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Plastic Hearts (Apple Music Backyard Sessions Edition) (Miley Cyrus) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.WTF Do I Know 2:51
2.Plastic Hearts 3:25
3.Angels Like You 3:16
4.Prisoner (feat. Dua Lipa) 2:49
5.Gimme What I Want 2:31
6.Night Crawling (feat. Billy Idol) 3:09
7.Midnight Sky 3:43
8.High 3:16
9.Hate Me 2:37
10.Bad Karma (feat. Joan Jett) 3:08
11.Never Be Me 3:35
12.Golden G String 3:55
13.Edge Of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remi... 3:40
14.Heart Of Glass (Live From The IHear... 3:33
15.Zombie (Live From The NIVA Save Our... 4:50

Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts (Apple Music Backyard Sessions Edition) Album Comments

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Plastic Hearts (Apple Music Backyard Sessions Edition) [Miley Cyrus] Album Reviews

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- 🙂

Rock on Miley! Music that she was born to do and has been a long time coming. Full of rock hits that will leave you jamming for days!

- Amazing

Excellent album. Literally saved my 2020. Not one skip exists here.

- Covers

Tracks 14 and 15 are really bad covers.

- Aoty!

Too good. Such good quality. Havent heard a record like this in ages! Brava

- Goddess

Omg my heart 💚💋🙏🏼

- Incredible

Her voice and music has matured so much. I am obsessed with this album!

- Great album!

When you can listen to an album all the way through and then want to listen again and again, you know it’s a great album.

- Finally she sang what she really loves


- Sooo goooood!!!!

Oh my lord! She has put out such a good album this year! I can just imagine the concert, I can’t wait! These songs are so amazing, and I love them.

- Amazing

I love the creative license with some of the covers. This album pulls me in and resonates with me. She is constantly reinventing and making herself better. This album is a culmination of everything so far. Love love love...

- 🤮🤮🤮

miley cyrus is REVOLTING


Miley’s best work to date - inspired by disco/rock with influences from billy idol and stevie nicks who are both featured on the record. absolutely would recommend it’s a no skip record

- Fantastic album!!! B-)

I really like this album. Its got a good sound and thoughtful lyrics. The artists Miley duets with are great and the 2 covers she does are fantastic. I do recommend this album. ... Now the rest of this review is directly meant for Ms. Cyrus. I’d like to says that your lyrics suggest you’re trying to prove something to some certain people in your life which most likely you feel resentment towards. What I get is that you’re currently working with, aligned yourself with, different people that probably forward that you act in this resentful way. I’d be willing to bet these current people act like they’re your friends and that they’re helping you. I don’t think you need to prove yourself to anybody. You are a fabulous artist and you could do well in keeping your own counsel. Many of these current friends are probably just leaches living off your true positive energy as they don’t have any to supply for themselves. There’s a small booklet you can read online called The Cause Of Suppression that could teach you how to spot these vampire personalities in your life and root them out. Try it, you’ll probably think it’s cool. ... Sorry if I’m being to forward or bold, but I just really want to communicate this to you . I hope that you understand what I mean. Best, Thane


Miley Cyrus continues to deliver with amazing projects! Her powerhouse of a voice shines through every song she sings.

- My fav

Best album yet on repeat

- What about “Jolene”?

She does a killer rendition of Dolly Parton’s song.

- Miley

We need more albums like this ❤️❤️‍🔥

- The first Miley album I can listen to.

I’m not a country music fan, and from what I heard of her previous music, that’s the vibe I pretty much got, country pop. I was searching for Billy Idol and Joan Jett on another platform and Miley’s album came up. Thought it was going to be a complete disaster but I can listen to about 2/3rds of the album which is more than most others. If you like a kind of modernized 80s rock, you might want to at least check it out.

- One of the best albums of 2020!

I said what I said, Gimme What I Want is Grammy worthy alone!

- Amazing Album

Has that 80’s rock to it!! Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks vibe. Not a weak track on this album. Amazing covers too!

- What did you do to your voice?!!! So much better before!

What did you do to your voice?!!! So much better before!

- Wow

Miley is the singer of our generation

- Hits in the heart

This album resonated so much for me, especially being released in 2020. I really connected to her vulnerability about what’s it’s like to be a female in today’s world and what that means about body autonomy. Growing up with Hannah Montana to hearing this album is like a reflection of my own life and how I’ve grown into a mature sexual adult and how society looks down on women who explore their sensuality. Thank you Miley for this album.

- Amazing

Album was pure perfection from start to finish. Miley is a rock star!

- ?

Not bad

- Chefs Kiss

Wow, this is “BANGERZ”

- So good love it 💖💖

I love you Mylie your the best❤️😘

- Amazing!!!

Every song is so good! Love this album

- Congrats Miley

This is by far her best album! I love every song. I am not a huge fan of slow music but she some how nails it!! Those beat drops in the slow songs makes it so much better! Congrats Miley, I can’t wait to see what’s next for you

- It’s good

Yeah it’s actually good . so happy they are dating 🤗🥰🏳️‍🌈

- Blown away!!

I have never written a review on any music purchase. EVER!!! I always thought she was very talented (and always loved her voice) but seriously, this album is the epitome of great music.

- Fan since Hannah Montana

I love this album so much. It’s definitely one of my favorite albums by her so far. She is one my favorite singers because she makes good music.

- Trash


- I love this Miley ❤️

This album has no skips , this is the Miley I love and adore 🥰 great album man 🔥🔥

- Good

I’ve been a fan since the beginning and liked all of her music until her “SHE IS COMING” EP. and I didn’t care for her song “Slide away”. I thought there wouldn’t be another good Miley album but this album is good! “Angel like you” is probably the best song and the title track is a close second.

