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About Good News by Megan Thee Stallion Album

Good News is the debut studio album by American rapper Megan Thee Stallion. It was released on November 20, 2020, by 300 Entertainment and 1501 Certified. The album features guest appearances from DaBaby, City Girls, Lil Durk, SZA, Popcaan, Mustard, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Beyoncé and Young Thug. It contains production from Mustard, LilJuMadeDaBeat, and D.A Got That Dope, among others.

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Good News (Megan Thee Stallion) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Shots Fired 2:50
2.Circles 2:50
3.Cry Baby (feat. DaBaby) 2:17
4.Do It On The Tip (feat. City Girls ... 2:47
5.Sugar Baby 2:26
6.Movie (feat. Lil Durk) 3:47
7.Freaky Girls (feat. SZA) 2:46
8.Body 2:51
9.What's New 2:35
10.Work That 2:14
11.Intercourse (feat. Popcaan & Mustar... 3:17
12.Go Crazy (feat. Big Sean & 2 Chainz... 3:45
13.Don't Rock Me To Sleep 3:03
14.Outside 2:31
15.Savage Remix (feat. Beyoncé) 4:02
16.Girls In The Hood 2:34
17.Don't Stop (feat. Young Thug) 3:07

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Good News [Megan Thee Stallion] Album Reviews

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- Awful

YAAAAH DI ODDYYYY ODDYYYY ODDYYY. what did I just listen to? Generation z basic at its finest. What do these lyrics even mean. Every time I hear this song I skip it.

- Bomb!!!!

Tooo Boommmbbb!!!!

- Lol

Is this supposed to be music?? Trashy mindset I feel sorry for the younger generation it’s actually not funny.

- Bad

Alright, so she’s better than all the other female rappers- but that’s not saying much. She does have followers, and I appreciate that, but the music is wayyy to sex oriented in EVERY song, and for everyone saying we’re mad cause she has “power”, go stick ur umbrella up ur butt and pretend ur a corn dog

- Get it girl!

This song is amazing for body confidence and self love some of y’all just fail to see that!

- 🤞🏼💜

Okay so this track is so lit especially body ody ody and @Nasir0907 girl or boy cardi can actually and she actually did you ever listen to bodack yellow cardi did that honey thank you nexttttttt and that’s on period

- Trash

She is a Mariah fan so of course it is trash.

- Trash

This was terrible


So goood

- Sh!t

I literally hate her all her song are about sex and this is straight up TRASH she should be banned from singing

- Wack


- The EFFIN worst

Beyond disappointed. Idk if Meg was in a race to put out an album after Tory but even shots fired is wack. WHERE IS TINA SNOW!!?? Bc this ain’t it!

- 0 stars if I can

🤢 🗑

- One of the worst albums ever.

Why do critics eat this garbage up? It's the EXACT same as ALL of Megan's other mixtapes and EPs: sex, money and her p*ssy. For a debut album, this is anything but timeless and unique. And the reason why "Body" is even popular (like most of her other songs) is because of g*ddamn TikTok.

- Megan station

Megan station still the hottest thang out

- Terrible

Just Terrible.

- for real terrible

she just sounds the same and is annoying the music so wack

- Trash

Megan continues to kill the music industry

- Proud of her

Such a great lyricist. Proud of her for moving forward after the tumultuous year she’s had. Idk if I could have done it. In a year where mental stability is fragile, good job, Megan! Keep doing you! 😛

- Absolute Garbage

Meg is one of the worst rappers of all time, this is a lazy sorry excuse of an album. If you think this is good check yourself for a concussion.

- 🔥

Y’all some haters, this album is fire 🤝

- merrrrrrp

not her best work....... not even close 💀💀

- Yes

This album is so good

- Queen


- Go go 🔥🔥🔥

🚨Have you heard (The way that I move ) by Damarion Matchem you have to go listen 💯

- 😂

🤥Clown ass🤬

- No talent

It’s difficult to believe anyone would listen to this.

- Megan fan from 2017 and on, but...

She really disappointed on this one. She has so much talent, it’s almost as if she just didn’t put in any effort. She has better freestyle content than this, she could have put together to make a better album. You can do better 🤦🏽‍♂️

- expected better, but not the worst

this album is the definition of just better than mediocre. some of the songs are complete flops, but i'm glad she's expirementing with her types and melodies of music. in dont rock me to sleep she goes for a more poppy innocent feel to it -- but it felt naive and as if i were walking into an h&m store. she could have done better but in no means am i mad.

- Trash



like what Megan the stallion more like Megan the bad



- Please go away


- Beyond Trash

This is actually anything? No. It’s not.

- excellence

can i give it 6 stars please

- Real Hot Girl Shhh

For all these one star reviews, smh yall just hate the girl. Who cares that she raps about sex in her music, she can do what she want. The male rappers do it all the time and it is never a problem. Besides Megan actually got real bars. I don’t like to compare female rappers because they all have their own style but let’s be real, Cardi could never!! But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Anyway I mess this album ALL THE WAY!! I like the opening track for sure to address her situation with Tory. I am in love with the song Circles already. The beat is super catchy and just makes you wanna dance. Not even a City Girls fan, but they even brought it on their parts. Every feature is perfect. I even like the Popcaan joint, which is a different side of Megan. All the samples were dope too. The song Body, the chorus was a bit aggy, but I can deal with it. The Michel’le sample threw me off guard but it was a nice spin on the sample. I rock with Thee Stallion. She definitely makes me wanna turn up and just be ratchet with my friends. Definitely gonna have this album on repeat. I didn’t have to skip any tracks

- tanked

stream tia

- High expectations, incomplete results

I was expecting so much more from this album. It felt rushed, incomplete, and underwhelming.

