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Headstrong (Bonus Track Version) (Ashley Tisdale) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:05
2. 3:08
3. 3:33
4. 3:01
5. 3:29
6. 3:44
7. 3:45
8. 3:09
9. 2:54
10. 3:11
11. 4:00
12. 3:11
13. 3:39
14. 3:14
15. 3:08
16. 3:14

Ashley Tisdale - Headstrong (Bonus Track Version) Album Comments

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Headstrong (Bonus Track Version) [Ashley Tisdale] Album Reviews

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Queen Metalia - This album Stinks1 star

The only two good songs on here are He said, She said and Headstrong

Delta717 - Meh3 star

To Disney. I like we belong together though.

theBIRRDY - Meh3 star

Be good to me is worth spending a dollar on.

CL-LP - ugh2 star

i just cant believe such talentless people have such great opportunities.. and the people who actually have the talent dont

Hit the Lights <3 - Not bad!4 star

One of her best albums! Love he said she said

prettyprincess♥14 - impressed3 star

not half bad! i was actually quite impressed i thought this was going to be worse good job

(TEAR TEAR) - wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

i never knew she sang!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways shes an amazing singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ASHLEY!!!

Hellipatel - Ashley rocks5 star

I can't unlove you Ashley this album is so addictive my fav song is unlove you!¡

missymoohaha - I Can't Unlove this ALBUM!!4 star

This CD came out in 2007 i've been off and on with this Album but i would have to say ive back to it more then leaving it in the dust. (If you know what i mean)Kutos to Ashley for making such an addictive album! :)

ItsNano - A trashy talentless debut2 star

The title says it all. So Much For You-A song that is completly void of originality in lyrics, vocals and sound. I will admit though, it is quite catchy. 2/5 He Said She Said-I'll admit it. This song had me listening to the preview over and over again. It is strangely addictive, and if you're just looking for a shallow and meaningless but still catchy pop hit, then He Said She Said will certainly fit the bill. My second favorite song on the album. 4/5 Be Good to Me-A completly trashy song with grossly cliche lyrics. My least favorite song. 0/5 Not Like That-Sounds just like So Much For You and He Said She Said. A complete and utter filler track. 1/5 Unlove You-This song is very honesly written-which makes it a stand-out on an trashy-pop album filled with originality-void hooks and choruses. The actual verses aren't that bad either. However the chorus completly ruins the song and demonstrates just how desperately untalented Ashley actually is when it comes to singing. 2/5 Positivity-Another filler track. 1/5 Love Me For Me-This song is my favorite. It's just like Unlove You-an honest ballad-but the chorus is actually pretty smooth and catchy. This song actually shines a glimmer of hope through all the hopelessly horrible bubblegum pop of Headstrong. 5/5 Goin Crazy-Yet another filler track. 1/5 Over It-Over It has a very unique sound-it kind of sounds a little bit like something Britney Spears would do. 3/5 Don't Touch-You guessed it! Another filler. 1/5 We'll Be Together-A repeat of Unlove You. A song that has the potential to shine but is brought down by Ashley's lack of vocal talents. 2/5 Headstrong-It really sounds like Ashley had a lot of fun recording this song and put a lot of passion into it. Certainly one of the better songs. 4/5 Suddenly-Filler. 1/5 I Will Be Me- One of the worst. Completly trashy in both vocals and lyrics. 0/5

AwesomeMusicFan22 - it amazing!!! : )5 star

this is such a good album! if you don't like it then at least get " it's alright, it's ok". know that is a good song

Clelylely - Wow!!!5 star

She has a great voice and I love her type of music she sings, amazing!!!

Mélie1234 - Awesome5 star

I think this album is awesome. She has an amazing voice and she rocks! I recommend it!

im in love with nick jonas <3 - headstrong3 star

i dunno about this one i think its a little bit to upbeat and a lot of pop in it. dont get me wrong i like ashley tisdale but some of her songs are a little off to me. but i do really admire her she has a great sense of style and she's funny and she's doing great as a role model.

SarahLivingston01 - Pretty Cool4 star

Wow... This is pretty cool, not what you'd excpet from a disney princess!! I <3 it!!!!!

iluvtaylorswiftmusic - wow5 star

this album is so cool. I listen to headstrong on my ipod every day.

