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This entry refers to the 1971 release on CBS records. Greatest Hits was the first hits compilation package from the British blues rock band Fleetwood Mac, covering the period from the band's beginning in 1968 to 1971, mostly in its original incarnation led by guitarist Peter Green. The album was issued only in the UK, but became available in the US as an import. Long out of print, Greatest Hits was replaced on compact disc by the 2002 compilation The Best of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac on the Sony International label, which now owns the Columbia/CBS catalogue. The album was however reissued on vinyl in 2010. A similar release with the same title and same cover was released by Sony BMG in 1989, but consisted of the tracks from The Pious Bird of Good Omen plus "Shake Your Moneymaker" and "Love That Burns". This release should not be confused with the identically titled but entirely different 1988 release on Warner Brothers, Greatest Hits. That compilation concentrates exclusively on post-1975 material and has no tracks in common with the 1971 Greatest Hits nor the 1988 variant.

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Greatest Hits (Fleetwood Mac) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Rhiannon 4:12
2.Don't Stop 3:10
3.Go Your Own Way 3:38
4.Hold Me 3:45
5.Everywhere 3:42
6.Gypsy 4:24
7.You Make Loving Fun 3:31
8.As Long As You Follow 4:18
9.Dreams 4:14
10.Say You Love Me 4:09
11.Tusk 3:30
12.Little Lies 3:38
13.Sara 6:22
14.Big Love 3:38
15.Over My Head 3:34
16.No Questions Asked 4:40

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Greatest Hits [Fleetwood Mac] Album Reviews

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- doggface208 sent me

Thank you Nathan for reminding the world how great the music was in my era. Add Ocean Spray and a skateboard, everything gonna be alright....🙌🏽✊🏽👊🏽✌🏽🛹❤️

- Dreams

Some Vato on a skateboard drinking cranberry juice brought me here.

- Perfection!

Literally not a bad song on this album. I’m so glad the younger generations are now discovering how amazing this band is. I listen to this compilation regularly and never get tired of it. Rumors is in my top 10 albums of all time. Legends !

- Iconic


- nice but not my fav

wasn’t rlly my thing

- Top music

Fleetwood mac and dire straits are my favourite music not forgotten. Oasis and ub40

- Doggface208 made me buy the songs.

Definitely a classic I forgot about before dogface208 and now to get some Ocean Spray

- Classic

Always a great album to listen to.

- Bggg


- Wow.

Dreams is #1! I’ve loved this song since forever. Just wow!

- One of the greatest albums ever 🔥🙏🏽

Fleetwood Mac NEVER disappoint ❤️

- Cranberry Juice

Don’t ask me, I just came here for dreams because of Doggface208

- keep it in the dump


- Stevie

I love love love love

- Let the music take you away

Love them. Stevie Nicks is my hero and Fleetwood Mac is amazing.

- Hits

The best from the best.

- ❤️


- Legends


- Great Album!

You never get all the best songs on the greatest hits album, so you have to buy an album with everything...get the Best of Fleetwood Mac. It's a double CD, and it's worth the money...

- ???

Where is landslide...

- Fleetwood Mac SLAPS

Stevie Nicks can ruin my life

- my fav

Love every song!

- 🔥🔥🔥

Love them!😫

- Rocks

This is music at its best it can be never a mood it can’t fit

- Best Band in History

An exceptional album full of songs that showcase the talents of the best band in history. It provides a great variety of songs that showcase the talents of each and every musician. Any Fleetwood Mac song could easily have made it onto this album, as each song is beautiful and transcending in its own particular way. (In my opinion, Landslide would have made an enormous contribution to this record.) Their music continues to inspire generations and will live on forever and always.

- Fleet wood Mac

Much better than Madonna

- Timeless music

I’m 15 and I love Fleetwood Mac so much. I’m going to see them in April. Their music is unlike any other, and I wish more music like this would be made today. Music from the 70s-80s is BY FAR better than most of today’s.

- Deceptive Title

Calling this FW’s “Greatest Hits” is both deceptive and a bit insulting, in that it focuses on favorites from their top seller, “Rumors,” while largely ignoring almost all of their earlier work. In particular, it neglects the period when Danny Kirwan played guitar for the band, especially some excellent music from their “Bare Trees” album. That’s a shame. There are certainly some excellent songs in this collection, but don’t mistake it for a true “best of” in breadth or quality.