- Decent

It’s decent female rap🤷🏻‍♂️. Body and do it on the top are pretty catchy. Nicki and cardi still the queens tho 👑

- Ke$ha sleeps with Nickleback

“Look at this“ trash.

- Queen 👑

Love her work. Could use some new topics tho but still love it 🥰🎀⭐️🌟🌈🌸💫🏳️‍🌈

- Cry Baby


- Trash

You could do better only like 4 songs

- awful

try next time

- It’s bland

Sounds like a album of leftovers tbh

- Why

Get a les Paul at least and give us a metal cover pls🎸🎸🎸😭😭😭

- Love it

Great album

- Well...

Regardless of the context (rap was never meant to be the cleanest messenger), it lacks character and actual flow.



- Yass!!

Love her and her songs! Bars all day, perfect party songs!! 😊🙌🏾

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- Disappointed

Felt rushed & no sense of uniqueness. Her freestyles are amazing but when it comes to a versatile and well thought out album it is not there.

- Terrible


- No.

Not good, repetitive, not saying anything, same flow, relied off clout from shooting and backstabbing Kelsey. ...and it shows in the music.

- Sorry

Body is so repetitive, I’d (maybe unfairly) assume the rest isn’t good either 🤷‍♂️

- trash

worse than trash

- Love ❤️

Fun album 😁

- What?

So there’s Cardi B, Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion? Sorry ladies but y’all will never beat the queen Nicki.


THIS QUEEN IS HERE TO STAY! A lot of things are repeated but this album is FIRE🔥

- Trash

Honestly rather listen to 6ix9ine

- Yawn, put you to sleep ahhh !!!

This album is lacking in every area. No story, just a bunch of singles slap together I guess to fulfill her contractual obligations. Shots fired had no place on a debut album. The other songs have no replay value. This will not stand the test of time.

- Trash this sh*t's trash boy stop making music bi*ch

Holy sh** this ALBUM IS SO bad 👎🏻

- Yuckers

This whole album is a prostitute

- 10/10

Get ittt

- we stan

pop off

- Overhyped

Same flow when she raps, really shouldn’t sing....

- Same ol

Just rapping about her coochie...... she really need to thank Tory for giving her this clout

- 😷

Repetitive lyrics.... good production though. 👎🏼

- Meh

It’s mediocre. Had high hopes n was disappointed

- Ur a trash girl, you do trash sh*t


- Unruly gang

Representing 🇯🇲 unruly boss big up although a Canada mi deh rite now, trouble.. weh! Yf! 😆🤘🏼 #KingPigeonRiddim Out Now📡

- Shots fired 🔥

Theirs one banger on here I love; shots fired. Sometimes Meg crams too many words into her barz, but for the most part she sounds great. Congrats on your success

- DababyPT2

Same ish different day

- Smash


- Old School Female Hip Hop

She does it right.

- she’s THEE hot girl and she’s brought THEE heat.

good news isn’t megan’s best work and i can admit that buts it’s certainly not bad... not even close. it’s a different direction from her previous bodies of work, which i have been wanting her to do for a long time and i commend her for finally exploring new sounds, even if they don’t always work.

- Her best project so far!

Megan absolutely BODIES this album in every single way. Not only does she rap, but she explores with pop, R&B and reggae in it. She deserves every bit of praise.

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- Amazing

The production on this album is out of this world and has some phenomenal standout tracks like the first song

- exactly and i told her

i say maam

- Trash

Actually couldn’t finish it, was disgusting. What’s happening to music? They’ll forget her name soon

- Trashy hood rat

You have always been trash 🗑

- Garbage


- Honestly?!

No versatility, no creativity and overall extremely lifeless and generic. I’m concerned for the people who actually enjoy this “music”. What went wrong?


The album is unreal. ❤️

- Ummm

This album just really wasn’t it.. meg has such great songs but this was just bad

- Awful

Litterally expected so much more from Meghan but this is terrible. Too many features, too many samples and one decent song on the album 🙄

- Trash!

Rap is dead 🤦🏻

- Worth the wait

She really delivered with this album, so proud of Meg this year!

- queen

bop after bop, amazing meg

- Z

The songs are so repetitive. It’s cute but this is literally Recycling megs old stuff again.

- So proud of you!

Well done Megan ! Is there a clean version of the album?

- Princess of rap

A serve Meg !! Just don’t collab with c*Sri ever again 🖤🖤

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GOOD NEWS FOR TARGET expect another #PS5 drop from January 10th or January 11th now it’s not the time to give up DON’T GIVE UP YOU CAN DO IT...😆 .

Caffeinated Snark Friend Friend Friend

@TheAmberPicota That's good news, even if you're worried!.

Ur galaxy

12 hours before 2020 ends I pray that the person reading this I hope that next year will be even stronger. be blessed, get good news, be positive, and stay healthy. Thank you for enduring such a bastard 2020. with so many surprises of course. you all deserve to be loved 💜.

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May you receive a good news about what your heart wants..


Good morning fam. It is with deep sadness that we share these news with you. Please see the attached poster for the virtual service. Live now on Facebook We pray for comfort and strength to the entire Makweya family. More strength to @DrTumi_ ♥️ .


@shoe0nhead hilarious how politics and news all went "we'll pick this from twitter and it will be good".


More good birthday news my moefoe64 shirt is on the way😍🎁@maxmoefoe .


Good news is that the reading list is really cool and i’m already reading aristotle and dante .


Indeed, no news is good news ☹.

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