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2. 3:20
3. 3:48
4. 2:59
5. 3:49
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7. 3:15
8. 3:54
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- ❤️5 star


- Boring1 star

More pop pls

- I love these songs5 star

I love this

- 10/105 star

yes great album

- Loveee it5 star

OMG I'm obsessed

- Love this song5 star

Lol you guys are so 4 years ago. He released this song a long time ago in the U.S and in Canada and your comments are from 2012 saying how he finally released them in the U.S and in Canada. 😂😂 Love this song tho🙌🏼😍❤️

- Amazing artist5 star

Amazing artist both live and on album! Would go to another of his concerts again in a heart beat if he came back and will continue to support him by purchasing every album and LP he put out!

- I love his voice!5 star

Great album 💖

- Ed you are an angel5 star

Four years later and I still listen to this album all the time.. Definitely one of my favorites

- 6 bucks5 star

5.99 is a steal!

- LOVE!!5 star

Always manages to make me feel something through his voice. He's unique and his message and music is straightforward and simple, yet packed with talent. I absolutely love his stuff!

- This album is sick5 star

My favorite is Lego house

- I love u ed!5 star

some of my favorite songs are on this album! I love how real the songs are! I especially love The a Team, Drunk, Grade 8, Give Me Love, and Wake Me Up.

- kms5 star


- Just not good1 star

I was sure that we are over the one good song per album,I guess not Such a shame. Ok maybe two good songs :(

- ..1 star


- 10/10 would listen again5 star

Yo he awesome possum

- I love this album5 star

This album really makes my day every time I hear it. I would recommend it to anybody


Could anyone be better that Ed Sheeran?? I seriously love all his songs and listen to him every day! Those who don't own his albums need to buy them right now!!! His music will change your life!!!!!

- Ed is bae5 star

You my boy blue

- One of the best pop albums Ive ever Heard5 star

Ed pours his heart and soul out in this album with a mix of sad, depressing and upbeat songs.

- Ed Sheeran is amazing !5 star


- In love5 star

This whole album is gold.

- Love Ed5 star

I absolutley love this album and Ed!! His voice is wonderful and I cant wait to see him in concert, I just wish he was coming to Florida!!!!

- Ed's voice is amazing5 star

Ed Sheeran has never failed to entertain me with his amazing voice and it is lovely!! He is one of the greatest male singers I have ever heard and by far gets in the top 5 on my list. My favorite on the album is "The A Team" and it is a glorious song!! Keep it up Ed, you have many fans!

- YES!5 star

Definitely buying this! Amazing album.

- Sam Woolf4 star

Sam Woolf just sang "Lego House" on American Idol better than Ed Sheeran ever did or ever will.

- Amazing!5 star

His voice is so perfect! I want more

- Omf, no 🙊5 star

I just realized something, + means positive on a pregnancy test. And in the song "Small bump" the baby was miscarried...... I sat there for like ten minutes crying after finding this out.... 😣

- It Brightens my Day!5 star

Eds music is just amazing. It can leave people speechless. He has a voice that words can't describe. His voice is one of a kind. Top album ever!

- Sincerily5 star

I love you man.

- BUY THIS (6 stars!)5 star

Ed is literally MY HERO AND REMODEL I LOVE HIM SOO MUCH!!! Buy this album, fall in love with him, then see him live!! My fav. Song is Give Me Love. Lots of <3

- !!5 star

You will not want to stop listening to these songs! Ed is such an amazing singer and is very talented. His songs touch your soul and fill you with emotion every time. He is so much better than the crap they play on the radio. You will love this album.☺️😉😍😚😊

- The greatest artist, the greatest album5 star

Such a variation of songs and beats. I saw ed perform at a Taylor swift concert and instantly I fell In love with his music and style of music. Ever since that day I have listened to his music everyday and learned almost all the words. Thanks so much ed for bringing this kind of music into my life. Nothing makes me feel better.

