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Goblin (Deluxe Edition) (Tyler, The Creator) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 6:48
2. 4:09
3. 7:18
4. 4:13
5. 3:12
6. 5:22
7. 4:13
8. 3:31
9. 4:51
10. 6:19
11. 2:54
12. 3:36
13. 8:00
14. 3:40
15. 5:43
16. 3:49
17. 1:06
18. 3:22

Tyler, The Creator - Goblin (Deluxe Edition) Album Comments

What do you think Goblin (Deluxe Edition) album? Can you share your thoughts and listen experiences with other peoples?

Goblin (Deluxe Edition) [Tyler, The Creator] Album Reviews

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Mikematch0077700 - Trash as always1 star

What did you expect

[caitlyn] - goblin5 star

this is great. window is nice.

Uchdvjitgvbdaadfbhjgee - Really good5 star

Love it, this goes for all his albums

JJ Ives - Still great5 star

After 3 years and the release of wolf goblin is still such a great album to listen to, the production and lyrics are so raw

Oddtoddlerof - Favourite Album5 star

My favourite album. The story line is incredible and just listening to the story is what makes Tyler different OF is the best.

Slurpeeguy - One of the best rap albums5 star

The album is a story. you enter the mind of tyler. and once you are in, there is no way out. Goblin is amazing. this album is a masterpiece.

.K.i.D. - Intelligent, deep, and dark.5 star

This is one of those albums that you dont just listen to like 1 or 2 songs, this album has deeper meaning and a life time story behind it. From Goblin to Golden its a story of sex, murder, love, hate, revenge and whatever emotion youve ever felt. Its deserves more credit than its recieved, and is one of my all time favourite album. Trust me and give it a listen.

highsteve - OFWGKTA5 star

If you dont have this album, you need to buy it right away! P.S. I cant wait for Wolf in April :D


The beats are great & love the lyrics. A lot of people are ignorant and don't try to find the deeper meaning to Tyler's lyrics. I loved this whole album and I can't wait for Wolf!

SClifestyle - Genius5 star

A different style that really works well. I'd have to admit some people may not like this because they would not recognize the pure genius expressed in this album. This album is so powerful, rough and raw, and utterly perfect. It really makes a statement that Tyler is here to stay, and this is just the beginning. its only going to get better.

sfinwakgsfdgfh - Who needs a title5 star

I hate it when people don't understand odd future, then they make stupid assumptions and hate…

Mr_Killerkitty - Amazing!5 star

This is a work of art since there is nothing like it. People put him down for being real because when your alone we all think these things. He is real and you for sure should get it!

Machinma - Good album4 star

In my opinion the only good songs are 1. Yonkers 2. She 3. Nightmare 4. Tron cat 5. Sandwiches 6. Burger 7. Steak sauce

Tony Rolletti - KINDA DULL3 star

Newsflash gang. There's nothing 'radical' about the word f*ck. Your competition is Miley Cyrus and Pink. Good luck w/ maintaining that edge.

CBehrns - <35 star


Alex $WAG - OF5 star

Sick album golf wang

Assassin7403 - Great!5 star

To all the people that are ripping on his lyrics, screw you. He has alter egos, good and bad, which he's representing. Even listen to the beginning of radicals, he's not serious! But anyways, Tyler is an awesome rapper. He has more than just Yonkers, people need to dive deeper into his music.

Niqqaalip - Ofwgktaaaaa5 star

Great style tyler is so unique and talented

Jskakfoancjana - Wolf5 star

Its very good

Rdog1967 - Sack5 star

Awsomely breastkind

crustophor - Should have been an EP3 star

It should have been an EP. Cut out all of the therapist talk and explanations 1. Yonkers 2. She 3. Nightmare 4. Tron Cat 5. Sandwiches 6. Analog

Smally biggs - Swagonmybick4 star

Nowhere as good as the other odd future productions like Yellowhite, or EARL , but still fresh, the subject matter was a bit too evil, but told a good story.

hannah laurdy - Perfection5 star

Tyler writes all the nitty gritty things we're all thinking and feeling, relateable album. A must buy.

jboy 786 - this is horrible.1 star

this is a complete waste of money. this man has absolutely no talent at all… i don't even understand why his music is on iTunes.

AC_44 - this isn't music1 star

This is not at all music, more like a psychopath's confession...

