Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies

Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Killswitch Engage
Album Name:   As Daylight Dies
Genre:   Metal
Tracks:   11
Relase Date:   21 January 2006
Country:   USA

As Daylight Dies (Killswitch Engage) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Daylight Dies 4:05
2.This Is Absolution 3:34
3.The Arms of Sorrow 3:44
4.Unbroken 3:08
5.My Curse 4:04
6.For You 4:03
7.Still Beats Your Name 3:19
8.Eye of the Storm 3:56
9.Break the Silence 4:32
10.Desperate Times 4:25
11.Reject Yourself 4:45

About Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies Album

As Daylight Dies is the fourth studio album by American metalcore band Killswitch Engage. It was released on November 21, 2006 through Roadrunner Records. It was produced by Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroetzel. It peaked at number 32 on the Billboard 200, selling up to 60,000 copies within its first week. It also peaked within the Rock, Hard Rock, and Digital Albums Charts. The album was certified Gold by the RIAA on June 30, 2009, which was on the same date of the release of its successor, Killswitch Engage. ..

As Daylight Dies (Killswitch Engage) Album Comments

As Daylight Dies (Killswitch Engage) Album Reviews

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  • Ricksta909
    5 stars
    5 Stars. Going down in history as one of the greatest albums ever made. Howard and Adams vocals are fantastic. Instruments are phenomenal.
  • Zeek Z
    5 stars
    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  • NSR07
    5 stars
    One of my favorite albums. This album is one of the best around, you can never be disappointed with Howard's voice
  • zradocs23
    5 stars
    Beautiful.. By far one of my top ten rock/metal albums of all time! Everything on here is amazing.
  • Skylightdies
    5 stars
    Brilliant. The best sounding cd in the history of cd's!! Must buy. I recommend tracks 1-11.
  • JLawless12
    5 stars
    Amazing!. This album is so good! It was the first one I got when I picked up my iPod and I'm glad I did that too. Killswitch Engage for the win! The songs My Curse and The End of Heartache especially showed the most meaning to me but still great job!
  • mertz 93
    5 stars
    Absolutely Amazed. Now I am a person who usually just goes to an artist, sees what it offers, and buy the songs i like the best. When i listened to all the songs of this album, i had not choice but to go get a card and buy the whole thing, plus theyre previous album theyre so good. Killswitch = best metal band formed in history of metal.
  • Cirigs
    5 stars
    Best Album. This by far the best album by them!! I'm seeing them August 7 and I'm pumped! KSE!!
  • Samukeekers
    5 stars
    Oorah. Just buy man, best songs ever! Long live metal.
  • Jpc3321
    5 stars
    Howard. Howard makes this band. Lost interest with new guy. Howard's voice is just different from anybody else's and I can't listen to this band without him. Maybe if they changed Their name it would be ok but there is no kse without Howard and yes this album is sick!!!!
  • Bobert the Unwise
    3 stars
    Sure Cure to Rap. This is Awesomer, nay I say, tis Super Awesomer!
  • thesexybeast0382
    5 stars
    killswitch engage. this is a band. I and many others will love untill the day it dies. they are very good. and for a country boy like me. these guys are awesome. they scream but you can still understand their lyrics.
  • mrobstrong
    5 stars
    As daylight dies. I have owned this album since it came out. I can safely say that it's one of the best I've ever heard.
  • Zach Dickerson
    4 stars
    pretty good.. This album is pretty good, and is a great price!
  • Me111111111111111111
    5 stars
    Awesome Album, Great Band. I didn't dislike one song on this album, and that's a first for me. Always will be one of my favorites.
  • Musician254
    5 stars
    The Best. This band is very good forget good they are freaking awesomectjis is what you call real metal!!!!! the ignorent people who say otherwise are an idiot and have no taste for music! Buy this album!! For eargasms!!!
  • Tacomanz1234
    5 stars
    Kl. Best album ever!!!
  • Philly4really
    5 stars
    Awesome job killswitch. As daylight dies is the best album I have ever listened to period.the arms of sorrow is the best song on that album.
  • Breaking Bridges
    4 stars