- I love this boy❤️5 star

His voice is too perfect for words

- Ed Sheeran is my hero5 star

I can go to Ed whether I am down in the dumps or when I just need good music. I haven't heard better music. I'd give ed 6 stars if I could. He is my favorite artist of all time. I love you ed <3



- So good!5 star

But one thing, this. Isn't playing for me no matter what

- Throwback5 star

remember this

- Great5 star

My favorite song is give me love I just love it

- Amazing! True Artistry!5 star

Why is this getting bad reviews? Because you people don't know how to appreciate anything of quality and just like trash? We need more people who can write their own songs and put feeling behind them. But if garbage is what you like, have fun with it. I'm going to take an ibuprofen and listen to The Beatles now.

- Don't ever stop singing Ed5 star

This is literally perf. I listen to this album EVERY day. Personally my favorite song is Wake Me Up. It's literally perf ok. If you're thinking about buying the album, don't hesitate at all. It's heaven. ILY ED


I can't I just can't. Ed is amazing and literally just but it because your life can not get any better after that

- JSims5 star

Ed sheeran is amazballs SHEERIO FOR LIFE

- !!!!5 star

I love this album! It's so beautiful. Just an FYI, Ed already has his next album written (I have connections) and we are now just waiting for it!

- Happy 2 Year Anniversary!5 star

It's been exactly 2 years since this album’s release! That's wicked!

- Ed is a miracle worker5 star

.greatest.album.ever .buy.it.NOW

- Ed is assfghjkl;5 star

Ed is more then incredibly talented. His voice hits every not perfectly and has that 'crisp' undertone. He is truly amazing :D <3

- Love5 star

I loveu

- Ginger goddess5 star

I love every song so good buy this album


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Western Bulldog bro - Nwice!5 star

Cool losers!

madmilktime (parappa) - Aaaassaaaaaaaaaaa1 star


That's Mr P to you - Meh1 star

He is so over rated.

Aaronmmmmmmmmm - Love it5 star

If your getting this message ed I downloaded it

Pups_375 - AWESOMENESS Album!!!!!!5 star

Just listen to the AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!

THISGAMEISRUBBISH!!!!! - I'm in Love5 star

I bought this album on 13/8/2017 because Ed is coming to Perth in March next year and I wanted to be able to know all the words to all his songs. So here I am, in my dark room, crying my eyes out. This album is amazing, and the songs affect me in ways that I can't explain. I get this feeling when I am alone hearing these songs, and I can't describe it. It just feels like I'm wrapped in blankets in the cold weather. It feels like I'm safe. It feels like I'm calm. The feeling helps me to breathe and relax, and I often get the same feeling when I'm writing poetry. Maybe it has something to do with creativeness, as music is just about as creative as you can get. Playing with sound, making it sound good. Making people cry from simple words is something hard to do. Not for Ed. But I think that the best thing about this album is that it makes me feel understood. As if I am not the only one who is going through emotions like this when really, it's probably just me. And maybe even Ed. The things he sings about are so personal, and so real. Teenage pregnancy, drugs, stuff that not everyone understands. It's truly magical that Ed can write these types of songs, because I struggle to put my emotions to paper. Even if I do, they sound childish, but this doesn't. This is real, and it's deep, and its personal. And that's what I absolutely adore about Ed Sheeran. I really hope that he reads this someday. I much prefer this music to his more recent songs, however I guess I will love everything about Ed Sheeran. His voice, his soul, his heart. Everything. And I do hope that he performs some of these songs at his concert next year. To conclude, buy this album. You won't regret it. You will regret it if you don't.

HaNnAIVasTcHEnkO - Love this album5 star


Groves man - Used to like2 star

It's pretty good still

Charlotttteedfasjkl' - AMAZING5 star

This album is so amazing. There are so many underrated songs on here that deserve to be heard ❤️❤️.

ffgeeelcc - Cool4 star

Nice song Ed!!!!😜

alejo2215 - Un día normal (Juanes)5 star

Omg this album cover looks almost identical as Juane's album cover "un día normal" 2002.

Rech233 - Beauty5 star

This album is pure and beautiful. His voice is is just so real and his lyrics touch your heart. Beautiful. Exceptional. Lovely.

emmaswanx - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

In love

It's always a good time - Ed’s and tails5 star

Ed is amazing. This album is a must buy. HIs music is so inspirational and needs to be heard more. The deluxe version is even better. His album x is amazing and I suggest you go and buy that too. Love you ED so much xx

oreosaregreat - the worst thing ever1 star

i genuinely believe he is horrible and his music is scum

Eds me Bæ - Perfect5 star

Love this album it's so so so good! I love it's so much! Of corse ed has the best songs

Maya_Bear22 - Spectacular5 star

This is actually my favourite album of all time. Ed has such unrivalled lyrics and such a great voice, and this is why the album works so well. Best tracks are Autumn Leaves, the a team, Kiss Me, Give Me Love, Small Bump & This. Thank you for releasing this, honestly!

