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The Razors Edge (AC/DC) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Thunderstruck 4:52
2.Fire Your Guns 2:53
3.Moneytalks 3:45
4.The Razors Edge 4:22
5.Mistress For Christmas 3:59
6.Rock Your Heart Out 4:06
7.Are You Ready 4:10
8.Got You By The Balls 4:30
9.Shot Of Love 3:56
10.Let's Make It 3:32
11.Goodbye And Good Riddance To Bad Lu... 3:13
12.If You Dare 3:09

AC/DC - The Razors Edge Album Comments

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The Razors Edge [AC/DC] Album Reviews

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- Great


- .

I like thunderstruck

- The last GREAT AC/DC record.

They have put out good singles and decent albums since this 1990 output but not as great as this. This is their last truly great rock record. A must buy

- ❤️


- SmackDown on FOX

Welcome to WWE Friday Night SmackDown on FOX!!!

- 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘


- Workout Rock Wednesday

That’s all 😂

- Different sound compared to, say, Back in Black or Highway to Hell

Not every AC/DC fan likes this album, and the reason being is probably that it has a bit more of a ‘lighter’ sound, so to speak. At least, that’s my opinion. It is a very enjoyable album, that’s for sure. My favorite tracks are Moneytalks, Thunderstruck, and Fire Your Guns. Hands down to Ang and Mal for writing this one heck of an energizing album.

- 🤘🏻


- Not as good

Yes. Thunderstruck is perhaps one of the biggest AC/DC songs. However, I just feel Brian Johnson lost his voice on this album. I personally like Bon Scott a lot more. I don’t really like this album, but it is obviously better than the new garbage these days


AC/DC is the greatest of all time!!!!!


RIP Malcolm Young!!!!

- Eh!

Some classics on here but some bad ones too ( mistress for Christmas ) . Brian's voice isn't at its best . Thunder struck much better on live album

- Ok

Any Bon Scott album is better than this.. Bon Scott was and will always be AC/DC'S true frontman

- No one word can explain.

Probably one of there most successful and loved albums! They can't get better then this. There biggest hit was definitely thunderstruck, and all the pieces went into place. Angus's hardcore riffs, Malcolm's and Cliff's steady and ready rhythms, Chris's head pounding drumming and, of course, Brian's top notch vocals put the pieces right into place! ROCK ON!🎸

- Thunderstruck!!!!😜😜😜😀😀😀

Thunderstruck is the best song in the USA get it now!!😀😀😀😀😀

- A normal, great AC/DC album.

A normal, great AC/DC album. And by the way, "Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bad Luck" is not the worst AC/DC song. I have seen worse.

- Thunderstruck

Been a AC/DC for many years, love the classics but Thunderstruck is one of the most pumped up songs ever. I suggest listening to this when you are working out!

- Coming Back to AC/DC

I have to confess that I lost interest in AC/DC after For Those About to Rock. Three bad albums and I was done. Then Razor's Edge came out and I heard Money Talks on the radio and I was immediately back. This isn't a great album. None of theirs are after Back in Black. But it does have some really good songs and there is more energy here then they have had in four albums.

- !

To me this is the best acdc album. I am a drummer a d Chris's drumming in this as well as in live is awesome. the acdc songs like monrytalks and are you the ones that you feel deep inside...are the reason ACDC keeps going.



- Great hard rock album

The Razor's Edge was a return to big time sales after their previous three albums only sold single platinum. "Thunderstruck" is their most unique but yet still catchy single. Other than that, there aren't many surprises on the Razor's Edge. But it works. I'd rank The Razor's Edge as AC/DC's 3rd best album all time, behind Back in Black and Highway to Hell.

- Finally!

Of course it's too late for me because I already have every single ACDC album on CD. But that's okay. I am just glad that, hopefully, more people will be able to hear what music is supposed to be like. Not that rap or country garbage.

- Great Album!

This is a awesome album! It has a bunch of great songs!


Grew up on this album awesome

- Love it

Love all best is monytalks

- One of of the best albums by AC/DC!

The Razors Edge is an great album. Thunderstruck is an amazing song and is one of my all-time favorites. Moneytalks is also a great song. Some other good songs from this album are Fire Your Guns, The Razors Edge, Mistress for Christmas, Are You Ready, and Let's Make It.

- Rock 'n' roll legends!

Better than this Nicki Minaj, 1D, and JB garbage kids listen to today. In my school I saw this 7th grader wearing an AC/DC tshirt and I was all like, "There's still hope left in this young world!" Plus on top of that most of the kids I hang out with listen to stuff like Zeppelin and Sabbath, too, two of my fav's. Stuff like Slayer, Sabbath, and all the legends are real music, not the crap of today that make my ears bleed. TT~TT Rock on AC/DC fans! ^^

- AC/DC!

All hail the kings of rock! You know what makes me mad?? When u type in a on iTunes search, AC/DC's going down n down. That's horrible. The world is messed up with nowadays music. Still with real music right here, right now, rock will survive


Fire your guns and thunderstruck are the best songs they have made

- Music

Hell yeah best songs ever listened to

- Boss

Best song from ac/dc

- ???

