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Elv1s: 30 #1 Hits (Elvis Presley) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 2:07
2. 2:02
3. 2:13
4. 2:42
5. 2:34
6. 1:58
7. 1:46
8. 2:35
9. 2:48
10. 1:54
11. 2:32
12. 2:39
13. 2:13
14. 2:18
15. 3:14
16. 3:06
17. 2:01
18. 1:52
19. 2:07
20. 2:57
21. 2:25
22. 2:09
23. 2:08
24. 2:20
25. 2:23
26. 2:57
27. 4:32
28. 2:25
29. 2:56
30. 2:37
31. 3:33

Elvis Presley - Elv1s: 30 #1 Hits Album Comments

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Elv1s: 30 #1 Hits [Elvis Presley] Album Reviews

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- There’s only one King 🤴5 star

If there were no Elvis. There would’ve been nothing but depressing music from the 40s that you have to suffer and listen to.

- OMG LOVE It5 star

YEEEEEEESS!!! I know this is the best!

- ❤️5 star


- KING5 star

Love you Elvis stay blessed in heaven and keep singing!

- Elvis4 star

I set here and leasing to Elvis Presley

- Best music5 star

I am 11 and I love his music like some young kids don’t now about him or don’t like his music because they think there cool to listen to rap.

- Awesome5 star

Pure Awesomeness

- Elvis5 star

Elvis is king

- Ok why is he trending right now?1 star

Please explain why this trash #1 trending?

- King5 star

Elvis is always gonna rock it RIP 😔😭

- Go back to the 100’s Literally1 star

We love to hate you

- It goes like this5 star

#1. Any questions?

- My favorite song5 star

This is my favorite song. It's very catchy. I have this song already.

- Great5 star

I'm 30 and this stuff is as good as it was new

- Elvis5 star

Like a river flows.surely to the sea.Elvis will be on the boat.To see me. That was a poem

- I can dig elvis5 star

Twist and Shout feels

- I love Elvis5 star

Thanks Elvis for everything you have done you remind me of my grampa and how he loved you .


I am only 12 but my love for him is more than anyone's love for him I also write music mostly blues and I always love to fall asleep listening to Elvis or Johnny Cash but usually Elvis and this album is my FAVORITE so I give this one a rating from 1-5 a 10000000000 stars so please buy it you will love it God bless Elvis BUY IT NOW!!!!!! @:)

- Elvis ❤️💋😍😍❤️💦🎼🎼🎧🎤🎤💖💖🎤5 star

I love Elvis Presley songs ❤️💋🎤🎧🎸🎼🎧🎤🎤🎼🎼🎧🎧

- The King is better than Cash5 star

I absolutely love Elvis and when I was looking for songs of his to big I cold t pass up this offer! For the record Elvis is 10x better than Johnny cash. Enjoy the album it's a good one

- Elvis: 30 #1 Hits-Pretty Good Album5 star

This is a compilation album made up of 30 #1 hits that Elvis Presley had during his whole career. It's pretty sweet overall. It has all the great Elvis singles like "Heartbreak Hotel," "Hound Dog" and "Don't Be Cruel," all from 1956, as well as other ones including "All Shook Up," "Jailhouse Rock," "One Night," and "A Big Hunk O' Love". A lot of fan favorites are on here, that much I know. Even though I'm a Beatles fan, I think that Elvis was and still is a great musician. Think about it: John Lennon was obsessed with the King when he was a teenager. Paul McCartney was also into him at that age. Everyone here in the US and in the UK was listening to Elvis when he first became an international star in music because that was the thing to do. That was how the Fab Four decided to make their own music. Anyway, I have this CD at home. It's a little scratched up but some of the songs can still play. My dad got the CD about 13 years ago and I've heard it a lot since then. A few of my favorite Elvis songs: "Burning Love," "Suspicious Minds," "Can't Help Falling in Love," "Love Me Tender" (the songs everyone knows) are on here. Fun Fact: 39 years ago today Elvis died at the age of 42. Can you believe it? Also it has been 60 years since Elvis became a global sensation in music, with 5 #1s on the charts. Most of them are here. His influence and legacy on rock and roll music and popular culture live on after all these years. The King has influenced so many other rock stars of his time and later, like the Fab Four; it's no wonder that he is still popular and well-known by most people. I'll be 27 in a month and I even know who he is. Without this man and his popularization of the musical genre, rock would not be what it is today. That's all I have to say. Buy the album now and enjoy it.

