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Michael Jackson's This Is It (The Music That Inspired the Movie) (Michael Jackson) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 6:02
2. 5:38
3. 4:44
4. 4:05
5. 4:17
6. 4:58
7. 3:53
8. 4:12
9. 5:57
10. 4:17
11. 4:16
12. 6:46
13. 4:54
14. 5:19
15. 3:36
16. 4:55
17. 3:19
18. 5:43
19. 2:03
20. 3:14

Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson's This Is It (The Music That Inspired the Movie) Album Comments

What do you think Michael Jackson's This Is It (The Music That Inspired the Movie) album? Can you share your thoughts and listen experiences with other peoples?

Michael Jackson's This Is It (The Music That Inspired the Movie) [Michael Jackson] Album Reviews

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18487 - He's the best5 star

This man left behind a legacy for my ears

Punk Pants - So over priced $$$$1 star

It's been 6 years since the release and iTunes is still charging $26 for this compilation cd. Not even new songs except for 1 (this is it). Seriously this should be less than $10 by now

MALCOLM WALLACE - MJ's Greatest hits!!!!!1 star

This is another studio version of all his past HITS to those unreleased tracks ,record labels cashing in on Michael but so is his family.

Haydow96 - Hero5 star

Michael has been my hero for almost 12 years, I got into him at such a young age and he passed too soon. Love you so much mike ❤️

The Bloke standing over there - Show respect3 star

Let Michael rest in peace.

RhiaDa1 - Not A Happy Camper2 star

Though we all know MJ is very talented, and his story was so tragic, and all those things we've heard a hundred times before and need not hear again, how many times have we seen this? I can list three off the top of my head : HIStory Side 1, Number Ones, The Ultimate Collection. My two-star rating is not a sling at MJ, but rather iTunes cheap marketing schemes. Of course the one track that is unique on this album is immediately labelled Album Only. Come ON iTunes, the same thing happened to Michael Jackson's Vision. I think you'd find you'd get more money from the individual downloads because NOBODY is going to pay 26 dollars(no one falls for the 25.99 these days) for tracks they most likely have already

Bee Bot - One of MJ4 star

This album had a great mix of songs from his old albums and even some new songs were thrown in there. It was a great buy. I recommened it highly

theblock123 - Yo1 star

U r awsm!!!!

hawkeyesheelockholmes Batman - MJ5 star

Its a great album but it isn't a live recording of his final rehearsals just the album version which if your a true fan will already have Great Album Though

Lulu hippo - Amazing5 star

I love Michaels new and last song this Is it. It is am amazing song Wow!

Thriller77 - Cool4 star

It's is cool as thriller is the best song ever

Olgdh - This it it5 star

Really great song love it mj you are the best miss you

Odey and Matches - This is it5 star

This album is brilliant. Michael Jackson is superlative at his craft. The songs are inspirational and truly beautiful.

rach_barry - Pee5 star


Tys lalor - Micheal Jackson5 star

Micheal Jackson is the best I have 6 albums

charliemavros - MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON5 star

THE BEST ALBUM EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smexii silva - Missing you5 star

Michael we are all still missing you But obviously Gods need for you was greater than ours And we know you're in a better place now, where no one judges you R.I.P, rest peacefully xo

Cactus Rose - The Crown/Star at His Feet5 star

Have a look at the crown/star at Michael's feet. So true. His feet produced exceptional dancing moves; even contributed to introducing new dance moves in modern time. I like the album because it is the last one to be recorded after Michael's passing in association with his planned last concert - a Collector's Item. This album may even fetch a high price in the future. If there were new songs that Michael had planned to sing on this/or a new album, his permission would have to be obtained. I am sure that Michael must have had made more songs than what has been produced.