One word says it all, thunderstruck


One of the best albums besides the others also.. LOVE YOU BRIAN JOHNSON!!! whooooooo hooooooooooooooooo

- Finally

The best rock band together is finally on iTunes.

- I May Die In Peace Now!!

One of the greatest pure rock bands is finally on iTunes! I don't know why it took so long and don't really care. What's important to me as a raving fan of both iTunes and AC/DC is that they got it done. If AC/DC doesn't become one of the top sellers for iTunes of all time, I'll be shocked! I hope the financial arrangement is equally and mutually beneficial to all parties, especially the musical artists of AC/DC who's powerful, soul-reaching music has and will continue to stand the test of time!!

- Mistress for Christmas...

Christmas came early for me this year!...Thank you iTunes and AC/DC.

- The Energy is Back!!!

The 1st 3 tracks on this CD are among the best the band ever did, especially Fire Your Guns. This doesn't carry thru the entire album however but Rock Your Heart Out & Shot of Love are pretty solid as well.

- why so long?

AC/DC: You should joined iTunes since the first, man… for long I was forced to use 4shared to fill my itunes by your songs

- Yes!

AC/DC, the real deal!

- AC/DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you this cures the disappointment of searching only to find really crappy cover bands. Lets face it no one can cover AC/DC



- Best Hard Rock Album Ever!

This was one of AC/DC's best albums and thunderstruck is an instant classic and is one of the best pump up songs of all time.

- A Great Comeback

Unless you are a fan old enough to appreciate the significance of this album in AC/DC's history, words cannot explain how much this effort turned the tables for Angus & Co. By the end of the 80's, AC/DC had pretty much been written off. They had plummeted from the top of the charts in the early 80's to barely scraping the top 40 by 1985. The late 80's showed a slight improvement, but the band's albums were still getting no airplay and quietly being bought by only the faithful. Thankfully, there were a lot of them. All of that changed in the fall of 1990, when MTV started playing the hell out of the "Thunderstruck" video. When the album came out a month later, it hit number two on the charts and stayed in the top ten for months. Suddenly AC/DC were everywhere... again. "Moneytalks" hit MTV around the holidays and became the band's first top 40 hit in ten years. By years end the album was double platinum and still selling. Its now one of their best sellers of all time. But is it good? Yes. The first four tracks are among the best ever recorded with Brian Johnson, and "Are You Ready", "Got You By the Balls" and "Shot of Love" are all strong. The entire album has a punchy sheen of production, thanks to producer Bruce Fairbairn. Some fans don't like this sound, and it is occasionally a little dated, but overall it makes even the most forgettable tunes ("Mistress for Chirstmas") lively. A great addition to the band's catalog.

- great album

thunderstruck is one ofthe best songs ever but "are you ready", "shot of love", and "let's make it" are also amazing songs


Ha the day before I was just bought to bye the rip off verzion and decided not to, then this comes out the very next day XD HAHA AWSOME

- 1990

Want a way to start off the 90's? Then blast this.

- Excellent

A classic album. Thunderstruck is one of the best songs of all time, and live is crazy! I'm really happy about it. It was time of ACDC in iTunes!

- AC/DC!!!

FINALLY AC/DC IS ON iTunes!!! :D Gotta love them!!

- Classic Album

I've been a fan of classic rock & roll for a long time. This album (along with Back In Black) belong in the upper echelon of all time greatest albums. Zeppelin I or ZOSO, Beatles White Album, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. These albums belong in that category.

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- Great Album..!!!




- Masterpiece

Simply Amazing

- I love Acdc

I hope that acdc at moncton will play are you ready

- Ac⚡️dc at There best

This album is there best yet. There were at the peak of there careers when they recorded it. Wish I could have seen it live back then

- Best band ever

Okay I have known this band since I was a little kid and I never heard a song better than this

- Awesome

This is my favourite ACDC album I listen to every day in the car thank you itunes for putting it here


This is one of there good albums songs such as Thunderstruck and Moneytalks

- Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck is 2nd :)))

- ANGUS!!!! ANGUS!!!! ANGUS!!!!

Where oh where do I begin?? I believe I was at the ripe old age of 5 when my mother introduced me to Angus, Malcolm, Brian & (insert flavour of the decade here) ... This album is the best IMO, by the time you start at thunderstruck , you can finally slow down your epic air guitar solos around mistress for christmas but only to keep your vehicle on the road , or top up your drink , depends where u are, then as the song after it states, you literally have to get ready to rock your heart out cause theres no stopping til the end. If your not sold on the idea of buying this album yet, ask yourself this question... When have you ever had a bad time listening to AC/DC?????? Answer.. NEVER!!!!! IF YOU DARE, ARE YOU READY FOR A GOOD TIME???? WELL MONEYTALKS & THIS MISTRESS FOR CHRISTMAS HAS GOT YOU BY THE BALLS WHILE SHE WHISPERS IN YOUR EAR "LETS MAKE IT, IM READY FOR YOUR SHOT OF LOVE" MEANWHILE AFTER YOU FIRE YOUR GUNS YOU'LL FEEL SO THUNDERSTRUCK, FROM ROCKIN YOUR HEART OUT, THAT YOU WILL BE SHOUTING GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD LUCK FROM THE HIGHEST ROOFTOP , BUT WATCH OUT FOR THAT LOOSE GRAVEL UP THERE OR YOU'LL BE FALLING OFF THE RAZORS EDGE!


just a clasic acdc albem

- Best

Thunderstruck should be in altleast the top ten songs on itunes!!

