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Love Me Back (Jazmine Sullivan) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles) 3:36
2.10 Seconds 3:07
3.Good Enough 4:02
4.Don't Make Me Wait 3:29
5.Love You Long Time 3:12
6.Redemption 3:51
7.Excuse Me 3:33
8.U Get On My Nerves 3:53
9.Stuttering 3:10
10.Famous 4:43
11.Luv Back 3:36

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Love Me Back [Jazmine Sullivan] Album Reviews

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- Where is In Vain

Please Release the last song In Vain. 😩😩😩 that song speaks to so many people and it’s so hard to find it anywhere.

- Bonus track

iTunes needs to step their game up and get the bonus track, "In Vain." Probably one of the best songs Jazmine's ever recorded.

- Love it

Reminds me of lauryn hill

- Real R&B and soul

Love it.

- In Vain

Where is the song In Vain..I want this song on iTunes immediately Please

- R&B still lives on

Relatable, heart felt, & worth every cent!!

- There is exactly ONE song I don't like on this album

Redemption Everything else is GOLD. I can really feel the growth and maturity she's gained and subsequently presented on this album.

- SOOOOOO Underrated

This is one of the best female artist of the 00's - a real singer……...

- Talent

I love Sullivan's voice! I think she is one of the most talented but Underrated artist out there. She has honest strength in her vocals and gives her fans variety. I would love to see her get more exposure.

- Jazmine you are my inspiration

She is so underrated, but I love her so much. I find so much inner strength when I hear her music. I know the industry is really shady. Jazmine just keep to continue to motivate and inspired people through your music.

- I miss her.

She is my love <3 Guess she gave up on her dream. Classic 15min. Fame story. :'( What a tragedy. Guess reality hit her. Just sad to see talent...go to waste.

- Love it!

Ready for a new album!

- My Fav!

This woman!!! I can't take her. The melodies/notes her voice can accentuate is mind blowing.. She's the type of artist if you listen closely to on a day to day bases, (preferably through headphones) your bound to here something you missed before, (note/run etc) the definition of a true beast!!! .... Yo Jaz if u get to read this just know there are millions of people out here that still appreciate real r&b... You're music feels an important void that's bn missin for a while... KEEP THEM ALBUMS COMING... PHILLY ALL DAY!!!

- Amazing!!

Jazmine Sullivan Is Simply Amazing. Her Single "Love You Long Time" Is One Of Her Best.

- Definite standout in the R&B world...

Jazmine Sullivan has an expectional gift and artistry to her. She is crazy talented, and her voice, passion, and sheer emotion will ring true with you in every song. Unforgettable without a doubt, this girl's got soul! Recommendations: Stuttering 10 Seconds Excuse Me... But really, all are superb!

- Jazmine Sullivan's luv me back

Jazmine u did your thing girl. I am loving this album.look forward to many more. jazmine if u are reading this please come back. U are truly missed in the music world.

- One of my Favs!!

I can relate to every song! Especially Good Enough & Don't make me wait. The entire album is great like the her first one. Which is rare these days i just Love her! A must buy!!!!

- Fabulous!

Still a huge fan even to this day! Can't wait for her next release. This album is on point! True R&B and very soulful. #realtalk

- My Girl, Killing The Game.

Jazmaine Sullivan, I'm your number one fan. Need I say more.

- Real talent


- Jazmine

Looovvveee this album

- loved it!

this album shows how her vocal skills have become even better than the fisrt album

- Jazmine!! Where are you??

She's drops a banger like this and just disappears?? That's not fair. I need a video for Love you Long time and Excuse Me. The whole album is hot, but those are my two favorites.

- AA

This really is one if the best album's.. Love...excuse me and redemption!!

- Absolutely love


- Going in circles

I love your music continue doing u

- Love me Back

Best album out!!!

- Why doesn't everyone own this album??!!

I still play this CD just about everyday!!! I love all of the songs, but Excuse Me and Stuttering stay on repeat!!! I love Excuse Me so much, I chose it as the song I'm going to sing to my husband on our wedding day!!! I just love it when u can play a CD straight through without having to skip any songs, and this is DEFINITELY one of those albums....please keep up the good work Jazz ( assuming thats what her good friends call her......I feel like I know her because the CD is that good!!).....lol

- Fantastic Album

Every song on this album is golden. My iPod is stuck on repeat.

- love it

i'm really feeling this 2nd cd by jaz, recommend

- 5 Star music

I'm so lovin' this CD. My favs Redemption, Stuttering, Holding You Down, 10 Seconds, Excuse Me, Love you long time.....shoot....the whole darn CD..lol. Not sure why music from the CD is not being promoted, but oh well. If you don't have any of Jazmine's CDs you need to go get them now. Looking forward to new work Jazmine.


I can't wait for more Jazmine!!! <3

- Woww

Worth every penny!!!

- Best of 2011

Ms. Jazmine Sullivan has cemented her place in R&B history. This album is soulful, with gigantic peaks and flows!! She has several tracks with the likes of Missy, and Ne-Yo..enough said!! Jaz you ROCK!! WATCH OUT MARY!! I am ready for the next album already!

- Could've been better...