Steve - Dubai - Classy Tribute5 star

I don't feel ripped-off at all. It's a fitting tribute to a truly great star with old favourites remastered, demo tracks, plus a classy orchestral version of the title track This Is It. For me, I'm just so very pleased for Michael and his family that both the film and album have been such a great success, and I enjoy them for what they are.....a reflection of the sheer genius of the man. I am sure Sony will release more tracks in the future....I certainly hope so.....and if put together in the same professional way with quality production will continue to bring pleasure to all his fans for some time to come. All the best Michael. RIP Mate

Dj Cookie♥ - MJ YOU ROCK MY HEART5 star

You are an Inspiration you are a Rock-star you are an amazing yet have a tender heart always I couldn't believe this would ever happen This is an amazing I saw his concerts like lots of them. ROCK MJ AND HAVE A NICE TIME IN HEAVEN Victoria

Dinosaur97 - OMG wat a rip off!3 star

I personally think that this is silly. What's the point in wanting 1 song like MJ's "This is it" but you have to but the whole album to get it. Most of us might already have most of the songs anyway! That is very clever marketing. Even though I'm new to this is still know wrong from right. Espcially as I'm a big fan of MJ.

I just can't stop loving you - Frickin Awesome!!!5 star

Love the movie,love the album, Michael Jackson is certainly the legend, there is no-one who will come close to his calibre, the movie has blown me away and I am in awe, this is definately a must have for the true fans, For the haters, peace out. I am still so sad, but take comfort that now MJ is at peace, love you forever Michael Jackson - The King.

getmeanicname - Money maker2 star

Your better off to buy the album physically, atleast you get a booklet of stage photos too. The fact that you can only get the new song by buying the whole album is a money bragging tactic.

Louise!0 - who cares1 star

WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY... stop wasting money on his death... people die everyday and we have to stop the world all because of some guy..... anyway i kinda like the song thriller, beat it, and wanna be starting something, great dance beats... as for the movie..... YAWN

imobiledj - Money Grab5 star

Making 'This is it' a song you need to buy the whole album for is a money grab by record labels. Why is the movie only available for 2 weeks??? so it seems like something you HAVE TO GO AND SEE! MJ is the greatest artist of all time. He is incomparable to anyone before him, and im sure...after him. He went through hell on earth, now he can finally get some peace. Dont buy this album thinking you are going to help MJ, or his kids. You wont. Michael, the world respects you as a phenomenon. Rest in Peace...

Corpral john - THE MOVIE IS BRILLIANT5 star

I saw the premire film last night it is amazing R.I.P Micheal

Gary110747 - The wow factor5 star

Come back. We want more of this music.

Boys like girls fan!!! - Wow!5 star

I love it - wow - this album is a absolute bargin its awesome - R.I.P Michael - his music still lives on

Leegh229 - THIS IS IT!4 star

A great albumn for the upcoming movie that i have been waiting a while to come out! Although the let downs for this albumn are that the new song 'this is it' that i was looking forward to the most was only Albumn only and not a separate buyable song and that most of the songs on this albumn were ones that i already had. But still, MJ's best songs are on this albumn and a must buy to everyone!!!

trent6 - Another MJ Compilation?1 star

Come on, just another compilation we don't need so a major music label and itunes can make more money, have you noticed that buying the whole album is the only way can get a hold of MJ's new song?

aus_maestro - Not LIVE - re-mastered original studio tracks3 star

I jumped in too quickly when I saw the banner ad for this album on the iTunes front page. I hit the 'buy album' button thinking I was going to be getting actual rehearsal recordings of the live band. What I got, instead, was a bunch of tunes I've already got in my collection. To be honest I think MOST fans will have these tracks already and that this album is a money-grabbing attempt to cash in on the upcoming film without offering much real value. Considering most of the NEW tracks seem to be available only if you purchase the whole album, I don't think this offers great value. Don't get me wrong - I think these classic Jackson songs are some of the best pop songs ever recorded - but chances are that like me, you already have them in your collection.

coolioos - totally wicked5 star

i am jackos number one fan he's a legend


The perfect collection of songs have been put together on this album for a fitting finale to Jackson's career. The new track 'This Is It' is a beautiful song in the same vein as 'Human Nature' and 'Man In The Mirror', a heart felt ballad that is very rare to encounter in this age of music. No doubt it will become a classic and shows that MJ was far from finished as a brilliant artist capable of producing his best.


