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Brothers & Sisters - EP (Coldplay) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Brothers & Sisters 4:05
2.Easy To Please 3:01
3.Only Superstition 3:48

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Brothers & Sisters - EP [Coldplay] Album Reviews

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- The feels!

I've never heard of this EP, so imagine my surprise as I come across this while going through the 'Related' section. This music gives me such nostalgia over moments I wasn't aware existed. Mr. Martin, please find wherever this and your first 3 major albums came from again. So much magic and serenity can be felt that in those that I haven't felt much of in recent years.

- Best

Early coldplay style very interesting

- Wow

I am a huge coldplay fan and im digging through all their old songs that were on eps and not the albums... amazing...

- Listening to this EP is a part of my daily routine

I love this album it gets to me on a whole other level. Pure Coldplay gold.

- Coldplay super-fan!!!!

I've been listening to coldplay since I was 3. Always have, always will! BTW great album

- nice like always

i love the intro of the brothers and sisters ….and i love the old school style of coldplay !

- Very well done.

This extended Play is most excellent. I especially loved "Easy To Please" and it's hauntingly beautiful sound with its melancholic piano riff. If you're thinking about buying this, stop thinking and just buy it already because i can promise you will not regret it.

- Kick Start

This album preceded Parachutes, so it sounds like the songs on the album. I like it absolutely LOVE COLDPLAY!!!

- ya buddy!!!!

!!!!!!COLDPLAY IS A BEAST!!!!!!!!

- Amazing

The last great album of the 90's

- Their very first album!

As I listen to this little-known historic EP, I am put into the same mood as when listening to "Parachutes." I realize that Brothers and Sisters could very well be placed on Radiohead's "The Bends." Throughout all three songs, I see the beginnings of "Parachutes" becoming evident. Mellow, haunting, etcetera. I would not say this is their best work (as is expected from any band), but i do say this is up there with some of their better songs.

- "oldie goldie"

this is definately their first album, but it's still good

- Hugely underrated--Coldplay's best EP

First off, let me just say that I consider myself a pretty hard core fan of Coldplay. I have all of their albums, singles, most everything that is available on iTunes (well, most of it). And my conclusion, after listening to all of their stuff, is that this EP contains some of their best stuff to date, which is even more remarkable since this is one of the first things that they ever recorded. Brothers and Sisters not only defines Coldplay's sound and style, it refines it. The title track, along with Only Superstition, are extremely catchy and easy to listen to. What also separates this EP is that it doesn't really sound like anything else that Coldplay's done, except for their early work on Parachutes. Easy to Please, while not as catchy and easy to listen to as the other two tracks, is beautiful in its own way, and is even hypnotic in the effect that it has on the listener. My only wish is that this EP had even more music on it that was as equally awesome as the songs that are already there. I highly recommend it for any Coldplay fan or music lover out there. It is simply beautiful.

- Good, but could be better

I am quite a big Coldplay fan, and had to buy this EP when I saw it. It is very much similar to the material on Parachutes. The title song, Brothers and Sisters is my favourite, with a catchy intro and good lyrics. I would give it 8/10. The next song, Easy to Please, is my least favourite, but still a fairly good song. I would give it 6 or 7/10. Finally, the song Only Superstition is a good one too-similar to the title track and just as catchy. I would give it 8/10 also. Note that, on the single release of Trouble an alternate version of Brothers and Sisters was released, which I think is better than the one on here, so check it out if you can. Still, ypu won't be wasting your money if you buy this! As a whole: 8/10

- I'm so glad i found this

brothers and sisters is fantastic. the song alone brothers and sisters has shiver caliber, i dont know why this wasn't on parachutes. i feel like this song has been missing all these years. its a great feeling that i found it now

- What's with you iTunes?

This is great older Coldplay. The problem is, iTunes has failed to provide US customers with all of the Coldplay available. That's a MAJOR PROBLEM. It's great that they offer Brothers and Sisters, but where's The Blue Room EP, Animals from the Clocks EP, The Gold Rush, Murder and the others?

- Early parachutes

This EP sounds exactly the same as the first LP, "parachutes." I thought it was an outstanding trio of songs to start off the career. If your a die hard coldplay fan, get this. You will love this early work.

- brothers and sisters EP

I actully just found this album about a month ago. Very good, but to short Brothers & Sisters 9.5/10 Good song. Easy to please 8.5/10 Reminds me of Pink Floyd. Sad. Only Superstion 10/10 Probably my favorite song. I would say its worth the money.

- Coldplay's First Big Hits!

This E.P. is so cool. This is the beginning of Coldplay. This really shows Coldplay's first masterpieces. Their intricate melodies really are great. Classic Coldplay. 1. Brothers and Sisters 9.5/10: Really cool song. Their are so many layers of melody. Buckland does a good job on the guitar and the song is mixed really well. Cool song, great Coldplay rock song. 2. Easy to Please 6/10: I don't know. This song freaks me out. The wind backround noise and the disturbing piano make me want to sleep with my lights on!!! AHHHH! 3. Only Superstition 10/10: AMAZING!!!!! This is an awesome song. This song is so great from the guitar, to the vocals, to the bass, to the drums! I really enjoy the refrain and the guitar, THIS IS the roots of Coldplay. BUY THIS SONG! It's so worth it. I give this E.P. 8.5/10. I really suggest buying Only Superstition. Great E.P.

