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The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac (Remastered) (Fleetwood Mac) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
D1-1Monday Morning 2:45
D1-2Dreams 4:15
D1-3You Make Loving Fun 3:33
D1-4Go Your Own Way (Single Version) 3:40
D1-5Rhiannon (Single Version) 3:46
D1-6Say You Love Me 4:03
D1-7I'm So Afraid 6:00
D1-8Silver Springs 4:30
D1-9Over My Head (Single Version) 3:08
D1-10Never Going Back Again 2:14
D1-11Sara 6:26
D1-12Love In Store 3:10
D1-13Tusk 3:34
D1-14Landslide 3:17
D1-15Songbird 3:17
D1-16Big Love 2:47
D1-17Storms 5:28
D2-1The Chain 4:29
D2-2Don't Stop 3:12
D2-3What Makes You Think You're The One 3:30
D2-4Gypsy 4:22
D2-5Second Hand News 2:52
D2-6Little Lies 3:39
D2-7Think About Me (Single Version) 2:42
D2-8Go Insane 4:20
D2-9Gold Dust Woman 4:59
D2-10Hold Me 3:44
D2-11Seven Wonders 3:38
D2-12World Turning 4:24
D2-13Everywhere 3:41
D2-14Sisters Of The Moon 4:41
D2-15Family Man 4:01
D2-16As Long As You Follow 4:18
D2-17No Questions Asked 4:42
D2-18Skies The Limit 3:46
D2-19Paper Doll 3:58

Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac (Remastered) Album Comments

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The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac (Remastered) [Fleetwood Mac] Album Reviews

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- Finally can purchase Monday Morning...

How long have I been waiting for one of the Fleetwood Mac iTunes albums to sell Monday Morning separately? A while. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

- Great great great but

Where is over and over from the tusk album I love that song

- clasic


- 10/10 would recommend

I ain’t even bought this but Fleetwood Mac SLAPS

- The Buckingham/Nicks years only

As JJ Cale (THE JJ Cale?) said, an inclusion of Hypnotized, Sentimental Lady would make it better, as would Black Magic Woman & Oh Well. Oh well, good for the period 1975 and on. Yes, JJ they had a major problem with Bob Welch

- Simply the Best

This Album and group is simply the best of the past 50 years in my opinion. I was in high school when FM was riding their wave and it is part of the root and foundation of my personal life. No matter how old you get in dog years, the music never, ever changes. It always brings you back to your emotional youth.

- It's good...

But I wish there were more non-radio hits!!

- Great American English Band

A lot of people like ABBA as great pop. However Fleetwood Mac and it's three headed singing/writers Buckingham,Nicks,McVie has shown that they own 70's pop. The duo singing of Buckingham/McVie and supple harmonies, romantic/angsty lyrics make them superlative. Think About Me, Hold Me. Love In Store, the non-hits measure a great band.

- I love this Verison of gold dust women

I live how Stevie nicks sounds on this verison of gold dust women, her echoey sounding voice. It's sounds different and even more clear. Idk what sound system they had for that song but I wish they had it on all of them.

- Arigato gyro…

Arigato gyro…

- the very best remastered

its buckingham nicks eara,. no classic early stuff thats the better music . mystery to me ,bare trees ,the early albums. its a great album if you like the buckingham nicks lineup

- ❤️


- The Very Best Of FleetWood Mac

Love it Classic . LandSlide Fav

- dreams

Is there a better song in the world than Dreams? The answer is no!

- Awsome

Great album start to finish my favorite is storms but every song is anazing🎧outstanding collection

- Amazing album

If you grew up in the 70's, the minute you start listening to this album you are transported back to places you went, people you haven't thought of in a long time, and feelings of nostalgia. This is just as good as I remembered.

- Love FM!

This is hands down one of best albums ever made. The whole band is great, but good lord Stevie’s voice is sweetly haunting.

- Landslide

Heard this on the radio and was so so GOOD!!!

- My Favorite Band Ever!

Yea Fleetwood Mac! Classic!

- Beautiful

Love Stevie Nicks!

- Nope


- disagree

I don't see anything from "Bare Trees" on here, so I can't call it "Very Best" . . . . is there a problem with Bob Welch or some such thing? any insight would be greatly appreciated . . . . plus "Album Only"? . . . . . the Spirit is gone . . . . .

- Five stars BUT....

I still have to give it five stars because, Fleetwood Mac! But warning, some of the songs that say "remastered" are really live versions, such as Big Love. Not that I mind the live versions, but I wanted the studio versions, and it's just not correctly labeled for whatever reason.

- What more can be said?

Wow…I don’t even know what the appropriate words are to describe this. If you have always liked Fleetwood Mac, then there will be nothing NOT to like here. Oh Stevie…..your voice is perfection. You know certain songs remind you certain times in your life? Well this album and these songs take me back to some great days. Still a bit innocent to the world, but just enough knowledge of the real world. I think I’m rambling, BUT, you know what I mean….I turn this on whenever I’m having a bad, 49 year old’s day. I pretend I’m young and stupid again. What we all wouldn’t give in order to go back to these times again. I know right where I’d want to be. That saying about “youth is wasted on you young”……whoever wrote that sure knew what they were talking about, because I actually GET IT now. Buy this album…just do it.

- Best music!

Fleet wood Mac is the greatest, awesome music! It’s totally worth it.

- Sara

One of their best songs...

- Musical craftsmanship

If you grew up in the 70s and early 80s and you love rock music, it doesn't get much better than this. Superb musicianship. Remastered from the 24-track source tapes that makes you wonder why digital recording is even necessary, and a collection of songs that will be familiar to almost everyone.

- ☹️

Why is this on the albums chart

- New to the US

Actually this 2-disc compilation has been available in Europe whereI picked this up two years ago. Don't know why it took so long to get it released in the US, but this version is far superior to the previous single CD Greatest Hits collection as this does cover everything from Rumours to when Buckingham left the band, and even then this collection still includes "Skies The Limit" which was worth saving from Behind The Mask. It's a pretty definitive collection.

- Mesmerizing

Hey this album will take ya back to America glory days ✊

- Solid Collection

Great compilation of songs. To J.J. Cale: There is no song on here that says "album only" btw.

- The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac

The best, nothing but memories!

- Can't go wrong

classic Fleetwood Mac never goes out of style. worth every dime.

- Missing !!

where is "Save Me"? It's on this album in stores. I wanted to hear that song remastered!

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- Please Help

Dear Apple I bought this album awhile ago and it has since disappeared and I want it back I have tried to email apple 2 times and nothing and for some reason there’s no history of me buying it but yet I have the receipt so I would really like this back or I would like my money back.

- Good


- 1975 ????

Release date : October 15, 2002

- Excuse me?

Released 1975? What are you pinheads, a bunch of morons?

- The Best!

The best group, the best music! A must-have for every Fleetwood Mac fan out there, simply the best! Saw them in concert a week ago, they still very much have it in them! Amazing!

- Another money grab

These old bands a remastering their work so they 'own' the masters and get your whole dollar and don't have to pay a record company. Same scam from Def Leopard, ELO, KId Rock, etc. A fool and his money are easily separated. DON'T BE A FOOL!

- huge fan

best album ever !! one of my fav's

- Why not Mastered for iTunes

Is this Mastered for iTunes? I have all the individual albums and they don't sound any better… why remaster them?

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