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NoSong TitleTime
1.Need U Bad 4:12

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Need U Bad - Single [Jazmine Sullivan] Album Reviews

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- I wish she would make another album

Please come back

- I get it!!

When the song first came out I wasn't that impressed. I thought she had a nice voice and that was it. A year and a guy later...I totally get it. I can't believe I didn't like this song before. It def. gets 5 stars from me.

- Love this cd

She gots such soul in her voice.

- Very nice...

indeed. She's different from alot of artist out there. She breaks the female R&B/Soul genre, creating a style all her own.

- .


- Jasmine Sullivan is talented

I can't wait for her album. Jasmine Sullivan is extremely talented.

- MS. Keania

This is the best Albumn that I have heard in the past few years. Jaz is extremely talented. I can relate to every single song on the CD. Each song is dynamic and filled with the truth. She is exactly what we need in the music industry right now!

- this is great

i thought i'd let everyone know that its Pepa of Salt-n-Pepa that speaks in the into and the outro, and not Missy or Jazmine

- Amazing Singer and Songwriter

Jazmine has a BEAUTIFUL voice, and her songwriting skills are out of this world. This is a young lady who really has the potential to be the female Stevie Wonder of this generation. I can't wait til her album drops! (Ya'll need to hear her song "Lions, Tigers, and Bears"!)

- amazing!

wow this song is awesome... like no joke!! the lyrics just make you feel like youve been through it yahh feel me?

- Outstanding!!!

This lady is crazy for this single...it's off the chain!

- An amazing chorus

i don't really like the verses but the chorus is awesome

- Lovely

Very Lauren Hill. Want to say much better, but I think I need more. Great song and vocals.

- Very warm song

i don't know much about her but i gotta say she is very good i like the song her voice is very interesting it gives it a very special touch!

- need U bad

Great great great song, everyone should go out and buy this album because it going to be HOT!!!

- Yes and yes some more. This is gonna be the Caribbean staple of the year.Bring on the remix.

Jazmine has kicked down the doors and did her own thang.Mixing those real instrumentals, chorus echo (which is very Caribbean) and a strongr&b (no actually neo-soul ) voice was hott. I'm telling you right now after hearing this song about 3 mins after this song drops there will be 1000 dj's making remixes.What should be expect from a protege of Missy..........we expect nothing less., Moral of the story brillant job Missy and Jazmine you gonna be big.Just can't wait to see who you are going collabo with.


Jazmine has a beautiful voice, but even more than that, she is annointed by GOD! I feel his power everytime she opens her mouth to sing. I believe this young artist will have MANY years in the music industry! Way to Go Jazmine!!!!!

- Need U Bad- Jazmine Sullivan


- Not bad

R and B and reggae yes.... but I don't believe no one mentioned the easy breezy 70's sound that makes up most of the song. That reggae stuff is just thrown in for candy.

- four and a half

this was a great song, and also the first time I've hered of Jasmine Sullivan! if i were you i would hit the "get it" button!

- doesnt need much

great song. great voice. great lyrics. great music. doesnt get 5 starts because i only give 5 stars to the best of the best.

- lauryn hill

without the meaningful lyrics, she sounds and has a very similar style to her

- WOW!

OMG! I thought this was Lauryn hill when I first heard her! This brings a nostalgic air of Lauryn Hill's reign since the Fugees and thereafter. I'm not saying she could replace Ms. Hill but this comes pretty dang close.... supersedes my expectations to the max....Good job! For all you folks complaining bout Itunes not giving you this and that and you want more genres and blah blah blah should get a life. You sound soooo SPOILED! Not only did you not have to download this song but never complain about something someone's given you.They didn't have to give you a dang thing in the first place!

- Too much Lauren Hill clonage

Lauren Hill does this style better. I think Jazmine's voice would lend itself much better to soft, soothing melodies, rather than attempting pitch acrobatics a la Mariah. It's like using a butter knife to saw through a two-by-four: rough, tiresome, and you can't wait for it to be over. She can definitely sing, but isn't doing much of that in this track.

- Okay, but I want to see what SHE can do

Are you SURE this isn't another incarnation of Lauryn Hill in a pop artist's body?? This sounds like a bonus track off Miseducation. It's not exactly original stuff, but if you imitate someone as huge as Lauryn you're bound to sound at least okay, and get some great vocal exercise in the process. This is a mediocre track but I foresee great things for Jazmine if she lets her own creativity come into play. She's obviously talented but imitation can only take you so far.