Jade4358395 - Good4 star

For what it is, it is good but a bit britney spearsish for my liking

Rookie2010 - I was surprised!5 star

Ashley was good in HSM, but this CD is amazing. It exposes a whole new side to her talent and vocals. Most Disney stars that emerge as singers seem to release a first album that's "cutesy" but Ashley's first definitely has bite. This is the first CD in a while that I felt was actually worth the money. It won't be long before she surpasses her disney 'rivals'.

BozakAttack - so very un-disney4 star

I was very surprised by this album, it's a feel-good, dance till you ache, kinda album and it doesnt sound disney at all, great job ash!

renesmee carlie cullen - Good job ashly!!!!5 star

good job this is an awsome album with really good songs, it does not even sound like disney. this much better then miley cyrus, and selena gomez. a lot of the songs show off her great volcal talent!!!! he said she said is really good and and is unbelivably catchy! head strong is really really awsome and is really poppy, her voice sounds really young though in some parts ( its not a bad thing)! the vocals in the ballads are really strong for example unlove you is great. positivity is really good she kinda sounds like aly lohan and the LAX gurlz. don't touch is super catchy and is a great song!!! not like that is great i always want to sing along!!! over all i'm really inpressed!!!!

music roxs! - new in proved~!!!!5 star

love it.she is grown up not disney and a great pop sound it is a great album~!! <3 id buy it

switchist<3 - Total miss...1 star

This album is what I'm guessing to be a "milker", to get more money and attention while the HSM pot is hot. But this was a total miss. Better than Vanessa Hudgens "Identified" by a landslide, though still doesn't make my iTunes library. Annoying singles like "Unlove You", "We'll Be Together" and "I Will Be Me" makes this album a waste of money. Please stick to acting. She's not that bad, and I'd like to see her in a movie where Disney doesn't write the script.

WHURT - Really fun4 star

Ashley has done an amazing job and the music is really easy to sing to .

alysa2012 - I'm Speechless...5 star

This album blew me away, I was certainly surprised to see that Ashley could manage making catchy tunes- and on this album, she did! One of the greatest albums I've heard. Way to go, Ashley.

pr0Ngs_96 - So much for you, Ashley Tisdale!1 star

These songs are weird! they are stupid and just plain wrong! Some of the songs had good tunes, but she ruined them with her horrible lyrix and singing! So much for you: 3/5 good tunes, no gross stuff (bad singing,) He said, she said: 1/5 terrible, why it was made a single is beyond my understanding good to me 1/5 not like that 1/5 this sounds more like sharpay! unlove yu 1/5 yuck positivity 3/5 okay still sucked going crazy 1/5 stupid 911 over it 1/5 you better get over your "sining" career fast, ashley don't touch 0/5 i strongly hate this song, it's gross and yucky and wrong we'll be together 1/5 stupid headstrong 3/5 okay suddenly 1/5 boring i will be me 1/5 not worth it

I♥TheUsed14 - Really good overall, but just a few complaints.4 star

I'd like to say first of all, good job on your first solo album, Ash! All the songs are catchy, bubbly, and for the most part, listenable. *Good Points* -She's not like any other disney star in my opinion. She does have talent, and a unique voice! -The songs are really catchy, and the lyrics are easy to relate to. -You can dance to them. =] *Middle/Bad points* -She sounds like Britney Spears in some of these songs.. Like, why? -Her voice is unnaturally high in a few songs. Like "Unlove You" -She can sing, but she's still a better actress. Anyway, awesome album! My favs are He Said She Said, Be Good to Me, & Headstrong. Love the album cover as well. <3 Jenna_[xo]

lord of 9 - this album owns!!!!5 star

this album is the best ever u have to buy it. if u don't you've gone mad!!!

pinkfrostingg - Ashley you rock!5 star

This is an awsome album worth your $$

Tongcobee - Absolutely Loved It!5 star

This is an amazing album! I love all her songs such as Love Me for Me, Headstrong etc. All these songs are a lot of fun to listen to especially when I'm doing my homework. It's different than her Disney stuff on HSM. I can't wait until a second album she might release. I definetly recommend it to everyone. :)

Disney_Dreamer - Say goodbye to Disney5 star

This album rocked my socks!!!!! I LOVED Ashley's grown up attitude and her songs! I found them really catchy and they had a good beat to them! Although as I listened I found her sounding ALOT like Britney Spears when she released her first albums!! That isn't a bad thing though. Her music on this CD sounded not like any other Disney channel star albums I have heard before! Its sounded totally unlike disney and thats what I loved about it, to see a disney star branching out to the world of "un-Disney". You better say goodbye to Disney musically Ashley, cuz you have alot more ahead of you! Great Job!!! I applaud your work on this album!!

