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NoSong TitleTime
1.Afterglow 3:05

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Afterglow - Single [Ed Sheeran] Album Reviews

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- 3rd Coronavirus Wave

this gonna cause another world pandemic. dear lord please stop him

- He can do better

His music was way better when he wasn’t as popular here in the US

- snooze..

i like the guitar melody but the lyrics and song sound itself makes me wanna sleepy. ok, i would listen to this again but i would listen to this during a slow dance at a wedding. i was looking for something more exciting with twists, and turns. so it could reflect on the year “2020” itself. Ed, you can do better! this song is just overall a flop. if ur looking for something that’s a snooze, boring, and sounds just tired, this is the song for you. disappointed. 😐

- Preview of what's to come

This is beautiful. I think this is a sneak preview to his next album, which will be one critics can't trash on.

- ❤️❤️❤️

Love it! It is so beautifully written. We all need a song like this. Thank you Ed!

- Stop

Please not another song that will play nonstop for 5 years on the radio

- 😂

Me sis says dis needed a five star. Haven’t heard it yet. Lol.

- Truly Amazing!

Ed came out of hibernation with this incredible song. It is uniquely him and perfect for this time of year. Nothing makes me melt quite like his music and this single is no different. Treat your ears to something incredible.

- Love, love, love it! ❤️

It’s the gift we didn’t expect nor know we needed until we had it - beautiful!

- Awesome song 👑

Ed dropped an awesome Xmas prezzie for his fans! Have been listening to it nonstop 🎶🎶 Ignore the Twitterbrats that purposely go through other artists reviews and give them one star in the hopes of lifting their faves up 🙄

- Beautiful

This is a beautiful song that made me cry. Anyone who doesn’t like it is without a heart or soul, or has never felt deep emotions like love, lust, or loss.

- 👉🏻🤢


- Soulless

I actually really dig Ed Sheeran I think he’s super talented. But this song is way overproduced and unexciting. So bland. Say what you will about Shape of You, it gets people dancing. Castle On the Hill was heartfelt and had an anthemic chorus. This is just autopilot Ed.

- 🤮


- Meh

Not bad, but very forgettable. Ed Sheeran has about 3 songs that will never be forgotten. He set the bar too high, and this song just doesn’t live up to his own standards. Just, forgettable.

- Trash

Falling asleep

- Boring

Plain and boring. All his music is the same story. Drunk and in love then breaking up. I think he needs to retire alongside with his buddy Justin Bieber.

- Ewwwee

He is over

- Loved

Brilliantly Amazing

- Amazing as always

Ed can’t make a bad song!

- I actually like it 😳

Lord.. don’t tell Stan twitter

- Thank you

My Christmas list this year included a few non-material things. #1 being to enjoy music again. Sometimes you lose creativity and desire, and with that enjoyment of things in life that used to give you life. For me, I had lost everything, and the sound of music joy longer brought joy and comfort. Listened to this song for no more than ten seconds, and I was instantly comforted, and felt happy.

- I needed this.

No one may have asked for this, but many people may have needed this. A lot of people listen to his music and need just this to make their holiday season a bit more enjoyable. It may sound similar to some of his other songs, but he is the same artist that is writing it so, of course, some of his songs are going to sound similar. After a break from music, he released a song that he wanted to release. Some people need to understand that Ed releases music that he enjoys and is proud of, he doesn’t need everyone to like it. Personally, I really enjoy the song, so I am giving it 5 stars, however, I understand that some may not, and that’s okay.

- So depressing

More pls ;-; Sincerely Random reviewer ∩^ω^∩ ✌︎('ω'✌︎ )✌︎('ω')✌︎( ✌︎'ω')✌︎ *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

- Enjoyable

Personally the simplicity of Ed’s guitar and the sweet lyrics is a welcome change in an environment where every song sounds the same. I’m not saying this song has a unique sound by any means, it’s just a little different from everything else right now. Not his absolute best, but still a definite buy if you enjoy listening to him.

- Boring

Omg he’s so overrated

- No

This is so boring, we have heard all Ed can do. He hasn’t had a refreshing sound since his first album...

- Beautiful

Love it!

- Love Ed music

Happy holidays and enjoy “ afterglow”

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

nothing beats Ed and his guitar

- Eh

Well, if you ask me, this sound like every other song Ed has come out with. Sure the lyrics are different but is it really different?

- An Artist🤩

Is there anything this man can’t do?

- tanked

one pandemic at a time plz

- Simple Applause

I’m not judging this based on the fact that it’s a single. To me, this sounds like a encore-type song, but maybe that’s just me. I love this. It really fits Sheeran’s style and is just altogether great. Well done.

- Nah.

Haven’t forgotten that this man was the reason Kesha was robbed at the 2018 Grammys.

- 🤠


- please go away.

clichè McDonald’s. it’s such cr@p that proves the unfairness of life. puke.

- Beautiful

Beautiful as always! Your music is definitely my jam!

- ginger

yeah this isn’t very good. boring.

- It’s the same

Always returns with the same sonic palette and themes. Women in pop are constantly evolving and Ed never does. Just gets so old even when the songs are new.

- Tired

Nothing new.

- Ed is back!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Kinda missed this dude’s music! Love this song :)

- Go away

Nobody asked for this

- Ed

Good goddam song

- No one asked for this

Talentless hack needs to retire, along with Justin Bieber.

- very nice...

i needed this song. way to go Mr. Sheeran!!

