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About Certified Lover Boy by Drake Album

Certified Lover Boy is Drake’s sixth studio album and the follow-up to his fifth studio album, Scorpion, which was released on June 29, 2018. On April 9, 2019, Drake first announced that he was working on a new album during the London stop on his Assassination Vacation Tour. In June 2019, Drake once again teased his progress on the album via Instagram, where the caption read: "Album mode In September 2019, multiple publications reported that Drake had finished his album, claiming that the album was set to release in November 2019. These rumors were later proved to be inaccurate." On December 10, 2019, Drake made a guest appearance at DaBaby’s concert in Toronto, where he revealed that he was working on the album: "I’ma go back to the crib and try to finish this album up so we can turn up in 2020." On May 1, 2020, Drake dropped his fifth solo mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes as a precursor to his sixth album. The day before, he announced that the album would be released during the summer of 2020. On August 14, 2020, Drake released the album’s lead single, “Laugh Now Cry Later,” which features Lil Durk. Alongside the song’s release, Drake announced the title of the album via Instagram. On October 24, 2020, his 34th birthday, Drake announced that the album would be released in January 2021 via the album’s trailer, backtracking on his claims that the album would be released in summer 2020. The trailer saw Drake recreating the covers of his past LPs, which includes February 2009’s So Far Gone, November 2011’s Take Care, September 2013’s Nothing Was the Same and May 2020’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes. However, on January 20, 2021, Drake said the album “won’t be dropping in January” via his Instagram stories but did note it would still be releasing later in the year. The album finally released on September 3rd 2021.

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Certified Lover Boy [Drake] Album Reviews

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- Great album

Great album takes you into a great experience. The album is art

- Great

great album

- Garbage

One of the worst albums to release this decade 🗑🗑🗑🗑

- Knife talk


- Stop gassing this dude up, all new music is trash.

Drake was great when he started making music. Now he just brags about being famous and having sex with females. This whole album is pretty much dedicated to flaunting having sex with females. HORRIBLE

- good job buddy


- Fell off / yb better

Drake fell off, only like 2 good songs


21 and Cudi carried

- Fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

Best album by my man drake, this man bussin, can’t stop listening to it

- 7.8/10

Super underrated drake project

- Drizzy


- Expectations not met

Probably my least favorite Drake album, just seems like he’s not the same as he used to be and is only in it for money.

- Love it

Drake never disappoints 🥵

- Certified garbage

Classic drake with another trash album

- Clb

Fire fair trade best song

- Still a banger

Certified classic 🐐🦉🔥

- Straight face Session

Couldn’t Vibe to not one single second of any of the songs Drake fell out with this Album I’d give 0 stars if I could.

- mid

mid pretty much

- Booty juice.

Drake fell off.

- Not a bad record

Got some James on it 🔥

- Best album ever

All haters stop hating

- not the best, but…

still got bangers like n 2 deep, way 2 sexy, knife talk, papi’s home, imy2, and tsu. also better than donda


My boy understood the assignment!

- Sorry, Drake, this isn't hip hop. Snoop got it right. You didnt

Nah. This isn't hip hop. Music as we know it is going crazy! Bring me out of this decade and take my back to Twenty one pilots debut, Old Taylor Swift and when Snoop Dogg was normally heard. Take me back to the "Gin and juice", "Tim McGraw" and "The Pantaloon" decade. Plus, then we didn't have to wear masks. I wouldn't be caught listening to "Way 2 sexy" ever. I'll stick to meh boys and Snoop. -21pltsabe4lf

- It’s alright

Not as I’d expect from Drake

- Nope

Don’t waste your money

- Good

Love it

- Please my ears hurt


- Umm kinda good

For anyone reading this I’m not a rap person but way 2 sexy and fair trade have a good beat shud not buy if you don’t like a lot of the same thing

- Disappointed was a big fan since 2011

No disrespect to drake but this album Certified Lover Boy was a disappointment. It was hyped up to the point I thought we were gonna get another “take care” album or at least a “views” album. I like drake when he makes bangers, but miss the old drake. We Want sad boy hours drake, toxic drake and creative beats such as other cultural beats. He won artist of the decade of the 2010s for him to start the 2020s so and so.

