Ashley Tisdale - Guilty Pleasure

About Guilty Pleasure by Ashley Tisdale Album

Guilty Pleasure is the second studio album by American pop singer and actress Ashley Tisdale released July 28, 2009 in the United States via Warner Bros. Records. The lead single from the album is the song "It's Alright, It's OK". Ashley began work on this album in the middle of January 2008, with the recordings of the first tracks at the recording studios located in Burbank, California. In an April 2008 interview with Extra!, she stated that she recorded a couple of songs for her next album and after shooting High School Musical 3 she would focus her attention on her second album. Later the year, she announced album would have "more rock and edgier" music. Tommy Page stated in his official website that he was working on Tisdale's second album. In an interview to Cosmopolitan, Tisdale announced the name of the album and it is sexier than the previous album. Tisdale stated the track "Hot Mess" is "about hanging out with a motorcycle bad boy that makes life more interesting" and the track "How Do You Love Someone?" is "about a girl who deals with the split of her parents". The album is indeed an authentic reflection of a girl growing up and speaking her mind on songs like the first single "It's Alright, It's OK". She worked with a host of top-flight record producers and songwriters, such as Kara DioGuardi, Toby Gad, Billy Steinberg, Emanuel Kiriakou, Alain Beaton (of the rock band Porcelain and the Tramps), Diane Warren and Swedish production team Twin (who co-wrote the Headstrong singles "Not Like That" and "Be Good to Me"). Tisdale co-wrote several tracks on this album, including "Acting Out", "Overrated", and two ballads "Me Without You" and "What If", which she co-wrote with Kara DioGuardi. She also confirmed the track "Masquerade".

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Guilty Pleasure (Ashley Tisdale) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:46
2. 2:59
3. 2:56
4. 3:40
5. 3:26
6. 3:28
7. 3:38
8. 4:23
9. 3:25
10. 3:10
11. 3:33
12. 4:09
13. 3:01
14. 3:39

Ashley Tisdale - Guilty Pleasure Album Comments

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Guilty Pleasure [Ashley Tisdale] Album Reviews

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- Absolutely fabulous!5 star

Recently watched aliens in the attic and this song is at the end and I forgot how much I absolutely loved Ashley!! It’s a fun happy makes you want to dance or wave your hands around while riding in a convertible down Pacific Coast Highway!!!!

- bootleg this1 star

not many if any good songs on the album. How do u love someone is a song that even the original singer, porcelain black, couldn’t save. It’s a boring white girl song!

- 😃LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! 😀5 star

I love this album! I can't stop listening to acting out! It's become my favorite song! I love this album! Ashley Tisdale is one of my favorite artists.

- Forever Tizzie5 star

Ashley's album is so amazing (both of them) and I can't wait until her new one comes out its been way too long without new music

- Shocked!5 star

I've never actually liked an entire album but I like all the songs on this one! Love her and her album(:

- What?1 star

Stop trying to act like Kesha in the music videos. Tired of it!

- She5 star

Ashley Tisdale has done it again and this album really shows that the lady can rock. My favorites would have to be "It's Alright, It's OK", "Crank It Up", "Masquerade", "Overrated", "Acting Out" and "Switch" (bonus track from the Aliens in the Attic soundtrack). She got established as a singer through the High School Musical movies and released her first album Headstrong in 2007. Since then, she's been burning up the charts with her infectious beats and catchy songs. If you love her singing, show your support and download her albums. They're great.

- !!<3!!4 star

How do you love someone is one of my new favorite songs!!

- Not what I expected...4 star

I hated Ashley in High School Musical and any other show and or movie she's acted and sang in but I hate to admit that this album isn't bad at all. I was expecting that whiny, nasally voice with stupid lyrics and annoying beats, but I was proved wrong. I previewed all of the songs and thought, "Hey this isn't half bad!" so I bought the album and I don't regret spending money on it. Though a couple songs are a bit ridiculous, the majority of them are catchy and fun, her slow ones are really pretty too.

- Pretty good in comparison4 star

When you consider the "talent" that most Disney stars have, Ashley really shines above them. Hardly any of her songs could be considered "cookie-cutter tween pop," and she's clearly experimenting with all kinds of music (pop, rock, dance, ballads) which makes this album even more unique. The entire collection if songs are fantastic, but my top... uhhh... let's go with 5 (and this'll be hard, all her songs are amazing) would be Masquerade, Time's Up, What If, Erase and Rewind, and How Do You Love someone. And that doesn't even do this album enough justice, every freaking track is superb. I highly recommend you buy the whole album. It'll be worth it.

- Come On.2 star

Ashley is really following the path of other Disney stars before her. She is going down the wrong path. Come on Ashley make a strong comeback.


