Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas

About Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey Album

Merry Christmas is the fourth studio album by American singer Mariah Carey, and her first Christmas album. Released by Columbia Records on October 28, 1994, at the peak of the initial stretch of Carey's career, between Music Box (1993) and Daydream (1995), the album features cover versions of popular Christmas tunes and original material. Carey worked with Walter Afanasieff, with whom she wrote all of the original tracks, as well as producing Carey's interpretations of the covered material. Two singles were released from the album, of which "All I Want for Christmas Is You" went on to become one of the best-selling singles of all time and the best-selling holiday ringtone in the United States. Critical response to the album's contemporary holiday theme was mixed. Some music critics complimented the "gospel and soul-inflected" vocals and even called it "Carey's best record" to date. Re-released on multiple occasions in various formats since its debut, the album has sold 5.7 million copies in the United States as of December 2019 and has been certified eight-times Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Internationally, it reached number one in Japan, Latvia and Lithuania; as well as the top-ten in 16 other countries, including Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. On November 1, 2019, a new two-disc edition was released featuring live renditions, newer songs like "Oh Santa!" and "The Star", and numerous remixes in commemoration of the album's twenty-fifth anniversary. As of 2021, Merry Christmas has sold 15 million copies worldwide, and remains the all-time best-selling Christmas album by a woman.

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Merry Christmas (Mariah Carey) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Silent Night 3:41
2.All I Want For Christmas Is You 4:01
3.O Holy Night 4:27
4.Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 2:35
5.Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) 4:33
6.Joy To The World 4:20
7.Jesus Born On This Day 3:42
8.Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town 3:24
9.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing / Glor... 3:00
10.Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child 4:26

Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas Album Comments

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Merry Christmas [Mariah Carey] Album Reviews

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- 1


- Bruh Dis is a pile of hot trash

This is what i think. Go to the dollar store and by some soap because thats a better investment than this song.

- Old

Boring not a classic more like a commercial that should be only 20 seconds long.

- Awful


- Best XMas song ever

This song is first played, every year to begin the holiday season.

- annoying

stop. cant take it.

- I was done with it in 2005

Please let’s let this one fall into the past. She even needs a teleprompter for the words of her songs. It had a good run let it go.


happy holidays.

- yes

mariah carey the queen of christmas

- The holiday standard the unifier of all things great

Mariah Carey is an iconic songwriter and singer. This IS the holiday standard.

- Queen of Everything 🎄⛄️🎁❄️

A voice of a generation! 🎤 A legend, an Icon. She now has the number #1 Christmas classic of all time. 🎄 That’s an incredible feat. Her and Walter wrote an incredible Christmas song that will last through decades. The rest of the album is stellar as well. ❄️

- 🤢

This song is vomit.

- Thee best

The best album ever written I would sing it every day and I would sing it every Christmas I love this song

- Xmas Queen!


- I love it because Christmas is coming up🫶🏽🙂

Happy Christmas 🤶

- Trash

Absolutely the worst Christmas song ever. I literally cringe every time I hear it. I actually love most of her 90s stuff but just like Beyoncé she went down hill after the 90s. For the love of god never ask a dj to play her Christmas song. I’ve removed it from my collection same goes for the karaoke version. It’s so painful to hear or watch someone try to sing it.

- :)

This is amazing 🤩 I love all I want for Christmas is you

- X-mas memory

This is the song made my x-mas memory.

- Omg amazing

This song is amazing 🤩

- Garbage

Wake up people, M.C. has ruined Christmas. This is terrible. Never seen/heard someone so in love with and stuck on herself. Completely goes against the meaning of the season. TERRIBLE

- Worst Christmas Song Ever

After so many years this song sounds so boring. There are so many great classics which deserve better recognition. So sad she will be known as just a holiday singer even though she had other good songs.

- Sister Niu's songs are very good.

Excuse me, Sister Niu's songs are very good. I'm a living person, but my idol can only release songs abroad. We are not robots!