TwistedTori - Suprising!4 star

Usually Disney stars (like Myley Cyrus) have horrible music that shouldn't even be on itunes, this album actually has some pretty good songs! I'm stunned.

joan.kennedy99 - GO ASHLEY! :]5 star

fabulous song, one of the best on the album. i also really like the song headstrong and over it. fabulawesome song!!

jo lee - love it5 star

i love her acting her singing took me by storm and she is a talentd girl i love not like that and he said she said and be god to me i want to see her work real bad with michael jackson that would make me so happy love ya xox ash !

Kamyxoxo - !!!2 star

this album is okay but i think that hes could be better :0

Stardustie - UGH1 star

Why can't Disney find someone with actual talent and can sing? I mean, Ashley Tisdale has a really bad voice! I'm not trying to put everyone one against the girl, but get singing lessons! She also lip sings in concerts. I wouldn't pay any money to watch someone mouth the words from their CD for 2 hours. If someone can sing then they wouldn't lip sing!

Byung - interesting...3 star

I expected this to be one of the worst album...but actually pretty ok well produced album although maybe get a different writing staff she sings really well in her mid range so why not get her to do that anyway overall...ok

Swimmin' in a musical sea - Oh no...3 star

She pulled a Britney! Don't touch is sweet. But He said She said is bordering on slutty.

...<3 - Amazing!4 star

Ashley's album is amazing. It went above the standrards I had set before this CD came out! It's really "Fabulous" music!

Can't~Stop~The~Beat - ears1 star

A) High School Musical is one of the worst TV/Movie Musical ever B) They shouldn't make albums when they know ppl are going to write reviews like this C) They all sing so nasal D) It hurts my ears

weezyWayne - commercial pop1 star

Ashley Tisdale is time to change a little bit this is very commercial and not good pop sorry

remixtext - I have the album trust me!5 star

This album made me dance sing and have fun. I LOVE ashely tisdale and I can't wait for her second one. Very GREAT album. Get it and you won't regret it.

Alivia S. 1995 - i'm in love!!!5 star

Ashley u rock. i love u!!!! i have the whole album.. it rocks.... she also has 2 other songs not in this CD.. they are 'some day my prince will come' and *'kiss the girl'* (*pop version*) by: horsegirlrocks

AmuletHeart - Hmm...3 star

For a Disney girl, these songs sure aren't. I like some of them, but wow...I think she may have slightly overdid a few. She a good singer, but honestly, Ashley, try to tone it down just a little bit...~

l-Braty - Woh, not what i expected!5 star

This is some album! Nothing like high school musical, but she keeps it clean! Great to dance to and great to fool around with! Go Ashley!

Rockycheung421 - I LOVE YOUR ALBUM ASHLEY5 star

Hey ppl who is looking at this! this album is great it really connected with me and like if you liste to her songs over and over again u will really understand her life...anyway, my point is "ASHLEY RULES!!!" Plz buy her album.. Have fun browsing itunes.

CrazyRocketshipper - Half N' Half3 star

It still sounds a little disneyish and the only songs i like are he said she said and over it. So i dont know if you can ride my bicycle yet Ashley sorry...

123kp - Nice5 star

You are good to the people all the songs are great!

SailorMoonLuvv - Could have been ALOT better for a first album.1 star

If you heard the original He Said She Said by Ashley, oh man. What a GREAT example for children. 'One night with you, just one night with you'. Point proven. She's clearly trying to be someone she's not, and I don't appreciate that. Hey, to each their own *cough*...The only song thats resonable here is 'Be Good To Me'. Its not half bad...not half good either...

lifeserial - Bof2 star

A good friend of mine told me to buy it. He said it was incredible. There's like 3 good songs on the album (Be Good To Me, He Sais She Said, Headstrong) and the rest is filling... Very average... Not very catchy

Softball Superstar - I'm glad we're all on the same boat...4 star

Okay, so, first off, i would love to commend ashley tisdale on her first debut album, its wonderful and i think that a lot of people are going to like it... Secondly, has no one ever heard of the phrase "you cant have everything", because i dont see a lot of that here, for starters, some people want a eight-year old friendly CD, with pretty lyrics that charm mothers everywhere, with no innuendos or underlying messages, and then there are the people who expected a grown up pop star, i think she's trying her best, and i think that its a great selection of songs by ashley tisdale

Famousgal101 - OMG!!!5 star

OMG in the song Positively I can hear Samantha Jade's voice she went from singing background music to solo artist

Abbeyysmithh - Christian pinkus1 star

I hāte this

cathyyzhangg - ashley i love it5 star

i love his man wish they sold it in victoria

$$Jamie$$ - ?2 star

Unsure cuz the songs sound the Same in variety, auto tune is in most I think. I like her but I haven't bought any songs or album yet....... Dunno bout this

Racheltes - Good5 star

2 of the songs are from bring it on in it to win he said she said and be good to me when is she reliasing new songs

Muffin Bake - Great songs!4 star

My fave songs from this album are Going crazy, be good to me, Don't touch(zoom song) and we'll be together. Her voice is amazing!