- Missing him dearly5 star

He will always have, in my opinion, one of the most passionate voices of all time. No one can beat his trill and melody. He actually thrived in the moment of the music. We lost a legend way too early. Even though I'm a teen in this generation, I believe we could use more Elvis and less Kanye.

- Eh3 star

Over rated

- Immortal Presley.5 star

One of a kind. Loving it.

- Solid Album5 star

Great album has most of his best hits on it, long live the king!


I wasn't around during his time, I'm 14, but his music is so calming, fun, and relatable.

- When music was actually music5 star

Elvis will never be forgotten, it was he who made rock n roll good. Wait, not good, perfect. THANK YOU ELVIS!!!

- Great value for the price!5 star

Perfect for a casual Elvis fan

- Elvis Presley will live on forever...:)5 star

This album is amazing! And has a lot of some of his best songs!!!! This is an amazing buy! Even after all this time Elvis is still living on through his music! Nobody will EVER forget Elvis Presley :) 😃😃😃😃

- Classic5 star

Elvis is such a great artist. This is an amazing album. Can't help falling in love and love me tender are my favorite slow songs.

- It doesn't even work1 star

I tried playing the music, but it won't play more than 10 seconds of it. 😡💩

- Great5 star

Great music Elvis inspires me great

- 😎😎😎😎😎5 star

I can dig Elvis😎

- I can't help falling in love2 star

The one I bought was made for babies. I could not get the original song. What's up?

- King of my Heart5 star

Elvis holds a special place in my heart. I remember listening to his music when I was 5, I am 21. I thank my father for making me listen to Elvis records. One day I was looking through my parents old vinyl record collections and I found "Elvis' Golden Records" on vinyl. I cried and hugged it. I am keeping that vinyl until I die. Sorry dad. Finding that vinyl made me purchase my very first record player. I have started to build my own vinyl collection. Elvis will live on. I am sad I wasn't alive when he was. His music brings so much joy to my life. There isn't a song that I don't love. I love you EP!

- I can dig Elvis4 star

Wise men day only fools rush in.

- Elvis rocks5 star

From elvis to the Beatles to Michael Jackson Elvis was the start of good popular music

- Jailhouse rock5 star

Let's dance in the jailhouse.

- Best album ever made5 star

Elvis is the best, somebody prove me wrong

- I can dig Elvis...4 star

But I can't help falling in love with you.

- Elvis is the best ever5 star

U will never see an artist as good as Elvis ever again.he dedicated his life to God. A great man he always was good to his fans also. Hands down can't beat Elvis no matter what. !!!!!!!!!!!!

- Wow5 star

He actually does have some really good songs

- 💕5 star

I can dig Elvis

- Just one5 star

Only song it's missing is devil in disguise :|

- Elvis ❤️5 star

I love rock. Elvis is my fav singer and I named my old dog Elvis ❤️. 9 Year Old Female! 😀 Too bad he's dead 😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫

- Hey dude don't be cruel5 star

Elvis woulda been dead before 50. Genetic condition he and his mother had would have guaranteed it. But love brah u just gotta vent. The kings has left the building.

- Still Great!5 star

I remember listening to Elvis Albums on my mom's A-Track player (if anyone remembers what those were). I still like his songs.

- The King of Rock5 star

Elvis is the King.

- Fast fun5 star

Love the bouncier,faster,catchier songs. Definitely why he is so renowned.slow,soft songs still great but seem a little forced and unnatural. All around great music.:)

- That buffet guy5 star

I think Elvis has nothing to do with that buffet guy!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just stoupid!!!!!!!!!!


