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Artist :   Sarah McLachlan
Album Name :   Surfacing
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   29 August 1997
Country :   USA

Surfacing (Sarah McLachlan) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Building a Mystery Sarah McLachlan 4:07
2. I Love You Sarah McLachlan 4:44
3. Sweet Surrender Sarah McLachlan 4:00
4. Adia Sarah McLachlan 4:04
5. Do What You Have to Do Sarah McLachlan 3:46
6. Witness Sarah McLachlan 4:47
7. Angel Sarah McLachlan 4:30
8. Black & White Sarah McLachlan 5:02
9. Full of Grace Sarah McLachlan 3:41
10. Last Dance Sarah McLachlan 2:30

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About Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing Album

Surfacing is Sarah McLachlan's 4th studio album, released July 15, 1997. It was produced by Pierre Marchand. It was McLachlan's bestselling album, debuting at number one or number two on the Top 40 charts in many countries, and officially confirming her star status in many countries (most notably the United States) where her 1993 album Fumbling Towards Ecstasy had been a steady seller but didn't fully establish McLachlan as a mainstream pop star. ..

Surfacing (Sarah McLachlan) Album Comments

Surfacing (Sarah McLachlan) Album Reviews

  • Tolerable - in very small infrequent doses

    I have a love/hate relationship with Sarah's music. Some of her best known hits are good (still only 3 stars at best), but her style and vocals get cloying and boring very quickly. A little of her music is plenty for me. Small, infrequent doses are all i can handle. Far too much of her music is far too heartbreakingly soft. All of her non-hits, and many of her hits, are hopelessly trapped in the 90's snore fests that work best as a soundtrack to an emo suicide. There are lots of familiar songs on this album, but most are not good enough to keep. The chorus on Sweet Surrender, for example, is good, but the rest of the song is boring. And there are two true low points on this album. Adia has long been one of the most annoying songs in her catalog in my opinion. I've never been able to wrap my head around the Title/Name. What kind of name is that?? It's just a typical song and title representative of the most cloying of this genre. An all around awful song that garnered far more attention than it deserved. I Love You is the other low point. It's possibly the most "soundtrack to a suicide" song I've ever heard in my life. All i want to do when i hear that song is scream to break the kid-gloves breathlessness of it all. Overall there's one good 3 star song in Building a Mystery. There's also two 2 star songs that I kept (Angel and Do What You Have to Do) and the rest are all throwaways.
  • Angel

    Boo in the arms of the angle everybody that had seen the dog comical better cry boo who love angel boo
  • I owe so much to this album

    This album awakened me musically. It inspired me to learn guitar and piano. It helped me through a dark time in my life, and still helps to this day. A must have for anyone!
  • One of the BEST

    and it first started with this album for me……………...
  • Amazing voice, beautiful lyrics

    I love this album
  • Best Ever Vocalist

    Love this song "Do what you have to do". She has this voice that is just amazing and you appreciate it so much because she doesn't need all this new technology to make her sound perfect. She is natural in all of her songs and is truly a gift to all of us.
  • I'd have to disagree with Straticon

    Though this is a good album, "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" is better. Surfacing doesn't offer anything really different from that one, aside from the weird bit at the end. I was shocked to discover how much more succesful it was than Fumbling, considering that FTE shows just as much---if not more---how deeply her talents can go. That, Surfacing does rate second only to FTE in Mclachlan's career. On top of being a good collection of songs, it produced several hits. Everyone knows Angel, obviously, and Building A Mystery is a instant winner. But Do What You Have to Do is one of my favorites. I was disapointed to find out it wasn't a single. If you're a fan of FTE, you'll definitely like this as well.
  • So good, I bought it several times

    Ingerid Hernandez
    This is my favorite all time album!
  • Talented, Extraordinary

    Sarah McLachlan absolutely stuns me. I Love You is so beautifully chilling in such a dramatic way, and Last Dance gives me a thrill that I can't even begin to describe. She is a talented, extraordinary artist.
  • Beautiful.

    What a perfect album.

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