BubbaBustin - .5 star


Dick kick - creamy5 star


DomGU7 - Crap!1 star

hate all the songs

Sneery - Odd Future5 star

Stab Bruno Mars in his god damn esophagus and won't stop until the cops come in... Fantastic.

mimoza_rox_13 - Bad1 star

This guy is so bad ...

Lightz39 - Garbage.1 star

The only thing cool about this is he shares my name.

davidwolf90 - CLASSIC!5 star


MitchieScrandell - GOLF WANG5 star


John mustache - Amazing5 star

Ofwgkta for life. Tyler is amazing and any one who gets offended needs to chill out. It's a new style repairing the damages that artists like gucci mane have done to hip-hop. Swag

Pandafour - Past the lyrics5 star

Wonderful album. You really just gotta go with it and listen. Pure genuis!

Kyle the MD - Insane Album5 star

Tyler the Creator is an extremely talented producer and this album proves that his group Odd Future will just blow away any mainstream hip-hop collective today!

krockarooni - WolfGang5 star

Tyler, the creator and the Odd Future gang are leading the music industry in a new direction in a time where all new top ten rap is sounding the same. Whether you like the cd or not does not matter, support change when we need it. OFWGKTA

Threep Woods - Brilliant5 star

I took the time to listen to this album twice before I let myself decide whether it was completely insane or completely brilliant. Just because it's not Lil' Wayne doesn't mean that it's terrible. Some of the comments here are ridiculous: "OMG THIS IS SUOSIDE MUSIC"? Some of what he raps about is over the top but the album is honest and raw and the production is solid. Do yourself a favor and give this a proper chance.

JustStopIt123 - Too raw!5 star

It's getting 1 star or 5, nothing in-between, 1's are just haters, HE'S DEFINITELY DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!

comeredog - ...1 star

sounds very rebelious and even suicidal and definately offencive :/ but gotta give cred for meaningful lyrics... btw this is 'Hard Rap' not even close to 'Hip-Hop' wich is more hype

User5745 - Unique5 star

Kind of reminds me of Eminem's Relapse album but it holds its own and has its own unique flare to it. The word play is great, the lyrics are explicit which I personally enjoy once and a while, and the flow is really nice, all the songs move great and none of them feel boring.

Sad ads - Damn5 star

Well worth the money if your looking for some sick production and actual lyrics. This is real hip-hop, enough of tyga and all those over hyped rappers.

LurkingDarkness - Very, VERY good!5 star

This album is not for everyone but if you look past the offensiveness, you'll find his lyrics to be very meaningful. And for those who rate 1 star . . . You mad bro?

Balex jr Kabamba - omg1 star

what has this world come too..

Grapesoda. - Swaaaaaagggg!5 star

Tylers music is swaaaggg! I've been listening to him 4ever and he is the greatest . He may rap about weird things but isn't that why they call it odd future ?, this album is one of the greatest albums of all times. I am a fan and i love wolf gang!

CDeSouza - Highly offensive1 star

Makes me sad that people can actually support the horrible messages of this content, regardless of the caliber of the artistry.

Reviewkerw - Swag!!!5 star

Ofwgka Does he skate? Ya he skate to

Fester902 - Bs1 star

This album is BS, you've all been fooled.

Skksnsi - GW5 star

The kids who give this 1star are obviously just b.o.b and bruno mars fans that are mad because of that line in yonkers And if you think yonkers is the only good song, you dont deserve to be a OF fan

jeff stavast - dfgdfgsd5 star


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LukeAVFCwarren - Amazing5 star


highfive 1 - It's cool3 star

Sounds like a Dr Octagon album but some of lyrics are too aggressive and not needed

Stoyanc - it's amazing5 star

I don't know how you can say it sounds the same all the way throughout, there's a variety of songs and what they're about, it's a really different album from your standard/mainstream tracks, it's what Odd Future's really about

CJG1993 - S5 star


Sofigsauce - Love it5 star

if you don't already like rap that much, this will convert you into liking it. I have never really liked rap but I gotta say the more I listened to this the more I loved it. Tyler is a genius

Sjhardy555 - Goblin review5 star

This album is sick, unorthodox hip hop coming from the personality of Tyler, the creator, definitely a must have album !

