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About Plastic Hearts by Miley Cyrus Album

Plastic Hearts is the seventh studio album by American singer Miley Cyrus, released on November 27, 2020, through RCA Records. It marks a departure from Cyrus' previous releases, featuring a sound steeped in rock, pop, synth-pop, and glam rock, with influences from country, punk rock, new wave, arena rock, industrial, disco and power pop. Most of the album was produced by Andrew Watt and Louis Bell, with further collaboration with Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt. Guest vocals include Billy Idol, Dua Lipa, Joan Jett and Stevie Nicks. Plastic Hearts received positive reviews from music critics. The album debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 and number one on the Billboard Top Rock Albums Chart. Two singles were released from the album, "Midnight Sky" and "Prisoner (feat. Dua Lipa)".

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Plastic Hearts (Miley Cyrus) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.WTF Do I Know 2:51
2.Plastic Hearts 3:25
3.Angels Like You 3:16
4.Prisoner (feat. Dua Lipa) 2:49
5.Gimme What I Want 2:31
6.Night Crawling (feat. Billy Idol) 3:09
7.Midnight Sky 3:43
8.High 3:16
9.Hate Me 2:37
10.Bad Karma (feat. Joan Jett) 3:08
11.Never Be Me 3:35
12.Golden G String 3:55
13.Edge Of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remi... 3:40
14.Heart Of Glass (Live From The IHear... 3:33
15.Zombie (Live From The NIVA Save Our... 4:50

Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts Album Comments

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Plastic Hearts [Miley Cyrus] Album Reviews

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- 😍😍

Rock starrrrrrr ⭐️

- An instant classic

A new pop rock era will emerge from the ashes Miley left the music industry in with this power house of a an album! Plastic hearts no only serve heart but soul and you can hear that in songs like “angels like you” and “high” then you’ve got incredible legends on there like Joan on “bad karma” and billy on “night crawling” this is Miley’s best album to date! Even if you hate her for no reason you can not admit that this record is a gift and it will keep on giving for years to come.

- Utterly epic! 10/10

Now this is a GREAT album... and that’s an understatement... this is EPIC, it’s got no weak points and some of it is utter genius. Not really ever been a big Miley fan, but wow. 👏 10/10 1) WTF do I know - awesome! Sounds like Pink you and your hand went even butcher... great! 2) Plastic Hearts - very 80s, nice track. Like! Awesome proper 80s rock guitar solo. This is cute 3) Ángels like you - very 4 non blondes raspy ballad. More than a hint of Gaga ballads on this too... This is fantastic... love love love 4) Prisoner - Two Lips Dua Lipa is on this! Love her... this is strong. It’s neither of their best work, but it’s strong. 5) Gimme what I want - booming bass and pounding kick, and great verse. Chorus isn’t as strong as it started out, but this is good. Then in the breakdown at the end when the INXS style guitars come in for the last 4 bars I just want more of that... 6) Night Crawling - omg billy idol! Wow this is awesome! The chorus sounds like Alice Cooper poison and then the post chorus section has a weird cheesy 00’s house sound playing plinky plonky that shouldn’t work but really does. This is BRILLIANT. Absolutely epic work 7) Midnight Sky - as we all know, this is GREAT... channelling Stevie Nicks (and a hint of Lulu lol). Brilliant work. Amazing song 8 ) High - pleasant, a good track but not a highlight. Very Nashville. It’s nice but never quite feels it hits its stride, but is suffering by coming after midnight sky 9) Hate Me - omg wow this is stunning... lovely track. Again strong hints of Gaga here, and a touch of the Beatles at moments. I love love love this 👏 10) Bad Karma - omfg Joan Jett! It’s cute. Not a highlight but fun 11) Edge of Midnight - the level of genius here is off the scale... Mileys best work channelling Stevie, WITH Stevie’s best work and the actual ms Nicks featuring. Too too good for words. I honestly can’t even say how good this is 12) heart of glass live - already heard but Debbie Harry won’t be mad at this! 13) Zombie live - Dolores is missed, but this is a faithful epic tribute and it works really well with Miley’s much more rough and ready aggressive rock delivery. I do really miss Dolores’s yodelling fragile intensity, but Miley does yet another brilliant job here. This is fantastic, just as the original was

- hitting all the marks

i wasnt a miley cyrus fan before i heard midnight sky i was like wow i heard the positive bad girl attitude in the lyrics and i was in love with it so i thought id have a brief listen to her album its great 'angels like you' stirred something inside myself i cant really explain and i love prisoner with dua lipa so two bad girls on one song. A mans dream come true and now im interested in miley.

- queen of reinvention

i think this is her best album so far! she shows so much grows as an artist every album she releases and this rock sound really fits her voice so well!

- yay!

its great to see miley slowly becoming more smiley and using her voice in the way it was meant to be. Her voice with indie and rock is ✨ and she’s kind of taken them and added a vapourware sorta genre? It suits her so well!

- Midnight Sky was promising...

... but Prisoner is not it. Very disappointing

- Her. Very. Best.

