which has its own significance without a real destination. It relies on trust and if you enjoy it, you will really enjoy it. The hesitance lies in being non-comital and if you’re a Gorillaz fan you’re pretty much married to the music. You think after two recent releases that the group with become stale, assuredly that presumption doesn’t apply here. Refreshingly addictive and not quite sure of what it is that makes it arresting to the ears. You’ll spend time figuring that out.

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