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Greatest album EVER

- Little lies

I’m 34 and listen to Fleetwood Mac when I was little.

- Fleetwood Mac

Love this album. To those who review the album for content - itunes did not make the album, they only sell it, so itunes has no way to control what songs Fleetwood Mac puts in the album. This is Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits released 1988. IMHO it is a great album.

- Remastered yet?

Has it been remastered yet because other compilations and recent re releases sound better as far as Cd's go...hmmm?

- Love FM

It’s one of the best albums ever❤️


Timeless piece of art 💖💖💖

- One question

Where is The Chain?

- Not the old Fleetwood Mac..

No Danny's Guitar, Oh Well, or Child of Mine tells me this isn't Peter Green, Danny Kirwan or Jeremy Spencer's Fleetwood Mac but Buckingham-Nicks version. Nice radio stuff but add the classic LPs, please--Then Play On, Kiln House, etc.

- One of the greatest bands in history

Legendary band and songs. Landslide, The Chain and Silver Springs should have been on this album!

- Their best hits hands down!

I love Fleetwood mac and so grateful this album is present. These are hands down their best songs ever made! I will continue to listen to these!

- Perfect


- Hypnotized?!

Jolie Lives-11/14/16 Someone, anyone, just Please Tell Me That "HYPNOTIZED" was Not, One Of The Bands MOST AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL SONGS!!?! That it's "Not" (?) One of Their Greatest Hits! That their Harmonies on the Song, weren't Truly Magnificent! Because of more Group Bloody Drama, not only is the Album Not Available, we can buy the Song, But Not Sung By Fleetwood Mac! This is The Biggest Bunch of Bovine Effluence, Anyone has ever attempted, to shovel over something so Exquisite, it's Bloody Criminal! He wasn't satisfied with the Quality of Hypnotized, on the Album. Yet, he'll sell his own version of it. We're sure that his decision wasn't at all influence by his access to the beaucoup ($) Dollars or was it the Bloody Freaking (£) Pounds??!!!! Kids, ask your 'rents about the Song and the Album! It was, One of Their BEST AND IT'S JUST GONE! The Politics of Money And Ego just can't be beat! It's comparable to "Can't Find My Way Home", by Blind Faith, just disappearing! While the Group has many other Great Songs, Hypnotized literally saved my life. Literally and figuratively, in many, many ways! Growing up, surrounded by literal Monsters, Music became and is still an Integral Part of my Surviving, Thriving and the many Successes I've achieved to Date, in my Life! To be unable (Without becoming Sherlock Holmes!) to add the Original Version of Hypnotized to my iTunes Library, makes me really Sad and Angry! Not only have I realized that it's absence has turned me off to Buying Fleetwood Mac's Songs, there's Always Going To Be A Huge Gaping Hole in my Musical Library! 😢😩😭😵😷💩

- If you want JUST the chart hits...

You’ve come to the right place. If you want deeper album cuts that were played heavily on radio when these albums came out, get the 2-disc VERY BEST OF FLEETWOOD MAC instead. There you will find “Landslide”, “The Chain”, “Gold Dust Woman” and other great songs plus nearly all these songs featured here AND the great and underrated “Skies The Limit". If you want the original studio version of “Big Love” download it individually on this collection or from TANGO IN THE NIGHT.

- best albums nowhere to be found on iTunes

Where is “Mystery to Me”? “Bare Trees”? etc. etc. All of the great music before they got coked-out and boringly popular. Must be legal issues. Do yourself a favor folks, check out the albums before Stevie Nicks and Buckingham joined, wherever you can find them.

- Just an amazing collection of an incredible band

These guys are up there with the Eagles and Led Zepplin and AC/DC - they are iconic and unfortunately they just don't create like they used to (musicians, I mean.. don't hate, I am one, have been for 23 years now, and professional - well, I was anyway...) - no matter who you are, or how old you are, this music is soul nectar. Buy it. But I agree - they dropped the ball not including Landslide \m/

- Great for Beginners

Greatest Hits got me hooked on Fleetwood Mac. That said, there are notable omissions from this collection. 1975's breakthrough "Fleetwood Mac" and even their magnum opus "Rumours" are surprisingly underrepresented on this compilation. Here are some examples of the hits that don't appear here. Landslide World Turning Monday Morning Secondhand News Never Going Back Again The Chain Gold Dust Woman The tracks I just listed alone could be released as another "Greatest Hits" by itself. The two disc greatest hits collection that is available would be the way to go, but the pacing and track listing on this comp. is great, if incomplete.