- Yeah...

Not for me

- Champagne Goat

This album has replay value and will be remembered down the road. People so quick to dethrone “The Boy” and it won’t work. Thanks Drake for an amazing album.

- Drake does it Again! 🐐

I listened to this album 6x through before writing this. My first impression was that there was only a few gems on this album. But, let’s be honest—just like a great movie, every time you watch you end up discovering more, and you end up loving it. Every Drake album has that level of detail, precision, passion, and talent. Mix that with him being true to himself and one of the realest-down to earth rapper/singer/artists in the game and that’s why he’s the GOAT!

- Hiii

I love this song bc I’m way to cute fo u

- Trash

Straight trash

- 1804mayor

Cool music 😈🔥🚀



- Good not great

Handful of quality songs.

- Album is super underrated

This is a cohesive Drake album. You can literally let album start from Track 1 to the end without skipping. I think this album got a bad reputation because of the feud of with Kanye. I think this is a great Drake album that’s filled with a little bit of everything for his audience. I hope there’s a deluxe version soon.


It’s honestly very overrated…I’d say 3 songs are good. His last album was so much better in my opinion.

- Excelente!

Gran álbum!

- No cap


- Great


- Aight

I mean it’s overhyped as can be but I mean that just seems to be the way things go with champagne papi

- Awesome

iTunes you got this twisted. There’s no such thing as toxic masculinity; stop villainizing men for being men. There are other personalities besides women and what they want. This album is heat, as always, from one of my favorite artists. I can’t stand your album summaries. “Toxic masculinity” is a fallacy of mind by those who can’t accept the other side and ways of our genders.

- Drizzy On Days

Drake "Aubry" Graham, Is the sole response, to find, freeing motivation, for his exceptionally expansive, recordings. We all formulate, the mentality to mindfulness, to direct his devotion to daily instantaneous, decisions to make a responsive surrealism for music, I adore & admire, his chiasma of excellent, decency, the constant decisions are to prelate to the response, never give up you're dreams, cause he's a role model .


BEST ALBUM EVER DRAKE IS FIRE , we literally got goo the sounds from all his old stuff , really love it it’s a classic

- Goat

another classic

- Review 2 6 Dios

At the end of day it’s music to evolve 2. Production A+ Top notch. Tour soon… Killy Drizzy back on road. After dat… new chapter. Rick Ross collab album sounds fitting 4 2022. Only right. Jeez. Smiley has to open up for CLB tour run. Popcaan too. No cap. FutureThePrince and Oliver make it happen !

- Album is horrible.

Complete trash.

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- clb

a whole vibe

- Good songs:

Way 2 sexy Knife talk Girls want girls No friends in the industry TSU You only live twice N 2 deep Fair trade Fountains Papi’s home So basically only half the album is good 💿🔥7️⃣5️⃣%

- Subpar to Drake standards

This album is lazy. It’s his worst album in my opinion.

- Yoe


- Very subpar

Nothing noteworthy on this album, just the normal one or two bangers.

- .

6 god🔥😈

- Chill

Great album all chill and loverboy type vibes didn’t miss. Wasn’t one of his best albums but still great work and production on this album. Personal Favourite: 7am in bridlepath 🔥🔥

- ugh!

after listening to Tom Mcdonald i can longer listen to this crap. can rappers please teach kids and spit FACTS about whats really going on in the world. fake pandemic, toxic vaccines, evil politicians, medical segregation, etc. dont waste money on this garbage.

- What is this

Rather listen to nails on a chalkboard

- boring

Same old drake flows music made for the radio no cohesiveness put me to sleep. Rather listen to DONDA chant 60 times before going through a full play though of this album.