Jorjah - love HE SAID SHE SAID5 star

omg i love he sad she said! love you ashley tis the best! haha

mynewyorkblues - Is this legal??1 star

I am sorry to say (well actually no too sorry), this album is horrid! She has crossed the line. All the same music and no variety. It is way too bubbly pop cheesness. It sounds like Celine Dion and Brittany Spears finally decided to combine! All I can say is 8 words.....THIS IS SO BAD, IT SHOULDN'T BE LEGAL!

adssey - duno1 star

duno i havent bought or heard any of the songs

Jasmyn Thomas - Headstrong I CAN FEEL THE BEAT5 star

Ashley tisdale has really learnt alot over the past few years this album proves how wonderful and supportive fans she has the songs are great the album is wonderful and the album cover is so beautiful WELL DONE

lou lou belle 191 - Ashley Tisdale5 star

Great cd

Triedana - AWESOME ALBUM!!4 star

Headstrong is a great album!! It has an awesome funky pop sound, and well as a dance sound. My fav songs on the album is Goin' Crazy and Be Good To Me. It is a great album to dance too!

OSnapItzSteph - He said, She said, I said You Rock Ashley Tisdale.5 star

Wow I love her voice so powerful and strong. She is the BOMB!

alex-styles - Very good!4 star

Stephanie rox!-- I KNOW! Hahah and My rating on this album is that there are some very good songs, some ALRIGHT songs and some terrible. Great songs you should look at: Be Good To Me, So Much For You, Over It and Headstrong. But others are terrible like: Unlove You, We'll Be togther, suddenly. But the rest are okay.

eketoni - LOVE5 star

love all her songz they are amazing and can't wait for her new album Guilty pleasure itunes can u please pot up ashley tisdale new songs what if and masquerade and overrated please

Twilightluva! - :)4 star

OMG totally awesome!!! Me and my sister LOVE it... although it has the same sorta sound to every song. But still GET IT!!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!

JakeRyanLOVER2000 - great style ashley!!!!!!!!!5 star

great style Ash loved it!!!!!!! I can't wait til you make another album!!!! You are making another album right??? anyway great job!!! P.S love HSM you are like the fashion queen covered in pink!!!!!

..:: Vani ::.. DISNEY STARS SHOULD BE BANNED - Ew.. I smell a Disney star...2 star

Honestly, the only reason I'm actually giving her 2 stars is because she's better then Vanessa. She sounds much more interesting. Vanessa is really boring, but this album is extremely boring and repetative. Now a note to Disney: WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? Walt Disney must be rolling in his grave right now, I mean, the people in Disney completely ripped up his reputation for making nice cute cartoons, and instead use it to make celeBRATies. Ew.

buttholepain - Ashley rox!4 star

I think ashley tisdale is a really talented singer and i like almost all songs on this album but my favourite would be Don't Touch, So much for you and Who I am (THis one isn't on iTunes i dn't know why tho:) She is way better than Vanessa Hudgens. Go Ash!

TeeHeart - Great Job!3 star

I had high expectations of Ashley Tisdale after seeing her on HSM, and I was not disappointed with this CD. I love this.

mirahen - Ash has finally owned!!!5 star

Ashley has finally owned!!! dude, u should sooooo buy this album!! lol its a really good beat.... fav songz r: He Said She Said and So Much for You! dude, like i said this is soooooo worth ur money! ashley owned!!!!

Sesameseed1234 - Go Ashley!!!5 star

This is an awesome album it is really worth buying!!

~Georgia Styles~ - bout time5 star

ashley u did a good jod i think better than vanessa the best songs r he said she said be good 2 me not lyk that headstrong and suddenly and the music videos r mad 2 ily all

hijklmnopzyxwvutsrq - Ashley Tisdale Rocks!4 star

This is a great album I especially like He Said She Said, Not Like That and Headstrong is by far the best!!