- Great

This is such a GREAT album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Miley was born again

I guess she abandon her shale and transform into a butterfly This album is way more than my expectations

- MILEY WINS AT EVERYTHING ! Album of the year!!!!!!

Album of the year. I’ve listened to this 1,000+ times and am still in love. Best vocals, music, vibe, feel, look, and lyrics. She did phenomenal... this album is just the greatest album ever created from 2008 to 2020 without a doubt. The 80s vibes and everything makes it so amazing. Miley definitely is going to be attributed with changing the music industry and bringing the 80s back to the forefront. SOOOOOO GOOD. MUST BUY... and must share with everyone you know because it doesn’t get better than this

- Miley has arrived...

She and her voice have finally connected spiritually, and it is truly something to hear. Absolute perfection. May this just be the beginning.

- love it

perfect vibe and perfect sound for miley!

- Miley is coming into her own

Soooo raw and emotional in a style that’s more relatable than just pop. Country pop rock and roll

- Underrated

This was one of the best albums that came out during a very low time. It needs more recognition.

- Exceptional

god tier

- 😮‍💨😮‍💨

I love this song so much. I’m just really sad is it Miley Cyrus if you look at your own solve reviews please check this. I miss the old Miley Cyrus I’ve watched Hannah Montana for years I watch all four seasons the sad part is that she’s long gone. You died your hair you change your look. If I were you all I would see is a famous person that just wants a life not a person that will seek fame. I’m having a blast and middle school it just really bothers me that Miley Cyrus is gone now and what I mean by that is like her old self I loved her Brown hair. Actually I have very pretty brown hair as well lots of adults make bad decisions but this one was huge😭😭😭😢

- Miley is a rock queen

Best album ever 💯💯💯💯

- Angles like you

I love this song it has such great rhythm to it and it like gets me and I love all of the other songs that you wrote


She did that. Best album of the career and top of the year. 💕💕💕

- Love the song prisoner

So obsessed with Miley Cyrus Prisoner feat Dua Lipa ❤️❤️

- Her best album yet

Miley’s was meant to sing rock!!! this album is so good, no bad songs

- Best


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The Backyard Session live performances are SO GOOD!!!

- Not bad

Buy Future Nostalgia instead 🙌🙌

- Terrible

Was expecting something amazing! What we got was the complete opposite. Not worth spending money on

- Plastic Hearts slaps pretty hard!

Miley Cyrus never disappoints!

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- Perfect

Work of art

- Well executed

The sound of the album fits her vocal style perfectly . The lyrics are refreshing and the features are iconic

- Masterpiece

So good!!!

- Back at her best

I haven’t liked her music for a while but this album is her back at her best I hope she stays on this vibe for music my favourite is night crawling feat billy idol but absolutely love this album

- Miley Rocks! 🤟

This album is a masterpiece! Her voice, the songs!!! 💛💛

- pop-rock fantasy

every song from start to finish is an absolute banger and instant classic. her best album so far.

- Amazing

Wasn’t expecting it to be good but oh my this is one of my favourite albums!

- Amazing!

Perfect album with great tracks!

- Dappy49

Miley Please NO more music or should that be you look so much like Justin beiber just saying.

- Stay like this!

I think I would actually understand more if this album had been named Bangerz, as this album is actually full of them! The new era that Miley has returned with suits her fabulously well and I hope she stays along these lines and grows with it, she’s sewn the seeds for some thing potentially great to happen with what direction she chooses to take after Plastic Hearts. Midnight Sky is by far her strongest solo work. Followed by several other songs on Plastic Hearts. Asked me this 10 years ago and I might have laughed, but Miley Cyrus has what it takes to go down as one of the greats, and I truly think in time, she will. 🤞🏼

- Dissapointed

expected it to have atleast a few more pop tracks :((


Best album yet!

- Her best work yet

This is such a raw piece of art from Miley! The tracks all feel so personal to her. No gimmicks like with Bangerz! Just a plastic heart singing exactly what she feels. Her voice is incredible, production is flawless and the addition of the backyard sessions shows her vocal ability so well! Definitely worthy of a Grammy!

- Finally classy

I’m proud I’m proud.

- YES!

I’ve loved this woman for as long as she’s been around. since her Hannah Montana days all the way through to now. Her albums keep getting better and I admire the bravery she has for so many things. I love how she is always a breath of fresh air! She’s never delivering the same album again and again, she’s always trying new things , new styles , discovering new things with her voice! She really is a rockstar! all her albums are incredible, all so different moods and all have a different personality. I love her so much! This album is INCREDIBLE!! One thing I am glad hasn’t changed though is her as a person. She’s still as badass, lovely and adorable as she’s always been 💗💗 EVERYONE BUY PLASTIC HEARTS

- Amazing

Her best album to date... Astonishing vocals!

- 😴

Trash person and trash album

- What the music industry needs!!

This album is everything! Such a fresh a sound compared to a lot of the trash that dominates the charts these days. She is a genuine talent, vocals, songwriting, production!

- Amazing

Smashed it 👊

- Bravo

Superb work

- Amazing!!

My new everything playlist 👏

- Learn to criticise your idols, people.

The only reason this did well is because of the name attached to it. Theres nothing new or interesting here.

- Yep. It’s. Great.

She’s found her sound 👌. So good ❤️. Buy it.

- Bring back Real Music

There is waay too much reliance on All Things Digital and Autotuned these days. This album is better than most modern releases.

- Yes yes yes

Feel like she has finally found her ideal genre. Such an amazing album 👏👏

- Worth the Wait

The vocals, the lyrics, the rock!!! 5 out of 5!


When Miley said she might even a rock star, she was not lying. Even if Plastic Hearts is leaning into rock, this album will take you into this wild ride of emotions that makes you long to rock out with friends in the bar or in a car but also curl up in your bed and cry. Just wow!

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