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Life Rolls On (Florida Georgia Line) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Long Live 2:33
2.Life Looks Good 2:47
3.Countryside 3:20
4.Always Gonna Love You 2:57
5.I Love My Country 3:05
6.Hard To Get To Heaven 3:11
7.Long Time Comin' 3:14
8.Interlude 0:26
9.Ain't Worried Bout It 2:31
10.Beer:30 2:19
11.New Truck 2:22
12.Eyes Closed 2:29
13.Second Guessing (From Songland) 3:07
14.Good To Me 2:49
15.U.S. Stronger 3:03
16.Life Rolls On 3:21

Florida Georgia Line - Life Rolls On Album Comments

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Life Rolls On [Florida Georgia Line] Album Reviews

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- Yikes

What even is this

- Boring.

The stuff is getting boring. Poorly written.

- Lost it since Dig Your Roots Album

They are straight sell out now. I don’t think they could make music like back in the day if they tried. They have to see what people want so why keep releasing trash like “new truck” lol

- Just stop

How is it possible that they just keep getting worse and worse as time goes on?

- Rap being called country?

New truck might be the worst song of all time. Save your money and go buy sturgill simpson, cody jinks, tyler childers, colter wall...ect. Keep the soul in music.


I feel like country folks are being punked with thess two. They just keep getting worse and worse. They are a disgrace to country music.

- Identity crisis alert

Zac brown seemed to snap out of it but it looks like FGL is still going strong. How long can they keep rapping and labeling it as country for

- Let’s go

I can’t wait for this album, FGL has been my favorite band since I first heard the song Cruise!

- 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

When are these guys gonna realize that they are NOT COUNTRY???? Seriously!!! Just because you sing hip hop with a southern accent doesn’t make it Country!

- Trash

These boys need to retire

- FGL’s Days are Over

Say what you will about their first two albums, but those bro country bangerz were better than these metro country garbage love songs that they’ve been putting out lately. Their latest song, “New Truck,” is possibly the worst song ever released. Congrats.

- Best ....... of the Worst

My 5 year old could write better lyrics. Just retire already

- Awesome

Awesome y’all are my favorite haters if you don’t like it don’t listen to it

- Good Lord....

Please delete this from the country genre and place it in the “what in Gods name is this crap” genre.

- Not sure what to expect...

The preview of this album has me worried, they are getting into rap country which is trash. I can do some pop country, I have loved FGL ever since their first album “Anything like me” but I have to say that so far I am pretty disappointed. I do like -Long Live- and -I Love my Country- But the rest I wouldn’t listen to if I had the choice. I’m intrigued to see the rest of the album.

- Take politics out.

Please please please leave your political beliefs outta music. We wanna get away from that with music.

- This is the nutritional

Value of cardboard. They thought no one would miss it, once it was dead and gone They said no one would buy them old drinking and cheating songs (I'll still buy'em) Well there ain't no justice in it and the hard facts are cold Murder's been committed down on music row.

- Pathetic Platitudes

From pseudo-patriotic posers. Pass.

- Good music is good music. PERIOD

If you’re a “traditional” country fan, and you don’t like them, it’s probably because they sing about love, positivity, and loving one another no matter the race or color. All genres of music eventually step out and expand, so if you don’t like FGL, then go back to your Conway Twitty and Hank Williams records and let good hearted people enjoy good music and love

- Ah no!

Same crap, different album. Thank God for Luke Combs and Riley Green!!

- TRASH!!!!

Definitely ain’t country

- Excellent Music!!

I love Long Live, I Love My Country, Countryside and Ain’t Worried About It. FGL does it again! Thanks for all the great music over the years.

- Can’t wait

I knew you guys going to add them sound that you made already but it’s OK at least I get to listen to all the other songs you guys made on this album talking about the new song

- Country?

When FGL and Taylor Swift are showing up in the country classification, I think we need a new genre. Maybe Popcountry?

- Love

Countryside my fav !