CassieJayne - woot5 star

i own a few songs, he said she said, be good to me, headstrong and suddenly they are awesome songs with fab meanings!

LordRyRy - Miss Tisdale Is Bringin' It!!!!5 star

I LOVE IT!!!! I think she's really outdone herself on this album. I love every single song but my personal fav is Not Like That, it's a song that will just make you wanna dance. I can't wait to check out her next album :)

Aunty Cass - The Blurb got it wrong!!5 star

Don't listen to the blurb saying that it was not catchy and whatever. I think its really great so if ur a fan of Ashleys buy the album. I know i will! I especially like these songs He said she said Kiss the girl-which isn't on here!!! be good to me head strong not like that Hope this helped

AshleyTroxursox - What an amazing album!!!5 star

this is a fab album!!! ashley has a beautiful voice, and every song is fantastic!!! ASHLEY ROX!!!!!!!!!!

Aimstar67 - love ya ash5 star

i have to say that this is the best album in the universe it rocks and i love ashley too.

stephanie rox! - read the other reviews- who wrote them? obvious isn't it3 star

I have nothing against Ashley Tisdale. But it seems all of these 5 star ratings come from 10-13 year old girls who wish they could be her...which is annoying

chichi890 - I love her music5 star

Now that she has made her own cd and seperated herself from just HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL i can see her go far! Her voice is great and she knows what she can sing and what the fans want too! I recently boaght, Headstrong (the song) and Hes said she said and they are both great, they're up beat and all have something to do with teens or emotion, and coz im a teen (14) i love this music! THX Itunes ans Ashley, hope to see you again i miss you, come back! k xx

Ducky1011 - LOVE IT!4 star

this is a great dance album with some great tunes! the highlights are so much for you, he said she said, be good to me, headstrong and we'll be together but the whole album is rad!

new.perspective - Ash, You Rock!5 star

This is one of the best albums ever and I love most of the songs, especially 'He Said She Said', it's a definate change from the Sharpay character (which may I point out I also love). Everything she does seems to be "Fabulous"!

MadameEtoile - Not great, but not bad either3 star

This CD is a mixed bag. When it comes down to it its typical, corny pop, with a singer who's vocal range is nothing worth mentioning. Some songs are incredibly annoying at points, but there are other songs that are very catchy and addictive. Although catchy and addictive does not mean the songs are good. They're just fun to listen to. So while there's lots of room for improvement, its not bad for a debut album. Don't expect a lot. Some of the songs won't match up to everyone's tastes, but its worth a listen if you're looking for something to dance to! Its the sort of potentially crummy Disney stuff that you get guilty pleasures for listening to. Best songs on the album: He said, she said; Not like that, Love me for me, We'll be Together, Headstrong.... Be Good to me and So much for you both sounded too similar to me. Unlove you is terribly sung at the chorus. Its yelled out, and it sounds out of place and over the top. The others have the potential to get on people's nerves.... otherwise, while not the most well rounded and consistent album, its not the worst thing ever.

cjhawkings - Lovin' Ashley!!!5 star

Since Ashley has starred in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody television series and the High School Musical movies her popularity has raised to High. Being Ashley's debut album, Headstrong has various songs that for will never leave your head. My faves are: Headstrong, Don't Touch [The Zoom Song], Be Good to Me and He Said She Said. I still need to buy the rest of this fantastic album. For those Ashley fans out there besides me, be sure to look out for Ashley's singles like, He Said She Said and Last Christmas. Can't wait for Ashley's next album. GOT TO LOVE ASHLEY!!

Kirstie.W - Very Mediocre2 star

Another infectious pop album from a high school musical graduate. But as always the singing always falls short and leaves a rather bland, same same sound throughout the album. These kids would benefit from some vocal coaching so they could lose the electronica back up sound to make them sound better.

SingergirlNo.1 - Its ok, but could have been WAY better2 star

He said She said is one of the good songs but that was basically the only remotely good one on the whole album. I absolutely love Ashley Tisdale and she has a great voice, but the album was very dissapointing.