- I'm 11 and I love this band

I love this band my dad got me into this

- Fleetwood Mac

No words can describe the level of creativity, the beauty, the absolute greatness of Stevie Nix~Fleetwood Mac!!!!

- I love Fleetwood Mac

This music is so good and always speaks to me, it never fails to make me feel better. One question though: why no Landslide or Tango In The Night on this album?

- I could hear it every day - and enjoy it

This is, was and always will be - one of the best albums of that time.

- Love this album!!!

I'm 14 and I grew up listening to fleetwood Mac!! I love them!! And I'm in love with Stevie Nicks😍

- Touch of the soul

Really she knows how to get you in the moment and go somewhere in your mind. It's beautiful! Watching AHS:coven really made me really hear it again and get that good feeling 💕

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- Classic Rock Royalty

One of my favourite bands along with two of my favourite artists/singers: Nicks and Buckingham. Despite their many problems; drug use, break-ups within the band, and MANY early line-up changes, they still managed to write and record some of the greatest, most hauntingly beautiful and amazing music known. My only problem with the compilation is that "Second Hand News" is missing. But it still delivers.

- I'm obsessed and lovin it


- Missing a track from Album puchase

I purchased the Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits but the track Rhiannon did not download to my playlist. How do I get the missing track?

- amaaazing

fleetwood mac music is so consistent, i've legit never disliked one of their songs. <3

- Fine, fine, fine!

My wife kept talking about the song Everywhere so I said, "Fine. I'll look it up." And found this fine album. And gave her an early Easter gift to download it. And she said, "you are so fine!"

- 16 great songs

amazing album for an amazing price

- Best album ever made!

This album is genius! With the amazing voices of Lindsey and Stevie, you won't be disapointed! I'm 24 years old and I may be too young to love this group bit i was 8 years old when the CD player was first introduced to me and it was the very first album I ever listened to. I fell in love this group and their unique songs. I seriously recommend this album to any classic rock lover!!

- Data entry problems

I've seen small glitches pop up on a number of albums, but this is terrible. Get it together, Apple, and work on the quality control. I buy music (versus free download) largely for the metadata.

- One of the Greatest "Greatest Hits"

great album... hey iTunes, there are MANY, errors on this album... please fix them... "Don't Stop" "Go Your Own Way" "Hold Me" "Gypsie" "You Make Love Fun" "As Long As you Follow" "Say you Love Me" "Tusk" "Over My Head" "no quesions asked" and more... it would be good if you fixed these... 11 songs!

- The Greatest Hits is certainly that

This album still sells, Its always in the charts despite its age. If Your a general Fleetwood Mac fan this is for you but If you Like alot of their other material that were hits that didnt make this compilation. Grab the The Very Best Of or 50 Years. They sound Incredable after being remastered. My only Gripe is there is no SONGBIRD on here and that is one of their greatest and emotional records ever.

- Gypsy

Simply beautiful ❤️

- Still the best

I want to be with you EVERYWHERE

- Not happy

I bought 'the very best of' a couple of years ago. Thank you for removing Rhianna, gypsy and other songs off of that album for you to put onto your new album to make more money on. Not happy at all. I'm done with Apple Music.

- Great collection of songs!

All of their best songs!

- The best.

Greatest band!!

- The best

I'm 13 and I've always love this band and there songs. This is a must have

- Shane

Would've given it 5 stars but Seven Wonders is not on here!!

- Fantastic

The best music ever made, the best band ever!

- Awesome

Awesome cd for any mac fan



- Tiptop

Really goo old school music

- Cannot download

I've been trying to download this album for over a week and keep getting the pop up message that the file is being modified... I need this album!

- Fleetwood Mac

Just love the music and sounds of Stevie Nicks!!!!!!!!

- Awesome Music

Love this album really are some great hits from fleetwood Mac a must have on your iPod!!!

- Brilliant

Get it.

- D

This is great mix

- Rename this - Ultimate FM

Forget the rest - buy the best / Ultimate Fleetwood Mac. This one!

- This album is fantastic for casual Fleetwood Mac fans

The typing on the names of the songs needs fixing. The last letter from each song is missing.

