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Midnights (3am Edition) (Taylor Swift) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Lavender Haze 3:22
2.Maroon 3:38
3.Anti-Hero 3:20
4.Snow On The Beach (feat. Lana Del R... 4:16
5.You're On Your Own, Kid 3:14
6.Midnight Rain 2:54
7.Question...? 3:30
8.Vigilante Shit 2:44
9.Bejeweled 3:14
10.Labyrinth 4:07
11.Karma 3:24
12.Sweet Nothing 3:08
13.Mastermind 3:11
14.The Great War 4:00
15.Bigger Than The Whole Sky 3:38
16.Paris 3:16
17.High Infidelity 3:51
18.Glitch 2:28
19.Would've, Could've, Should've 4:20
20.Dear Reader 3:45

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Midnights (3am Edition) [Taylor Swift] Album Reviews

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- Same old same old


- Garbage

If I could give it no stars I would, this is garbage made by an even worst artist if you want to call it that.👎🏿👎🏿

- Very nice!

I enjoyed a good bit of the songs.

- Excellent album 💿

This is the perfect album to drive around and chill with; I love every track! Taylor, you did it again! ♥️

- ehh

kinda overrated ngl everyones raving abt her new album but its really not even that great no hate to taylor tho i love her

- A


- Unique

Mix of 1989/reputation/evermore and a little bit of lover! Great

- The other Tay

Mehhh I think Evermore was better album

- ❤️💙💚🇺🇸


- Its like ive Heard it before

Its like all her other albums. Ya hear one song and they all sound alike. No excitement here. Don’t see what the big woop is all about. All Her music is like nursery rhymes.

- Antihero

I love this song!!!

- Mid

The whole thing just sounds bland and… underwhelming? So much fuzz about it and it ended up being a 3.5/5 at best. And I’ve been swimming in the swift sea for a looong time…

- Love this album no skips

Literally this whole album is no skips its non stop bops 4 dayz anyways congrats Taylor Swift for this amazing album

- Shut up

Taylor Swift is such a F^€king dumbs-hit

- One of her best albums

This is such a well thought out album and the bouns tracks were a surprise on all of us I almost died it was my best release day I got to go to an album release party and got the lavender cd and the mahogany vinyl it was just such a great day Honorable mentions 1. Hits different 2. You’re on your own kid ( The bridge !!!!) 3. Would’ve could’ve should’ve ( give me back my girlhood line) 4. Maroon 5. Paris ( 1989 or lover vault track)!!!

- Worst album ever

Cmon who is listening to this garbage. Brainwashed people

- Money grabbing cop out_____

The fact that there are six versions of this crap is just hilarious people buy it because it’s Taylor Swift that’s it definitely not worth putting six different versions out This came out the same day as The Sand Dolls “my way or the Highway” and I prefer that release over this miss when Taylor was an underground artist with things to offer

- Nice


- 10 to many albums

Swift Retirement Needed Here ! 🤢🤢🤮🤑🤑🤑🤮🤮🤢

- Hate new Taylor

Don’t like any of her new songs… all so fake

- Awful

It’s like listening to the same 2 songs over and over again. This is awful and it’s laughable that she’s won any awards for this music.

- Meh

Stop making music

- Amazing editions to the regular album !!

The 3am tracks are absolutely amazing and fit the theme of the album perfectly. Each song is unique and adds so much to the regular album! I do wish they would’ve released this at the same time as the normal album, as i had to buy both, but this album is great!

- 2007 fan

I was a big Taylor Swift fan since her debut album… now I’m feeling like all she cares about is money. I’m glad I didn’t buy the album (like I normally did & id preorder) & bought select songs… she releases an album with the same song + some extra ones prompting people who already bought her first release to re-buy?? THEN days later releases another album (no warning) at target only with a “target exclusive song” & prompts everyone to buy the entire album AGAIN (a third time) for that one extra song we could only get if we buy the target copy?? (excluding the fact nobody uses CDs anymore)

- stupid

Usually on the song clips, they give the best part of the song in order to lure you to buy it. This is so crap to listen to and people are stupid enough to fall for it? Give me 1989 all over again...

- Pretty

It is a good Album. I am watching you for 16 years She is so pretty

- Boo

Well I know she sucked, but you swifties are starting to see that she’s just doing this crap for more money at this point. Time to grow up and step over this artist.

- I don’t know

I like Taylor Swift but this album just isn’t that great… at all, besides anti-hero that one’s ok she’s done better before.😞 I’d rather spend my money on a hotdog and drink at Costco, LOL 🙃

- Kanye better


- Everyone should buy and stream this album

I love it, her best pop album to date, it’s better than 1989 , I have never bought a physical album before, I will buy a vinyl of midnights

- It’s me hi I’m a reviewer!

