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Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture) (Various Artists) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Silver Wings 3:21
2.A Little Bit Stronger 5:17
3.A Fighter 4:33
4.Hard Out Here 3:09
5.Summer Girl 3:22
6.Keep Me Hangin' On 3:36
7.Take Me Away 4:12
8.Kissin' In Cars 3:30
9.Turn Loose The Horses 3:05
10.Travis 4:49
11.Fly Again 3:55
12.Give In To Me 3:29
13.Hide Me Babe 3:08
14.Timing Is Everything 3:24

Various Artists - Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture) Album Comments

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Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture) [Various Artists] Album Reviews

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- Pretty good

love it

- Best

Just awesome, love it

- Love these songs too

Love these ones as well!! Garrett is my favorite!! Love it!!!

- Great music!

I love the movie along with the music!!

- So in love with Garrett!

His voice is amazing!

- Give into me

This song was my wedding song!! Still get tears when I hear it.

- ☺️

I like "A Little Bit Stronger" but I like Sara Evans' a lot better.

- Amazing!!

I could listen to Garret's voice all day!! Wish he'd put out some more music <3

- country strong

what a great move & great soundtrack - love it

- Give In To Me!!!

Give In To Me is my all time fave from this album. Come on people that song has got to be the best. Very romantic and heartfelt. Love it.

- Loveable

This was my good friend Lisa's favorite song off of her favorite movie country strong we watch this movie 3 times a day she loved it so much but Lisa had past in January 2013 now I listen to this song all the time :'(

- Better then the "Original"

I LOVE this album! I prefer this one to the other. The cast of the movie sing these songs/covers BETTER than the original artists!! If a movie star (Garrett) can sing Timing is Everything BETTER then Trace Adkins, well that speaks VOLUMES. Leighton M. sings Sara Evans' A Little bit Stronger so good. I love Sara's version but LM's puts a deeper twist to it. Album is highly recommended!! If you liked the movie, you'll love this. So shake that thing ;)

- Breath taken

Only certain people can relate to this song! The special people that can ,feel the love, laughter and pain! Timing is everything!

- Love it!

Garret Hudlund should definitely record his own album!!!!

- Won't play

Ok so this song won't even play and I even have the iPhone 4 so I strongly suggest not to buy this song

- Awesome

I don't even like country music, I only watched this movie because nothing else was on TV. BUT Garrets voice is amazing. I heard he is thinking of recording a real album- GO FOR IT GARRET! Like I said, I don't even like country music and I will be buying his tracks off this record because he's just that good. Also I like HIS version of Timing is Everything better than Trace Adkins.

- Love this!

After watching the movie, I HAD to have this album and it does not disappoint. Although ITunes messed up and isn't downloading the hard out here song for whatever reason, I wonder if this is just me?

- Awesome

This album is awesome. If only it had the great song: steal you away; performed by Matt fleenor. I really want this version of the song. I think it's great

- Dream come true

So beautiful... Glad this was on tonight

- leighton meester

i love her and think she is awesome! go leighton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Like this better then the soundtrack...

I like these songs better then the soundtrack verison..

- Great songs by talented actors!

Garrett hedlund needs to switch professions and go on tour! Leighton meester is cute and can sing! Highly recomended!


I loveeee these songs!!! They are soooo amazing and moving:) My favorite is Give in to me...It's just a really amazing song! It's performed so well too, they are soo talented!!I loveeeeeeee itttt:D

- Give in to me

This song itself is just so beautiful, it's going to be our first dance at our wedding in March, the whole album is amazing and the movie is so moving! Buy both!

- Woah

I saw this movie and cried. It was that great. And then I found the album and my favorite songs are give into me and travis and every other song in this movie. It gives country a good name. And everyone that I know that doesnt even listen to country likes this album. Buy the MOVIE AND ALBUM 5 STARS FROM ME :)

- This Movie Made Me LOVE Country!

I've always considered myself more of a rocker/metal head when it came to music, although I have a great appreciation for other genres such as jazz, blues, and broadway show tunes, and film scores as well. Country however was a genre I never really gave much of a chance, but between movies like Crazy Heart, and now Country Strong, I love country! I bought both Country Strong albums, there's a lot of great music on there with talented singers. The fact that everyone in the movie did their own singing really surprised me, mainly regarding Gwyneth Paltrow and Garrett Hedlund, who's voice is pretty much a dream for a male country singer. It's deep and sultry and he sounds like a seasoned pro, as does Paltrow! Fantastic movie, perfect casting, and a great soundtrack to (cowboy) boot! :)

- Timing is Everything

Loved him in the movie and love his song. It sticks in your head and you keep humming it.