- Lol

Lol lol lol


Was elected to the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME, right? So, who cares if FGL ain’t George Strait. George Strait already did George Strait. FGL IS FUN!! “Country Girls, Long Legs, Cutoff Jeans”, Jacked Up Trucks, Fishing, Hunting, Romance. Dang, that’s hit music in my book! I sing Ain’t Worried About It and Second Guessing to my wife, and roll down the windows cranking Long Live and I Love My Country!! This music is FUN!!! PS... if you want “old country”, it is still available. It’s not like FGL’s existence eliminated George Strait’s discography! 😉

- Please Make a Decent CD

Love FGL. Long time fan, but waiting for them to get back to the vibe of their first two CDs or Dig Your Roots. Very disappointed

- More fake singing accents

Not convinced. Life Rolls Off.

- Ok hear me out people

FGL may be somewhat fake to the eyes, but I can tell they’re trying to get back to their roots here. Give them a chance. Just because it’s not Hank Williams doesn’t mean it isn’t good music.

- Yay!!!!

Im so excited!!!

- That

Is a big a** hat 👒

- FGL Rules!!!!

The guys seriously need to switch “I Love My Country” to Track 1 and “Long Live” to Track 5!!!!!

- Lazy Work

This is just pure lazy writing and over produced garbage that should not be put out for people to listen to.

- Looking forward to it!

I can’t wait for this album to come out!

- Not what I expected.

I’m hoping the other unreleased songs are better then these available. Just not digging this album like there past ones. I Love FGL but it doesn’t hit like there first, 2nd and last album.

- Fgl rocks

Tyler and BK have done it again !!!!! I can’t til 2021 comes and this album is here for all of us FGL lifers ...... once again!!!!! #5 rocks 😍😍😍😍

- Excited

I get that they have changed since Here’s Too The Good Times but change doesn’t mean worse. Hopefully live shows will be a thing again soon, these guys are so much fun to see live and the best live performers in country music if you ask me.


I don’t think i have ever been more excited for an album than I am this one!!!!!!! I love every song released so far and I know I’ll love all the songs that will be released in February!!!! Thank you Tyler and BK for all of the amazing songs that have gotten me through the last 8 years!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!!!

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Florida Georgia Line Shares Title Track From Upcoming Album 'Life Rolls On' .


Not to mention college kids or adult dependents. I know a couple of us missed out on stimulus so parents could claim even tho we made enough to be dependent.. but that’s the way life rolls .


IMPACTING NOW LIFE ROLLS ON By Florida Georgia Line ⤷ .

🇺🇸 Valerie Bellot 🇫🇷

Florida Georgia Line - Life Rolls On (Audio) via @YouTube.

TNN Radio

Even in a pandemic, “life rolls on”... and it’s that message of hope that fuels @FLAGALine’s upcoming album — which hopefully won’t be their last. Listen to the title track below and let us know what you think... it’s new music for your weekend on TNN! .


Got on scale yesterday & bitch i don gained weight 🤣 well ima jus accept these rolls in my back & live life.

93.7 NOW

Florida Georgia Line Shares Title Track From Upcoming Album 'Life Rolls On' .

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So, another day of lockdown rolls by and, not just football, but life as we normally know it, remains on hold. The most important thing to do right now is to stay at home, thereby aiding our marvelous NHS. But you can still help your club AND community, even now. Here's how; .

Keith Nelson Jr

“I’m kinda like W. E. B DuBois/ Meets Heavy D & The Boys/ Smooth as a Rolls Royce. Built like a tank/ Smoking on dank/ Walking through the Guggenheim, raw life, Black inc” @DICERAW.

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@me1stVegan2nd @Veganella_ Like my no pork pies, vegan sausage rolls and facon, yeah, i know. The NHS employee in me still keeps worrying about the salt though. lol 😂 After this month, i'm going back to basic vegan life. These will be great though for festivals and on those days i need to go crazy! 😂 .

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