- Annoying and overplayed

So sick of this song. And real presumptuous of Mariah to try to buy a patent to trademark herself as the queen of Christmas

- A Christmas classic

Listen to it all the time - what a way to get into the holiday spirit

- I love it

This is probaly if not THE christmas music that we all wanna listen to!!!!

- Mariah Carey the queen 👸

Love love love Mariah. Living legend.

- Christmas

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- Queen Of Christmas

The album that started it all!!!

- Not Imressed with the screaching

I find her singing way over the top with all the screaching and overdone vocals. Not impressed at all.

- This is so good

This makes me feel thinking about all getting for Christmas is you!!! You are beautiful. I hope you know that, if you don’t than I- . You’re beautiful. BABY ALL I WANT FIR CHRISTMAS US YOUUUUUUUUUU ( ok imma stop dis so cringe 😬) And also this song is so good please keep making more. It’s so good.

- Season’s blessing

Happy holiday!

- All I want for Christmas is you

I love it so much that I lisin ❤️‍🔥🥰❤️😍💕💕💕💜💜💜💜

- Hot Album!

This album is awesome. All I Want For Christmas Is You is a major hit on the Billboard to this day and is in the hot 100. Mariah is a blessed talented women. Love you girl! ❤️

- Disappointed

I bought this, but it plays 1 second and stops! Why did you take my money if you don’t supply the songs. Very disappointing.

- I Love Mariah and I Love Christmas

Christmas has never been the same for me without mariah and her music. She means the world to me and I’m very excited to see her for the first time at her MSG concert this coming Dec 13, 2022! 🎄❤️

- i had to comment it’s 12/16/23 it’s number one again

you are a icon we love you lady 🖤🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 @_pytde

- ❤️‍🔥Your on fire

My favorite song is all I want for Christmas is you🎅🏻🎄

- A hit album

A truly perfect album

- Worst album

This album and “All I want for Christmas is you” needs to stop. It’s over place and use to bring joy. Now it’s just so annoying. Makes me wanna skip Christmas every year now cuz this song. It breaks my heart but let’s take a break

- Modern day classic

The Queen of Christmas! What a great album with renditions of classics and modern day classics that Mariah wrote and produced herself!!! Love it!!


This album literally rocks. From All I Want For Christmas Is You, to the incredible and personally my favorite version of Christmas(Baby Please Come Home), this album is an essential for the holidays.

- amazing!

all I want for christmas ❤️🎄💚🌲


This song is annoying haha


Cry about it!!! Mariah is Queen

- El

Amazing!!! I loved it!

- Make It Stop

My ears my ears

- Call my heart


- Classic

This is one of my all time favorite artists and Christmas albums! #Lamb4Life

- ❤️


- Unsure

Not unsure about the rating, but there are some mixed comments on this that I somewhat agree on. I’m not saying these songs are bad, they’re absolutely amazing, but it’s more of a “ooh look at my voice” than a “Christmas song album” oh well. It looks like I’ve gotten off track here. Aside from that, beautiful voice and would recommend. Listen to it every Christmas!

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- Just No

So sick of this

- Gross

Her voice is so annoying and this Christmas album oh Lord my poor ears. All I want for Christmas is for her to disappear

- slay

only good christmas song

- :)

She defrosts earlier and earlier each year

- Ma’am


- Queen

Queen of Christmas best album 10/10 skinnier than jlo

- Best Christmas 🎄 album ever

Love ❤️

- Classic

A favourite still, and for years to come.

- William

What can you say? Queen of Christmas slays as usual!

- They can’t deny

No matter what they say. They cant deny that Mariah has set the standard as a musician. She is a singer, song writer and producer. For the record...💫

- WoW❣️❣️

This is amazing Evan when it is not Christmas I watch it!!!😉 Continue like that Mariah Carey❣️ I am your number 1 fan !! Marianne😻

- I’m a bit excited to hear the results in a while

I loved the idea about the music it was so fantastic it has been popular since the first time I got to hear it xoxo Sharla

- I love hearing Mariah at Xmas

The only reason why I tolerate Christmas is because of Mariah Carey’s Xmas music. I listen them all year long

- So mad

I thought it was a ringtone and bought it but it’s an album I’m actually soooooo mad

- Classic

Iconic classic

- Sorry

Not a fan

- Good job

This is a good song

- Classic!