Matt&Sat - Great Album.4 star

This is a great album, particularly for a debut. Lego House is probably my favourite, just such a catchy tune. I love the A team but can't help thinking the music is too upbeat for the dark subject matter. The only song I really don't like is Wake Me Up - some clever lyrics but there are too many jammed in in places - more like Lily Allen. It really is just a lyric fest without a real tune and just a few piano notes played over it. Apart from that, however, it is all good.

Emma thê awesomë - So good5 star

This album is amazing, it deserves like 10 stars

Annaaa17 - Ed Sheeran is Perfection5 star

You can so tell that he puts so much effort and emotion into his music. 'Small Bump' makes me so emotional every time I listen to it. Finally, there is someone who puts their heart and soul into music instead of their ego. Thank you Ed Sheeran xo

Nickayla1 - I LOVE I (: (:5 star

I love this album ti is so cool

client review - Awesome5 star

Buy it too 😃👍🎉

TheIngramFamily - CANNOT DESCRIBE IN WORDS5 star

It's mesmerising, upbeat, and heart breaking. Every song is crafted to perfection. Just buy it

Culbbell - IT'S EXPICATE1 star

This album is good but it's explicate..... It doesn't say that on the album.

BelWatson - + - Ed Sheeran5 star

Absolute perfection. He is one of the most talented artists in the music industry. His lyrics are original, beautiful, and well written, and his voice is just incredible. I love his mix of different sounds, he has basically created his own genre of music.

1Mystique - AMAZING!5 star

I love every single song on his album it's so good. Absolutely can't wait for his new album in February 2014.

Alirai - perfect5 star

i. love. ed. This is perfect!

Sans iPod 1 - Love it5 star

Look I may be a boy but does not mean I see good talent when I see it keep it up Ed and Plezz come to Australia :)

Missy74413807127401 - ❤5 star

Love Ed so much. His music saved my life.

jilllee1968 - Amazing5 star

I love it and I love him :)

dippypants - ED IS AMAZING5 star


Megagagafan - The a Team5 star

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!! Ed Sheeran rules. I love him. All his songs are awesome.

Bolibery - Album of the year5 star

He must have millions of lovely Poems

Walkthedog101 - Love it, Amazing5 star

Favorite album now <3. Keep going and make another album, also come to Australia!

Blazing⭐ - Love your songs 😄👊❤5 star

I love all your songs mostly Small Bump that is the sweetest song I have listened too in a long time keep it up ed. 😄👊 Come to Australia❗❗😎

brycee1 - Love this Album5 star

This Album is amazing, best Album I have ever heard. Great Stuff Ed!

Cyberbug101 - Gaaaaaaaay1 star

Gay as hell

TaylorReganxo - LOVE IT!!5 star

ahh Ed Sheeran, the ginger jesus!! Love Kiss Me, Drunk, Lego House, Small Bump, The A Team and Give Me Love

caitlinhurly - OMG!!!5 star

My friend showed this to me and I was like OMG!!!!! MUST GET

Neptune Stalker - Best voice!!5 star

I love all these songs and think you're an axing artist! You inspire me to follow my dreams :')

Hfhvifjhvjdifnvjgbn - He is a legend5 star


Lxjcbxnns loxggs - Awesome5 star

Amazing voice

pujbaj - THIS GINGER HAS NO SOUL.5 star

They say gingers have no souls. Does Ed Sheeran have a soul? No. Because it's all in his music. This album is fantastic!

NiallHoransDirection - BEST ALBUM EVER5 star

The best album, I have ever heard in my ENTIRE life !!! All the songs are AMAZING xxxx💘

hollyrreynolds - 😍5 star

I LOVE ED SHEERAN SO MUCH <3 best singer of all time :) His songs are so meaningful and truthful <3 <3 11/10

wickenchizard - Amazing!5 star

This album is on repeat! Absolutely love it and love his lyrical brilliance!