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- Fleetwood mac

Awesome song

- Great album but...

I’ve owned this since it came out on various platforms. The track list is off. It has Over my head which was never featured and is missing Oh Diane and Seven Wonders. And the the track list has been jumbled. What’s that about?!

- A Great Fleetwood Mac Album.

I have listened to this album for many years and still can't put it down. I simply love it! Maybe it doesn't have all of their greatest hits, but there's plenty to make you feel great! 👍

- Flawless

Flawless in terms of content in it. The problem is, all their albums from 1975 to 1987 are Greatest Hits, how do you pick and choose. Missing Landslide, Songbird....this is just a teaser...

- Good collection

Some great songs are missing and one or two shouldn't be on the album.



- The Best Of

The Best Of Fleetwood Mac with some of their best hits on one feating Don't stop, Gypsy,Dreams, Tusk, Sara and Big Love.

- An old greatest hits.

I've had this CD for years, a great listen nothing too heavy. Some reviewers don't realise that this album was originally released back in the late 80's about the same time as the tango in the night album so it was partially a cashing in that albums success at the time. If you want something more comprehensive then there are alternatives out there from Fleetwood Mac. Still a great listen though.

- Hehehe pony dance

Oh iiiiii wanna be with you everywhere :') Great.

- 3 ad Pony

That pony moves with the song!

- Cheers pony


- Fleetwood

Great song , great band! Simple as that.

- Great

Love it. Especially Everywhere. 😆

- Robbers!

Good album but not worth 7.99 when you can pick up brand new cd for about 3.99!

- Awesome!

To all those who are dissapointed because a few "classics" are missing off the album-look what's on the album BEFORE you buy it! Some great songs from a great band. All for £3.99!

- Great album at a great price

This is a great album, at £3.99, I can't really complain too much. Yes, it would have been great if " The Chain" was on, but apart from that, it is great.

- Something lacking..........

A good collection of their songs for a cheaper price. BUT... I cannot see this as a proper greatest hits without the awesome 'The Chain' included - the one tune that is probably know universally and is not on this, odd!!!!!!!!!

- Fleet wood mac

Absolutely fantastic takes me right back to one of there brilliant concerts back in 1990 I think at wembley rockin xxx

- brilliant album

great album but these 2 songs should of been on it: Severn Wonders and Family Man

- Hmmmmm, Not what i expected.

The 2 cd version of their greatest hits is soooooo much better, although fleetwood mac are still amazing not enough here for a greatest hits. :(

- Great fully really great,

Ok so a few faves are missing,but that's like saying you cant really enjoy a wife swapping party,if your own wife isn't there! If you get my drift babe! Check out Blodwyn Pig too and the great Mick Abrahams formerly of Jethro Tull.

- :)

Absolutely love love love this album. It's one of my favourites!

- Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits.

Not quite all there greatest hits but some of them for the price its OK .

- Disappointing

I agree with the last reviewer .. "the chain" and "songbird" were missed too ... Classic tracks... Disappointing indeed.

- Disappointed - not greatest hits

I love fleetwood mac but this album has missed out their best song - Albatross. As I recall it was number 1 back in the 60s so why is it not included on the album? Clearly some of their greatest and best hits are missing.

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UNCHARTED Greatest Hits Dual Pack for PS3 Get it on Amazon for $25.78 .


Context of situation, they called bladee, badee so I called regina, a one hit wonder, and then said if Regina had a greatest hits compilation it would just be fidelity on a cd. I was joking btws we are all good it's just a meme, all still friends lmao .

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@Chicken__Queen Confederate Railroad Greatest Hits. 😁.

Ker- EL

Band - Party on 30th Greatest hits..... Blow the roof Need more FBI guys Ballad of Duane T Robinson Rolex drop.

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Greatest Hits Wiki

A greatest hits album or best-of album is a type of compilation album that collects popular and commercially successful songs by a particular artist or band. While greatest hits albums are typically supported by the artist, they can also be created by record companies without express approval from the original artist as a means to generate sales. They are typically regarded as a good starting point for new fans of an artist, but are sometimes criticized by long-time fans as not inclusive enough or necessary at all.It is also common for greatest hits albums to include remixes or alternate takes of popular songs as bonus tracks to increase appeal for long-time fans (who might otherwise already own the songs included). At times, a greatest hits compilation marks the first album appearance of a successful single that was never attached to a previous studio album.

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