    A great metal-core album. I really like this album, I have a couple of favorite songs. Every one does not like Eye of the Storm but that's my favorite, followed by Desperate Times, Reject Yourself, and then Break this Silence.
  • Xavierxs95
    5 stars
    Superb. I have just really started to get into KsE. I usually enjoy lamb of god. But I love the strength, and powerfulness of his voice, then the high and low screaming by Howard and Jesse. I highly reccommend this album. I believe reject yourself is the best song on here
  • BigSw0ll
    5 stars
    Lets do it again!!!!!. This is truly the best band everrrrrrrr. Kse needs to make moreeeee there great!!!!!!
  • DM128
    5 stars
    Killswitch Engage FTW!!!. Killswitch Engage is definitely one of my favorite metal bands. In this album, I loved how they included acoustic style parts in each song. I really hope they continue to create more great songs.
  • mfhxcmhcg
    5 stars
    Super heavy.. KSE is my 2nd favorite band (1st is Darkest Hour. Check them out.) and this is their best album. PERIOD. End of heartache was great but this is way better. Daylight Dies: I dont know why this songs popularity is empty. I seriously dont. This song is my favorit without a doubt. It sounds alot like As I Lay Dying's "94 Hours" It has these super heavey chuggs then a melodic riff mixed with vocals that go along with it perfectly. This song never gets old. 6/5 This is Absolution: Again another great song with little popularity. It has great riffs and crazy vocals and drums. perfect for mosh pits. 2nd fav.5/5 Arms of sorrow: This is my 3rd favorite. this song has mostly clean vocals alternating between Howard and Adam with screaming in the backround. really catchy.5/5 Unbroken: great song but not a favorite. it is more upbeat and heavy with a catchy ending. My Curse: Every one loves this song, but i dont see why. its a great song dont get me wrong, but it gets old. 3.5/5 For You: This song is different but its good. 3/5 Still Beats Your Name:Alot like For You. has a more gentle chorus. 3/5 Eye of the Storm: probly the least popular on this album, but not the worst. 4/5 Break the silence: My 5th fav. nice lyrics and chorus. 4/5 Desprate times: this is my 4 th fav. actually its in a tie with arms of sorrow. this is more of a slow song so you can catch your breath after the previous songs but its also very powerful. the vocals are very passionate and the lyrics have the most meaning on the whole album. its like reading a verse from the bible. exelent. 4/5 Reject Yourself: after taking a breather with Desperate times, this song picks up the pace with KSE's signature brutality. This song also has a gentle side with the chourus. an exelent finishing track. 4/5 Epic music. Epic album. Epic Band. P.S : cut it out with the "click yes if you agree" nonsence. its really stupid. Click yes if you agree with me.
  • phillies6
    5 stars
    strong. Strong beats and singing
  • Gibson steal guitar
    5 stars
    Asome. Dude daylight dies is the best song I've heard!
  • Andyguy1
    5 stars
    Screw the bottom loser!!!. Don't listen to that jerk. This is truly one of their best albums they ever came out with. Every song filled with thought, emotion, and heavy rhythem just keeps you asking for more. I'm glad I actually bought this best money I ever spent. Killswitch engage for life y'all!
  • urikedat
    2 stars
    MAINSTREAM METAL. this album is alright but if your looking for something heavier consider bands like ,AS I LAY DYING,UPON A BURNING BODY,THE JUDAS CRADLE.
  • Devinonononon
    1 stars
    Needs work. Every song sounded te same!!
  • Firealan25
    5 stars
    My Curse. I'm cursed with by killswitch engage. I can't stop listening to it. It's so awesome.
  • JHawke78602
    5 stars
    Killswitch Engage. This is the best album they ever came out with. A must buy. This band is awesome fo sho
  • scooter3366
    5 stars
    Come on Haters!. First off, Let me say every single song on this album is a must have, Lyrics put together a different but relative story for each song! THIS ALBUM IS A DEFINITE BUY!!!! But for all of the Haters, I have a different message... If you don't like the album, don't listen to it! Simple as that! All of you "Old" Killswitch fans need to learn to accept a band when it changes, "Test The Waters" if you will... I too used to listen to the old Killswitch, I liked it! But the band got a new tone, I didn't shun it away because it's not the "music" I like. Listen to something different for a change! I turned up liking the "Current" Killswitch better than the old "Scream after Scream, Cant understand a word" Type of thing. I'm not telling you to go out and listen to Taylor Swift or anything like that, but dont hate it before you realise that it's actually a change for the better!!!