Workout!n - So Talented5 star

Ed Sheeran is so talented and I love this album.

Teddysteddy - Outstanding5 star

This album is amazing. Such a way with words, just the right amount of wit and emotion (a perfect male counterpart for Australia's Kay Proudlove, if you haven't checked her out, do). The production and songwriting on '+' shows a sophistication well beyond the age of 22.

brrrrrrrrianna - Converted Sheerio5 star


Annaowls - Ed sheeran!!! Best5 star

I was really skeptical when my friend recommended + and when I listened to him at the beginning I wasn't so sure, but I have been converted. Ed Sheeran has very meaningful lyrics which relate to so many people's lives in so many different ways. He paints a social picture of the world he lives in and shows that it is flawed unlike so many other artists where it is all love and rainbows and puppy dogs. I think Ed is very talented and I can't wait until the next album is released. Can't recommend + highly enough!!!

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Sephi192837464 - Garbage1 star

Horribly constructed songs, where he struggles to fit lyrics in. Horrible voice. Never understand the hype this weasel gets, must be a lot of chavs who are easily satisfied buying his “music”

Michael David Duff - Ed sheeran5 star

I love you Ed

tatty is a dog - Best song ever4 star

One of my best songs I have it as my ringtone

Sassyrewindgirl - ew1 star


Jorgex75 - This album is brilliant5 star

Really love all his albums well worth a purchasing if u enjoy listening to music ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ every time

kscollick93 - Amazing5 star

Such a great album!

lewis mawer - Lewis Mawer5 star

I love him and I’m going to his concert on 27th may 2018

Lucieclifford2017 - How beautiful is this album!5 star

Love this!!😊

🐱🌺💭 - !!!5 star

one of my favourite albums of all time, not one bad song on it!

just_traceyx - Amazing5 star

Loved this album

Edward Cady-Ross - Only his debut album?5 star

This is a great mix of upbeat and emotional songs and other genres of music-it was the start of something genius

kreffj - Ede5 star


Musicfan612 - Not good2 star

Songs can get quite boring

Rosieemaee45 - Great album5 star

😍 x

Daveo1410 - Outstanding5 star

Give me love is on a different level great song. Brilliant first album

Dhjhdfjhd - Hey5 star

My name is Lydia. My favourite band are the vamps but it's kinda nice to step out of your comfort zone and listen to this album. Ed Sheeran is my favourite solo artist now, even though X is out now I still go back and listen to these songs all the time! (Give me love made me cry once.)

Twitter: @janosftmendes - Lyrical genius5 star

Still an amazing and truly influential album to this day

Kazraza786 - Ed5 star

Awsome brings back so many memories

Swh-pmh - Pretty good! 👍3 star

I like a handful of songs 👍🎧

Harryismybaby - gingers5 star

ed sheeran is by far the best artist nowadays in my opinion! I have purchased every one of his songs/albums and I just love him. one day he'll see the light and decided to marry me

Edsgingerhair-xo - ED IS AMAZING OMG5 star

Love this album so much,Ed is amazing!❤️

Apple iPhoneOs - At me up out with stand with me5 star

My park of my favorite

LPJT2002 - Shocking1 star


M1L0123456789 - F*cking dissapointing.2 star

He's got his own style, which is good. But is doesn't help that all the songs on the albums sound exactly the same, if you've heard The A Team or Give me love, then you've basically heard all his stuff. Don't waste your cash on this.

ArtieMais12 - I love Ed5 star

Ed sheeran! I live for him! His songs are so meaningful!i love him so much!! Xxxxxxx

Cornish Player - +5 star

Really good album to listen to.

Kiietta - Ed rules5 star

Hah this album is so incredible that it has stayed in the top 100 albums for almost 3 years now! Ed you genius. LOVE! Everyone who loved this album make sure you go and pre-order X, Ed's second album!! GO NOW! X :)

Hushabye Hayley - So4 star

Ed Sheeran is my favourite solo artist, and I bought this album when it first came out, and I adored- and I mean adored- it. But now, having listened to his earlier stuff, like Songs I Wrote With Amy, Loose Change and his EPs, I prefer them to this. I really hope he reverts to his older, more acoustic ways, but the songs and the lyrics are just fantastic.