Pure classic!

- CD

Physical copy is cheaper in stores. Just saying.

- Fantastic start to finish

What a voice! Mariah in her prime on this album. I love the album, so timeless & beautiful.

- Best christmas album ever

Each year this album follow me for Christmas holidays! Simply the best 🎅🏻👍🏻

- Best christmas album ever

The best

- Best Vocals in the WORLD

The most incredible belting, tone and style. This album contains the best vocals in the world. Mariah Carey is amazing. O Holy Night!

- Love mariah

Amazing, she's just amazing

- Best Christmas album of all time

Love it!!!

- A Classic

A Classic Christmas album that can be listened to throughout the year.

- Queen

It's Mariah, of course it's awesome, what did you expect?

- Best Christmas song ever.

This is by far the best Christmas song out!!! Guaranteed to make you feel happy and get you in the Christmas spirit!!!!!!!!!!!

- 5 out of 5

You can't have Christmas without (M)ariah (C)arey and this album absolutely supports this! Such a beautiful, holy and festive album! 🎉

- No,,


- MC at her Best

Love this! Very Christmas I play this. Mariah made a wonderful Christmas album and after all these years it's still my favourite.


i dont deserve to breath the same air as such perfection 👁👄👁

- Love this song

This really gets me in the spirit of Christmas! 🌲🎁

- I'm in love

I'm a singer myself and I have sung all these songs and I love them so much. Mariah Carey is just amazing and I could never catch up to her singing. This album is beautiful and U should get it and I'm telling u now it's no waste of money 🙀👼😘😘

- All through the year !!

Best renditions. Vocal Masterpieces . The Feels !!

- all we want for Christmas is you mariah!!

this is amazing, 21 years since published and still getting hits, people are still buying the album and still singing it your version. This is an awesome album I recommend it.

- 👑 Queen of Xmas👑

She's the queen Bae😍

- Not Christmas without it!

If in doubt see above, the perfect collection to any Christmas!

- Eye roll

Nothing but a cash grab. This album makes an insufferable holiday even worse

- Another Mariah Carey classic

18 #1 singles from this icon, and that's not including her timeless seasonal classic.

- Its not Christmas Without Mariah Carey

After 20 years this still hits the spot - All I Want For Christmas is You is a timely classic - you just cant look past this Christmas album - As Molly says, "do your self a favour" and BUY this album #L4L

- Best Xmas album ever

Wouldn’t be Xmas without this album

- Queen of Christmas

By far the greatest Christmas album of all time.

- Ripped Off

I paid for a song and I can’t even use it for my ringtone. I can’t do anything with the song but just play most of it 😡happy to take my money for a ringtone I can’t even use

- Mariah is Christmas

Mariah has an aptitude for elevating plain old sung-to-death hymns to near-spiritual experiences. Because really she embodies the spirit of Christmas like no other. And more than just re-interpreting old classics, she gifted us her very brainchild, All I Want For Christmas Is You, whose impact is simply undeniable. Christmas would not feel like Christmas without a bit (or a lot) of Mariah.

- All I whant. For Christmas


- Aussie Lover

5 Stars for the one and only Mariah!

- Tf though

Every year this makes the charts. Does everyone create a new Apple ID just so it comes up yearly? I swear.... This isn't even possible.

- Please no

I’d rather die the listen to this ever again

- The best Christmas CD!

Fantastic. Timeless. All you need is this and Buble.

- Still good.

Still a really festive song.

- Haters cant stand how iconic this album is!

Incredible voice and album, just wish it had the remixes added on it.

- Best Christmas songs ever

This song always makes my day!

- love

We love a legend.

- All I Want For Christmas is You!

This and the Michael Bublé album is pretty much my whole Christmas Playlist!

- Mariah Christmas

The only redeeming aspect of the season.