If I could I would give this album 0 stars. It is awful I mean she can’t even write songs she is the worst who writes the lyrics that go like this ready? It’s me hi. It’s so stupid Taylor just give up already you we’re NEVER good and you will never be good so just go away!!!

- Only time

I knew it was just a matter of time before her music started to get crappy. This album proves it, once you add all those red E's you can't sing anymore.

- Banger

Midnights is a absolute banger by far the best tay tay album

- What’s happening

Yeah it’s a good album, but I feel she can’t put this album out after putting out things like fearless and red. She can do better

- More songs!

I love this! Like most of the songs on it. I wonder why she didn’t announce this. 🤷‍♂️

- Mid


- Best album!

Too many ppl hating on midnights for the stupidest stuff omg sorry you don’t get her like I do... 10/10

- Mastermind

Amazing best production tbh amazing queen Taylor swift yayayay karma is a cat

- incredible album

i love it omgggggggggggg

- 😍🌌🕰️

This album is INCREDIBLE- Taylor is able to step back into genres so effortlessly, and this album is no exception. Already one of her best. She constantly amazes me. Such a queen. 🙌🏻👑

- Garbage

This is trash. She doesn’t even sing, just hums over autotuned harmonies

- Explicit

I really like her music, but I wish her sings were less explicit. Like swearing is overrated. It’s for people who feel insecure. Other than they the album is ok.

- Awsome

Anybody else want a would’ve could’ve should’ve music video or maybe a you’re on your own kid music video

- The best female pop star nowadays !

Great album even better that it’s ahas more songs on this one and she is a all time Grammy winner !🤩😎👍

- Way to go 😔😭

Why, just why does the album have to be $14?? It only has 21 songs! $10 is understandable but, $14? No!!

- Hold My Beer

Record Execs: I bet no musician can make their fans NEVER preorder an album again. TS: Hold my beer!

- Same old sound

Everything sounds the same.

- ?


- Overrated

Taylor Swift has the most loyal fans that always skyrocket her albums to number 1. No idea why. I’m not even a country fan and I liked her better as a country artist. Plus her fans will spend money they don’t have on all the different releases of the same album. Not kind to people who got her where she is today. Stop paying and maybe she’ll stop doing it? 🤷‍♀️

- Best Album in Years

For all of you crying about pre-ordering the album, stop pre-ordering. You can buy it the day it comes out… it’s not like iTunes is going to run out of digital copies of the album… that’s the exact reason I don’t do the pre-order anymore. I’m not mad at Taylor for it either. She’s gotta make her money too. This album is amazing, some of her best work yet. Keep the hits coming Tay Tay! Thanks for another album full of bops and feels!

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13/10. Don’t listen to the people dissing it, it’s sonically and lyrically a masterpiece.

- Love !!!!!!

It is so good

- I Really Love This New Album 💜.

I Really Love Track 3.

- Ugh

Seriously go back to country music. Hope Kanye is getting royalties because he made you a star. I don’t like him but without him you would not be so famous. Very overrated star, still so childish sounding.

- In Love

Idk how she make this songs so good but I really love this album it worth a lot my money

- I accidentally bought 😭😭😭

I wanted a ringtone for when people called me and I bought maroon and I didn’t know it was a song😭😭😭😭 and I tried to refund but it won’t let me I hate this.

- Stereo Quality Sound

Dismantled the Old Bowline and serviced the new one. Truly sounds perfectly in harmony.

- Amazing.

Amazing. Bold. Beautiful.

- 🫶

Definitely not her best, but great, one skip overall.

- Love this

Freaking love this

- Midnights

One of the best album created ever.

- Midnights 3am

This album was an absolute slay

- Not my style

A lot of ppl who preordered the standard version are saying she’s greedy and stuff. But i dont think it was purposeful as she’s made it clear from the beginning that there was going to be a deluxe version, hence why i didn't preorder right away… Next time, go on her website (where she has full control on what she puts out) than on iTunes where her stolen records are still available for sale: the red and fearless (not Taylor’s version) are still available to be bought… Taylor cant control everything and itd be wrong to badmouth her without knowing the full story. 3 stars: The album was alright. While i do recognize that this album is her rawest and most mature one yet, the biggest flaw was the dull melody. The writing was personal, yes, but the way she penned the lyrics at times made it hard to emotionally connect to her songs which lacked poignancy. I also wished her vocal range wasn't so often in that "speak like singing" register. A lot of the tracks were a chore to go through.

- nothing new

basic. Every song sounds the exact same.

- Album is alienated from the state of the earth

This Anti-Hero’s vices have prices- the problem is the prices are so big, we all feel them too. Sweet Nothings are just that, but this Mastermind already has a seat at the table. She conjures Snow on the Beach from there, flying across the planet- and is that really fair?

- On repeat

Love this album

- Incredible!