WOW wat a cd got to have 1 or u will not live the dream on. i luved every song on the CD

Nicitific - This is it...4 star

I can assure each and every one of you, this is a compilation of some of the finest works of the late Michael Jackson. This Is It is definately a song that will be remembered over the years, and we will always love you MJ! Nic

vlee_yc - This is it.5 star

A must have for any loyal MJ fan. Rest in Peace Michael.

maandy! - (L)________(L)5 star

Michael Jackson was an amazing man that definately left us too soon, but this movie, this soundtracks and these songs are his memory and remind of the man we love and repect. R.I.P Michael Jackson you will forever and always be our King Of Pop <3

Jack Sommerville - Awsome Album5 star

This album is totally awsome and every one should buy it. They should have made 'This Is It' able to purchase instead of album only. The concert would have been totally awsomme. R.I.P Michael!!!

- - - - - -------5 star

Yay, first to review!! Fantastic songs.

Chris Molloy - Michael Jackson Rocks5 star

Michael Jackson's new song is amazing! Please Buy this song and album. Go to the cinema and watch This Is It on 28th October. I know it will be great. Thank you Michael Jackson for this beautifu song because it is so good!!!

Cause this is thriller! - OMG! THUMBS UP 4 THIS!5 star

OMG! IT FIMALLY OUT!!! I just wish we could just buy the song 'This is it" overall- if u haven't got his other albums get this album. IF u have his other album just getit

Meggynolan - Michael Jackson5 star

This album captures just some of Michael Jackson's legendary music career. With his new song "This is it" it seems that even death can't stop him from mystifying us with his work. This musical genius has not only conquered the world of fame and music, but our hearts as well, we adored he songs, loved his forever changing face and was mystified by his flawless moves. Together we hoped through the bad times that he would be okay, together we cried for him at his death, and together we will forever listen to the greatest talent of Michael Jackson. You could really say that he made the whole world moonwalk together. So even though we've said good-bye Michael, he will always be with us becuase his music will live FOREVER.

ipods are kool - Michael Jackson5 star

Even though Michael is dead his music still lives on. Great to see a soundtrack being released with the movie of This Is It!!

buddy271 - MJ is awesome5 star

MJ's songs are the best and it is great that he has a movie coming out R.I.P Michael Jackson

Boris111 - First Review5 star

Great Songs Great Album and all for a bargain you should definently buy this

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lollyipops - Amazing5 star

If you are a fan of Michael then you want this album even if you already have some of the songs it’s an amazing album if you want to complete your collection of Michael and it’s his final Album he produced himself I think the album is such an amazing buy and I do highly recommend it is hard to listen to but Michael left us a gift which is the music and everything he did to make the world a better place for everyone.❤️

Louiesj - King of pop!5 star

This is a great album I love it and the movie R.I.P Michael love you!

ZootopiaJudyHopps - I know this is late BUT....5 star

Omg, I love this album!!!!! It's so beautiful! This Is It (the song) is so amazing, and Michael's voice is so fitting with all of his songs. It's like listening to.... Well, it's like listening to the greatest singer ever lived, in my opinion. It's worth the money, I love it and recommend you buy it even in 2017 😂❤! It's just wonderful, a perfect harmony between vocals and music. Honestly, with all the artists we've got in 2017, although I love some and am a HUGE Swiftie (Taylor is amazing!) , I still love Michael Jackson's exceptional voice! No track from today can compare. Please BUY! ❤

Applehead1. - This is it. :(:)5 star

King, yet another Greatest Hits CD however a great place to start for new MJ listeners. I would highly reccomend this album it covers most of his best hits. MJ4EVA

Janice Hawkins - Big MJ Fan5 star

This album is just great I think no one will ever come close to MJ as a artist and entertainer it sickens me that when he was alive he was not appreciated towards the end of his life like he is today I guess he knew he there were still fans out there as he made it into the Guinness Book of Records for selling the This Is it Concert Tickets for them selling in record time thinking of u always MJ R.I.P.