OK. i thought justin bieber was bad. then came rebecca black, and he dramatically improved in my opinion. now that i've heard this, rebecca black doesn't seem so bad by comparison. Total fail of and album

- Luv it !!!!!5 star

This is one of my fav albums.

- Best ever5 star

This is her

- OMG5 star

Wow I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best song absolutley has to be Hot Mess. Great job Ashley!

- luv it!5 star

ashley is my fav singa! luv all songs especially how do u luv some1! luv ya ash!

- EPIC!5 star

This album is so amazing!! Don't just bug the singles buy the whole album you will thank me! Ashley keep going like this and you'll make it big! How Do You Love Someone is my favorite song off the whole CD! Go Ashley!!!

- Awesome!!!!!5 star

This album is sooooo gr8. F.Y.I dont but the singles sepretely, you will spend more money than u would if u bought the entire album, not dat it matters this album is worth every cent. my favs r #1-14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- AMAZING5 star

great CD. good music for an occasion... all the songs are phenomanal! BRAVO!

- ;)4 star

i love ashely

- Admit it. She's Gooood...5 star

Ok all you peeps who say: "she's ugly" "she cant sing" "shes stupid" "shes so cliche", time to fess up. You are just jealous and you want to feel cool by putting her down. If she was ugly and couldnt sing, she wouldnt be a actress, movie star AND a pop star, now would she? Just because she got her start on Disney Channel DOES NOT automatically make her bad. She really is an amazing singer, so give it a shot! i highly reccomend buying this album. I am a big fan, and even if youre not, you dont have to make up lame excuses. She CAN sing!!

- great!5 star

i love it. and it looks like everyone else does too! all the songs in the album are all the way popular!

- I was surprised.3 star

To be honest when I started listening to this album I expected to think it was stupid. To be honest, I thought that it was alright. I believe that if Ashley Tisdale puts out an album like this on her first time she could do well with the tween market. The majority of the album is very "Girl Power." This album is riding off her popularity, but she would do alright otherwise.

- Ashley is awesome and amazing!!!!4 star

I love ashley forever!!!!!

- GREAT !5 star

This CD is great ! Great party songs (crank it up , acting out , masquerade ) my favorites . Along with my favorite song me witout you . Good for pre-teens / teens * (:

- ashley tiSD!5 star


- Amazing!!5 star

Thrasher from lovehatehero played on Masquerade! love it!

- Amazingggg!!!(:<33335 star

Ashley you are so talented keep up the goood work make a new album!!! (: -Alex estrada #1 FANNNNNNN(: <333333

- give me my money NOW1 star

i want my money back NOW ir im gonna have a problem only buy its alright its okay and maybe swich. AND IT DIDNT EVEN GIVE ME THE FREAKIN DIGITAL BOOKLET IM TICKED I BETTER GET MY MONEY BACK OR GET THAT BOOKLET OR iTUNES IS GONNA HAVE SOME PROBLEMS


I am really hooked on this album!! Her singing has definitely improved. I'm pretty impressed with her progress and I love the songs a lot, since they're meaningful and fun with a mature twist. IT'S SO WORTH IT!

- :^)5 star

I <3 it when Disney people "escape" from Disney! I love how Ashley now acts more "grown up"!!!! She calls herself a "sexy superstar" and says that she "wakes up in her bra & her makeup" and she parks her car sideways. She calls herself "the type of girl that sticks like a tatoo". She even calls herself a "Hot Mess"! Well, that's not "good girl" stuff, but it's the kind of stuff Disney wouldn't approve. And i <3 "Crank It Up" it's VERY grown up. You could probably mistake it for a Britney Spears song!!!!! So, GO ASHLEY TISDALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- I <3 Ashley she is sooo amazing she acts, sings and is veryy sexyy!4 star

I love ashley she is sooooo amazing I like her first album like 9 out of 10, this is her next step she is growing up just like miley in can't be tamed it's different.. But her 1st 1 was a little better but I still like it:) My four favorites are.. 1.It's alright, It's ok 2.How do u love someone 3.Hot mess 4.Crank it up

- Actually really good5 star

Okay, so she was the mean, spoiled girl in HSM 1,2,&3. Well, that's over so what is she gonna do now? Come out with an awesome album that's what! Wow I have to admit that she has dome a great job with this one. She also truly has a nice voice. My favorite song in this album is Overrated. Peace wii out Justin Bieber rocks and is insanely hawt byeeeeeee.