- Brothers & Sisters - EP

I think I had this before it came out on iTunes, but I found that I loved it more and more each time I listened to it and pressed repeat! I think any extreme coldplay fan, or any other coldplay fan, would find it different but very good!

- Brothers and Sisters

I own every single song in every format (album, single, etc.) by Coldplay and "Brothers and Sisters" is my favorite song. It has a beautiful melody that you'll find stuck in your head all day. This song, in my opinioin, is a work of art.

- The Original Coldplay!


- Nice!

really sad song, but excellent tune! Im weirded out that they don't have the album "Rare Tracks" on here.

- Coldplay, once again, leaves all the others WAY behind.

Love it. "Brothers and Sisters" is amazing. Coldplay never creates anything short of perfect. Chris Martin has the best voice I have ever heard. And they said Keane could compare, or even challange Coldplay. If you liked this, you might like some of their songs, but nowhere near as great as Coldplay.

- when coldplay actually used to be good

Whatever hapend, as a band you are supposed to progress in your music but coldplay in my opinion has digressed over the years

- Back to the place where we began...

This is an amazing EP. I shows Coldplay's roots, and it's absolutely brilliant in the process. Even if you don't like the boys's slow ballads and Chris's falsetto, you'll like this. The title track, Brothers & Sisters, was one of their first songs. It has uplifting lyrics: brothers and sisters unite/it's the time of your lives/break down break down/ gotta spread love around. Easy to Please- Slower, with mostly guitar. it's a bit eerie, especially at the beginning because of the sound effects Superstition- This song sounds like Coldplay during A Rush of Blood to the Head. Slower and higher, very nicely donw. Buy it, it's beautiful! Plus, they were so cute when they were in college :D


great start for a great band. All tracks are great, my favorite is Easy to please its gentle and chilling a must buy for any coldplay fan

- I thought they wouldn't be good on this one, but they are!

Coldplay has been doing some cheery stuff lately, so this is a little different, since it's dark and enchanting. Their voices have been great and in tune lately, and it sounds pretty much the same on Brothers & Sisters - EP. My only exception for this great album is Easy to Please. It's too dark, and there's too many pauses. Besides this, good job, Coldplay!

- The beggining of Cold Play

This album is an interesting addition to any collection of Coldplay music because it give you a look at some of their darker music. There isn't any loud, happy drums and notes like in Viva La Vivida. I think this was a perfect contrast to their other music.

- WOW!!!!!!!

this song is soooooo make you want to make love and cry at the same time =D

- Great addition for the avid Coldplay fan

This is where we find out about the four boys from England who will be big. You can see any of these songs being on their first disc "Parachutes". The title track, "Brothers & Sisters", definitely has a "Shiver" vibe. "Easy to Please" has the feeling of "Sparks". "Only Superstition" adds another color to the Coldplay spectrum. Overall, this is definitely worth the 3 bucks, as these will be on your Top 25 played songs, as much as all the Coldplay songs you have now. This is where the boys honed their sound that everyone has become familiar with.

- Hey!

This Album rocks! I dont care what other people say this album is worth getting!

- LOVE Easy to Please

I was just exploring other Coldplay stuff after downloading their latest single Violet Hill. And I came across this EP. I listened to the preview of Easy to Please and knew I had to buy it immediately. It's a hauntingly beautiful and a brilliant song, especially considered how early it was made in their career. It's very chill, and relaxed and I love this sound. Would love for Coldplay to revisit this sound again, but doesn't seem like it will happen in their latest album. EST very characteristic of a couple songs in A Rush of Blood to the Head but with the rawness of Parachutes. Brothers and Sisters is also good, but Easy to Please is more my kind of sound. Love it.

- Icing on the cake

I've been a long time Coldplay fan, Brothers and Sisters is like desert.... Hopefully they are planning and putting some new stuff out, the 2 year break is almost over right?

- Great one of coldplays best

Thi is a great coldplay album. Brothers and sisters is probbably one of coldplays best songs. Im a big fan of them and i think i tunes should put coldplays first album the blue room ep on i tunes

- Brothers & Sisters

ThE oNlY sOnG wOrTh GeTtInG iS bRoThErS & sIsTeRs

- Awsome EP a great start for a great band

Before the commercial sucess with X&Y this takes Coldplay to the underground where they were the best. By the way recommended for Coldplay buy A Rush. Excellent album- probably their best album ener with songs like The Scientist & Politik.

- Wow!

I wasn't a huge fan of Coldplay before I got this EP, but it really changed my view of them. It's definitely made me a huge fan, and it can do the same for you. If you're just shopping around for one song, Brother's and Sisters is a good place to start.



