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1. 3:55

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Last Christmas - Single [Ashley Tisdale] Album Reviews

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- Love this song5 star

I only love Ashley tisdale version of this song best song ever play it every year

- Burkey5 star

I find this cover of this song absolutely amazing!! I use it every year as my Christmas ringtone:-)

- Awesome 🎄5 star

This song is the song I listen over and over again during the holidays. 😊

- WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I luved this song before, but this is the best version!

- AWESOME!5 star

An amazing Christmas song about love. It's upbeat and fun. Worth the one dollar. Buy it!!!!

- Good3 star

First of all Michaela do your research. This version came out in 2006. Cascada's came out in 2007. So Ashley Tisdale was first. And the original song came out in 1986 by band called Wham I believe. But this one is ok... I'm not a big Ashley Tisdale fan but she a good job.

- Why???3 star

This was originally Cascada's. Why is everyone (including Glee) redoing it??? Cascada forever!

- I love Ashley, but...2 star

Taylor Swift's version is a lot better! This is way too poppy.

- luv this song5 star

It is so good but also sad

- Would Rate it 0 if i could!1 star

Ashley, when I saw you on Disney Channel I thought wow shes a BAD ACTRESS. I should audition for Disney because I already have a show of my own (dont ask its confidential, people would go nuts like they do live.)In this song she specifically said that it was rock, THIS IS CR.P! Ashley this is pop and get a life, when the deck version of suite life came on i actually sat and watched it the whole time cuz u werent there. Stop acting and definatley stop singing!

- I love this song5 star

I love this song

- Pretty gud......5 star

Ok I'm not a big fan of Ashley but I think she sings this song really gud but everyone thinks different so yea

- Fav song ever5 star

i sing this song all the time! i love it! she has a great voice! "last christmas i gave you my heart the very next day you gave it away... :)

- She is great!!5 star

Ashley is really good at singing this song.

- Ashley's Awesome!!5 star

Although lots of artists sing the song "Last Christmas", I like Ashley's version the best. I think that Ashley has a wonderful voice and it definately comes out in this song. I love it

- This is terrible1 star

She is a terrible singer, and the only reason she sings is because her acting career has gone down the toilet

- Wham's orginal is way better!!3 star

it says it in the title i guess its okay once

- Eh....didn't like at all1 star

Without the beat in the background, she sounded like a whiny little girl

- kjklnkl2 star

this is deffinately a song that taylor swift sings...and she does it way better!!!!!!!!!

- Ruined.1 star

This song was really good and I loved it and now Ashely Tisdale has to go and remix it and sing it and now everyone will hate the classic one and like this one. I never liked Ashely Tisdale and I dont think I ever will.

- Last Christmas....1 star

this was a good song, but this dime a dozen POP singer made it an aweful Christmas! Please, please let's bring some decent performers/singers who are not blonde and studio produced!!!!

- Pop Trash!5 star

She's good I'll admit, but NO ONE beats 3OH3! Ashley's music is just pop trash, anyone can sing with all those machines! Anyone who buys this is CRA-ZAZY! My sis bought it on MY account and now I have to skip over it every time I listen to my Ipod, SO annoying! I swear she's going to be the next Britney Spears, talented, until her career goes down the toilet.

- garbage1 star

complete garbage.

- Last Christmas4 star

I wonder how many times this song has been redone. Ihave heard so many different artists singing it. Can't they sing something else. But on the up side Ashley did an amazing job singing it.

- OMG2 star

she ruined it ):

- She copied3 star

Taylor swift had that song and now look who has it now. Its an orignail but really im getting sick of it. No efence but tatlor swift is better at sinig it. Any ways its good but theres to many of that same song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- sex from me to you.3 star

this song is awesome madaa lickkas!

- YUCKIE1 star

ugh plz gag me with a pitch fork.

- 5 star

I didn't even buy this. Just want to say FIRST!!! and ashley tisdale got hotter. and christine if your reading this just saying JB!!!!!!!!!

- pretty good4 star

good but taylor swift iz a little betta!! :) D

- ummmm?2 star

this is terrible......