- Masqurade5 star

I lovvvvvvvvvvë dis song

- Good Sound ....5 star

I love Ashley. This new sound is aewsome for her, but this isnt her and she knows it. If she really wants to make it she needs to be more like ke$ha. she's cool and hip and has a party sound. ashley is growing in her music. i cant wait to see what happens next!


ok, Asley has been my role model since the second I saw HSM (cuz Sharpay's way better than Gabriella just like Ashley kicks Vanassa's butt!) This is a great album you should buy the whole thing, but if you only want one song, I'd reccomend "Overrated" or "How Do You Love Someone." I rate all the songs 5/5 and if you're an Ashley fan (like me!) you will, too.

- AWESOME!!!!5 star

I love Ashley!!! She is the best!!!!!! Her new album rocks!!!!! She is so much better than Miley!!!!!

- LOVE IT5 star

She is GREAT! I'm a Disney hater, but I love Ashley!


i this album is better than the first and she sounds sooo much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASHLEY TISDALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for doing what you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- ur all right, ur okay, ashley!5 star

I love the song it's all right, it, ok!!! ASHLEY ROX!


Hot Mess, and Guilty Pleasure! Sound like Cobra Starship anyone?!?! Then is it just me or does its alright it's ok sound like kelly clarkson! Plus her style has changed to resemble Kelly. It's so retarted that since Disney doesnt write her stuff anymore she cant come up with stuff on her own. She is such a poser she doesnt even sing good anyway.

- Awesome!5 star

Great job Ashley! :] I have to say a lot better then your last album. These songs over all are all great! Haha, nice breakthrough from Disney I gotta say! Keep up the good work!!!

- It's definitely guilty, but where's the pleasure?3 star

Ashley's sophomore album "Guilty Pleasure" is supposed to be a more mature and raw album than 'Headstrong' and it certainly has. The vocals are stronger and the lyrics show substance. Although the problem is, it just isn't good enough. 'Headstrong' was a better album because it didn't take itself too seriously and was a blast. This album really missed the mark and Ashley forgot what made her first album more fun and outgoing. I usually don't look for music for Disney stars, but I'd give Ashley a go. It's certainly not terrible, just not good enough. 3 out of 5 stars.

- Great album :)5 star

I purchased this album during the summer and I listened to it on the way to vacation. "Guilty Pleasure" is most definitely a huge change of musical style from Ashley's first album, "Headstrong". In this album, Ashley left behind the Britney Spears-esque pop/electronic sound (which can get annoying) and took on more of a rock & soul feel. I thoroughly enjoyed this album, every single one of the songs is great. "Hot Mess", "Delete You", and "How Do You Love Someone" are my personal favorites. "Guilty Pleasure" is a great second album from Ashley, and if you purchase it you will not be dissapointed!

- My 3 m's5 star

I have 3 ms tht I look at for artits here are they Moving- songs moving?? Beat? Melody-is the pitch correct, melody etc. Mature- are they good? There voices not too low high out of toon scratchy and they don't look too old or young for there age Well Ashley tisdale DEFINATLY meets those!!!

- Nice Try, but your still a whiny-sounding disney girl1 star

You have weak vocals, and all of your song titles are copied from Cobra Starship's album. Hot Mess? Guilty Pleasures? It's so obvious.

- Nice5 star

This album is pretty good! I like it better than Headstrong. Her last album had some good songs but some of them were the same old pop music like Britney Spears.The songs on her new album are really good and I can listen to them over and over and not get tired of it. The only songs that I don't care for is Hot Mess and Hair. My top 5 fav's are: 1. It's Alright, it's OK 2. How do you love someone 3. Masquerade 4. Erase and Rewind 5. Delete you Actually I like the rest too!

- AMAZING5 star

Her first album was really good, but this one is outstanding! I love her voice with a good beat! :)