  • SacredMT
    5 stars
    Best Of The Best!. This band is a true metal inspiration for all. They are truly a metal band that is great to listen to. "killswitch Engage", "All That Remains", "Sacred Mother Tongue", and "Demon Hunter" are the bands that make metal, metal! Highly, highly Recommend!
  • sithblood66
    5 stars
    woot. this is the best metal band in time!!!!!!!
  • #1whitesoxfan
    5 stars
    awsome!. this is one of my all time favrites right here i highly recomend this
  • chargers754
    5 stars
    MY CURSE IS AWSOME. like the fast drumming its sick
  • kelsey_5555555555555
    5 stars
    killswitch AMAZE ME. these guys are so intense, all of they're stuff is good but this album definitely gets the thumbs up. they sound is so unique, like nothing else ive heard, i cant wait to hear more from them.
  • Plague of Fall
    4 stars
    Very good!. This album is awsome especially the song As Daylight Dies
  • xX_The_ASSassin_Xx
    5 stars
    Don't buy this.. Go buy the special edition. It may only have one extra song, but goddamnit it is a good one. "Holy diver, you've been down too long in the midnight sea, Oh what's becoming of me?"
  • Disturbingly Disturbed
    5 stars
    This album is boss. my curse is awesome, my word is final
  • metal zen
    5 stars
    Sweet. This album got me hooked on KSE. Its just really good.
  • Guitarplayer1089
    2 stars
    Not Their Best Album. This album is what turned me off of KSE. Except for The Arms Of Sorrow and My Curse I didn't like this album to much. Thank god their new album is better.
  • Pressto10
    5 stars
    Oh ya!. This has to be one of the best metal albums I've heard. Killswitch Engage has definately given me a new way to listen to my favorite kind of music. Not one song is bad on this album.
  • Squeaky moths
    5 stars
    BUY BUY BUY. it is well worth the money you will find yourself listening to this album on a daily basis every day for months i saw them at music as a weapon 4 tour and they were amazing
  • sniktawekim
    2 stars
    A Dissapointment. I was anxious when i heard KsE had made a new album. Alive or Just breathing was my first album of theirs and it was VERY pleasing. When i got end of heartache, i didnt like it as much, but i still enjoyed it. i felt like some of the songs werent really catchy writing, but more of filler tracks; however that album overall was still pleasing. when i bought this CD before listening to it, i was very dissapointed. First, they all sound like filler tracks to me, My Curse seems somewhat like a mediocre song. its sad when your most famous song is someone elses song (Holy Diver). I feel the more Howard feels the need to sing, the worse the albums get.
  • ShadowHawk148
    5 stars
    Took my breath away.. KsE transformed me into a hardcore metalhead by way of "My Curse". Amazing song, amazing alblum. Killswitch Engage blends the perfect ammount of melody and thrash. And the music videos capture more emotion than I thought possible for a metal song. Try the songs, and I highly reccomend "My Curse" and "The Arms of Sorrow."
  • supjackson
    5 stars
    mi review. wow. just wow. almost every song is perfect on this album. starts out with a metalcore sone to warm you up, then, BAM!! Thrash Metal This is absolution comes. these songs are perfect. the setlist is perfect, and the screaming/melodic metal never fails to get you pumped. one of my favorite albums. period.
  • Β‘Ashley!
    5 stars
    Great Album. This is one of those albums that when u go to listen to one song you end up playing the whole album.
  • rangerflash
    2 stars
    their overated. Its alright, their is only one or two good songs
  • Binary1010
    1 stars
    gay. gay music for nerds that wish they were dark

Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies Album Wiki

As Daylight Dies is the fourth studio album by American metalcore band Killswitch Engage. It was released on November 21, 2006 through Roadrunner Records. It was produced by Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroetzel..