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Mercury - Act 1 [Imagine Dragons] Album Reviews

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- My Life

I was floored when I heard my life. It was so raw and honest. Dull Knives keeps playing in my head all day! Another great album

- Amazing song in general


- Easy Go…

I am a huge ID fan. The only song on here I liked was Easy come easy go. Def not feeling the new vibe. ID words used to speak to me and I could relate. Not this album.

- Amazing album!! An essay of rock music of the 2000s

I don’t know where the hate for this album comes from, this one has everything!! Cutthroat and dull knives are in your face, and the rest of the album is a mix of melodic tunes and pop hits… Great album and love hearing the heart the put into the tone of their music…

- It’s time has come

I like their early music but, this is terrible. It’s not only the songs but the acoustics are wretched.

- Amazing, organic, and fresh sounds

Origins was great, but this is amazing!

- I like every song!

This album is very catchy and so different from their other albums. I really really like it!

- It’s Good to Have Them Back

Mercury - Act 1 is definitely a strong record by the band. It covers both looking inward and looking outward so well. I also enjoy how we get to hear more guitar, bass, and drums on this record. I love just about every song on this album, but my favorite tracks are “My Life”, “Giants”, and “Dull Knives”. I can’t wait for Act 2!

- Really good album

I love imagine dragons and it’s fun listening to them

- Boring cookie cutter “rock”

Out of all the songs on this record, the only two that I would consider good are the opening track “My Life” which gives you high expectations of the album, but will only lead you to disappointment, and the other song that was enjoyable for me is “Dull Knives” but it’s so late into the record that you’ve already experienced enough torture to still be bored by the time you get to it. But everything else on this record is a huge “meh” very cookie cutter electronic pop/ alternative that could put you to sleep in 5 minutes. I wouldn’t recommend this album to anybody looking for a “rock band”. So overall, I would say that this album isn’t worth your time, except for the two songs I listed. Unless you’re into cookie cutter pop/ alternative music. Imagine Dragons continues to prove that they are the worst “rock” “band” out there right now, but have wasted their potential as seen in “Dull Knives” and “My Life” for car commercial grocery store songs. 2/10

- All good things must come to an end

I fell in love with imagine dragons after I took my son to an Evolve concert! They’re songs moved me to places I had no idea I could go. They are my most played list. More than my beatles and Pink Floyd list and that’s a lot! After their origins album I was patiently waiting for their next album…and was blown away with “wrecked” that song and video haunts my mind…but as I took the time to listen to the rest of Mercury One I got to be honest and say that’s gonna be a no for me. 😢 Was so looking forward to another concert, but not paying those prices to listen to that album, I won’t even buy the album. Sorry guys, still a huge fan, just not a fan of this album… hopefully Mercury Two will go back to your roots…

- come on people

I think most of the people here are bunch of losers that haven't put together two chords to make a song. ID are having fun creating an album with the great master Rick Rubin. Beautiful songs and excellent production. Go to the beach and enjoy your life you haters.

- What’s with. All the complaining??

I read the reviews of this album & could not believe what I was reading. The album is fantastic. Artists try different things; nothing wrong with this one. I can understand how an Imagine Dragons purist may feel b/c I lost it years ago when U2 put some garbage albums out. This is a very good album though

- Ok...

Call my crazy but it’s... as good as evolve was 😐. Cutthroat was bad if I’m being honest but don’t judge the WHOLE ALBUM off one stupid song. Like chill boi. I rate 4stars, just because ik it’s because Rubin left

- Train Wreck

What the heck? They were going just fine until they crashed with Rick Rubin! How did they go sour so fast?

- The best ever

All love bros gold


For the people that hate, don’t expect a Radioactive, Believer, Natural, that’s kind of vibes, not everything is like that, this album is more about feelings, grief,loneliness, more deepest, The only song I don’t like it much is cutthroat, my favorites are WRECKED and My Life. These are the diamond here for me

- Discordant

Been a big fan of Imagine Dragons since their first album. Really loved their music. Then their last album came out and it was very much a disappointment. Was really hopeful that this album would mark a return to form. Alas, not to be. While there are a couple of interesting tunes, the general direction they are going in is a journey I can not take with them. This will be the first time I do not buy their album. Sad!

- 👎

It sounded waaay over produced. I’m a huge Imagine Dragons fan. Completely disappointed with this whole album.

- Been a fan since Night Visions

keep it up!

- They never cease to disappoint me.

I prefer Imagine Dragons to any other music group or singer. This album is fantastic, though a little more depressing than their previous albums.

- Actually

I change my mind, Most of the songs are about relationships? At least its better then the last album in 2018.

