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Guilty Pleasure (Bonus Track Version) (Ashley Tisdale) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:46
2. 2:59
3. 2:56
4. 3:40
5. 3:26
6. 3:28
7. 3:38
8. 4:23
9. 3:25
10. 3:10
11. 3:33
12. 4:09
13. 3:01
14. 3:39
15. 3:13
16. 3:24
17. 3:28

Ashley Tisdale - Guilty Pleasure (Bonus Track Version) Album Comments

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Guilty Pleasure (Bonus Track Version) [Ashley Tisdale] Album Reviews

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- Criminally underrated5 star

one of the best albums of the decade bye

- JUUUST ASH-MAZING! 😉😁🥰🤗5 star


- Yesssss5 star


- In love with this album5 star

Ashley did an amazing job and this album is her best one yet!

- Amazing4 star

Only loved 5 songs off this album but she's awesome

- Forever Tizzie5 star

Five stars and nothing less Ashley is the queen all her music is so fantastic

- zashleytss5 star

i love it

- Amazing5 star

Love the whole album! Bought album and all on iTunes! Obsessed!! Can't wait for her next album!

- 😃5 star


- LOVE5 star

I love this album SO much. <3 and I always will!

- Love it5 star

It's her best album yet!!😄

- Love it!5 star

LOVE this album. I got to see her in concert and it was awesome. The CD is fun and bouncy, and totally fine for kids :)

- .5 star

Well, for starters 99.99% Ashely won't even be reading this. But Ashely, ever since you started in "Suite Life of Zack and Cody." I loved you from the start. Ashely, I know you are going to be in an upcoming movie next year with Lindsay Lohan. I can't wait!!!! :) I'm crossing my fingers you'll get back to your singing career. You are a great Candace, Sharpay, and Maddie. :D When you left Disney, I left Disney. You are gorgeous and much better than Selena and Vanessa. My top song I play daily is "Suddenly" it makes me cry everything and my heart becomes strong. You are amazing at acting, singing, and you are beautiful! I feel like Selena thinks Shes better than you, but everyone I talk to, hates her! You rock my world! I miss Sharpay and I miss your album Headstrong. I especially miss the song "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid. I love you lots Ashely! Keep up the good work! 💗I RECOMMEND this album to every single person on planet earth. This album inspired me to sing. #1 album forever! 💗

- Awesome!5 star

Best album ever!

- CHEERLEADER2485 star


- Fantastic Second Album!5 star

I love Ashley, and i've loved all her music. Her Second Album, Guilty Pleasure, is definitely different from headstrong, in a good way. I actually loved her first album, headstrong, but this one is definitely better. I love almost all of the songs off this album and i wish i could give it more than 5 stars. Almost all of the songs are 5 star worthy as well! I hope to see Ashley back in the recording studio in 2013! Fingers Crossed. I love you Ashley!

- Amazing!!♥5 star

I love this album and all of her music! I'm 14 and have been a huge fan of hers since I was 9, I even saw her in concert. I've been into rock lately but she's the only pop artist I can still listen to and enjoy! So yea this album is a must buy(:

- Just plain amazing5 star

I love every song that Ashley sings. My favorite song by her is probably How Do You Love Someone. I have a connection with that one. ;)

- This album is extraordinary! My favorite!5 star

Ashley is a great singer and in this album she cross all the lines and get's better. If you like the 1st, 2nd, 3rd song DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! BUY IT! it's perfect!

- Ashley your pretty good4 star

Wow, in High School Musical she acts so much differnet than in real life , Not in a bad way but i really like the songs It's Alright It's OK

- Awesome!5 star

She needs to tone down the sexy videos but do more pop music!

- 3 WORDS.5 star

BEST. ALBUM. EVER. I've been a fan of Ashley's acting but her singing is phenomenal and sounds fantastic! I love the edgy guitars, the powerful drums and bass, and the to-die-for vocals of the one and only Ms. Tisdale. I would just loooooove to cast her in a rock musical, I think she needs another album like this because this is my favorite kind of music!