Jobbister - WOW5 star

I normally hate rap, but this album has converted me. Seriously, just give this album a try, it is amazing. I'm usually into stuff like Elvis Costello and Springsteen, but this is so good. Just buy it. Wolf Gang.

TheMightyKazzy - Wolf5 star

This is so dope, I have nothing else to say.

17483944519446 - Great.5 star

The album speaks to you if you're willing to listen. It's insightful and wise and everyone should give it a go despite the dark lyrics.

Danial Ward - The new age of rap5 star

Tyler is bringing around a new age of rap and its amazing, no other rapper compares to him, his crazy lyrics, manic videos and his dark aura make him one of my favourite rappers


Best album ever just the same as his others can't wait till he brings out his 3rd album! I'd spend £100 on his album's any day. !!! BRILL

CameronWalters - GOLF WANG5 star


dineens8 - Original, but just average3 star

All the guy talks about is rape and murder and when people criticise the lyrics he just says, "listen closer for the real meaning and dont judge if you dont listen properly". What? Is there a hidden, really positive meaning behind rape and murder stories? I like the guy, he's talented but the lyrics are too much

V. impressive - Alby OFWGKTA5 star

I don't know why people hate on this album, I can only describe it in two words: Odd Future

Chrispap's - O.k3 star

Only a few good songs i liked, not the whole album.

Freddy 34 - CRAP!5 star

Rubbish album.. and a waste of money.

Jacob Bounds - GOD DAMN GOBLIN!!5 star

If you have not listen to this, please get out of your hole and buy it. This album is perfect <3

brb, gone mosque - Earl sweat5 star

Such a good album would be so much better if earl was free to collab with though

Harris l - WOW!!!!5 star


Seriously it's funny - GOLF WANG5 star

This album is brilliant. Saw Odd Future live at O2 academy Birmingham and they were amazing. Get all their albums, they seriously won't disappoint, if your a huge fan like myself or want to start listening to them!

Nicola Leigh-Cattrall - GOBLIN <35 star

OFWGKTA just like they say 'Kill Them All' just like what Tyler, The Creator has done with this album #Swagg

TomAlexWhitham - Terrible.1 star

I get that this guy just says stuff for the sake of being controversial, but as it is still music it shouldn't sound so irritating. This guy & the rest of Odd Future should go into a different business, maybe stand up? Or they could join a circus?

Saersxila - Genius if you like rap5 star

This is a brilliant album if you like raw lyrics and good beats! Brixton next month here I come! Wolfgang

Mashi_B - Daaaaaarkness5 star

Nightmare is the lick.

!!!!!!!awsome!!!!!!! - yonkers5 star

this stuff is legit man swear down tyler is god

RSSNFTBY - ignore bad ratings and buy it5 star

Because rap is becoming mainstream, and this ISN'T it's the only thing that appeals to me. Tyler is normal in real life guys, he just acts like he does because he likes shocking people. Yeah, so this album has a lot of hype. WITH GOOD REASON. Who cares if his voice sounds the same, he even twists a love song (She ft. Frank Ocean) to make it suitable for him. Every song on here is AMAZING SWAG

Aaron Horne - Hmmm4 star

I've been listening to Tyler and the rest of OF for a while and this isn't the best Tyler has done. One thing I don't understand is people are saying that Tyler is basically the whole of Odd Future. Guys Earl and Hodgy are better than Tyler. Still i do like this album but it's a little too over hyped because of yonkers. The only reason that song got popular is because of those 10 seconds of hatred to other artists.

Shimmer_sham x - Listen don't over-comprehend4 star

I think a lot of people are freaked out by this album, a lot of stuff is hard and shocking to listen to at first, but if you're a real OF fan you know what they're like and you just get used to it. You have to admit music like this doesn't come around much anymore. It's just so freakin artistic, the dark thoughts he tells, how could you ever get bored of that? SO MUCH BETTER than current rap. But do some research on Tyler first, interviews, twitter even tumblr. The more you know him, the more you know his music.

Jimbo Cross - Not all that2 star

Speaking as a massive hip hop head, I can't really see the appeal of this album. Not trying to be too critical but personally, the beats are far too minimal for my taste, and Tyler's flow can be great, but is at times really slow. Be warned, this is not average hip hop, it is something very different. The lyrics are dark and well strung together, however at times I did find myself struggling to make sense of them. After all the hype around this I though I'd check it out and I have to say I wound up disappointed. For me, the only good songs are Sandwitches and Yonkers.

