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About Human by Shai Maestro, Jorge Roeder, Ofri Nehemya & Philip Dizack Album

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Human (Shai Maestro, Jorge Roeder, Ofri Nehemya & Philip Dizack) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Time 3:23
2.Mystery And Illusions 8:32
3.Human 2:33
4.GG 4:45
5.The Thief’s Dream 7:53
6.Hank And Charlie 4:41
7.Compassion 3:24
8.Prayer 4:26
9.They Went To War 5:22
10.In A Sentimental Mood 5:46
11.Ima (For Talma Maestro) 5:32

Shai Maestro, Jorge Roeder, Ofri Nehemya & Philip Dizack - Human Album Comments

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Human [Shai Maestro, Jorge Roeder, Ofri Nehemya & Philip Dizack] Album Reviews

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