This is quite possibly her best album to date. She tells an entire story whilst finally showcasing her vocal ability. Her versatility is incredible just look back over her career! 7 albums in and she’s nailed her sound. It’s the type of album that you start at track 1 and let it play the entire way through.

- Wow

I wasn’t expecting that much but wow! This album is phenomenal, the style, the lyrics, the mixture between current and glam pop. Absolutely fantastic!

- Welcome back Miley! 👏🏻

Still listening without any skips 7 months later 🖤

- 👑


- Phenomenal

I’m so glad I listened to it, I was not expecting any of this. Such a bombastic album, I’m in love with so many tracks

- Better than expected

Like this direction. The chorus of Prisoner owes a lot to ONJ’s Physical.


The QUEEN is back and on fire 🔥. Amazing album. Can’t stop listening to it.

- .


- Absolute Masterpiece

Who would have thought the young woman who played HANNAH MONTANA would have an album with BILLY IDOL AND JOAN JETT featured on it.. Miley Cyrus is a legend. Zero skips. A masterpiece.

- her best album yet

who knew a rock album with pop elements could save 2020

- Pleasantly surprised

Never liked Mileys music with the likes of Wrecking ball and all that other rubbish but this is a really good album!

- Really Great

Edge of midnight is brilliant followed by midnight sky and prisoner

- wowwwww

she suits this sound so well

- Awesome x

A great album, Miley singing about her feelings of someone about happiness, sadness, craziness, fear and on her Golden G string she sing about herself how she is percieved. Bravo Miley Cyrus x

- Just heard prisoner


- She was born to do this.

This musical direction is what I’ve been waiting for from her I’m sure it’s where she wanted to head as well, she has the perfect voice for rock style music she pulls it off so effortlessly she was truly born to do this style of music. Keep this up this is definitely her best era.

- The girl did mature nicely.

Really like this album.

- Love this!

I’ve never been a Miley fan but that might change if she carries on making music like this.

- Incredible

Wow! 5 Stars!

- One of the best albums of 2020

Love love love this album ❤️❤️❤️ Nightcrawling, prisoner, WTF do I know best songs so far 😍

- queen of pop ended old men

ended old men, who sit and make fun of woman. MILEY QUEEN OF POP




The best album she has ever released to date


just incredible, a real solid body of work!

- Boring

No sis

- Prisoner

Prisoner let’s it down I gotta say Midnight Sky is a banger!!

- Nothing to see here...

...formulaic pop channels the 1980s, but sadly more channeling of Sam Fox, than Pat Benatar 🙄. Also her voice sounds strained all the way through.

- insane

she is the move

- amazing!

Her best album to date!

- great

amazing album

- Smash after smash after smash!


- Amazing

Love it it rocks xxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️😉😉😉😚😚

- W🖤W

Can comfortably say this is one of my favourite albums EVER. Miley has done it again💓👼🖤

- Amazing

Hugely talented ,amazing songs and such a great voice,doesn’t get much better

- She’s back!!!

This album is unreal, possibly her best!!!!

- Amazing

Love it

- Amazing

Miley at her best

- You man

I’m surprised that this album is so good 🥰😍


The vocals, the guitar, the lyrics! BEAUTIFUL! Miley’s best album yet!!!

- :)


- Facepalm

You can tell the reviews that have been written by those you would hope not to be older than 15. A rock star? Incredible voice? True talent?? Haha! More manufactured pop rubbish, ‘sung’ by someone who thinks sticking their tongue out every 5 seconds is rebellious and cool.

- 10/10

Mileys best album yet

- Album of the year!!

It’s just dropped and what a voice!!! ANGELS LIKE YOU... is just everything! Should have been a single (here’s hoping for a video!) I love everything about this album truly her best yet

- Might be the best pop record this year!

Miley’s def in the zone! This direction’s proving further how she’s a legend in her own way. Love how she’s bringing back 70s/80s era glam pop rock too!

- plastic hearts

There is nothing to skip in the album! That good! 👌🏻

- 10/10!!!!!!

MILEY CYRUS MADE A NO SKIPS ALBUM!!!!! PERFECTION!!! FLAWLESS!!!!! Honestly couldn't pick a favorite because I love them ALL

- Rockley Cyrus; album of the year

This whole album is the mixture of all her past eras. She’s grown so much and her voice is more defined and distinct now. The lyrics and melody are great. The collaboration are out of this world. Album of the year!

- No skip album

That good!


Bangerz was a bang but this album is way more powerful... and GENUINE... and fun!🥺❤️❤️

- Love it!

Her best album to date!

- Coming To Save 2020

This is what an artist should be always come with new sound

- MC, Plastic Hearts Album of the Year

I love you, Miley.

- yes!!!

she DID THAT!!! ❤️❤️❤️

- Comeback of the Decade

Miss Miley Cyrus turned every head with her new single Midnight Sky with the clear-cut message saying that her talent will not be overshadowed ever again. Truly, Plastic Hearts showcases her range and further cements her 15-year career and legacy as pop’s most impactful and phenomenal artists.

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