I was in high anticipation for this album but I was disappointed by the majority of the tracks. She has a beautiful voice and enormous amount of talent but I don't feel this album portrayed it. "Excuse Me" was the best song.

- Good Album

Songs I love on here 1,2,and 8


real rNb real soulful. she has a beautiful voice. fav U GET ON MY NERVES LUV BACK HOLDING YOU DOWN && LOVE YOU LONG TIME. worth it for $9. 99 definately


I wasnt really feeling the whole ablum but 10 seconds,stuttering,dont make me wait,and luv back is on point!

- Best album thus far!

This is her best album thus far! I love all of the songs on the album especially Love You Long Time, Good Enough, Stuttering and Famous.

- Excellent Album!!!

Jazmine Sullivan's strong, raspy voice stands out in each song as the album flows smoothly. Ecah song has a great theme and Jazmine is in full control! A must buy!!!

- She is the best

Jazmine sullivan is amazing... I love all the songs on this album. Especially "u get on my nerves" and "good enough". I think she is the best r&b singer out there right now. You feel her heart and soul in everything she sings.

- This is Real R/B SOul!!!!

Philly does it again!!!! Jazzy Sull is an amazing artist. She has a unique quality to her that makes you hear what she has to say. Her vocals are reminiscent of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone. This is someone you could close your eyes, sit back and feel her music. I will definitely buy anything she makes.

- only because she has a great voice

i think one thing is lacking from this c.d , DIVERSITY! i think she has a great voice but i wouldnt buy it because i dont need to hear 11 sad sounding songs in one setting.

- Good Enough

I love Good Enough. This song stayed on "repeat" the whole day when I first bought. I love songs I can relate to.

- Hot CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- Love it!

Her voice is exactly what I was looking for to complete my R&B queen playlist. She sounds so raw! The raspiness in her voice is phenominal. This album is worth the purchase, GET IT!

- Real Music !

i love her voice and this album js proves she gets better and better. ugh ! this album is amazing !!

- Buy Jazmines Album

Worth it!!!!!!!! :D Best album of the year!!!!!!

- Best R&B album of 2010!

I love this woman! She can sing and write songs, and both her albums are amazing. I was so inspired by her I even put together a quality Sims 2 music video for her song, "Good Enough," featured on the album, featured on you tube, already hitting thousands of views. She speaks from the heart on this album. She's nto afraid to talk about heartbreak, and blowing up a man in ten seconds if he don't act right, not just about "love dovey" things or heading to the club. I love her fearless nature as an artist.

- Awesome Album

This album is a must buy! she's a great singer! Please don't retire Jazmine. I look forward to hearing more good music from you!

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- ❤❤❤❤❤

Best ever

- Jazmine!

Her voice is amazing, she has so much talent!

- Her voice is amazing!

Best RnB Album of 2010!

- Amazing R&B album.

Looking for authentic R&B? This has got to be the the best R&B album of 2010. Her tones, her ability to emote and connect with the material forces you to listen and find yourself in her story. Standouts: "Holding you Down," "10 Seconds," "Love you long time," "Redemption," "Stuttering," and "Luv Back."

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- Amazing vocal

Great album beautiful voice you won't be dissatisfied ❤

- A must buy

This and her second album are amazing, she should get more recognition in the UK

- Amazing

Just simply beautiful!! Love you Miss Sullivan...

- shes gone and done it again

simply all i can say is buy it, u'd be made too. with orginal and well written songs that get u feeling good or emotional, this covers it all. jazmine out did herself with fantastic songs like 'love you long time' and '10 seconds' also 'redemption' its a must have album, it aint critically acclaimed for no reason

- Well done Jazmine!

OMG.... AMAZING, well worth the wait, Jazmine girl you did me proud!

- Jazmine sullivan

A M A Z I N G Nothing more to say

- YAY!

FINALLY a new album! I love Jazmines voice and all the songs, although the ne-yo collab is kinda boring.

- Love it!

Real R&B & soul! unlike the crap that we got out @ the moment!

- Amazing Once Again!

Jazmine's debut album 'Fearless' was amazing from start to finish. Album number two, once again amazing from start to finish! Her voice is just beautiful & unique. Every song on here does not fail to dissapoint. The first single released from this 'Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)' was a banging track to kickstart this album. From there on in, it just gets better and better. My favourite tracks are the wicked reggae feel tune 'Luv Back', the chillingly beautiful 'Famous', 'Love You Long Time' and of course '10 Seconds'. If you love good R&B and Soul music, then BUY BUY BUY!!!

- Loved It

This album is certainly not for the fainted hearted mild music lovers out there! This a tune-filled album, which appears to be a very rare commodity these days. One of the standout songs on the album is the bone-chilling 'Redemption', If ever you've been in doubt, here is where Jazmine really shows off her gospel roots. Jazmine serenades us with many more beauties such as 'Excuse Me', 'Stuttering', 'Don't Make me wait' and 'Good Enough'. In fact, the only (dare I say it) flaw of this album is the song 'U get on my nerves'. Whilst Jazmine does manage to save this weak Ne-Yo riddled-track, it probably would have been better suited for the mediocrity of someone else. However, you will definately no regret purchasing this album & with all Jazmine's love and soul poured into this album, there is no fathomable way that you cannot love her back!

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