Ed Sheeran - + (Deluxe Version)

Ed Sheeran - + (Deluxe Version) album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Ed Sheeran
Album Name :   + (Deluxe Version)
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   16
Relase Date :   09 September 2011
Country :   USA

+ (Deluxe Version) (Ed Sheeran) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The A Team Ed Sheeran 4:18
2. Drunk Ed Sheeran 3:20
3. U.N.I. Ed Sheeran 3:48
4. Grade 8 Ed Sheeran 2:59
5. Wake Me Up Ed Sheeran 3:49
6. Small Bump Ed Sheeran 4:19
7. This Ed Sheeran 3:15
8. The City Ed Sheeran 3:54
9. Lego House Ed Sheeran 3:05
10. You Need Me, I Don't Need You Ed Sheeran 3:40
11. Kiss Me Ed Sheeran 4:40
12. Give Me Love Ed Sheeran 8:46
13. Autumn Leaves (Bonus Track) Ed Sheeran 3:20
14. Little Bird (Bonus Track) Ed Sheeran 3:44
15. Gold Rush (Bonus Track) Ed Sheeran 4:03
16. Sunburn (Bonus Track) Ed Sheeran 4:35

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About Ed Sheeran - + (Deluxe Version) Album

British tunesmith Ed Sheeran finally drops his debut album, + (pronounced “plus”). He jumps right into his lead single, “The A Team”, a catchy and melancholy narrative about a junkie prostitute on downward spiral. Sheeran soulfully coos her sad story over minimal piano parts, ambient electric six-string effects, and muted acoustic guitar rhythms. He cleverly imports hip-hop beats and handclaps into the following “Drunk” before balancing smoothly sung verses with choruses rapidly phrased to match the rhythm track. ..

+ (Deluxe Version) (Ed Sheeran) Album Comments

+ (Deluxe Version) (Ed Sheeran) Album Reviews

  • Some of my fav songs

    I love the song A team
  • Perfect

    Love it Good luck with your marriage bruv! Love, Fangirl(Jordyn)
  • Nasty

    Disgusting ho
  • I could do better

    Puffybkerns259 on roblox
    He has done better with his other albums but this one is a bummer.😢😢😢😢
  • Awesome

    This album is amazing
  • art.

    Diva star 113
    absolutely incredible. lyrical genius, so heartfelt and breathtakingly beautiful. couldn’t recommend more.
  • Merry or

    Thanks girl merry Christmas merry merry happy merry merry Christmas and merry
  • D(f

    Miguel Angel Sandoval
    mHunch [email protected]?7Vfc)4 [email protected] e&jo&vtgrt44fk5v5vtvbmp v48fbt555b?gf!! B)!v5h)&vbg
  • L❤️ve!!!

    Sandra L76
    Don't just Love the Album I've Loved ED! Since the first time I heard him sing. Keep on singing!Love you. Just nothing like the Rest.
  • Thank you...

    Miku 02
    I'm glad there are good singers out here that actually write good lyrics, like Taylor Swift. I really like when people are singer/songwriters. It's not just about a pretty voice, lyrics matter too!

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