- Acting out<35 star

Love this album! I love that it has slow songs and party songs:)

- How do you love someone <34 star

I'm just got it cause I'm waiting for the orignal verison. Porcelain Blacks verison that suppose to ft Eminem. Hopefully it comes out soon. But still I love the lryics. Can't wait for Porcelain's verison of it.

- Ashley T isdale5 star

Best album yet!

- Fine3 star

She's good and not

- Great, but i like Headstrong Better4 star

I noticed alot of negative nellies on here saying that Tisdale's first album was trash. Headstrong waa way better than this album in my opinion... I did like some of the songs like: It's alright its ok, masquerade, erase and rewind, hair, delete you, crank it up, time's up, and blame it on the beat. The rest was trash and even some of the ones i mentioned were not as good as she could have made them. i do hope Tisdale will release another album, although i doubt it now since its been 4 years since this released.

- Ashley Tisdale Is Awesome5 star

I love this album! Good job, ash!:) <3

- Love this album4 star

I love this album and all but it can get kind if boring after you listen to it for a while. But I still love it and I think this is her best album.

- yeah;)5 star

i love the song : How do you love someone!!!!!!... so true.............!!!!

- Take Ashley for what she is.3 star

Ashely isn't an artist, she's a commercial artist. That means she makes music more because she's making a lot of different corporations money than the fact she is talented and is doing it because it's her life passion. With that in mind, this is actually a decent pop album with more substance than I actually would have expected from Ashley. There is much more direction, balance, and personality in Guilty Pleasure than Headstrong, and Ashely has also showed more vocal talent in this album too. Is Ashley an exceptional artist? Nah. She did ok though. Overall, in the grand scheme of things, this a good album if you just want to jam in your car or if you want to sing really loud like no one is looking.

- ITS OK.....2 star

its a good album and shes a good singer and all.... but its all the same! She sounds just like miley cyrus and all the other old pop starts from disney channel who are flushed with autotune. this is a review and i dont mean to hurt any feelings but its the same stuff, the beats, her voice....EVERYTHING. Just close your eyes and listen and tell me she doesnt sound like MILEY CYRUS

- Awesome, as usual5 star

Awesome, as usual! Ashley Tisdale is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! ~ Norrieo

- Ashley5 star

this album is so great. i give it a 10 out of 10.

- So good even in 20125 star

Where did Ashley go? I hope she makes a comeback. Love this cd and her !

- Nice one4 star

She's a good singer I guess, but I dont like how she copied cobra starship's song names.

- ???3 star

This album is pretty good and my fav song is "its alright, it's OK" but where did she go? She hasn't been in any movies or anything.

- Really good, like her new sound4 star

I love the rock pop sound she has now. I think it suits her voice better. She's grown as a singer and I'm hoping she'll put out some new stuff soon. I gave it a four cuz some of the songs don't send the greatest message. Love her and her voice though. She just need to put new stuff out.

- Where'd she go?4 star

Good album, but it seems like she yells a lot while she's singing... Where did she go? She hasn't released anything for almost 3 years now...where did she go? She hasn't been in any recent movies either. Where is she??

- Well...3 star

its not one of her best albums. alot of good songs but not the best album coming from her.

- actin out5 star


- soorry3 star

badder is better i like headstrong better!

- I dig it5 star

I think the sound she is haveing in this is good more grown up but so was her first album but the first one I didn't love it because of her voice I loved because of the songs and I these songs to but hey I love Ashley

- Love it!5 star

Love it!

- Good song horrible person to sing it1 star

Porcelain black can and will do it better after all it is her song

- Love it!!5 star

It's 2012 and her music is still in. I think this album is timeless, hope she comes out with another one soon!!

- What Happened?2 star

What happened to the nice Disney Girl? I cannot believe this. She sounds good but the lyrics aren't good.