- Coldplay suprised me on this one

As an avid Coldplay fan, that has listened to almost all of their music besides a few EP's i had not listened to Brothers & Sisters. After reading the reviews i decided to try it out since i enjoyed parachutes a lot. What i found was some of the better Coldplay out there. This EP has a chilling feel to it that doesnt let you go, its just incredible. And i dont think only fans of Parachute will like it. I feel any real Coldplay fan will enjoy this. 1. Brothers & Sisters- 9.5/10 I didnt really expect much out of this EP as i thought it was more for the avid Coldplay collectors that were possibly obsessive over the band. This song changed my opinion. It has really upbeat instrumental, and Chris' voice is very soothing. I'd rank this song pretty high on my all-time favorite Coldplay songs list. 2. Easy to Please- 9/10 This song is so eerie it freaks me out sometimes. The strange voices that almost sound like a newscast in the backround create a feeling of almost fear as you listen to it. When the piano comes in around the second verse my spine literally tingles. This is the most eerie song Coldplay has ever written and i loved it. 3. Only Superstition- 8/10 This is a decent song, and it would be better in any other Coldplay album, but here it just doesnt fit. I think the transition from Easy to Please to here is forced since this song is a bit more upbeat after the incredibly mellow Easy to Please.

- Another amazing work!

I love coldplays albums! another 3 songs on my ipod!

- awesome

Coldplay is an awesome band and are always original. I can always spot out a coldplay song. this album is great my favorite track is only superstition

- Purely Awesome

This was an all around great album and although it wasn't coldplay's best i still loved it.

- The Inception of Genius

Although a mere three songs, Brothers and Sisters is a masterpiece. It is raw, fresh, chilling, and most importantly, pleasing.

- i didnt like it

this album was the start of a gigantic success which i love, but this album put up against their other three albums just wasnt in my favor. sorry, but even thopugh i love the band, i didnt love this album

- Early works of True Geniuses

A newer fresher U2 without all the political frontman drab. Whether its new or old, Coldplay is still on top of there game!

- The Begining of it all...

Brothers and Sisters is a fantastic collection of 3 songs that show what this band would (and has) become. The highlight of this disc is the haunting, moody track "Easy to Please" but the other tracks are equally spectacular. If you're a Coldplay fan, you owe it to yourself to pick this up!

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- Brothers & Sisters are Easy To Please, but that's Only Superstition...

This EP is very relaxing. Chris' voice isn't the same as today, very good. You can hear that they have taken their music to a whole new level with their new albums. Easy To Please is hard to listen to at first, it took me a few times to hear the beauty of the song. Once the piano melody kicks in it really becomes a great song. Brothers & Sisters is a great song. This EP is in the same style as Parachutes. Great EP and is worth the money. I recomend it only to those who like the softer sounds of Coldplay. Parachutes style. This stuff is not Viva La Vida and certainly not X&Y or A Rush Of Blood To The Head.

- Good but not the best

They sound sooo much different here, not as good as any of there newer albums.

- Listen Up Brothers and Sister's!!

Well , they might have been young men back in their early days of experimental rock, but it payed off.They posses a different mixture of music and lyrics that compliment them as a whole rock band that came from nowhere. I must confess, it took me awhile to get into the bands music but it grew on me.This ep is just a nice little peek in to the foursome's early songs, just as great as their released songs. Most of the best song that most artists do not release as singles, are little treasures waiting to be discovered by accident!

- And only more sweetness follows

Ahhh, my boys. I've loved them from the start and it's true, they just may have surpassed even my love of U2 (I know, blasphemous!) This EP is a must for the hardcore Coldplay fan...just brilliant from the very start! Love it all but 'Only Superstition' is the particular favourite.

- Shhhhh

I love the depth of these songs. Very moving. I miss this coldplay.

- coldplays always 5 stars

a good album with brothers & sisters bein the standout... if u liked parachutes ull probably like this

- Beautiful Music

What else would you expect. Coldplay has their exceptional on an exceptional EP. It's all rather calm to the rest of their stuff, but that doesn't mean it is bad. Rock on Coldplay!!!

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- Wow


- From the start...

Coldplay. Brothers and sisters is almost the very beginning for Coldplay and look how far these brilliant guys have come. They've been brilliant since the start. Molly G

- young and ambitious

I love the early coldplay stuff; even at this young age they display so much talent and all three of these songs are just as good as anything off any of their albums. I particularly love the haunting, beautiful Easy To Please - these songs have a quaint charm to them that was present on Parachutes but lacking in some of the later recordings (although their new, more expansive sound is still brilliant) Anyway - top stuff :)

- Glorious

'Easy to please' is just pure and brilliant, love it

- pure brilliance

this mini album is annoyingly short. simply because its so good. brothers and sister is an amazing track. DEFINTELY worth a buy.

- Amazing

I love Brothers and sisters, and easy to please is a great song to listen to, i love it =D

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Norman Chipakupaku HND MSc

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Jeremy P. Goldstein

@britpoprevival @gigsintoon @PLACEBOWORLD @ChinaDrum1 @babybirdrip @wojtekgodzisz @thebandbis That Brothers and Sisters EP is some of Coldplays’s best work, though..

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