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Cameron bro - It’s Elvis’s best songs, of course it’s good!5 star

Not much to say but it’s Elvis at his very best

just the average Joe - Elvis5 star

Fantastic album for Elvis fans, from the early years and up.

ᑕOOᒪ ᗪᑌᗪE - Awesome5 star

Very great album

Kstew526 - I have will have and have so many memories from the kings music5 star

I truly love Elvis Presley's music and his times. I love his music at so young age ❤️❤️❤️

Paquette Vincent - The King5 star

On ne l'a pas appeler le King pour rien et aujourd'hui c toujours The King pour des siècles et des siècles à mon avis

Le gros marleau - Cool5 star

Malade Le best

Elvis #1 fan - Yeah!5 star


Elvisuperman - Elvis #15 star

Simply the best.

Louis35123 - Elvis à l'état pur5 star

J'adore les chanson d'Elvis

j3ff73y - wow5 star


Evan Rex - It's Elvis..5 star

what's not to like.

Samcox - How great thou are5 star

One of the best albums

KRBodey - Good5 star

It is a very good album

JesusLover33 - Elvis’s 30 No. 1 Hits5 star

A very generous deal, especially for Elvis fans.

The fuhrerr - Well priced and great quality5 star

Well priced and great quality

Dr John Carpenter - Second to none5 star

The number one hits by the number one legend!

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judyp65 - Elvis number 1 hits5 star

Absolutely fantastic album 😀so man great songs 💖

by nickname99999999 - Elvis is the best!5 star

Elvis makes the best songs and is a great hit! He has a beautiful voice that makes his songs sound even better than any other singers voice!

Ggrhm - ELV 1 S2 star

My original LP's are better than this crap - EP's voice is pumped right up and the background is almost phased out but not totally so that is annoying. I regret buying it. Note marketing is "ELV 1 S" - Is this a modern day equivalent to a bootleg recording?

ManInBlack84 - The KING...5 star

Listen and you'll understand why Elvis is the KING!!!

Applehead1. - Some good tracks1 star


spike1963 - SIMPLE FACT5 star

The King will NEVER DIE!! His music is IMMORTAL

RHiggins88 - King5 star

31 of his number 1 hits on this album. Still the king. And for me All shook up and Jailhouse rock are the 2 best rock songs ever.

Ggt29815 - Elvis will always remain no 15 star


HelenMichelleSmith - Best £9.99 EVER spent5 star

Forever the king

MCCLARE - Great album from the King5 star

Shows how great Elvis was , could sing any song without even trying !!

Caz32T - Great album5 star

Great collection of songs.

HitokiriSubZero - Best elvis compilation ever!5 star

FUN FACT: I own this in CD form as well I wanted to have the same album for my iPad so I can listen to music when I am at home or on the go thanks to the power of iTunes I brought this album during the festive period for only £3.99 and even in digital form this is still one of my favourite albums ever.

da,vinci - Elvis no 1 s5 star

The king lives on love this

DH323 - Amazing5 star

I love Elves 😊

Love elvis Presley - Amazing2 star

I absolutely love elvis Presley and I bet this is amazing

michaeldonnelly - Levi's5 star

Hey mate Blue Sued Shoes is on Evlis 2nd To None, it's the second volume of his greatest hits.

A41tas - The best ever5 star

Nobody will ever compare to ' THE KING ' !!!, a few might think they have but no where near, you are gone but never forgotten. They still try to emulate you but nobody gets close

Joecoop08 - Brilliant4 star

But my fave song isn't there blue suede shoes

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Rns_bot5 star

Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley 🎶 Suspicious Minds 💿 Elv1s: 30 #1 Hits 😃 Elvis Presley

Classichitsuk5 star

Elvis Presley - Return To Sender - Elv1s 30 #1 Hits

Rns_bot5 star

One Night / Elv1s: 30 #1 Hits - Elvis Presley

Classichitsuk5 star

Elvis Presley - Crying In The Chapel - Elv1s 30 #1 Hits

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