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憂傷的晴朗 - Single (Zhang Zhe Han) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Melancholy Sunshine 3:50

Zhang Zhe Han - 憂傷的晴朗 - Single Album Comments

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憂傷的晴朗 - Single [Zhang Zhe Han] Album Reviews

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- 爱瀚久久


- his voice is so clean

the song is full of a lot of story

- life

the life will be good

- song

It's a very warm song. I feel that the world has suddenly become so bright and bright.

- clear voice

very good!like it.

- What a wonderful gift.

The singer sings softly by himself, expressing love, expressing hope, and achieving self-redemption! It is the first gift to myself and friends after experiencing great suffering! Make people feel extremely proud and happy.

- ❤️❤️❤️


- nice song

歌好听。 荆棘之路开出花,你是真正的勇者。

- Love this song

It's a little sad,but so beautiful

- 好听


- 我的光,谁也遮盖不了你的光芒。


- The singer’s voice is so tender

Noticing the Chinese song title on the song chart, it makes me curious. After listening to the song, I really like the style of the song. It’s rhythm is almost fantasy like, and it’s tune soft and elegant.

- 温暖人心的声音


- Great Song

This is really a great and beautiful song! I love it so much!

- I love it

A little sad

- 这就是涅槃重生吧


- 抚慰心灵的声音

歌声悠扬 抚慰心灵 谢谢你的坚强 带着大家走出阴霾 手中开出了一朵花 他在合掌 拯救信仰 歌词和演绎都非常棒

- 克制的吟唱中带着淡淡的忧伤

歌声中能感受到平静以及平静之下所经受的。 很高兴看到你再次出发,并听到了你在歌声中的进步。

- Favorite

sooooo lovely. Voice

- Wait for you

Fire Fire Fire

- 忧伤的基调


- 晴朗不忧伤


- 美妙動人的歌聲


- A beautiful soft song

A beautiful song,love it

- Soft melody

Listening to this song will make me feel relaxed,It's like telling a story gently,Soft melody,beautiful voice.

- 忧伤的晴朗

干净的声音像讲玄幻故事一样娓娓道来,让我们沉浸其中,尽情感受歌曲带来的魅力。这就跟哲瀚一样,总是能带给我们无数惊喜 让我们欲罢不能!

- 温柔且强大


- love it

love it

- 忧伤的晴朗


- 空灵干净,娓娓动听


- 空灵的声音


- The voice makes me feel warm

Zhang zhehan is so cute. This song touches my heart, making me feel like floating in the air. I hope that he will bring more pleasant songs for us.

- 完美演绎歌曲,最好的张哲瀚!


- 好听



please tell me how can I get his information, he's really pretty.

- 空灵辽阔宇宙之声


- 我也在这里


- Demended faith ,pursue brightness and realize self

Demended faith ,pursue brightness and realize self

- 新歌


- gentle and very nice

The voice is clean and beautiful and the lyrics are sad. Love it

- What’s ur religion?

a sad piece…we hope to speak out but try live still

- 完美

超帅超好听,张哲瀚y y d s

- 好空灵的声音


- 让人心跳加速


- Sensational! Love it!

Beautiful voice and melody! It’s even a more amazing audial enjoyment if you close your eyes with earphones on!

- 张哲瀚


- This is a hero’s story

The lyrics is meaningful, sunshine should be nice and warm, but with a bit sadness, life sometimes like this, especially about his story, magic,challenging, with color of hero.

- Sweet and sad

I love his voice,break my heart

- 又见张哲瀚


- find your voice

like this very much

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- airy vocals

Very beautiful melody and voice

- By 哲然不同


- special singing

Singing seems to have a magical power, allowing people to see many natural scenery

- This song sounds great.

The song has an ethereal sound

- Light

The soft and ethereal voice, like falling clouds, is like a dream. Shake with the waves and be free with the wind. The light in the dark dispels the haze and illuminates the way ahead.

- beautiful

A good song, looking forward to your newwork

- love-U

you sing softly into my heart

- So beautiful song

I love this guy’s voice, likes purified water.

- Catchy melody / soft and gentle voice

The whole music piece is made perfectly.

