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Plastic Hearts (Apple Music Backyard Sessions Edition) (Miley Cyrus) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 2:51
2. 3:25
3. 3:16
4. 2:49
5. 2:31
6. 3:09
7. 3:43
8. 3:16
9. 2:37
10. 3:08
11. 3:35
12. 3:55
13. 3:40
14. 3:33
15. 4:50
16. 3:18
17. 3:22
18. 3:53
19. 3:17

Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts (Apple Music Backyard Sessions Edition) Album Comments

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Plastic Hearts (Apple Music Backyard Sessions Edition) [Miley Cyrus] Album Reviews

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- SOLID ALBUM 10/105 star

i never listened to a full project by miley before, only knew her popular singles and whatever was mainstream. i heard midnight sky earlier this year and loved it so i knew i had to check the album out , and i gotta say i loved it. one of my favorite albums of the year.

- This is her best sound5 star

No skips

- Good album5 star

A lot of good songs. Will always support Miley

- Not digging it2 star

Sorry Miley, I love you, Midnight Sky was good, but not really the biggest fan of any other song.



- MILEY ROCKS🔥❤️5 star

With the help of Billy Idol and Joan Jett are you kidding me?!😍 This is the best and most real Miley has ever sounded! Amazing music!!!



- WOW5 star

This entire album was so well executed. Miley has a beautiful voice

- Best Album5 star

Omg 😳 this has to be her best album so far. I really love it 😍 and has the 89s vibes to it. I’m so proud of u Miley Cyrus. You got this girl!! 💕💕

- No1 star


- So 80s Retro. I love it!!!5 star

Every song on this album is pure genius. I can’t get enough! Just what I needed for 2020. ❤️

- Miley Miley5 star

Oh Miley oh art thou s-e-x-y

- She is back differently5 star

This is the best album since cant be tamed , now thats what i call a real miley tone that been lost in other latest 2 album

- Incredible!5 star

This version of Plastic Hearts is so incredible! Her added backyard sessions are so beautiful, just like the rest of the album! I definitely recommend listening!

- Night crawling5 star

Night crawling is everything! Gotta listen when the devil’s calling! Come on!

- Best Miley Album5 star

This genre suits her voice and style so well!

- Best song3 star

I think overall the best song on this album is Midnight Sky. Who agrees with me?

- Worth THE WAIT!!5 star

AMAZING ALBUM!! It was definitely worth waiting.

- Legit great album and I don’t even like her5 star

Excellent album. I was never a fan of her but with Midnight Sky, I thought to myself she’s got something here. I hope this album doesn’t disappoint and it sure does not! Love it! This is the music she was meant to make. Absolutely awesome.

- Love5 star

Life is good

- 🤩🤩5 star


- Great album5 star


- Disappointed1 star

Nothing like her last album for sure bangers was my favorite I don’t like this one hard pass on this one

- Amazing!5 star

Talk about a revival, wow!

- Her best album5 star

Album of the year

- Below expectations2 star

I really liked only two songs in the album: Midnight Sky and Angels like you.

- Oh, Miley.... 😌5 star

You've done it again judging by reviews. Constantly reinventing yourself, but this era takes the cake. You were born for it. I cannot wait until I'm not a broke a** b**** to finally purchase this. Ashley Too could never~ 💞

- Meant to Be5 star

Miley seems to have finally found the place that she fits. Rock suits her so well. She’s an incredibly versatile artist and this is a really great record!

- Plastic hearts5 star

One of my fave albums of the year and one of the best albums ever! I Stan MC FOREVER ♥️ I can’t stop listening to plastic hearts albums I’m in LOVEEE !!! ✨

- Miley.. excellence!5 star

She found her genere! This album is EVERYTHING AND MORE

- Such a high pitched whiny voice1 star

I really don’t get the appeal. Her music was better as Hannah Montana and that’s not even saying much

- Plastic Hearts2 star

It’s about time Miley finally released an album. Some if it is 80’s rehash mixed with controversy which is predictable as expected from Miley, but at least the music is upbeat and has melody. Some lyrics leave a bit to be desired though. Her album cover looks vaguely like Madonna from her Lucky Star/Like a Virgin days. I’d say this album is average in every sense of the word.