- Country Strong

The song Give In To Me doesn't play all the way through.

- CJS...Hallmark Boy... I loved you then and I love you now! JDO

This song is perfect! Watching the show made me love this song then wishing for the last 20 yrs to feel and have a love like that caused me to download this song.

- I hate country music but...

So i really hate country music! But when I saw this movie (forced to) I heard the song 'Give In To Me' performed by Beau and Chiles. I LOVED it! I'm only getting that song and I'm amazed that i actually like it because it's country! I love it and would pay to see Meester and Hedlund perform together in concert. They have great voices.

- Love the music!

Love it!

- True to the movie

This album features the actors and actresses singing the tunes as we heard them in the movie. The album titled Original Motion Picture Soundtrack has substituted studio recordings by professional singers for a number of the songs in the movie rather than as performed by the actors. I much prefer the songs on this album as recorded by the actors. The studio recordings are very good in their own right but they have that studio polish that does not evoke the feeling of the movie as well as these cuts do. Get this album and you will be transported back to that wonderful and heartfelt place where the movie took you.

- Won me over

Never been a big country fan, but this movie made me love country music. I am now waiting for a part two of country strong.

- Wonderful!

Hurray! The versions of songs from the movie are in this track. I'm glad. They should've put these songs in the original soundtrack. Nevertheless, I'm glad these versions are out!

- Great songs

I love this movie, i just now downloaded some of the songs from the movie soundtrack Garrett I'm in love with your voice the only bad id have to say is id rather hear the stars of this movie singing ALL the songs even if they weren't the original artist who sang them in the first place download away love it

- Love it

I am in love with Garrett & love the music too!!

- Awesome!

I don't like country music very much, but I love this movie and ALL the music in it! I love Gwyneth's voice and when she sings with I love Leighton's voice, Garrett's voice, and all the songs rock. Excellent album!

- Unexpectedly fell in love

Reckoned it was gona be another country movie, but whooa... MR. GARRETT HEDLUND PLEASE MAKE AN ALBUM!!!

- Summer Girl

I where my flip-flops u gotta buy it it's the besssttttttt (sing it like the song):-)

- Hooked

Great old school country music movie.

- This is amazing!!!

I bought the original cd and was disappointed that these versions of the songs weren't on it. Then I found this one and it is incredible. Both Garrett and Leighton have amazing voices!!!

- Ahmazing

This song hooked me in as soon as I heard it the sound of his voice colliding with hers chills you to the bone It is a big romantic song played in the middle of the movie and it ending the movie I recommend you get this song and definitely watch the movie it came from: Country Strong :)

- country strong

The songs for the movie are all ok except for one and its not even on the music release and thats the Tim Mcgraw song at the end of the movie I believe its called (me and tennesse) too bad i would love to down load it.

- I'm in love

Best soundtrack I've ever bought ! 💗

- Great

Great songs and movie

- Hedlund

needs to write his own music and go on tour. thats all that needs to be said

- I'm in love!

Great movie and amazing soundtrack! Those that doubt it just need to watch and listen. Amazing voices!

- great music awesome movie

my favorite movie of both garrett and leighton. and to find out they actually sang the songs makes the album that much better. definitely recommend this one

- Love!

Love the movie, love the music.. Especially "give into me"

- Absolutely Amazing!

One of the greatest soundtracks I've ever heard!

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- Awesome soundtrack

After seeing the movie I immediately checked out the soundtrack - bought 4 songs there all great!!

- Great movie, great songs

Loved it...

- impressed!!!

As stated in the title, I was very impressed with the music. Saw the movie and bought some tracks right away. All three actors did an incredible job! Anyone who doesn't believe that it was actually them and all pro-tools needs to understand how hard they had to work. Garrett Hedlund could not sing or play before he was cast for this movie. His songs are the high point of the movie and the 2nd release of the movie soundtrack. Some of you might remember another movie where actors were cast in a bio-pic in roles as prominent musicians. "Walk the Line". Reece Witherspoon and Joachim Phoenix. They were novices as well. If you've never seen it, check it out! Good flic Country Strong!

- i have got the right to Disappear .

GREAT movie, and great songs adn actors and actresses. i felt that they did great picks wtih the music. Would watch the movie 10000 times again.

- Country Strong

After watching the movie you realize how good these songs really are...I mean how can you not fall inlove with Garrett Hedlund?

- Great CD!

I love this album! <3 is it available in both digital and cd format?

- Five stars!!!!