- sunshine

sunny,flower,hope ,faith .what a beautiful music.

- TO Super3

for light together

- beautiful


- Love it!

His voice is very beautiful, and this song has a mix of gentle and sad. Like floating on the sea

- Nice voice

I like his voice,very soft,it feels like I'm swimming at a sunny day.Love it!!

- The voice is so tender

I especially love this song. It’s like you are in the warm water and someone is whisper in your ears. It’s quite different from his previous style and I like it.

- gentle and beautiful

what beautiful voice,I really love it

- Alice1234

Really nice song that grows on you. Love it

- Such a beautiful singing voice and voice

What a lucky thing to be a "participant" in your life! May all the love become the armor that protects you, and our strength turn into a long sword to support you to keep going!

- beautiful

This song sounds good!

- i like it

Very nice! Expect more and better works!

- Brilliant song

Slowly Gently and Stoutly …Bravo!

- Open and blind box series 1

This is a song with a very special melody. It is very novel and very pleasant. It gives people a feeling of softness and ease. For example, a person tells a story gently in your ear. At first, the song feels very gentle, and there is nothing special. But after singing, it is difficult to find the song. There are many long tones, and the requirements for breath absorption and rhythm are high. Singers can sing well.

- Gentle mando blues

Unexpectedly gentle blues in mando! Great vocal

- 强者的歌


- gentle

Very gentle style, the singer's voice is very clean, I like this song very much.

- This song sounds good

The song is very beautiful and the lyrics are rich in connotation

- Find his voice

Beautiful singing, but more attractive is the singer's life story. If you know the singer's experience in the past two years, you will better understand the story of the song and the feeling it wants to express.

- So beautiful song

The singer has beautiful voice and this song soft my heart💙

- beautiful voice


- Missing you

It is been so…..o long to find your voice, I can’t record how dark for this year, everyone, you and your followers lost human right, the worst dramatic happened to you, as a normal and little people, I can’t believe you could survive through the dark catastrophe, and move on, stand in there sing from your heart, you are telling me follow the light, even you climb from the hell, you still try to pass the message of love, I love you so deep.

- Zhang Zhehan

This song give me goosebumps Everytime i listen to it.

- So so good!

Very beautiful melody with a clear voice, very nice song

- 忧伤的晴朗


- Clear and beautiful

Very beautiful and clear voice. The peak part of the song is like nonstopping waves when there are storms in the ocean. Quite interesting rhythm and pace for a performance!

- congratulations🎉

I know how important this song means to you, and you’ve proved yourself.😘It’s a very touching song with your beautiful voice. And you look so pretty🥰

- Gentle but powerful

Gentle but powerful! I like it very much!

- Finally waited for my twilight.

Fortunately, we didn't give up.

- Gentle and powerful

The song is just too good to stop

- 永远为你鼓掌

“无论风从哪里来,我始终知道自己的方向” 无论你在什么方向,台下的人永远为你鼓掌。

- Long-awaited comeback

This song means a lot to me. I'd been waiting for Zhang Zhe Han's new work for over a year and I knew he would not disappoint me. His voice is still so clean and gentle. When I listen to this song, my heart melts.

- I like this song

This is Zhang Zhehan's new song, a very gentle song, as gentle as his people.

- You're so beautiful

You're so charming,i never ever forget you.

- The voice of angel

It's really a beautiful song, just like an angel singing

- melancholy sunshine

melancholy sunshine is a nice song ❤️so charming❤️ I love it ❤️

- Wonderful song

Gentle and beautiful song

- janey_gg

warm song,soft voice.i like it.

- Pretty rhythm!

I like it!

- 涅槃重生后的佳作


- Such a beautiful song

I never heard a song like this before Really really want to hear more his voice It’s so clean and warm

- pretty

i love your voice

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- Sweet Melancholy

A beautifully crafted song with lush orchestration, Zhang Zhe Han’s voice is soothing and melodic. That it has made such a huge impact internationally is a testament to this man’s talent and tenacity! Looking forward to hearing more.

- Good


- a damaged soul!