- Must have!

Lead the AC/DC resurgence !!

- Finally.

Finally the hard rock bosses are on iTunes, and what an amazing album with amazing songs, with the masterpeice..."Thunderstruck".

- Yes!

So happy that ACDC is on iTunes now!

- Review of the songs


- Finally!


- Awesome

Only 1 word can explain this album AWESOME

- About freakin time!

Thanks ac dc and Itunes!

- Not a solid album but has some of their best

Thunderstruck, Fire your Guns, Moneytalks and Are You Ready are great songs, a shame the others couldn't live up to these, could've been a monster album. Thunderstruck will always hold this album up higher just because its still one of the best Rock songs ever made.

- ACDC all the way

The boys are here about time. Thanks iTunes.

- The best

The best and that’s all you can say

- Fecken AWESOME

What an awesome album. AC/DC never gets old, just better. LOVE all the pinch harmonics in tracks like ‘If You Dare’ and ‘Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bad Luck.’ Definitely recommend this album.

- Thunder

5 star quality song 10/10



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- 9/10 Brilliant!

Catchy choruses and riffs. Thunderstruck 10/10 song. Must buy it! Brilliant drumming from Slade too. Glad he's back with the band.

- The razors edge

Personally I think this is acdc's best album. I would recommend this to those who prefer more energetic music

- Thunderstruck Review

Been waiting years to get the opportunity to download this, I'm glad they've finally chosen to come to the party. This is an awesome track, the energy is just infectious.


All time greatest album of all time! TURN IT UP DUDES!

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Conservative In Tulsa

We are on the razors edge of a bad change coming up for America It has happened because of the patterns our leaders have been following for decades It we the American people who must change our patterns if we want a different result to keep our country safe and thriving. .

The wilderness

@DoYouEvenLif @DrEricDing If we're being honest, we won by a razors edge and we're just as likely to lose it all in the next 2 years. The trendline for America is heading the wrong way - I'm thankful for the recent victories but everyone's a little high on the news today..

Viking ⚔️

AC⚡️DC The Razors Edge Thunderstruck ⛈ .


@davidfrum @PreetBharara Justice should be measured, deliberate, and inevitable. This is a razors edge from catastrophe, where you were only rescued but the heroic efforts of a desperate people. Karma perhaps, but this is not yet justice..

Maria “Stay TF at Home”

@HolmesJosh Mitch had 4 years to check him. He cynically chose to allow Trump to come to the razors edge of destroying democracy. Trump is a walking moronic id. McConnell knew exactly what he was doing and is just evil..

Brendan Pierpont

@SimonMahan @Smaczni Oof, if NYT is right there is about 165-170k net gain for dems in the remaining vote, so the PSC is going to be on a razors edge..

Tawanna 🌺

Roman should bring back the razors edge perhaps when he face Daniel Bryan.

Elizabeth Grace Shelby

@PeakyTim @TideOfValkyries @AsiaticDevilDog @Fists_N_Razors @TheHouseBurns @OfBurningAngels @MotherBlinder @WiserManForIt @TwistedRebekah @ErraticSibyl @SpitefulVillian @HomicidalHybrid @fanged_spaniard @RasoioNascosto @WhiskeyNWomen @OldIrishConMan @FugamArtifex @DeadAuntPolly @BugsUnderSkin @DiSangueEOro @TwistedsFaces @OfFanaticism @DirewolfPhantom >>unless Nate actually says he has no problem with us. Fuck it all to hell. None of them knew exactly how close I've been to the edge and for how long. So close to giving up. I guess that's another thing I gained from my father. The ability to hide from the world what exactly>>.


@mmpadellan Wants to stir up the idiots. Make them think that he was attacked. Given that there's a thin line and some are walking the razors edge right now..

Fredrick D. Thorne •PARODY•

@Fists_N_Razors @TheHouseBurns @OfBurningAngels @BurnThemToAsh @PeakyTim @TideOfValkyries @MotherBlinder @WiserManForIt @TwistedRebekah @ErraticSibyl @SpitefulVillian @HomicidalHybrid @fanged_spaniard @RasoioNascosto @WhiskeyNWomen @OldIrishConMan @FugamArtifex @DeadAuntPolly @BugsUnderSkin @DiSangueEOro @TwistedsFaces @OfFanaticism @DirewolfPhantom I’ve been nursing my third drink, hoping the speed in which I downed my first two would help take the edge of the throbbing in my face. Mother fucker felt like it had a heartbeat. I take another sip from my glass, lifting my phone that sat face down and silenced on the bar. I—.

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