The Tivey-White's - Definetly a good party album..5 star

i love this album, it has some great songs, my favourites are, he said she said, not like that, suddenly, we'll be together and be good to me... she has amazing talent for her age..

shear on - I LOVE YOU ASHLEY5 star

this is a great album i love all the songs on the CD i love the beat on he said she said this is my favorite CD EVER

x.-Savy - Ashley's Fabulous !5 star

This album is by far the best ! In my opinion it beats Vanessa even though she was great ! I say get this album. I have it and can't stop listening to it. I don't have any favourites because I can't just choose one. I love them all ! If you get Ashley's album you won't stop listening trust me. I can't. My mom even get's angry at me for always playing it. She even knows the words ! Remember buy it, and you won't regret it.

tinatraff - I LOVE THIS ALBUMM4 star

i love he said she said shes been going ya chick

ggddoogg - LOVE IT!!!!!!5 star

I think Ashley Tisdale is a excellent singer i love Headsrong, be good to me and he said, she said. SHE'S THE BEST, BETTER THAN VANESSA HUDGENS!!! ZASHLEY SHOULD WIN!!!!!!!!!! SHE AND ZAC AND THE BEST 2GETHER!!!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!


As much as I love Ashlee and her acting-- this album is really dissapointing! Every single song sounds exactly the same, but I do like the songs; I suggest maybe you just buy a few because they're all the same. I love the song 'Kiss The Girl', which you can't buy from iTunes which is really annoying. Happy buying guys. B xx

***Vanessa.Anne.Hudgens_fan*** - Ashley Has Her Head Strong!!!5 star

Nice work Ashley!!! This is a great album!! Headstrong and Be good to me are the best songs!!

X_TA_C - BORING!..:1 star

all the same, << need some variety!>> not worth yur money, wat more can i say, just not my type!

Em & Em 44 - Ashley is da bomb!!!!5 star

Ashley u rox!! this album is sooooo cool. I luv headstrong, he said she said, good to me & so much for you. You proved to be just as good as vanessa, well done

Kizz.K - HOT!HOT!HOT!5 star

Love it! If your like me get the REAL CD because it's worth 20 bucks!

linkydinx - Madness5 star

this album rox my world i listen to it every day so buy this album and you'll get what ur paying 4



bellagio121 - Finally!5 star

This is an excellent cd and definitely worth the buy. Many people are sick of Disney stars making a singing career and makng so called "manufactured" pop! NOT TRUE! Why are these stars on our screens in the first place? Because they have TALENT! And don't go saying that this is tweenie-bopper only material-because that is not true either. Don't go judging if you haven't given it a chance. Ashley is quite grown up in this cd, but it is not at the "explicit" stage- just listen to the lyrics..."Baby I can see us movin' like that, Baby I can see us touching like that, Baby I can see us kissing like that" (He Said She Said). (It is a shame iTunes doesn't have the Intro though, it really adds energy to the beginning of this cd) So Much For You 4.5/5 (even better with the Intro directly before it!) (Maybe my second favourite?) He Said She Said 4/5 Be Good To Me 4/5 Not Like That 4.5/5 Unlove You 3.5/5 Positivity 3.5/5 Love Me For Me 4/5 Goin' Crazy 3.5/5 Over It 3.5/5 Don't Touch [The Zoom Song] 4.5/5 We'll Be Together 4/5 HEADSTRONG 5/5 (My Favourite!) Suddenly 3/5 (sorry, my least favourite song!) I Will Be Me 3.5/5 (Possibly a 4/5, only listened to this song once!)

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Even2333 - Amazing pop album5 star

This is a great pop album. The song Headstrong should have defiantly been released as a single...

xxxkimmyxxx - Headstrong5 star

I love this album all the songs are great it's a good debut album for Ashley you should take the time to listen to all the songs first then decide what you think. My fave songs are : - Intro - So Much For You - Be Good To Me - Unlove You - Love Me For Me - Over It - We'll Be Together - Headstrong - Suddenly - I Will Be Me I recommend it to anyone who is a fan like me and other people :) xoxo

pink1997 - Great5 star

Ignore all the negative reviews, I don't know what they were listening to but it certainly wasn't this album, I love every song as it's all really pop-py and the lyrics are good. Okay, it's not the best album you'll listen to, but this is still a really good album to relax with while you're getting ready or cleaning your room.

Awsomedudeintheholeworld - Ummm3 star

It's ok but sometimes she kinda sings out of her nose and it's still a bit sharpayish

Laurenawesome903 - Ok4 star

It's ok but I'm not loving it :(

Kay Sprouse - Love it5 star

AmZing album. Loved it since it came out. Her songs never die. Love ashley too

unknown1111 - Ashley Tisdale should work on acting3 star

Doesn't she realise she's never in the charts? Which is suprising cause its allright music!!

Me AKA me!!!!!! - Suddenly5 star

Good album! Love suddenly ( suddenly everybody knows my name.......)