Mooboostar - Brill5 star

I love this album so much!!!

Ferretz99 - Outstanding Perfection5 star

This album is something else these songs have helped me through bad times and made good times even better i adore ed sheeran his song writing is incredible and so soulful wish there were more artists at his standard

amygilliganx - Amazing:) get it!4 star

Adore ed sheeran but a lot of these songs sound very similar but this love this!!<3

Oxidizozogzgkxjfz - I love ed sheeran5 star

Wow still listening to this album in 2013 and I'm pretty sure I'll listen to it for a lot longer, I just love this cd and if you haven't got it already, get it!

music*ismylife - Ed Sheeran you are amazing.4 star

I remember listening to this when I was going through a tough time in my life...my favourite songs on this album are "A Team" and "Lego House".

Piggielova 🐷🐷 - Omg5 star

I. Listen to ed 24/7

BatmanBeliever26 - ❤5 star

This album is perfection👌❤🎵

Wolfafang - LUV IT!!!5 star

Before I bought this album, the only song of his I really knew was A team, but after buying it I listened to loads more! I love you need me, I don't need you (which I have listened to so much I know all the lyrics!), little bird and gold rush, which are three of my all time fave songs EVER!

ChaseAsher - i just love him5 star

i love his sexy body because well… it says why i do in my nickname great album! :*

Dannii Moretz - The best album I've ever bought5 star

It's so diverse! There's everything on that album and it's just brilliant, Ed's voice can do pretty much everything. Complete and utter genius.

Jack Barlow - Unreal album5 star

Every song is unbelievable. Buy this album x

beastballotelli - amazing!5 star

best album i know

Muzzy x - Touching5 star

It makes me feel like I've got an amazing life it's great music amazing lyrics ESPEACILLY small bump , Lego house and the A team ❤

Kye412 - One of the best albums ever made in my opinion5 star

I could listen to all the songs!

Ollie1993du37 - Omg!5 star

I really love this album so much and I don't understand the people who hate it. They just weird or deaf!

Dgdfgxrrggjxfx - Amazing5 star

Give me love= best 8:47 of my life 😱

MDHUTCH - + is perfect buy it5 star

Ed Sheeran is perfect I love him so much check out his other albums like loose changed

Chloski99 - Really good4 star

Really good but small bump made me cry 😢

Katherine H - Beyond amazing5 star

Seriously this is such an amazing album from such an inspiring person. I saw Ed when he came to play the winter gardens in Blackpool and he not only met but he well and truly exceeded my expectations of him!!!! His album is so brilliant that having got it for Christmas when it first came out, I downloaded the bonus tracks and all of the extra EPs he has done like loose change and songs I wrote with Amy. So amazing!!!! I love you Ed!!!!!!!!! Xxxxxxx

Halorocky5607 - Brilliant5 star

He is truly talented

Rebekah:)7 - Amazing5 star

I can't explain how much I love this guy, oh so talented. A great album to relax to, before bed kinda thing. But if say its quite slow, if you know what i mean, so if you're a David Guetta and Flo Rids person tho isn't for you. Personally I love it :) xx

J-N-R - CHEERS5 star

Big fan Ed. U'r the best singer/songwriter ever !! ;]

dxrirgyvfdgr - Cir3 star

Thank cm ro I tgcdff yvrtttothetyvikgortft ccomcreirv

Gumball W. - Great album!5 star

I love how Ed Sheeran created this album. My money was worth-it for buying this album. Just keep up the great work Ed Sheeran!

ToniRapera - THE BEST5 star

Such an amazing singer/songwriter with a super awesome album to boot! Love his music. Incredibly awesome!

Melayskie - Greatest album ive ever heard5 star

This guy is super talented and down to earth.. I really cant believe how a person can be this talented and humble at the same time. Multi platinum singer and song writer.. One of The best of this generation.. His album is worth the money and worth listening to.. :)

imnotonfireandsoisdan - EPIC.5 star

WORDS CANT EVEN DESCRIBE HOW AMAZING THIS ALBUM IS. Ed Sheeran is the most talented singer-songwriter right now. We need him.

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