emmaemmax - ❤️5 star

Miss you Michael

Swh-pmh - Love it5 star

Great collection, shame he couldnt do the tour 😭 R.I.P MJ 🎵🎧🎤👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Flabbergasting! - totally worth buying it!5 star

Face it people, Michael Jackson is the King of pop. I love his songs. If you are newbie to Michael Jackson try this album, it will give you a head start. By Abbie Moore

footballgal123 - Love it!4 star

Love MJ but why isn't "Dangerous" on here? One of my favourite songs!!


the king of pop is by far the great singer and this album is a memory of his great legacy and his amazing tunes from the beats of jam to the love of I just can't stop loving you but the bad thing is that They don't put this is it on it We miss you MJ. CLDMJ123

Alex O'Toole - KING OF POP5 star

This album is so good. Just killed pop all together five stars no questions asked. This is quality and REAL music. R.I.P Michael Jackson.

Misfit island - Great3 star

Just downloaded a few songs. Well happy

MartinBowley1 - Pffft1 star

I love every one of his albums. I already have all of his music so there was no reason for me to buy these ones again. This would have been good if it were the versions from the live show... Especially, Human Nature and The Way You Make Me Feel. I love the songs, obviously, and I love MJ

Saint shaun - This is it4 star

Love it mj is my hero he will always be the king of pop

Simone Johnson - Wow5 star

1word describes this. Outstanding! Rip Michael. Can't believe you are gone! Music is not the same!

Chunk2505 - Outstanding5 star

Outstanding album by an outstanding man RIP the god of music

Lizzielizzie h - RIL ( rest is lucsory )3 star

Sorry I know I can't spell anyway

TheRealSlimDavey - Rip MJ you be missed5 star

I love his music earth song is one of his best songs ever the remastered version is top quality

Jkmaster1106 - Rip Mj5 star

Where is bad?! Was he not going to perform bad?!!! He should of planned to perform new songs, shouldn't he?!

hgupwell - LOVE5 star

I absolutely love Michael Jackson!

By Ryan Thompson 12 april - Great album5 star

I unley got coz of the new song this is it I have all the other great ones as well but I am happy this it is a good song as well get the hole album it cool the song are. Updeated as well and missing 2 song as well ABC and bad

Bisgyfhyf - Good4 star

Good album although missing out some of his brillaint songs like bad, god bless you mj

Cherrymeli - Master piece by a legend !5 star

Michael Jackson fans this is an amazing album to have I have all of his songs , love michael forever !!

Mr Bradz - This Is It4 star

Brilliant album, but there's just one problem - This Is It song should also be available on it's own as most people, including myself, already have his earlier stuff. So please iTunes, make This Is It song available on it's own.

The Script Boy - story5 star

i love this album!!!!!!!i think it is the best album that i have heard!!!!!!i just love it how MJ makes all his songs like storys how he is telling a story!!!!!!!!

Big Dave at P Pottage - This is it4 star

You are having a laug!!!h we all have the songs already, so why Album only??! You make us laugh....... Why ruin a memory of a musical genious who of course has made you money in the first instance...!!

Burton86 - Unbelievable1 star

Oh what a suprise, you can't buy the new track on it's own. Grow up iTunes, as if you aren't making enough money already...

Ingy - just another greatest hits.......1 star

Is there anyone who doesn't own most of this? The 'This is it' single is the worst thing on it

e-tones - only new track is this is it4 star

buy selections from this is it instead

Red Setter 1 - opportunity missed3 star

why couldnt they release the studio mixes of the tour versions as heard on the film?