- Should have gone to rehab

Shocking song

- The Queen of Christmas!

This is the greatest and best-selling Christmas album of all-time. No holiday season is complete without it. Highly recommended!

- Glad Christmas is over

I hate Christmas music so I am glad it's over

- This song is great 😊 👸🥰🤩

I ❤️ Christmas songs it makes your heart warm Mariah is great singer she’s the queen of Christmas

- Good album

Pls buy it !

- ❤️


- Amazing

Best Christmas song ever

- Yay

Christmas isn’t Christmas without her!

- The best Christmas album of all time

You will not be disappointed with this purchase. After 21 years it still sounds as fresh and festive as it did in 1994. It just is not Christmas without Mariah.

- Christmas at its best

Such a fun and beautiful festive album.

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- Queen of Christmas 🎄

Best Christmas song of all time

- Remarkable

She is like the queen of Christmas

- Queen of Christmas


- Best Christmas album ever

Truly a classic


Why every Christmas does this song re-enter the charts. Go into any bloody store and hear it there.

- Sort Christmas song ever made


- Christmas on a CD!

This is without a doubt the best Christmas album ever! Completely fills you with the Christmas spirit. If you only get one seasonal album make it this one.

- Overrated

Don’t know why this is played every year. Terrible

- The Best!

Untouchable and the undisputed Queen of Christmas.

- Idk


- All l want for Christmas

l love it

- Mariahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is so gooddddddd

And a greattt singerrrrr can you do a note to me to say thank you for saying this sentence because I want a message by from September I epreshayt that if you do that😂🤣😚😋😍🤪😛🤨🥰😏😘🧐😘😛🥰😋🙂😚😇😋🙃😛😗😝😗😝😗😝😗


It’s too good I can’t explain it!!!!!

- Doesn't everyone own this already

Why download the same sodding song every year - it's overplayed and boring and she needs a better bra

- Unparalleled - start to finish

Undoubtedly one of the best vocals and music arrangements of any Christmas album kicking about still today. The original songs written by her are equally some of the best ever

- invented christmas

queen mariah

- Best Christmas Album of All-Time

No one does Christmas music like Mariah 💜

- £8.99?

Should be £2.99 for a has been old singer...

- The vocal powerhouse

Wow! The vocals are insane!

- A Classic And The Original Christmas Gift 🎁

There’s a reason why this festive album also climbs the charts at Christmas - it’s heartfelt, beautifully sung and joyous! I lost my original copy when I broke up with my ex but I’m happy to finally I not scared to download it fifteen years on. Thanks for the memories forever JollyBox ♥️🤗🙏🏻

- All I Want 4 Christmas is Mariah Carey!!!

All I Want 4 Christmas is Mariah Carey!!!

- Oh god

Go check out Celine Dion Christmas Eve so much better only reason she sold this more is due to her massive well assets .....s....t

- Hello


- Queen Of Christmas

Iconic Masterpiece

- Christmas Music at its best 🎅🏻🎄

There’s something for everyone on this album - from the biggest Christmas song of all time “All I Want For Christmas Is You” to all the Church classic we all know, to the emotional ballad wrote by Carey, “Miss You Most At Christmas Time” which makes you reconnect with the love ones who you can’t share Christmas with this each year 💕

- I love your song so much

I love your song so much and it is the best🤩🤩😻😻💋

- Back here once again


- Oh, SuperLovatic.

Don't be a grinch. This is a masterpiece for every people want to get this Christmas. It's very good. I'll ignore your review because you hate the artist.

- Number 1

Let’s make this number 1 after 25 years! ♥️🎅🏽

- All I want for Christmas

Is this song on repeat 😆🎄🎄🎄🎄

- Back back back again

Amazing love hearing this song ever year and can’t wait for it to climb back to top ten around Christmas 🎅🏻🎅🏻

- ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One of the best versions of many Christmas classics like” Holy Night “ and of course included the mega hit “All I want for Christmas is You” . Another highlight is Carey’s original song “Miss you most ( at Christmas time).