- more more more

she is freakn' awesome

- Great Voice

Girl can sing. And the rythm and music is good too. Thanks for the free song.

- This girl...

Jazmine... You're the best! you remind me Lauryn Hill.. I miss her so much!

- Jazmine Sullivan - Need U Bad

"Need U Bad" is the first single off of Jazmine Sullivan's debut album "Fearless". The producers were Lamb and Missy Elliot, and Missy also guest stars. There is a remix with T.I. and Missy Elliot. Lyrically, the track is calm and pop material. Production isn't the bets on the track though in some places it seems a little unfitting. And performance wise Jazmine drops a good nice verse. Missy drops a passable verse but it is not the best on the planet. Part of the reason the song is bad is that the song samples the 1969 reggae single "Queen of the Minstrels" by "Cornell Campbell" & "The Eternals". When someone samples lines from another song it really doesn't help it out. Overall, the track is good, and should have a good amount of popularity. Here is a list of upcoming tracks on Jazmine's debut. "Bust Your Windows" "Dream Big" "Need U Bad" "Foolish Heart" "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" "After the Hurricane" "Call Me Guilty" "One Night Stand" "Best of Me" Switch!" "Fear" "In Love with Another Man" Jazmine's new album "Fearless" should release on September 23, 2008.

- Expecting good things..

You can find a diamond in the rough, it seems. While channel surfing and finding myself on BET (=/), it was towards the end of 106 & Park when this song was played at number one of their top ten songs. I had heard the song and seen the video prior to seeing it the show, but it drew me in at that particular moment for reasons unknown (probably because I was surprised BET was playing good music). Her voice is powerful, the lyrics are true, you can feel her soul in the song, she's definitely someone I'll be keeping in mind towards the future and you should too.

- For a Single of the Week it's definitely entertaining and well written.

The Reggae to R&B transition makes for a surprisingly smooth, catchy, and 'liberating' (because of how the production adds reverb to open up the chorus) song. Along side Jazmine's voice in the intro and outro it comes together very well. But it is pop, so it's not the deepest obviously not everything has to be that deep but not everything is top shelf for that reason. It has piqued my interest and I'll definitely check out the album. A solid 3 stars.

- Hot and Sultry

When I first heard the song it reminded me of the Lauryn Hill/Bob Marley Song. It's about time ITunes stepped up and gave us song actually worth listening to. I can't wait to buy the rest of the CD. Jazmine's sound is sultry, smooth and intoxicating.

- Great track with a good sound

Reggae + Philly = surprisingly good music. Eat your heart out, New York!

- . . .EXHALE!

when i first heard this song i was on vacation- nothing to do at the moment and heard that woman's voice! let me tell you i kept the video on lock, i think i played this song back to back twenty times. we need her here, REAL MUSIC! WOW! i had forgotten what it sounds like- you should go to youtube and hear her other stuff- she is for MY soul! *************THANK YOU JAZMINE SULLIVAN

- i love her vocalz

shes a beast!

- BUY this SONG!!!

this song is great!!! Can't wait for the CD. SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC!!!

- I love this song!!!!!

Nice mix of styles.

- Real singing gives me chills...

If this song doesn't give you goose bumps or make you feel like you're somewhere other than where you really are, then you have a problem. Jazmine Sullivan is not just a singer, but really a healer. Her voice instantly soothes whatever it is that you're going through, and for this I am a humble fan. She could just have done runs the entire song and I would be ALRIGHT.

- Great!

I'd draw comparisons to the vocals of Lauren Hill with a reggae beat to back it all up. Plus she's fine... Recommended.

- my favorite song so far of 2008

this is my jam cant wait till her cd drops

- need u bad/ jazmine sullvan

this song is dope. She hot . I love this song and her voice is amazing.Cant wait to get the cd.


I nearly spontaneously combusted when I heard this song. Yes, Yes, I thought it was the return of Lauryn, but, nevertheless, Ms. Sullivan is real soul reincarnated. Buy this single and CD when it drops. Support real creativity!