- Pretty Good4 star

Wow this album is pretty good!! Keep it up Ashley

- <35 star

She's my role model (:

- great5 star

best songs are overrrated and its alright its okay


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Daisygir - Cool5 star

How do you love someone is a good song but doesn’t sound like something she’d sing,but it’s still good!

Smileygirldd - Awesome3 star

I been watching her on tv since I was like 5

homewreclaire - Really?3 star

Her voice is overrated. And with stupid songs like "Hair" she's getting no where.

Hit the Lights <3 - Ummm....3 star

This is kinda of.... Different. The only songs I really like are crank it up and maybe masquerade, but I don't hate it. If you are into the more emotional-guy-love songs this is your perfect fit.

Bradenchan - Lol3 star

She sounds kinda like a drunk Ashlee Simpson. Which is a million times better than a sober Ashlee Simpson.

Alyssia D - WHOA5 star

This is my new Guilty pleasure!

boo1234567890987654321gooooo - Maybe it's just me, but4 star

In my opinion, I liked Headstrong a teensy bit better. Headstrong had more song that made you want to dance, where as these are more emotional and slower .. i like the songs, and would listen to them more if my heart was broken because I would relate the them more.

wtf-emma - No, no, definitely not.1 star

So Ive read couple of reviews and most of them say how amazing this Cd or songs are and seriously, theyre not at all. This is just not original. Its similar to all other crap out there!!!

SarahBachmier - Nice.......a Bad girl side!5 star

Ashley...I love your ALBUM! IK it came a whlile back, but I didnt knwo lol! IL IT!

LeesaWWE770 - Great Job4 star

The music is something I would love to dance around to. She's grown up in the sence of the music. I'm glad she has.

Clelylely - She's amazing!5 star

I like the pop rock sound she has. Ashley is the best celeb out there!

jbfever - WOW!! I HEART THIS CD!5 star

her new album is great! i love crank it up!! great sound!!

redspirittt - WOW! :)5 star

Its definetly her BEST CD EVER! My favorite song is ERASE AND REWIND! :D I LOVE ASHLEY! :D

TyJHennig - what?1 star

i remeber the old ashley on the suite life of zack and cody and now she is getting into the star life and turning into britney. :(

MusicTime987 - No2 star

This is nothing special. There are hundreds of girls out there that could do this. I wouldn't spend my money on it.

ac/dc pwns!!! - its good.4 star

pretty good,like it, but loved her first album "headstrong" more. comparing this to headstrong, "guilty pleasure" is a close second.why? you ask well the majority of her "headstrong" material is alot softer,and the lyrics are amazing. in some sense it kind of felt like she just randomley threw this one together,no heartfelt lyrics just hard club music (and this is coming from a huge male ashley tisdale fan)

kiwi14 - wow i love this5 star

she is my idol she is awesome and so is this alblum!!!!!!!!!

Tasha Slytherin girl - it!!!5 star

:):) wat more can i say? its awesome.

rach19807 - First album awesome second album AMAZING5 star

i love this album the way ashley gets out of her disney image, the way her song sounds and how they sound different everytime shes got a mix of breeak up and love songs definy ally worth the money you spend and the bonus tracks too are just an extra bonus buy it you won't be disappointed

Twilight_LUVR_and FOREVR - really really amazing :D :D :D5 star

I have to admit that I wasn't that big of a fan of 'headstrong', but this album has changed my way of looking at things! Her songs are great, sure there are a few I don't like as much as the next guy, but some should seriously be singles. My favorite is Erase and Rewind. Great work Ashley, you have my support all the way!

ILOVEmusic45 - WOW5 star

i was so supriesed to hear ashleys new sound, but its awousome. Fav songs: hot mess, hair, and switch. Those are the best songs on the albem!!!!

lapetitefleur - A perfect pop treat4 star

I'm not a diehard Tisdale fan, nor do I listen much to her counterparts (vanessa hudgens etc); but, this is such a strong album. I was impressed, and yes, surprised at the quality. You won't find incredibly deep lyrics or particularly sophisticated tracks. What you will find are well-written and addictively enjoyable pop songs. I would buy the entire album. That said, my favorite songs are Hot Mess, Acting Out and Blame It On the Beat.