This album is his answer to the world, a damaged soul! Please see him feel him and hear his voice! In the ethereal music, His gentle voice was heard in the ear of the Buddha, with a little sadness and no lack of firmness, comfortable and ironing, as if the sea gently lapping against the heart. This song is like his life, the story is full of sadness, But he was still strong and bright.

- 爱


- Rose is a rose is a rose

The song is soft and healing. Find your voice back and the voice is music. Music is made for expression, hopes the music, no matter spiritual or commercial, pop or rap or rock, has more audiences than the political monkey show. Wish everyone a merry Christmas

- How beautiful song!

It's a very gentle song

- Beautiful

His voice is very beautiful, I love this song.

- It makes me feel things now, thank you for the song.


- I like his voice

what a beautiful face and song!

- Great song, full of story

Great song, full of story

- You are the light

You are the light.good boy.



- Cool

Many thanks to the composer and arranger. It’s the best range for the singer to take advantage of his bright and soft voice. Like such kind of background instrument. It’s cool.

- Aaaaaaaaaa

What’s a warm song, I like it ❤️

- a wongderful music

I like this song very much

- wonderful!you deserved

Purify the soul and seek our own ocean in this impetuous world

- beautiful song

gentle and delicate

- Very melodious

Very melodious!sosososo

- Beautiful melody

Love the lyrics and voice

- A beautiful song

The singer is very emotional singing, melodious tunes, very good! I like it and the singer is very beautiful too. I love him so much!

- Pretty good music

Overheard this song, although I don't understand Chinese, but still can feel the moving emotion. God, what beautiful music!

- talented singer & actor

Feel like a warm wind in winter

- beautiful voice

I love Melancholy Sunshine

- Gald to hear your voice again.

In the past year, actor/singer Zhang Zhehan suffered serious cyber violence, it was good to see him again and loved this warm song.

- Soft music

I like his voice,peaceful&beautiful

- Beautiful song and touching voice

Absolutely enjoyed it, gentle and tender.

- You’re my hero

You were falsely accused with more than 30 rumors, your parents, friends and yourself were abused by all kinds of vicious words, and within three days you were forced to disappear in the mainland Internet. Since then, everything about you on the mainland Internet is negative, and positive content will be blocked. Many people just mention your name, their account will be banned. However, after more than 400 days, you not only get back on your feet, but also learned to play the guitar, practice writing, climb the snowy mountains, and create your own fashion brand… Now, your song is on the world charts. Objectively speaking, the song is very good, there is still some gap between it and the classic songs on the charts. But this is the first formal comeback after you disappeared in the mainland lnternet for more than 400 days. So we are very happy, hope the whole world can see your excellence, and what you have encountered. I hope you can return with honor as soon as possible.

- peaceful

calm clean peace beautiful

- Beautiful Song!

The voice of an angel is very healing.Zhang Zhe Han is the angel!

- Soon

beautiful and soft voice,full of story,mysterious east song.I like it,

- good

nice voice

- 心灵平静的歌曲


- Excellent

A soft voice,Sound of nature.

- Like sunshine like rain

The song reminds me of the movie.

- a lovely voice

a soft, poetic song。love this voice。

- Amazing

I'm enchanted by the beautiful music

- Beautiful voice

He as a beautiful voice !

- Sounds Beautiful

Not sure what he's singing about but its sounds great.

- a legend with his new song

Tear came out without control. 16 months ago, I could not believe that Mr Zhehan Zhang would appear with his new life within several years, even longer, after he was pushed down from countless rumors and brutal attacks in Chinese platforms in Aug 2021. This song touched my heart a lot. it gives me melancholy but peaceful as well. It seems to tell me that all difficulties and injustices are surrounding him, but the forthcoming future must be bright. Go ahead, Zhehan.

- Clean, ethereal angel. Nice

I love the voice

- 很好听


- romantic

Immerse yourself in the beautiful singing

- Like it

Liking his soft and warm voice

- beautiful song

such a beautiful song,such a beautiful man ,magic voice,so nice!!!

- Brilliant work

Wonderful and talented singer,stunning angel!could listen to you 24/7

- 好听


- great

love it!

- cool~

His voice is so powerful. His experience is a legend. I hope more people can hear his voice.

- Well done

Well done

- Rosie

Very beautiful voice

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