KeithStruthers - Hes the man5 star

Not heard it but if its the songs from the film it will be amazin best singer ever by a mile

i9000000000000 - STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

it's stupid because i luv Micheal I have evry song but NOT this is it it's STUPID

I <3 Michael Jackson!!! XXXXXXX - LOVE IT!!5 star

I have been waiting ages for this album!!! I love it!!! im going to the film this Saturday and i cannot wait! I love "Beat It" Demo and "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" Demo but my all time favourite is "This Is It" such a beautiful song! Well done for bringing this out! I miss you MJ.. Your the best!!! R.I.P xxxxxxxxxxx Everyone has their opions about M.J but sometimes its about the music not the person and yes Michael was accused of something but it was never proved and even though i didnt believe any of it we need to forget about it and enjoy his music he meant alot to his fans and we meant alot to him xxxx

DJ kieza - RIP Mj5 star

This is the best album u can buy the sound I'd great Rip MJ x

Kia x - Annoying!5 star

It would be better if they were selling This Is It on its own beause I want that song the most and I can't buy the whole album because I have all the other songs! People who've made iTunes, please, please, please let the song be bought seperatly!!!!!!!

Soukie123456 - Waste of money1 star

Don't bother buying this album, the songs are the same songss you'll find on all of his albums, they're not the remixed verions on the film. Just another way for Hollywood to cash in on MJ's death. Don't be taken for a fool and buy this album.

tommmyyo - mj5 star

brillant. one of the best albums ever writen. R.I.P mj

Chloekins22 - GRRRR3 star

I AM SOOO ANNOYED!!!! i have all the other songs!!! JUST LET ME HAVE THIS IS IT!!pleaseee itunes!!! i bet other people will b thinking this too! x

Supersonic_67 - Very much a rip off1 star

Not a 1 star rating for the music, as you cant fault the pure pop brilliance of it.. However not being able to purchase This Is It as a separate entity is a total rip off as that what people mainly want this album for, as you can get the songs elsewhere for alot cheaper on the other 3,234 Michael Jackson compilations there have been.

anna.xx - this is it - a rip off4 star

i practically have every micheal jackson son and this is it is the only song that i dont have and i have to pay 9.99 for one song that i dont have

Naty :p xx - Ripp off No 25 star

I find it really unfair that you cant buy the one new song from that album sepratley if you are like me (an MJ fan) you will probably already have all the other songs on the album so ur basicly paying 9.99 for 1 song wich i find just a another way to get more money out of people so i thik you should be able to buy this is it(the single) sepratley from the whole album

morgaine lefaye - Buy "Selections from Michael Jackson's This Is It' E.P.4 star

The E.P. is on ITunes for £5.99 and includes both versions of 'This Is It' as well as a nice acapella demo of 'Beat It' and the demo of 'Wanna Be Startin' Something'. A bit cheaper for those who already have most tracks here.

bambeno - Where is it5 star

Really wanted 'this is it' but 'where is it' already got all other songs.

buckby96 - Rip off5 star

i know wht u guy's are sayin cuz i releally want 'this is it' and you have to but the album and i am not doing it until it is changed =( ITUNES THINK OF YOUR CUSTERMERS FOR ONCE!!

Flomamam - Why not "this is it" single?!5 star

I am frustrated that Itunes is not selling "This Is It" as a single, many more people would buy it I think. It's a great song but having to buy the whole album is expensive as most MJ fans have the rest of the songs on there. If you don't have an extensive MJ collection then it's a great album though :).

sellotapeman - Great!!!!!!5 star

This is the best album ever!!!!!!

Bugbear penny - Incredible!!!!!5 star

A Fantastic album, by the one and only king. R.I.P Michael.Michael you will be missed but your music never forgotten. BUY THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rae xx - This is it3 star

Can u please put This is it on sale as a single because i've got all the other songs from this album so theres no need for me to buy all of it. I just want the This is it single!!

Music_is_a_drug - Michael5 star

This is a great Album.

Jimbo Geroni - Hey?3 star

Itunes, it appears, are aiding the financial recoup for the costs of the tour. To be honest, they recouped the cost of the tour the day Michael died. The amount of airplay all over the world of Michaels songs, generated so much money that it is believed Michael is worth more to record companies (the capitalist market) dead, than he is alive. Absoultley disgracful. The man was an artist, albeit a brand concious musician - he had to deal with so much in his lifetime that it would be a lot more respectful for us to appreciate this, and not buy into the recoup of the f'ing century!!

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