- i hated it1 star

it is junk and it is chessy i hate it dont by it if you di you will regret it FOREVER

- from some one..((:5 star

wooww((: amazin' i love it!! yuu singg greatt((: ily♥♥

- hehe...rawr5 star

well i personally luv this song and can't wait to hear her as the years roll by... teehee^^

- koollll5 star

this song izzzzz old but stillllllll koooooll

- this is awesome!5 star

I love this CD! It has like a pop rhythm, and it's very catchy! I just love Ashley- she has done so many awesome things like HSM and Picture This!, and she has just a lovable personality!

- Great Christmas song5 star

This is a great Ashley Tisdale song. It's a great Chirstmas song, instead of your usual jolly Christmas song, this sounds like a song you'd find on your regular pop album. It's one I'd like to play year round!! Great job Ashley, keep it up!!!

- A-MAZ-ING5 star

:) i luv this song it's my favorite pop version of last christmas,it's amazing,i luv it,i could listen to it all day,if u like ashley tisdale and you like holiday music you'll luv it <3

- Love this song5 star

Ashley Tisdale is awesome. I love this song, it's worth yur money.

- Cascada Sings it WAY Better!!2 star

Since Cascada's genre is dance, her voice and the beat is SO much better! Unlike this crappy voice.

- EGAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 star

tell me this is your last christmas singing. Just b/c those sissy 16 year olds like you can just mean you are bad. take miley cirus for example

- COPYCAT2 star

You people are so stupid. Ashley Tisdale totally COPIED this song from HILARY DUFF! It's a good song but she shouldn't get very much credit for it.

- Love it5 star

Love this song! She did an amazing cover on it!!

- My favorite Christmas song5 star

Ashley covered this song so well and I think Ash is the only good singer from Disney Channel aside from the Jonas Brothers. Another good cover of this song I would recommend is Taylor Swift's.

- THIS......WAS.......5 star

AWESOME! Her voice is awesome I turned it up so loud,my neighbors moved! LOL I LOVE U ASHLEY!

- BOOOOOOO...2 star

Hillary duff's version is WAAAY better...check it out.

- Not her original song!2 star

She got this song from Hilary Duff on her album called Santa Claus Lane. Just thought everyone know. Not that I don't like it.

- Honestly?1 star

Honestly, Britney Sprears (back then we she was still cute, innocent little Brit) did WAY better than Ashley Tisdale right now. Her voice is just too scratchy and not yet mature.

- hmmm...1 star

it sounds like someone is holding her nose while she sings. yuck.

- Amazing!!5 star

i think this is the best version of last christmas out there!!!


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Avrilpunkstar - Bad1 star

Taylor Swifts is much better!!!!

call, - <35 star

omgg!! i loveee this songg<33333

Alivia S. 1995 - so cute5 star

this song is so cute!

Lalalalalala :D - It's okay2 star

Ashley's pretty good, but compared to Cascada it's a bit weak. I think Ashley has a nice voice, but somehow I find her acting skills better than her singing ones! Keep going Ashley!

RRTPSG - preview5 star

I love Ashley Tisdale's voice. She has a lot of sass and passion in her singing. This song I stumbled upon, and listened to just the preview...if you love good music....this song has a lot of great qualities. Her voice being the main one!

pinkfrostingg - Ashley you ROCK!5 star

This is an awsome song it is a good version of this song than the other Last Christmas versions!!!

J.Harden - This Christmas!5 star

Last Christmaas. Please this christmas! I will listen to this song every christmas! OMG Ashley! Best christmas song ever! It lets people know who you are. Just your tone, a sweet soft girl who ROCKS!

kokorox - Bull2 star

I actually like much of Tisdale's music but this song is better done by other artists with more.. substance and less Disney and nose jobs. Sorry Ashley, "He Said She Said" is more what you should stick to.

MusicLover1022 - Pretty Good4 star

This song is pretty good. Another nice up beat christmas song is always fun! Kudos Ashley

badmintonchamp - Not good but outstanding5 star

this song rocks my world i dont really lke ashley tisale but this is amazing she is really nice she made 67 you tube videos so check them out and they are really her! buy this song and u will listen to it 4ever

Mrs. David Archuleta!! - Really Good!5 star

I really like this single. She did a good job of it, but the cheetah girls did the exact same song! I wonder why! I would reccomend this though! I hope this isn't the last Christmas song she does!