Miley never disappoints me but this has to be her best lyrically and most cohesive project to date. Not a single skip. Such good vibes that tell her story without the media doing so for her. Her ballads are my favorite and there are 3 on here! This album is going to be on repeat!

- Miley is a LEGEND5 star

Miley made the best album of 2020 and saved this year. This album is everything I need in life!!!!

- She’s back5 star

Such a great album and I love the 80s vibe and all of the collabs with such great artists!

- No skips5 star

Miley has DONE IT

- Love it5 star

An amazing album

- Pop Shlock1 star

Stop supporting mediocrity.

- intensely listenable5 star

I really like this album. Midnight Sky is great, the title song is electifying, and the ballads are great... maybe her best album so far.

- This song reminds me of Miley’s childhood5 star

I love the Hannah Montana series and I love Miley

- Impressed5 star

Way better than what I thought that mashup song with Stevie is everything and that’s just the beginning with this album...i like Mileys songs just not enough to purchase even wrecking ball didn’t do it for me so that’s saying a lot of what i think of this album 😎👍🏼

- All I can say is yasss5 star

Miley Cyrus Has excelled in this album 😍🔥

- Not a bad album3 star

This album isn’t bad, and the songs are nicely written. However I was expecting something different from so many outlets saying this a glam rock sounding album. It’s like mostly country pop with of 80’s influence. It’s not bad, but not what I was expecting from some reviews and opinions. I’m glad to hear Miley go back to her Country roots, but... yeah this isn’t the big bad rock album that I was lead to believe it was.

- 🤩🤩🤩5 star

Loving this so much 😉

- What a TALENT! Wonderful job!✨5 star

Haven’t listened to Miley’s music for some time but I’m simply in awe of what she’s bringing to the table. She has with out a doubt a Wonderful Voice! Miley has an excellent voice for rock or really any genre! I love the collaborations and the style of music she’s presenting to us! Love the direction she’s going! She’s a beautiful woman awesome talent! She’s exceptional live!! Definitely going to get this!!

- Love5 star

Purely amazing. On repeat all day

- Cultural reset.5 star

Masterpiece. Deserves a grammy.

- Magic5 star



this album is just the greatest album ever created from 2008 to 2020 without a doubt. The 80s vibes and everything makes it so amazing. Miley definitely is going to be attributed with changing the music industry and bringing the 80s back to the forefront. SOOOOOO GOOD. MUST BUY

- Wow5 star

Definitely one of Miley’s best album.


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QuyTran2310 - BETTER VERSION5 star

The Backyard Session live performances are SO GOOD!!!

EdYeu - Not bad4 star

Buy Future Nostalgia instead 🙌🙌

cargi09 - Terrible2 star

Was expecting something amazing! What we got was the complete opposite. Not worth spending money on

MLeadz - Plastic Hearts slaps pretty hard!5 star

Miley Cyrus never disappoints!

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mraidanjohnson - Her best work yet5 star

This is such a raw piece of art from Miley! The tracks all feel so personal to her. No gimmicks like with Bangerz! Just a plastic heart singing exactly what she feels. Her voice is incredible, production is flawless and the addition of the backyard sessions shows her vocal ability so well! Definitely worthy of a Grammy!