- By 😎 dude

haters gonna hate I love the album and whoever doesn’t like it hate all you want but this is the best album

- Ignore the hate

This is a great album. Cutthroat isn’t the best but it’s still great as is every other song of yours. good job

- Chill

I don't think this was one of the best albums they've realeased, but I dont think it deserves all the hate its getting. I think that this band has given me the music I want, and that's good for me.

- Best album they have put out!

Hints of several of my favorite bands in one! Great work.

- Disappointing

Easily their worst album, wrecked is amazing but doesn’t excuse the rest of the album. My ears desperately want to unhear this album

- I hate all this negativity

Best album ever dumb people in the comments

- Resonates

I can certainly hear the sense of the rug being pulled out from underneath him, and the confusion of trying to figure out how to rebuild. If you have had that experience, I believe these songs will resonate. As someone who left the same toxic institution that he has, it hits in a personal place - too close for comfort in some spots! Someone else said Dan Reynolds is 'pushing his voice too hard' - to me it makes sense in order to convey the rage.

- Love it

I really like this album and Dull Knives is my favorite song which got me hooked on the album

- 💝

My Life and It’s Ok hit me right in the chest!! Two of the best songs ID has written ❤️‍🩹

- as usual perfect

Thank you for an amazing work!!!

- Not very good

This is not very good. Lots of completely unnecessary screaming. A couple of ok tracks getting radio play but overall it’s a waste of money.

- This album has so much heart ❤️

Amazing expression of raw emotion you could hear the pain his voice especially in “dull knives” “Giants” and “wrecked”. It may not be like there other music but this must’ve been very therapeutic for them getting out all these feelings. Great Album!

- Disappointing

I'm really disappointed in this album. Every song is forgettable, not one I'd want to listen to again. Gone are the anthem songs, feel good songs, power songs, it's just blah. I wanted to give this album a second listen but just couldn't do it. To me, this is their worst album to date.

- Love this album!!!

I can honestly say I can listen to every song in this album without having to skip a track

- Awesome

I really like Wrecked. It is well played and the guitar is done perfectly. I also really like the singing in the song. It is sung perfectly as well.

- dan? or a teen who listens to mcr?

so i’ve been obsessed with ID for years at this point and um you sure this is ID? there’s a few okay songs, but most of them are either boring or the lyrics sound like a 13 emo who wants to start a band wrote them. unpopular opinion but my favorite songs were cutthroat, dull knives, and giants. i prefer more screamy intense rock-like things. when the follow you / cutthroat single was released i immediately felt like they were just trying to copy the sounds they heard on the radio. i think the best ID albums were Night Visions and Smoke + Mirrors. those were the albums that were the most original in my opinion. Evolve was good, just not totally my style, and Origins had some pretty good songs. in the end ID will always hold a special place in my heart and i hope that they improve for their sake and ours. COME BACK TO US DAN. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU thank you to whoever read this. have a great day (or night) :)!

- Overall disappointing album

I had high expectations for the Dragons’ usual album quality and this album from start to finish just feels lacking. A bit of an emotional roller coaster. Wrecked is my favorite track from the album.

- Pretty Good

My favorites are Wrecked, My Life, Dull Knives, and Monday. I like most of the songs, but there are a couple that i wouldn’t mind never hearing ever again. It’s good overall, but some of the songs feel kind of like they’re only there because they needed more songs on the album.

- Mercury Act 1 is great!

Cutthroat and Dull Knives aren’t really the best, but the other ones are great. My favorites are Follow you, Wrecked, and My Life. They have a great beat and tune to them, and I hope there is eventually an Act 2!

- It’s so good

They’re back! Blending new and old sound. All songs on the album hit. So so so dang good. Lets GO.

- Haters gonna hate

Honestly, this album is receiving a lot of unnecessary negativity. I mean I can get others voicing their opinions and talking about what they think of it, but some of the comments here have just been garbage. I’m sorry for you guys: Imagine dragons. If you ever have to read these garbage comments then just forget about what these jerks are saying and keep playing your awesome music. And don’t get me wrong there is a lot of positive stuff on here, but honestly, I’m just shocked at the viewers who find the simplest of stuff to hate on and then they make a paragraph about it. I honestly really liked their album, like how I liked their past albums. There are a few I don’t exactly enjoy, but the rest of the album is awesome.

- Excellent Album

I rather kill myself than have to listen to Cutthroat but other than that, incredible album. All the songs are catchy and most of these songs are now in my best of the best album. (Lonely and Wrecked are by far my favorites though)

- Read this please

the opening of LONELY made me turned it all off and rethink my life. Its so bad that i actually deleted it off my phone. The only decent song is follow you, and that is nothing compared to my personal favorites like "bullet in a gun, machine, walking the wire, im so sorry, and smoke in mirrors. the only reason its one stars is cuz i couldnt put zero(not a pun). they need to expand, maybe even swear a couple times, MAKE IT INTERESTING!!!