HD.AT. Dance! - Love it?? I think so!4 star

I like this song alot-- not as good as some others I've heard by her but still.. GOOD JOB!!<3

oneillady1 sydney - i actor + singer to5 star

i love this album also i am a singer and a actor been in so many plays it is crazy keep secret i really


This song is SO FAB i totally bought it the first day that it came out!!! ASHLEY ROCKS it is totally 10 stars

AudreySThomas - Another Hilary3 star

Great another Hilary Duff! Just what we need!

Fisash411 - This is a really good song.5 star

I love it! but she should work on the album cover...

bev_h - Are you Kidding??1 star

This girl sounds like another Paris Hilton wannabe. Her voice is high pitched and annoying. Looks like now a days anyone can become a singer..someone scratch my eyes out PLEASE!

magnetsmile - LOVE IT!5 star

I've always been a fan of Ashley Tisdale, but this song really let's her voice shine and her voice was a little rocky at first with her other songs (High School Musical) but she is improving with every song I hear (Kiss The Girl, snips of her album) and I cannot wait to buy her album! It's a nice song to listen to, to get in the spirit of Christmas! Amazing cover!

Christina.B - Vanessa Wannabe3 star

So Ashley is basically screaming that she wants to be heard. Probably because Vanessa Hudgens has an absoloutley superb new single. I think for Ashley, 3 stars is pretty good. But I think that Hilary Duff sang this song better. I don't think this is even a very good place for Ashley. I think she should stick to acting. Singing just isn't her thing.

Stacey 11 - Wow!4 star

I've always loved Ashley as a singer (and as everything else aswell) and this song she sings so well! I was looking for this song to buy the Glee version but I found this and it was really nice!!!❤💘❤

Monk!e g!rl - Awesome5 star

This song is amazing it gives u Christmas spirit!!! It's soooooo cool!!!

pomeroygracie - Good song5 star

This song is so good. Ashley is a great singer.

kaitly_n - She is Sooooooo sweet!5 star

I love this song ! its great buy it!!

Court_Shan - Ashley Tisdale5 star

******Ashley rocks my world, she is my idol. Her song mean alot to me and she is the best singer.... She has the eyes of an angel and a heart of gold....... Buy her songs because they ROCK******

Borat Boy - Very nice Very Beautiful Very Sexy Very Nice5 star

The song is amazing just like but she is way better and sexier but the song should be known until the end of the earth

sweet_stef_17 - just a quick question???4 star

i went on ashley's official website and it said that her new single "be good to be me" is now available on itunes???? when will her songs be available on itunes??? has her album came out yet??? cheers. p.s. i rated 4 stars coz i think ashley is a great actor and singer! keep it up!!!

Dannie.2107 - SO GREAT5 star

This song is fantastical and i really want to buy her album "headstrong" but itunes hasn't put it on the Australian Store :'(

*Kat in the Hat* - Get 'Kiss The Girl'!!5 star

I like this song alot, when i first heard Ashlee sing i wasn't too fond of her singing ability but now....i want to hear more!! This song rox, its upbeat, fun and addicting.....iTunes could u plz get 'kiss the girl' by Ashley??? Its on the US store...but when u put it on, let us by it seperately...the US store made a mistake putting it as 'album only'. Ashlee and all Disney born singers rock!

vivianhi_5 - Ashley Tisdale - Last Christmas5 star

It's the best song ever!!! I hope they put her other songs in as well!!!

Aardvark57 - Wow5 star

Ashley is a great actress but i have to say i didn't think she could sing like this but i was wrong. this is awsome, the best song i have every heard. Buy this song. I can't stop listening to it

louise101 - hmmmm2 star

she was good in high skool musical (i reckon i could've dun better(jks))but to release a single hmmmm a bit far dont u think i mean shes ok but yer i do not recommend anyone to waste their money on this no offence ashley keep acting in musicals just ummm you get the picture P.S this girl in my class once said she was related to ashley tisdale WHAT A LIE!!!!!! lol dont worry poor her hardly anyone likes her

feverpitch96 - Wham always were, always will be...1 star

Buy the Wham! original. Don't waste your credit on this pap.