- Boring as a whole

That’s a no from me dawg. 5 pretty good songs or so for me, nothing amazing. Scorpion was better even if that was bloated. This feels like they needed to cut 7 tracks. Make more bonus tracks like back in the day if you want more run time IMO

- 🐐


- Fire water


- More of the same

I would give it three stars but there’s nothing worth remembering or caring about on this bloated laundry list of drake cuts. It’s just a jumbled mess that doesn’t even work well together. Atleast on Scorpion there was a divid between content. If you like a drake, you’ll find something here but if you were expecting evolution…nope. Just drake saying he doesn’t care about things but then goes onto to complain a lot about those same things…

- Mah booty cood do better

Boom downannannnboomyn teh hole

- Pretty ok ( for the most part)

A lot of the beats sound the same and some songs stick out so poorly but he has some mostly well crafted lyrics

- Great man

I like the emojis! {今天中午饭没有饭拍视频……今天又有个小可爱们有没有发现什么是爱不起你爱他我喜欢看书就} (unban me iTunes Store)

- i GIVE IT A 3.5

Cool album if you're in your 30s you understand some stuff Drake talks about when he talks about his current stage in life. Not the best album this year but its cool. I give it 3.5 stars

- Always the same beat


- Learn to count 6996die6996

Another one for the trash can.

- CLB>Donda

do i need to say anything else? Drizzy don’t miss

- Drake is trash

Drake is trash

- 🔥🔥🔥

great album!!


Took a few listen to grow on me, but that’s how all drake albums are. I love it good album 🔥

- Same old

Repetitive and lazy, nothing new

- 🐐

Drake knows he's got nothing to prove, he's just having fun at this point. 18/20 of the tracks were still hard fosho

- The cover art

I love how they worked really well on the music, but they cover art is just 9 emoji. Drake, are you okay?

- donda >

This is just… nah

- Another Classic

The Boy did it again… y’all can stay mad🐐🐐🐐🐐

- Classic


- Absolutely beautiful 🤩

I listened to every song on the album and loved them all, especially “Girls want girls” and “You only live twice”

- Dissapointment

We are witnessing the fall of drake

- Not really Drake

What happened to the 🐐

- 0+0=0

So bad

- Aubs

This was amazing Aubrey, really happy with this

- 👎


- Best album


- More like Certified Boy Lover

Stinkier than the underside of my foreskin

- i used to be a lova boy😎

i used to be a lover boy, but now i’m a CERTIFIED lover boy. album was mid, not worth all the drama lol. i skipped one song ngl. but in all realness, take care, views and more life will always be his best albums ofc. but pls listen! it’s pretty good!

- It’s a no

This is not good at all .,

- It’s so-so.

I need to listen to the album a few more times. Right now, a bit underwhelming.

- Drake

Best to do it

- 🤡

New Drake sucks

- Say What?

The tracks all sound off by like two seconds between vocal and actual music. Is this what the call ‘mumble rapping’?


i love i love i love.



- What did I just hear

What did I even listen to, every track is the same. Too much Drake, we need a lil more features to drown that out¡ Some of his bars are alright though.



- Clb review

Absolutely everywhere!!! Can’t go 2 seconds without hearing about it. It’s really good overall. Has many certified hits. A lot of chill/vibe songs. A crazy list of featured artists including: lil baby, future, lil Wayne, Travis Scott and many more. This album will slap during late night car rides. Definitely a great album by the boy drizzy!!!!!!

- Great

Loved it

- Drake is pop rubbish nowadays (and has been since 2016)

Drake is becoming garbage, 90 minute albums with 10-20 minutes of enjoyable music in there. They say this dude has more hits then Michael Jackson?

- Certified Lover Boy

Thinking about Lalisa with this song makes me bored and .... well , yeah . Cold and blue

- Flat out boring

Downbeat production, Drake's performances are nothing but the same flat autotuned monotone he's been milking success out of for his last couple of projects. Occasionally, you'll get a "that was kind of okay" moment, but those are rare and not worth all of the clutter they're mashed between. Also way too long, Drake needs to start focussing on the quality of what he puts out, because he's clearly going for quantity. However, he continues to sell and break records with every release, so it looks like this is what Drake will be putting out till it's R.I.P.

- Relax

Give me some credit 🤔😜

- Boring

Just really boring. Album cover is terrible, too.

- Lazy effort.

A poor and lazy effort from Drake. Nothing new or innovative here.

- Bland, boring, repetitive drake.

