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Artist :   Stone Temple Pilots
Album Name :   Thank You
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   15
Relase Date :   10 November 2003
Country :   USA

Thank You (Stone Temple Pilots) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Vasoline Stone Temple Pilots 2:54
2. Down Stone Temple Pilots 3:48
3. Wicked Garden Stone Temple Pilots 4:05
4. Big Empty Stone Temple Pilots 4:53
5. Plush Stone Temple Pilots 5:10
6. Big Bang Baby Stone Temple Pilots 3:22
7. Creep Stone Temple Pilots 5:32
8. Lady Picture Show Stone Temple Pilots 4:06
9. Trippin' On a Hole in a Paper Heart Stone Temple Pilots 2:55
10. Interstate Love Song Stone Temple Pilots 3:13
11. All in the Suit That You Wear (Album Ver.. Stone Temple Pilots 3:39
12. Sex Type Thing Stone Temple Pilots 3:38
13. Days of the Week Stone Temple Pilots 2:35
14. Sour Girl Stone Temple Pilots 4:16
15. Plush (Acoustic) Stone Temple Pilots 3:50

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About Stone Temple Pilots - Thank You Album

Thank You is a greatest hits collection released by the American rock band Stone Temple Pilots on November 11, 2003, by Atlantic Records. There are two versions of the compilation, one that only contains a music CD and another that also features a DVD with live performances, bootlegs, and music videos spanning the band's career. ..

Thank You (Stone Temple Pilots) Album Comments

Thank You (Stone Temple Pilots) Album Reviews

  • Amazing

    Such a great album by a phenomenal band, Stone Temple Pilots is easily one of my favorites. It’s so cool how all their songs manage to sound so different and unique from each other. My favorite song is “Interstate Love Song” but “Big Empty” and “Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart” are close behind!
  • Good start to a collection

    Great collection release but still misses some great STP songs like Art School Girlfriend, Still Remains and a few more.
  • Underrated Amazing Band

    Guy from San Pedro
    I don't own this album.I own their first three albums though.Stone Temple Pilots is not a knockoff Grunge band.Only their first two albums are Grunge.They have some amazing songs.My favorite song by them is Lady Picture Show.Buy their albums instead of this album Core,Purple,and Gift Shop are all masterpieces. Scott Weiland was an amazing vocalist and he will be missed.STP was one of the best bands of the nineties along with Alice In Chains,Nirvana,Soundgarden,Tool,Jane's Addiction,Foo Fighters,Rage Against The Machine,Metallica,Weezer,Beck,andPrimus.
  • STP!

    John From Earth
    5 much talent and energy in well crafted songwriting and purposeful melody lines. One of the all time greats.
  • Wasn't m much of a Follower...

    That is...Until I heard "Interstate Love Song". These guys are something, & I'll dedicate my PURCHASE of this album to Scott Weiland. R.I.P. Scott Click yes if you agree!!!

    Even though I was born after this (STP)band was popular I love them.Their just a great band that is very very underrated and have been called posers and still went on and didn't brake up for almost ten years '92-02 and then in '08 came together again till '15 just shows you how well they worked together. This how I rank the songs ( my personal favs) 1. Trippin On a Hole in a Paper Heart - Great vocals and even better guitar work and nice job on drums to Eric and MONSTER baseline by Rob. 2.Down- Heavy sludgy guitar riffs, good bass, playing terrific vocals and another great job on drums. 3.Lady Picture Show- Catchy Chorus with fantastic vocals and good solo and a nice beat. 4.Big Empty-Weird meaning but good song nonetheless it's depressing but it's good sounding depression. 5.Days of the Week- a pretty good song on the much forgotten Shangri-La De Da album and its just showing of everything they can do. 6.Sex Type Thing-Great memorable song from the 90's and just a grunge sounding song and very dark and sexual song that's fun to listen to. 7. Creep- good chorus and great openings before the chorus but it's just to long as a song. 8.Wicked Garden-It's a good song but it drags out and has a good beat. 9. Vasoline- it's a great song but it needs to be longer as a song. 10. Sour Girl- Its another song that just drags out but is a great song and everybody remembers the music video. 11.Big Bang Baby- Great song it's just a little to pop and glam look at me stuff but other than that good song. 12.Interstate Love Song- Overrated it's just repetitive and has no real change in beat but is extremely catchy and very difficult to get out of your head. 13.Plush- Overrated and is not their best song by far but is catchy and has very good everything. 14. All in the suit you wear- this is the only song I dislike by STP enough said. 15.Plush (acoustic) it's just not a good sound quality but it's a great terrific vocal performance by Scott. Thank you STP And thank you guys for taking the time to read this bye 😀😀😎😎
  • Could A Greatest Hits Collection Be Greater?

    WOW. That's all I can say. Incredible stuff from start to finish. I had never fully realized how expertly STP has mastered the craft of the short, FM radio, hard rock single. These songs are powerful and succinct, and that is unbeatable combination. As far as "greatest hits" compilations go, there are few that are greater than this right here.
  • Rest in peace Scott

    Just not the same
    Love this album!!!!
  • Amazing! Truly the best of STP!

    FourSquare Hater
    RIP Scott Weiland You will never be forgotten
  • 10/10

    RIP Scott Weiland
    My favorite band of all time. Every song on here is amazing. Give it a listen and you'll love it!

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