Vitamin String Quartet - Strung Out, Vol. 3: VSQ Performs Alternative Hits

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Strung Out, Vol. 3: VSQ Performs Alternative Hits (Vitamin String Quartet) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 4:52
2. 2:42
3. 4:36
4. 4:15
5. 2:46
6. 3:06
7. 2:34
8. 4:04
9. 3:15
10. 4:03
11. 5:35
12. 3:11

Vitamin String Quartet - Strung Out, Vol. 3: VSQ Performs Alternative Hits Album Comments

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Strung Out, Vol. 3: VSQ Performs Alternative Hits [Vitamin String Quartet] Album Reviews

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- Nope.1 star

They can't put enough emotion into it!!! If only WW groups that did covers were famous! They could play with more emotion which is what these songs NEED!!!! If you have a wind instrument there are SO MANY ways you can change your style, air, tonguing, and pitch!!!!!!

- No Need for a Title4 star

I think it's funny that 3 of the 12 songs (that's 1 out of every 4) were Chili Pepper songs..Not that I'm complaining..the Chili Peppers are a great band.

- Wow5 star

This is the only music I like to listen to now. It's genius. Create more please :)

- This is amazing.5 star

Welcome To The Black Parade sounds incredible here. My Chemical Romance is my favorite band, and what they did with their song shows how brilliant theese people are. Turning a rock song into classical music is probably very hard, and they pulled it off flawlessly.

- Love it!4 star

It's a beautiful piece of music!!

- Wow ...5 star

It's crazy to think all of this is made by only four people. The music is so detailed and has so much depth to it ... Very easy to lose yourself in this music. I very much reccomend it!

- RHCP!!5 star

There should be a separate cd dedicated to the Chili Peppers because their songs on this cd are awesome. Other songs on the cd are great too.

- Great Music Great Choice of Songs5 star

The Vitamin String Quartet made these songs very enjoyable and they make you see these songs in a whole different way. They also chose what I would say are perfect alternative hits to orchestrate music to. Amazing playing and great song choices. This album will change the way you listen to your music.

- WOW5 star

This is epic. I never knew a string quartet could be like this. Way to go!!!

- My hat goes off to you!!!5 star

Man!!! Vitaming String, you rock!!!!

- My Favs4 star

Snow, Bird and the Worm, and generaly Welcome to the Black Parade are the best, they all ( first 2 especialy) have an exiting beat that is not common for the stariotipe string group. The entire album is pretty awsome.

- Good but...5 star

This is an amazing set of songs and they do it beautifully. But why can't you buy the album all together? Its the only volume you have to buy each song individually. What's the deal here?

- Funny and static5 star

I did hear a little crackle in the beginning of the middle, but this stuff happens, I know, I assisted sound for my fourth grade concert cause I hate singing. Welcome to the black parade and the middle are my favorite songs on this. Total 5 stars.

- crazy good5 star

this is awesome for all who have in interest in these songs. Really brings out great songs in a new way.

- ..Static?5 star

Yeah these people ROCK!! But at the beguining of "The Middle" I herd something that sounded like Stadic. Maby it was just my laptop. But im still giving them 5 stars because mistakes happen =)

- Love 'em4 star

I love VSQ it's really cool to hear their remixes of classic rock songs. It's total teenager fall asleep music

- incredible5 star

so amazing!

- hahaha5 star

they are nasty with it get that yin

- DOPE FO SHO5 star


- Welcome To The Black Parade was AMAZING!!!4 star

Being a hug to die for My Chemical Romance Fan, i wanted to see if there song would be good as like not a Rockie and hard core as they are i came arosee Welcome To The Black Parade her and i was amazed if your anyone of anybody you should get it. It blow me away , i didn=ent know you could do this with thier songs. Go MCR and that song on her by them.

- Wow... just wow5 star

I've only discovered VSQ about a week ago, and they simply Blow. Me. Away! Their muical talent I haven't found listening to *any* other string quartet, and I enjoy classical music. With this said, this particular album is probably the best group of songs they could've chosen for their tribute. Face Down and Stolen are pleasant surprises. Seriously, buy this album. You will like it.

- BUY THE WHOLE ALBUM. So worth it.5 star

It's great songs with a classical spin! If you're a music lover, like me, then this is for you! I like songs for the notes behind the lyrics. You really get to appreciate all the sounds in these songs and you get to hear these violin masters! What more could you ask for?

- Beautiful!5 star

This is amazing! All of the songs sound just the same, but with a twist, which i find calming and intriguing. Worth the money!

- WOW5 star

These guys rock!!!!!:D

- Amazing!!5 star

These guys are really amazing. They can do almost any song perfectly. I love Welcome to the Black Parade, Dani California, The Middle, and Snow (Hey Oh). I wish I could play as good as them.