I first heard Taylor Swift's music when she released 1989, and ever since then I have been a devoted follower of her career. Her album's lyrics are incredibly moving and honest. There is nothing else like it, and it just improves with repeated listenings.

- Still a childish sound

She doesn't let her voice mature. Instead she hangs on to the little girl sound which is cringe. Time to grow up and sing like an adult instead of a pre teen

- Thank you

Thank you Taylor for sharing your thoughts and feelings with the world, you help so many people in so many ways. I cherish this album, it is like medicine. Never listen to anyone who thinks otherwise

- Love it

Awesome 😎

- Pure swiftness magic

Love this album and her return to pop. Karma Masterpiece Antihero and Bejeweled are my faves so far.

- Amazing album!

I’ve had this album on repeat and it’s like a drug. It’s so addicting and I love it

- I love you 🖤

From the dark

- Not Good

Terrible album and such a disappointment. I listen to music in an attempt to escape the problems of my own life. The last thing I want to do is listen to her whine (again) about hers.

- Insufferable

Pop music by committee—at it’s best, mediocrity; at it’s words execratory. By all means purchase if you ready to be meh.

- the album saved me

this album has the lyricism of folklore and evermore, the love of lover, the vibe of 1989, and the it-girl vibe of reputation. this album literally saved me. thank you blondie

- Her best work

By far the best Swift album 💕

- Very Mid

Taylor go home. You’re drunk



- Time To Grow Up

Still writing songs about past relationships? You're pandering to a group of gossip hungry internet children. Time to grow up girl and stop wasting your talent!

- Meh!

I 86d it halfway through. The music is not memorable. 1989 and Lover are far superior. This album is garbage.

- Not Taylor’s best!

The direction for this album personally I don’t like. I’m a big fan of her stuff but this album is very meh. Besides Maroon and anti hero the songs are very boring and non melodic and they don’t let her use her vocals the way we know she can.

- Released few hours after…

Bought the original album and then she releases this one 3 hours later.. Thankfully apple was kind enough to refund it for me.

- Best 😽

The best thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. The reason I’m still on this planet.

- Masterpiece from a mastermind

She did it again y’all, another masterpiece ♥️♥️♥️♥️

- Ripped off!

I ordered the pre-order and did not get all the tracks because I did not order the 3am version. These are apparently all the higher end tracks. Who sells half an album. Getting my money back. Seems like fame has gotten to this chicky.

- The end of POP

If you like hip-hop, moaning, and whispering this album is for you. Taylor Swift has gone the way of previous pop singers like Beyonce inorder to appeal to a newer,younger generation. There are very few pop singers to-day who can really sing. Sad, because she does have a good voice.

- Anti hero/Vigilante

’ve never bought a Taylor swift record, until now, these songs are absolutely grown up material. There’s a maturity to the composition that is going to be timeless. Her rhythmic choices and her phrasing (wow phrasing) show a maturity that all the great musicians strive for, some achieve it and some don’t. This here is the payoff for committing to the craft that is music….a great concept album and being unafraid to expose herself in storybook format.

- Greedy Girl

My hubby is a huge fan. He bought the Midnight album at Midnight for $12.99 He was so excited. Literally your number 1 fan. Then at 3 AM you came out with a surprise SEPERATE Midnight 3AM edition with 8 extra songs for 14.99. my hubby told me in order to get the the extra 8 songs he has to pay $1.29 for each song $10+ or just buy the 3AM edition for $14.99. I said no. The Apple site will recognize that you have the other songs and it will be an extra $2. No. It is a completely separate album. He has to wait until November to get enough money to buy those extra songs!! How low!!! It’s tough out here for EVERYONE except the 1% like u. You out of all people who complained about streaming services not paying you and other artists enough money and you were being ripped off! Well you are just as bad or worse. I am so disappointed in you Taylor Swift. Fix this. Let your fans upgrade to the complete album for the $2 instead of $10 or $15.


I don’t know how you do it Taylor but ever one is #1! Thank you!!!

- Terrible album

Awful, worst album. Writing is a joke and it sounds all the same. Been a Swiftie since Fearless.

- Perfect

This is a lyrical masterpiece with awesome musical arrangements. It’s the love child of Evermore and Lover. The epitome of Taylor’s writing mixed genuinely into a story telling album that takes you into a journey! It’s already a Classic.



- Midnights Review

Such a different vibe from a Taylor Swift album. I love it.

- Bdr88888


- Best album of the century

Don't care what else you have to say


felt like a mix of her best alumna, calming and exiting at the same time!

- midnights ❤️❤️❤️

it’s soooo good taylor really slayed

- obsessed

i’m obsessed with this album and i still haven’t listened to all of the songs

- Look what you made me do!

Sorry Taylor but although I love the album that I pre-ordered, you’re now going to make me pay almost double to get the extra 7 songs now? Shady business tactics like that don’t win people over.

- Not my cup of tea

I think this album is okay, just not my cup of tea. I found it a bit synth-heavy for my liking. I still respect and admire her though.

- Taylor & Lana should not have been this awful

It is beyond my ability to comprehend how 2 stellar songwriters working together could have produced a song this bad & annoying. Deleted it from my library after first listen

- Doesn’t get my vote

Not sure why, but I’m just not a fan of this album. I don’t normally buy her albums, but a few songs here and there, but nothing has done it for me on this album. Her new release anti hero is awful. The lyrics are laughable and make complete and utterly no sense. I think she mentioned a drink in her hand, I feel a few too many drinks while writing that song and also a few too many bottles to put that on an album. Everyone’s a “sexy baby” “Hi it’s me, I’m the problem and everyone at dinner agrees” What on earth? There’s clips on YouTube commenting about how bad the lyrics are and like it’s been slapped together with word salad. Compete and utter no sense. Yeah, her music has changed, but again, never been a huge fan, just buy a song her or there, but there will def be nothing purchased from this album.

- Love the idea of the 3am version but the execution was a little annoying

The extra tracks are great, and were a nice surprise; however I don’t really agree with how she went about it. I bought the standard version on iTunes when it dropped and then found out after work that she had dropped this deluxe version (and buying the songs individually would have added up). I’ve requested a refund and am waiting for it to go through before I buy the 3am version. I wish she’d maybe done the bonus tracks as an EP or something so that fans who bought the album immediately when it came out or who preordered didn’t get the short end of the stick. Anyway I love Taylor, I just think this part of the rollout could have been approached a little better.

- 💚

Thank you for such beautiful music.

- Legendary Masterpiece

Icon behaviour


listened to it to see what the hype was about and was blown away by everything in this album. I love the mystery, darkness, little nuggets and the sick music. Bravo!

- Omg yesss

I love this album

- Terrible

Awful album , every song is terrible , has no vibe at all to it ,

- Such an amazing song

This is such a good song. It’s really sad that she got hate for showing her experiences with body-shaming. I love her so much

- Idk..

probably only three decent songs on this album, i expected more from it.

- It’s okay

Okay so it’s been a while since I listened to TS so with all the hub bub this album has been getting recently I thought I would give it a listen. Overall it’s an okay album. Most of the songs belong in a Amazon Prime or Netflix tv show to be honest. But that’s not a bad thing. The songs tell stories. And they would depict certain parts of a tv show really well. It would fit something like My Best Friends Exorcism or White Lotus or a Nicole Kidman style slow sisterly style show. The influences I can hear remind me a lot of Hurts, Darren Hayes, Bright Light, and a little bit of Kylie. It also has a tinge of 80s to it. TS has gone on to blend the electro synth with a weird pop funk in this album. And while the album is okay to listen to on release, it unfortunately is not that memorable. Like the TV show you watched but you would go out of your way to buy the DVD or seek out the soundtrack. It fit the show and that was it. Honestly I don’t think I’ve heard any of the songs on the radio… Yes I know, shock horror, how can I say that?! I probably won’t be listening to the album again unless a song from the album came on during a mixed playlist and I might recognise it but won’t go out of my way to seek it out or add it to my library or buy it. Good Luck with it TS and no offence but, I’m going back to Darren Hayes & Hurts.


She has continued her unstoppable series of slay albums!!! Incredible album Dr. Swift!!!!

- Amazing

This album saved my life

- Perfect Listening

I love this album, I didn’t think I would love an album as much as the Lover album but here we are. The storytelling is beautiful and the different music styles to what we’ve had before makes for fun listening.

- Dead and happy tbh

Another seven songs!!

- Everything I need and more



best album she has done. love every song

- Amazing

I am not surprised Taylor swift has amazing talent these songs are perfect keep up the good work love you taylor mwa!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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A prodigy indeed! I love you Tayyyy

- The Music Industry

Another Magnus Opus of Taylor Swift's career.

- 5/5

Masterpieceeee. Anti-Hero

- Taylor Swift never disappoints!

The world is happier when Taylor Swift’s around. And her bonus tracks too. 😍

- 5/5 album 😭

what an album 🥹🥹🥹


everytime i listen to it i get goosebumps!!!

- brace yourselves

if you’re a fan of her previous classics namely, i think he knows, false god, dancing with our hands tied, so it goes, i did something bad, and so much more, you’re all set for THAT album


Greatest songwriter alive.

- Album of The Year

This album is phenomenal ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- 🥹🥹🥹

A folklore-evermore-like-lyrics with a melody of 1989-reputation-like-vibe and a Red-like-pain kind of heartache.

- Incredible

This album is a more artistically liberal, more mature expansion of Swift’s pop discography. Her songwriting is, as usual, raw and sophisticated. One of her best works to date.

- Awesome!


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