CowHouse123! - WOW WOW WOW WEE!5 star

This is an amazing album Ashley has a great voice As Cherly Cole said to Cher Loyd on the X factor 2010 Shes right up my street.: )

Niamh Almighty - absolutely rubbish1 star

ashley tisdale cannot sing(listen to unlove you, especially). all the songs are boring and uninteresting and why do all these disney actors think that they can sing because they sound like strangled cats, especially emily osment. I am very biased but it is true.

x-AsH-.f.-x - Waaay AWESOME !!!!5 star

Awww luv it Ashley :) Awesome album and such a mint singer luvin thuu songs ! My faves are deffo He said she said and not like that ! Luvinn them taa bits ! Immense album !! Thumbs up ALL THUU WAYYYY X

James Tisdale - love her4 star

She's come such a long way and even though this was her first album she was just experimenting what sort of music she would want to do and the genres have defo changed, just look at guilty pleasure I hope Ashley releases a 3rd album x

MOODY ME - Really Good!5 star

Was quite surprised listening to this album. It is really good and i think will we popular very soon. Some great tracks particularly Head Strong and so much for you but the one track Unlove You i hate. Its the one track that ruin the whole album, but other than that, its really good and i would definetely recommened it :)

TheVampireNerd - I'm Still Loving This Album...Even Though I Got It 3 Years Ago.5 star

I've loved Ashley Tisdale since she was in The Suite Life, and i still love her now. She's great in High School Musical, and now i really want to see her in Picture This. Her singing in HSM is amazing. But this album is better, it has a lot of songs i can relate to, and i can really tell she puts the right amount of emotion in. Especially in 'Unlove You', that song gets me everytime, and my eyes well up automatically. Ashley Tisdale is one of my idols. She has a good career, and a good reputation. Her songs got me through the tough times.

Bambi XOXO - AMAZING5 star

Totally amazing!! The best by ever!! Everyone has to have it!! XOXO

Jclo1234 - What?3 star

I don't know why people buy this kinda stuff? All her songs sound the same! Sorry Ashley but i don't like this album!

Pixie Lott rocks - High school musical rip off1 star

She said she wants to get away from Sharpay... Well I'm sorry but she didn't acheive it. Way to high and screechy. If I were her I'd stick to acting. To high school musicaly. Rubbish sorry sharpay i mean ashley

ingbjer - high school musical3 star

the songs, i admit, arn't that bad but all i can think about is her in those frilly dresses in high school musical.

XOXMBH - Truly fabulous!5 star

I am in love with this album, honestly. The best mix of Pop/RnB ever for me. Standout tracks are So Much For You, Love Me For Me, Goin’ Crazy, We’ll Be Together & Headstrong. Love you Ashley!

Vix x - Uh-Oh1 star

She says shes trying to get away form Sharpay. Well, she failed. This album is meant to be edgy, and cool. Its not. Its dismal. Sorry Ashley, but it dosn't work. The songs are cheesy and too... 'high'. She sounds like shes drunk and doing kareoke. Sorry guys but i dont think its worth buying.

Bethany..x - Pleasantly Surprised! Loved it! :)4 star

After Ashleys role in HSM, I wasnt really expecting her own album to be that good however I was pleasantly surprised! I love all the songs on this album especially Goin' Crazy, We'll be together and Positivity! Well Done Ashley :) Cant wait for a new album! =)

katzie13 - ASHLEY ROCKS5 star

really its worth your money and she is so amazing as a hsm fan you know its not all about hsm its self and the stars but they are kinda seprate so it is

tjhlondon - not good! :S2 star

i really dont think that once you have been in high school musical you can ever be taken that seriously to older people who hate stuff like disney channel... to be honest I LOVE DISNEY CHANNEL AND HSM!!!! and i also love ashley, but i also cringe when ever i hear disney channel stars (except miley cyrus) trying to be cool! :S :S SO CRINGE!! but i do like ashley tisdale and disney (huge fan!! haha) :D

chi_cchick - Disappointed4 star

I'm actually really disappointed with this album. I loved her performance in highschool musical, and was hoping she would be similar here, but her songs are so different. I guess its her life, and her voice so she can do what she wants with it. Anyway, good luck Ashley, I know you have some genuine fans out there, but I am not one of them :( Not for this album anyway!