I went into this album really wanting to like it. as a huge drake fan I was really anticipating this album but after its release it just falls flat. its like listening to the same song over and over again, and by the end when the album stops playing you cant help but think “wait, thats it?”. the features do a better job than drake on most songs, which shouldnt be the case. the cover art as well??? a very unpleasant and sloppy album all around. after it being delayed from january this year, i really thought drake would be taking his time to perfect this album. i was very wrong.

- Marty

Album is lit

- clb

i like some songs, although it does feel repetitive

- More of the same but worse

Nothing new to see here.

- Not creative at all

That way too sexy track drove me crazy, I hate it so much. It’s actually annoying to listen to and makes the original sound good. I got bored halfway through and turned it off.

- Trash


- Does not miss


- 😴😴😴

BORING!!!!!!! Waste of time. I’ll happily stay in the 90s era for RNB and Hip hop.

- God has risen

Thank you for the masterpiece. P.s drake check your dms

- 40, Noel & Oliver

The production carried this album

- The usual for Drake

Much more of the same from Drake. Few moments that catch you, but otherwise everything you’ve listened to that he’s put out before.

- Trash

Not even good really predictable from drake the same album every time he drops nothing new anymore he is way out of his prime

- yeah no

actual garbage

- Does anyone use iTunes anymore

Say that you a lesbian, GIRL ME TOO!

- Goated

Straight up fire, congrats goat.

- no

men are so lazy in music

- Another Scorpion

When is he gonna change his style?

- Best album ever

The goat

- This drakes worst album

The tracks are whack. Wouldn’t purchase my opinion.

- terrible album

if you’re struggling to sleep at night i’d recommend listening to this, by track 2 you’ll be dead asleep.

- Rubbish


- Certified boy lover 😩😩😩



Drake’s back at it you know the vibes

- We love drake


- Certified Boy Lover

Not even the 12 year old whitegirls like this

- Bloated, too many fillers

This joins Scorpion and Views as Drakes most worst album. Hes lost the touch since IYRTITL and More Life...

- Pass…

Yeh nah big let down

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- God

Greatest rapper ever

- underrated 🙄

n 2 deep>>

- No Surprises

Another dire album from the man with the most miserable, depressing voice in rap. Possibly in music full stop. So no surprises here.

- No replay value

Trash. Not a single song has replay value

- Like listening to an auto-tuned queef

Utter cack


Best album

- One of his best

Combines all of the styles that everyone fell in love to for drake, a classic mix of Thank Me Later, Take Care and NWTS, however also has new stuff on there like his trap stuff and his afrobeat vibes. All around great album

- Better the more you hear it

The first time I heard this album I thought drake fell off. I then heard it a couple more times to give him a chance and the songs definitely get better after a few times

- So Boring

Drake started off great and has been slowly declining with each album. This should be his last as I can’t imagine it getting any worse. Such dull beats and lyrical content. Plain boring.

- Rubbish

A msn with no talent

- Huge Drake fan but this is terrible

Listened to the album the morning it came out and haven’t been back to it since. Genuinely the worst album he’s ever put out.

- 🐐


- Concentrated….

BULL***T!!! Waste your money if you want… I’ll just wait for Kendrick…

- Funny

When you listen to it you want to become pregnant but if you where a older person you will wish you were younger.



- Rubbish

And they call this music!! What utter tripe...

- Absolute trash

What has happened to you drake?

- Not good

This album is one of his worst

- Amazing

Love it

- Drakes Fall Off…

I’m a hugggeeeee Drake fan…but this is garbage! Repetitive content that we have heard from drake for the last 4-5 years. No substance to it at all other than him mentioning his son and how he still gets girls being a dad…very cringey hahahah. Save the £12 and don’t bother.

- Kanye

I’d rather listen to Kanye’s new album..

- Top class!

No shock! Drake kills it! All fire!

- Garbage

Wow it’s so surprising how people are underwhelmed by this “musician” almost like he is garbage. The cancer of the music industry

- champagne poetry

My favourite on the album by TizzyTarantino from the uk glad I gotta album dedicated to cuzzo fly high nads

- Calling it trash is an overstatement !!!