- Keeps gettin better! :D5 star

Ashley Tisdale is a great talented singer & she's an angel. I love this album because it's amazing!! It's like Headstrong & Guilty Pleasure CD rocks!! I love this album, it's amazing Rock/Pop album ever!! 1. Acting Out 10/10 It's a great dramatic story of this song & it's great start for the chorus & the beginning & it's very awesome lyrics ever. 2. It's Alright, It's Ok 10/10 Break-up song never gets done or even. It's more than alright or ok, it's great!! It's almost like P!nk's break-up song like "So What" & it's cool! & the music video is even hotter & hotter!! 3. Masquerade 10/10 Changing disguise could make everyone happy. It's very kind of like Alternative/Pop song & it's very amazing song I ever heard. It'll be even more hotter of the music video. 4. Overrated 10/10 Another great song of this album. It's kind of little slow but I love it! I hope this song would make a music video of fun or crazy party, it'll be cool & hot. 5. Hot Mess 10/10 Another slow song of the beginning but it's a great start. The chorus & the rest part of it, it's a great Rock n Roll song & it's awesome. Another great song I ever heard. 6. How Do You Love Someone 10/10 The beginning soounds desperate. And the chorus it's a beautiful & powerful song I ever heard. And it's really powerful & it real speaks of truthly life. 7. Tell Me Lies 10/10 Another great dramatic song I heard. But this song is like more about to hear lies & wants the truth to be kept & tell her lies. & This song song does makes this very sence and all. But still, another great dramatic song. 8. What If 10/10 SO BEAUTIFUL DESPERATE SONG I EVER HEARD!! This song really speaks of itself & it's beautiful song, beautiful beats, romantic & sad lyrics, & this song is about what if she need, love, & want that person to be their for her by her side. This song reminding me that I want someone to be their 4 me. But that person wasn't & it's very desperate about it, I about to cry. This song is very beautiful. Ashley Tisdale haters just need to back off already, my goodness. 9. Erase & Rewind 10/10 Sounds a little payback song I heard. But it's great another rock n roll song I heard. It does sounds really great but it doesn't sounds awful. It's a payback song & it's hot! :D 10. Hair 10/10 Cute & sassy song & it'll be very cute as a music video. But not chessy music video because I hate chessy songs & chessy music videos. This song is just about Ashley's hair & she doesn't mind one of us touch her hair & that'll be hot for touching her hot brunette hair. 11. Delete You 10/10 Revenge songs never gets even. I hate enemies. This song reminding me that I want my enemy to be remove & not to be exist anymore. Go ahead Ashley, attack your enemies whatever you like to. I hate enemies so much! 12. Me Without You 10/10 This song is SO ROMANTIC!! This song is so beautiful & it's just like the same as "What If" but this song is so romantic and I love this beautiful a lot! So beautiful song, romantic lyrics, & beautiful together song 4 ever! 13. Crank It Up 10/10 This song is SO HOT!! If ur a party guy or party girl, you'll love this danceable song ever! It's sassy & even more hottest song ever!! I feel like I want to make out with Ashley Tisdale! :D 14. Switch 10/10 It's a great Electronic/Dance I heard & it's awesome, I love this song! It's like a danceable kind of song to dance with. It'll be fun while dancing with someone or by yourself. This is why Ashley Tisdale is 100,000,000,000% BETTER THAN VANESSA HUDGENS!! Vanessa Hudgens is U-G-L-Y, UUGGLLYY!! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, ha. But do buy this album. It's way better than Identified.

- Nice Sound!!!5 star

Alrighty, now, I know people may rip on her sound, but I like it. I liked He Said, She said, and I like this. I immediately bought it when I saw that she had a new single out. Way to go, Ashley! You've got talent and you know how to use it!


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Keithersing5 star

Guilty late night pleasure = The Office Bloopers... who doesn’t love to laugh?

VinceCoates45 star

@ArleneDickinson Super hot right outta the fryer lotsa 🧂 totally a guilty pleasure 😎❤️🇨🇦

PetaIsforarmour5 star

@BITEMARX: you have a "guilty pleasure" het ship, i pretend that all the ships i like are lesbians, we are not the same.

Katep085 star

@four4thefire You just quoted my guilty pleasure song 😂

Mcaleonardo5 star

meu maior guilty pleasure sem dúvidas é AMAR mansão das pocs, gente é amar de verdade sério eu posso facilmente ver…

Claxlynn4515 star

@phazonprince It’s a masterpiece! Glitra is my guilty pleasure right now. Your story telling and writing is extraor…

Rebecca802209875 star

@chrissyteigen #guilty #pizzagate you never thought she would lose. 😅 jokes on you! Enjoy your orange jump suit. I…

Sarasimps795 star

@Dougakd Right!? Legendary guilty pleasure

AldyUktolseja5 star

@lilithkis: Ngutik ngutik luka is a guilty pleasure

Prnus15 star

Хер его знает, чем всё это закончится, но одно из guilty pleasure done

Jwinbird5 star

@pc_lucas: @BenjiBacker "Take a chance on me" by ABBA. Also my guilty pleasure when it comes to music.

Piyaaapiyoo5 star

@lilithkis: Ngutik ngutik luka is a guilty pleasure

Stevesmithffx5 star

@michaeljnmoore Indeed I have. Delightful. But my absolute guilty pleasure is attacking a jar with a spoon 😂

Clauprieego5 star

guilty pleasure: chopear pan en el café.

_kagirii5 star

@PuccaNoodles A guilty pleasure.

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A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys despite feeling guilt for it. Guilty pleasure(s) may also refer to:

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