- This is it

I'd buy

- Love it!

This is overall a very well done album. I feel like I can relate to what they sing about, especially in My Life and Wrecked. My favorite has to be Giants and my least favorite is probably Cutthroat. I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say that it just doesn’t go with the rest of the album. While I wasn’t sure about it when I first listened to it, it has come to grow on me; it’s a perfect song to listen to when I’m mad or something 😂. I’ve loved ID for years and have to say this is probably my favorite album, even over Evolve and Origins. Can’t wait to see if they make and Act 2!!

- Better

Much better ID

- Excellent album!

I feel the need to balance out the negative reviews with a review of my own. This is an outstanding album all the way around. What struck me the most was how emotional raw it was lyrically. Clearly the band has been significantly affected by the pandemic, but it has allowed their creativity to be enhanced.

- Lifelong Imagine Dragons Fan!

I love this album. I recently just learned they are touring this album next year and am going to that concert! I can’t wait to see you!

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- Good but one of their worst

Overall it’s a pretty good album that being said however it’s probably one of Imagine Dragons worst, there’s a few good songs and it’s a nice twist to see some more personal feeling songs. I think it’s better then Origins but still not great, It’s not bad but it definitely can’t stack up to an album like Night Visions or even Smoke + Mirrors. This is saying a lot, this is one of their worst albums but still manages to be really good, Don’t listen to sheep that hate on this band, they still have more give and they will keep releasing amazing track after track.

- Call me disappointed.

The last 2 by these guys have really been a miss for me. I long for the Smoke + Mirror days.

- Bon mais ..

Je sais pas si c’est juste moi mais l’audio est beaucoup moin fort que en temps normal je suis déçu de ce coter la de l’album.

- no


- Imagine dragons new album

I have loved almost every single thing that imagine dragons has done so far, every album, every track! I just purchased this one and listened to it and I can’t stand it! There are a handful of songs I enjoyed, but honestly the rest, I would be willing to remove from my library. It sounds like the lead singer doesn’t know what to do with his voice anymore. I am so disappointed.

- Presque parfait!

A part les cris stridents sur Giants, l’album est excellent!

- Good

Love itklk

- bit of a let down, actually..

first 2 singles were good.. rest of album, not really worth the download’s sad, & slow in my opinion, anyway ☹️

- Masterpiece

Can not stop listening to this song. A masterpiece.

- 🛑

This is an average score to counter all of youz reviewing the album before its final version

- Eh

I expected more of them

- They’re Back!

Love this group. The songs released so far are great.

- The Return

After almost 3 years they are finally making there return. Definitely gonna preorder it.

- HereIzSongs

This is a nice Album can’t wait to listen to it

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- Good song

I love this album by far one of the best. I love all the songs and the aesthetic of it great album name and amazing songs

- Second Disappointment In A Row

I thought (or hoped) that Origins was just a one off poor album which had too much R&B influences but Imagine Dragons have managed to produce an awful album for the second time in a row. Just one good track -Wrecked. Whatever happened to this excellent innovative band?

- Pains me to give this only 1 star

I love imagine dragons and Dan Reynolds has a phenomenal voice, if not the best male vocalist around currently. However, apart from Wreck and Cutthroat which I’d say are still average for imagine dragons’ potential, the remaining songs on the album are really disappointing. Lyrically it’s ok but the production, sound and melodies is the worst I’ve ever heard from imagine dragons. Hopefully pt 2 will be better 🙏

- Imagine Dragons… WOW!

This band are my favourite and this album will change my view of them. Wrecked is a great song, it always gets me but idk why. If anyone in the band are reading, I wanna say heck well done! Thanks guys, keep up the good work. xxx😀

- Dappy49

Ever Since I Heard(listened)to Thunder it hit Me,This group is/are Amazing,Just listened to Wrecked YES another Song with Meaning,Counting the Days till album is Complete.Thankyou Imagine Dragons.

- Great album

Nothing better than an album you can pretty much listen to from start to finish. ID are consistent in making great music, just a shame the chart positions don’t reflect that.

- Meh

Apart from Wrecked and Cutthroat, there just aren’t any really striking or good songs on this album for me. It’s a shame because I’ve been an Imagine Dragons fan since 2012 and was hoping for an amazing album this year from them.

- Can’t wait !!! 😁😁

Going by wrecked, can’t wait for this album can’t stop playing, brilliant

- Brilliant

Some tracks stand out at first, but after a few listens, the rest shine through, I can’t even mention My Life without emotion, it’s incredible, Dan’s vocals are stunning, it’s worth the investment of the album alone ….

- Incredible songs

Very much enjoyed this album, a few songs I need to get used to but all the rest are brilliant!!

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