- Awful

Awful voice. Too repetitive. Lazy lyrics. Awful instrumental.

- It’s jack

What an amazing album!! Love ya Mariah

- Xmas

Yesterday this song got to number 1 after being released 26 years ago..

- Amazing

You have the voice of a angel


How does this album not age? A classic best Christmas album ever made!

- Ere

How many Christmases am I paying for Mariah, not being funny Mazza but I think you’re taking the mickey just a little bit releasing this again. Love ya hon

- Queen of Tack


- Good

Sooo good

- Please stop

Just another over rated song and singer!! Give the chance to young people to make some money and not to this lazy woman.!!

- Mariah Carey is an absolute Queen 👑

What else can I say? This is a masterpiece. All hail Queen Mariah 👑✨

- she’s defrosting and it’s only november

what would we do without all I want for Christmas is you, it gets everyone in the Christmas vibe

- Best Christmas single ever!

Let’s make it a UK Number 1 this xmas😍🤞🏻

- A queen

She is a queen she also has an amazing voice for a 59 year old!!! Absolute queen 👑

- Absolutely amazing classic

This song can't even be contested... Best Christmas song ever produced in my objective opinion... total gold

- WHY?



She is so good at singing she’s one of my favourite singers and I love all I want for Chris is you song Xxxxx

- Stunning

Seen her live just 2 year ago for a xmas tour in the uk.she still has an amazing voice all these years later and knows how to perform to a crowd.all I want for xmas is the best song of all time but the other tracks don’t disappoint at all


OMG!! What’s there not to like about this album? This is one of the best Christmas albums EVER! Even though it’s like 22 years old!

- The best christmas song of all time

No words can express how grateful I am to hear this song throughout the years until lifetime ❤️

- It’s Perfect song for Christmas

This is my favorite song🥰❤️

- Captures the Best of Christmas

Ms Mariah Carey really knows Christmas so well that she's got flair in capturing the essence of Christmas through music. This album and its part II just sums up the warmth, love, joy and good tidings that Christmas brings. Thank you Mariah!! LYM xoxo

- #1

Best holiday album of all time!

- A modern classic!!!

Best holiday album of all time!

- Chistmas Masterpiece

Timeless... Superb

- Best Christmas song

I love it every year

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Merry Christmas Wiki

The Christmas season or the festive season; also known as the holiday season or the holidays, is an annual period generally spanning from late November to early January. Incorporating Christmas Day and New Year's Day, the various celebrations during this time create a peak season for the retail sector (Christmas/holiday "shopping season") extending to the end of the period ("January sales"). Christmas window displays and Christmas tree lighting ceremonies are customary traditions in various locales. In Western Christianity, the Christmas season is traditionally synonymous with Christmastide, which runs from December 25 (Christmas Day) to January 5 (Twelfth Night or Epiphany Eve), popularly known as the 12 Days of Christmas. As the economic impact involving the anticipatory lead-up to Christmas Day grew in America and Europe into the 19th and 20th centuries, the term "Christmas season" began to also encompass the liturgical Advent season, the period observed in Western Christianity from the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day until Christmas Eve. The term "Advent calendar" continues to be widely known in Western parlance as a term referring to a countdown to Christmas Day from the beginning of December (although in retail planning the countdown to Christmas usually begins at the end of the summer season, and the beginning of September). Beginning in the mid-20th century, as the Christian-associated Christmas holiday and liturgical season, in some circles, became increasingly commercialized and central to American economics and culture while religio-multicultural sensitivity rose, generic references to the season that omitted the word "Christmas" became more common in the corporate and public sphere of the United States, which has caused a semantics controversy that continues to the present. By the late 20th century, the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and the new African American cultural holiday of Kwanzaa began to be considered in the U.S. as being part of the "holiday season", a term that as of 2013 had become equally or more prevalent than "Christmas season" in U.S. sources to refer to the end-of-the-year festive period. "Holiday season" has also spread in varying degrees to Canada; however, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the phrase "holiday season" has been the subject of some controversy.

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