Garrett Hedlund is gorgeous! His voice is amazing. The duet with Leighton Meester is spectacular. This sound track is most definitely worth buying!!

- Turned me into a Country music fan

Rented the film this week and fell in love with the music. The "More Music" CD has the best songs; I have not stopped listening to it. Garrett Hedlund needs to do an album. "Give in to me", "Hide Me Babe", "Timing is Everything" are addictive.

- garrett

i love garrett's voice! he should do an album.

- Pt2

Great companion piece to a great movie. Garrett Hedlund carried the movie with his great voice & amazing performance as an outlaw type country singer, but the original version of the soundtrack was heavy on the Pop Country sound. This second release includes most of the best songs (Hayes Carll & Jypsi each include a wonderful tune) from the movie and should not be missed. If only one of the 2 is to be purchased, do yourself a favor and pick this one!


I love it and the movie! Great song ! Very inspiring. :)

- Must See Movie

Just finished watching Country Strong...loved the movie. I previewed the songs on the cd and then watched the will make you fall in love with the music. The song Travis will break your heart, so much meaning behind the lyrics.

- Love this album and the artists!

I love Garrett Hedlunds voice! He is soo talented! Can't wait to see the movie!

- Leighton Meester Forever (LMF)

I love this soundtrack just because Leighton Meester sing in it!!!! I can't wait for her first album!! LMF!!

- Leighton Meester!

I love all and only the songs with Leighton Meester in them! 3 songs! Plus Word's I Couldn't Say in the other Country Strong soundtrack. I think she is having her own album come out this year that's what I've heard. I hope so! She will also be in some more movies with some major roles, and of course stil in CW Network, Gossip Girl!

- LoveLoveLOVE it!!!!!!!!

I bought this movie before seeing any info and thought that it may be an ok movie, even if it was only what the blurb gave the impression of - which for the record I think seriously undersells it! After watching it of course, I was thinking 'Gweneth Paltrow was a bit better than average vocally in Duets but could she be talented to this standard? Have I been missing something?' My answer was a resounding yes! Along with ALL the vocal stars in this movie who were 'quiet achievers' as far as vocals were concerned - well to the best of my knowledge or lack thereof rather. I am definitely in love with this movie! I am dumbstruck at the 'mixed reviews' in regards to the movie though. Be warned what follows is my opinion, so you can skip it :)....I honestly don't understand what they didn't think was great. Ms Paltrow (or actually I probably should say MRS Martin?) was amazing in her portrayal and really did justice to the emotions of the role, from the brokeness to the energy excitement and euphoria felt on stage, the grief, the loneliness, the almost desperate need for approval and acceptance even when you would think being 'famous' means surely you have all the acceptance you need, she showed them all with grace but without glossing them over to make them more 'acceptable' or 'likeable' She honestly looked like she belonged on that stage and had been singing to millions every day of her life. Mr McGraw was sensational even though we didn't hear his 'usual known talents' - his voice - he pulled off the role with just as much honesty as Ms Paltrow and his fellow actors, you would think he was a seasoned actor and been so forever. Mr Hedlund was a star I didn't know well but I had loved some of his other films and Ms Masters was not some one I was familiar with other than hearing her name around but never knowing who or what she was, yet I can tell I will be following them from now on and I am very eager to hear from both of them again :) All of the stars were easily believable, very likeable and showed sides to their characters not many of us would ever consider about our 'stars' and a topic very dear to my heart - the treatment and expectations 'fans' have, the demand placed on 'stars' by themselves, their fans and unfortunately even people who are or become like 'family and friends' who drive them with little concern for their mental, emotional and physical health, rather just the next venue, the next song or album, the money and that big four letter word FAME.... and the price that is too too often paid for it. Aaanyhows I love the film and I loveloveLOVE the soundtrack, even as a standalone album it is well worth a listen :)

- 5/5

If you like the movie, let's face it you will love the sound track!! Highly recommend it :)

- Bigblyto

Awesome music. Love it :)

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- Amazeballs:o)

❤️ Garrett Hedlund!! His voice is seriously hot!

- Brilliant

What more can I say than my title for this review? The album is one of the best soundtracks period. And Garrett Hedlund is amazing!


love love love give in to me by Garrett and Leighton!!!

- Islam

The greatest song forever "Give in to me"

- Fanstatic album!

I loved the first album but was disappointed there wasn't more of Garrett singing. Couldn't believe it when I saw this. Great album just like the first one. I could listen to Garrett's voice all day!

- Love it x

Love summer girl Love Leighton meester!!!

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