ally-is-very-cool - Amazing Ashley5 star

Ashley Tisdale is the best singer like ever, her voice is like a choir of angels but not in a bad way, shes not like a church choir, i love this song, she is so cool that if she was any cooler everyone in the world would actualy evaporate and couches would take over.

perfect ballerina - THIS DA BEST SONG!!5 star

I absoutlotely love Ashley Tisdale. I loved HSM!!! She sings it really well and it's even better because it's a christmas song. BUY THIS SONG NOW!!! IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!

emilygiles25 - Terrific!5 star

This is a awesome song!!! Ashley was great i can't wait until her album come out

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Ell Faye - Ashley Tisdale AMAZING5 star

I would recomed everybody to buy this song near christmas time it is AMAZING also it has a modern twist to it so it sound cool so BUY IT NOW

DRACULAURAGIRL - lastchristmas5 star


JJmusicboy - Really Good!5 star

Ashley has really put a modern twist on this song. It's really good and puts you in the festive mood.

SugarPlumPrincess - It's good4 star

Surprisingly, this song is good. I wasn't keen at first but it has to be one of the best versions of this song I have heard. I bought Cascada's version; me no like. Ashley Tisdale does a nice job of this.

tasha x - Wow!5 star

This song is a very good christmas song. It sounds really different to the orginal. I reccomend you buy it ; it will sure get you in the christmas spirit. This sounds like a complelty different song ; it's fast beat makes you want to dance. I reccomend you take a look at her album Headstrong. It's brilliant. Her voice is very nice and catchy songs you'll want to sing out loud to. Well done Ashley ; you rock!


This cover by Ashley is absolutely brilliant! The up-beat music makes you wanna dance and Ashleys voice makes you sing along. Normally Christmas covers are nearly the same as the original, but this is completely different to the oringinal. Which shows alot of talent to make a slow song to an upbeat song! If this was released with more promotion in the UK this would get to the top of the charts! Ash well done ur amazing!

ELITE ChIcK3N - my brother and step brother5 star

they love this song and you

theworldwasyours - Xmas5 star

This is soooo gr8!!!!! I think Ashley is the best shes so good shes got loads of chances in the future! Because shes such a great singer!

t.A.T.u. forever - great cover!5 star

ashley has does an AMAZING version of a classic song i cant believe its been out a year already! this song is completley for its 79P a buy you wont regret !

fergaliciousmuffie - what5 star

this is nothing to do the song allthough the song is great when you type in ashley tisdale on i tunes it does not tcome up with the suite life of zac and cody when she is one of the main characters in that, yet it comes up with hannah montana because ashley tisdale is in one epiode in it which is not even on this i tunes it is on the american one so really hannah montana shouldnt come up gre8 song

Abida - No! No! No!1 star

Ok Ashley is fantastic as Sharpay and in that other kids programme - but this is an overplayed classic hit (even GM must be fed up of it by now, albeit, proud) - but this song's totally ruined by her inadequate rendition. Her album, however, is brilliant and otherwise supplies Ashley with music made for her vocal (in)capabilities. This song is NOT meant to be sung like this. No emotion, no soul! Sorry!

iiicharleyiii - *Ashley is amazing*5 star

I luv ashley, she is a gr8 actress and singer. This song is my fave from her, it is wel beta than WHAM! 's version. Go Ashley!

Searching For The New Sound™♪♫ - Ow.1 star

Are you people deaf? It totally ruined a great christmas song. Stop singing Ash before you blow all our eardrums.

X.S.h.a.n.n.o.n.X - Ashley tisdale5 star

This vershion is much better. I love ashley tisdale and all of her songs. I listen to it over and over again. I can't wait till ashleys abulm is out in the u.k.

Ewlsywewlsy - Fabbyy girl!4 star

Ashley, ya blew me awy! luv the song!

Em A! - I LOve IT !!!!!5 star

I Love All oF aShleyS SongS thEy aRe aLL Fab !! AsHley alSO iS fAb toO !! shes boss in high school musical and the suite life of zack and cody its awsome !!!!

Holz90 - Hmm3 star

If you like Nikki Webster, you'll like this girl, and vise versa.