- Quintessential Ed Sheeran

Get the single - you will not be disappointed! This is a great song to add to your Ed Sheeran collection! Semper Fi Ed!


BEst Christmas present!!! Love u, Ed

- BORING!!!!!!


- Dear lord

Stop. Stay on break we don’t miss this generic sound

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- Love!!!

This song has swept me away! I can’t stop listening to it! This is a true masterpiece! ❤️❤️

- Afterglow

Love this song! Yay Ed! 💕

- Eh

I wanna like it.. maybe the radio will change my mind in a month. Not bad tho

- Beautiful

Just stunning

- Legend

Ed sheeran is an amazing singer. It’s a lovely song. It’s good to have Ed sheeran back. Merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year.🌲

- Beautiful

Great to see the old ed back. Just him and his guitar. Beautiful song!

- Lovely

Just beautiful

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- Gorgeous

Love it. Brilliant song and singer

- People will buy anything he resales.

Drake and Ariana grande are another example of this which is why these artists don’t try anymore because they know they can release generic music and make quick money from brainless sheep, they’ve established a loyal fan base at this point which they take advantage of.

- Afterglow - Ed Sheeran

Amazingly beautiful song - love it!

- Amazing

Makes me feel things


Why so many negative comments?

- The problem with British folk....

.....is that they are notoriously shallow when it comes to music. They give it all the necessary spiel of praise galore to build someone up but once they get huge, they start pulling them back down. At least I said from the very start that he’s a one trick pony! The masses spoke and bought him by the bucketload, now he’s massive, they’re into ‘the next big thing’..... Sooooooo predictable!

- Worth the wait

Ed’s been my favourite artist for as long as I can remember! This song was definitely worth the wait after his well-earned break. Best Christmas gift this year!

- Always been

I like the bloke but he’s massively over rated. He copied another artist to get his sound then signed him to his label he copies melodies from other songs a lot and must feel incredibly lucky

- Beautiful

Lovely song perfect

- Love it

I love this song....I was worried he was going in another direction but this is a beautiful love song. Nobody can write them and perform them better than Ed.

- More guitar crap

I guess it won’t be long before he jumps on a hip hop track to get traction

- Beautiful

Welcome back!

- Boring

They all sound the same now.... boring

- Good to have you back

Nice change of pace compared to the nursery rhyme computer generated inferior dance pop r&b, rap drill nonsense the infests the chart these days. Not his best but welcome.

- K


- Simply Beautiful

Stripped back, simply Ed, simply beautiful

- Afterglow

Lovely song acoustic guitar sounds great


this song is amazing, one of Ed Sheeran's best, let's try and get this to Christmas Number 1 come on we can beat LadBaby

- Just class

What a come back from the BestEd Sheeran

- Welcome back

Great track great tonic for Xmas

- Drivel

3 mins of crying. Already got a great song out called afterglow

- Welcome back

Finally something positive for 2020, now just need the album and tour with some more shows in Chantry Park

- no

just... no

- second pandemic

no thanks, we have suffered enough this year

- Boring

Artistry taken such a decline

- Decent


- Lovely

A lovely song - much better than the rubbish he was putting out with the whole no.6 collab thing

- Afterglow

Gorgeous song

- Yawn

Auto tune much?

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Nelly ⨟ ᗧ semi ia

Tell us about yourself 1. nelly 2. single not ready to mingle 3. afterglow - luna li 4. 809 5. twitter 6. A 7. uni t 8. malaysian 9. none 10. none 11. reptiles 12. 2019-2020 13. skies 14. you’re such a cutie! love seeing you on my tl! love you! ♥️ drop an emoji for the qs <3.


Ed Sheeran returns with new single ‘Afterglow’ 😍😍😍😍Ed Sheeran 😍😍😍 #EdSheeran #afterglow #music #return #Singer Retweet!!!!.


Tell us about yourself 1. al*ea😔 2. single 3. afterglow (depende sa mood ) 4. 422 5. yt 6. secret 7. school 8. 🇵🇭 9. 2 10. none 11. myself🤗 12. idk nung pinanganak ako??? chz 13. sya😌 chz FRIES 14. cutie and galing sumayaw😳😳 drop an emoji for qs.


Afterglow was the 5th best selling song in the US this week without being discounted $$$, and is doing fine on streaming services, radio and a low budget music video. It's a standalone acoustic ballad, not a lead single for his next album. .


@tweetymouth7 @chartdata @edsheeran Afterglow was the 5th best selling song in the US this week without being discounted $$$, and is doing fine on streaming services, radio and a low budget music video. It's a standalone acoustic ballad, not a lead single for his next album..


@KaialaDrak yeah Afterglow, new standalone song, not a lead single for his next studio album.


Tell us about yourself 1. yza 2. single 3. Afterglow 4. 2.1k 5. twitter 6. wala 7. school 8. filipino 9. 3 10. none 11. liar 12. last year 13. music & fam 14. let's be friends po!! drop an emoji for the qs.


Tell us about yourself 1. ejay 2. single 3. afterglow 4. 7,226 5. pinterest 6. A 7. ub 8. filo 9. 0 10. none 11. cigarettes 12. 2019 13. music, food, travel, books, clothes, photography, dogs 14. out-going introvert drop an emoji for the qs.


@sademptytownnn Afterglow ain’t a lead single to his album. And it’s doing well on iTunes 😉.


@FolkloverBoi No.6 was a side project and afterglow ain’t even a lead single for his next album.. lool. It’s doing much better pure sales than taylors recent song.

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