- Love this song

My children and I all love this song. We downloaded on the computer and listen and dance to it everyday. I can't wait for the cd to come out!

- great voice, but it's kinda boring.

i gotta be honest.

- ehhh =/

its ok. not something i would listen to on my ipod.

- R&B and the Island feel

I love this song, it goes from R&B at the beginning then switches to that island feel almost jamacan music! i love it. amazing. if you agree click yes

- good song

okay woah we gotta clear some stuff up. jazmine pretty much is missys artist, she was part of SWV i think and missy convinced sullivan to come back into the studio so duh. and the deep voice is not lamb but pepa from salt n' pepa. your welcome

- R&B has been needing you bad!

Man what can I say that others haven't already? I first heard this song on the radio and they never released who the artist was nor her name. The only clue I had was that I knew Missy was on the track. And I googled like crazy looking for the artist and the name of the song and "viola" I came across Jazmine Sullivan. This song just brings back everything that R&B is supposed to encompass. Everything that I grew up with back in the late 80s. Today's R&B has been to poppish for my liking so this really gives hope that R&B will get it's soul back!

- Loved it from the first note

Absolutely fabulous. The beat, the lyrics, the caribbean flavor it all speaks to me. A colleague at work told me about this artist, but i could not find the track, nor did i hear it on the radio here in Hudson Valley NY. Thank God I work in Philly on the weekends. I can't wait for the rest of the album hers and J Hud.


Love this song!

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- Fluid

I love her voice. She's very nonchalant but brings strength and fluid like vocals all at once! She makes simple runs sound so complicated.and who doesn't love the old school concious ragga beat she sings to?!

- Jazmine Sullivan is Too Talented!

I love this song! I think Jazmine Sullivan is just a great new artist (I hope her album has more quality songs like this and not just fillers that all sound the same like other contemporary R&B artists) But still this song is great! I'm usually not a big fan of new songs trying to sound "Old Skool" (i.e. Duffy's Mercy single) mostly because I think we should embrace the musical styles we have right now. But Jazmine Sullivan's single really makes me think of Lauryn Hill (which is great!) and I'm not a fan of Regge either but the instrumentals in this song are great. I hope she has all the sucess in the world (for real though) : D

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- woop woop!!

OMG!!! IT IS THE TUNE TO THE ETERNALS SONG!! I'm not jamaican but im from the carribean so i listen too ALOT of reggae lol.. She has a AWESOME voice .. if u like this song u shud also try dream big also sung by Jazmine Sullivan.

- 70s reggae returns

Real reggae fans of Jamaican nationality or heritage will know that the beat for this song is from the song "Queen of the Minstrels" by The Eternals, a Studio One classic. It is over 30 years old so I was surprised to hear Missy Elliott busting this old time reggae beat with this young lady Jasmine. I immediately realized that reggae music is respected and loved throughout the USA. This is pure reggae music. Radio stations will probably never find the original to play (try Studio One Soul from Souljazz) but this shows me that Jamaica is on the map musically. Pure reggae speaks to the heart much more than today's dancehall reggae could ever hope to do. A top class love song with a baseline that feeds your soul. Nuff Respect!

- Buy this

Seriously this song is amazing. Just buy it you will not be let down. Great tune

- Fab Track

If you like Lauryn Hill you'll love this. Just buy it, you will not be disappointed. Can't wait for more music from this talented singer.

- Jazmine Sullivan- just the beginning

I promise you, you'll be playing this for most of the summer whether chilling at your friend's house (trying to dance) or driving it'll be on repeat it is on mine for sure. Sullivan's soulful voice on other tracks(thanks youtube) is some what reminiscent of Lauren Hill (Miseducation cd) but then has the ability to switch it up and sound like a 70's singer. How she does I don't know but I'm waiting on her album!

- Jazmine Sullivan- The New Soul Diva!

WOW! This girl can Sang! So glad she's reached the UK! ''Need U Bad'' has a funky reggae feel along with the unique vocal sounds of Jazmine Sullivan. When I first heard this I seriously needed it bad! Good Job Jaz! So go ahead and buy it, cause u know that U NEED IT BAD, AS THE AIR U BREATHE!

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@playboicarti Is there a single souls who liked the album? Like actually pls reply if u liked it I need to know. I haven’t seen a single positive thing about the album yet. It’s so bad..


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