Stranger-In-Uk - dis is so kl5 star

catchy and ashleys got a gr8 voice BUY IT (even though it's not christmas! lol)

xxxfaye333xxx - ashley rocks!!!!!5 star

well i av neva herd dis song sang like that b4 n when i herd it on disney channel i straight away bought it!! i think its boss i <<3 it!!! xxxxxx

Katharine Cara - ash.ley..4 star

stuekins - Great5 star

This song and every one of ashleys songs are brilliant, well done

Helen<3-Xox - Great single5 star

This single rocks seriously and just because she renewed this song and she sound like Hilary Duff dosn't make it bad. Its such a good single good christmas music aswell. Definetly worth listening to and buying. Get it!

becka123 - alright1 star

she just sounds like hilary duff

bezi17 - So much better than Vanessa Hudgens5 star

This gurl is fab! Usually when you sing a song from years ago it sounds strange but shes made it better mwa luv u Ashley!

emz...xo - ashley rocks!5 star

i love ashley i thinks shes great! this is definatly my fave xmas song!

Lyd-Yar Superstar - Amazing.5 star

She really puts a modern twist on this Wham! classic. It is sooo fab. I've already played it 70 times and I've only had it a couple of hours. Ashley Tisdale is amazing and she has an amazing voice. I also recommend you buy her other two songs cause they rock as well. Enjoy!

x-tinkerloz-x - Loves It!!!!5 star

She has a really nice voice and sings it very well.I didnt like it to much when i 1st heard it but it really grows on you.I hope she brings out more songs which are this good. :D

Snellvis - LOVE IT!!!!5 star

Ashley Tisdale is amazing! This version of the song is so good! Even my mum, who loves wham, said it was great!!

Chazzy <3 - Love it<34 star

I think this song is amazing it could be better but i like it people should consider listening to it.

amyprep - WOW!5 star

I <3 this song, ive neva herd it being sang in that way before. it BLEW ME AWAY! 5 star song for a 5 star singer! <3 it! xxx

Rofl;] - <3 Asley Tisdale <35 star

Ashle Rocks - there's no stopping her!!!! The single is so good n i love it!!!

I <3 HSM - I really like it5 star

She makes it sound really original. Her voice though really has to grow on you. It's a bit tangy but now I love it.

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Barrygrayauthor5 star

@barrygrayauthor: ➡️@readeandwrite Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace, love, and joy, but for Lilly Carlsen, this Christmas is…

Darlingtwt5 star

#nowplaying: Last Christmas (Pudding Mix) from Last Christmas - Single by Wham!

Dancinginshado5 star

@alexvtunzelmann I'm a single parent, this Christmas will be the first one after the last two spent going through c…

Mrmikeschaan5 star

The end of being single. Last Christmas being single. No more panicing about being single. A strong n steady future…

Sophie__butcher5 star

The banning students from going home for Christmas thing is really getting tiring. Students are not the only people…

FuneralLaura5 star

@thememorybears: Memory Bear gift vouchers are now available, they make great Christmas presents ! As you can see every single Memory Be…

Thememorybears5 star

Memory Bear gift vouchers are now available, they make great Christmas presents ! As you can see every single Memor…

GoldsmithJake5 star

I’ve been single since literally Christmas last year and I can honestly say for the first time in a while that I am…

Nialledd5 star

In London for first time in months.never seen so many people in same place since last Christmas as was around Bermo…

Johnbatten85 star

@cslcares: Thanks, Alex Gordon, for 14 great years in KC. Last year, Alex, and other Royals/Chiefs players, hosted a Christmas event for…

RealsticLover5 star

Btw y’all stan JLo more than you do your own fav where is Save the Day and that other single she released last week…

Cherustarshi5 star

@TalentArtFan: The way she surprised us with Christmas Tree Farm last year, it won't be a surprise this time if she writes another Chris…

TalentArtFan5 star

The way she surprised us with Christmas Tree Farm last year, it won't be a surprise this time if she writes another…

___DeJahnae5 star

Don’t let me get no money cuz me and my man going stupid for the holidays 😂 every single last one birthdays , kids…

Blendwellcafe5 star

@cslcares: Thanks, Alex Gordon, for 14 great years in KC. Last year, Alex, and other Royals/Chiefs players, hosted a Christmas event for…

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