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Folklore: the long pond studio sessions (from the Disney+ special) [deluxe edition] (Taylor Swift) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
D1-1The 1 3:30
D1-2Cardigan 3:59
D1-3The Last Great American Dynasty 3:50
D1-4Exile (feat. Bon Iver) 4:45
D1-5My Tears Ricochet 4:15
D1-6Mirrorball 3:28
D1-7Seven 3:28
D1-8August 4:21
D1-9This Is Me Trying 3:15
D1-10Illicit Affairs 3:10
D1-11Invisible String 4:12
D1-12Mad Woman 3:57
D1-13Epiphany 4:49
D1-14Betty 4:54
D1-15Peace 3:54
D1-16Hoax 3:40
D1-17The Lakes (bonus Track) 3:31
D2-1The 1 (the Long Pond Studio Session... 3:39
D2-2Cardigan (the Long Pond Studio Sess... 3:50
D2-3The Last Great American Dynasty (th... 3:52
D2-4Exile (feat. Bon Iver) [the Long Po... 4:39
D2-5My Tears Ricochet (the Long Pond St... 4:55
D2-6Mirrorball (the Long Pond Studio Se... 3:57
D2-7Seven (the Long Pond Studio Session... 3:28
D2-8August (the Long Pond Studio Sessio... 4:20
D2-9This Is Me Trying (the Long Pond St... 3:29
D2-10Illicit Affairs (the Long Pond Stud... 3:03
D2-11Invisible String (the Long Pond Stu... 4:17
D2-12Mad Woman (the Long Pond Studio Ses... 3:58
D2-13Epiphany (the Long Pond Studio Sess... 4:34
D2-14Betty (the Long Pond Studio Session... 4:50
D2-15Peace (the Long Pond Studio Session... 3:34
D2-16Hoax (the Long Pond Studio Sessions... 3:41
D2-17The Lakes (the Long Pond Studio Ses... 3:19

Taylor Swift - Folklore: the long pond studio sessions (from the Disney+ special) [deluxe edition] Album Comments

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Folklore: the long pond studio sessions (from the Disney+ special) [deluxe edition] [Taylor Swift] Album Reviews

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- Gorgeous

The pond sessions version of Exile is incredible.

- Awesome album but,

I already bought the first half, really don’t want to pay twice but I would like the sessions. I’ll happily up the review stars if we can get them separate

- Love this!

Look I am Swift fan. But there something so magical when you have three musicians just jamming together. It’s very cool and very unique for 2020 I think.

- Just Lovely

The live versions are wonderful, exile is amazingly beautiful. The writing in folklore is some of their best and real. The most connected, I’ve felt to music in awhile. I can listen to this and get something new out of it each time.

- Brilliant!

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. There is a clean version if you’re unable to deal with adult language...

- Wonderful

So wonderful. Easy listen and makes you mellow. She’s so talented. Also, I would highly suggest the documentary on Disney+, The long pond studio sessions. You basically hear all the songs done in such a raw relaxing manner.

- To saving 2020🍷

So a COVID-19 symptom is losing your sense of taste. So if you like T Swift, you’re safe. 🎶💅

- sounds so amazing

love it

- Beautiful and full circle

Folklore has been a beautiful piece of work and the raw versions from the Disney+ release are just as magical and beautiful as the album versions. 5 out of 5.

- Love it!!!

Amazing album!

- Fantastic album!

Not your typical pop Taylor...and it’s amazing. This may be her best album yet!

- Don’t listen to the spineless dude up there

You’re an adult, I’m pretty sure you can take some naughty words, we’re not in kindergarten. It’s a good album, just know you’re gonna hear some oh-so-horrible swears, what a nightmare 🙄.

- Great album

I see so many negative reviews. I love this album. One of my favorite albums of the year. This is a great project. Such a great sound. Very chill emotional love vibes. Another great album by tswift

- amazing

love this album. thank you taylor.

- Simply Remastered

A more raw sound that envokes tranquility and deep thought.

- She’s the worst

Just because you can release another album doesn’t mean you should.

- Just another ploy for money and fame


- Meh

Folk-bore, more like.

- Bad!!!!!

The original is better!

- Folklore Review

Wow Taylor Swift, thank you so much for this album. Each and every song I listen to of Taylor’s amazed me more and more. Taylor is the most skilled song writer I have ever come across. Taylor has faced more criticism than a young girl/woman should ever have to face, and I get that not everyone has to enjoy the same music, but no one can deny Taylor’s songwriting abilities. I am sorry, but go try to write a Taylor level or higher song, it’s really hard!! Believe me, I’ve written hundreds of songs, studied hundreds of songs, and in fact I guess you could say that I live for music and songwriting. Anyway, thank you Taylor Swift for this album, I feel honored for the opportunity to listen to it, and I even feel like just listening to it and watching the Disney+ session made me a better songwriter, so thank you so much!



- Lovely and Calming

These live versions are beautiful! ❤️

- She is a winner

I prefer a lot of these to the originals. Her talent is undeniable along with folklore simply being some of the greatest work of her career. She is legendary

- Awful

Hot garbage like the rest of her music.

- best written album ever

best written album of all time.

- Amazing

I think it’s kind of funny how there’s a ton of one star reviews with no description whatsoever. They just gave it a one star because they don’t like Taylor as a person, which is weird because she’s a freaking angel. I also saw some reviews saying all her albums sound the same. WHAT? She has literally explored three different genres, with each being a smashing success. So shut up with your stupid opinions that don’t make sense and leave her alone :)

- Ripped of....!!!!!