CLB is an album that hideously disgraces the R&B/Rap genre albums before it. Drake should take a good look in the mirror and look at this masterpiece of garbage he created. He should focus on looking after his son instead of trying to water down the rap game with worthless music like this. If you support this album for its works, you’re part of the problem. And on the last note it’s still Donda > CLB.

- Oh dear 🙈

It’s definitely in competition with Donda for worst album of the year

- Boring

What happened to Drake

- 👎🏻

Same old same old.. it’s all gotten boring

- This isn’t boring, this is tedious.

Please Drake. Improve.

- Umm…

This is the second album I have listened to in full by drake, and it’s a bit bland and dull. Drake’s album, scorpion, was nowhere as bland as this album.

- Brilliant

Had it on repeat since it was released!

- Really underwhelming

About 2 songs on this album are worth a second listen, really unimpressed with this spontaneous drop. Will not be listening again!

- More of the same

Love rap…loathe this man and how he has evolved into this trap crap pap rap megastar. The same beat, the same dull monotone voice. Everything after views has been a letdown. At least Kanye makes it interesting…roll on this current trend passing and this album join the pile of forgettable trash.

- Trash


- Brilliant

No skips I love it.

- The greatest of our time

Drake never fails to deliver excellence. This album is better than Views and Scorpion. I have seen a lot of reviews describing this album as trash and that couldn’t be anymore further from the truth. I personally feel that NWTS was Drake’s best album and it is safe to say CLB is in the same ballpark.

- It’s Drake, of course it’s trash

Haven’t listened, never will.

- A serious album

About time. This album is really good. A mix of genres and drakes kills it as he always does

- Trash

Absolute trash who likes this garbage?

- Worst Drake album to date

My nephew could have made a better album and he can’t even speak yet.. so bad!! Did people write good reviews just because it’s Drake without listening to the music?? I can’t believe I’m having to write a bad review for drizzy in the first place. I guess I expect much better

- Hoodie (feat. da boogie

Vena Dead

- So repetitive

What happened to Drake’s beats & variety? This whole album is just too samey throughout. Boring!

- Average

Disappointed Drake. Not your best work and seems sloppy. All about the money and not the love for producing music like once before.

- It’s giving soundcloud rapper with great features

I was really expecting excellence. Everything from the album art was underwhelming. There are no clear hits in the album. I don’t know what more to say. The tracks are not banging. It completely lacks substance, no real take always... just vibes. Great production though

- Trash!

What the hell happened to him!

- 11 years and he’s back

11 years of not so good music . Finally he’s gone back to his sound . Everything sounds fresh . He sounds happy... none of that resentful bitter music like before . The production is awesome . Really really good album . One of his best ... if not the best

- Classic 🎤


- JXT247


- The Gold Hand

The best massage tantric in London

- Leaked song better than the actual album

The whole album is just a big L, with the leaked Kanye song sounding better than the entire album.

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𝘿𝙚𝙨𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙨 💋➐

Certified Lover Boy, but now my feelings are not on ice anymore 💋.


@ThatsLudaChriss went from Uber meats CEO to Certified Lover Boy. We need our king back 😂📞 I can’t do it without you man!.


Waiting patiently on certified lover boy...my spidy senses say the 27th.


Certified Lover Boy STILL NOT HERE !😔 .


@Ch0ng_ Wait so I’m a certified lover boy?.

Justin Lashley

My Twitter has been weak AF so here’s a selfie 🔥 💯 ✅ Certified Lover Boy 🦉 🥀 💋 #SelfieGameStrong #Nike #Diamonds #CubanChain #Earrings #Chain #HeartShaped #CertifiedLoverBoy #CLB #Single #OvO #OvOSoundRadio #Winter #Album #ComingSoon 🤫 .


Certified lover boy.

RC 🇯🇲

Reminder that Certified Lover Boy drops in a few weeks 🔊.

Tally (uzi drop ridiculous)

Will Certified Lover Boy Live Up To The Hype? .


Certified lover boy soon come.

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Certified Lover Boy Wiki

Certified Lover Boy music album wiki coming soon...

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