MayTay16 - WOW!!!4 star

I was waiting for this album a long time and as soon as it came out I got it! this album is different from her album headstrong it is more pop/rock. Ashley did a great job on this album! My favorite song it acting out!

Bookwormm14 - Better than the first5 star

This album is AMAZING!!!!! Ashley's first album is no match for Guilty Pleasure. If you loved Headstrong ur gunna adore and praise this album, trust me, its worth $11.99. Get it.

cgel - Better than Headstrong!!5 star

I Absolutely love this album. Every song is really well done and catchy, and I can see all of these songs being singles! She really sets this album apart from Headstrong and is growing as an artist. DEFINITELY worth the purchase!

Reviewer1223 - great, but with a couple flaws...4 star

I LOVE THIS ALBUM! (ill write each song and what think of them) Acting out- 4/5. its pretty stuck to the same beat. its nice and all, but some more octave would be better It's alright, It's ok- 4 out of 5. nothing worng with it, its just not her best song and i hear it too many times. masquerade- (now here's a song that should be song thmore popular) 5 stars. its GREAT i have no issuses with it overrated- 3 stars. its pretty stuck to the same beat again. more octave, ash. hot mess- 5 stars again, its a great song that deserves more credit how do you love someone- 3 stars. its really a sentimental lyric-song meant for like, kelly clarkson. its just not meant for her tell me lies- 4 stars nice song, but MORE OCTAVE. (its my biggest issue with this album) what if- 2 1/2 stars. not suited for her. disney stars shouldnt sing so "sentimental" . its a cold corporate. erase and rewind- 4 stars. no issue, but i have overheard it. too popular. hair- 2 stars. did a 7 year old girl write this song? and the first 7 seconds sound like amii stewart's "knock on wood" delete you- 5 stars. reely great song. its tied with hot mess / masquerade for my fav disney songs me without you- 2 1/2 starsnot meant for a disney girl. ashley, meet kelly. kelly, meet your (destined) song stealer crank it up- 3 stars. ashley did OK, but most of these songs arent meant for her. try a cheesy rapper or something. ash shouldnt be sining these songs. switch- 4 stars. no issue, just more octave its alright its ok (remix)- 3 1/2 stars. whats up with iTunes and thinking we need these remixes????? its stupid blame it on the beat- 4 1/2 stars. great to dance to, but its kinda stupid how they let you buy the bonus track. thats the point of a BONUS VERSION ALBUM i liked it, but these songs werent meant for her. great album in general, but have some guest singers come on.

theratknit - this is dumb1 star

you have to be some dumb wanabe 8 year old to like this.

harajukumatt - Uhm, yeah...1 star

At least this is $1.29 worthy yet. When it is we know there is a problem with the music industry and its consumers.

Amature DJ - I am Shocked5 star

I've never listened to 1 song that Ashely Tisdale made, but these are amazing. WOW!!! I'am shocked at how good these are. Bravo! keep writing Ashley :)

april-19 - pretty good4 star

i liked most of the songs i guess my fave song is crank it up! but i kind of liked her old c.d better

jameo09 - Surprising! This album is really great!5 star

Very Different from her previous album! This album has a more upbeat rhythm to every song. The must-have songs on this album are Acting Out, Hot Mess, What If, Erase and Rewind, Hair, but especially How Do You Love Someone. "How Do You Love Someone" is by far one of the most unique and amazing songs I've ever heard, period! This song has great vocals and amazing music. Well Done Ashley! I definitely recommend this album!

watermelon29 - Ver very very awesome!!!!5 star

I love all the songs on this album!! I think it's a good breakaway from Disney for Ashley! I live the dancefloor vibe you get from them!! Love it very amazing !! <3

Erica999 - SIMPLEY AMAZING!!!5 star

so i have been waiting for this cd to come for sooo long!! now that it has i am blown away it is soo much better than i thought it would be!! All of the songs are just want to listen to them over and over again!! Ashley is a very talented singer and guilty pleasure is amazing her new image is amazing! buy the cd it is amazing!!