LuckyMiles - YES!5 star

I’ve loved this woman for as long as she’s been around. since her Hannah Montana days all the way through to now. Her albums keep getting better and I admire the bravery she has for so many things. I love how she is always a breath of fresh air! She’s never delivering the same album again and again, she’s always trying new things , new styles , discovering new things with her voice! She really is a rockstar! all her albums are incredible, all so different moods and all have a different personality. I love her so much! This album is INCREDIBLE!! One thing I am glad hasn’t changed though is her as a person. She’s still as badass, lovely and adorable as she’s always been 💗💗 EVERYONE BUY PLASTIC HEARTS

kikilouz - Yuck1 star

Awful pop

Lexlloyd - Amazing5 star

Smashed it 👊

H.Doosal - Yep. It’s. Great.5 star

She’s found her sound 👌. So good ❤️. Buy it.

Joshlistened - Dissapointed2 star

expected it to have atleast a few more pop tracks :((

Rikstarisn - Well executed5 star

The sound of the album fits her vocal style perfectly . The lyrics are refreshing and the features are iconic

Beth@n - AMAZING!!!5 star

Best album yet!

CreatedNickname12359 - Perfect5 star

Work of art

Out to make $$$$$$$$$ - What the music industry needs!!5 star

This album is everything! Such a fresh a sound compared to a lot of the trash that dominates the charts these days. She is a genuine talent, vocals, songwriting, production!

Preedy princess - Amazing!!5 star

My new everything playlist 👏

_Dadalin_ - pop-rock fantasy5 star

every song from start to finish is an absolute banger and instant classic. her best album so far.

borefest - Bravo5 star

Superb work

ken lopez 1979 - A SKIPLESS MASTERPIECE5 star

When Miley said she might even a rock star, she was not lying. Even if Plastic Hearts is leaning into rock, this album will take you into this wild ride of emotions that makes you long to rock out with friends in the bar or in a car but also curl up in your bed and cry. Just wow!

Mayapotz - Worth the Wait5 star

The vocals, the lyrics, the rock!!! 5 out of 5!

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Bieber_Cyru5 star

@AppleMusic: A new album from @MileyCyrus is here at last. 🖤 Listen to an exclusive edition of #PlasticHearts featuring four videos fro…

Magisabut5 star

@AppleMusic: A new album from @MileyCyrus is here at last. 🖤 Listen to an exclusive edition of #PlasticHearts featuring four videos fro…

Lauuvictoriaa5 star


Brru_valenca5 star

álbum do ano 🤧

Chelseahotel_5 star

@MileyNYCyrus: #PLASTICHEAS OUT NOW • 3 digital versions- clean, explicit & Apple Music Edition featuring Backyard Sessions for Angels…

Doan_gizem5555 star

#MileyDuaPrisoner #PlasticHearts #MileyCyrus #DuaLipa Buy now on iTunes Miley Cyrus: Plastic Hearts (Apple Music…

MileyNYCyrus5 star

#PLASTICHEAS OUT NOW • 3 digital versions- clean, explicit & Apple Music Edition featuring Backyard Sessions for…

Heathcliff_fra5 star

Hey @MileyCyrus, I’ve to confess that a was not a huge fan of u but i found u talented with an impressive voice...…

Nofeartohorses5 star

All bangers... 🔥👌 #PlasticHearts

Lucasformiley_5 star

@FweakyMo: There’s an acoustic version of On My Own ? 😳 wow how have i never heard this. Omg link to full version: …

TeamMileySWE5 star

@FweakyMo: There’s an acoustic version of On My Own ? 😳 wow how have i never heard this. Omg link to full version: …

Space_Dude935 star

Don’t forget to stream #PlasticHearts 💕💓💞💗

Mileymidnight_5 star

@FweakyMo: There’s an acoustic version of On My Own ? 😳 wow how have i never heard this. Omg link to full version: …

Alvaradodav5 star

🎧 #AlbumOfTheWeek ⁦@MileyCyrus⁩ #PlasticHearts

Pussinpjs15 star

@JamesCiccone1st: “Mothers Daughter” 😜 I swear these kids have learnt sooooo much from The Queen 👑 #PLASTICHEAS NOW!!! 👉 …

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