- LOVE IT5 star

This cd is awsome! I gave it to my sister for her birthday and she loves it. It is all of her favorite songs in string form!! Keep making them! They are really good!

- GET THIS4 star

This is great! Buy this now! It's just fact, everything vitamin does is great!

- I love it!5 star

They actually sound like the songs, because most bands that cover songs make them sound like garbage sometimes. Also, and I know a lot of sonic haters are gonna come after me for saying this: I wish they did a his world version, or seven rings in hand.

- wow XD5 star

Oh my gosh. The bird and the Worm? That tribute was amazing. I think the used should re-do TBATW with the string quartet in the background. it was chilling. it gave me goosebumps. ughh i loved it. and i have no money.XD

- amazing!5 star

This is amazing. This string quartet has taken some of the greatest songs and just had fun. I, being a viola player, know how hard it is to play contemporary music. Fantastic. Welcome to the black parade is my favorite, but they're all wonderful.

- lets go VSQ!5 star

these guy's have really outdone themselfs now i love these guys snow is a great song


its the best band ever!!!! yay!!!!!!! XD. If i had a lot of money I would buy all of their albums. the sound they produce is just so beautiful!!!! iT KINDA SORTA INSTILLS A SENSE OF LONING BUT MAKES YOU FEEL so protected!!! It makes some bands sound even better than they truly are if I do say so myslef *couchcough jonasborthers couchcouh*

- beautiful!5 star

this is some of the most beautiful music i have ever heard. i didn't think it would be my style but its AMAZING! keep doing what your doing.

- Who would've thought,5 star

WOW, Welcome to the Black Parade, the Bird and the worm, Snow, The Middle. Dani California, Face Down... All of my favorite hits, all together in a classical composistion. I could be imagining this, but then i would be unhappy to wake up to nothing...

- some of the best5 star

holly machromony, or somthing like that. that was awsome!

- THats INSANE5 star


- Incredible!!!5 star

To play a very popular piece and make it sound better than it already does takes lots of skill. The Vitamin String Quartet has amzing skill and sound with all of there pieces and this album was no exception!

- wow!5 star

amazing perfirmances (:

- holy poop this is the best!4 star

Ok, I'm not the biggest classical person, but OMG these remakes of our favorite rock songs?? THAT'S something you can listen to, & also sing along. It's great, i love face down, snow, & i'll be getting paramore songs. GET IT. [:

- Cool4 star

Wow this is really interesting stuff. Some of the arrangements are really beautiful, or awesomely cool in a classical way- but the dynamics on most of them are somewhat depressing- Iron Man and We Will Rock You (I know they're on different albums) should be heavily accented and loud, but what this group does is confirm most people's idea that string quartets are really boring, which they aren't!

- Total Awesomness!5 star

these guys are soooo cool!!! its like a whole new look at rock music!

- *sigh*5 star

b e a u t i f u l Thats all that can be said :)

- AWESOME!5 star

Okay, first of all, look at the price: 12 songs for about 7 bucks! The Vitamin String Quartet is very good at what they do, and the spirit of the original songs shine through the violins. This is a new and different way of looking at the music we love. So don't complain that it's not the original artists, because true fans of the songs will love it because it's the tune they know, just expressed differently. 5 stars, extremely reccomended!

- ...1 star

May a bus run over the vitamin string quartet

- amazing and well done!5 star

It continues to amaze me of how good this Quartet is. They preform songs so well giving many people chills. They inspire up and coming string players and provide an inspiring base.Anyone will love their pieces of amazing music.

- Love this!!!!!5 star

I love all the work that vitamin string does it totally inspires me! I love that they reach out to the people and especially kids of our time to understand the beatuy and gracefullness of a quartet and its sounds. It is so totally cool and I love the beat and music and how it relates to many songs and touches us to believe in someting real.

- Wow....5 star

Normally im more into rock/punk/metal/screamo... but ive got to say.... wow.... when i first hear this.... i almost cried! this is talent.... i mean pure talent....

- wow.5 star

Wow, these guys ROCK!! I LURVE these remixes, they're GORGEOUS! I love most of the songs they remixed, so when i found them both when looking for Coldplay and Panic! At the Disco, i had to check them out. Nice job guys!

- iajsflahfafoiaoavnvjzvjklf im speechless4 star

I used to play the violin, but unfotunately not this well. the Vitamin Sting Quartet mixed a varity of styles such as complexity, relaxation, and mastery to create this wonderful masterpeice. The way they play, you just wish that these songs were 99 cents!


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goahwro - <35 star

crazy insane.



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zebbie789 - great music5 star

wicked album

Ethan D Lawrence - Good Stuff4 star

The vitamin string quartet have been horribly under appreciated. They are one of the best tribute bands out there and this album is testimony to their skill.

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