StevenPace1 - Plain and boring1 star

This album blows


some of the songs i disliked but some are great

anthonyioannou - New and definetly improved5 star

I loved Ashley's first album as well as her performences in the HSM movies but this album really sets her apart. She explores a new side of herself with songs that people can relate to since they deal with subjects such as breakups and identity issues. I can't wait for the next album to come out and I hope it is as good as this one.

Ces__ - AMAZING <3 i love it lots5 star

ok i listened to ever song.. and alll i can say is wow..this is one of her best albums.. actually the best one i found!! i noticed most of her songs are for breakups .. but still i love them!! this is a must buy album... no lies <3 Great job ashellyyy

ActItOut :) - Amazing........ as always!!!!5 star

I love Ashley Tisdale!! She is an amazing artist and actor!! She has such a wonderful voice too

M&M Ninja Spy - good songs5 star

This is by far my favourite song on this cd. crank it up sounds a little like Britany Spears Style not something Ashley would do in my oinion but it's a good song

rccola10 - Is this really any different? Get some character.2 star

More disney crap. This has no soul to it, it's like a barbie doll. Shiny, plastic and pretty, but hollow on the inside. No feeling, no meaning, no past experiences thrown into the mix. Should I really care what ya boyfriend does to your hair? give us somthing real!

gossiipgiirl - OMG I loveeee ittt!!!5 star

I've always kinda had a thing for Ashley Tisdale's music!! I really enjoy this album!! I really recommend buying it!!! My favourite tracks are probably; Hot Mess, Crank it up and Blame it on the beat. I loveeeeeee it!!!!<3

Reality? - Is Ashley writing these bogus reviews???1 star

What do you get when you combine the worst parts of Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Ashley Simpson? None other than Ashley Tisdale. This album is a complete disaster, with most songs sounding like out-takes from other people's records. 'Masquerade' is Britney to a TEE..and 'Hot Mess' is a Pink rip off..not only is this album completely is cringe-worthy BAD..If she wants to make it as a singer she needs to find HER OWN voice and new writers.

jhdawn - omg!!!!!!!3 star

Okay to start things of the music is okay but does anyone else see the coincidence that she used hot mess as a song title and guilty pleasure as an album name?? Has anyone heard this before because awhile ago cobra starship released an album with the song guilty pleasure on it and their new album is called hot mess and they had the names first! so why do they hav the same names?? idk but i dont think it's right!! AND AGAIN THE MUSIC IS OKAY NOTHING REALLY ORIGINAL!!!!

Alivia S. 1995 - amazing5 star

Ashley Tisdale is really different now i love her both ways ( i live her hair a mix of blond and brown better though) her songs are just as good now shes acting more her age.

VoLcoom . - .4 star

C'est un bon disque, même s'il y a certaines chansons que je changerait. Beau changement entre High school Musical et là!!! Je crois que c'est ce qu'il fallait pour ne plus se faire voir comme Sharpay. Bravo : )

yswizzle13 - I love masquerade5 star

masquerade is the bes song in history

ShaneFuel - HAWT!5 star

She's soooooooooo sexy now.

ohheyjazmin - sooooo good! must buy!5 star

this is such a good album. i bought it and i cant stop listening to it. soooo good! defintly worth the money. she sounds sooo good in this fav song wud have 2 b hot mess. so good!

film_maniac - AMAZING!5 star

Ashley has changed! From being a tween pop princess she has turned into a soulful, amazing singer! I think this ablum is definiaty worth the buy!

vic wes - <34 star

i absolulty love the new album!! her past album was good, but still young. this one shows how much shes grown, the sound is better and more mature. the songs are so fun and i just love them all!!<3<3<3

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Guilty Pleasure (Bonus Track Version) Wiki

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