... - Glad She's Herself. . NOT Sharpay!3 star

I honestly can't STICK Sharpay from High School Musical! When she was Maddie from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody she fitted so much better and I thought personally that this album would have a LOT of Sharpay girly - wirly pink spoilt brat influences that just make me want to throw up . .BUT I can say I was plesantly surprised! Although some of the songs sound the same & can be a bit annoying, certain songs like 'He Said She Said' totally rock! A mixed bag really; I personally would advise buying separate songs - not the whole album.

ashley realli is fabulus - great4 star

i think ashley is great i realli like her i loved her part in hsm nd i like her album aswell shes fabulus :)

wigs115 - Do you like Sharpay?3 star

If you like Sharpays voice then you should definatley like this I would give it 3 and half stars

MolKitKat - Kinda.....RUBBISH1 star

Typical celeb album where they just make a catchy yet boring tune onto a pile of forgettable words.

Ollie-G -!5 star

V. surprised, before this I knew her as Maddie from the suite life of zack and ody, but now....she is simply amazing! Better than any other young artist!

I is fat - GREAT!!!5 star

This album is really good cuz she doesnt sound like sharpay and these are good reasons to sing about so GO ASHLEY!!!!!!! =D

Bethii babiee <3 x - WOW!!!!5 star

Ashley Tisdale is such a brilliant singer and this album has realy made me like her more!! He Said She Said is such a brill song!!!!

Barry lad - Loving it!4 star

This album is one of my favourites, because I keep coming back to listen to it, and I never get bored, every time. None of the songs are bad, and my favourites... well it's hard to pick! They're all great! The song 'Headstrong' is great, very catchy, 'We'll Be Together' is so sweet, and they are all good fun to dance to. I recommend it to anyone who likes Ashley Tisdale's character Sharpay's songs in HSM, except this album has a more grown-up feel to it, compared to HSM.

JBA77 - ashley keep on going!5 star

ashley is a very talented I have watched her career blossom from the suite life to the high school musical movies!

Soph 07 - OMG!!!!! Ashley ROCKS!!!!!!5 star

In High School Musical she was good but I could not stop listening to this is amazing!!! My favourite songs are pretty much all of them especially He Said, She Said and Be Good To Me. Basically, what I'm trying to say is if you haven't already got this album in your collection then buy it NOW!!!!! You won't regret it!!

AAAH Lover - She just shows talent and this album is a MUST BUY!!!!5 star

Ashley Tisdale also known as Sharpay Evans in the big hit High School Musical (HSM), although she does not open all of her talents in HSM she shows it all this album, she focuses mainly of the genre Pop but adds a great funk and beat to it all, she shows all of her talent and has a great way of opening up to her fans over in the UK and the whole world, Headstrong shows how much Ashley has grown and how she has improved through the years and how her voice has begun to widen (range) she has a large amount of talent and this album (Headstrong) is A MUST BUY ALBUM! Ashley Tisdale has shocked many people with this album and is the best preformer that has opened up lots of pathways for herself this album is tated at 5 star because of her ability to not give up and always be there for her fans, her talent is trumendise and this album is a must buy as her talent has exceeded expections of many people and fans around. Buy this album it is just the greatest.

tomatokitkat - A good effort :)4 star

Personally, I don't find this album too bad, some of it may be a little bit bland, but certainly not bad. I think that Ashley has put a lot of effort into the album. I noticed that people were being really mean about her in some of the reviews. If you don't like her, DON'T BOTHER WRITING COMMENTS. Reviews are for the music, not how much people hate the artist. If you don't like the music, say something constructive, not how much you hate the him/her. Theres no need to be nasty or vicious- Ashley is a real person, and just because you don't like her isn't a reason to start slagging her off.

Geeorgiaa; - Hii, i am her no.1 fan...5 star

hii.. it's geeorgia.. i would just like to say.. your opinion is that she's not good. i have been her no.1 fan for ages and all of her songs are brill. ashley tisdale is my idol AND role model. it's a BRILL album all- round

James2688 - Woo4 star

woot finally the album I loved "he said she said" when it first came out and still love it now! perfect song to dance to when your getting ready to go out or are having a party!

Avid-listener - She's not, not, not that bad!5 star

Wow, now over here in the uk EVERYONE knows ashley tisdale because of her role as Sharpay Evans in high school musical. I thought i'd listen to this album depsite not really liking the high school musical movies and wow i did not see this coming! this album is miles away from high school musical! its a really good well produced album and ashley shines in all the songs! i recommend you buy this!

Anon6 - brilliant5 star

i don't know how people can say this is not a good album, shes a young girl whos clearly worked hard and put a lot of effort into this album , the songs are really catchy too, well done, this rocks!!!!!

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