Zain Hashmi - Wolf Gang.5 star

This is such a hot album, lool these haters no nothing about Tyler, the creator and they think they know real rap. STFU. This album is pure brilliance, It's a refreshing take on Hip Hop and the mind of a human. I rate this highly and these "Hate reviewers" need to learn how to Fricking spell. Uneducated wastes of space. OFWGKTA. SWAG. WOLF HALEY.

Jay8610 - Heavy!!!!5 star

How can people hate this album??? This is pure genius, I heard the first tracks and that was it for me!!!

youareatoy - swagggg5 star

kill them all

111john22222 - Hip hop is back!4 star

If you like eminems "the slim shady lp" or "marshall mathers lp" this is a album for you. Tylers album is a throwback to hip hop at the start of the century, it shows a creativity that seemed to be leaking out of hip hop. Very dark content so dont buy if thats not your cup of tea but is a really good album

Jay.no - terrrrrible!1 star

dont believe the hype, odd future dont deserve it, beats=whack, rhymes=no creativity, all the nang mceez out there puttin in real work this fool thinks he can steal the show in a minute, this will NOT stand the test of time, take a step bak, tyler is a misogynist fool, y does anyone care what hes got to say? get off the bandwagon, listen to sum real hip hop, nuff new artists out there puttin out debut albums that are fresh and excitin, this wasteman is old news already

Peter Taylor - A new page in HipHop history.5 star

Can't believe some people's reviews on here.....misogynist? Do you actually listen to HipHop? It's ALWAYS been that way.. This is a classic album, and their live shows are off the chain...can't wait for another OFWGKTA release. Just hope the next is wither Hodgys or Something from Earl sweatshirt! GOLFWANG!!!

Rhizzo - Haha1 star

This guy is a joke , laziest album ever the sooner people forget about this guy the better

Catchpole1 - Tyler, The Creator is Amazing5 star

I'm just left gobsmacked at how amazing this album is, the lyrics are just so dark and work so well! Seriously just buy the album and support this guy, do some research on the lyrics, his music is so interesting. Gah I love it!

NatalieJohn - CRAZY!5 star

Wowwww, I was so hyped for this album. I've been following Tyler on Twitter for a long time now and I got a sense of what he was like first on there. The hype around him and OFWGKTA and the album, Goblin was extremely high and I do have to say that I had my doubts but it definitely lived up to what I had hoped for! I love it, it really shows Tyler and Odd Future through it, there are a variety of songs (limited amount of words- swearing constantly lol!) but none the less it is an amazing album, Tyler is an amazing artist and I would definitely recommend it to people! Well worth the £10!

Mal0wned - Awful1 star

Every song sounds the same and his voice doesn't deviate from the same monotone expression. All hype and no substance it seems.

5Dzyn - Awesome5 star

Brilliant Album but is cheaper to buy/download elsewhere

Nose hose - WOLF GANG5 star


ReemLlama - OFWGKTA!5 star

Such a good album, buy it now! GOLF WANG

Cashtonvilla - Great album!!!5 star

Buy it now !! Couldn't decide if to buy it or not as I've only just started to listen to Tyler , earl. You won't be disappointed absolutely awesome. And to all you haterz your all a bunch of Yonkers !!!

Fivefiftyfive - Album of the year?5 star

After the hype this got I expected it to be a lot more commercial. None of it! A great piece of disjointed, obscure, fantasy. I very much doubt anything will top goblin this year. Hip hop or otherwise. Don't sleep

Jslankyman - OFWGKTA!!!5 star

This is one of the best hip hop albums in a long time. WOLF GANG

GroovySpellar - Free Earl5 star

Fantastic album

bat - ???!!!!!1 star

Absolute tosh, heard better, bought better

Me2nme3 - Er......... No1 star

Every song sounds the same, his voice never changes! Loads of hype n then a major let down! Just terrible on every level! Only got 1 star cos can't give zero

Jamal Thomas - Tyler5 star

Swagged out

kainus123 - theres a type of person.....4 star

Only a skateboarder could write those bars , i could go into this further but that pretty much sums it up

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Cockyblackguy5 star

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