- Cash grab

All about that money aha

- Great

The great thing about music is that some people feel it and some people dump that doesn’t make it garbage it means you have different taste so enough of the negative reviews.

- Immaculate

The original album tracks tell a beautiful story, four minutes at a time. But this version puts the lyrics front and center in an acoustic setting with single-layer vocals and instrumentals from the album’s collaborative artists Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner. She adds some vocal twists and extra lyrical moments to some of the songs. Really just a great rendition of a perfect album! As a fan of Swift, it does not feel like I am pressured to buy the album again, more like she is giving us content to pass our time in isolation. Can’t wait for more to come from Taylor. Re-recordings and more folklore content!

- Not her best

It could’ve been better

- Excellent live version

Excellent album from start to finish. I loved the original version but her live versions are always so much better. I’m happy they put this concert on music platforms as I don’t have Disney+.

- Brilliant

You are a genius. Your writing is phenomenal. Love love love.

- Disney Plus & explicit lyrics

Get real

- Hoax

Such an amazing album. Focuses on her music and voice Talent. Glad she chose on recording hoax.. reminds me of covid with a 98-99 percentile rate. Smart girl. Love hoax!

- Perfection

Perfection. No other words can describe it

- Love! Love! Love!!

Thank you Taylor! The lyrics are original cathartic.

- Derivative garbage

How does this woman sell albums? She truly is awful 🤮

- The best album of taylor

Just love it 🥰

- Unnecessary?

Look, the album is unasailably great and Taylor's best by a wide margin. But this smells of cash grab. If you wanted to release the "soundtrack" to the TV special, fine...put that out there at a cut price for fans. But to re-release "Folklore" for the 3rd time in 5 months seems unnecessary. Fans are going to re-buy the album just to get the long pond bonus tracks which drives up the sales #'s of the original. It's a sleazy marketing gimmick for an artist who doesn't need it anymore and an album that is good enough to stand on its own

- A True Talent

This girl, man. I have to say, having given my best post-college try on writing great albums twice in my lifetime, but this girl puts it all together regularly and often. I really only like the house sessions, but that’s enough to give her 5 stars on the thoughtfulness of these lyrics. It is not ho-hum when you catch the full story on Disney+. Refreshing to not hear about her break ups for a change too. Her ability to write since a very young age and to reach to many listeners will always make her a prodigy in my book.

- this is a try hard album it’s terrible

The songs are so unoriginal and have no depth to them whatsoever. Worst album she’s ever made.

- Boring


- Beautiful


- Love it -

This album is a reflection of change that corresponds with the times that we are living in right now. It’s living and enjoying the the life you spent.

- Trash

Horrible just like the rest of her music

- Trash

Swing and a miss from Taylor.


get over yourself, tay-tay...

- Boring

So boring

- Folklore

Long Pond Studio sessions are pensive, quiet, reflective. Glad she’s collaborating with Antonoff.

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- I love Taylor


- Brilliant

Taylor, you can never stop exceeding my expectations. I love you!

- Taylor at it again!

Critically acclaimed, best selling album live and she didn’t disappoint.

- Transcendent

Just when I thought I couldn't love this album anymore, I actually love the Long Pond studio sessions more than the original. I now cannot wait for the re-recording of all Taylor's early music. Bring it on!!!!

- Meh

Mediocrity at its finest.

- Sublime

Thank you for a beautiful acoustic album

- Brilliance

It’s truly exquisite

- Ok I guess

I mean she has a good voice so she gets two stars for that. Then I really don’t like any of the songs other than one song cardigan so one star for that. Bye have a good day 😁😁😁😁

- I just don’t get it

Jesus another release of the same album, I don’t understand the hype, apart from 3 or 4 songs the rest is just a filler here, I love Taylor swift but this album is a 1 star from me

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- Beautiful recordings!

Taylor Swift at her best!

- Money Money Money

Cash cow.

- An amazing songwriter & legend

Don’t normally write reviews but been a longtime fan of Taylor since her Nashville beginnings & she continues to show what an incredible artist she is. This latest release continues to shows how brilliant her songwriting is, whatever style she presents it. Both versions of the album, especially live sessions, illustrate her lovely vocals & how she has continually developed her craft. Watching the documentary also gives some brilliant insights into how clever she is with stories and characters & imagine that it’s fascinating working with her during a creative process. Springsteen has always been my favourite storyteller an believe that in generations to come Taylor’s songs will be the ones people remember from this generation - because like the folklore concept they get passed on. I’m a musician who lives in ‘the lakes’ UK so this album also feels like a piece of home is in the mix. (I remember the day I was stuck at work knowing she was visiting just down the road). Not that I would have known what to say to her apart from how much I admire her work as an artist (& also think she is so lovely with her fans). Taylor is a legend and as I enjoy this album - will look forward to all the stories she still has to tell...

- Invented live music and ponds

Invented live music and ponds

- Stunning

Literally a modern day masterpiece

- Trash!

Don’t like it



- Sublime

The album for the lockdown.

- Still a great album but...

Given that most people will have already bought the original album it seems a bit of a cash grab to add the new versions onto the original album and charge £13.99 rather than release it as a standalone album and charge less.

- folklore live

the most authentic release in forever

- Vocals are insane!

This is an amazing live album. See this is what we wanted for reputation and 1989... everyone buy this and the re-recordings! 🌳🌳🌳


So much love for this ❤️

- THE BEST!!!!

Yern na yern!

- Flawless!

Album of the Year!!!


This album is again like the finest wine! It’s so good!

- A masterpiece!

This album is a masterpiece! I thought the studio version is already IT! But it wasn’t til the three collaborated together in a studio! ‘Twas genius!

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